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VOLUME LV.-No.24. 
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August 3. 

M155 CliP^'S 

ftnecflotes, Personalities and Comments, 


STAGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Henry B. Dlxey, wbo, •• nce nl » »d»« nt 
■pon the stage, b*« **& received f 18 ' ulle,t 
measure of applause, •• o"" of tno,e • ctor * 
who accord the Hue full measure to a 
brother actor whenever lie has an opportu- 
nity to alt out front himself. 

Ha <ells • little experience, however, where 
certain noisy demonstration on his part aa 
a listener, waa mistaken for enthusiastic 

His room at the hotel In a Western town 
adjoined that of a man evidently Inspired to 
the attainment of virtuosity by way of that 
ear-plerclng little pipe, the piccolo— at least, 
In this instance, it had that effect upon 
Dlxey s auditory nerves. Now, the piccolo 
baa Ita own especial value in an orchestra, 
and a braaa band wonld he Incomplete with- 
out Ita enlivening, high, clear piping, but, 
when a man la aweary with travel and one 
night stand*, he goes to his hotel room to 
aleep and recuperate for tl a work of the fol- 
lowing day. 

The perHatent practlcer In the next room 
had made the actor's night hideous for about 
half an hour, when the latter decided to re- 
monstrate by way of pounding vigorously 
upon the wall between them. This seemed 
rather to encourage the piper to renewed 
effort, rather than to convey Dlxey'a disap- 
proval. So he atarted in and repeated with 
much energy the doien or more selections he 
had already played. 

Dlxey again assaulted the unoffending wall, 
but hla loud knocking served only to Incite 
the performer to greater exertion. This con- 
tinued unceasingly for half an hour longer, 
during which time the comedian made eev- 
eral more attempts to silence the musician. 
He Anally gave up, and returning to his bed, 
burled his ears In the pillows and fell asleep. 
In the morning he registered a complaint 
at the desk, holding up to the view of the 
proprietor his bruised knuckles as evidence 
of hla vigorous attack on the walls of hlB 

"And you really didn't like the music 1" 
wonderlngly asked tbe hotel man. 

"Music I" exclaimed Dlxey, bitterly, "why, 
I made noise enough to prove I didn't like 
It, didn't IT 

"Well, the piccolo player thought you did, 
for he came to me this morning Just before 
you came down and eald that he hadn't had 
sleep enough, because the man In the room 
next to him kept him playing half the night. 
When I aBked him how, he said that you 
showed your appreciation of his music by 
repeatedly pounding on the wall for more, 
and, rather than disappoint you, ho kept 
awake for a long time playing for yen, 
going over several times everything ho had 

Frank Winch, publicity promoter for Bow- 
land & Clifford's companies, tells a little in- 
cident of his early connection with theatrical 
affairs. It showed how an accident, prompt- 
ing more realistic stage work than he In- 
tended, secured for him a paragraph of ap- 
proval In the criticism of the play. 

Stepping on the business end of a nail ren- 
dered him very lame for tho week during 
which he waa playing a small part that 
scarcely called for newspaper mention. The 
role was that of a young fellow having a 
slight Impediment In his walk, and Wlncn'a 
realistic lameness was commented upon by 
the newspaper man In these words : 

"The young actor portraying the part of 
"John" should be encouraged for bis fidelity 
to the characterisation, for never once dur- 
ing any of his scenes did he forget the limp 
of the lame man." 

An opposite opinion of his work was ex- 
pressed by a friend of Winch, on meeting 
him a couple of weeks later. 

"To my mind," sold his frank friend, "you 
overacted that part, Frank." 

"In what way?" aBked the aspiring young 
actor, somewhat nettled, for up to that time 
he had received praise. 

"Why, you put on altogether too much 
lameness — more than the pnrt called for," 
exclaimed tbe friend. 


Previous to attaching himself to things 
theatrical, Winch was a newspaper man. In 
this capacity his paper sent him to Tonopab, 
Nev., on a mission of a private nature. After 
securing through much work and trouble, 
the deslrod Information, which was valuable, 
be asked for a short vacation. The novelty 
of walking across the desert and through 
Death Valley had the elements of a gonl 
newspaper story, so after finding a comrade 
of the same venturesome spirit, Winch and 
bo started — and, by tho way, Winch was the 
seventh man known to have accomplished the 
trip up to that time. Automobiles do It 
easily theso dnys. 

They had Intended making their exncuscB 
by means of brain Instead of by their hands, 
so arranged with a San Francisco magazine 
to secure advertising and subscriptions (or 
the same. The necessary papers and samples 
failed to reacb them at the tltno of their 
start, so tbey went empty handed, so far as 
credentials wcro concerned. 

After many miles of travel, they enme to 
a little cabin near Devil's Horn. The solo 
Inhabitant was an old miner, who seemed de- 
lighted to see and talk with the young way- 
farers. Winch, who Is nothing If not busl- 
ness-llkc, then began to talk on the subject 
of the magazine, which lasted more than 
iwenty minutes, after which he asked for a 

The old miner dug about It, his pockets, 
Anally bringing forth a dollar bill, saying : 

"Young feltcr, I don't know whether I'll 
ever see your magazine, or even If you have 

one, but that there talk of yours wnz eut- 
tlnly worth a dollar— besides 1 haven't heard 
a person talk for weeks." 

On another occasion, during a conversa- 
tion with one of these old searchers for the 
precious metal, Winch aaked: 

"In your experience with miners In gen- 
eral, do yon think they are honest as a 

"Huh!" grunted the old man, "Say, Siu- 
ney, we ain't got enough eddlcatlon to be 


An aphorism came from the mouth of a 
young actor named Larkln, who, at the time, 
was altogether unconscious ot the triteness 
of It 

He was Introduced to a yoong actress at 
supper after a performance, after which he 
made some pleasant remarks to her concern- 
ing her stage work of the evening. These 
she laughingly repudiated, saying: 

"Why, Mr. Larkln, you couldn't have been 
able to form much of an opinion of my work, 
you came In so late. You saw only the last 
act, and though I'm on tbe stage most of 
that time, I have only two or three lines to 

"That's Just It!" exclaimed the young 
actor, who saw In her last remark a chance 
to gallantly square himself, "you sec, a 
player with real talent doesn't always have 
to talk to act." 


Shubrrt Bros. 1 

Practically all the nlava of the Shuberta 
that were in New York last season will 
again be seen the coming season. 

Henry Miller and Margaret Anglln will 
be at Daly's Theatre, opening early In .Au- 
gust, In "The Great Divide." Alia Naslmova 
will be at the Bijou In revivals i of Ibsen 
plays. "The Comteese Coauette," "The Mad- 
stone," and "Master Builder" will be In her 

re 7uUa r3 Merlowe and B. H. Sothern, al- 
though no longer appearing In Shakespearian 
plays as Joint stars, will continue In Shakes- 
pearian roles, with the addition of romantc 
works. Mr. Sothern will revive some of his 
former successes, aa well as "Lord Dun- 
dreary" (In which his father appeared), and 
"Don Quixote." He will also put on several 
new plays, the titles of which have not as 
yet been announced. Miss Marlowe will also 
be seen In several new roles. . 

Mary Mntinerlng, In "Glorious Betsy, will 
follow Henry Miller's engagement; Ennete 
Novell!, the Italian nctor, will return to tb s 
country snd appear in repertory. De wolf 
Hopper and Marguerite Clark will goon tour 
In ^VHappyland.'^ returning to New York In 
the Spring. Ixsw Fields will open the sesson 
at the Herald Square Theatre In the new Eng- 
lish musical comedy, "Behind the Counter. 

Eddie Foy and James T. Powers will con- 
tinue In tbe same roles as last season, In 
"The Orchid" and "The Blue Moon." 
Charles Blgelow will be starred In the new 
musical extravaganza, "The Show Man, by 
Reginald De Koven and Stanislaus Strange. 
Other announcements Include: Virginia 
Harned, In "Anna Karenlnaj" Clara Blood- 
good will be seen In "The Truth," but will 
later appear In a new play; Blanche King 
and Alex. Carr, in a new musical play by 
Messrs. Sydney Itosenfeld and Ludwlg Eng- 

_ _« »1„I_T *y *_-_ I. (IT ~ ¥>i Mat} Q{ 

Rowland * Clifford Hews. 

The first of the Rowland k Clifford Aause- 
mentCo/i attractions to open »•» * the 
coast "Thorns and Orange Blossom**' Co., a 
dramatisation^ ^Sil^Sm STtmm nesSyV.J-nly 24, from Europe, '.IfSVX 


Sort salesman Peter I^a, ifartfr«^W« 

ErStB "a* «MS? 'chaSSe? m^J 
S d raTN..en" D e, ft who will be seen *»£•£& 

flefd'Tromlntnlly ""nl.u'ed with Threading .nea'treTin IffttS* irTSKKr 3 ST t 
oles. llsh stars, which will reqnlre^many new pr 5 

Charles Frohman Home Again 


Charles Frohman reached New York Wed 
_.sday, July 24, from Europe, after ,ai *£. 
sence of nearly eight months. He suiil- «! 
am home after the longest absence from New 
York that 1 have ever made abroad. Lxirini 
that time I made more productions In rxin 
don, and throughout England, than any i' n „ 
llsh management, and I Introduced more 
American plays and American actors ta the 
London public (and successfully so), than li 
my previous years. 

"I shall continue the management of four 

B . *l u .5£*_fi ^ Hfi^'JJ 


. ductlona over there; but I hope to lie able 

_i?h"J Wcile in advance. The Itinerary to stay here some months, for I have many 

wllMndude sficlfes between New York anS noveltfes that will moke a brilliant season, oi 

thePMlflccoast,i and will run overs period productions here. 

„e»^JS two weeks! "I bjegln at once rehearsals, comiucnclaB 

° 'nfttSw attritions of the .Rowland * w ith tEo Dairy Maids, 1 the ; musical puf 

Clifford Amusement Co, are In active JP»P«i*- for which .the famous English comedian, 

SnMfof an early opening. "Tho Phantom Huntley Wright, and a number of other Lon 

Detectl" 1? with Dave Seymour as road man- don favorites will be added to the Arnerlcsn 

■Jejecuve, j'"["" f '" tbeTmnerial Theatre, cast i shall follow this with the production 

of St Louis, on i Aug. Ill "The Mysterious of -when Knights Were Bold,' at tie Uarrtck 

Rnnriar" with Frank Winch aa road mana- Theatre.wlth Francis Wilson. Then at Wal- 

«r opens the Bijou at Milwaukee, on Aug. i aC k'» Theatre I shall produce Augustus 

T« '*Kie Original Cohen" comes to the Co- Thomas' now play for Dunstan Karaum. 

lumbusTchlcago, with W. T. Gasklll as road called The Ranger.' After this conies tie" 

manager on Aug. 11. These three circuit ttnnua j engagement of John Drew at the 

Sin*, hive thlrt? to forty people each, with Empire Theatre, in a comedy. In four acts, 

ou5rtett«?chomsea and manynovel mechan- <..,& M y Wife.' Then Maude Adams will 

?cal devices, each carrying two cars for continue to appear In 'Peter Pan' until after 

scenic : equipment, „ - _, w New Year's week, when I shall preseut her 

•TTheOld Clothes Man." now In Its fourth ln .j>s BouftW (The JestersJ, which 1 

season with James Kyrie MacCurdy, opens gna n also produce ln England. Ethel ltarry- 

the latter cart of August for a one night more will have her choice of two plays, and 

tour of the Eastern cities. I shall also present her during the season as 

«»» Rosalind, ln 'As You Like IV William OH- 

.Mi-HHiB. ojruuey lumuwiu »™ --- ""S, - TV •>.„,,, McGlllnn's Stock Co. •* th.e lette will not play until be finishes his own 

W&^S^SSS^SS^ mm %tm ""a"**, CUco. piece, and.that w/ll ~»|.fl«. tt Si?HSffl- 

Keating, Carrie Clark Ward, B. Lawrence 
Lee Smith Davis, Thaddeus Orey t Riley 
Chamberlain, C. Mllford Glffln 

sy, miejr 
nd Alice 


over tbe con 

York to interview pTO»ioiu«».'«--"j»--- j "England and America, will appear this 

lowing membera ^ jounce a. ita rnrtnga «JJflg ^ MoMlB ^ Satcaa< > gjjg Jg 

B? rt,on .^S««Sf cXm Ctt cK flrst be played in Boston ln October. Joseph 

the magnificent College Theatre, i-mcago, ^^ ^ » ^ met wJtJ| ^^ ^ ^ 

&nl«« Rlnlev will be the leading woman, In London, where he Is now playing at Daly's 

a vflJJ P rSfrHn iMdlnr man • Virginia Theatre, will appear here during the season 

Q^OFSUPl BSd"-? ' JwraJce In Toddles.' tHs will not be produced until 

December, as It Is the wish of George Ed- 
wardes, manager of Daly's Theatre, for me 

v.„^ h to permit Mr. Coyne to play as long as pos- 

■RL Pi»w. Htivk Co will be the name of Bible for him ln London. Sam Hernard will 

lk ?»rS.ffin and ^the opening bil Twill return to New York during the Winter, la a 

&* "tT n nf ™Sh ot thS $eak. ,? Florence new musical play, by Harry B. Smith, which 

»„hp£v Sarins venture of last season, will be callea The Happiest Man In New 

tSp mii win b &au«d ^weekly, commencing York.' William Collier will continue In 

Mondavs and there will leni Bnnetay nigh? 'Caught In the Bain,' In th s country, and In 

wrforas'rZ ? Sedley Browt T has been en- I-onJon, after which he Is to have play, 

Beautiful as" the theatre now Is. It will lams will continue fn -The Little Cherub' 

i,» mnrti still more beautiful before the open- until she returns to New York. New plays 

tSjummSSEEm % artists wlllput .« being written for her by Paul Ruben, 

four enormous mural decorations on tbe slop- and by Edgar Smith. 

ng celling, which will cost over *T6,000. fa "I consider one of my most va-uable prop- 

aMItlontfo the $366,000 already expended on ertles, in a dramatic way, for the coming 

the building. The priests of the St. Vincent season, Henry Bernstein's play, 'Le VaJowJ 

Church are the owners of the edifice, and are which I shall call 'The Thief," and which I 

desirous of doing everything to make It beau- 
tiful. Tbe light opera season closed Saturday 
night July 27, and the house will be turned 
over to the decorators for the next four 

a *» 
B. C. Whitney'' New Workshop. 

When B. C. Whitney leased the New Thea- 
tre, Chicago, now the Whitney Opera House, 
he at once set about devising some plan 
whereby he could control the manufacture of 
the materials necessary to a proper produc- 
tion of his offerings, and have it done In that 
city. The Opera House offered no opportun- 
ity, for It is barely large enough to put on 
the production of "A Knight for a Day." 
Mr. Whitney therefore commanded his chief 
of staff, Sam Gerson, to keep a weather eye 
to windward. 

Recently Mr. Whitney left for Europe, and 
In the manner customary to Mr. Gerson, he 
did not wait for his chief's return, but kept 
forging ahead, and now announces that he 
has Blgned leases for property on Wabash 
Avenue, north of Thirty-ninth Street, 120 
feet wide by 175 feet deep, and that plans , 
for the building are all drawn, and that work come to me, and J. M. Barrle will devote his 

shall first produce ln New York next Winter. 
It ran nine months ln Paris, where the prin- 
cipal parts were played by M. Gultry and 
Mme. Le Bargy, at the Renaissance Theatre, 
and where, In the middle of next October, 
this same author's new play will be produced 
with M. Gultry and Mme. Le Bargy. which 
play I have secured for both America and 

"I have also secured the comedy, called 
'Mlquette,' -which ran all Winter at the Va- 
rieties Theatre, fa Paris. Richard Harding 
Davis 1b writing a play of New York life for 
me, and Conan Doyle a drama. 

"For Otis Skinner I have a dramatic play, 
'La RaboullleuBe,' which has been running la 
Paris, at both the Odeon and Antolne The- 

"I have an entirely new comedy, ln four 
acts, by Alfred Sutro, called 'The Barrier.' 
When I produce this play ln London, the 
chief role will be played by Marie Tempest. 
I have secured a comedy by Clyde Fltcn, t 

comedy by H. V. Esmond, and a farcical play 
by Broadhurst and Dazey. Captain Marshall. 
the author of 'His Excellency, the Governor.' 
will have a comedy In November, which will 


Abovo Is a very good picture of these young performers in one of their specialties, 
at present playing vaudeville. After playing two weeks at Shea'B Theatre, In Buffalo 
and Toronto, July 20 and Aut;. 5. they will again bo seen with the Knickerbocker Stock 
Co. (managed by I. M. Iloyt), with which they are a leading feature. They are not only 
clever specialty performers, but arc emotional actresses and soubrettes as well, and are 
playing the leads with the above company, and all plays have been selected to suit their 
talents. They are from a well known theatrical family, their father, James W. Thomp- 
son (comedian), and mother, Kitty Smith (dancer) have been Identified with theatricals 
for the past thirty years. 

I. mi I » James Begins His Season Sept. 1 

Louis Jsmes will offer a new and unique 
version of "The Comedy of Errors" the com- 
ing season, appearing In the dual role of the 
two Dromlos. He will also play Falstaff, ln 
"The Merry Wives of Windsor," and 8hylock, 
In "The Merchant of Venice." 

The players who will support Mr. James 
arc : Frederick Paulding, James A. Young, W, 
Chrystle Millar, W. C. Andrews, Frank Pe- 
ters, Horace Lyndon, C. D. Burt, Kraft Wal- 
ton, Aphle James, Anne Sheerer, Eugenia 
Webb, Ida Werner and Effle Weston. 

The company will rehearse at Mr. James' 
home at Monmouth Beach, N. J., and Journey 
direct to Seattle, Wash., where the season 
will open on Sept. 1. 


dimming Pollock Returns Home. 

Channlng Pollock, who has been asroad 
for several months, returned to New York 
Inst week. 

Mr. Pollock has turned over to the Shu- 
berts his new play, "The Secret Orchard," 
which will bo produced in Chicago In the 

lie has Blgned contracts for three new 
plays. One Is a dramatisation of Reginald 
wrlglit Knufmann's novel, "Miss Frances 
lialnl, Detective," of which he has already 
written two acts. It will be produced by 
Cohan & Harris In October. Mr. Pollock has 
signed a contract with Wagenhals A Kemper 
for n piny which ho has not yet named. "The 
Code, on which ho will begin work shortly, 
Is nn original drama dealing with divorce. 
lie Ih writing It for James K. Hackett. 
4 »» 
l, outer Beaton, 
Whose picture appears on the front page of 
tills Issue, Is one of the few young American 
actresses who never aspired to stellar honors 
through the conventional paths afforded many 
young stars. Instead Miss Beaton adopted 
roles entirely new lo the drama — those ot 
oharnrlcrR from the East Side. Her recent 
starring tour In "Rachel Goldstein" was 
generally conceded to be one of the artistic 
creations of lis time. Jn private life she Is 
the wife of A. II. Woods, who has secured 
a new piny, by n well known author, In 
which to present her tho coming season, and 
fully expects that she will repeat her success 
of former years. 

a new play written by Rlda Johnson Young ; 
Dlgby Bell, In "Shore Acres," will go on 
the road and will be seen later ln a new 
offering; John Mason, ln a new drama by 
Augustus Thomas; Charles Ross and Mabel 
Fenton, ln "The Social Whirl;" Will M. 
Creasy and Blanche Dayne In a new come- 
dy entitled, "Tbe Yankee Lawyer;" Min- 
nie Dupree will continue In "The Road to 
Yesterday," and "Brown, of Harvard," will 
take to the road. "The Motor Girl," a mu- 
sical comedy by Julian Edwardes, will be 
produced some time ln November, and Ce- 
cilia LoftiiB and Lawrence D'Orsay will be 
seen ln a new play. 

4 >» 

Oljrn Nethersole to Prodnee 

"La Rlvnle." 

Olga Nethersole has bought ths English 
and American rights ot "La Blvale," which 
Is now running at the Theatre Francalse, 
Paris, France. Louis N. Parker will make 
the English adaptation, which will be pro- 
duced ln Cleveland on Christmas Day. "The 
Awakening" will be Miss Nethersole's other 

Miss Nethersole has signed for s more ex- 
tended engagement ln Paris next Spring. 
Later she will play In Brussels, Berlin, 
Dresden, Munich, and perhaps In Vienna. 
She Is now In Scotland, and will return to 
this country late In August, 
Howard Kyle for "The Galilean'* 

Howard Kyle has been engaged by Klaw 
& Erlanger for the role of Sylvanua Reb- 
blngs. a Revivalist, In "The Galilean's Vic- 
tory," Henry Arthur Jones' play, which 
these managers will produce at the Lyceum 
Theatre, ln Rochester, Sept. 28. Mr. Kyle 
waB sent to London a Abort time ago for the 

Surposc of having an Interview with Mr. 
ones In reference to this part, and the 
dramatist cabled Klaw A Erlanger that he 
would be the Ideal of the role. This will 
bo one of Klow fc Erlangcr'B most Important 
dramatic productions for the coming sea- 

Wright Lorlmer'a Leading Woman. 
Amy Rlcard has been engaged by Wm. A. 
Hrndv ns Wright Lorlmer's leading woman 
In the new play he Is to have by Alicia 
Ramsey and Rudolph de Cordova. 

on the new establishment will be begun some 
time In September. 

He promises that when completed this the- 
atrical workshop will be one of the largest, 
as well as one of the most thoroughly 
equipped places of Its kind ln the world. 

The building will be six stories ln height, 
and there will be rooms for the property con- 
structors, sewing rooms, and a whole floor 
for the electrical department The upper 
floors will be used as rehearsal halls, and 
when scenery Is built and completed It can 
be taken upstairs snd used for rehearsals. 
The plan embodies a great deal of work, but 
the resultB will show the value of It. 
♦ »» 
P. F. Hackey'a Birthday. 

F. F. Hackey celebrated his seventy-fifth 
birthday ln a most unique and enjoyable 
manner last week. Bis students gave htm a 
dinner In honor of the occasion at the Beaux 
Arts. Dr. Nell MacPhatter was toastmas- 
ter. Wright Lorimer and Ernest Shlpman 
were called upon for speeches. There were 

6 resent Sam Colt, HacLean Lewis, Anne 
[eredlth, Laura Ray, Batelle Davis, Adeline 
Mabllte, Bula Jackson, Florence Stlnson, 

8?mo 8 ns "pda'a 1 Wts?" I P lllf.« L W??r* vVJ^Sff w ~*« W* Hook, of Ho'lland.' A( 

web^r^a wSa. w &w aE^tt'Th: oaf ^sss^^sn 

ressionai career or actors and actresses, and and tPiin tmnM^auv ami with much svmna- 

Tdvice 5 "wWcTonte JS^SSS S aSA^ff^^ta^StlS^ 
advice, wnicn only Mr. Mackey knows how irlrra life Tt l« n hsimv hlendln? of bright 

Mr ^rlm°er b D ald < M 7 r ed M a a t c t !. t v S n*5. J*iV5h «* Md^rW^slMr t i new 
hlfmor ° f ceremon,efl - "•* everyone ft good 7 "in Baglond^when I produce Tbe Hypo 

Summer to his new play, which I shall pro- 
duce ln both countries. 

"I have a play byMlss Crothers, the author 
of 'The Three of us ;' a French comedy, In 
four acts, called 'Circe.' which will be pro- 
duced ln October, at the Gymnase Theatre, 

"Henry Hubert Davles, the author of 
'Cousin Kate,' Is now at work on a comedy 
for me. which I shall produce both la New 
York and In London. 

"I have a new play by Henri Lavedan, the 
author of 'The Duel/ and one by Pierre Wolf, 
who wrote The Secret of Pollchlnelle." Both 
of these plays are to be produced at the 
Comedle Francalse. 

"I am to have a play by Alfred Capia, 
called 'Who Loses Wins,' and R C. Cartoa, 
author of 'Lord and Lady Algy,' Is writing 
a comedy for me. It will Be finished ln 


"My next musical production will be 'Miss 
Hook, of Holland,' which la considered In 
London the best success since 'The Gelsba. 
Then will come 'Nellie Nell,' which I shall 
produce on a most elaborate scale, and a new 
play with music, called The Hoyden,' the 
music of which will be by Paul Rubens, who 

■ After these 



crites,' In September, Doris Keene, the Amer- 
ican actress, will appear ln that play. Marie 
Tempest will continue under my manage- 
ment ; also Gerald Du Maurier. who will con- 
tinue In 'Brewster's Mlllons.' Irene Van- 
brugh remains with me, and so does Pniilloe 
Chase, who will appear In Mlquette;' also 
Seymour Hicks and Ellallne Terrlss. 

"Just before sailing I secured from Leslie 
Stuart, composer of ^The Belle of Mayfalr, 
his next musical play for America and Lag- 
land, the music of which he Is now compos- 
Indian maidens, won great praise, because 'ng- The first production will be made In 
of her unique work, and won the first prise New York, and Mr. Stuart will come over for 

Kmllle Wellington Wins "The Chorus 
Lady" Prise. 

Some weeks ago Rose Stahl, who Is play- 
ing an engagement ln "The Chorus Lady," 
at Powers" Theater, Chicago, offered three 
prises to be competed for by chorus girls, 
show girls, or girls playing minor parts fa 
Chicago musical shows at that time. Kmllle 
Wellington, who was appearing In "Miss Po- 
cahontas," at the Btudebaker, as one of the 

"I am not extending my operations to 
France, where I have already arranged for 
the production ln Paris of two American 

of SIR. 

The prize Itself, while not of a great 
amount, was valuable, as It showed the result 
of good literary ability in the line of a clever 

essay on the character of Pat O'Brien, as Plays, The Truth' and 'Sherlock Holmes, 
portrayed by Miss Stahl. Her clever writing and where I shall also produce 'Peter ran, 
was printed ln nearly all the Chicago par - 
The second prise was won by Ma " 
"A Knight for a Day" Co., and „ 
prise by Eleanor Irving, of the same com- 



o Chicago papers, with an English speaking company, 
by Mae York, of "I am broadening the geography of tne 
>., and the third American plays, and the American player, es- 
tablishing the work of one and the opportun- 
ity of the other In every part of the civilised 
world, and I am glad to say that tbe l/>n- 
don press, which ha ' 

New Theatre (or Btaten Island. 

ConneBs A Edwards, managers of the Rich- 
mond Theatre, last week filed plans for the 
erection of a new playhouse, to cost JlBO.ono 
The site la In Port Richmond. Btaten Isiand Mn *"*Hry" 

on tbe corner of Bennett Street and Broad- 


The new house Is to be called the North 
Shore Theatre. A resident stock company 
will be established In tbe bouse, and there 
to some possibility of vaudeville being In- 
stalled, either with tbe plays or as a separate 

The house will also Include a spacious roof 

-as had to deal this sea- 
son with more American actors than ever be- 
fore, unites in saying that our actora hive 
become famouB for playing with earnestness 


•ng paces of THE CLIPPER will he 
Inserted at these nrteeat 

Single Column «T.BO 

Double Oolaaua. ....... ■ !*••* 

.>• ,' ■ i 


•*•"■*■ . 



••• rHi . 
t >£ J 1 


;. 4, i 

£a*«?« a &v/> 

i •• '. ' 




to Paris . 

C^r /> &/cm#Ds.) 

Palsy's First /bench Lesson . 


I. What Patty expected to see In the cafe's chantants. 


l i Mb 

f ,l-..-..«"' 

2. And what he saw (sometimes). 

-M i 

«S|an»«iPawMa m ». 

3. An afternoon flirtation In the Jardfn des Tullerles. 

4. La piece do reslstance-the French idol— the army officer. 

■ : ..:. £WJ?l.:.-- 

lit iff •' •' ffffff iff fit: 

,,lh t 

S, Female occupations In Paris. 
The Night Hack. 

6. The female barber is also greatly In vogue. 

7. A Quartler Latin scene from Ufa. 

a Parisian ladies, like their American sisters, favor Uw foreign product 



August 3. 

rt ■ • '■■■ ■■ '■•'*. ZW&a 

.'■-. . ■: - •--■; ' - • ■■ - " ' . v .-,-;..s| 


HE Muiad is distinguished by its refreshing orig- 
inality of flavor and fragrance, and a uniformity 
of excellence that is unfailing. 



have a distinctive quality — a harmonious blending of 
the full-flavored richness of the finest Turkish leaf 
with a pleasing mildness — which has won from con- 
noisseurs unanimous approval as 


1 for 15 cents 

S, AN ARGYROS, Manufacturer 
1 it ruth Avenue, It Y. 

.• $?.*m :■-'-■ 



South Africa, June 2G. 
An excellent programme la at present being 
presented at tbe llvoll Theatre ot Varieties, 
Capetown, and comprises several splendid 
turns. Belma Braati, a young lady jugglar, 
does a splendid act, and her performance Is 
undoubtedly worthy of every praise. Sbe de- 
serves the title of tbe female Clnquevalll, 
and Is a worthy Imitator of the famous Jug- 
gler. Tbe Romalna are exceptionally clever 
musicians, and prove to be talented perform- 
ers with brass Instruments. Violet Gratia, 
burlesquer, possesses a fair voice. Curtis 
and Vanity are good American comedy per- 
formers. Curtis does some fooling, ana Miss 
Vanity Is excellent. Her acrobatic and con- 
tortion work ia faultless. Flo. Cballla con- 
tributes singing, and Kelly and Agnes go 
well. Kelly is a clever comedian. Bisters 
Warner are clever dancers, and Kline and 
Clifton present a sketch, "The Dummy's Holi- 
day," showing smart business and good danc- 

Mrs. Drown Potter and company are tour- 
ing South Africa, and open at the Opera 
House, Capetown. "La Tosca" Is being staged 
at present, and drawing poor houses. The 
meagre attendance Is hardly encouraging to 
the well known actress at tbe outset of ber 

Mark Hamburg, the favorite pianist. Is 
touring South Africa. This is bis second 
visit to the country. 

Wheeler's New London Oalety Co. Is play- 
ing at the Grand Theatre, and rillls' Circus 
is at Delagoa Bay. 

The present company at the Empire Palace 
of Varieties, Johannesburg, comprises: Hol- 
den's Manikins, Two Jagos, as "The Burglar 
and Danseuse ;" Lily Lena, comedienne ; New- 
house and Ward, comedy cyclists; Dolly 
Harmer, character comedienne; La Sylplie, 
continental dancer ; Millie Williams, vocalist 
and dancer; Cole De Loase Duo, comedians 
on tbe wire; Marriott Edgar, comedian, and 
Irma Lorraine, In artistic poses. 
< »» 
Seattle. — At tbe Grand Opera House 
(John Cort, manager) the San Kranilacu 
Opera Co. continues to draw excellent busi- 
ness, "Olrofle-Olrofla" proving very popular 
week of July 14. "Dolly Varden'' wees of 
21. "The Mikado" week of 28. 

Seattle (ltuasell & Drew, managers). — 
There Bcems to be no let up In the good uusl- 
ness the Earl Burgess Co. Is drawing. Week 
of 14, In "Tbe House of Mystery/' Emma 
Hunting made ber initial appearance In this 
city, and demonstrated her cleverness. Week 
of 21, "Anita, the Singing Girl." Week of 
28, "The Burglar's Daughter." 

Ltbic (Russell it Drew, managers). — The 
Dandy Dixie Minstrels, a colored organiza- 
tion, gave a pleasing show week of 14. The 
Lewis & Lake Musical Comedy Co., In a re- 
turn engagement, week of 21, presenting 
"Whlriy-Oirly." Week of 28, "Who's Baby." 
Lois (Alex, l'antages, manager). — The 
vaudeville attractlona from the l'antages will 
be played here during the alterations to the 
latter, and tbe l'antages Stock Co. will take 
a vacation. New people week of 22 arc : 
Four Lincoln*, E. C. Strickland, Brooks and 
Whether, Japanese Troupe, Clayton Sisters, 
Arthur Elwell and moving pictures. 

Third AvxNca (Chas. A. Taylor, mana- 
ger). — Manager Taylor's selection of plays 
appears to nave been a good one, Judging 
from the houses. Week of 14, "Tbelma" 
pleased. Week of 21, "She;" week of 28, 

Btae (E. 0. Dorr, manager). — New people 
week of 22 : Fremont Zouavea, Alice Mort- 
lock, Flexible Frederick, Wllber Held, Brad- 

ley and Davis. Carroll Sisters, Edouard 
Scott, and moving pictures. 

Ortueum (T. J. Consldlne, manager). — 
New people week of 22: Tbe Two It's, the 
Elliotts, Mowley and Leslie, Grace Orma, 
Cavana, Joe Bonner, and moving pictures. 

Luna Pabk (Cbas. I.ooss, manager). — The 
warm weather prevailing baa kept np the 
good attendance. 

Notss. — Kate Rockwell, a well known 
vaudeville performer, waa married early this 
month, to her partner, James Ray, at Port 

Townsend, Wash Daphne Pollard will 

arrive shortly from Australia, and will be- 
come a member of Mr. Cort'a San Francisco 
Opera Co., now playing at Grand Opera 
House for the Summer season The alter- 
ations on l'antages' vaudeville house are 
progressing nicely, and the house will reopen 

about Sept. 1 Actual work baa begun 

on the remodeling of the Coliseum skating 
rink into a vaudeville house for the Sulli- 
van A Consldlne syndicate. It la estimated 
tne changes will Involve an expenditure of 


Spokane. — The Spokane (Chas. Muehl- 
inan, manager) is being renovated and re- 
furbished for the Beason of 1007-8, which will 
open Sept. 0-7, with "In the Bishop's Car- 

uusu ucul. u-i, niiu 111 LUC U)DUU|I D LUI' 

riage," followed by a complete booking of the 
Klaw & ICrlanger attractions playing the 
I'aclflc coast circuit. Richard A Prlngle's 
Georgian minstrels are announced for July 
28-20. Manager Muehlman says: "The com- 
ing season glvea promise of being the most 
Interesting and prosperous In the history of 
the Inland Empire ot the Pacific Northwest, 
of which Spokane la the theatrical centre. 
People are coming Into Spokane at tbe rate 
of 1,200 a month, and they have money for 
entertainment ana want the best." 

Columbia (George M. Dreher, manager). 
—Adelaide Knight, as Nellie Walcott, In 
"The Man ot Her Choice," presented as the 
opening bill by the Curtiss Comedy Co.. 
did not experience the least difficulty in es- 
tablishing herself, ber performance being 
convincing. Hussell Lee Barrett, who played 
opposite, was also well received, and on the 
whole the company may be said to have 
made a "ten strike. The support was good, 
the players Including Uarlorie Rambeau, 
Noel Travers, S. M. Curtiss, Bessie Canrlght, 
Monte Carter, Chic Kehoe, Lillian Burnett, 
Robert Boyle, Julia Chandler, George H. 
Died rich, John Douglas and E. L. King. 
"Beware of Men" Is the next play. 

AuDioKitiu (U. C. Hayward, manager). — 
"The Triumph of Betty," with Virginia 
llrlssnc In the leading role, and George Mc- 
yuarrlc as Uervey Bartlett, played to big 
business week of July 14. Frank McQuarrle 
scored nicely as the Rev. Hugh Wltherly, 
the rest ot the company giving good support. 
Jack Amory, comedian, waa taken Hi evening 
ot 18 and aent to bis apartments at the Ho- 
tel Assemble*, Less C. Greer taking the part 
of Canon Bartlett on short notice. "The 
Two Orphans" waa the bill for the one hun- 
dred and eighteenth week, by the Jessie 
Shirley Co. Mlas Shirley, leading woman, 
is making a pleasure tour of the I'aclflc 


Washington (George E. Blakesley, mana- 
ger). — Alice Mortlock and Walter F. Harmon, 
presenting a playlet, called "How the Fixes 
Fixed It, In which an Infant has a promi- 
nent part, headed the bill week of July 14, 
the business being large. Others were : Brad- 
ley and Davis, Frederick, the Flexible, as- 
sisted by Maude Granger; Alf. Bonner, the 
Carol Sisters, Wilbur Held, and the blograpb. 

Natatobium (Joseph Petrich, manager). — 
Shoot the chutes, the scenic railway, Japanese 
ball games, ye old mill, children's pony track, 
Hales tours of the world, Galveston Food, 
House of Trouble, Darkness and Dawn, 
Foolish House, circle swing, band concerts, 
balloon aecenalona snd parachute drop, Da- 

venport Brothers, aerial bicycle and ft* 5 **! 
performers ; moving pictures, baseball and 
swimming pool. Business the largest In the 
history of the park. . . - 

RtcstATlott PABK (B. J. Lucas, manager). 
— Membera of the Mystic Order of the Ara- 
bian B-Nak-Ope, a carnival auxiliary of the 
150,000 Club of Spokane, of which Fred H. 
Gsston is secretary, presented a baseball 
game between "The Leans" and "The Fats, 
afternoon of July 20. The B-Nak-Ops have 
a fund of 19.000 for a two days' carnival 
next Fall. Three hundred and thirteen can- 
didates will be initiated during the festival. 

Notts.— Robert H. Cosgrove, manager of 
the Spokane Interstate Fair Association, an- 
nounces that unless the City Council of Spo- 
kane modifies Its anti-pool selling ordinance, 
which becomes effective July 19. tbe two 
weeks' exposition and racing programme, 
Sept. 23 to Oct. B, will be abandoned, rhe 
association has contracted for a number of 
Eastern attractions and races, the entire ex- 
pense Involved being about $70,000. Promi- 
nent business men are talking of taking over 
tbe fair in tbe event the association decided 
not to carry out Its original programme.. . 
The North Pacific Saengerbund, taking In 
every German singing society within a radius 
of 400 miles of Spokane, will have Its bi- 
ennial convention In Spokane, Aug. 29 to 
Sept 1. 


Sprlaarfleld.— With three big playbousas 
running full blast the coming season, amuse- 
ment lovers will have a treat, and the mana- 
gers a strenuous time. The local theatrical 
season will open about the middle of August 
at the Chatterton and Majestic The exact 
dates ot opening and the attractions have not 
been announced? Mr. Chatterton writes from 
New York that he Is securing the best line 
of attractions for his circuit of houses that 
he has ever had. The subject of advanced 
vaudeville Is being discussed by local mana- 
gers, and Mr. Chatterton ia considering put- 
ting vaudeville in his house two or toree 
nights a week. Work on tbe Gaiety Theatre 
building on Monroe Street is progrestlng 
ulcely. A yellow pressed brick will be used 
on the front Tbe first floor will be solid 
plate glass, and the entrance to the theatre 
will be through a corridor where the wide 
stairways to the second floor formerly were. 
The Majestic Theatre will possibly open the 
Urat week In August The exact date has 
not been determined. This theatre Is in spic 
and span condition, having not been in use 
long enough In the Spring to necessitate even 
house cleaning. The Chatterton bouse is un- 
dergoing a house cleaning and receiving such 
minor repairs sa are needed. 

Olympic (Wm. Jackson, manager). — Week 
of July 22: Drama, "Slaves of Sltovka;" 
Violet DeVan, Gertrude Heath, Pearl La- 
Beau, Julian and Dyer, and the moving 

Empieb (John Connors, manager). — Week 
of 22 : Burlesque, "Isle of Paima ;" illus- 
trated songs. Lucille Tllton, Jeannette Lee. 
tbe Marvelous Kousell, "Jane's Lovers," and 
20th Century optlscope. 

White Cur (Wm. GUI, manager). — Week 
of 22 : Henry Weedon aad his lions, Butchers' 
Picnic, 24, band concert and dance, 24, 26 
and 27. 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Aug. 10. 
s ■ 

Peoria. — At the Main Street, Paycen 
Stock Co., In "Too Much Tompkins," had 
excellent business last week. 

Aibdoam (Jim Baugh Amuse. Co., mana- 
gers). — Last week the stock company gave 
"Coralle, or, The Woman from Martinique." 
This plsce Is doing a good business. 

Stoke Hill Qabdbn (Frank Grave, mana- 
ger). — Good attendance last week. The 
stock company in "Escaped from the Law," 
was the bill. 

Peobia. — The stock company presented 
"Wanted, a Wife." Company closed 27. 

Wbast's (Charles F. uartson, manager). — 
Week of 22 : Burlesque stock, in "The School- 
master" and "A Trip to the Moon ;" Evelyn 
Morton, Burt M Jack and Hazel McCormlck, 
and moving pictures. 

Viuoi.MA Beach (Frank A. Helneke, man- 
ager). — Week of 22, Crawford and Gardner, 
a sister team, pleased the large crowds. 

Al Fiasco Pabk (Vernon C. Seaver, man- 
ager). — Dickey's Wild West Show opened a 
two weeks' engagement 22. Attendance la 
big, and the concessions are doing a good 

Notes. — Buffalo Bill's Wild Weat comes 
Aug. 8 Eugene Bonner and Lois Mere- 
dith hare closed at Stone Hill Garden, and 
Nelson A. Lawrence and Berteoa Lee have 

rejoined the company Rex De Hosselli 

is the new leading man at the Alrdome 

Cards have been received here announcing 
the marriage, at Syracuse, N. Y , on July 
14, of Helalne Harte, former leading lady 
at Stone Hill Garden, and Ned Rockwell, 
who Is connected with the Syracuse Dey 
Time Register Co Crawford and Gard- 
ner closed their vaudeville season at Spring- 
Held, 111., and then open with "The Cat and 
the Fiddle." 


Altoa.— At Rock Bpirnga Park (W. M. 
Sauvage, manager). — Kollo, the Limit, con- 
tinues his second week in bis Looping the 
Gap on roller skates. In the Rock Springs 
Theatre Fries Bros., Pollard, Conn Downey 
and Wlllard, Hastings, Miss Collls Le-Page 
and Hastings and Wilson. 

Notb. — John Robinson's Ten Big Shows 

appear here Aug. 2 Bauscher Carnival 

Co. week of July 22 Fries Bros., acro- 
bats of Alton, 111., gave their Initial per- 
formance at Rock Springs Park on July 21. 
It waa very creditable. They are booked 
solid for the season on the western Lang 
circuit. The act numbers Ave people. 

Bloonilngton. — The Grand Opera House 
(Frank M Raleigh, manager) will open the 
season Aug. 12, with "The Cow Puncher" 

aa the attraction Gregory's Moscow 

was here July 25-27 Buffalo Bill's Wild 

West is due Aug. 12 Tbe Eagles' carni- 
val week of July 22, fared poorly At 

the Nickelodeon, in spite of hot weather, 

business bas been goed The Theatorium 

will close 27, indefinitely Columbia 

Amusement Co., presenting Hale's Tours, is 

drawing fair audiences At the Nickel - 

dome fair business rules At the Nickel- 
odeon (Lake Park), tbe hot weather has cre- 
ated a large business. 

«i * 

Norfolk. — At the Acme (Wllkerson A 
Manzte, managers), people for week of July 
20 : Maud Olllnger. Mabel St. Clair, Thomas 
and Wilson, Mackln and Hart, Clinton Sis- 
ters, Ida Bennett, Weston Sisters, and Rcntz 
and Edwards. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). —BUI week 
of 20 : Frankle Baker, Lee French, Howard 
and Membhardt, Lottie Miller, and Kennedy 
and Weat The burlesque, "The Jamestown 
Girls," will be continued week of 29. BIJou 
Palm Garden, recently opened In connection 
with the BIJou Theatre, has proven a very 
successful feature, and Is liberally patronized. 

Auditobiuu (J. M. Barton, manager). — 
People for week of 29 : Wilson Sisters, the 
Great Payne, Klrke-Adams and company, 
Barton and Osman, Guy Johnson, and Harvey 
and Adams. The burlesque, "The 1'ajama 
Girls," will be produced. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers). 

No change In the bill for week of 29. 

Casino. Ocean View (Otto Wells, local man- 
ager). — Vaudeville week of 20. Business con- 
tinues very satisfactory. 

HiPPOPBOUK. — KiralfyV'Pocahontaa" shows 
a steady Increase in the business, which Is 
rather encouraging to the management 
a t » 

Dave Barht, formerly manager of the 
Dewey Music Hall, at Utlca, N. Y., is now 
st his home at Pittsburg, Pa. 


will be smooth, velvety and as delicate in |N 
its tints as a rose— if you are a user of La- ^ 
blactae. Beautiful women everywhere sin- iu 
praise. A lady trom Athens, Pa., writes: 

" Lablache is a good, pure powder, and -dels 
to a woman's complexion. It removes th;.r sa |. 
lowness and shine or oily look that detracts; 
from one's charms. When you use Lablache 
it is with perfect confidence in its purity ;,:,,! i 
beautifying qualities." 

Face Powder 

b cooling and refreshing after exposure to sun and wind. Its. 
users are immune from sunburn. It absorbs perspiration, an>"i is 
> Bay preeminently a summer necessity to every woman of refinement 
Defuse substitutes. They may be dangerous. Flesh. White, Pink, or Cream, , 
K 50c. a box, of druggists or by mail. ^J 

BEN. LEVY CO., French Perfumers, 

_a_ -— ..— SBmsasaassm—aasaai— 

Dept. -Js.l ZJ Kingston St., Boston 

I *■ 



9 9 Any fool can make 
money; It takes a wise 

one to save. 
Consult the Wlggery. 





Engaged for the Empire Show, Season I9Q7 and '08 





foot Ronnd Top with 40-foot 
Middle Piece, 10-root Side 
Wall aad everything complete 
to set up and begin business, 
Including Marques, Portable 
Stages and excess ot Bed 
Drapes ot good quality for 
proscenium and wings and 
dressing rooms, 20 lengths ot 
new 7-Uer high Beats, Includ- 
ing « lengths (300) Reserved 
Seats, Ticket Offices, Cook 
House outfit complete, in- 
cluding 16x30 new Top and 
$35 new Gasoline Stove, Ta- 
bles, Dishes, etc., line set 
Drums and Cymbals, all new, 
cost $90; new Lubln Moving 
Picture Machine and two 
Reels Film. Fine new Chests 
and Cases for everything, lot 
of odda and ends. Above cutat 
cost $2,400. What do you oarer? 
Will sell any part Address 
CRESCENT CO., 829 Chestnut 
St, Room 305, Phils., Pa. 

Get the Habit. Go to 





14»h Street, near Broadway, 

279 Broadway, near Ccambers, 

47 Cortlandt St., near Greenwich, 

125th 81, corner Third Ave,, 



Banjo and Guitar Comedians 

That can put on acts on platform. Must change 
for week. State what you do in first letter. A 
long engagement to gentlemen. Address 
DR. RICHARD EAltLSTOX, Bellvllle, Onfario, 

WANTED, For Hans Hanson's Big Band Show 

Juvenile Lady or Sotibrette with girl six years 
old, Tramp and Character Man, double brass. Three 
Cornels, Three Violins, double Brass, Three Clari- 
nets, B. and 0.. Three Trombones, B. and 0., and 
Band and Orchestra Leaders. Baritone, double 
Clarendon Hotel, cor. Clara and Ontario, Chicago. 



For Season 1607-8, to travel with Road Company, 
single man and temperate. Apply P. O. Box 132 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


FOR s ALE.—loo, covering a period from 1800 to 

1903 (all framed). Address all otTers to W. J. Alden. 
87 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Mich. 

Ready Sure Aug. 7th 

My printer has POSITIVELY agreed to 
deliver mean advance edition of 

slw BUDGET No. II 

On the above date. I pledge my well-earned 
reputation as a vaudeville author tint 

will be by far the best book of stage comedy 
I have ever written. Tbe parodies are fun- 
nier, the monologues have quicker points, 
and the sketches more laughs to the minute 
than any previous issue. I don't care whether 
you are a headliner earning $500 per week, 
or an ambitious performer just entering the 
profession, a copy of MADISON'S BUD- 
GET No. 11 Is just like handing you |2uoo 
WORTH of cracker-Jack comedy material 
and telling yon to make a bit with it Some 
of my friends have been urging me to raise 
the selling price of MADISON'S BUD- 
GET, but I Bay "nlxey." 

Price Remains as Always 

So get busy, and send In yonr order at once, 
and be tbe first to sing the new parodies and 
tell the new jokes and stories. 



Advance. Privilege, Baggage, Stock, Au- 
tomobile and Merry-Go-Roond Car*. 

60ft long. Desirable for Show and Carnival Com- 
panies. Reasonable terms. Write for particulars. 
No. 1230 Monadnock Building, Chicago, 111. 


Write Music and Words. 

Guaranteed arrangements for all instruments. 
Complete songs, acts and operas. Write me 
HENRY 8. SAWYER. 67 S. Clark St, Chicago 

K Emotional Leads, m _ m Comedy. ^_. 
atherine Willarffl 
Permanent ■ M>4 Ashland U 
Address, *»*■ Blk., Chic. ■*■' 


rront and Baok Bending, each trick illustrated 
»5c. Morphet's School, 837 N. 12th St., Phlia ., Pa! 

R. H. BEATTIE, LAWYER, Confidential 
Cases a specialty. Judgments and decrees obtained 
promptly; no d lay. Counsel free. 4M1 Indian 
Ave., third floor, Chicago. 

WANTED AT ONCE, for Viola Wilson 
Stock Co. for balance of Summer and regular 
season, Man for swell line of heavies and re- 
sponsible parts, A No. 1 Heavy Woman: also 
General Business Man. Others, write. State 
whether you do specialties or not Enclose 
late programmes. Answer at once. You 
must deliver the goods or you won't last Ad- 
dress Floyd Brown, Bavena, N. Y„ week of 
'My 2»; fcingrton, N. Y., „*& ot A ug?i}. 





607 Title aud Trust Bldg., Chica go^ 

Sketch and Sister Teams 
Strong Single Acts, 

That change often, can have one to all weeks' 
work. Write fully what you can and win 
do, with lowest salary and photo. 

BIJOU THEATRE. Bt Johns. Mlcn._ 


Vaudeville Planlat wanted, who thoroiisb'J 
understands the business. Must be able w 
transpose and read from bass sheets. r"» 
drunks or agltatora. Address T. V. MC- 
LAUQHLIN, 134 Bank St, Newark, N. .1. 


In Moving Picture Machines and Films 

Send sump for list IDEAL FILM EXCIIAMJB. 
112-114 E. Randolph St , Chicago. 

Wanted, a Child Singer 

To sing lUnstrated Songs. No traveling. !" D s 

engagement: good salary. Address _ , ,„ 

WM. FAIRQItAVE, the Qrand Theatre, hrl.jja,. 

Sketch Team, singles and doubles, hot 'lan- 
cers ; Novelty Uan, organ player. Weekstjuds. 
German Med. Co., Bossdale, Parks Co., lnd. 







For broiled chops, 
steaks, cutlets, etc., 
no seasoning is re- 
quired, save butter 

and Lea & Pcrrins' 

Sauce. Add to the 
gravy one or two 
tablespoonsful of 

Lea & Pen-ins' Sauce 

before pouring it 
over the meat. 

John Duncan's Sons, Agents, New York. 




KLEIHE LENSES fcr Picture Machines 

Coyer the Whole Range of Practical Projection. 




662-664 Sixth Avenue, New York. 




!lo Catalog. Describe what you 
want and we will lend .ample. 

American Bead Company 

545 Broadway, N.Y. City. 





1627 N. 10th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wanted, Performers for Street lo Join About 

Middle of August. Must bo 18 K., up to date and 

able to deliver silk. Address 

FRED BLAJSK.NER. II. I)., D. D. 8., Kewanee, 111. 


For Piano, Band and Orchestra. W. H. NELSON 
M West 28th Street. New York. 

10 BEHEABSIR6 B001S cano, 

$1.00 a rehearsal. Fine restaurant and hotel In 
connection. JOEL'S, 206 West 41st St., 2 minutes' 
West Broadway. 


Hotel Cars, all famished. Steel wheels and trucks 
Elegant construction. Addret 
Wellington Hotel. Chicago. Ill 

Theatrical Manuscripts. Legal Documents, Busi- 
ness Correspondence. Moderate prices. 
LOTTA RCELBEHO, 44 W. 28th St. 


Catalogue of Latest TRICKS, Books, etc., Just 
out. Sent for 10c. NONE FREE. 

W. D. LEROY. 103 Court St. Boston. Mass. 



fcaWtfivMUM oov 


Uaudeciiie and minstrel. 

Manager Will H. Barrt, of Chicago. 
writes: "I will open the tour of my new 
high class white minstrel organization, Billy 
Barry s Merry Minstrels, at Warrington 
Opera House, Oak Park, III., Sept. 14. This 
will also Inaugurate the season of this the- 
atre. The tour of this company will em- 
brace a vast territory of 20.000 or more 
miles. Forty people will be carried, Includ- 
ing a band of eighteen and orchestra of 
twelve pieces. An unusually strong olio Is 
to be presented, Including a splendid tronpe 
oJ six Swiss Tyrolean warblers, with elabo- 
rate Swlsc mountain stage setting; a well 
known musical four act, a high class news- 
boys comedy quartette, an Invisible choir 
boys octette. Illustrated songs, moving pic- 
tures, showing recent great naval review 
of worlds battleships, at Hampton Roads, 
Va,. etc. ; Olora Twin Bros., In Roman art 
status nosings; eight vocalists, six end men 
and two sketch teams. "Punch" Wheeler, 
for years with Primrose A Dockatader'a Min- 
strels, npw general agent of the Sells-Floto 
Shows, has Deen engaged as general press 
agent and advisory manager. Three addi- 
tional agents will be In advance— a banner 
man, lithographer and forty-eight hour pro- 
grammer. Afterpiece shows 'Percy and Hall 
Room Boys and the Falrweather Girls at 
Gay Coney Island.' The scene close with 
a view of a big iron pier excursion steamer 
leaving the Island, homeward bound for New 
York, with entire band on upper deck, play- 
ing lively Broadway 'hits,' and the entire 
company singing them. A beautiful moon- 
light wave ripple effect Is shown, with warn- 
ing lights of Sandy Hook lightship flashing 
across the ocean." 

Will H. Barry, the Chicago manager, and 
Kdw. R, Carruthers, general manager of 
the Majestic Theatrical Co., controlling two 
hundred high class parks, are booking the 
Hoffman Swiss Tyrolean Warblers in the 
larger parks. They will Join the Billy Barry 
Merry Minstrels nt the close of their parka 

Phil R. Miller noted for bis elaborate 
high class productions of colored musical 
comedy shows, has organized a company ot 
twenty high grade colored musicians, come- 
dians, dancers, etc., which he calls Phil R. 
Miller's Dixie Serenaders, proposing to play 
Hft b| 8 .. n| B u class parka of the North and 
Middle West. 

Gilmobb and Cabtlb, who are now on the 
twentieth consecutive week in the Sullivan 
« Consldlne houses, have twenty more 
weeks to follow. Their act la meeting with 

Hill-Edmunds Tbio report meeting with 
fine success playing over the Pollack Moun- 
tain circuit through Pennsylvania. They 
will produce another new act shortly, and 
are booked for forty weeks. 

Lew Palmes, the mimic, has closed the 
Imperial Theatre, at Freemont, O., during 
the Summer. Mr. Palmer will have the house 
thoroughly overhauled, and will open about 
Sept I. The past season was a very suc- 
cessful one. 

Gray and Graham started on their vaude- 
ville time July IB. They have been lay- 
ing off six weeks at their Summer home, 
Koanoke, Va- Fred W. Gray, of the team, 
was made a master maaon while at his 
home this Summer. 

Clarence W. Bebends, the "Original 
Dutch Comedian," is still at Chippewa Falls, 
wis., with the Quakers. He has been 
changing his turn nightly for six weeks, 
and remains two more weeks, then to Wau- 
saw, Wis., for seven weeks. 

Geo. W. Evehs, "Pork Chops," writes 
that be is now finishing one of the most suc- 
cessful engagements ever played over the 
Sullivan & Consldlne circuit by any single 
black face act. 

Mb. anti Mas. John Mack (Belle Bel- 
mont), mourn the loss of their little baby 
girl, Anna Belle, who died suddenly. She 
was thirteen months old 

Downey and Willabd have joined hands 
with Hugh Conn, formerly of fmhoff. Conn 
and Conine, and the new team are meeting 
with great success. Mr. Downey Is play- 
ing the Irish part in the act, while Miss WI1- 
lard plays the stuttering maid. The act la 
entitled "The Doings of Dr. Louder." 

The Db La Noye Sisters write : "We have 
met with big success in the West, and have 
returned to our home at Niagara Falls, N. 
V., where we will rest for two weeks, and 
then open In our home city at the Lyceum 
Theatre. We then return to Entermann's 
New Music Hall, at Toledo, Ohio." 

Ida Williams, late of Frank and Ida Wil- 
liams, reports meeting with big success with 
Emmerson's Floating Palace. She will be 
seen next season In 'Vaudeville, In a new act, 
written by Joseph K. Kelly, entitled "The 
Other Fellow." 

Tub Original Silbob and Emkbson, after 
a seven years' separation, have again Joined 
hands, and are now playing a circuit of parks. 

J. Fxakcis Stuart, the Irish story teller, 
and the new "Rolling Mill Man," reports big 
success with his act, also that he has plenty 
of good work ahead. 

the La Vails report continued success for 
their aerial act, with illuminated scenery and 
water ripple effects. 

Louise Auooust and company have sailed 
for Paris, for their Summer vacation. They 
will return the first week in September, hav- 
ing been booked for the entire season ot 

Notes from n. J. Meyer's Moving Pic- 
ture and Vaudeville Co. — We are now In 
our tenting season, doing a fine business, and 
having good weather. Williard H. Weber Is 
still the hcndllner, and keeps them all guess- 
ing In his Impersonation act Miles A. Reed, 
black face comedian. Is making good. At 
Earnest, Sagamore and Iselln we had to 
turn people away. Roster: H. J. Meyer, pro- 
prietor ; Williard H. Weber, manager ; John 
Meyer, stage manager ; Miles A. Reed, W. 
R. Miller, Joe Loverlck and Harry W. Weber. 
All are enjoying the mountain breezes, and 
enjoy reading Tub Old Reliable, especially 
when It reaches us on time. 

Harbity and Hebb report making a big 
bit on the Western Pennsylvania Association 
circuit They are booked up to the latter 
part of September, then they Join a farce 

IlAintr IlEicnF.NDAcn, general agent for 
the Great Raymond Co., writes: "Quite an 
Interesting Incident occurred at Rutland, Vt., 
during the Horse Fair there. The Great 
Raymond had as his guests. Homer Da- 
venport. Governor Proctor, of Vermont, and 
his staff, and the board of directors of the 
fair. The show opened with a trip to 
'Spookvllle,' and It seemed to mystify the 
spectators, but It remained for the hand- 
cuff act to do the mystifying supreme. Chief 
of Police Wulttaker and about a dozen of 
his knights were upon the stage, and after 
a short talk Raymond Invited them to man- 
acle him any way they desired. Fifteen 
pair of shackles and wrist cuffs were placed 
upon blm. Raymond then walked to the 
box occupied by the governor and bis party, 
and requested them to examine the cuffs to 
make sure that they were locked. After the 
examining process, Raymond retired to a 
smalt canopy In the centre of the stage, and 
within a few moments emerged, entirely di- 
vested of the Irons." 

Louis Hallbtt, who has been exception- 
ally successful la supplying, staging and 
producing acts meeting the demands of up- 
to-date vaudeville, has opened offices In this 

Jeanne Brooks, "The Qlrl with the 
Smile," and Billy Noble are spending a few 
weeks at Mt. Clemens, taking the famous 
baths. Mr. Noble opens with Kraua' Twen- 
tieth Century Maids Aug. 10, and Mlsa 
Brooks continues alone in vaudeville. 

Job S. Allmon, who Is pliylog a five 
weeks' engagement over the new Kevin The- 
atre circuit. In Northern Canada, reports suc- 
cess In presenting hla black face monologue. 

The Ouroa Thio (Abl, Crowley and Abl) 
has signed with H. W. & Sim Williams' mu- 
sical comedy, "Cat and the Mouse." for next 
season, to do their act, "Sweety's Finish." 
and parts. They will close a very successful 
censon In vaudeville throughout the West, 
and go to New York for rehearsal early In 

Addison and Livingston, and Veda and 
Qulntarouw, while playing the Lyric Air- 
dome, Houston, Tex., week July 1, were en- 
tertained by Mr. and Mrs. George Milton, 
at their ranch, where a pleasant afternoon 
was spent. 

Nettie Dailiy, of Bob and Nettle Dalley, 
mourns the loss of her father, who died July 
8, at his home. In Grand Island, Neb. 

At* Sterns, the colored talking and sing- 
ing comedian, reports that be is doing nicely 
In his act and gaining much popularity as 
"The Man with the Funny Face." He is 
well booked up with Western time, which 
begins early In September. 

Lobetta Cliiton writes: "I will shortly 
return to the vaudeville stage, having re- 
cently obtained an absolute divorce from my 
husband, Jesse I. Fields, formerly business 
manager of the Standard Theatre at Beau- 
mont Tex." 

O'Neill's Majestic Minstrels report 
having just closed their season of forty weeks 
over tie Sullivan & Consldlne circuit and are 
now resting for the balance of the Summer. 
They open fhelr season at Cleveland, O., the 
first week In -September, with a new singing 
and dancing novelty. 

Waldo whiffle writes: "While playing 
Salisbury Beach, Mass., I held the lucky 
number, 'S2,' which won the diamond ring 
raffled off by J. J. Coogan. ' 

Tub Lanodons report hsvlng Just finished 
a fifteen-weeks' engagement on the Son cir- 
cuit, and are now In Detroit, Mich., re- 
hearsing with B. C. Whitney's "The Show 
Girl" Co. Both are signed to play leading 
roles and also do their specialty. 

Bender and Eable, the "Milanese Min- 
strels," are playing their ninth and last week 
for Jules Delmar, at Island Park, Auburn, 
N. Y. They are closing the bill and making 
their nsual hit. They return to New York 
City next week and will rest until next sea- 

The Majestic Quartette report meeting 
with great success at Cro-nble's. in Minne- 
apolis, Minn., hat will re-enter vaudeville 
this Fall with a new act 

Florence Tucker, who has for over a year 
been known as Mile. Loubet, and has ridden 
a death loop on a bicycle, recently returned 
from a seven months' engagement In Cuba. 
She has opened again, and Is at Luna Park, 
In Washington, D. C, week of July 22. 

Jennings and Renfrew, the boys who sing 
their own songs, notify us that fhey were 
such an exceptional hit at the Alrdomes, Sey- 
mour, Bradford and Linton, Ind., that they 
were booked to play Immediate return time 
over the circuit. Tbey are well booked ahead, 
and their original comic songs are still a 

Habland and Rollison, European musi- 
cal team, are now on the Sullivan-Conaldlne 
circuit, meeting with great success. They 
open In France January next, playing re- 
turns there and In England, returning to this 
country June, 1008. Naomi Efbardo, wife 
of Arthur Harland, played a successful en- 
gagement at the N. Y. Hippodrome up to 
the closing of that bouse for the Bummer 

Ida Gladstone has signed with Dave 
Krause for Rlalto Rounders next season. 

Orrbn and Millie Phelps are resting 
for the present at their Chicago home. 

Billy Bean, of Mettllng and Bean, bicycle 
riders Is out with a new act, using an Eng- 
lish greyhound In place of bis former part- 
ner, doing a three mile race. Bean haa with 
him Sam Levy, an eccentric monologise, and 
together tbey are a combination sure to make 
a nit They open on the Gus Sun circuit 
in September. 

Will 8. Simpson writes: Beg to Inform 
yon that I joined the Meneley-Rohley quar- 
tette a month ago. We are playing to ex- 
cellent business. We are going through to 
the Coast by automobile, which we secure 
at Denver, Col., Ang. 1. 

Lillian McNeill, of Emmett and McNeill, 
celebrated the anniversary of her birth, July 

10. Stutzman and Crawford gave her a sur- 

frlse party In a "wine" supper with all 
he trimmings. Those present were : Em- 
mett and McNeill. Acrobatic Derrlll, J. V. 
Mitchell, and Stutzman and Crawford, all 
on the same bill at the Alrdome Theatre, 
Qulncy, III. 

Sydney Dale has Joined hands with the 
International Four, and Is meeting with 
marked success. 

Henrietta Roberts writes: "I was grant- 
ed an absolute divorce from the Great In- 
man (Henry Hlllman) on June 5, at Lowell, 
Mass. I resume my own name." 

Millard Bros., "Cycling Recruits." are 
playing four weeks over the Gorman circuit, 
They are closing the bill everywhere. Bob 
Millard's ride down a flight of steps, back- 
wards, is one of their feature tricks. 

Job Lester, who recently withdrew from 
the Original Three Lester Brothers, reports 
success with the Savllle "Humpty Dumpty" 
Co. He haa doubled with the famous acro- 
batic clown performer, John McDonald. The 
team will be known as McDonald and Ross. 

Crystal Bell opened on the John n. 
Ammons circuit for ten weeks, beginning 
July 18. 

Mattib Kebnb Is spending her Summer's 
vacation In Massachusetts, dividing her time 
between the home of her brother, Frank 
Keeney, proprietor of the Old Berry Tavern, 
Dnnvers, Mnss., and her friend, Mrs. J. A. 
Pike, 41 Walnut Street, Waltham, Mass. 
Miss Kcene writes that she Is having a most 
enjoyable time. 

J CLE Jacobs writes: "Dot West and my- 
self have Joined hands, and are signed with 
Sam Devere's Buriesquers, for the coming 

Josef Yabbick and wifb (Agnes Charap- 
ney), who opened at St Joseph, Mo., July 
7, are booked for an extended tour of the 
West "Our first week on the circuit," says 
Mr, Yarrlck, "was very successful as well 
as a pleasant one. and this success has fol- 
lowed each week since. The natives here seem 
to ilke a mystery act My wife's singing 
and dancing act also meets with exceptional 

Mack Sisters report meeting with suc- 
cess In vaudeville. 

Rowbnna Is stilt with the Harris-Parkln- 
son company as one of the vaudeville fea- 

Edna Lindon and her husband, 

11. A. La Motte, are spending the Summer 
at Miss Llndon's home, "Llndonhurst," Os- 
wego, N. Y. 

Lewis and Lessinoton, In "Seth Spin- 
ner's Troubles," who met with success at 
Pastor's, week of July 8, return there week 
of Jan. 0, 1008, and are booked solid until 
April next 

The Three Bennett Sisters write: 
"Stella Bennett Is no longer connected with 
our act, as we have taken one of the original 
Bennett Sisters, Crystal, Into the act We 
have been at Atlanta seven weeks, and are 
doing fine." 

Edith Melrose, late of the City Sports 
Co., Is working with her sister, Daisy. Tbey 
are known as the Melrose Sisters, and are re- 
hearsing at Ontario Beach. N. Y. 

Burt Tubneb, comedy juggler. Informs us 
that he Is very successful on Eastern park 
time, end Is booked up to the latter fan ot 

the Princess Ombnb, who la making 
an undisputed success on the Western cir- 
cuits of Family theatres, Intends to pat 
on a big act, assisted by Chat, E. Dunbar. 

Mr. and Mas. Dan Sherman (Mabel De 
Forrest) recently gave an old fashioned bnrn 
dance at their Summer home, at Central 
l'ark, L. I. One ot the chief feature* ot 
the evening was a donkey raffle, which waa 
won ty Jacob Mlllltcher. Among the guests 
were : Mr, snd Mrs. T. W. Dlnklns, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Chas. H. Hart (Ethel Tlllson), Mr. and 
Mrs. Morris Strauss, Mr. and Mrs. L«on 
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dured, Hilda 
Cnrl, O. W. Whltflel4a**0j? Wolf, Joe Nlek- 
erson,. Harry Helmonw^Srry Barrett, Chris. 
Bruno and Mable Russell Baby Sherman, 
aged three, did a little song and dance. The 
whole affair was a decided success. 

The team of May and Miles dissolved part- 
nership at Roanoke. Va., on June 22. Miss 
Miles will work singly In the future, and has 
good time booked far ahead. 

After a partnership existing six years, 
TJnlcycle Hay and Bro. separated July 
20. N, Hay will return again as a special 
feature with Vogel's Minstrels, while hU 
brother, Evart will remain in vaudeville, 
doing hit knockabout acrobatic unlcycle act 
which Is something new In that line. lie Is 
booked solid for the Winter, and Is now tak- 
ing a rest at his wife's home In Franklin, O. 

while flaying Dayton, O., week of July 
1, Morris and Hemmlngway were entertained 
by Rertha Sherwood, at her home on Bo- 
lander Avenue. Morrla and Hemmlngway 
play the Western Vaudeville Association 
time. Miss Sherwood has been re-engaged 
with Campbell's Nightingales Co. 

Eugene Pelletier, of the Pelletlcrs, 
writes: "We have been mora than making 
good In our new act, which Is In Its seventh 
week. We have been a feature act from our 
opening date, and I have Just received a 
substantial Increase In salary, beglnlng next 

Fred M. Allen Is slowly recovering from 
a surgical operation performed July 0, at 
Hahnemann Hospital. New York, and ex- 
pects to be able to leave there shortly. 

Capt. Sidney Hinman baa canceled his 
Western tour for July and August and will 
remain nil Summer at Stcepin'-hasa Park, 
Coney Island, N. Y. HU life aavlng and 
diving docs are a big feature at the park. 

Al. K. Hutchinson opened at Scenic The- 
atre. Hartford. Conn.. July 8, and his Im- 
mediate success gained for him a return date 

Blanche Estelle, of RocLcfort, May and 
Blanche (sister act), have signed with the 
Casino Girls Co., for next season. The trio 
Is at present playing parks through Ohio 
and New York. 

The Great American Airdomb, Pennsyl- 
vania Amusement Co, owners: L. J. Cham- 
berlain, manager, was destroyed by fire, night 
ot July 3. at Johnsonburg, Pa. Tbe lire 
was caused by a boy throwing a firecracker 
on the parnphlned canvas. Tbe manage- 
ment ordered a new outfit complete. The 
main canvas will be an eighty foot round 
top, with two forty foot middle pieces, Ca- 
pacity business has been the rule with this 
new amusement enterprise since tho open- 
ing, eight weeks ago. 

Mrs. Adolpiib Poirier, wife of Adolphe 
Polrler, and manager of the Three Poitiers, 
was made an honorary member of the T. M. 
A. 'a No. 10, at Winnipeg, Man., while 
the Dominion Theatre. Adolphe 

Polrler waa made a member of the White 
Rats of America, June 0. Mr. Polrler la 
also a member of tbe T. M. A., Lodge No. 
41, of Superior, Wis. 

Woods and Ralton, after playing vaude- 
ville dates through the Summer with their 
musical act, are at tbelr home In Duluth, 
Minn., for a few weeks' vscatlon. They be- 
gan rehearsals with Al. G. Field's Greater 
Minstrels July 16. 

Harry Rouclerb and Mildred are Sum- 
mering at their popular hotel In Rldgcwond, 
N. J., which Is a favorite stopping place for 
wayfarers in that section. 

Tub La Montes write : "We are In our 
second season with the C. O. Spangler Show, 
and meeting with great success. Our sketches 
are always up to the times and please the 

Eeople. We are showing In the smaller towns 
i Virginia, and playing to big houses." 
Milton and Dolly Nobles will begin 

their regular season at Keith A Proctor's 
ttstn Street Theatre, Now York, on Aug. 6. 
Their season will be devoted to "Fads and 
Fancies," Mr. Nobles' latest farce, which 
was successfully produced a few weeks ago, 
The character of Mary Ann Cahoe will be 
played by Ida Lewis, while Jefferson Totter, 
the country banker, who tries to make poli- 
tics respectable, will fall to the veteran char- 
acter actor, Thomas M. Hunter. 

Since closing their season with the Bos- 
ton Belies Co., Rice and Walters have played 
return engagements at tbe Lyceum and 
Palace Theatres, Boston, snd Polls' Theatro, 
Waterbury, Conn., followed. Week of July 
1, Ronwlck Park, Ithaca, N. Y., and ot 8 
they were at Glen Haven Park, Rochester, 
N. Y. They are booked solid until next 
Jane, 1008. 

Granville and Mack report meeting with 
big success with their new set. They were 
one of the features at Pastor's week of July 
1, taking four and five encores at every per- 
formance. They will play four more weeks 
of park work and will then rest at tbe home 
of Miss Granville's mother, In Toronto, Can., 
until Sept. 2, when tbey start on their twenty- 
five weeks of work for tbe Western Vaude- 
ville Asoclatlon. 

Manager Jas. Henry writes: "Shellpot 
Park, at Wilmington, Del., Is now under my 
management for the second season. I have 
added new weekly free outside attractions 
this year, and the park Is doing a pros- 
perous business and meeting with better 
success than In the past four years. Our 
theatre, band and orchestra Is a big feature, 
and meeting with public approval. 

Geo. Db Voy has taken tbe management 
of the Star Theatro, Hot Springs, Ark. 

Caleb D. Siiepfard writes: "I have Joined 
Zarrow, Fravlola and Grey Troupe of trick 
and comedy 'cyclists, snd will work nnder 
the name of Grey. The act la booked for 
two years solid. I am bard at practice with 
the act and spending about two hours a day 
with Zarrow, llsblng In the St. Claire River." 

Bavoy and Savoy have just closed a suc- 
cessful four weeks' engagement at the Coeur 
d'AIene Theatro, Spokane, Wash., where they 
met with great success. Before leaving they 
gave a dinner In honor of the Princess 
Omeno, who is making a sensation In her 
classic East Indian dances. 

Sam Wkhton, late of Irene Leo and Kandy 
Kids, will be a feature with Leo Woods' 
"Boy Wanted" Co., which opens on the Sul- 
livan & Consldlne circuit In August. He will 
do the Dutch comedy and sing his own paro- 
dies, also Introducing bis eccentric woodon 
shoe dance. 

Adklb I'ubvir Onri writes: "We have Just 
concluded six most pleasant weeks on tho 
ilnny A. Hawn circuit of parks. Week July 
22 we play the Star Theatre, Muncle, Ind., 
and open with J. W. Gorman Aug. 5, until 
Hcpt. 14. Miss Allthorpe and I will sail for 
England Sept. 18, Just to see tbe dear old 
folks at borne, and to bring back a tew nov- 
elties for our act." 

Notes from tho Casino, Wlldwood, N. J. — 
Business here Is Improving. People week of 
July 22: Redfernand O'Donnell, Monte Wolf, 
Murray end Raymond, Geo. Koch and Jules 
Ilendlngton. We open on a minstrel first 
part, changing weekly, nnd continue hero till 
about the middle of .September. 

The Pepper Twins have Just closed play- 
ing tbe Summer parks, and are at their Sum- 
mer home, at Lindsay, Can., spending two 
weeks on tbe Kawartna lakes fishing. They 
will be seen the coming season In a comedy 
sketch by a well known New York manager. 

Bedard and Bedard write from Lawrence, 
Mans. : "This Is our third seaiton on the Jos. 
J. Flynn circuit of parks. We are meeting 
with great success, and our little ion Is hav- 
ing a good time arourfl this Summer resort 
and sea beaches." 

World o f Platers. 

Notes rcnu A. W. MARTIN'S World's 
Grkatkst "Uncle Tom'b Cabin." — Every- 
thing Is In readiness for tbe opening days of 
the "Big Shows." The twenty new dogs, which 
Mr. Martin Imported from Russia, are being 
broken for stage work by Albert Slmcoe, 
nnlinnl trainer, Tate of tho Hngenbeck shows. 
George Taylor Is superintendent at the stu- 
dios, and under his master hand work Is 
attended to In expeditious manner. The new 
electrical and mechanical devices made by 
Kllegl A Co. are novel nnd effective, and will 
record a new era in the history ot "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin." It. II. Whlttler Is In charge 
of the office and attends to all details of the 
business. Ed 8. Martin has lately returned 
from a prospecting trip and reports every- 
thing In good shape anil prospects great for 
a big season, Grant Luce has signed aa 
agent ot tbe Western Co., and Woody Van 
Anda as manager. Mr. Martin will this 
season make tho greatest effort he has ever 
made, and the productions will be a revela- 
tion to all those who are Interested In the 
fortunes of "Uncle Tom'a Cabin," As In the 

grevloua two years the parade feature will 
e eliminated. Mr. Martin believes that a 
performance on the stage of a theatre Is 
what the people want, and not an attempt 
at a street parade, which at best is meaning- 
less, misleading, snd detracts from the high 
class entertainment which he gives his pa- 
trons. Tho past few seasons' successes with- 
out any parade, has been the best evidence 
that Mr. Martin Is correct In his theory. 

Notes pbom Chas. T. Pales' Attraction. 
— We are still busy getting In shape for tho 
coming season, which we expect will excel 
all other seasons Samples, models, etc., ot 
our new paper nnd scenory have arrived. 
Manager Fnfes took a trip to Philadelphia 
to attend tho Elks' convention, representing 
hla lodge from Florida, ot which he la n 
prominent member. 

Belle Dolan haa signed with Al. II. 
Woods, to create an Irish character part Ir. 
one of his plays for next season, opening 
Aug. 8, at Philadelphia. 

notes pbom Southold, L. I, — John Ken- 
nedy (Kelaaco forces) and Mrs. Kennedy 
(llattle Davis) are at the Sound View: Alban 
W. Purcolt, son and daughter, are at their 
cottage, Horton's Point 

Roster and Notes of the Burt tmson Co., 
under canvas. — Burt Imson, manager; II. L. 
Casp. advance; Bud Nairn, Joe Nairn. 11. A. 
Griffin, Bart Welch. Frank Welch, Ira HIM, 
W. II. Mclntoch, Louis Bcrnsrd, Frnd Pence, 
Ed. Qrahnm, Maggie Graham, Irene Case. 
Mona McDhue and Mrs. Burt Imson. Wo 
have not been turning them away this tea- 
son so far, for we have been battling w!th 
rain, wind and snow all the season. F.verv- 
body Is well. Have had only one accident this 
season, and that was on July 4, at Pender, 
Neb. At the last performance of "Warbun- 
nct Ranch," In the struggle at the end of the 
first act, a member of tho company broke his 
collar bono In two places. We had to double 
one of tho orchestra players in the part to 
finish tho show. The doctor fixed him up and 
he Is doing nicely. 

Tub Four Iturn.EH, John, Nettle, Fern 
and Myra, are In New York. Mr. Unfile Is 
trying to arrange with a prominent print- 
ing company for one of their productions 
In which will lie featured the Hurtle children 
for next season 

Notes prom *'Unci,b Ruyub" Co. — We will 
begin rehearsing Aug. 20, and open season 
Sept. HI. Wo will have one of tho best mu- 
sical comedies on the rond next season, with 
a hand and orchestra of fourteen pieces, 
nnd will rater to managers of first class 
opera houses and theatres. 

Roland Walters, who was with Harry 
Clay lllanoy last season, has signed for Mr. 
Blnncy'n new show, "Tho Boy Detcctlvo." 
Mr. Walters Is working a few weeks at tbe 
porks, In a vaudeville act. 

Notes prom tub "Just Plain Folks" 
Co., No. 1.— This attraction will open Its 
regular season Ang. 28. Tho company Is 
booked solid for forty weeks through New 
England and tbe Middle Atlantic States, 
carrying twenty people, also special psper 
nnd scenery. Ojr rube band Is a feature, 
but above It oil, the sensational "hayfork" 
scene In Ihe third net, has proven a big 
success. Jason St Channlng, managers, are 
spending their Summer at fiarre, Vt, fishing 
and sporting. Tub Old Reliable come* 
sometimes late, but Is welcomed by all. The 
roster up to the present Is as follows : 
Jnson A Channlng, managers ; Tony Arcs, 
advance agent; II. It Grtesy, stage mana- 
ger: Mr. Janson, band master: Alton Clay- 
ton, Chas. Brooke, Jas. Cole and wife, Edwin 
Tyn, Joe Bennett and Harry Randall. 

Raymond Kbtciium and wipe ( Hnra Tread- 
well) closed a very successful season's en- 
gagement with tbe Ye Colonial Stock Co., 
at Richmond, Ind., and are resting at their 
home In Toledo, O. They have signed with 
the same company for next season. 

Notes prom Huan'g Comewians. — We 
closed our opera bouse season of eighteen 
weeks, to a most successful business, Juno 
20, and are now breathing the open air under 
one of the swellest little camps In the busi- 
ness, Everything Is new from hale ring to 
toe pins, sleeping tents Included. Business 
opened big, and prospecta aro more favor- 
able than ever, ■ 

Notes pbom Arlington's Cohbojans, 
Waller Arlington, manager. — We are down 
at Cycle Park, Dallas, Texas, nnd business 
Is phenomenal. We remain here flvo weeks 
longer at this resort, and then Jump North. 
A number two company opons In Nebraska. 
on Aug. 12, and they have a fine line of 
Western fair dates booked. The repertory 
of tho company remains practically tho same. 
Wo will probably carry a ladles' orchestra 
as a feature next season. Everybody down 
hero reads Tub Clipper. 

Eddib Daily, who wrote tbe sketch, "Life 
In a Furnished Room," and appeared In tho 
same, with his trio, has, for the past six 
weeks, been engaged retouching tho scenery 
for John It. Price's Populnr Players. He has 
signed with Mr. Price for season of 1007-08. 

I'. II. Haiitman is a member of Egan'a No. 
2 Hand, at Capon Springs. W. Va. 

Frank C. Harris and wife (Florence 
Randall) have been engaged for Macauley 
& Patton's new production of "When We 
Were Friends," Miss Randall for the lead, 
and Mr. Harris for the comedy role. 

Mtra Roselle has closed her season with 
the La Tour A Ollmore Stock Co., and will 
rest quietly at her Philadelphia borne until 
Aug. 12, when rehearsals for the Walter II. 
Htull attractions commence Miss Roselle 
hnvlng been engaged for tbe character roles 
of his twelve large scenic productions. 

Joseph Allkntonn hns been re-engaged 
by Chas. E. Illaney, for tho coming season, 
and will again be seen In an Important rolo 
In one of hla new productions, 

Gi/h Rapier's Notes.— /The sensational 
comedy drama, "Telegraph Station 21," 
under tho management of Rapier A Mat- 
thews, will take the road Sept. 1, with the 
finest lot of special scenery and tho best 
paper that money can procure. We aro 
booked solid through the Central and South- 
ern States. We have spared neither time nor 
expense to mako this ono of tbe banner at- 
tractions of the season. The people engaged 
are: Estelle Le Molnd, pianist; Klllcen Mat- 
thews, mezzo soprano; Jesalee Kapler, eou- 
brctte; Freak Le Molnd, novelty wire act: 
Williard Matthews, banduro virtuoso ; Ous 
Kapler, comedian i Frank Knopp, stage car- 
penter, and Tommy Kldredge, properties and 

('has. D. Hammond and Wife (Knthryn 
Swan) have signed with Kdwln Patterson'* 
Musical Wizard of Wall Street Co. (or next 
season. Mr. Hammond will bore the man- 
agement of the company, which la booked 
solid for tbe entire season. 



v August 3. 

Notes from thb Kites Stock Co.— 8. 
liurtoa Keyes, manager. Owing to our tent 
being destroyed at Vandergrlft, Fa., dur- 
ing a severe wind storm, we were compelled 
to take the opera houses until our new tent 
arrived. We have been navlng good houses 
considering the warm weather, but opened 
at Seward, Pa., July 18, under our new 
canvaa. Our roster Includes: S. Hurton 
Keyes, manager; Mrs. S. Burton Keycs, 
Helen Keyes, Dorothea Keyes, Cheater A. 
Keyes, V. A. Varney, Milton Byron, F. M. 
Mills, Bert Ilager, George Saute, and J. H. 
Felix and daughter Lucille. We will close 
our Summer season on Aug. 24, es the Keyes 
family and V. A, Varney nave signed with 
Woody Van. manager of Al W. Martin's 
"Uncle Toms Cabin" Co., for next season, 
opening at Loganaport, Ind., Labor Day, 
Sept. 2. The old reliable cornea promptly 
every Thursday. 

Tub Younuh, Kitty, Vaye and 0. M., are 
now rotting at tbelr country home, near Ma- 
son City, Iowa. They recently closed a very 
successful sen eon with C. S. Primrose's 
"Prince of Sweden" Co. Mrs. Young, wbo 
was playing the Ingenue lead, was compelled 
to close three weeks before the company, on 
account of a very sore eye, caused from 
smallpox. Her eye la now all right again. 

I'irAH. IluKiiNHti, singing and dancing 
comedian, last season with "The Ham Tree" 
Co., has signed with. "Little Johnny Jones" 
to play the bell boy. It will be his second 
season with the play. 

Kdwabd Kl'hhbix, wbo baa closed the 
regular seaaon with the English actress, 
i 'fin r i c tiny Morgan, in "A Woman of Mys- 
tery," baa been re-engaged by the some com- 
pany for a Summer senson of stock, touring 
the Canadian cities, under tbe management 
of Jule Waltcra end It. D. Way. 

Maxwell Dkihcoll, who for tbe past Ave 
years has been wltb the Bennett-Moulton 
Stock Co., notifies us that he haa signed with 
Thos. E. Shea, for Juvenile parts under the 
management of Cohan & Harris. 

fhhi> A. Hiixtaiile writes: "I closed 
a most plcasnnt and profitable Summer en- 
gagement wltb the Mlnnelll Ilros." attraction 
on July 27. I have signed as leading come- 
dian with i in- Knickerbocker Stock Co., fea- 
turing tbe McConncll Sisters, under the man- 
agement of l;. D, FiHkc, for the coming sea- 
son. This Is my second Summer cngnj;i'i»ent 
with Mlnnelll BroB. and my third Benson with 
Mr. Finn.'. " 

Mu. and Miih. Q. Wilted Thompson, 
(Fannie 10. Johnson) wbo huvc been playing 
lends and second buslneas respectively with 
tbe Grace tiayward Co., will close early in 
August and visit Chicago before starting the 
regular season. Mr. Thompson has signed. 
I brough W. T. Qaskcll's agency, to play the 
leading heavy role In Rowland & Clifford'* 
production of "Tbe Old Clothes Man." 

J. D. Bnow.NHU.n and wii'k, VIolu, write: 
"We are at present resting at our Summer 
ninip ut Lake Alamoosook, In Maine, until 
Aug- G. A most enjoyable time was spent 
here on the 'Fourth,' when the entire Kfnrk- 
Urban Co. came up for a fishing trip. Mr. 
Urban was the lucky one, and pulled In 
thirteen baas and two pickerel. The trip 
was very successful, and many good catches 
were made." 

Davk II. IIovkii wrttes: "I have been en- 
gaged to again play the part of Lawyer 
Murks, with Al. W. Martin's No. 1 'Undo 
Tom's Cabin' Co. This will be my fifth sea- 
aon in this role." 

Tun noHTisp. of "A Good Follow" Co. Is 
ns follows: Daisy St. Claire, Hclcne Davis, 
Ituliy N'i'W. mnli, Sain Frvli). Knlhryn Thayer, 
(J race lOdmoud, Mortimer M. Infield, William 
McKce and Bernyco Cbllds. The business 
staff Is: Joe Hlrschflcld, general manager; 
l'lill Alexander, business malinger; Frank A. 
Miller, mualcal director; Boby Newcooib, 
stage director, and Sam Ervln, master of 

Notes from Sterling's "Uncle Tom'a 
Cabin" Co. — We ore In our eleventh week of 
our fourth successful season, and business 
haa been far superior to tbe former seasons. 
Wo have played Northern New York to tbo 
largest capnclty of any "Undo Tom" show 
ever appearing there, and, by tbe preaa and 
public .minion, we aro giving tbe beat of 
satisfaction. Little Baby Barker Is making 
a strong Impression In the angel child part, 
mid Maud Dunn, In the part of Topay, snares 
tbo honors with her. All of our Jumps are 
short, and tho company travcla In two carry- 
alls, which mnkea It very pleasant. Mana- 
ger Finn has purchased two magnificent 
spotted ponies, wltlch bo uses to got over tbe 
road, and tbey prove an attractive feature 
In our street parade. Wo are on route South- 
ern New York, where we expect to land by 
the middle of September. We will then 
close our Summer season and return to tbo 
grand old city. 

Tun diiA.-i' IlAvwAin Co. report playing 
to capacity business over tho Crawford cir- 
cuit of alrdomcs through Kansas. 

W Howard Fuitc writes: "I have Just 
closed a successful twenty-two weeks' en- 
gngoment with Jenvon'a Stock Co., ploying 
heavy and Juvenile roles. I will take a three 
weeks' rest ot my homo In Pittsburg, Pa., 
before opening tbe regular season." 

ItAi.i'u C. Merchant notlflea ua that he 
haa Juat closed his engagement as leading 
man with tbo Harcourt Comedy Co., and Is 
now resting at his homo In Greene, N. Y., 
before entering upon bis work for tho coming 

Wm. L. ('Aim and Mildhkp Hawk were 
united In marrlago by Kev. U. Hubbell, In 
Hocbcatcr, N. Y., on July 1. Mildred Hawk 
was recently granted a divorce from Bd 
Hawk. Mr. Carr, a leading Juvenile man, 
baa been her partner the past season In 
tbolr feature trio act, in which wna Master 
Clifford, Mrs. Hawk's child. The trio will 
bo known hereafter aa tho Carr Trio. Mr. 
and Mrs. Wm. Carr and Master Clifford ore 
enjoying a pleasant vacation at Mr. Carr'a 
.Summer home. They will open Aug. S with 
I lie Keystone Dramatic Co., Mrs. Carr play- 
ing Boubrette, Mr. Cnrr ploying Juvenile, and 
Master Clifford doing his special Fy. 

Job. D. Clifton writes: "We began re- 
hearsals July 20, under management of Bur- 
gess & Hlmmcleln. My wife will play leads 
and I will direct and play heavies, etc., with 
use of my plays. I have finished a new 
Play this season, and It haa been rend by New 
York parties, pronounced excellent and a 
future predicted for It. Tbo play Is enti- 
tled 'Nurclssicr.' We open Aug. 5. The 
cc|ulpmcnt will bo entirely new, and special 
scenery una been provided for each piece. 
June Agnott (Mrs. J. D, Clifton) will head 
I ho company. A season of forty weeks Iibb 
been booked In nil tho best houses." 

Fhank and Duli.a Williams have signed 
wllh KiUov A Brltton'a "Trust Busters" Co., 
for senson of 1007-08. and will be compelled 
tu enmci all vaudeville datea. 

1'dhcy 'U. 1-sviN was a recent Clipphr 
culler. He stnreQ that tho Isabel Jackson 
I'.impaiiv. wliwi be presented at the Frank- 
ford, Pa., Theatre, for three weeks, commenc- 
ing June 3, met with such success that the 
soma attraction will be offered at that house 
next Benson, During the Summer the the- 
atre will undergo alterations and renova- 
tion, and In the Fall Miss Jackson will open 
tho house, supported by a stock company of 
capable performers which Mr. Levin lias en 

l.cuiiH Ilnm. musical director, and wife, 
request ua to announce that they are In no 
way connected with Chas. R Taylor's Pari- 
sian Belles Co., for the coming senson, as 
previously stated. They aro signed wltb 
\Vlinllen & Mnrtell. 


Co., nn orgniilxntlon of hlgh-clasB actors. — 
We will open our BCUBOn In Paris, Ky„ fair 
week, Aug. 2(1. The company will carry the 
best people 111 repertory, with seven big 
vaudeville nets. Fred J. Murray wilt direct 
Hie nttrnctlon und E. J. Denning will man- 

lite It. 







i 2,000 to a real, 20,000 to 
| n package. Connec- 
; utlvuly numbered. 

: Knjn.rd Frail "i Bicl J 

r-KiCfcti PER I. OOP 

8,000 or more, BOe SO.OOOor more, IH J 
lO.OOOor more. 10c OO.OOOor more, lflo ■ 

100.000 or more 100 

.'■'" i!"l: '" II. II. w'l.'ii '.''. i Inraih I IH. lit' 



Thoroughly seasoned, 
special malleable fittings, 
patent locking device, 
folds perfectly flat, will not 
warp; most comfortable 
and strongest cbulrmndo. 

PER DOZEN, $6.00 


(Ellison Base) 




i C. P.-K»eh ljo l I J 
1 r K— K'toh 1 >c l caS« 

Packed 230 In a case. 
Add 2o each If ordered 1ft 
less quantltiOB. 

2d Hand TesledColorid Lamp 

Red, Oreen. Opal, Amber 
p. -Each 8c 




Tub Couplets roster of the Grace Cam- 
eron Opera Co,, playing "Little Dollle Dim- 
ples," which opens Its season on Aug. 20, Is 
as follows : C. Herbert Kerr, proprietor ; 
Frank E, Morse, general manager; II. Ken- 
worthy, treasurer; Edwin Walker, mualcal 
director; Grant Hoag, stage manager; line. 
Fougeron, wardrobe mistress : Harold Hoag, 
electrician; C Quyer, property man; Grace 
Cameron, Daisy King, Maude Morris, Phoebe 
Curdownle, Florence Langdon Tempest, Al 
Lawrence, Lorenz Rivers, Irving Newboff, 
Tbe Four Emperors of Music, Tbe Elm City 
Male Quartette, Minnie Plllnrd, Emma King, 
Fmma Kopper, Myrtle Bliss, Josephine 
Sprulc, Jean Holmes, Josette Hammond, 
Myrtle Dc Soto, Anna Whitney, Corrlne 
Itussell, Olga La Marr, Nellie Walker, Helen 
Iilyc, Nora Calvin, Bertha Uobson, Myrtle 
Keeker Ethel La Vcre, Edna Kimbcrley, 
Josephine Lc Voile, Lillian Dana, Bertha 
La Mae, Edith Bennett, Zeskn Russell, Helen 
Ward, l.ouii Branscomb, Minn Branscomb, 
KoHnbcl Brown, Viola Brown, Florence Cort- 
lelgb, Edith Munson, Dode Phelps, Bailie 
Klssner, Lee Dupree and Katberlne Kerwln. 

Frank B. Davidson's "Folks Up Willow 
Creek" Co. opens Aug. 7, at Vermilion, O. 
Twenty people will be carried, Including the 
Imperial Hand and Orchestra, In full, which 
will he one ot the features. Tbe bookings 
are about completed, and continued success 
for this well known attraction la expected. 
Manager Dnvldson Is visiting at Fountain 
Point Inn, Provemont, Mich., for two weeks. 

D. A. Herman, agent of the Jewell Kclley 
Stock Co., writes : "We closed a successful 
four weeks' engagement at tbe Mountain Park 
Casino, ltoanoke, Vn., July 0, after having 
played to the largest business In the history 
of the Casino. Our opening In the Casino 
Theatre, ut Danville, Vn., was also a suc- 
cessful one. and our first week was a record 
breaker. With three days of rain, we played 
to more peonio than any company ever visit- 
ing Danville. Our regular season will open 
early In August, In Kentucky, when we will 
go over the same territory as played by tuls 
company for tbe past two yearn, playing 
only tbe bouses booked by Klaw & Erlanger 
In the South, We will carrr a car load of 
special scenery, and cacb play will be cor- 
rectly staged. The roster of the company la : 
Jewell Kelley, owner and manager ; D. A. 
li.'llman, agent ; ('has. Kendall, stage man- 
ager; F. II. Cox, musical director; Francis 
K tab I, master of properties; J. C. Weston, 
electrician. The company Includes : Jewell 
Kelley, Wilson It. Todd, Chas. Kendall, Fran- 
cis Mlalil, J. C. Weston, F. II. Cox, U. C. 
llnrvcs, Ed iv. B. Rodgers, D. A. II ell man, 
11. O. Wilson, Anna L. Marvin, Cresle Canada, 
Elenor Kendall, Jane Kcckley. Carrie Strong, 
Ilcssle Itoscmond and Marie Maraton. 


We opened In Douglas. Aria., on April 12, 

filaylng twelvo weeks In a town of 10,000 
annuitants. We think this la a pretty good 
record. We open the new house In Blabcc, 
on Monday, July 15, playing under a guar- 
antee. We played Douglas to S. It. O. the 
most of tbe time we were here. Tbe roster 
of tbe company is as follows : Gerald Car- 
ter, Fred C. Paxton, Vine W. Martin, Cecil 
Wright, Jack Ualrd, Nat It. High, Mlgaon 
Meluottc, Mae Hancock, Louise Paxton and 
Bessie Richmond. 

Masks Hiiotiieiih' News. — Marks Bro- 
thers have decided to put out two one- 
ulght companies, besides the four regular 
stock companies always out. The scenery 
for one company Is completed. It. W. Marks 
Is at Perth, One. He has engaged Frederick 
II. WIlBon to write a new original play for 
May a. Bell Marks; the drat act will be 
submitted shortly. May A. Bell Marks Is 
summering at her cottage, Red Cedar Villa. 
at Christie's Lake, Canada. Her season 
opcuB in New York State early In August. 

Max Rooson writes from Koebler's Point, 
Camp Tenderfoot, Watcrsmeet, Mich., which, 
by the way, is in the wilderness, twenty 
miles from post or telegraph station, that 
aho Is having the time of her lite fishing and 
canoeing. She breaks camp In August and 
comes direct to New York to commence re- 
hearsals of "The Rejuvenation of Aunt 
Mary," and with nor Michigan atmosphere, 
she will surprise her most ardent admirers. 

W. ii. I'A'i niN baa recently completed a 
now three act comedy, which ha will call "The 
Blockhead." He will use It to follow "The 
Blow Poke," In which he will appear again 
tho coming season. Mr. and Mrs. Put ton are 
upending tho Summer at their cottage on 
Lake Ontario, at Windsor Beach, N. Y. Mr. 
Pntton has recently purebnsed a new yacht, 
which he haa named "The Slow Poke," in 
honor of his successful play of that name. 

Notes jniom Anum.l'b Comedians, Jack 
Emerson, manager, — In two weeks more wo 
will bo back In the good old I). B. again. Our 
Canadian tour haa been a decided bucccsb, 
most of our time having been spent In stock 
In Calgary, Alto. Several new plays have 
been added to our already extensive reper- 
tory. The roster remains the same. Jack 
Emerson, T. M. Wilson, Lee Church, Lorry 
Hilling, \V. S. Dickinson, F. B. Ketcnum. Nat 
Johnson, O. C. Ruf, Gypsy Day, Ella Evans, 
Madeline Custck and Violet I.e Claire. 

D. A. linn. man, agent of the Jewell Kelley 
Stock Co., writes: "Mr. Kelley received In- 
formation from Knoxvlllc, Twin,, this week, 
that all tho special scenery Is completed and 
has been shipped to Lexington, Ky., ready for 
our opening there In August. This season wo 
will carry a complete car load ot scenery, all 
of which hna been made In Knoxvllle this 
Summer, and each play will bo correctly 
mounted. It Is our deslro to have tbe great- 
est company over seen In the South at popu- 
lar prices, and with the excellent company 
wo have now, will no doubt sot a pace for 
the popular price attractions following ub 
thin senson. The company already has quite 
n reputation In the South, and this season 
should eclipse nil former efforts." 

Hauiiv E. McKhb and Alma Huthbh- 
foiiu. with their acting baby. Jack, have been 
on the Melville circuit with tho Chas. K. 
Chatnplln Co., slnco the closing of their regu- 
lar season, says : "Baby Jack has made a 
lasting Impression upon the public wltb his 
clever work. Mr. McKco has written two 
ploys this Summer, and will make an elabo- 
rate production of 'The Night Mare.' Bur- 
gess & Hlmmcleln have 'A Mother's Sacrifice.' 
and will uso It wltb their stock companies. 

Kai.imi Kki.i.aiiii, who was In "The Music 
Muster" Co., with David Warficld, playing 
Beverly Crugcr, tbo young lover, Is spending 
the Slimmer at Wcsthnmpton, N. Y., and will 
remain until called to New York for re- 

I.avknia LoitAYXR, who recently closed 
with Jos. Lehrannn'B Co., haa algned for 
thirty weeks with "Are You a MaBon" Co., 
to piny tho leading role. Miss Lorayne la at 
present nt Norfolk, Vu., and will remain 
there until the call for rehearsal, Aug. 12. 

Tub tenor alngcr Edward C. Ycagcr, is 
Inking a rest this Summer with his parents 
at Easton. Pa., tbe first In three rears. He 
has signed with Cohan ft Harris, to go with 
"George WaBhlniitonajJr." tbe coming season, 
which opens In September. 

If people will experiment with im- 
itations of SOZODONT, they must 
be willing to stand the pain and suf- 
fering resulting from teeth injured 
and perhaps ruined forever. Do not 

Stand by the old, honest Dentifrice 
and your teeth will stand by you. 

Til Creitetl Stan ol Ihe Stag* lie 

Chas. Meyer's 


Grease Paints 


EXORA Face Powder 
EXORA Rouge 
EXORA Groatn 

These preparations have been standard In the 

profession linn 1870. Use them lor but results. 

Catnhfue and SumpUi unt Fret 

OHAM.ES meter 

26-28 Union Square, Mmm Turk 



6th Ave., bet. 27tb and 28th Sts.. NewYork. 


PARISIAN OAfE. : : M081IJ 6.30 TO 1 A. M. 




With Detroit, July »0, 30, 31, Aug. 1. 
With Chicago, Aug. », 3, 5, 11. 

Notes i'ikim the Dairy Stock Co. — This 
company has come Into Immediate favor 
with tbe clientele of the Iron Pier Opera 
House, Cape May, N. J. The company Is one 
of tho strongest that ever played thin beauti- 
ful resort. Miss Bertram, the leading lady, 
lias endeared herself to the young people, and 
has become n great social favorite. The 
other members of the company are congratu- 
lating themselves on the "soft lines" along 
which tbey are moving, and are looking for- 
ward to a most delightful season. The open- 
ing week's business was backward, due to 
the Elks' carnival In Philadelphia, but busi- 
ness has begun to grow, and the August 
showing, It Is predicted, will beat all records 
at this resort. Prank It. Colgne is director; 
ltoland Sedgwick, stage manager; Richard 
Holby, general manager. Mr. balkier 1b mu- 
sical director. Tbe orchestra Is Al, and the 
bills presented first class, Including several 
productions from the pen of Mr. Colgne. 

Mas. Luna DAVKNPonr, mother of Mrs. 
Ned Burke and Ed. It. Davenport, died at 
Olncy, III., Saturday, July 6. from peritonitis, 
aged fifty-eight years. Tbo remains were 
taken to Pomeroy, 0. Funeral services were 
held at Grace Church, conducted by Iter. Dr. 
Ohl. Interment following In Beach Grove 

KitANH Haiicodiit Is principal comedian 
with the "Pride of New York" Co. Sept. 
1, they open In San Francisco as permanent 
stock, at tbe Mission Theatre, for the sea- 

llAiuiY Leonard and Wife (Edyth Ogles- 
by) buve secured n Joint engagement at the 
llullast Point Casino, Tampa, Florida, for 
the Summer and Winter senson in stock ; 
Mr. Leonard will direct productions. 

RussKLi., O'Neill and Ghosh will not go 
wltb Hubert Manchester's attractions next 
season, on account of having purchased an 
Interest In "Tbe Matinee Girl* 1 Co. 

Geo. A. Ciiilds and T. Guiin 
close with the Airdome Stock Co. at Peoria, 
July 28. to join Mcl'hec'a Imperial Stock 
Co.. under the management of A. Downey 

"Hilly Morse," comedian, writes from 
Fresno, Cal. : "I am In my tenth week as 
comedian with the Marie Nelson Dramatic 
Co., at the Empire Theatre, and am making 
good, ns usual. My specialties are great hits. 

Mas. William JOHNSTON, professionally 
known as Abhle Hnnford, Is dungerously 111 
at her homo at Buffalo, and has had to can- 
cel all work for next season. 

Norman It. Field, who recently closed 
forty-eight weeks wltb tbe Nellie Kennedy 
Co, Ib spending his vacation of three weeks 
nt his silver property In the new Cobalt 
District of Canada. He will be wltb Lillian 
Mortimer In her new play, "Bunco In Arl- 
vtona." during the coming season. 

W. U. Starket, leading man, la now fill- 
ing n very satisfactory ten weeks' engage- 
ment with Chicago Stock Co. at Mansfield, O. 

J, Eo. Giiebn, amusement director of the 
Pekln Theatre, the ouly colored theatre In 
the world, was In town last week, placing 
musical comedies, etc. 

Will II. Fields writes : "I closed my park 
time for William Morris July 13, at Dell- 
wood«,Park, Juliet, 111., and will rest two 
weeks before starting rehearsals with Kllmt 
& Qozaolo's big scenic melodrama, 'The 
Four Cornera of the Earth,' July 20. la 
which I nlny the Hebrew comedy und do 
my specialty." 


FREE — Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th St„ New York. 


Dramatic People In All Lines, Heavy Man, that can direct! ^stage i_and has some good scripts; 


•lite l'eople 

All must be good dressers on and off, solw 

pie in All Lines, Heavy _ 
Juvenile Lending Man, Character .Man and Woman, General 

who "bos' latest Powers machine and films : A. No. 1 Musical Director, Vaudeville People' 

us. Man, those doing speclal- 
rops, who can play small parts ; Klectrlclan, 
No. 1 Musical Director, v«- ' 
Write. All must be good dressers on a 
ERNIE MARKS, Mgr. of the Ernie Marks Co., llrockvllle, inn. 

-_Jlng _ 
tics preferred ; Man to manage stage and do 
who has latest Powers machine and " 
those that can play parts preferred, 
and reliable. AuV 



At STEIN'S SUniSEB GABDEN, 518 W. 58th St., ,„«. -JSSIVrt. 

Kindly acknowledge call to Knickerbocker Theatre Building, 1402 Broadway, Room 228. 

J. FPOHSIN, Manager. 


Myrtle C. Byrne 


Presenting Sensational and Novelty Sharpshooting 




All Ladies and Gentlemen Engaged fer tbe above Company, kindly REPORT FOB 
SHARP. Acknowledge tbls call by letter to 

J AO k Si N OE R, 1402 Broadway, Room 227, New York. 
MOSES A. SACHB, Counsel lor Bebman Show, World Bldg., R. T. City. 

Outdoor Attractions 



Atldrea. C. L, HtUdWAV, Revore, M»"' 


Start a penny arcade and amusement parlor. Edison Coin-Slot 
Machines fascinate and attract the crowd and bring them to your place 
often. Get in line now and make a fortune. Write to-day for par- 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J- 


And thi md Moit Popular Stylus In Ladlti Hair Drilling- 

A. Al. HI < II & CO., 

119 N. Ninth Street ----- PnWrfpWj 



To apply Cot lowest rates at 
104 East Uth St., New "York, German SavInK" W".* 
K1TRI.PI! Bonding. Telephone, W9« oramorcy. ( , ftl ; ll ,*„ 
nUBUrfl anm s&neBlg. AU printed matter and Int. free 

For Stock Companies, lor Repertoire Conpinles, for Amalwj 

•mnsement, Negro Plays, Paper. Scenery, Mrs. Jarlej » "°* 
Worse. Catalogue Frtol Free I Freel _ „ 

■AMCBX PRBROH, IT W. SS« St., Raw T*rk< 





PMU*el|*l". — Korepaurti's Theatre. 

.iter a short » ett * oa au .. a cg .T natlon Uouu ,?l 
"ill return again to. Its old lov« anil will 

otock Iiouac carl; In Scptcui- 

Wllllniasport.— At Vallamont Park Pa- 
vilion (Gustave GlasBtnlr*. manager) tlio 
Vallamont Slock, Co. continued to draw big 
houses, In "Clip, tlic Newsboy." "Tho Moun- 
tain Romance'' Jul; 22-24, and "CamlHc" 

1)31, "The 

— Phlllu 

lupin I 'h 1 
week or July 20 

Band la tlio alar attraction 

reopcu us a "ȣ, t(m ond v^^ w . Bar- 25-27, "Seal of tlic CoIouIcb' 

5S two DODUlar local favorites, will bead MM Hunter" Aug. 1-a. 

■ ' ' 'mmm wlillc Ibc aupport will be ca- Notes.— Tho Lycoming Opera Houso will 

the •"■HEf'i loUSC however, will continue open Itu regular scaaon Sept. 2. As a pre- 

KiS ihV "management of Miller ft Kauf- llinlnary opening Yale's 'The Dcvll'a Anc- 

""... -I'lii- Standard, the other stock bouse, "on," Aug. 17, and "Little Johnnie Jonos," 

"" «■><, auit 10. nnd those already engaged 10. will appear. A. beautiful new between 

! ( ' 01 ,i,„ ram Ins Beason Include: Mattle acta drop curtain has been Installed 

f X ,.» Mletnor CnlncB, Alice Ollmorc, Leila Tho Family opens Its regular season Sept. 

^,,1 Edward J Le8ant, Al Henderson. Franklyn Ritchie, the Wllllamsport 

1 , r !„ u j Harris. Van Dyke Brooke and actor, left here a reek ago. In the midst of 

hlu Hummer vacation, to play In vaudeville 

Bridgeport. — At Smith b ( I ;d«ard C. 
Wmis City.— B-ballmas, Navajo Indiana, Siulib. manager) Shard's ^iiovli^plctureM. 
of •'-»- — -ni. 

company. Smile McDonald, lllack and Leslie. 
Edytho' tllbhutiM nnil Jo* Belmont. 
CiuMCKNt Pabk (II. A. Harrington, uiiiu- 

Viihs Cmr.— Suallnias. Navajo Indians, Siultb, .manager) gMMll "'°» ftiS^ fiiJir a irrL— A Iho Crescent Music Hull W« 
itiiln llrlggs' wild animals, ami Hummer- week of July 20, the pictures WMfl g J heir "«"'■, ft'., n ,i u ,|os: jovlnc's Itiillou Trim- 
's Ohio Baud make up Iho bill here week popularity « strong as at the opening of the g g ww u ^ 1 ,D ^ , (! l ,J nt ^ T imperial band. 


Poi.l'a I U. B. Mitchell, manager). 

Note.— Rumor* bare been scattered that 
another vaudeville bouse Is to bo opened In 
' Keith's, but no conflriini 


hKke^bM- V Kclthardt. manager).— with Koae Coghlan 

,,m i twtnnier nlavbousc reopened for the aoa- - 1 ■■ i 

"n 8 Jcflv 27 with Chas. fc. Blancy's latest Joliaalowu,— At the Park Fa 

f.mductlon. "Lottie, tho Poor Saleslady; or, re (Harry VJ. Schcrer, manage. 

VlTth nefore Dishonor." The house was lowing bill drew well week of 

Death Before Dishonor 

crowded, and the audience followed with 

Harlem Brothers. 

'uiullv Theu- 

managcr) the fol- 

veck of July 22: 

Walsh, Lynch anil com- 

lap. nnd Cromwell Dixon, with his aortal 
cycle, were extra attraction* during the past 

Collins' Cvrdkn (Herman Collins, tuann- 
>*erl.— Hlg buclncss ruled for the entire past 
week. Hilt for week of July 20 : Ma-.-tc Clark, 
Sisters Abbott, and Sherman and Fullo. 

Htuii NXMH (Chas. \V. Harper, mana- 
ger). — The house was entlroly renovated, and 

Ing, however, he snapped one 
bones In his left foot, and has been confined 
to his home ever since. It will be some weeks 
tujforc he will be able to resume his news- 
paper work James II. Uvuns, Mage di- 
rector at Smiths Theatre, relumed, ti. from 
the national convention >»f the International 
Alliance of Theatrical Slage Kmployees. held 
In Norfolk, week of 8, to which ho was sent 

r).— The house ; was entirely renpyaiwi anu ~ ■- jugate by the local union. DetcmtM 
locorntecJ for t ,e opening. 27. , 'At Cripple HLtJEHur aSatrca throughout the l'nltc.1 
eek" 27:11. "Ilumpty Dumphy Aug. 1-8. Lt.Sa were nresent The reports of tun 

iiiire Young America Quintette, Stevenson 



orris and 

\ Nugent, Do Chaunts doi 
Brothers, the Bradforda, Leon 
company, and the klnctogrnpb. 


& Zimmerman, managers).— The Kuys arc 
iouilnucd as the feature for the current 
week Others are: Aaron's dancing dolle. 
iiuIkv James, the t'our llnltus, Aluslcal 
lS»-e, (JallcttVs monkeys, Mason and Bart, 
uud uulinalcd pictures. 

Bijou (Ocorgc AV. lllfe, niuiiager).— fhe 
Mock burlesque show coutluucs to Und fa- 
vor Willi the pulroiiB. Jules Barron, In Ills 
Oerinaa comedy stunts, keeps things lively 
in Ihe burlesques. 

Liokln (Johu 0. Gorniou, muuuaer).— 
The house show maintains 1U popularity uud 
.unllnucs to be well patrpnlxed. The bur- 
iPbinics ore changed weekly, wble Ihe utk- 
lellc feulurcs coutlnue an a drawing card. 

'rtOCiDKBO (l''red Wlllson,. maiiagcr).- 

and moving pictures. 

Ll'NA I'auk Tiikathi: (P. II. Cuutleld, man- 
ager). — Bill week of 22 Included: Marshall 
and Kane, liaylor and Draff, Mitchell, ventril- 
oquist, and Perry aud Pierce. Bill week of 
2D : Charles and Anna Olocker. Mr. aud Mrs. 
A. Young, Howard and Lewis und Will Dock- 


Altoitiin Al the MlNbtor (I. U. .Mlshler. 

luunugcr) tho Andrada Musical Stock Co.. In 
"Thii^'ofeubouo Girl." did well July 22 and 
week. Williams' Imperial Burlesque Co. Is 
due Aug. 1. 

Lakumunt Paiik Tiikatiik 1.1. SI. Shuck, 
malinger). — Wwk of 22 business was good. 
Due week of 21) : Howard and Under. Ardo 
and Hddu. Van Camp, and Marie Du Bcdal. 

StAii (Silverman Bros., managers). — Busi- 
ness gdod neck of 22. Bill for 20 and week 

til: the Crest Southern, and Douncllv A Hal 

held'." nt: the Shubert Vogcl's Minstrels 

will opeu rehearsals shortly In Clrclcvllle. 
■ * 

Znucsrtlle. — Moxabala Park (M. K. 
Ludy, manager) Tlic L'ultcd .stales ladles' 
bund, with Corn Young Blood Corson as 
soloist, will be Ihe attraction for week com- 
mencing July 28. 

Notk.— Cohan 4 Harris have leased Ihe 
Wellcr Theatre, of Ibis city, for a term of 
live years, to play flrst. class attractions 
here. The name of the theatre will not be 
chiinucd, uud the manager will bo selected In 

the Hoag Lake Then- 
manager) the bill for 
hides: The Bluuehard 
.. Brooks aud Jcnucttc. 
Monroe nnd Wesley, the Alpha Trio, and (he 
Dllrfilesropc pictures. Tho managomcut re- 
port that last week's receipts wero (he lae 

ircst of the season. „. 

\utk.— The lAirepaugh ft Sidls Bros. Slio\> 
KgfC nn excellent exhibition here 22, to two 
cii|Miclt,v iiudlrtiivs. 

• » ♦ 

LuhUvIIIv.— At White Clly I J. II. Wluil; 
leu. manager) Ihe free vaudeville bill effeewl 
week of July 21 was of the high class ordur. 
und made a hit. 'Hie Weber Faintly of «*• 
b«(s gave amailug performanws. Marie Ilolu 
mm. Dm nareMr marvel, mysdrted the crowds 
with her remarkable turn. Kolllns and Mir 
Inn. bunjolsts. wore pleasing, aud proved wai- 
ter* In th-.-lr line. I^> Crandiill. on the bound 

M.T>onnc(ly, John II. 'raguc. former president 

of the aerie, and a recent candidate lor 

the State legislature. Attorney Henry 1'.. 




ul the big bannucl. at which (lov. Woodruff 

of this Stale, und "Big Tim" Sulllvoti, of 

New York, spoke Ethel Rubey, of this 

State legislature. Attorney Henry v.. '",., "" liv Mh mn rviilous i 

nuou, former worthy prcsfdent of ho Metric wire" lew Hiiwklu 

c, IV* Dlgney. post president, and other ?'\" h , .u, nu j|.,, ,.„ and uh 

8£,V thls\.|lV represented (he „rto "'^ 'i ,J "^ve"' clevc!'' I 

a few days. It Is hoped (hat Mr. Kngland. c it r , who mado her appearance In Kobert 

the present manager, will be retained, as >j. Spcrry'a productions at Smith's Theatre 

his work In Ihe past has given entire satis- during tho past few seasons. Is now In vmidc- 

Includes : Chcnuwltz and t'crran, Sam Buck- (action. Oood attractions will also be booked vllle doing the southern circuit Icrouie 

Icy, James Melrose and Bert Sopcr 

Blllv Wnlson and his Cozy Corner Olrls cou- Lancaster.— Ou the Hoof tiardeu (Chus. 
"lulled their season July 27. The house will m. Howell, manager! the current attractions 

now remain closed until some time In August, Include: The Eight English I'rlmroi 

when tin) regular Beuson begins. Healv nnd Beatrlco Vaace, In "a 

Bkix'HWOOu Park (E. fi. Dowus, niaua- idol;" John V. Clarke, t'roslul. It< 

rlmroscs. Murty 
"A Heathen 
Bkkckwoou PAnK (K. w. uowus, mana- idol;" John r. ciawc. crosiui. Ilobln. Jullu 
..,.ii — A dew feature, consisting of vaudc- May (ilfford (Mrs. Bob Kttzslinmons), and 
vide in the Casino, was Inaugurated 28, the the moving pictures. ' 
hill including: Cole nnd Clcmona, I'rankle Xorrlstown.- The Graud Opera, House 
Wallace, Tony Baker, and Murphy ana (Uprucrt i,ynch, mauuger) reopens Aug. 10. 

Tally. In the hippodrome Is the Lyric Lc- 
cenirlc (Juartettc. The Franklin Concert 
Baud furnishes the music for the currcDt 

WtbtOW Grovb Paiik (F. H. Lincoln, 
niuungcr).— Victor Herbert and his orches- 
tra still coutluuc as a strong drawing card, 
mill Mr. Herbert's Hue selections udd to his 
poinilurliv dully. "In Venice," "A Trip to 

with "A righting Chance." 
Stock Co. opens 12. 

Itosebcl Leslie 

4 I » 

rlii.-liiiuill. — A suit was died in tills clly 
by Lee Shithcrt, of the Hhubert Theulrlcal 
Co.. asking for a restraining order ugulnst 
tuc Heuck Opcru House Co. from playing 

at the 




l'\\UM 'L... 

—Bill for 28 and week : Glrurd aud Gardner, 
■Seymour's comedy dogs. Bounding Gordons, 
Arlington Four, Berry and Berry, and Shun- 
gopasl. . 

suriimtirld.— At Spring Grove Park Cu- 
oluo (C. f. Powell, uuiiiiigeri (he bill for 
week of July 28 Includes: The Yumoto 
Brothers. Kalheryne Murlync, Spellwiin's 

niiinngerl.— Volln. the olectrlcul wonder, wii" 
the headllnev week of 21, nnd created u sen- 
sation bv his marvelous manipulation ol 
"~», In moiiulogne, 
ased. Fled B41 > 
aud'coiiipany gave a clever Human sketch of 
his own composition, ami rccemid liberal ii|i- 
plnuse. Flo Adler was pleasing wlln u limn- 
her of now sungs. Gelger and W alters. In n 
new musical novelty, proved vory entertain 
Ing. New people wepk of 28: Colonial Sep 
telle. Ferry, tlic hitfiian frog: Home, Mayo 
and Juliette. Scott and Wilson, Mix Adlev. 

Opera House, from Ihls city, representing 
the local lodge of Elks at tho big couvcu- 
tlou In Philadelphia , .John Stone, pro- 
prietor of Ihe Gnlllard hotel, the hostelry of 
the theatrical profession tu this city, and one 
of the largest wholesale uud retail liquor 
dealers, as well as one of the wcallhlest men 
In (his city, died here 18 from kidney trouble. 
He was u mcmlMsr of Ihe 11. P. O. Km aud 

rnulne. plaved (hi; purl snpc'rbly. creating u 

SDod Impression. Mary King. Marguerite 
cabronkc. Anna Owen nbd Bertha Beers 
nun* delightfully. Earl lledden. In the roi«> 
of Gaspard. contributed !4i» ilnost bll of »''t- 
iceu In New Albany In a lung time. 'Ih* 

Ing seei 

of Credlei' n«i In (lie liands of 

is." and the oilier amusemcut features any attractions other than those of the Shu- 
arc doing big business. berts. The Shuberts have a lease on the 
Wound! uk Paiik (W. J. Deerlng. umua- 

gcr).— Haley's Washington orchestra bus 
been engaged for ti limited season ut this 
linrk. The iiimisemeiit feulurcs Ule ull Ink- 

mil' cam of big crowds. 

Wasiumutun Paiik (Vtiu. J. Jhumpsou, 
luaiiager). — Tho ltoniuu Imperial bund and 
i lie New York Qulnlctlc arc furnishing clas- 

Lyrlc for live years, with four years more 
to run. A rupturu between the two coin- 

panics occurred, hut whut the differences arc opens Aug. 
have not been made public. There has been 

ncrrormlug bears und Herbert and Willing, one of the Knights of Pythias. Holli organl- 

iJiianu Or-mtA Holsi; (Sprlngfleld t Thea- /nitons attuiided (hi: luiieral, which took 

Ire Co.. mnuuKcrsi.— "Big Hearted Jim" Aug. place SO..'. ...Tho Union llpat Olub, of this 

a und week. M Colonial Stock Co.. OH). city, tho promoter of Hie big bouts In oral 

Fund week. Ye Col' 
Tiik Oiiimikdm (Gus Him, niuuugcr).-- 

wlcal that nro much appreciated decided Sept. 12, 

tulk of vaudeville going Into the house, and 
It was aliio reported (hat It would go Into 
popular priced legitimate Held. The suit tiled 
will fix the status uf the Lyric, and will be 


iniglllstlc Circles. Is lu lender George Bush. 
snl it van's former trainer, a benefit at their 
club rooms' on night of Aug- 1. with u box- 
ing carnival. Sullen- Burke Is lo go on with 
Ucorge Bush 111 uu cxhllilllou bout. Mem- 
bors of the loi:ul ucrle of Eagles will be lavgc- 

coniedy pi.. . 

GrllUu strenpy, who played It to perfection, 

and kept the house In emulnnnl laughter. 


fori land.- Tim height uf Die Summer 
season wllnesses much ncllvlly iiliouf one 
thealrcH und hot weather resorts. Visitor* 
are here from fur uud near, uud even, tin 
runners risk u day off In their busy season, 
"hitch up" or come by lrullry» and iiinke Hie 
rounds of Iho different rusorls so easily nc- 

by Iho patrons of this resort. 

Wihth City IH. M. Auchy. nuinugcr). — 
This resort coutlnues to attract large uuui- 
bers. The feature the current week Is Hill, 
the canoeist, who Is giving Interesting exhibi- 
tions In the lake. 

XoTDs.— The many f rleuds of Florence Heed, 
In this city, are congratulating her on the 
announcement that she Is to be the leading 
lady fur K. II. Sotbcrn the coming season. 
.Miss Heed, who Is a daughter of the latu 
Koliind Iteod, lived here Tor a number of 
icars Grace Morion, a Philadelphia girl 

CiiuuTEii Paiik (I. M. Martlu, manager). 
—Blanche Bae Edwards has been secured 
to appear as Yvonne, lu "The Screnude, 
July 28. ut the operu House. In the vuudu 
vlllc bill arc: Fuklno's Japs, Newsboys 
Ouartettc; Trump, and Stewart and Kcll> 

Zoo (Walter C. Draper, manager) .— Ky 
aud his bund have been engaged Tor anodic 
week, July M Swains birds are also held 
over for a week , 

Lpulow LAdoo.v (W. K, Clark, director of 
ainuscmeula).— Tho vaudeville bill. July 28 
Is made up of the following: Weaver and 


Indianapolis. - At Ihe Fnirbaiik iMra. 
A. J. Troll, niuiiager) Crcatorc's baud, with 
Mine, llarlll, soprano 
engagement week 
plicuomenal. , . . . uu'd'vaudoVllie usoule ■• 

Wondkulavo.— Wormwood s baboons, dogs "." II , t ^ , , l " U y reason of the added fund of In- pleasing an offering as liaji »••! been seen here 
and monkeys. Meier lamlly and Ariidt s f0 ' n „„„'„ uulillshcd regarding the circus und .luring the engiigeuienl. The uexl nllraetloii 
Military band were the features week of SSim" el«-les Tin: Oi.u 1U:liaiii,k Is will be "The Man Who Sows." by the stock 

Igor) t.rcatorcs bauu, wnn . r » l)regcI , ln i |„ ( b,. galhorlng. Bush being eesslble. 

rano soloist. Illlcd a return 'J jSKHPJj' U e Boston ucrle Many Jkkkkiison l Julius tit manager). ■- "Ten 

of July 22. Buslucss was , u 01 n S, tt ° ir ,|,card among the theatrical naaWi Pa Miner " was pul on liy I'helan' • 
uud vaildoVllle people In (lift city for Tiik Jefferson Stock July 22-27. _s;.d proved Hs 

monkeys ««[« Fanilly MM AriidC s fo ^ tiaMo ' u J uul | H „ tMj regarding the circus 

...ary band were the features week or vau( i ovl) io clrcltu. Till: Ota Huliaiii.k 

llyT 32. IliislueBS was Immeusc. . _ ... ,,.. becoming more aud more populur lu local week of 20. 

Kyrl Wihth Cnv.— Nichols und Smith, Ilia K™ Sii^ every Issue of the pa|ier McCollo 

»ther White City baud, and a full Hue of nark ui- circles wnn cvuy ■■«. y n„,tley J 

tractions. 'drew the banner week's buslucss 

of the season. 22-27.- U»«Uor«l — At Waldaiuoer Park ( Ihos. 

Paiik Tiikatok (Dickson and Tulbotf, Maloney, manager) big business week of 

maiiagers).-"t:hlna Town Charley," 27-UI.. July 22. Kur we f k of 2(» the hill 

Agiics end company, llorothy Buhl, 
Francis Wood uud Thomas and Payne. 

Haiji:nui:ck-Walucii Uiiicum Is due Aug. 5. 

NoTtiH.— .The Park Thealie, as usual, will 
be the first to open lis doors for tho regular 
tHUVO. The attraction will be "Cblnutown. 

Cluirley" 27-ol The Empire (Weslcru 

wheel) opens Aug*. IV. wllh the Strollers. 
This house has bo 

ascension und parachute leap. 

NoTts.-^Frank Gray, singer, of this - 
has left for Scuttle. Wash., where he will ap- open Its legu 
pear ut tho Lyric Theatre Kastun West Sept. 0, with 

L I . 1....... ,.1, I 'I ,,/■!. TLIl I 1 

AT Iftiun Mi Mi Ciibbk (II. T. Foster, man- 
ager) largo business ruled week of 21 . 
llullooil uscenslous by Prof. Chus. Mulsch 
were a feuturo. BUI for week of 211: Tldc- 

travngiinza Co. us an opening attrucllou, week 

cltv of Sept. S English's Opera House will 

I oil- open Its regular season on State Fair. week, 

KuihoKia Tiikatiik Is 
n.css. July 22 and week 

doing good 
the liliriliclt 

who sang hi several church choirs heru, has i^iinbcrl. Major Luughiiii. Evans Prlo, Merl 
been engaged' by Jose VUn Urn Berg for his deths, uud Meek Slslera. 

opera couipany the coming seuson Coney Islanp (George Wellington lMigjo 

i.eecuwooVl Park, the new resort on Ihe Phlla- brclh, ainusement manager).— In the vaude 

dnlphh and Western Itallroad, went Into re- vlllc bill, week of tHjjf JH, yre, , Marlowe; *, "' b ^ ' haB looked i.wu shows a week bnux's Zodnvc Olrls, Ultra and Bradley nnd 

:ir h .S»\fe?w\s°%poL^d"VcccVvcrl-«™ ==» "l&ii^^aFaSffl Sno £LV% colSmg season,. The Gaye the H.unon Trio 

uuiiiugu the park until the close of the sea 
son. The had weather Is blamed as the reasun 
of (he failure, the books showing that the 
imst two weeks the park was conducted at u 
loss of 1700 a week. The park Is owned by 
a corporation capitalized at .fllOO.OOO. The 
present Indebtedness Is over «30,000 ..'.'. .. 
A contract was awarded lust week by Mana- 
ger (;. a. Wegefarth, for alterations costing 
.vs.inii). which will be made ut once to the 
lobby of the. Grand Opera House Mabel 

pussed through Cincinnati to 1111 engagement 

at Eaton, O Heuck's Opera House opens 

the season Aug. i The People s mid the 

Lyceum open Aug. 11. 

Sept. 0, wllh probitblv a minstrel show some 
time In August Judglug from tho enor- 
mous business the Summer parks arc doing 
here this Summer, the coming regular sea- 
son bids fair to be the best In Uic hlslory 
of the business. 


Irene. Humphries, one of the London models, ,. uuil i ll „bu m manuge 
was luurrlcff July 20, In St. Andrew's P. g V u . uu u " g, currcn " week 
church, to/Jucobus Noctbeolus. who Is said gTJK i„ ibc liiUlvlt 
lo be a wealthy planter of Batavla, Dutch ( 

l;ast Indies. -. Wm. W. Miller, of the 

Ulrard, |s spending his vacation at Cajic May. 

Hnrrlsb|irK. — The Lyceum's (M. Itets, 
iiiunager) season will wen Ar.g. 0. with 
Arizona" . as the attraction, followed with 
ihe Irene' Myers Co.. for -one week. Ihls 
pluyholisu has been repainted Inside and out, 
mid presents u very attractive appearance. 

Paxtanu Paiik.— The bill for week of July 
-11 lucludes : Mr. and Mrs. Cal Stewart, Mar- 
tinez. Louise Campbell, the Hallbacks, and L. 

Xotks.— Mana. 
local theatres, w 
nold. have return 
dclphhl !>.::.. The 

At Idem Purk (It. W. 
r) the following bllt 
Js one of unusual ex 
l'duul merits of the acti 
and "in" the "combination of novelties offered 
viz.: Hill's Animal Circus, Dove and 
minstrel boys: Gertrude llluck, contralto . SwarU 
Kclno aud Lelghton, In a society sketch, aud 
the Five Marvelous Melrose Brus.. ucrohats 
Ideul Summer weather continues, and patron 
age Is cicellent. . ... 

Avos Paiik (Jos. W. Mess, niuiiager,.- , ,, 
Week of 28 Mauuger Wcss provides ihe fo - , 
lowing excellent hill : Hill and Sylv any. A TjKoKM Paiik 

Andoraun.— At the Grand Mr. Heuolugs 
has returned from New York, where ho coin- 

Imlei! : 
The Lees, "Tulsa und Vruak Hamilton. 

Kahiw.— Tho bill 22 and week Is: ' Pas- 
sion Play." 

»«» '■■- 
Ml. I'aol. — At the Metiopolllan Opera 
House (U N. Scott, manager) (he Players 
Stock Co. inudu the hit of the season s en- 
■UMNHt) week of July II. the bill being 
»SH of the Fold." All of the principals 
nunc In for general applause, hut It ruuuilMOU 

„??: plclcd the booking for the coming seasou. His tur Arthur B. While, sccrclury und treasurer 

US? Trip wus entirely satisfactory. The season „f the Windsor Theatre, of tills city, to cup 

i will open Aug. 17. with Primrose's Minstrels, the climax of merriment und clever character 

.M?! New Crvstai..— Week of July 22: Frances at . t | n|I |„ the role of Buck Smith, a school 

u 2,i Swartz. supported by Lawreuce Gordon ; i )U lly. Mr. While Is well known as u great 

.?„ Wrllliigton Bros., the Seattle, Pence and Gor- f gV orlto as a local entertainer, and has fre- 

S:r don, Blossom ltoblnson Math uud klncdromu. n uen(ly taken purt In .•nterlalniiieiils given 

ron ' N»w Bijou.— Week of 22 : Stoddurd and ^j. tho loci laogc of JOIks. of which he Is a 

. IVIIsou. Marvelous M.Cture. M. Lumuels, At- pnrtiiliient ipWBlwr, and lu other luMtl enter- 

';".' lautlc und Mack, Hazel Bell uud motion pic- talnmcnts In tills city and section, us a 

-Wouderlaud continues to 

Ling Soo, Forcsto and Ills mimic dog, BVu ^joy the best of' putrouBgc. Hadll. the Aru- 
MuJge, and ColIlnB and Brown. Attendance blan educated horse, closed a wceV's engage- 

• _r_..a .._.i «■••*.. im>H IVauv ua till* ^'HMtlll _^ ■■..tu*.. ...*.■_■■■■ 

.. new llols theatre will bo 
known hereafter an the Majestic, and will u u 

ready for occupancy about Nov. .10 

Wellington 0. Jones, The Clippuu corre- 
spondent here for twenty-two years, and s 
well known local newspaper man nnd press 
agent for the local theatres, was murrlcd ut 
Philadelphia, 10, to Margaret Elbcrtl, of 


• • •, lu | ■ 

Sernntwvi — At the Academy (C. M. 
Southwull, manuger) the preliminary season 
opened .liil'v 27, with the Rosubolfe Leslie 
Co. 1q rcperlory. The Academy has been re- 
painted, and decorated during the 
und pi'uHiqils .a Hue appearti 

LuNa I'auk (C. Ben Sib 

is good, and Manager Wess. as the season „, cnt Hadji's performance was clever, and 

... -4».7 ...._.<■ ..wfl,.ll« , ..ti.lrlnifs . . v . . *...^_. ™ * " r....ii laSHO 


vhatsoevor to 

. Vlld West act 

was also well received. 

Xoi'us. — Eva Chambers left 24 for New 

. .. progresses, will offer some excellent bookings. uIlt „ alut .,., •■M^muna Frank.' fancy I 

inager Joseph Frank, of the r jfoiBH.— With the approach of the. regular nuowtf remains a distance of ten feet 

, with Mrs. Frank uud soui Ar> tbeutrlcal scrsou, rumors of a high grade {rj hoisc, uud makes no sl«u whatsocv. 

■i in -iicii from a visit lo Pulla- vau( i cv uiu house In this city aro again cur- lD) , tllu hurm , W | ltt t0 do. Ills Wild Wes 

character and song and dance performer, but 
he surprised tils admirers by his clever- 
ness In Hie above character, and made the 
hit of the play. For week of 28, "Ihe 
Girl With the Green Byus ;" week of Aug. -t. 

.us' TiikatiiU, Cupe Collage Park 
McCollum. manager l.--'0ie nen 
naval drama by Slduey H. Toler enlllli'd, 
"Orders from Washlngloil," was produced 
by lbu slock 22-27. iwfljl Mr. I lie 
uulhor. In the leading role. Mr. lolor wiu 
uccord'.d a rousing reccptlou from old friend:. 
nnd patrons, who were agcuedltigly gencroua 
lu ullcudaiico und upiilhUNO. Fur the WWW 
of 20 the slock pr ills Mr. Tolcrs new so- 
ciety drumu, "Will o' Iho WIhii." 

Ukm, Peaks Island ((,'. W. T. Godlng. mini;, 
ugur).— "An American Clllnen" uHru.l.'il 
crowds to Ihls popular resort 22-2i. The, 
stuck offering week of 20 will ha : "B'Arcy ui 
the Guurds. 

■I'iiiiti.ami iJ. E. Moore, uiuuugcr). -Mol- 
ing pictures (hal ure Intenstliig nnd changed 
thrice weekly, with' four soloists rendering 
the latest lllintralcil songs In a utoal pleiis 
big iiiiuiiier. and nil fur u nickel admission. 
Including seal, ensures orol'Ilowlug hollMCS 

Dueajilami iJ. W. (iraeley. manager).- - 
'thanks are due lbu management for tinn- 
ing an uuslghtly bulldlpg Hlftcr the oxpen 
dltur.) of a lurge snuil Into "a place of 
hcuiily and Joy forever." It Is to be hoped 
Patronage Is to cauifclty, and moving pi. 
lures shown with soloists of merit please all 
-8a rot (0. K. McGuliiucBS, iiianugei').— Ihe 
i-.ismos cnterlulners are guod singers, und 
this moving picture house colli limes to oiler 
a good selection of llhns. securing the besi 
of pstriHiuge ww*ly. 

RlVUIirON ('AUK TllKA-CIUJ ( D. II. Slllll i. 

manager).— J. W. Ottripun's Olyuiplii Cwiieds 
Co. supplied the «n|«rt*lnment last week, 
and this open air resort, catered to lurge 

*> » 
\nnhvlllv. -At Ills Casino (V. ('. Alley. 

rent, Eastern representatives having 

hern looking over the grounds Mauagci 

Jos. Weiss Is heading a movement to acyulre y rk t0 c „mmeucc rcheurslug lu "The Dainty 
Avon Park property, and If the plan Is car- Ma ids.". -Bud" Fallon, bill poster, of 

Cole Hros.' 

. Circus, died from consumption, 
In Worcester, Mass. His reoialus were brought 

here for luteimeiit Harry Ouliilan. of 

this city, has received several offers irom 
mublcul productions In Chicago. 

rlcd out, many improvements will be made, 
among which will be tbe construction of u 
sanitarium ond an arllllclal lake. .. ..George 

lleltr. dancer, aud a uiouiber of the vaudeville 

team of llolff Bros., dancers of Internal onal 

fame, Is visiting frlcmb. In this city. Tlicv 

havi! recently returned from a juce""" 1 , |,«r«ye«e.- At tbe Majcatlc (Gregg A 

European cuKUgeinent...... Air. iiurrsoni. .,, , ( ,. manager) the bill fur week of 

of the Four Dancing «fflh«J,j»W J,ny 22 Bu nctt und Wycrson, Ethel toung, 
access tt^aS»*Jl« v 1 * r U t hA f sue* LouIb A. . Itashmnn. Bllsa Itoldnsoii. and the 

pe. Business continues guod. 
-Manager Bull, of La Purdctlc. has 
engaged Clark as pianist. Mr. Clark hi- 

lling su. 

Summer ^SU/SftSn, and brings reports of the sue- Jffl« 1 i i ^" 
eess of u number of our locul theatrical ueo- M 4ffig w JSS M 

Mark, child singer, duncer and luiporsiiiiator. 

Empide (Sum Fink, manager). — Business 
was big week of 22. Tbuss who will anpeur 
21) are: Ethel Forrest. Sadie Monnlog, I' rank 
Wilcox and SI. Pierre Uros. Those closing: 
Until l/i Van. Oraci! Miirlln uud Jean Itozu- 
lez. All others bold oyer. 

ALiJBHTK'.— This theutw will open Its 
doors Aug. 10. us ii first class vaudeville 
house. Tlic prices will I*. 10. 20 and W 
cents. It wss formerly known as tliu Or 
pheuiii. und Is located on Cedur H licet, be- 
tween Huvuplli uud Elghlli Streets, 

(C. A. Mu.r 


Th'fbfil 'for"weck' of ^20 "ludiidfs : Alexun- mBkliTg ""V^O tt ,Ji5} 1 r l ," , . , ; l ILH^ffi! uSSSE* TiBjwiii£ar«eViSf fe^afefatllt; H |, u 'u" manager) tim Mack "ft'l-eiine Co. la In 
mi J>lh. Begl'nout. band and,, James E. Hkclch, ^ and Kddle^Muzlcr *^J\^f^^\ 1 *; tt hit. .... ...The Happy Half ^llour Is giving J,,;^,ird week aud business Is llnu. "Facing 

mil. .it.. Ai the Lyiriim 

seph Weiss, will open the seuson the lutter ^^^ bU cccBBful season, presenting "Camllli 

part of September or early In October. wcel( ot Ju | y •>■>. 

■ . We CL.i".:LA/o (Geo. M. ^kJSS*«t 

::•<:: iKff&mMwgSnaX 

Is: II. C. Lank, manager; Lawrence Russell, 
electrician : Mona Sroltb. Illustrated songs. 
and Edna Smith, planlste. 
■ » for I.— At tho Crystal (Chas. Weloii, 

in r l Ull B ieuiyi»iivii **» ■«tT^T r E 

Coliseum (Max Factkcnhcucr. manage „ U%J . 

"Carmen" Ib the offering by the splendid Kurl > „„,, c . om pu D y. Lenora llanrcy. Wood 

Highland- WA^tWrVnif^t BtjlW "ivTeTpW™ ' 

x&B%ft^^ w ^.£jjiS ^^^^^sm^BSOi ^S^lmJ^ls^^^s 

I'.v tho stock company to vory good business 
lust week. 

XotEs,— Oliver und Clurk, two well known 
Huitcra, . rcienlly closed a dcul with the )ork 
Street Rallwiy Company, whereby. they have 
ussiuiiod the uiuiiagcmcut of tbe large, com- 

SSSSS sfesrtSshu'S^as 

■ . . -.( ji;c>.ij ijn; Illllllll^lillVin «» *— « ■— -p— -- 

luodlniia uud modern skating rink Just erected Mrs 

b; tlio- street ra r ' 

Park. It -Is- the .- 

ami Clark to prtscut each nnd every -wcea 

■nine of lli.i leading stars of the skating 

world fur the amusement ot their patrons. 

Prof. Albert Waltz Illlcd an engagement 

-iisl week, aud bis work was received with 
the greatest appreciation und applause. Prof. 
'Valti was frith Hanlo ' 

Joseph Shcchan Opera Co.. week of 20., 1 rial 
by Jury" und "Cavullerla Itustlcana drew 
capacity crowds week of 22. 

kunit'H (II. A. BanlclB. manager I.— Bll 
wt^k of 20 Includes: Ben Welch. Mr. and 
Arthur Forbes and company, .Cooper 

and Wood, Chas. and Jeunle Vclch and the 
khioBiome. , ,.-. , .. , 

Nom— Tbe Alctroiiolltan and Palacu pre- 

aout continuous vaudeville Geutry's Uog 

and Pony Show July 27. 

*"Ji l Ri."xs' , 'Ti.EA-rnu (Max, Faolkcnheuer, 
manager).— Bill week of 20 Includes: Brlu- 
diroour. Six Musical Cuttys. W. H. Harvey 
and compiuiy. «udl..Alfarabl, J>imus. > F ' 

I was \rlth Hanlon's "Superha," and also 

at Ujiutiiui'stelu's lust season. 

lost a wcek„»lnco.Jun. 7 lust. aod_ am booked 000. & Hurrluglou, mauu- 

srt'. -2, At -tho Forert Casluo Jjily 20 uud 

lnisliie»s, with uiovlug iilc.iures mill llluu 
Iraled songs. 

Cni.isiin |W. II. Bordli'Bcr. mmmgeri.- 
Wock of 22, a chiimplonslilp ruller skating 
conical. Including some uf the fuslest. nicers 
In Ihe Imwliiess. Kittle Bradley, it child 
skaler, proved to be a wonderful performur. 
and gave u clever exhibition of trick ana 
funcv nkntloir. und won her big audience. 

S'.VitlM, — Munnget- Bordleser nnd Jack 
Prince presented Olson und McDonald, luu 

wruiitilng bout 20 Manager W, A. "uji-ilx, 

of Ihe Veriduuio, lm» JusL rnlunicil from M"r 
\'ork. whore ln> has pi -n ileal ly cotnplulcd 
his hiinklngs for Hid coining season...... 

Manager Y. C. Alley hits iiccurcil the cus.. 
on ihe large double store room. No. li.l-i- 
Church Street, uud will begin nt oiici to n- 
model this place, making It uu up-lo-diile 
theatre, where he will present continuous 
vaudeville. MaUaft* Alley lis* already six-, 
ceded lu booking n large list of clever peo- 
ple, uud will present altiucUous which pr.uu- 
l.«! to till u long felt wain. ■ 

< » * m — 


\«\* OrlraiiN, -Al While City tC. C. 
Matnmws. iiianag.iri Ed. F. Meuuion s olympl-' 
Onera Co. pleuscd lurgc crowds weeks of July ■ 

22. with "The Mlkudp. ftu Circus Clown 

20 and week. ,„. 

WUN'l Exn «A. Itlslirs, niaiWBiT.i.-Jlhc 
AlsJelluli llrnlliurH. JlWiuy Lucas, Boo black 
oulnlettn. Hurry and Wnlfortl. the k iiodrunic. 

Sstt.^.idcr„Mugd..c,r;_.For,2l. ^^^.ffi^giXj!^ 

Ouuphln ■XhoBlru, formerly the, llnldwln. Ilia 
opeiiiii-g uf which will occur during the luonln 
of August. <t> 

at her post. . ... 

Wicith CiTV Is taking euro of crowds of 
visitors to the park. 

i n 

i"r... i.lcii.c. At Keith's IChurles 


MMJ WL^f*'4loforc"nnd' Aftfr" Is presented. 

"A Contented Woman" Is lu preparation for 

week of Aug. 1. . 

EiirniE (Hpllz k Nalhuimon. muiiiigcrsi. 

'Hie Churlly IIbH'', .waH_«ltiin \jk «ood pru- 

uaiuuui. ""-^jr.sjShi jiiiuuH F Me- lost u week sneo Jan. 7 lust, ono urn oooacu wj 

IrfiPis If.iiiii: Issued the call for wenila-rs ot 
the Kiilck'.'ibO'-kcrs In our last weeks Is-^c. 
He has found It nocoisary lo transfer roller 
mils io the Chimney Crucr. Twenty-llfth 
Street and Sixth Atequ/i, New lork, com- 
mencing Mondsy. Aug. 12. 

(ii;.)ii(ii; II. Pin Mtt'w- will open his »*asou 

Luna Pabk (Khvood Balsbury, umiiB««r). Shea.' 

ISfcVk ^'Mr. Planei . I torn Slnrs/' D'ilvTnl aid near Chicago ou fcv.t.' 30. 

c: J6 , 


4^HJ8T. 3, 


j i » n i> i ■■ 


. . rnomutiTOa*. 

*»■ KnITOalAI. AM) nttKIKIIRX M*.s'Afltn. 




F.uiered June M. I««*. al tlK> Post. Office nl 
Nen YdTK. X. Y., an sevond clans matter, under 
ihc noi of March ;t, I87!l. 

STatt tc m. 

Ailvcrilsciiicnt' — -JI2.S0 per Inch, alnglo column. 
Advorll.ier'K'iititscrwiili'hnnler, 10 per cf. extra. 

si list it II* l KIV 
one year. In adyjiiee. * I ; i* 1 * months. 12 ; tare* 
nimiiIii>. <l. l-'orclpi posuigo euro. Single copies 
vt III 1* rent, imsliinl't. •)« receipt "t l'l cents. 
Our Term* trr Co nil. 
THE CiJITEH Is Issued every Wednesday morn- 
ing. Tli* last four (advertising)- paces GO TO 
PKKSK on Hntnrdny 111 11 a. m.. mi.l the other 
page-. <m MONDAY »ml TUESDAY. 
The loini. < Promptly. Tuea- 
ilny nt in o'rliirl A. "#■ 
Pknw remit hy express, money order, check, 
I'. O. order or rr-ilstered letler. All cash enclosed 
trill letter In II |h<< rlxlt of sender. 
Address All CoiiimuiilenJIoiiB to 
THE M!tt YORK < l.ll'Pl.H. 

47 Went 2Sth Street. New York. 
Itmlrlrrti Cable AiUiem, " Ai.t1 ii-.ihtt." 
llf Tun Ut lHM I* located ill Hnom Ml, Ashland 
lllnek. Chicago. John T. Prince Jr.. manager noil 
mrrrsnomleiil. where ndvrrllscmcnis ami snlMCrlp- 
i loin ure rvelved nt our regula r rat e*. 

Men led at 48 Cranlmiirne Si.. l/>ndon, W. C 
where iidveriliwOHius and subscriptions are re- 
.-clved »l our regular rule*. 


iin-iAH., ill «>nr aeenla. Breiituno'a news depot, iii 
Avenue lie l'Opera, Purl". France; U. I.lllentbr.!. 
Frederick Slriiese lot ti'erinlniis Hotel), Berlin, 
K. W.. German v; Dlunvmd News C5o., 12rt Prstln. 
Havana; -Manila Bt«k and Hlatloiiery Co., UH 
Karolu. Manila. P. I. ; Allien * Son. 1.TM.1* King 
SI., Sidney, Australia. 

TUB ISr'.W YORK CI.IPPKB pnblfahea 
•inly one edition, mitt thnt l« dated 
iriim Mew York. 


So Replies by Mall ar Telegraph. 

'UMllHOM "11 WllKRKAROIITS NOT illvr.N. Al.L 


•iiutv seik. ix MM or TIIK CUrTB Pout 
itmit. A i.i. i.triTKiia wh.i. mi AnviiBTisKn 
wi:i:k nxu. lr Tin; nottK ot- am tumtbiuai. 
iomi-a.w ih soitiinr, oi;n MOT or IIoiitkk 
u.\ a.votiiuii PAfiR. Wi "cannot sexii souths ur 
lUlt. on Ti:i.i:>iHArii. 


H. S., Youngsto'wn. — We have no knowl- 
edge 'if the present wherenhoula of the parry. 
.VdnrMW n letter In enre of Ihla nltlee and 
we will nilvenlae it In TUB fUrrH letter 

Miir. K. W., Xew Y'ork, 

K. s.. I'IiihIiiii-j;. 

I.. K. M.. Ilnullngtiiii, 

I. S.. IVlroll. 

It. S., t'levi'lniiil, 
«'. A. K.. Metlfiird and 
Al its. r. H.. t'oiinell HiiilTa.— See answer 
In II. S. Hln ire. 

II. ii. i!.. Nana. — AtMrum mnnnger of llie- 
ii i re you mention. . .. , . • 

\V. N.. Ilufftllo.— The title of the xhow, wiis 
the .Inliu II. IIoi-Ih CIitiin. II wns Inier.DoHM 
.V: rnlvhrs t'lrenii. ' " 

It. II. .M.. t'lileoco. — The allow of "Roliln- 
son Oriiane." nl Unlilen Clly. Is a m'enlc nml 
eleeirlrnl ahmv, nwnncecl liy Homer Jr. Slliipy. 

H. II.. Alerci'i*. — We rim only drtvlKO yon to 
ndvortloe your wnnia In the inhiniiis of Tim 
ri.iprcn. _ 

.1. II. "P.. Chelneii. — Slsseretln Jones fRIni-k 
Pnilll Jr nllve. 

•MniisKv linn.H." — We do not kno»r Ills nn- 

II. O. II.. Senlllo. — Any denier In art Hip- 

I,. A H.. 'Oleoll.— Tliompnon Single Co., 
SUN Wiiliish Avenue, C'hlcoRO. 

O. P. H„ Xew York.— I: Our flies fnll to 
show any record of ihe pnrty III connection 
with the Knellsh Comedy Co. '.'. Wc linve 
no record of dentil of nnrty. 

■ C. f:.. Syrncuae. — Audi-ess I.lebler & Co., 
:s nml "> Untile llulhllni;. Xew York Clly. 

1 1. A. C.. l.oKiiiis|iorl. — Aildress It. A. flu 
Soui'het. nire the American l>rn realists' 
Cluh, New York Clly. 

II. O. c. m-ooklyn.— -Cnlm's Oulde, Kinplre 
Tlienire llnllillnj;, .New York Clly. 

A Sinsciiiunii. Xew York. — J. \V. Slern 
& Co., 104 West Thlrly-eltrlilh Street, Xew 
York City. 

U. I.. \Y.. Troy.— Piny is unknown to ns. 


.1. T.. Xlacon. — H"s piny was thoroughly 

11. I*. \V.. llnsion.— On lite draw no plnycr 
iini nti'i'/il nn cxikiimmI crinl. 


iii.n Sriisciiiin:n. — No. he l« not Ihc olmm- 
pluii. mid under the rulca of the Is 
i llllliuli lo ii-ll who is at proaenl. 


Portlnnd. Al Ihe llelllg t\V. T. Pnniile. 
niiiniigci-| the Dixie Alltislrelx will Rive one 
IH-l'forniinii-c July '>. The I heal re lias been 
rlnrk sIii.h" il. 

M.uiijiwm liiiAMi tS. Miirlnn Culm, niunii- 
geri.— Niiiiiv n'Xell did Very fnlr liuslness 
week uf July lo. hi "The Hire* of St. John." 
"Mngihi" wii-k of S3. "The Story of Ihe 
linlften l-'hii-e" week of SH. The Slin-kwell- 
MKImtafT Co.. with Hninklyn I'mlerwnud In 
lends, iK'gius ti four weeks' ciigiigeiHeiil Aug. •"■. 

UitAxn i.lnincs II. KrrlcksiHi, nuiunger). — 
Hill for week of July '£• Includes: Xcille 
Riling mid coinpiiny, In "Picking ihe VYIii- 
iici-." Miiliclle .Meeker. Krlescl's dogs nml cols. 
ill' 1 Tiinnkns, Itecvcs nml Kenny, .lee Thomp- 
sun, nml Ihc griindlsciipe. 

Staii Uiinics II. Krrlcksoii. miinngei-). — 
The Mar Slia-k Co.. week of SB. In "Miin's 

I. vim- tKeiiilug & Murphy, nuiitugcr*). — 
The l.yrlc Slock Co.. week of S3. In "Wlmse 
lhihy Ale You ':" 

I'axtaiii:*' (John .liiluisiin. maniigerl. — - 
Hill for week of'JS Includes! Clayton. Jenkins, 
Jnspei- nml ihe mule. McKay nml Caiiiwcll. 
May Melville. Cole mid Jnluisoii, Cutler mid 
Klwnm'. .!<>n ii Wilson and Ihc tilogra ph. 

Hum'* (Joe J. Weal, mnnngerl. — Hill fur 
Si* mid week: Claire Stniiley. Virginia Ver- 
non. Minimi Alwooil. Mulllc Mtllhliwuil, Jo- 
sle Myers. Mickey Hti'ley. Hlhel Sintlli. Adc- 
Inlde Slewnrl. Wilson nml Leicester. Junes 
mid Itnivellc, Josephine liordiiu. Miuuiin. 
I.illlnii Starr. I .nil line, the lirciil Hill. Illck 
lluliiillis, llrcl Cmier. I'llnu Mluiic, the 
Sliicklous, l-'rnuk l.iimlierl. the Wheeler Sis- 
ters, .1 en lie! I c Duprey. May Jolly, llelle l»uu- 
iilil. Agnes Coitwiiy, Million Duiisworlh, Mae 
N. Vernon, Siilllvnn, Helen liinlinui 
and stock. 

Oaks SiMMi:it P.iiik ID. C. Hreeinaii. iinin- 
nueri. — lllg liiislnesK. Aiuouir Ihe atieclnl ill- 
lrnollnns are Schllxiiliyl's Iluugai'lau tills- 
sill's, nml Duo Curios and his dug ami monkey 

♦ < » 

At. C. lliiii'K has In'en cast for a Dutch 
pari wlih the Kinplre wheel's new show, the 
Cay 'roieni'oi'y. He Is now spending two 
weeks at ills home nl Milwaukee, getting n 
in lull Reeded rest, nfter n solid year of Block 
work on Ihe P.iclllc eoasl. 

Weatern Horean - 
of tha new. York CUppcr, 
Room R04, Aohlana Block, Chlcaso. 

The calm preceding the storm nt pro- 
ductions for the Winter season Is on us. for 
with the exception of one or two melodra- 
matic nrnd.urnona nt the. outlying houses, 
there fa nothing new In the clly. The 
event of greatest Importance last week was 
ihe return lo the city after about five years' 
absence, of Jhiffalo hill and his Wild West 
show, which did a splendid business on the 
South aide, and this week moves to the West, 
awl then the North side for four daya each. 
The porks hnre been doing a splendid busi- 
ness, for ihe weather of the past ten days 
has been Ihe steadiest term of excessive heat 
which we have had this Summer. All 
excursion boars on the lake have been 
crowded, and- the sorrouudlng city parks 
Lave been thronged by people endeavoring to 
get away from the humidity of the crowded 

ii.i.ixois (Will J. Davis, manager).— 
"The Man of the Hour" continues on Ha 
triumphant way, and rbere is little to record 
but. sueeesa. Mabel Van Kuren has joined 
ihe companv lo play the part of Alice Mar- 
iln. The one hundredth performance was 
reached matinee of July 'it. At the con- 
clusion of the run. 14U performances will 
have been given, breaking the record for 
long runs by u purelv dramatic play In this 

Powkrs' (llnrry J. Powers, manager). — 
Hose si, ih] draws good crowds here In spile 
of ihe heal, lo see her fine work as Pat 
O'Brien In "The Chorus Lady," which Is a 
tremendous hit. 

Oaiuwk i Herbert C. Duce, manager).— 
Jack Rarrymore, In "The Roys of Co. B," 
supported by a line cast, has made a hit, and 
tne house has held many enthusiastic parties, 
several liming lieen organized hy the different 
companies of the resident m lilt in . The man- 
agement has lieen entertaining the newsboys 
of the city, and every one it enn gel hold 
of will see- Ihe performance. The end of 
the run Is In sight, according lo announce- 

COLONIAL (Oeorge W. I.ederer, monuger). 
— "Brewster's Millions" Is making many 
thousands laugh at I lie Idea of si man being 
obliged to spend u million dollars In a year, 
and the trouble he has In get rid of II. 

Wiiitnkv Oi'kra HnrsE ( Sort Orson, mnn- 
ngerl. — "A Knlghl for a Day," with the. 
mischief makers. John NIavtn and Mabel 
Mile, is playing to excellent business, and 
will probably lasl for many. weeks-yet. Fran- 
ces Kennedy has lieen engnged to play Ihe 
role which Jlayine Taylor has appeared In. 
.Miss Kennedy was formcrlv a member of the 
l.n Snlle Theatre Slock Co. 

Bran Tkmpi.k (llnrry franklin, manager!. 
— villi Harry" was given u good production 
hist week. 1'or Ibis, the last week of the 
season, "Salome" Is Ihe hill, and the house 
will reopen about Sepl. I. under the man- 
agement of the llolbrook-llnrker Co. 

Prki.v t Robert T. Molts, manager'! . — "Cnii- 
taln Ilufiis" Is announced ns In Its last week, 
and the business has been line nil the time. 
The conclusion of this run will mark the 
inauguration of ihe Sunday matinees. Har- 
rison Stewart Is slill the fnvorlle with the 

Ma.ic.sth' I Lyman IL lilover, manager I. — 
lluslness iimrtnues excellent here. The bill 
fnr week of sil Includes: Hose Oigklnn and 
company. Ihc .la<M;ftnn Hamllv. Frederick 
Ilroihers nml Burns, the Sisters O'Meers, 
Ihe Bulxnrs. AL Carleton. .Olive Vail. Ibe 
Conslantlne Sisters, Joe Whllehead, MIett's 
(loan, Campbell and Hall, arid Ihe klnodrome. 

Cltii'AnnOPi'.nA llnr'ag ID. II. Hunt, man- 
ager |.— The 1:111 for we»k of Sti includes : 
Chn*. Wayne, nrid company. Bedouin Arabs, 
Shields and lingers, Count De But* and Bro., 
Itoynl Musical Hive, Bootblack Quartette. 
Mocurl's dogs and iiiuuk n .VM, l.eonern Klrwln. 
l-'ll7.mnurlee nnd Kenion. Prof. Wise, Tyler 
and Green, Joe Carroll, and t]ie kinodrnme. 

•Hcinsni.RR'N ll.udwlg Schlndler. mnnn- 
gerl. — i'hls house closed for the season S7. 
nnd liefore reopening next month, will be 
renovated nt an expense of several thousand 
dollars, and ihe singe will he changed so 
Hint the audience may get a better view of 
the performers. The llrsl scrson of Mr. 
Schlndler here, has been nn overwhelming 
success, and the blllsj which he has presented 
hove been the best seeu In any of the popu- 
lar priced Iioiiros devoted to vaudeville. 

Xnn'rii Avt:xi-i] (Paul Sitlner. manager). 
— The bill tor week of "0 includes: Naladn 
and coinpnny, Ihe Ifi Page Sisters, HUldlor 
and Shelton. Doreihv Vati^ni, Campbell and 
Brady, Harlow nnd.Xlelinlson, Dare Devil De 
llylo, mid the pictures. 

National (C. II. Svennlng, manager). — 
The hill lor week of SI) Includes: Kllberl'a 
Animal Circus, Wnnn, Lew Jack and Brother, 
mark and LnwrcniT, and the moving pic- 

IIviik Park (Tom Baker, manager). — The 
til II for week of '• Includes: The Real Quar- 
leltn, the Three Youngs, Marlon Hvde, Tom 
K. Smith, Halt nnd Raymond, and the mov- 
ing pictures. 

WOXnmhLAXB (Ed. I.nmson, manager). — 
The hill for week of 20 Includes : Le lloy and 
IIn7.1eton, llilla Oordou, Lynn and Williams. 
Mnhel l^imsmi ami the moving nlctiires. 

TtiAi.i.i (Thomas Murray, manager). — The 
bill week of 2!) consists of Tom Murray's Own 
Co.. In .i grand sport neulnr extravaganza. 

(iiu:at Nortiikdn. iHrwl C Kberts, maua- 
gerl. — "The Volunteer Organist" Is In ns 
Inst week, and will be followed by a fine pro- 
duction of "The Isle of Spice." Aug. 4. 

RtjrtMi (William Roche, mnnngerl. — "A 
Texas Hanger" did well last week, considering 
Ihe extreme hem. "in the Shadow of ih" 
Callows" Is billed for week of Jiilv 28, with 
"Tile Cow. Puncher" to follow. Aug. 4. which 
will murk the opening of tint regular season. 

Ai.iiA.Minu t Webber tiros., inn lingers). — • 
"The Candy Kid" Inaugurated the season 
Inst week, and was also seen for (lie first 
Hmo on nny stage, July 21. This Is a four- 
««•! melodrama by hem II. Parker, with mu- 
sic by W. It. Williams. Bay Haymoud is 
fealuretl In It. nnd carries Ihe burden of the 
performance well, in the title role. Tim 
Ciiudy Kid (lCddy I'Msoni Is a Yale student, 
Willi an Itching for nil vent ure, and gels 
tiletil.v of Ii through the play, lie rescues 
Bonnie llnsworth from the nuieliliiittlonsiof 
an inch llcuil, Lojhx, mid his consort. Corn I 
Reeves, many times, mid follows Ids sweet- 
heart, her lirot her nnd this Nchemlng pair to 
il Soul Ii American republic, where Ills ad- 
vent uros idle up mountain high, but he is 
tl mi Ily iiiimiphnnt. August Aiirhnch and 
Kitty Carey ore rtie foster piirctits of the 
Kid, and they help him tu getting out uf 
many scrais's. The piny Ih loug, hut when cut 
down in time will make a very enjoyable 
oiTeiiug. mid many of Ihe |teople work ex- 
ceedingly well, notable In the cnsl besides 
Mr. Iliiymoud being Itlclimil ('. Maddux as 
August. Wanda Ludlow as Bonnie. W. J. 
Miiilderu ns Ilosworlh. Alice Boltiin ns Coral 
and Mat lie Kdwards as Kittle. Coulter 
Howard played the pan of luipex in his 
usual painstaking manlier "The Rocky 
Mountain Kxpress" this week. "Shadowed 
by Three" next. 

Hid.l.v i.lobn A. Hcnnessv. mnnngerl. — Tlie 
slock company tins bent duhig an excellent 
business here, In spite of Hie hent. nnd the 
offerings have bum good. The regular season 
will mien In n few weeks. 

Tini»'AlM>!mi tl. M. Wclngnrli'ii, manager). 
--The slock company, bended by Nat and 
Sol Fields, Carrie Sella, roler Curie;, Irene 
Urcgg. llnrry Harvey and Leo Kendall, change 
the hill every week, nnd play to good busi- 
ness. Six big nets are Included In Ihe alio. 
besides which Chnnccctn nnd the Deluge are 
extra offering*. ! ■'<' • .' . 

Lnxnnx Dmu; Mi'RKi'M |W. J. Sweeney, 

manager). — The following arc in the curio 
nail: The Norseland giant. Winkle's trained 
animals, Miss Clorkson's den of alligators. 
Lowlev. magician, and I.llllnn La Ferte. In 
the theotre: Clara Lane. Madge Martley. 
Iran* Ughtejl and the Oriental dancers. 

Rivwtvinw Pabk (Wm. M. Johnson, mana- 
ger). — "The Siege of Jericho," a-grand spec- 
tacular fireworks display, has been entertain- 
ing thousands during the week past, who 
have voiced their approval. This will con- 
tinue for the week of 28. and may be eoti; 
Untied indefinitely. "The Big Trn In Robbery 
Is doing better ttan ever now. and Manng'r 
Wiiclit has secured three mountain goata to 
odd color to the plctnre. The rides are all 
doing splendidly, and every attraction, from 
the largest to the smallest on the Bowery, 
has been getting ltt full share of the busi- 
ness of late. Brooke has made n great hit, 
as the thousand* seated around the tables 
In the wooded gtndo tostify, but his engage- 
ment will tcrmlnnto this week. 

White City (Paul D. Howsc, manager).— 
John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilrnln were the 
big magnets last week, and the crowds were 
Immense to see old antagonists in th<? 
ring everv afternoon and evening. All th.i 
other attractions profited by the crowds drawn 
In this manner, and the various shows did n 
great business. From the Chicago Fire at 
the gate, to the Burning of the RoBcrt K. Lee 
and the chutes at the south. end of the park, 
everything Is gay and festive at all hours 
of the night, ami with the great heat of the 
past week, the board walk hns been thronged. 
John I- Sullivan gave a reception to Ihe 
children of Chicago, afternoon of 22. and, 
through his courtesy, all children were ad- 
mitted to the grounds free of charge. Slr- 
ronjc has been retained for another week at 
the vaudeville theatre. "Hlowerlnnd." a gor- 
geous npectacle, with 150 people, will be 
given this 'week. _. 

Ciinrs (W. If. Strlckler, mnnngerl. — The 
usual business is being done In the Western 
park, and the people thoroughly enjoy tho 
manv varieties of rides which are awaiting 
their nickels. Business has been very good, 
nnd the management of the park deserves to 
have good business right along, as the park 
Is run on the right principal. 

Una Park (L. K. Lauttersteln. manager). 
— The attractions are sitlHrlem here to draw 
good crowds all the time. The roller rink Is 
crowded nil the lime, and the shows arc 
doing well. ''Tie novelty of having a park 
in this locality has apealed to many thou- 
sand*, and Ihe various societies throughout. 
Ihe ellv have bad many special days here. 
John L. Nonary, Carl Pons, Wm. Demetrnl 
and Aug. Peterson will wrestle during the 
week for n purse of $",000. 

ItAvtxi.i Park iJ. J.- Murdock, manager). 
— Walter Unsnarl nnd his Xew York Sym- 
phony Orchestra are in their last week, hav- 
ing phiyod in great attendance during, their 
prolonged engageroen*.- and having offered the 
liest selections In the gr.Mt mnsicnl library. 

Sash Soivi (Leonard Wolf, manager). — 
The business done here has been of the bine 
ribbon type, and all th" concessionaires are 
wearing smiles. There Ih plenty to amuse. 
and lots of room to move about in. The 
many Improvements made In the park this 
year have appealed strongly In tho clientele, 
which hns been hnlli up very strongly dur- 
ing the last km months. "1'tlxle- I.anrr" will 
he the attraction in Mills' i heal re this week. 

BisMARt-K Oarpkn.— Carl Bunge still 
Please* the large crowds which patronize this 
famous North side place, and the music 
offered Is' varied, in such n degree Hint all 
may enjoy It. 

Coi.isrcii Gamikn. — Ellery and his band 
have been here nearly all Summer, and yet 
the Interest In ihe organization lias not died 
our, nnd the attendance keep* up lo high 
waler mark. Hans Wngner. baritone, and 
Marie Winter, soprano, have been singing 

Ciact's Ranrsm, man smu. — Buffalo 
Bill, after a week of rnpaclly business on 
the South side, moved over here 28. and 
started In to duplicate the record of last 
week. So great was the crowd on the open- 
ing dny last week that extra seats had to 
lie obtained, and kept in use during the 
week. The show Is the best which this 
renowned performer has ever presented, nnd 
expressions of delight at the marvelous rid- 
ing nnd clever spectacular effects, were pro- 
fuse. The seemingly Impossible, was done 
continually hy the riders, nnd the shooting 
exhibitions defied description. Following 
four days on the West side, the show will 
move to the North side, and exhibit four 
dny* there, and then say farewell. . 

Aitrrmatii. — Franklin Wright, who left 
the city 10. for u short trip to St. Louis, 
was taken III shortly after his arrival, and 
was confined to the house. He writes now 
Hun he experts to return to this city shortly, 
and will take up the business of his tour 
productions for the oornlns season. Kven 
during hi* Illness he has lieen making plans 
for the forthcoming tour of his newly ai-- 
qulreit melodrama, "Across the Isthmus." 
and Is pushing forward arrangements for 
Mottle Vlekers, In "Edelweiss:" Adelaide 
Randall, in "Her Great Sacrifice." and Be- 
atrice Shonard, In "Nettle, the Waif." all of 

which will start out from this city 

It. Emerson, mnnnger of Emerson's Grand 
Floating Palace, was In the cltv this week, 
and reported business excellent on the great 
rivers lo the South. Ills company is nt 
present plnylng along the Illinois River. "The 
Emerson," his magnificent theatre boat, is 
now lighted by electricity throughout, cooled 
hy electric fans, and has a seating capacity 
of l.OOO. The company works all me year 
around, plnylng North In the Summer, and 

South In Hie Winter Jack Burnett, who 

recently moved his office from the Richmond 
lintel, on the North side, to Suite Ti2, Grand 
Opera House, says that he hns benefited 
grmitiy hy the change, and hns hod many 
people come In to see him regarding sketches. 
Several of his vaudeville acts ore (hi the 
road now, nnd every one of them Is suc- 
cessful "Jig-Steps" Brown was a ennrr 

l'.'i. He watt on the hill at the Mnjestlc re- 
cently, und in spile of the early position 
which was given him, made a marked Impres- 
sion. He is h Chicago boy. and In an adept 
In dancing, having several of the most lit- 
trlcale slops which were ever known to Jig- 
steppers, lie will probably be seen at the 

Chicago opera House In u few weeks 

Martin Bowers, well known as a comedian. 
will be starred again this mining season by 
J. T. McAlplii, In 'Hans Hanson," time for 
which Is being rapidly :moke<l, and the out- 
look Is very hrlgtii The Haymarkct Thea- 
tre, on i lie West side, which was closed last 
May lo allow reilcenriiiton und reconstruc- 
tion., begins in present an ippeurHiice of being 
ready 10 open on schedule lime. Manager 
Newkirk has given die alteration* his per- 
sonal ulteuilon, mid prouHses to have one 
of the handsomest houses in the cltv In show 
the public. Kfitii jfc castle will Iheu. have the 
new Mu.iesilc, tint rebuilt Olympic mid tho 

Chicago Opera House nil 'a good shape 

Aniioiiniviiieill Is intnlc thai the Sliuberis 
arc looking fur miotlier house in this cltv, 
ihe StiuMiaker. where they linve made many 
uf their local presentations, tun-lug been 
leased by Dillingham ft Connor. .. .Through 
a typographical error it was mmle to read 
leccntly In the Aftermath Him Eddie De- 
inuey WoaM slur this In "A Chinese 
Tramp. ' The tlile of the play Is "A Chl- 

i-ago Tramp." John Mears, formerly 

treasurer of Powers' Theatre, and later ntau- 
ager for Henrietta Orosman, Is In the hos- 
pital In I'rovlilJiiec, K. |., very III. He re- 
eeutiy underwent an operation for appendi- 
citis in the hospital Eleanor Elliott, 

who resides on the West side, has boeu en- 
gnged hy Manager Sam Gersan for the Whit- 
ney force* for the coming season, nnd mnv 
Rl«y in one of the ronrl companies of "A 
nlghi for a Dny." She. was formerly a 
member of "The Si arks" nnd "The Tender- 
fool" companies-. llnhei-la Wilson, n 

singer In one of ihe churches on tne South 

side, will be the lending aoprano In "The 
isle of Spice." which if. ft Froxee will 
open ot ihe Greot Northern. Aug. 11 .... .- 
Mario Joyce, a alnger at B TtfFrlew Port. 
and Joseph Grimes, a sailor la "The Battle 
of Snntrago" exhibit, were marrkd 10. In 
the lions' cage In Big ptto'a reservation In 
the park, following which a reception was 
held in the home of "The Wild Aztecs^" and 

supper was served In the caaloo Pb'Jl'P 

J. Altschul, a ticket broker, and Edward Vi . 
Steele, manager of the Colonial Theatre, 
were fined 150. 18, by Judge Gemmlll. of the 
municipal court, for- violating the anti-thea- 
tre ticket speculating law. Detective James 
Bell purchased a $1.50 ticket to the Co- 
lonial for whlcn he paid the broker *2. 
Attnrnev Austrian, for the defense, said he 

would Appeal to the Supreme Court 

Mnrguerite Johnson, one of the performer* 
In the Deep Sea Divers, at Blvervlcw Park, 
hns been making n big bit with her work 

under water Sara McVlcker, who ha* 

lioen delighting nudlence* at the Studebnkor 
with her clever iierforrannce of Judy Hake 
In -Poor John," was a Cmi-per Bureau cnller 
lost week. She will return to New York with 
the company. Miss McVlcker holds rank as 
one of the beat of the character old women 
ot the stage, having created parts of this 
ivpe with many of the greatest suc- 
cesses of the past twenty years 

Gertrude Swlggett was a caller 20. Mbs 
Swlggett has met with greater success In ber 
Ipnterpretatlon of the eccentric character of 
Rosalie, In "Poor John." than In nny other 
of the clever characterisations which she 

hns originated J. W. Hawksburst, for 

some time manager of- the Peerless Exchange. 
with offices on Randolph Street, left 20, for 
Oklahomn City, where he will establish :i 
new Peerless Exchange, as he believes there 
Is room In that territory to do a big busi- 
ness :Sed J. Deschnno. car manager of 

the first car In advance of the Fashion Plate 
Shows, was u. caller 18, and stated that Si- 
had severed his connection with that show, 
which is under the direction of Walter L. 
Main. His engagement has been a very pleas- 
ant one, and the show has had a very pros- 
perous season. He .will remain In Chicago for 

the present Rehearsals for "The Girl 

Question." the new offering for the La Salle 
Theatre, commenced- 17, under the direction 
of Ned Wnyburn, nnd the first performance 
will occur In Milwaukee at the Alhambra. In 
the cast rto Cecil Leon. Florence HolbrooK. 
Oeorgle Drew Mrndnm, William Robluson. 
Mart l.orcn/.. Arthur Sauners, of last year's 
company. The new ■ members Include : 
I.OOU Kohlmar, Frances Demarest, Eileen 

Foster and Tell Taylor May Hos- 

mer, who hns appeared In stock pro- 
ductions In this city In upwards Of 
■".000 performances, will make her vaude- 
ville appearance shortly. In a new playlet, 
entitled "The llearr of Dixie," written espe- 
cially for her Battle Williams, in "The 

Little Cherub," will open the Winter season 
al the Illinois. Sepl. 1. following the eminent- 
ly successful run of '.'The Man of the Hour." 

Virginia llarned will start ihc regular 

season al Ihe Garrick, In "Anna Karenlna." 
which will enlist the services of nearly one 
hundred players Cameron and Flana- 
gan appeared on the Chicago Opera House bill 
recently, in their unique offering, "On and 
Off." and scored n decided success, being 
warmly welcomed the moment their card wos 
displayed. The act has genuine comedy, 
good scenes nnd pathos well intermingled. 
. .- The . International Theatre manage- 
ment was ordered. lo close the house lfl, by 
Building Commissioner Downey, as the fire 
laws had not been conformed with, which 
demanded that movable scenery should not 
lie used In u house of. this class, and because 

wooden partitions had been bnlll S. S. 

Harris. 1 resident manager of the Majestic 
Theatre. Little Rock. Ark., one of the hand- 
somest houses of the Southwest, was a Cur- 
rr.u Bureau caller 1';:. having just returned 
from a very pleasant trip to New York and 
other points East. He left a programme of 
the house. In this office, nnd the cover Is 
one of the most artistic which has been 
seeu In this city, and is a decided credit 

to nny theatre or any city. Mon ; 

tnmho nnd Hurl Falls were Bureau callers 
several days during the past week, and stated 
that they had signed with the Empire »aow 
for the coming season. They form a re- 
markably clever ncrobatlc team, the services 

of which, are constantly In demand 

The Columbus Theatre opens Aug. 4, 
with a production of ■■Tempest asad' Sun- 
shine," n new play, by T.em B. Parker 

Edgar Selwyn hns been expected In town for 
several days to rehearse - ITie Original 
Cohen," which Is from his pen, nnd which 
will go out under the management of Row- 
land & Clifford, with William T. Gnsklll as 

company manager. Beonett's Dramatic 

Exchange of Chicago has recently placed the 
following plays: "Fort Frayne," with the 
Btirborrk. Stock Co., l,os Angeles, Cal. : "Sba- 
miis O'Brien," "The Holy City." "The Warn- 
ing Bell." wlih Grand Opera House Stock 
i^o.. Butte. Mont.: "Sherlock Holmes," with 
Falrland Park Slock Co.. Memphis, Tenn. : 
"The Charity Ball," wRh the Mortimer Snow 
Stock Co., .Memphis Tenn. : "Nancy and Com- 
pany," Cumberland '01," "Along the Mo- 
hawk" nnd "The Mnn from Mexico." with 
Ihe Bush Temple Theatre, Chicago; "The 
Charity. Ball," "Cumberland Mil." -Brown's 
!l l Jnwn ~ non "Otter People's Money," Main 
Street Theatre. Peoria, III. ; "A Fair Reliel," 
"All the Comforts of Home," "Other Peo- 
ple s Money," Lyric Th-sirre. Portlnnd, 
Ore.; "Di; llnrry," In stock at Battle Creek, 
Mich.: "The Charity Boll," Lyric Stock, 
s.-i nc0 S,'. k - Nc , u ;v, Jhe ., J 'y ecun i Stock. St. Joe. 
»\ft ; T ? e ,'; lt , tle M| nlster." Gage Stock Co. : 
Sherlock Holmes." Acn Lee Wlllard Co.; 
JO?! „ ', n< \., M , olM1, .' k '" Wlnlnger Bro*. ; 
.,. i. ?J~JS! M ' nl »t«r. and "When the Bell 
lolls. Chns. Crosaland's Lyceum Stock Co. 

^•li-.oJi 111 !? I }° ^f ro '-'"WH "«» a Bureau 
caller 20, having jnst returned from a lone 
engagement In Mexico nnd Texas with Wal- 
ler McCullogh's Stock company, and wblch 
she snys was exceptionally pleasant. Dur- 
ing lier tour In the great Southwest she was 
unfortunate enough to lose her husband nnd 
her mother, news of their deaths not reach- 
ing her until after the Interments had oc- 
curred. They died within a very few days 
of eiicli other. Miss Lltteral expects to 
cave tor New York shortly, and mav reen- 
ter vaudeville. In which alio was verv sue- 
cessful a couple of seasons ago. She has 
Just recovered from n severe llfnosa. brought 

lecllng In good health now. and Is rendv for 
the bard work of the coming season. * She 

'l\ many s rr Pnrt ? In m * •'«* »nrt '" meet' 
'"K them during her short sojourn here 
.1. It. llotnonr, mnnnger of Flora De VosV' 
igV—aWw l«Ht season, was In town lost 
neck, seeking, new people for Ihe coming 

•"■J" -Col. George' Francis cw": 

,.' iH ? a . H M'S.* 1 " 81 ot Buffalo mil •>:, „ t 
he Buffalo Bill Wild West show, and rode 
In the Dendwood coach during the ner- 
foroumce. tim. (wo „,,.„ werc l^Smtm 
the Indian campaign of 1870.... l'l. 
sic Inyo nnd ftlasett and Miller, in a 
singing and dancing art at .the Majestic 
week of 22. met wtlh a cordial recimtl ,' 
mil proved themselves excellent dancers 
The Hludebakcr. which closed wltl the fiiml 
performance of "Poor John," will rcmuh, 
dark until Sept. 1. and will then open und er 
"'", management of Dillingham & Co„ or 
•,''„ I V 1,P ft L" 1 P"'''n™nnc.- or (lenrge ffi 

.litest comedy. "Artie." The Grand 

2525 " nuso J* »f«l''l< , d to open In three 
weeks, Aug in. with the first local perfornv 

Red^MIH'^'Mrf^ m>d »<*p. T "The 
uen Milt, which Is expected lo last mull 

about. Thanksgiving time, at least. 

H hen t.eprge Farren, who ha* been 'leadliir 

Fail "leaves fi? P mj>io Tbe.treTince la t 
J all. leaios thai house nt the close of the 
Summer sensor.. Aug. 4. He wll leave for 
Ihe Knst and will proliahlv appear next 
season wlih Mrs. Flake .... The t/ uT, "Morn 


Oraw Wjiraa Catttr :.$ara .of Do* Ur ,. ' 

Hoipltals - Parenta Tried CmlJL 
■ and Child II Perfectly ""■r" 

CURED Uf* COST Of BUT $1.25 

, "Eczema appeared when our child w=. 
three months old. We applied to jeverai 
doctors and hospitals, each of which ?i? 
ns something different every ii„ lr V' 
nothing brought rel'ef. At last, one of ■ ! 
friends recommended to us Ciiti.-ma 5n«i 
and Cuticurn Ointment. A few days aft(. r 
wards improvement could be noted. $,/' 
then we have used nothing but Ciitjrma 
Soap and Cuticurn Ointment, and now the 
baby is Six months old and is quit* rure / 
All tlint We used was one cake of Cuiicuia 
Soap and two; boxes Cuticura Ointment 
costing in all $1.25, and I recommend tl* 
Cuticura Remedies strongly to all mothers 
whose children suffer from such diseases 
C. F. Kara, 34J East 65th St., New York 
March 30, 1906." ' 

fng Glory," which the new production to l» 
made at the opening of. the season at th* 
Auditorium, has been known, will be ehancM 
and though. It la not definitely declleu m 
what the new name will lie. it is rnmnmi 
that It wi.. be "The Girl Rangers." a prl*. 
contest was recently organized to give toe 
public a chance, to submit an appronrltn. 
title, without having seen the plav. hut this 
may do away with the necessity of continu- 
ing the contest Members of the com- 
panies playing here in "The Boys of Co, B," 
at the Garrick. and "Brewster's Million*'" 
at the Colonial, will hold a baseball ganis 
at the American League Park, afternoon at 
Aug. 1, the proceeds to go to ihe outing fund 

of the Bureau of Associated Charities 

Catherine Outbwaite, formerly of "The May * 
ure of a Man" Co.. was a Bureau caller r, 
having Inst arrived In town from her hone 
In Michigan, and will remain in the city „ 

few days, before leaving for the Fas, 

L. Tano Brixton, character actor, was a Un- 
read caller 22, having returned from a loag 

season on the road P. J. Itlrtge. moot. 

ger of the Western Dramatic Agency, has 
been kept, very busy of late wlih ibe riamtvr 
of managers and performers who hare taken 
advantage of the excellent facilities which' be 
has with wblch to handle aspirants for the 

dramatic and musical stage Clarea.v 

Dickinson, organist,. and Clarence Menbath, 
a liny soprano, will appear at the sixth nf 
the concerts to be given in Mandel Hall 

University of Chicago "Tnyland." a 

production nf the' Meyers & Free Co.. will 
he - produced Sunday, 28; In Dowagbr. 
Mich, it Is. by Sain .Morris and Hampton Du- 
ra nid Sid J. F.iison. manager nf Eusna's 

Than t re, hos jnst returned from a trip 
to tlie Mudlovlu Baths, where he leu 
his ihenmstism. and- says that Ids house will 
open Saturday night. Aug. 2-i. wlih the I"ari- 
slan Widow*-. . . . .-.The Stndebaker is lo re- 
open Aug. -I; with , "The '-Prince of Pllsen." 
which . iylll probably run linlll "Artie" is 
ready for pnsiuctlnn .... .Mrl Icker's Thea- 
tre M being entirely redee-inted prior. lo lis 
opening next month for ibe Winter season. 
. .'. .The regular season nt the Academy will 

open- Aug. 18 with "Young Buffalo." 

Grace Dnvls. a cashier at Luna Park, dropped 
dead evening of 20. while en duty, from hem- 
orrhage of the brain .... .Welter McClil- 
lough. who has been touring Texas. Meileil 
and other sections of the Southwest for the 
past twelve months with its stock company. 
was a caller 20, nnd Imd a wonderful bronze 
complexion, which he got from sleeping Ih 
the open air nl! the time while South, and 
nlso from the open nlr exercise which be 
took. He looks like the proverbial Indian, 
and Is the picture of health.. He hns Jusr 
signed for thirty-live weeks on the Kulllvnn- 
Consldlne circuit, opening nt Indianapolis, In 
tils- one man drama. "The Absinthe Fiend." 

FitHl Jarvls, of Jarvis and 'Diilnr. was 

a Bureau caller 22, hnving just arrived Iron 
a nine months' tour of the West, where 
the act has been meeting with grnr 
success. They ore on tbe way East for 
a. vacation for the rest of the Sumner. 
While at Oakland. Cal.. n special meet- 
ing of the T. M. A.'s was called ami 

Mr.- Jnryls wn? elected a member 

Gordon Walton will manage "Honest Beans' 
for Spofford, Powell & Conn this season, and 
play parts. The season will open nt Doc. 

island. 111.. Labor Day A. J. Siasaney 

was a caller 20. He will he the musical 
director this season for Lincoln J. Carters 
bjg spectacle. "The Cat and tbe Fiddle." HI' 
last Important engagement was with Murray 
& Mack's "English Dalsv." Daring tint 
season lie was taken with a severe ntlnck 
of rhe.umaltsm, nnd stayed In the South until 
he was cured nf It. He was with the Walter 
McCullough Stock Co. through .Mexico and 

Texas The Rcenery for the Shubert 

houses, which will be devoted to vaudeville 
this season, la all being painted In Cblesgo. 

A visitor to the city Informed tbe loci 

correspondent that tic was here in Hie Interest 
of the Liberty Amusement. Co.. ot Fltlsbnrf. 
which hos a capital of S20.000. paid up. inr 
officers of which arc: A. Colin, president: 
Dr. A. M. Gable, vice president; Horry Cann. 
secretary nnd manager. They will control 
theatres In the east end of Pittsburg, sail 
will open them Sept. 2 with Sulllvan-consl- 

dine booking Mrs. Annie E. Inmna. 1 

well known character woman, was a caller 
22. and expects to leave for New York short- 
ly. She created tbe role of Bridget Bowfl 
last season, in "The Little Prospector' lo- 
in which chick Perkins was starring.. ••■■ 
Gil Brown was a caller 27, and staled UW 
he was leaving the city thai night lo appe»; 
at Ingersoll Park. Des Moines, the followin- 
week. He was seen at the benefit at 'lie to 
lnnliil, afternoon of 20, and was one nf me suc- 
cesses of the very excellent hill, helps eiiien 
hack several times after he had finished n» 

clever danelng Mile. Carlta, who km 

here 19 with her sister. Francis Newhall. nw 
her brother-ln-lnw, David Landau, the latter 
n member of Kendall's company. wrl '"; 
me from Newcastle. Cal.. on the • rn ' B - t t JJ£I 
1 heir satchels went astray In Salt w'J 
City, and she was ohllged to remain behian 
to trace them. The company Is doing »«'■ 
and Mile. Carlta expected to nrrlve in JJJ" 
Francisco 27. where she will remain t« 
some weeks.... ..Charles Forrester w«" 

Cmitkh Bureau culler 2.1, 20, being ■ |A°"? 
looklug nfter hooking for the coming se»^» 
for his wife anil himself (.lone ■'"a"'' 10 !" 
and company) in their new sketch. "* ot '*Lj 
Boy." upon which tbey arc spending oier 
$2,000. Mr. Forrester says the prospects are 

bright George Falrmnn Is sending »u 

"The Suburban Winner." opening « m» 
kakec. Aug. 20, and for which J- "■■ JjH 

Is doing the liooklng Sam Morris, nnin«r 

of "Toyland." Is directing rehearsals of tat 
three companies which will present ■'••a;,',; 
J. W. Boyd i* going aut ahead of BlW 
Kersaud's Minstrels for Meyers & 1 ' rc *":ii'. 
Bobby Gaylor Is a very busy man now« 
days, a* he Is making great preparation" ■• 
bis forthcoming Joint engagement In y«um 
vllle wlih Barney Ferguson. They open ver 
shortly In a new net. entitled "You ami 1 "' 
All. of Us." In which they will hove the >« 
vices of several young ladles. . . . • • ■ ' ." k 
Schwartz will lie the musical director wh» 
one of the "Toyland" componles this sea-" • 

George II. Harris, of Harris A »"5: 

was in town 2.T He Is looking up .«" nP „ w "' l0 
for next fenson In vaudeville, and seera> 
think he Is ou the tight track B on, ' a 




Uunttr-Hrndtord plovers are Hurnut t imil O'Boitrke. singers and darner* ; 

attention to plan* for the DoUlo Wells, cartoonist: new picture* In tlm 

season. Robert Hunter 1* to MHtthlonseope. Bach Tuesday evening the 

» pictures. Maua- direct the Hour of Katborloe Gray In "The local aspirant* to the , TftM^vlUe , '*«£,, P, l ' c 

Ji\ y . ueit Kail, nod Win opea lilHscaiati with wo see toe name M popul&k- favorites, the ger Walker lias provided a Mg electrical Beckoning!" Wallet Bradford will manage given nn oftKirtilritty in display their *UI{J. 

,- icwpluy, hy William >augUn Moody...... same, stereotyped programme*— n 'book' In dtsplav In HmM pr Old Home week. Kleanur Kohson's company for I.lehlcr ft Tills In nulU a feature of the Week » driwlug 

Sam Tnoroberg, who has frequent > been seen [lumped on to a Board room table by an KtcaldmgZS (W. II. Wolffc. manager).— Co., whllo Thorn** F. Grnhim will d I reft card*. 

berof the- Ill-fated New Theatre, on VaaBti- could hardly escape from the Iteration Hill for current week In tbc free open air Hypocrite* ;•• Ida O'Dny lm» 

-, n street, last w inter, ado who " won of coon sinew and comedian, coster and circus: Klshlsuriiu TrouW of Japanese ncro- to return to vaudeville 

lhc commendation of press aud public crude /sketch" every evening, and at every bats. Itose »nd Harry WentWortb, In an mers Will " 

In spite of tBe obstacles «nicn arte halL It seems Incredible that one should equestrian art : George Wtiittnkcr, boy to- companies 

n; is obliged to surmount, will star n be called upon to apptuml Mr. Hint' for cullst: Sahnuiet All. wonder worker, nnd the Kngllshmiin ... 

■IVss of the DLrborvlliea this season, and the shaking off the trammels of the taunt ;Miith Bcgiuicnt Uiind. Other feature* are: Souaw Man :" Carl Hcmmnn will play a lend 

much may be expected of her.. ... .Mort room, the 'traditions of the house." the 

.Singer, manager of the La Salle theatre, left trap* of the agent, and going oneld In 

for New Vork 23, to attend tlie final re- search of novelty. And yet It must be so. 

Iwarsals of "The. Time, the Place and the He Is dolhg what one would think everv re- . 

lilrl." and also to witness the nrst perforin- sponsible manager of a music ball was doing PttMOK Pa*k (Geo. A. Dodge, managi'r). play In AdeV "Artie ;" John Pluulcy will l« 

att* tbH*. jKjm m m mgW »a_wg bring all the time, and yet the fuct Is the personal —Speedy. hl;;h diver: the Norlns. .fancy associated with, |'The Stepchild," and hd 

Iter D» 

l to Join "+inu 

alluring offer* pleased Mil- patrons last week. 

"Vmi'jik iIauPKN (II. Grueii. manager). 

to vaudeville George Sum- Kri.ii'SK HaisHKN 111. Uruen. miitiager).- -- 

be with one of Henry H. Harris' The Stanley Stuck «'i»., with Arthur, Stanley 

; Thomas Thornc Is cast for the In. tin- load, presented "lanst 28-3T. am 

n with William Krivewhbni. In "The Milli from Net win • SIMM week 

__■:" t'arl llemman will play a lead- llHBH anh Tm:tiK.— While rat lit In -Hie hey- 

l ,.i;rt Letter, king of handcuff*; the Fielding*. |ng role In support of Fiinrlmn CampMI. In day of the Summer garden season, the i»pjn- 

i nritaturtal art: Stella l.awton, iioslng*. and "Sweet Kitty Bollnlrs;" Krank MrCnnnlck Ing In a couple of wi«>k* of some of he pnij- 

. Ulake's dog and pony circus. Business has will be with Mrs. Flake, Joseph llrennun goes h a u ar i reminds its thai the Summer Is purti> 

• MMkk under Chus. Dllllnghnni's iiiiinaaeincnl. to over. The Imperial 

back some of the things, which wm later be capture of a novelty by a man In the posl- divers: Pedro Maurcgon. "hniu*r. spider: 

seen here In the production of Hie Olrl Hon of the managing director of the Palace .uaitge Daytellc.. coon ahoutcr. and Martland's bnnuer. Tlte others hove nut yet fully 

./tiwllun.". .••ijccent U/Ippkii uurcan callers Theatre Is an unique event. On that head. Band arc tlie special attractions this week, made their plan* 

wlfh "t'lilmitown rhtirley." and the Orand 
oiM>ra House will also open Its doors oil that 
date. On Sept. t. the reconstructed play of 
"Panhandle. Pete" will receive Wa production 

nl llavUn's. llavlln's Itrsl piny of the aea- 

iht Bowers, Oscar Handler, manager of "On 
the bridge at Midnight;" John A. Flynn, 
I'rcd Sclfgman and Satn C. Hunsaker. 


noM oca own coBsisPOitbiST. 

Clipper Dorean. 

48 Cranboorne St., 

Leicester Sunn re, 

London, W. O. 

.... July ^0. 
Just now one has Hie njlsfo'rtune of hov- 

mund Elton will lie under l>autel Frohman'a 
hove nut yet fully 
. . .iTlia*. IV Carver, for- . 
mcrlv of the Moore Stork Co.. of Rochester, soil will be Ihe cartoon play. '"Hie- HtMt 
N. V.. eoininenccd rehearsing wllh the Poll Eusler World." on Aug. I. Hie Columblu 

Stock Co.. and will iisaume thn lead this w ni open Aug. 12 oppenhelmer Hro*.. 

week. In "The Strange Adventure* of Mis* n,,. aiauiiBers or Suburiuin tlatden. arc- en- 
Hrown." «lenvorlng to construct n deal whereby a all- 

his girentebt charm "being the apparenTab' —Bill Tor week of "July 2« : Valleclta and a — teen weeks' Summer garden circuit wmi d be 

r-ence o( all art. He Is one of those rare her leopards. Mnttlnl nnd Maxmllllan, Marlu, i,',,n Uvaiv— At Sheedv's (tlru. S. Has- ostabllsheil, embracing St. l/iuls anil tltrtt 

beings capable of Imparting tbc uiotst ex- Hergor and Mario, and kotnogmptilc views, comb, manager i "The Oovarnor of Keu- oilier large cities. .«<eo. MeMiin>i». tait 

quIsUe sense of amusement without anv obvl- Big crowds enjoyed a (list doss *|iecl*lty bill t, u .bv" was the offering of the llurke Stock or this city, hut later of New virk, wilt oc 

oils nttompts on his part to amuse, fie has last week. ,•„. | asr W cck. aud gave the best of satis- In SI. Is>ul» Sent. 1. looking arter the m- 

the humor of the Irishman, not of the Irish Mki>koiu> Hoi.i.kvaiih Tn»-*TnK'(J. W. tior- f a ,.(|,m. Clara Knoll, the new lending lady, terests Hf.llW plays of hi* miikinj'... 

oimtdlan. He never attempts to be pathetic, man. mnnager- 

and yet we saw tears runnlg down tbc cheeks " rl , Kht ,J' of !- 

of an American In the Pnlnce the other week. Mnndi 


the slm: 

we be! 


He took 

veloped this net, wlilcb"we frankly own to 

i o. lasr wees, huh itkvc ho* i,i - ni ,,i ««««,»,- ,,, »t». ««^,,,r- ...•,".. *'j, , — « ., — 

toi:i.KvAiu> Tni:\iiiK - (.l. W. f a ,.ti„n. Clara Knott, the new lending lady, lercsl* or the play* of hi* making ■■■• 

ri.— The musical comedy. "What _,„,«,, I|1M . nnt nl ,»eHrnnci> with the company An amusement lailnee I* being phiiiuwt rot 

." Is the attraction here this |1114 , H j l(lw , H | Hint she has c.usldemhle' latent, this city to. have a year round jrordena* 

e I Minn and K«r:i Matthews head she made n mo*l fnvoiable Impreaslon. one of the feature*, and a roor garden, . wliei« 

week. Vaudeville attracted gmal Mckkuuikox (Jus. F. Masou. manager). 

.. Inut Udtfib ... I * •• .».. . till "■ ■ ■ j «.>.. ll' 

, .;„,nin,r in write about Weather «rcat veloped this net, whicU we frank v own to u ""'» »«■» «■■<■■«• ,.,.,.,«:....>-- noiuun »,"■■. mckumiiikon t.tus. r. Miiwin. miiunger/. 
IS!, u to K m? Mow co^ntrvmen who have havln?sccn four times this week, and which aliwd crowdj last w«ek- -Week of July 211: The Dolat.s. tieo. W. 

ra , U te m otanVTw C a7e n !nTh e e n S ^ e S ba but « hope t^e torts times. lie pose & as No«.^t tl« FjIryUn^T* * re («.... & M- «»d Uoran, and opt.seope. 

Intel, on the southwest corner Twelfth and 
Locust Streets M.IMMI children lire estl- 

Hie forecast for the next few weeks : July 
17, opeulnj «f opera season. Lyric: July 23, 
••Tli" Pocket Miss Hercules," ltoyalty ; July 
■1), "The Eighteenth Century," St. James 

« large percentage v 
umting his visitors. Without the vaguest Manager Wolffe presents Nellie Hartford* MIIU , Bger i moving pictures and 
sueeestlon of ventrllouulam. Mr. Kelly opens "aarlcsaguj* Co. as the offering at his Hum MmK „ HmBifM Is gmal Ct 

innlwl In have' enjoyed theinMjng at. Forest 
Park, given by Thr t" 

' l'mll)i«i»iMi. M. 

. open 
court, states the case, hears the defense, 
comments on the evidence, and delivers the 

Island Theatre Thomas Murphy, treas- 
urer bt the Trcmouf, wan tendered n bene- 


songs. i is goon <.a*hio IL. II. 

Hill, manager), moving pictures and Illus- 
trated songs. Satisfactory business Is rc- 

storv would '" concert U tlm t bouse "ast Sunday even- u„rtwl. . . ,'T.". .Frank "Thomas" nnd ' Florcnn 
h Innocence. !''«• *!*■ , Ml " - H''- v , 1,; ' B *■«■ "eilously 111 at X\*ft\v¥ i' 

and life 

he rcpro- 


.kwed with the Itnrke Stuck ( » 

he Cliy Hospital since June 1 IV W. \«« jj, mx Cl Joined Ihe Keith Stock to., at 

Sullivan, stage manager or the Orphcuui. pnwtuckct. 5 J. J. Humphrey was visit- 
will be (he new stage tninagcr at tho Bos- inK i,i s brother. Harry Humphrey, of the 

irds often lon - commencing early In September. Ptavhnniii, llu> novf hi>Ht lwlnir the ,n B Pcup>c loreigo 10 us. using woius oiicn 

and the Playhouse, the uen best iw^ riuS unknown to us, b s great art and b h brll- 

reTl T, dl S. f iMi 1 ^w,iTn et TiJ "^- will hive »-™t humor make the picture vivid, faud- 

""\L uL t %a,h a L'SLJSS r «™t •'i vt natlng. comprehensible. If this be an 'Ameri- Flynn, m,:nager>. the Adam Oood 

l.oufll. — At tho Liikvvlinv Thcalr 

itnrke Stock tio.'. tlie past wcck.. .'.'. .Hurry 
V. lladtlold nnd wife Join Ihe llurke Stock 

Kiuihh* City,— At Ihe tillll* Opera Hou.e 
IK. S.Hrlghum, tnanugei) Ihe IMUIMM 
..peiied Snlindiiy nlgut. July 'J?, with A 
T'liuroughbred Vi-amp 1, as. the Inuugural ai- 
tarctloti. '•Chlnalown t'harlle tollow*. 

Kuwratc I'ARK.lSam Benjamin, niaiiagj'rl. 
-. Weber's Prize Ihiliil of Amerleit alnrlvd In 
ou IK llr«t engagement here l»»t week. au<t 
sored i dl.tlnct%lt. Mr. Weber bit* an ex 
cedent hatnl. which plays fff&SJ^SSd 
His two Hololsls, lllanch H. Mehuffey an I 

re heartily received. 

reached Its 224th representation : "The New 
Aladdin." with 203, and "Aniasis,'' with 200. 
The shortest rims were : "Down Our Alley." 
at the Oarrlck, and "Her Son," the Play 

Ire (J. J. ri.. July 211 Win. II. Ilurwald. author ^"ftijJSar wen. 

ig. c an 'Amen- t-ivun, uninagvri me .\uam uoou Slock Co. or "A Ileal Man." arrived In town from .New . .. ,,_,.,. village the acta were : Hrown 

man Invasion' of our vaudeville 
It grow and i 
can magnate: 
halls, we would crave but one favor, to name Overton aud Dauny Simmons continue to wlu 

>n' of our vaudeville stage, may ( R C. Twltchell, mnnager) scoretl unotlier York 20. to \yltness the (Irsl prodnctloii or , W |lm«t, In a singing and darning act : 
1 grow. If It be true that Ameri- big success last week. In "The Girl from the play al Rami* * Theatre, I'll, by the .1. fl |(l ( } llfn ., n , cu,- tjunrtetle. ulid the iwu 
es want to 'deplete' the Kngllsh Hroadwiiy." drawing »xcelli.'iil business. Bessie Frank Burke Stock Co. cassclas. whirlwind dancers, t'n Siimlay, 

lKiUxe, ten pel fonuanccs each . llic s n or ,. t , lU ro!W llf Kcn | UK w<; arc w |||| n g to ship friends, and arc glveu artistic support. Mr. 

William Jackson. Lyric, twelve, and Jul c £ Atlantic in return for one more Simmons' monologue Inst week was a lilt. 

Bonbon. Waldorf, and 'Tlie last of His W alter Kellv." This week. ".MeKenna's Fllrlutioil." 

lime," Prury I.une. fourteen euch. 

At the conclusion of the last performance 
of "John Blayde's Honor" at the St. James' 
n few days ago. George Alexander, In re- 


CAMiniE l.AKI. I'.MIK Till'ATCl; (W. 

Sargent, manager I.- -A change from 



l.j on At the Theatre Comlqitc (Al. .Mark, 

manager) the Summer business continue* ex- 
cellent. New pictures and Hongs this week. 

OUUMA.N'H StUlMlUt TllEATIlK. SOltim W 11- 

lows (M. Doyle, manager).— Business keeps 

,, ,,7, ,' ki. usual bill last week, combining minstrel. wc ii llu to the high water murk on every 

button.— Od. Home Week Is now actus vaudeville aud open Imrlesipie. met with pleusunt dav mid evening, 

spouse to the calls for a speech, said: "We observed, and the amusement places now open eeaerl | approval. The soloists and comedl 

have been recently told by an expert that should do a thriving busloess. The Majestic £„„ )n minstrel llrst part were excellent, ant 

i lip decline of the English drama (we have 

Niitks.— Manager Charles W. Slieiife. <>r 
the Electric Theatre, thl* city, and Hie Relay 
Theatre, Bass Point, Nallant, renorta line ,,,„ 

ivlug t 
He the 

reopens on Monday evening. July Jl). with „ ^rMm „f "The Mlkitiio" delighted Ilia 
heard of this decadence from the year one) the llrst. perfanaasea on any stage of The andicn^'fro,,, beginning to end. Theodore business. Moving' plclurea mid Illustrated " ^,„ H „„ a d,|ed feulure. Thl* weak will 
■s due to two causes— the actor manager and urcun Bird :" the Grand Opera House started Lv(6M deserves much credit for staging the son gs constltul 
the long ruu. As you will have seen from its new season last Saturday night, with uru d„pti on . iu to have am 
i be performance to-night. I have taken care "Convict (HKt." and on the same night the ' 
to surround myself with the most Incom- Globe reopened with Wine. Woman and Song. 
petent octors and actresses money can buy. "The Hurdy Gurdy Girl" continues, ninth 
I have to thank my friend, Eva Moore, nnd week, at the Tromout, and new bills are pro- 
all the other members of my company for vldcd at the Castle Square, Bowdoin Square 

production. is to have another in 

WtkLOWDALB Paiik (Bowers Bros., man- The Dreamland Amuse.-. 

■MM). — Tlie motion pli:tnre« given by Krank a tes a small theatre on Andrew Street, has 

N. Altaian, manager of Theutre Antique, are secured a location in the centre of the city 

meeting with general approval, and drawing a ,id will expend $23.<HH) hi Its erection 

, excellent business. Illustrated songs bv Thos. 
so kindly obscilrlng their talents under this Park, Keith a. the Palace aud tlie Summer (jj,. im anj received lv ltli Well deserved ap 

r,i,if nnd fi,,* lie,tn» n-nilm, lnutinimnnl« hi ..nt-lr,- RiiLttlAvu mntlttninprt A fnlr avprazc ..,^ t,.ii_ «■..»..» ..I ■i,....«..m*a.i ^.u...^ 

plause. Motion pictures and illustrated songs, 
direction Frank N. Altman. contlniie this 

ruof. and fur being willing Instruments In park-. Business maintained a fair average 

helping me to bask In the limelight of vanity last week at all of the amusement resorts. 

and egotism. The worst of it all Is Majestic (A. I« Wilbur, manager). — "The wc(fli 

I intetid to continue to pursue my Green Bird." a musical comedy, by l). W. pixeiiuiist Paiik (William P. Adams, man - 

downward course — to produce lhc best Stevens and John A. Bennett, will have Its nK ,,ri. — The bill lasl week Included: Deltuar 

piays I caa secure, und to allow p/ewkv on Monday evening. 29. opening the urns., John Keefe. Luntls Sisters. Baby 

t hem to run as long 

to see them. After 

visit tny provincial friends 

cure, ana to auow premKr on Aionnay evening, --w. ois-uiug i»u B - nw j | m K,.„re. Lantls Sisters, lialiv 

long as you will pay regular season at this house. The company li011 |,„., illustrated songs, anil the vltngrupli. 

a brief holiday I shall Includes : Fred Leunox. George Schiller. Will ,, p rovo< i „ n excellent entertainment, antl 

'rlends with "Ills House H, Sloan. John P.. Kennedy, John Lorenz, Jrew . g(ioa in ls i, ies9 . Vaudeville and motion 

ll ___..„ i.. .\.l . .1 ..... if wll..,,. IPI.-,, Di.oii I'll, it* Iliiii-.u-* . . ° .. • ■ 

\v Xies Jl, i.nd Vrldity. nlKhli". ,Hw '''"'''are 
of Mont Pelee and *|iecUI llroworks lire 

*F&tiW I'aiik ill. F.. liiiHsell, maniiger).— 
Last week Melbourne Mncl mwell aud Hi- 
ulnla Drew Ttesiadt gave ckiellent perforin- 
Sices or Tolstoi's "Iteytirrectlon. "■ Iromlne 
la I he Pitpimrt was F.rn»H line Mohrlii, who 
score! n J. elded hit as PrlnceshMai'le. 
he open. Leltge's Band conllniied, and he 
aus'fil turn o? Klein, OU Bros ami Nichol- 
son was an added feulure. 'I hi* weak will 

programme ..Lynn b( . lUB i UKt „f n„. stock company, and v< 

loving plclure theatre. d .. w „, uv „ |VI ,„ u * the farewell bill. Next 
.'incut Co.. which oper- ., ,, lk ,| 1( , ii tt ttrrsmi coiiipiiny opens hi IW 

gel').— Hitlers 'llllrtl Iti'gltueitl Blind »■£ 
l nines, (in the lawn lust week tile uc h 
were The Friv/.e llrntlier*. iicrolmtlr . come- 
dian*' : Ihe Sluutous. knire throwers MM 
sword perlorineis : the tleiielte Sisters, III a 
inpewtwd ring act, and tho LoroUos, acne 

'"'caiinivai. Paiik (Wm. Wlneli. luaiulgi'i'i. 
— niliendn'H bund opened u return j-ngnge- 
nieitt last week and were warmly WcMtapd. 
In Ihe Wljgwam the mils were: Claude Aus- 
lln. eomcfv Juggler : Joe Monulinn aiul SI; 

The Washburn Trained Anlmnl Show will 
appear Jicre Aug. 1, us a part of the old liotiie 
week celebration, having Wen engaged by the 


•Worcester At Poll's (J. C. l.'rldUIc. 

resident manager) week of July 211 the 10 
Stock Co. will be seen In "Uorti Tliorne. 
"Graustark" drew well last weeek. 

LtSioi.N Paiik (Wor. Consol. SI. Ity. Co.. 

lagera).— Week of 27. J. W. OOlinUh » Co. 

Last wcck 

visit tny provincial menus with "His nouse n. Moan, jam .r. ixranraj, «*■ ',«"""• drew good business. Vaudevllc and motion ,,,,.,,,„,„» —Week of "7 J W. Ooiinun's Co. ,i,, cunieilv Jugglci •: ■ oe Moiiuiinn aim jom- 

hi Order,'.' but 1 shall return to this theatre Henry Milton, Rlsu ltyun, Chas.Bowe.-s. v , ctHre \, this week. '" '| ^r^n,« "The Mascot " last wJck ," ,'d Xililer* . Rl n -Inglug ad : up. thn 

early la November to produce an adaptation Kloanor Kent Alice flosmer nnd Hole u Mkntio.n.— J. W. Gormans diving horses, ."' .jXif Trov. N V.'' 'ASSw ^rWlri^bWae^ m,,'ck I rolhiW, in a high class athletic 

by Cosmo Gordon Lennox of 'Le Voleur,' Hayes. Adolphc Mayer will manage the pro- K | u _ and y uet . I)f Iir e the special feature at ' wimtv i'itv IF li llitclow. miiiiagerl. -- ,, , 

called 'The Thief,' In which I nln glad to dtletlon. 

"Hie perpetrations, one of wblcn went to ., IK | cnnipuny. Grlgoiati * Aeriui ; unci, „ccnorv, ^wlilcti In all in**-, Is being put in ],„| ra ii „„ „r ruuiniiM actors and actrcssen. 

ae exlcnt of frlglitcnlng un occupant of n t ;„, t m. Homnn's 'A Mght With tlm loots H , , (iwm , Hobeits. stage maiiRger of ,,., second nnd Insi week of Miss Lofttis' 

i«x. which avus. of course, a piece of mock (S ei-ond week). Clifford and llurke. Work ami „ |0 | lm „| re Theatre. Mr. Molloy Is a local c^Hitcuietil beitltis 2H pUving "Mm. Dam'* 

"in. Plin dancing by the lady Austin was Uweri j^ Corrlllo, the oregsous. Mlldrnl |)OV U|) A 1)(lB | luJ 1nm . u , X p, r |<,i,cc In tbeul- |>,frence." The crowd* that have flocked to 

" * delightful description, and characterized Klorn, Juuies and Prior. Mr. and Mrs. I,. «. ,.| t : a |s, while Mr. I'orllc Is an old limid In the , j )tH via ,. v „f amusement have km Ihe 

riuiii, «i,u,'« «,... . ..».. «-• — — .- -■ 

Hussey,' - ind newest motloa picture*. 

Pw.'.ia: tC. II. .W'aldron. mlniagcr). — The 
stock burlesque company Is seen 111 two nvv 
skits this wis-k. I'roriilneiii In the fimiuakliig 
uru: Tlioma* F. Thomas. John Black, James 

by a pleasing llghtsomeness. 

Hie giicen of Knglnnd has been graciously 
|aeiiscd,to accept fi-om the Zauclgs. who ai-c 
now playing a return engagement at the Al- 
liaialira. a copy of their recently published 
Jjork, "Two Mind* " 
Thought." . After 
lie Albauibra, the _. 
tour of the seashores, 
sure to be good. 

I understand that 
vnigbtoiiw are so p" 
• »s in the States ium h 

iiu-k ail n lc | r time In this country and re- GhmUeid veutrllouulst ; Germafi Ro'-ft. musical 
ln «ln In the States for at least. five years, marvel; May Martin. Albino wonder: Mas- 
yearly all the English vaudeville performers 80t i a uatoinlca| wonder : Neal Johnson, bag 
'ire anxious to viatt America, now that the puncher, and Trjxle and her pythons. In 
"»' I'ok is s6 good. the theatre Col. White presents tlm Minstrel 

"alter C. Kelly made his London Bppear- Mnlils. Introducing V!olc|te Dale. Minnie 

)lls pint 
largest of Ihe season. 

Wbmt llniiiitis (Obert k Shaefer, 
tnunuger*). — The new slur, Thills Magraite, 
WW!;* at his home In this city. He will be milJ ,. " itvr ,| rHl , u >p,,aruiice at this ■resort SI, 
wllh "Tlio Boys of Co. B" again this aeunon. j, ■•j at ||,. i . Mcrcdllh," well supported by On 

business The Cull! Bros.' Show* will ex 

hlblt In this city July :tl Ilk-hard Gar 

rick, a local boy, bus l*".'ii spending n few 

X'otkm.— Manager Frnuk.ll. Trultman will 
oih-u the regular season ul Ihe New Star, 
Aug. X wllh The Chinnpagtle t,lrl*. .. ,-■ 
Muimger Ju*. A. Illglcr 6|icns the Al hunibia 
ill Willi the U Soil!. Slock Co., of »%*i 

iii-esenlliig "The Olrl question." White 

lluirnlo's lliillaii Village continues til Won- 
'li'rlnud, ami lli'llslec/l's Mlllta.y hand ul 
Pubst I'nrk It l* a tin on need Hint tin; 

luging Illustrated songs, In connection wllh ,,rokruniini 
Ihepard's moving iilctnre* at the Fuiplre, Is ranged, an 

olio In 


making a big hit at each performance, 

' kind wli 

Sirrlngfleld.— At the Court Square <D. The lint <•■ <»_,■■. 
O. Gllinore, maiiagcr) Dockatader's MlnslrclM Colonial Septette, the Three Itcuiirdos. „i K ,na ll. will be .under he iiiiiib ',« » 
lulv 27. afternoon and evening: Hunter- Ferry, the frog man : Itutb Henderson, llert. (/,||,,|y. mid will p|ny all of Ihe Lnsteru 

"tchard," l.nwlln. Mclntyre anil Leluml, Felix Adler. W | I burlcsiitie shows. 


■WllmiiiBloii^-At the , tirund qp'r* 
nouse Galnor's moving plctui'ca ami lllns- 
truted songs continue lo attract paying busi- 
ness despite the wurni woathar. 

binuvKSTii WaIiu TitBA-rtiK.— Irene Meyer's 
Stock Co. in repertory. 

I ,.■>■, «■ ' l/l-BK , "A I'U' " Ae'r'MS IbB 

C'ontlneat" will be presented Atuj. 5-T, 



August 3. 



The Wat of in kind ever produced. A million mwi lmar« or lea.), every one a "Skreeni." Gel it "Ktviek," ll's Ihe one «1»( Mt of.»Tln- Maid and Hie Millionaire" nil IUf Madiaon Square H«or, u , t 

'.' ■ «uumi»r. < nplr. now ready. Send programme unless wt know yon. 

3Tt1y St., N. 







200 East 14th SI. J. V. 






Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Ope>r» on 

• rll I 

For it« Tsnlli Season to the Theatrical Profession, 
under the same ownership and management 

WS. Tafitiij HOUSE, Howard ana oomenet 
h'.a., Boston, vicinity of all vaudeville tbeatrer 
A boat M jglfc. EMILY BANNWART, Prop. 


Waliaoii Ave.! 

*0.00 per Week. 

TRAFALGAR, 116-117 E. 14, N. Y.. nr. Keith's 

Aoad. of Music, Dewey. Room* at.. Tea., |1, 
tlJOday; atAOtoasweek. W.D.HAMS10AN,Prop. 

Wabush * Madison, CHICAGO, 
1.. \V. Carlton, l'rop. SirlcUy 
American Flan. $a-I5 single. 
»7-13 Double. Vaudeville patronage Invited. 

PALACE HOTEL, 101 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
European, »3.50 per week: with private, bath, 17. 
Tnrkith Bath. too. H. B. HCafFHKEY. Prop. 


NEW OPERA HOUSE Will lie open Sept. il 
at HARTFORD, ARK. Population 14.000, with 1 ,000 
to draw from. Seating capacity, coo. I want a 
Klrat class Show to open with, .season 1WT-8. 

II. R. DAVID, Manager, Box 45, Hartford, Ark. 

Ark. Mew house, new acenerv. largest Opera 
limine between Memphis and UitleRock. Seats WO; 
6JM0 population. 10,000 people to draw from. Muln 
hue of Cotton Belt Railroad and M. O..P. R. R. 
8. W. JJOARDMAN, Manager. 

money maker. 1,000 OTHERS, CHEAP. SLOAN 
NOVELTY CO., Station S, Philadelphia, Pa. 

41 rat /., Pa„ Fair, Aug. 20 to 23, 1907. Term* reason- 
able, free privilege to Ferris wheel, miniature 
nillroad or anv Dry! cloga attraction. PROF. 
HARRY SMITH, Sec. Oram, Dauphin Co., Pa. 


for any Instrument or number of Instruments. 
Songa.words and music, sketches, etc. Send stamp. 
OHAS. L. LEWIS, 429 Richmond St., Cincinnati, 0. 

BAN JOS— The World's fluest. The Celebrated 

Wnyte Laydie. Catalogs and naif-Tones or 96 
Artista Free. THE A. 0. FAIRBANKS CO., M 
Hudbnry St.. Beaton. Mass. 

WANTED, AGENTS-Legltimate suhstltute 
for slot machines, patented. Sella on sight for f 1. 
ParUouhirK. OI81IA CO., Anderson, Indiana. 


Siopyri g h tod) , 3 dl fferen t hooks. 10c . All kt n da act. 
OOTHKT'N SCHOOL. 887 N. 12th St.. Phil*., Pa. 

•llOO for all ibis: 60 gaga, 10 tor 10c, or all 45c. 1 
10 fanny wants and ads., 100.: « comic hotel rules, 
A comic epitaphs, lor.; recitation, "He's Ne'er 
forgoj," 10 lines, 10c; gaglnt recitation, 48 Hues, 
vac.; talking turn, straight and comedian, use.; 3 
)»rodles, 5 gags with eacJt one, 2.'k<. Sold in lots to 
-ult, or everything for SI. Other stair. List for 
Htanip, or free with order. SkeUihes, etc., Worrier. 
Keferenoes and price for stamp. Mary K. P. 
Th ayer , sum lirond at. , Prov ., R. I. 


NOVELTY ACT, that doubles organ: SKETCH 
cut No. 4 company for man with capital. 

X. W, WITrMAN, 8U Ciond, Minn. 

WANTED— Experienced Medicine People, Co- 
medians, Sketch Teams, Musical People and Acro- 
bats. Slate all In first. Weekly sularv every Sun- 
day. Open Aug. at, References, Royal Bank of 
Canada, City. No ticket* to stranger*. Address 
Dr. P. L. HERMANN, Box 21u, Halifax, N. S. 

PA— A short, easy trip rrom Boston by water. 
Joe Maoknlcle, Tom Fanning, Chas. HurbBnks, 
write. Would also ilka lo hear from Picture Ma- 
chi ne Man. 


BUSINESS PROPERTY oil one of the liuslost 
ntreets lu Jersey City. Property consists of idol 
£0X37, with brick bouse, moving picture theatre 
and penuy arcade. Theatre ami stearic are tiow. 
July, showing a weekly profit of firs) and over, nnd 
from October to May $wto a week and o\ er. Rents 
from proiierly, $4,sou a year, owuer wishes 10 
elear,up his holdings on acconnl of 111 health. 
Place can lie seen running. This Is absolutely the 
best business proposition of the year. Principals 
unly,. addros* II. C. It., care CLIPPER. 

FOR SAI.E-Brand new outfit 00x90 Baker 
A Looks-nod Tent, Poles, Stakes, Scedory, Blues, 
Koserves, Prop. Trunks. Everything for Rep. show. 
Slckne«. Any reasonable cash otfer. 

, . «. GRAHAM, Salem, III. 

A-Top New York and 

Criterion theatres, 

V&SX&tL. FOLLIES OF 1907. 

All the Stars: Emma Cams, Grace La Rue, Lillian 
Lee, Grace l.elgh, Ohas.J. Ross, nickel. A- Wal?on, 
Dave Lewis, Frank Mavne.Baker A Mardey .Tempest 
and Sunshine. Mile. Da i zi, and SO Anna Held girls. 




• IN 



Chii. F. McCarthy with ). P. Sullivan i Co, 
DawMii, Mack « Co. Harry Bottar « Co. 

Thi Uaplneott*. Annie Bermtiln. 

Mr. and Mr*. Dick Tricty. Zarrell Bros. ■ 
Nat S. Jironio. C racist Trio. 

Carral It Clark. Th> Vltagraah - • Trmlscop a 

> tV»Xf 


Of Hlsli Claas Vawdevllle Tkeatrea. 
All Applications for Time Must Be Addressed 
to <.'. E. BRAY, Booking Manager, 

Majestic Theatre Building, Chicago, I1L 

Huber's \T Museum 

WANTED, for opening, Aug. 6, and after, 

ATTRACTIONS for Curio Halls and Theatre 

Address J. H. ANDERSON, Mgr. 


47 W. 2«th ST., NEW YORK. 

Dare Devi 1 Selireyer. 

_^ Again The Sensation of Eorope. 





















i. At the Elysee Palace. 

2. The Chamber of President Fal- 


3. The room of King Eilward.. 

4. Good Night. 

5. The Dream. 

6. Calais and Dover. 

7. The Rulers at Work. 
h. France and England. 

9. The Tunnel; English Side. 
10. Visit of the .King. 


11. The French Side of the Tunnel. 

12. The Electric Drills. 

13. Visit of the President. 

14. The Point of Junction. 

15. The Explosion. 

16. Enthusiasm ! 

17. The First Train. 

18. The Train at Dover. 
10, Charing Cross Station, I-ondon. 

20. The Royal Cortege. 

21. The Salvation Army. 

PRICE, $120 

22. The Outrider Trottde and the Lord 

Mayor's Coachman. 

23. The End of the Dreiiin. 

24. Collision ! 
25/llie Catastrophe. 
20. The Awakening. 

27; Exchange of Impressions. 

28. The Engineer with the Plan of the 


29. Cet Out! 

30. •Nreakfasi is in Order. 


12 CENT 









(iood character Woman, .".ft.titi. or over: Juvenile 
Woman, young mid handsome, for some Heavies 
also. Other Useful People, write; can place yon 
later on. No time to correspond. Same a rea- 
sonable salary and l>e ready to jon on receipt of 
wire. . Do not ask for fare unless I know you or 
yon can ^glve references. Just"stnng." Salarv 
absolutely sure even Monday. This lift Myrkl'e 
.t Harder Co. Misrepresentation means dis- 
missal at the rehearsal. Address 

. Highland Park Stock Oa, York, Pa; 



Bank Floor, Mni-lne IIIilc., Lake and 

La SaUe Sis., 

< II It AGO, ILL. 


1431 Broadway, NEW 'YORK. 


To the lirsl 10 orders for 3-sheeta or 
slandx received In August, we offer 
blocks. Desk room free to mana- 
gers. Book your show from Lnding- 
tnn, the popular .Summer resort city. 
Write for prices. 
LUCE HTHO. CO.. Lodlngton, Hleh. 


Cornet to Doable Stage, 

Snare Drummer to Double Stage. 

Must Join at once. OTHERS, WRITE. Address 
C. S. PRIMROSE, I. a Crosse, Wisconsin. 


Theatrical Properties 


Fireproof, light in weight and 


We reproduce anything and everything used on 
the stage in most artistic and lifelike manner. 

High Art Papier lache Co., 

jj West Sid St., Sew York. Phone, ,i!W6 Oramercr . 
F O R 



Character Woman, soulirette Woman, Man for 
Heavies, Man for Juvenile leads. Other Useful 
I'eople, write, we never miss a salary dav. Wire 
your lowest. We pay all. Balance of Hummer 
and all Winter. BURTON 4 McM.UiON STOCK 
CO., Lawrenceville, 111., week of Au g. <;■ 


Vaudeville »iiow. Travel on private 
far.. Answer BONHF.l H BROS., 

Trinidad, Colorado. 




Casino Tli eat re and Concert flail. 

T. VIQNOLA, 7ft Hamilton St.. Albany, S. T. 


People In All Lilies 


Send urograms, pluitos, etc., and state very low- 
est salary, Ural feller. Pay your own. We pay 
traiisp. after jolulng. ANo want I'lano I'layor 
No. '.M2 N". urcone SC, llaltimore. Md. 

r.. Well oxpertooood, A. K. of U n slnglty tui llnuor 
ortohaori>, good ref. Opera house preC> William 
C, Thoma«, lieu. Del., Minneapolis Minn. 

condition. Have- boon used some, tun most of 
them good as new. Will if sold at very low nrloe. 
For particular* address JOSEPH GLOVER, 
»7 Mill Si., 81. Marys, Pa. 

AT LIBERTY— John and Clara Baldwin, 
Comedy Sketch Team. Do Single Dutch, Irish, 
SlUy Kid, Black Pace, Singing and .Dancing Spo- 
dailies and do -Double*, friends,' wrlre niini. 
John Raid win, Oakland, Md.. rare of lie \VnlrTs 

ivte r>, 

All' Ronml Comedian and Silent Man. Change 

week. No Hckeis. Money sure. Slate all In llrxt. 

F. S. DE VERK, Spring Water, I.iv. Co., N. V. 


Illustrated Songs. Wardrolie modern, Al. Ticket 
Join on wire. Age, 20 years. II. W. COOPER, 

Beaver Dam, Ohio Co., Kentuck v 

Your Act is Not Complete Without 

Under the Tropical Moon. 

By C.;P. MCDONALD. The Great Jangle Song, by PERCY WKMlli n. 


A Most BeaaUfnl Ballad. SLIDES, 8.5.00 PER SET. 


Rub* gong, the Best of their Kind. I Fine March Song. 


A Fine Conversation Song by SILVER * DE HAVF.V. 


The Greatest Enaemble Number on the Market. 

Our Chicago ofllces occupy the entire main door— <i,ooo srinare fcet^ot.ilte Marine Bldg., more"."* 
space than any other puniisher of popular music in the country, enahllng us lo rehear-* an entire 
yoSrs^^ if convenient, kindly^l 

VICTOR KBBMER CO., 152 Lake St., Chicago. 



1'i.ii «lliiA!i'. l ?;J?" s, ii Wol ?. n !l, fo '! lMll »' ,<,fi «' Summer and' ne» Bcasoii. send photo and programmei 
nm particulars. Also Al Pianist, a long season to right, people. \o TlCKFrrs. 
P. H. 9HJRBAY, MGR., Hangor, Me- 


Week stands. Pay own. Stote lowest, other 
lntiRloians write. F. A. CHURCH, Room Ml. 
Knickerbocker Theatre Building. N. Y. C. 

At Liberty, for Medicine or Vaudeville Slow, 

Sketch Team, Singles and Doubles, Six Novelty 
Aots. Both work any place In ucts. Add. THE 
DILI.MAN'S, Stoux Falls, (ien. Del., South Dakota. 


Sober and Reliable Performers: Change for one 

week, (loodealaryandgoodlrcatnienl. Noilruuk«. 

FONDA COMEDY CO. , tlalelta, Out., Canad a. 


Dolgevllle, N. V. (iood town for good shows, five 
factories. T. E. BOBBINS. Mgr- 


RonArl rA* haI.«»..i u.-j ■ .... . . ~_ . __ ..a a I. 

-TEsysr. , - i s:jM i . M -s nri . a .y. a »<?.- is." 10 o'clock a 

tSSS^SSSSSSn3 *SB and 8 \SSS &SE SS «%< people, a* 

Mosey, to put out a Small Show with me. Chance 
for clever amateur. W. II. PECK, P. 0. Box ;ai 
New Hoehelle, N. V. 


EUGENE J. WATT. Mnncie. jg* 


Wanted, Lady or Gent With Some BURK'S UNCLE TOM'S 

Money, to put out a Small Show with me. Chanco ' snajnjnBnj ■ \S I f I \J 


Would like partner with vaudeville act. 


flndlay, Ohio* 

wio> Trom'ionS "m ti^H™ i 0T Un ,r kR sn<1 "««»•>• -l«o m»n for Rarltone In First Rand, T£ 
n Manage aSd Direct S£J '^A.counitous season to good people. WantaCood General AcM 

C. K. BEYEHLE, Llncola, S' 1 "' 





— -= "When the Moon Plays Peek-aboo with You," "Pleasant Dreams, 
aSS Good Night." "Would You Leave Me?" "Ain't It Foolish to Worry?" 



1431-1433 BROADWAY, NEW 


jttdwllle Rome Cist 

Tlala lint 1* made up ■» nearly ac- 
curate aa It l« po»»ll>le to make a lilt 
€1 f vnmlevllle Bookings. I'o In.nre In- 
sertion in this department the name 
it the theatre or nark, aa well aa the 
city or town, MtmT accompany each 
hnuklnu aent m. , 

Abbott Sisters, Oolllos Garden, Colnrohus, G.,29-3. 
Aces (3). Mmj FoDli rtn rjSP > wl3 > 2s; '; B '* w ' 

Racine, 5-10. ■ ■ 

Adlrt Veils, Fontaine Ferry Part. tanlsvllle, 20-3. 
Adjrle' andLlons. Vanity Feir Park, ProTldenrc, 

K ■!., 29-3; lima Pnrt, Johnstown. P».. 6-17. 
Adler. Flo, A. Boy, Hopkins' Part, Memphis, 

Tenn.. nrs*. 
AdcJIa, ta. Variety, Term Houte, Ind., 29-10. 
»dim« E- Klrtc, & Co., Auditorium, Norfolk, 

Adam's, Musical, Coney Island, dBolonall, 20 3. 
QB A Livingston, Lyric, So. MeAliester, i. T., 

29-3.- ■ ■ 
Aborn & Baxter, Park, .Vol I dp, 111.. 29-3. 
Alpha Trio, Hook Lake Park, Woonioeket, B. I., 

Alexander A Scott. Electric Park, Baltimore, 29- 

.1: Idlewood Park, Klchmond, Va.. 5-10. 
Mvln Bros., taltemont Park, Altoona, Pa., 29- 

.1: Oakland Park, Groenshurg, 5-10. 
Allen; Edgor, & Co., 23d Street. K. Y. O.. 20-3. 
Atoluc -Troupe, BIJou, Superior. Wis., 29-3; 

Unique. .Mlnnonpolis, Minn., S-10. 
Althns <.">). Pnrker Amns. Co. 
Allmon. Joe 8., Calgary. Alliertn. Can., 29-3. 
A llmiti. •!"!»*.. Park, Mineral Well*. Ter., 20-3. 
Aldo ft Vannerson, Clreo Bell, Mexico City, Mexico, 

Almoot A Dnmont, Albambro, N. T. C, 20-3. 
Albioes, Toe, Alrdome. Bedford, Ind., 29-3; La- 

soon, Indlow, Ky., 5-10. 
Arcera. Ponce De leon Park, Atlanta, Oa., 20- 

3; Ocean View Port. Norfolk. Va.. 6-ln. 
Amcrlciia- Comedy Four, Sheas, Buffalo, N. Y., 

Amerlron- Trumpeters (4), Park, Wheeling, W. 

Va.. 28-3. 
American Newslmys" Quartette, Chester Park, 

r.lnclnall. 29-3; takeylcw Park, Terre Haine, 

Ind., 4 10. 
American ladles' Qnnrlctte, Henderson's, Coney 

Island, N. V.. 29-:'.. 
Antrim & Peters, BIJon, Dnlulh, Mian., 29-3; 

Fcmily, Butte, Mon., 12-17. 
Anderson 4: Oolnes, Pari;, Manchester, V. FT., 29- 

3: Keith's, Cleveland. 0., 1 10. 
Appleby, K. ' J.. Bijoii, Lansing. Mlrh., 20-3; 

Jackson, Sio. 
An-lale'H Animals. Tumbling Run Park, Pntls- 

vtlle. Pn., 20-3; Kclth'R, Phlla.. 010. 
Arlington ''omeily Four, k'nrm. Toledo, O., 20-S. 
Armond. Grace, Rainbow Hoof Canlen. Strealor, 

III.. 20-3; BIJou. Anderson. Ind., 5-10. 
Armst/ong-Bsker 'I'rotipe. Xnvolty, Denver, 20-3. 
Armstrong A Clark, Majestic, Chicago, 5-10. 
Ardells, The, Forepaugh A Sells Bros. 1 Circus. 
Arncrg ft Wagner. Steeplechase Pier, Atlantic 

City. X..J., 20-3. 
Ar.1o.ft-F.ddo. takemnnt Park. Altoona. Pa., tO-il. 
AMrellan, The, Proctor's, Xewark, N'. J.. 29- 

Ang. 3. ' * 

Austin SlHtere, Melronolls, X. Y. C, 29-3. 
Arery & Hort< Morrison's, Hockaway Beach. N. 

V., 20-3. ' 
Arery A Pearl, 'White City, Dayton, O., 29-3; 

(trend. Marlon, Ind.. 5-10. 
Aroint?. Musical (4). Victoria. X. Y. C, 29-8. 
Arnn Comedy Four, Morrison's. Rockaway Beach, 

Jf. V.. 29-3. 
nariln, l>'otir, JIusIc Hall. Brighton Beach, N. 

V,' 28-3. ' 
Barry * 'woolford. Park. Chatlanoogn, Tenn.. 

Ba riling, Anita. Orphenm, Los Angeles, 20-3. 
llaroevs (3), Webster Park, La Salle. III., 20-10. 
U.iltim (4), Chestnut Street O. 14., Phlla., 29-1!. 
Brttemnp, Tom. A. & 8.. Boston. 20-S. 
Bates Mimical Trio, Electric Park, Xewark, N. 

i., 20-3. ■ 
names. Al. BIJou. Winnipeg, Man., 20-0; BIJod, 

Oitlarh,- 5-10. 
Bates A Ernest. Lake Ctmuncey Park. Westboro, 

Mass.. 29-3; Central Park, Doycr, X. H., 9-10. 
Bates, r«nie w.,' Grand, lrnlontown, Po., 29-8; 

Sanatogn Park, potlslowu. o-lO. 
Pamolil'si Bogs and Monkeys, Victoria, N. T. 0„ 

20 3. — 
Baadnr-titi Velle Trio. Wenona Beach, Bay City, 

Mich., 29-3. 
Itarlotv A Nicholson, North Arenue, Chicago, 

Harlows, Breakaway, r.nna Park, Buffalo, N. T., 

20-S. . 
nnlser*. The, Majestic, Chicago, 20-S; O. H., 

Chicago, 0-10. 
narton ft Osman. Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., 20-3. 
llartolls, The. White City, Worcester, Mass., 

Harass & Stella, Orescent Park. PrOTdence, B. 

l..'S-10.. ' 
Bamells, The, . Majestic. Plttsbnrg. 29-3; TVheel- 

ln«; W. Va., 6-10. 
Bstile-Hhlp r'ntir, L'ndenvood's O. H., Btllwlnle, 

Mich.. 29-4, 
IlBnls ft 'Newton, Cascade Park. New Castle, Po., 

■20C3; Rnrfc Springs Park. K. r.lfernool, O.. 5-10. 
Bfwller A Alaye, Park. Brldgelnn. K. 4., S-10. 
Bella; W. H-, Iteplogel. Klttnnlng. Pa., 29-3. 
Bennett; Jaek. Coney Island, Clnclnnnll. 201!. 
Bell A Washhnrn, I.nna Park. BurTnln. 20-3. 
Bell, Crystal, Crystal. Marlon. Ind., 5-10. 
Bedell Bros., Pnlr. lIolwkcD. 14. J.. 20-3. 
Bolasen, Vera. A. A S., Boston. 29-3. A Weston, Congress. Spring Pnrk, Sara- 
toga.- N. Y.; 29-3; Fair Ha»an IMrt, lloehes- 

l»r,.hV10. ^ • 
Berry ft Berry. . Farm, Tolono. 0., 29-3. 
Bernstein, Annie. I»aatnr'». S. V. C, 20-3. 
Beattlea, The,- Sine's. Kokomo, Ind., 20-3 ; Crys- 
tal.. Frankfort, 5-10. 
Bnlouln Arotw (R), O. H., Chleago, 20-3. 
Bfllrlalre Bros., Freebody l'ark, Newport, B. I., 
„ 2»-.'V; USth Street. N. V. C B-10. 
Berrae'a Circus, Sheedy's. Newport, B. I., 29-8. 
Benedict. Lew. A. A 9., Boston, 20-3. 
Beach, Virginia,. Peoria, 1)1., 20-3. 
Bernar, flreat, Orpbeum. Los Angeles, flal., 20-3. 
liir.ney A Chapman. Garden, Memphis, Tenn., 20- 

•10i- ■• - • • 
Bill. Bicycle, BIJou. Dickinson, N. Dak., 5-10; 

Bl.lou, Bismarck. 12-17. 
BIsaeH -ft Hcott, BIJnn, Kalamiaoo. Mich., 29-3. ■ 
Blalicbe, Belle. Keith's. Phlla., 29-3. 
BltHlUg.Hr. A Mr*.. New Bedford. Mass., 29-S. 
Blond Typewriters, The, Temple. Detroit. 29-8. 
Blaihphln A Hehr. Star. Atlanta. On., 29-10. 
Blkrk Hmsnrs (14), Hippodrome, London, Rug., 

KiS 3i. 

BUrnt. Silo. Boss Pork. Blngbamton. N. V., 20-8. 
Kloiidcll, CO.. A Co., Voting's Pier, Atlantic City, 

Bowen Brre., Ornherrm, Creenyllle, 0., 20-3; 

_ Cbllllcdthc. 5- 10. 

Bowers, Freil v.. Music Hall, Brighton Beach, 

_ N. t., 29 3. 

Bowers, Walters, A Crooker, Orphenm, Pall Lake 

Pitt, .V'. 5-17. 
Bprdf raffr. -Col. GaEtoa, Lytic, Terre Hante, Ind., 

gotter,' Harry, A Co.. Pastor's. N. T. C, 29-3. 

Bootblack Quartette. O. H.. Chicago. 29-3. 

BoltrKrs. Tlte, Luna Pork. Bor7ak>. 20-3. 

Brjad Ulsters. Talaqnega Park. Attlehom, Mass., 

_ ?9,a. 

Brosri,-. MarT Ann, K. A P., Jersey City, M. J., 


Musical, A. A 8., Boston, 20 3. 

Bryant A Sarllle, Salem Willows, Salem. Mnss., 

20-3; Magnolia Park. Ply month, D-10. 
Bradley A Davis, Grand. Relllngham, Wash., 29- 

3; Ornhettm, Vancoiucr. B. C. R-IO. 
Brooks A Clark, BIJou. Dalnth. Minn.. 203: 

BIJnn, Superior. Wis.. 5-10. 
Brown, John Vincent, Nlnewa Pnrk, Pern. III.. 

Brooks A Jeanetle. Hoag lake, Wnnosoctet, It, I., 

SD-3; Webster. Mass.. 5-10. 
Broadway Quartette, Madison Square Hoof Gar- 
den, N. Y. C. 20-10. 
Brlndamaur, I'nclld Avenne Gardens, Cleteland, 

Brandon, Belle, Luna Park, BafTaln, N. T., 29 -3 ; 

r.rlf, Pa., 5-10. 
Brooks, Jeanne, take, Michigan Part, Mi^kegno, 

Mich.. 2S-3. 
Bradfonls, The. Keith's. Phlla.. 20-3. 
Brunettes, Cycling, Rirerslde Park, Bangnr, Me., 

Brooks ft. Vedder, Pnntaces. Tncomn, Wash., 20"- 

Bnsch. Hose, Atlantic Harden. N. Y. C. 20-3. 
Bnsdi Family, Anslln, Tex., 20-.".; (lolvestoti, 0-10 
Burkes, Juggling, Victoria, N. Y. C, 29-3; AI- 

hamhra, N. Y. 0., 5-10. 
Bnrke, John P., Flood's Park, Baltimore, 20-10. 
Burns. Harry, Wclland, Cumberland, Md., 29-3; 

Swisher's. Morgantnwn, W. Va., 5-10. 
Bcrton A Burton. New Casino. Long Branch, X. 

J.. 20-3. 
Bnms-.Morrla, A Co.. SnlllTon A Consldlie Clr- 

Bnrke A McAwy, Metropolis. X. Y. C, 20-3. 
Burton, Chas. CI., Crystal, ilenosha, Wis., 2010. 
Bush A Elliott, Lyric, Don? I lie, 111., 29-3; 

Celeron Park. Jamestown, N. Y„ 5-10. 
Burkes, The. Atlantic Garden, Atlantic City. 

N. J., 20-3. 
Bnrke A llrllne, Forest Casino, Rocky Point, B. 

1.. 5-10. 
Bnrdette. Madeline, Glen Dnyen Park, Roches- 
ter, N. Y., 29-3. 
Bnctpye Trio, Fair, Klllarney, Man., 20-3. 
Buckley, Snm, Star. Altoona, Pa., SM, 
Bnc'.-leys. WnslPal, Cheyennp. Wyo.. 20-3; PueMo, 

Colo., 5- 10. 
Byron, .las.. Bijon, Kalamazoo. Mich.. 20-3. 
Brrons, Musical. Orphenm. San I 'ran., t'a!., 28-2. 
Cnrlntla, Young's Pier. Atlanlle Oily, N. J„ SO-3. 
Cosails, Two and a Half. I.yrle, Houston, Tex., 

Callahan A Smith, Union Sqnnre, N. Y. C, 20-S. 
Carrnys, l*s. Family, Canal Dover. O., 20-3. 
Carroll. Netlle. Fnrenangh & Sella Circus. 
Cates. Poor Musical. G. O. H., PlltBhurts, 20-3. 
Carrllln, 1», Keith's. Boston, 20-3. 
Carroll ft. Clarke. Pastor's, N. Y. C., 29-3. 
Carmen, Belle. A John Zlmmer, fake Nlpmne, 

Mllfnnl, Mass.. 20-3; Bmnkplde, Arlinl, ,V10. 
Callahrn, J.-ts. A., Wowlerland, Revere Beach, 

Boston. 20-10, 
Camphell A Jones, Touring F^igland. 20-Atlg. 21. 
Campbell A Brady, North Ave., Chicago, 20-3. 
Castanos, The. Bell, Oakland, Cnl„ 29-3; Na- 
tional, San Fran., 5-11. 
Canaille Trio, L'ulon Square, X. Y. C, 29-3. 
Cc.sad A De Verne, Broadway, Mlddletown, 0„ 

Carver A Pollard, Majestic Park, Ln Salle, III., 

2S-3; C. O. II., Chicago, 5-10. 
Carroll, Jna.. A. A S., Boston, 29-3. 
Carroll A Baker, White Oily. Worcester, Mass., 

Campbell A Hall. Majestic, Chicago, 20-3. 
Carroll, Joe, O. II., Chicago, 20-8. 
Caldera. A. K.. West End Park, Xew Orleans. 

La., 28-3. 
Casey A Craney, Carnival Park, Kansas City, 

Mo., 20-3; Alton, III., 4-10. 
Carletnn, Al., Majestic, Chicago, 20-3. 
Cbapin, BenJ.. & Co.. Orpheum. l.os Angeles, Oal., 

Crlnko A Co., Rarnona. Grand Rnplds, Mich., 20 .".. 
Cliatham Sisters, Swisher's 0. IL.Morganlown. 

W. Va., 20-3; Pavilion, Charleston, 5-10. 
Cbenowltz A Ferran, Star, Altontta, Pa., 20-S. 
Olermonto, Frank A Etta, Hippodrome, London. 

29 Aug. 31. 
Clarke A Temple, Majestic, Stroator. 111.. 20-3; 

BIJou, Racine. Wis., 5-10. 
Clark. John P., Roof Garden, Lancaster. Pa.. 20-8. 
Clifford A Burke, Keith's, Kenton, 20-8. 
Clark, Gcorglnna. Lo* Angeles, Cal., 20-8. 
Clinton Sisters, Acme. Norfolk, Va.. 20-3. 
Clllo A Sylvester, Hollynood Park. Baltimore, 

20-3: SheHpot Park, Wilmington. Del.. 5-10. 
Clark A Duncan. BIJnn, Marinette. Wis., 20-3. 
Clark. Marie, Collins Garden, Onliiiubus. 0„ 20-3. 
Clarke. Eddie, A Winning Widows. 23d Street, 

K. V. C, 20-8. 
Clinton, Chris., Theatorltim, Bennington, Vt.. 20- 

Corbrcy Bros., 23d Street, N. Y. C, 20-3. 
Cotton, Lola, Celoron Park, Jamestown, N. Y., 

Constantino Slaters, Majestic, Chicago, 29-3. 
Corro A Curro, Star. Wilklnsburg, Pa., 29-8. 
Oonrtlelah, Wm.. A Co., Keith's, Boston, 29-3. 
CoggshnTl. Jay B., Chicago. 28-10. 
Collins, Tom A Anna, Tbeatorlum, Kenton, O., 

Cook, Joe, A Bro.. 125th Street, X. Y. C. 20-3: 

K. A P.. Jersey City, K. J., 5-10. 
Cooksnn, Carl, Riverside Pnrk, Wotervllle, Me.. 

-20-3; Cascade Park, Bangor. 5-10. 
Comrades (4), Henderson's, Coney island, N. Y., 

Colbrs. The, BIJou. Dnlulh. Minn.. 20-2. 
Coglilnn. Rose. A Co.. Majestic, Chicago. 20-3. 
ColllnR A Hart, Victoria, N. V. C, 20.3. 
Cornell, Jos. J., Morrison's, Rnekaway Bench, 

N. Y.. 20-3. 
Coles. Musical. Emerson's Floating Paloee. 
tkitittim ft filllell. ilijon, Kalamamn, Mich., 20-3. 

Colonial Four, K. A P., .Terser City, N. J., 29-3. 
Collins A Collins, Island l'ark, Snnlmry, Pa., 

20-3; Island Park, linston, 5-10. 
Couroy, John & Mamie, l'ark. Alliance, O., 20-3 ; 

Fulrvlew Pnrk. Dayton, ."-10. 
Cowper. Jlramlp, Ottawa, Can., 20-3. 
Cook, Frank, A. A S.. Booloa. 21»-3. 
Colonial Septette, Ye, Fontaine Ferry Park, Louis- 
ville. 28-3. _ ..... _ 
Comrades (4), Henderson's, Coney bland, N. Y., 

Cooke. Carle. Ithaca, N. Y.. 293; Sarotogn. 5-10. 
Cooper A Robinson, Keith's, Cleveland, 29-3. 
Cnlburn A rend. Lafayette, Buffalo, 20-8. 
Crescent Trio, The. Proctor's. N. Y. 0.. 29-3. 
Crawford, Beesle, Majestic, Chicago. 20-8. 
Crandall, Harry A Co., 125th Street. N. Y. C, 

Crowley A Kllleen, White City, Worcester, Mass., 

Crawford A Manning, Delmllng's Boctnway 

Beach. X. Y., 20-8. 
Cram'ord A Gardner, Olympic, Springfield, 111.. 

Crelghtnn, John C, Brnadnay, Mlddletown, O., 

"Cremation." Union Snnare, N. Y. 0„ 29-8. 
Cren A Co.. Orpheum. Limn, C|., 203; Phillips. 

Richmond, Ind.. 0-10. 
Cnrson Sisters. Wonderland. Minneapolis, 29-3. 
Cuius, Musical (0), Euclid Avenue Gardens, 

Cleveland, 29-3. 
Cunningham A Smith, Renwlck Pork, Ithaca, N. 

Y., 29-8. 
Cnmmlngs. Thornton A Co., Grand, Fargo, N. 

D., O-IO. 
Daly A O'Brien, Falrrlew Park. Dayton, 0., 29- 

8;- Spring Grove Park, Spriimlleld. 4-10. 
Dartnodv. Plnehnrst Park, Blllerlrii, Mass.. 29-3. 
Davis, Will. Casino. N. Y. C 29-3. 
Dancing Dolls, Chestnut Street 0. H., Phlla., 

Dale A Rossi. Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 29-3. 
Davenport, Edsi, lilyut, Phils., 29-3. 

Dales, The, Pike, Canal Dov—. O., .■v-irt. 

"Darkettown Klupement." Heiidestin'*, Oonev Isl- 
and. X. V., 20-3. 

Dabl. Dorothy. Waldameer Park, Erie. Pa.. 2R-3; 
Avon Pork, Ynttegstown. O.. .1-10. 

Dawson, Mock A Co.. Pnstoc's. N. V. C, 20-3. 

Daly Comedy Three, Pt. Huron. Mich.. 20-3: 
llohlnsnn Park. Ft. Wayne, Ind.. tela, 

Dahl, Kailierlne, lletrntiolls. N. Y. O., 29-3. 

ivninn A Scott, Atlantic Garden, Atlantic City, 
N. J., 20-3. 

Ikvean. Hubert, BIJnu, Marinette, Wis.. 20-3. 

Demettal, Wni-, Lana Park. Chicago, 20-3. 

De Hylo, North Ave.. Chirac^, 29-3. 

D»^, Hoy. Dnwllng. I/ifansport. Ind., 2R-3. 

Demlng, J.w. Shea's. BuiTafo. 20-3. 

De Monde ft Dluamore. Pretimlarut, Irr.t.ron, O., 
20 3; Grand, llarnillnn, .'•-III. 

De Foys. Mnsienl. flralne.-d, Minn.. 29-3; Val- 
ley Clly, N. Dnk.. 510. 

Dclniar ft Dexter, Terre llnnte, Ind.. 29-10. 

nenplle SlUers. BIJou, .Phll'i., 20-S. 

De Velile A Zehui, While Clly, Worcester, Mass., 

Demlng, Joe, Shea's. Buffalo, N. Y.. 29-3 ; Shea's, 

Toronto, Can., 5-19. 
Delnvtr Bros., Pastor's, N. Y. C, 20-3. 
De Ilcnio A Lndtie, Altro Park, Albany, X. Y., 

Dees A Dees, Atlantic Garden, X. Y. C, 20-S. 
De Bedat, Marie. I.nkemont Park, Altoona. Pa.. 

29-3. A Dexter. Anselme Stock. Hay City, 

Mich., 20-10. 
De Inn, Mile., Limn Park, Buffalo. 20S. 
Demnoos, The, Atlantic Garden, Atlantic Clly, X. 

J..: 20-10. 
De Chnnt's Dogs, Keith's, Phlln.. 20-3. 
De Lorls, Jelin, A Co., Morrison's, Roeknway 

Beach, N. Y., 20-3. 
Dericke Bros., Clreo Bell, Mexico City, Mexico, 

2()-Dec. 30. 
De Chantal Twins, O. H., New Bedford, Mass., 

29-3; Lake Chauncey. Webster, 5- tfl. 
De But*. Count, A Bro., O. H., Chicago. 20-3. 
lllxcy. Henry E.. ft Co.. Shea's. BnfYnlo, 20-3. 
Dlion. Jos. (1.. Atlnnllc Garden. N. V. •'., 20-3. 
niton. Bowers A Dlvou, I.tikpsldo Park, Akron, 

it., 2S-3; Pork, Sprlncfleld, 5-10. 
Dixie Serenmlers. lli."ith Slreet, N. Y. C, 20.1. 
Diamond ft Smith, Temple, Detroit, 29-3. 
"Dixie I, and." Sans Sniicl, Chicago, L'l> ::. 
Dockrny. Will, l.ium Park, Johnstown, Pn., 20-3. 
Dolan-, Eddie, BIJnn, Iiulnth, Minn., 29:1. 
Doyle ft Granger. De Solo Pnrk, Rome, fla., 29-3. 
Dove A I*e. Idorn Park, Youngalonn, 0„ 29-3; 

Park, Johnstown, pa., 5-10. 
Drew, Dorothy. Olympia. Liverpool,, 29 3 ; 

Empire, Nottingham. S-10; Empire. Hackney, 

London, l2-17:,F>mplre. Hollowav, leandon, 10 

24: Empire, New Cross, itl.11. 
Dunree. Geo. A l.lhlrte. Lyric, PI. Worth, Tot., 

28-3; Lyric, Houston, K-IO. 
DulBn-ltedcny Troupe, Limn Pnrk, WsKhlnglon. D. 

C. 29-3. 
Ditnlap, Adeline, eKHh's, Phlla., 29-2. 
Dnpree, !<>na. A Sisters, Imperial, Coney Island. 

N. Y., 20-10. 
Duprex, Fred, BIJou, Winnipeg, Can., 29.1 ; Illlnit, 

Ituluth. Minn., 5-10. 
Dunetlln Troupe, Sohmer Park, .Montreal, Clin., 

Du Hols, Great. A Co., Brookshle Park, Alhol, 

Mass., 29-8; Woodland Pnrk, Ashland, Pa.. f>- 

Earle, Dorothy, Family, Bntte, Mont., 2S-8 : Wash- 
ington, Spokane, Wash., 5-10. 
Eorlc A Bart left. Pontoosnc Lnke. Pittsfleld. Mnss.. 

Earl Sisters, Pastor's, X. Y. 0., 29-3. 
Eckert A Berg, Wenona Bench Park, Bay City, 

Mich.. 29-3; Riverside Pnrk. Saginaw, 5-10. 
Edwards A Vaughn, Majestic, Pittsburg, Pa., 

20-3; Palace. Indiana, h-lfl. 
Rdirnrd'H School Boys unit Iris, Victoria, X. T. 0., 

29-3. - - 

Edwauakl, BIJnu, Kalamasoo, Mich., 20-3. 
Klwood, A Maggie Bentoo, Star, Wilkenshurg. 

Pa., 29-3; Star, Carnegie. 0-10. 
Elmore ft Bartlett, Peoria, III.. 20-8. 
Ellis. Joe,. Plarhursi Park, Worcester. Mass., 

20-3. . 
Elton Polo Troupe,' Proctor's, Xewark. X." J.. 

Electric Crickets, The, Music Hall, Brighton 

Beach, N. V., 29-3. 
Fltlnge, Julian, Music null, Brighton Beach, N, 

V.. 29-3. 
Ell Be Lair A Mlilott, Island Park, Eastou, Pa., 

Elliott A West, Orpheum, Martettn, 0., 28-3; 

Park, Wheeling. W. Va., 0-10. 
Eltlck, Wm. J., Novelty, Allegheny, Pa., 29-10. 
Empire Comedy Four, Cnlon Square, K. Y. 0., 

English Girls (A), Sohmer Pork, Montreal, Csn., 

Ernesto Sisters, Ontario Beach, Kochester, N. Y., 

Evers, aeo. W., Xoveltv, Stockloa, Col., 29-3; 

Empire. I/ts Angeles, 0-10. 
EvauB Trio, Ludlow l.ogoan. Cincinnati, 28-8; G. 

H., Alliance, 4-10. 
Everettes <-»>. Sohmer Park. Montreal, Onu., 

Everlyn, Cora, Salisbury neuclt, Ctlslilng. Mass., 

.Paulas (2), Lyric Bulla*. Tex., 20:1; Lyric, So. 

AlcAllester, I. T„ BIO. 
Foiletle Orchestrn. Keith's, Roslni], JO- Aug. 3, 
Parley. James ft Bonnie, Itnl'pu-. San Jose, tail,, 

,20-::; NnlJnn.l. Han Prnn., 5-10. 
Fays, Tiie. Cheslmil Street II. II., J'lillii.. 29-3. 
li'arnum. Bud. Hljnn, Anderson, Ind., Uli-3; Aleg- 

ff Jwiv Cattle, 5-7: Vandctte, Connersvllle. 

Fay, Tom, North Beach. L. L, 20-10. 
Ferrern A Dog. Limn Park, Hnrmnl, Conn., 20-3. 
h'srry. East End i'ork, l.oalsvlilp. Ky., 4-10. 
Fell, Cfleone Pearl, Carnival Park, Kansas Oily, 

Mo., 4-ui. 
Klnneys, Thp. Forrest Park, St. tanls, 28-3; Fon- 
taine Ferry Park, Loiilsvllln, Ky., 5-10. 
Fisher A Berg, Glendole Shuetxen Park, Bkln., 

N. Y.. 29-.1; Brooks' Casino. No. Beach, 5-10. 
Fields, Fanny, Empire, Birmingham, Eog., 29-8; 

Empire, Nottingham, 5-10; Palace, Lelcemer, 

12-17; Empire, Newcastle-, 10-24; Empire, Edin- 
burgh, 20. II. 
Fllsmaurlcc A Kenton. G. H., Chlcagn, 29-3. 
Fiddler A Shelloo, O'likosh, Wis., 20-4 ; Milwau- 
kee. 6-11. 
Fisher. Art, Olympic Park, Chattanooga, Tenn., 

Flatow A Dnntt, Talaqnega Park, Taunton, Mass., 

Flora, Mile., Keith's. Boston, 20-3. 
Flood Sisters. Olympic Pnrk. Xewark. X. J.. 20-3. 
Fords. Famous, Atlantic Garden, Atlantic City, 

X. J„ 29-3., 
Foley, Fanny,' Hillside Pnrk, Newark. N. J., 203. 
I'orlHv. Mr. A Mrs. Arthur, Keith's, Cleveland, 

Fords. Four Dancing. Victoria, M. Y. 0., 20-3. 
Fnalelle ft Emmeft, Pavilion, 'Gloucester. Mass., 

28 3 ; Central Park, Dover, N. II.. 5-10. 
Fougere. Victoria.' N. Y. OL 29-.1. 
Fredn A Dare, Keith's, Phlla.. 29-8. 
Friend A Downing, 125th Street, N. Y. C, 29-3. 
Froslnl, Roof Oanlen, Lancaster, Pa., 20-3. 
Frey Trloi Varieties, Terre tlsute. Ind., 29-8; 

Oak Summit Park. Evansvllle, 4-10. 
Fries Sisters, Duntlv'e, BUirsvllIe. Pa.. 29-4. 
Frnhel A Ruge, Mnslc Hall, Urtehton I>ich. X. 

Y.. 203. 
Frederick Bros. A Bums, Majestic, Chicago. 29-4; 

G. II.; Chicago, 6-10. 
Francis A Lawrence, Notional, Chlcagn, 29-3. 
French, Lee. Bijoii,, Va., 29-8. 
Fnklm* Jap*, Chester Park, ClnclnuitJ, 99-3, 


Fulton ft Larkln. AnaMB, Hlulrsrllle. Pit.. 20 :t. 
I'uller ft Moron. Sen Casino, long llrancli. X. J.. 

Gardner. I'M.. Swisher's, Morgantnwn. a*. Vn.. 

20-3; Star. Cliar'.eroi, Pa.. .•■•10. 
Ganlner. Jack, IVinev Island. •'Inclnnatl. 20-3. 
Gayi-ty Qnartettp. Ilcnilprson's. Coney Island, X. 

Y.. 29-3. 
Gaston * Green, Orphenm, San Fran., Cnl„ 29-3. 
tlarrlly, Harry, ft Co., BIJnn, KalaiuanMi, .Mich.. 

Garpon. Marlon, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 20-8. 
Golletrl's Monkevs, Chule-j, Cblcugo. 29-3. 
Gagnoux. The, Flectrlc Park, Waterloo, la., 29-3. 
Oaylnt ft Crsff. Olyrapta Part. Mcireesport. Pa., 

Gn^1npr, Weal ft Sunshine, Aliunde Garden, At- 
lantic City, N. J„ 29-:l. 
Gehriie, Mnyntp. Keith's, Cleveland. 29-3. 
Gclger A WnllPrs. Ilopkln's Park, Memphis, 

Tenn.. 28-3. 
Glrdeller A. Don*. BIJou, Valley Clly, N. Dak., 

293; Auditorium. Cniokslon, Minn., 5-10. 
Gill ft^Aker, Talaqnega Pnrk, Atllelmm, Mass., 

29 10. 
Glllen. Tom, National, Son Fran., Cal., 29-3; 

Bell, Oakland, 5-10. 
Ollleo. Ed. A Hard. Rnstlc, Olcoit Beaell, N. Y„ 

Glrard ft Gardner, Farm, Toledo, 0., 20-8. 
tillliert. Vests, Pavilion. Gloucester. .Mnss., 2R-.1 ; 

Central Park, Dover, X. U., 0-10. 
Gilbert's Animals. .National, Chicago, 20-3 
<, Jnllu May, Roof Garden. I.nucasler. Pa., 

Gllnserettls («), Albnrabra, X. Y. 0.. 20 3. 
Goldsmith ft Hoppe, Falrvlew Park, Dnyton, 0„ 

Golden, lewis, Floml's Park. Rnltlnwn, 20-10. 
ilnlde, Anna II., Lakealde Park. Akron, IK, 20-3. 
Gordon, Lanrenee, Crystal, fjogansport, Ind.. M-8. 
Gofarth A Doyle, G. O. H., Plltshnrg, Pn., 20-3; 

Park, New. Castle, sin. 
Gordon ft Marx, Harney Park. Allpntown, Pn., 

29 3. 
Gordon.- Rills, Wonderland, Chicago. 20-2. 
Gordons, Bounding, Farm, Tolclo, CI.. Mi-S. 
Granville a Mack. Park, Fort Eric. Can.. 20 3. 
Gray ft Graham, Nlpratie Park, Mllfonl. Mu<„ 

20 3; Henderson'.--. C'oney Island, N. V., ft lo. 
Grecly, lly. Tom, Itlrofl's. Uiuirvlllc. Ky., 10. 
Cray's Marionettes, Steel Pier, Old Clrelinrd.' .Me., 

Graham A Camphell, Beechwnod l'ark, Phils.. 20- 

3; Ynnng's. Allalille Clly, 5-10. 
Grlgolelil'n Flying Hullcl. Keith's, Boston, 20-3. 
Uregjons. The, Keith's, Bnalon. 29-3. 
tlratii, Bert A*. Berths, Orpheum, l.oa Angeles, 

Cal.. 29 3. 
Guise, Johnnie, Kewalulln Pnrk, PI. Iliirnn, Mich., 

20 18. 
Hoyden, Virginia, Anhaitser, Aberdeen, Wn<-h., SU- 
Hammond A Forester, Cllen Haven Park, Itoches- 

ler, N. Y.. 29 3. 
Harrlty A Herr, Grnrsl. fjarnegle, Pa„ 29-3. 
llslnes, Loin, Wonderland, Revere lleai-h, IIOHlon. 

Hoyden A Hayes, East Entl Hippodrome, Pllls- 

lutrg. 20 ; :i. 
llamhinn A Bniimim. Aisdlo, Ih-rlln, Git.. 20-.'L 
Ilnwley, E. Fml, A Co., Itoroonn, Grand HnpTils, 

Mich., 20-.1. 
Hallhacha, The, Poxlnng Park. Usrrlsbtirg, Pit.. 

llnynards, Couroy Co.. Pastor's, N. Y. C, 29-3. 
Hays, Ed., Princes, Columbus, O., 29 3; Cleve- 
land, 5-10. 
Harmonlnns Four. Meadvllle, Pa.. 29-3. 
Hawkins, taw, Hopkins' Pnrk, Mi-ranhls, Tenn.. 

llnmtsrd. LynneA Bonnie, I'nlque. Winnipeg, Csu., 

29-3: BIJou, Niinerlnr, Wis., 5-10. 
Hoover, tannni, Crystal, Frankfort, Ind., 2910. 
Hale t Hsrlv. French's Scnsnllon Co. 
Horland A. I'olllsua, Orpheitin. Vam-mtvor, . B. C, 

29-3; Grand, Bcillnghnm, Wash., 5- 10. 
Haulam,' 125th Slreet. X. Y. C, 203. 
Harris, Joe II., Bee Hive, Antlgo, Wis., 20-10. 
Hamilton, Dick. Scenic Park. Dover, X. II., 204'. 
Hawthorne ft Burt, Temple. Detroit, ao-.'i. 
llnrlsich A Harris, While Clly, Worcester, Mnsa., 

Hay-nan A Franklin. Palace, tamlntt, Eng., 20-17. 
Harvey A Adams. Amlllmlinn, Norfolk. Vn., 29-3. 
llardmitn, Joe, Dellwooil Park, Jolli-f. III., 28- 

8; Electric Pnrk, Kansas clly, Mo., 4-10. 
Hanson A Drew. Grand, I'urgn, Xo. link., 20-3 ; 

l'.l>ui, Winnipeg, Can., 4-10. 
Hsnly, Jas. E., l.unu l'ark, Scrntiton, Pa., 29-3. 
Hamilton, Ruth, Empire, Sprlngflehl. 111., 293. 
Harlem Bros. Keith's Phlla. 2II-.1. 
Hull A Uoymonil, Hyde Park. Chicago. 2fl-U. 
Ifni-rtson, Leo I'., Aurona, Mich., 29-10. 
Harcnnrt, DuOlsy, Palace, tandon, Eng., 20-10. 
Harcnnrt. Frnnk, Lyric, Seattle, Wash., 4-10. 
Healy, Marty, Roof Clanleu, Lancaster, Pa., 20-3. 
Helm Children, Lakeslile Park, l.iikovlllf, Mass.. 

20-S. . 
Heuty. Gknt. Novelty. Stocllton, Cal., 20-3; Em. 

plre, llskerstleld, 5-10. 
Heani, Tom. Empire Tour, England. 32-Dee. 14. 
Herliert A Willing. Spring Grove Pnrk. Spring- 

fleld. III., 20-3. 
Henry A Young, Hhellpot Pnrk, Wilmington, Del., 

20- 1 I, 
llpwlettes. The, Onsnr d'Alene, Spokane, Wash., 

nefmu. Tom, Atlnnllc Garden, Atlantic Clly, N. 

J.. 29-;|. 
Hill ClHiney-lllll. Inland Pnrk. Anlstrn, N. Y., 29- 

•'I; Happy in nil, .Houlli llearh, 0-10. 
ninman's.. Capl. rtldm'/, Diving lings, Sleeplo- 

ctiase Park, tVim-y Island, N. V., 20 10. 
Hills, Mall. Hogs ft Goals, Idorn Park, Ynuiigs- 

towh.o., 2H-:t. 
Hlhhcrl A Wnrrcn. Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y., 29-3; 

(I. O, II., Plltslsirg, Pn., 0-10. 
Him, Her ft 1 Trln, Park, Ft. Erie,. Can., 20-3. 
lli.lnien Bros., White Clly l'ark, Trcnlon, N. J., 

Holman, Al. 15. A Mnmle, Omsk. Mlherln, Aug. I-.'ll. 
Holt, AIL, Wenona Park Casino, Bay Clly, Mich., 

Holmes A Waldron, Coney Island, Cincinnati, 29-3. 
Howard Bros., Palace, tandon, Eng., 20-31, 
Howard A' I.en-ls, Luna Park, Johnstown, Pa., 

Howard ft Under, Lnkemont Park, Altoona, Go.. 

Houston, Frllr, wild wood Park. Putnam, Can.. 

29-3; Casino. Bye Beach, N. Y., 0-10. 
nr.rlon A La Trlska, Barter's G. 1L, Wobosli, 

Ind., 29-3; Sine's. Kokomo, 5.10, 
Hdmes A Lewis, Summer Park, WInsted. Conn., 

29-3: Hummer Park, Pittsfleld. Mass., 0-10. 
Hughes Musical Trio, Electric Park, Kansa« City, 

Mo., 29-8. 
Iluegel Bros., John W. Voxel's Minstrels. 
Hutchisons ill). Crystal, Marlon. Ind., 29-3. 
Hughes, Jim. II., Kewaliriln Bench, Pt. Huron, 

Mich.. 21) 17. 
Hilnte. Cain ft lloey, Tslaqitegu Pnrk, Tnnnlnn, 

Mass., 39-:t.' 
"nnllngs (41. .Music Hall, Brighton lleaeh, N. 

nylnnils (3>,,Lyrle, Joplln, Mo.: Aug. 4-10. 
Hyde. Marlon. Hyde Pnrk, Chicago, Jo-i:. 
Inland Clly fjiiartelle. Majestic, Cincinnati. 28-3. 
International Four, Boas Park. Blruthamton. N. 
„ Y.. 29-3; 8oromlt Pork, litlca, N. V.. 5-10. 
Incess 4 Ryan, G. 0. H„ Marlon. Ind.. 29-3 ; 

Rock Sprtogj Park, Alloo, III., 0-10. 
toilruioeplal Monarcha, Crystal. Denver, Col., 

Irwin.' Jaek. Melronolls, N. Y. C 29-3. 

Italian Opera Trln, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 

Holla.' 23.1 Street.' N. Y. P., 29-3. 
James Daisy, Chestnut Slreet O. IT., Phlla.. 

■lardy. Orpls-iun. San Fran., I'nl., 29-3. 
Jncbonn 1'anilly. Majestic. Chirac*). 20-3. 
.Incksons 18), While City, Louisville, 29-3. 
Jack, Lew A Bro.. Nnllnnnl, C'UU-agn. 29-3. 
.lennne. Nat S.. Pastor's, N. V. C. 20-3. 
.leiinlitgs A Jewell, Lisllnw l.ngnon, Olnclnnatt. 

20-3; Pnrk, Wheeling. W. Vs., 4-10. 
Jennings A Renfrew, IIHou, Anderson. Ind., 29-3. 
Jerge, Eugene, Ailsnilc Harden, Atlantic Gil), 

N. J.. 29 3. 
Johnson. Carroll. A Co., Keith's, Phlla., 29-3. 
Johnson ft De-io. Ci«-Hndavui-n. Budspeqt, 29- 

Aiu;. 31. 
Johnson ft WpIIs. Union Square. N. Y. C, 29-3. 
JnhtrYtnns. MuMral. Glrmplu. I Ivcrpnol. Kng., 20- 

3; Empire, N.nthtaliarn. 1-lAj Empire, Hack- 

oej. t.inii.,u. 12-1, ; 'Empire. Ilnlinway, 19-24; 

Empire. Niw ' 2d 31. 
Jolly ft Wild, Kiunlly, Helena, Mont.. 29-3; Fam- 
ily, Great Falls. r!-|0. 
.Ionian, tiri'iil, Summer. Oswego. N. V.. 20-3. 
Joni-a A Kayoionil. inik Summit Pnrk, Evansvllle, 

liul., 283; VsrlPtlcs, 1'erre Haute. 10. 
.lull- A Mnrmn, Park. Canton, (>., 2811; Pnrk, 

Akron, 5-10. 
Kates Bros., Alrdoma, Terre Haute. Ind., 20-3. 
Kaufman, Minnie, ilamonn, Grand Rnplds. Mich., 

KauPiuiu. nehn ft Inn. BIJou- White, City. Chi- 
cago, 99.1Q, 
Krone A Peirl. Young's Pier, Atlantic City. X. 

J.. 20-3. 
Kelly A Kent, K, ft P., Jersey Clly, X. J., 29-.".. 
Keliui A taltfhlon. Pnrk, Voungstown, <)., 20-3; 

Park, Newcastle. Pa., 0-10. 
Kennedy ft West. BIJou. .Norfolk, Va., 80-2, 
Keeley Bros.. Sscnndsgn PnrK, ciloverBvllle, X. 

V., 20-3. 
Kennedy ft Wilde. Island Park. Eastou. Pn., 20-3. 
Kelly A Kelsy, Arch, Cleveland. 20-10, 
Ivenyon A On Garrnn, J.niia Park, Srhenectndy, 

N. Y„ 20-3. 
Keller, Jon. R., Alrdome, Term Hnnte, Ind,, 29- 

8: Coney Inland, Cincinnati, fi-IO. 
Kennedy .< Wllkens, Electric Park. Baltimore, 

Kennedy A tang. Hippodrome, Sharon. Pi., 29- 

.1; Pnrk, Ciri'cnslsira, 5-|u. 
KHz. MI.m'I ft Fredn, c. Uoek'a Sliow. 
Kin Knld, Hilly, llamnni ft' llalley I'lrcnn. 
Klrwln, l-cnnrn. fl. II., Chicago, 203,' . 
Klin llansul Jn|is, Henderson n, Cnwy Island, X. 

V., 20-3. 
Klnnsley A tawls. K. A P.. Jersey City, N. J.. 

Klein, INI Bros. & Nicholson, Forest Park, Kansas 

Cllly, Mo.. 20-3; Forest Part. lllghlnndH, SI. 

Inula. 4 10. ■ . 

Kiilil, c;n, A, Star. Ilons-slepid. i'n., W 

3; G. II.. limwiisvllle. fi-tu. 
Knppo. G. I). II.. Hnlitiiiuwii, Pa., 20 2. 
Kramer ft llellelulr. Ilninunn Park. Hniinl Rapid',. 

Mich.. 29-3; (i. II., Chleagn. Hi. 
Krelnre, Lakeside l'ark, Lnkevllls. Mass.. 211-3. 
Kmneman Bros., Sohmer' Park, Montreal, Clan., 

Kralons, The, Proctors. Newark, X. J., 20-3. 
la Tour, Irene, Fogg's Pier, Ocean Clly, N. J., 

Iji Tour Sisters, Wlldwiswl Park, Putnam, Conn., 

latum hi, Miilwl, Wonderland, Chlonso, 20-3. 
Ln Delles, Fiiulaslie, (ktney Island. Clneinimll, 

Lake, Sylvia. Cryslnl, Anderson, Ind,. 2911; Oryn- 

tal. Kokomo, 4-10. 
La Motlie Trio, JUrersldr) Pnrk, Chicago, 28-3. 
UnctisU'r. Tom, l.yrlii, Dallas, Tn»., ao-3. 
lamherl A Williams, Nliimiic Park. Mllfnrd, Mn«s., 

29-3; llnnkaldn Park,' Allnl, 510. 
La Vails, The, Alensar, Paris, Frani-o, 29-24. 
Lnsky Qnlntelle, Temple, I tor roll. 20-3; Shea's, 

JlillTiilo. 5- 10. 
Ln Finer, llermnn, BIJnu. Ditliilli, Minn,, 20-3, 
La Monies, The. li. G. Spsngh-r's Show. 
I.ninlcnn*. Juggling (Oi. Jmni-Hlowii Exposition, 

La Ikioili, taulse, Jiinetlon Pnrk, Beaver Falls, 

Pa., 211-8. 
La Nolo Bros., Altro Park, Alhnny, N. Y„ 20-11. 
I.nknln, Harry, Slnr, LiiuyiIip. Pn., 20-8; Hitnr- 
■ ley's. Illalrsvllk', O.lfl." • 
ta Ikird A Kyprsnn, Lyric, Ft, Hmllli, Ark.. 20- 

8; Lyric, Tulsn, i. 'IV. 510, 
Lit Belles. Tiie, fl. H., Drciititr, Ind., 20-3. 
Ln Vlne-tlhnamn Trio, Valley, Hynicitse, s. ¥., 

20-8. ■ ■ • 

Lnvell A Sinclair, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. - 

Y„ 20-3. 
Lnwrpiico A Dale, Lyijuim, lllllti., 20:i. 
Liitigdnns. The, Cryslnl. Elwood. Ind., .11 ; Crys- 
tal, Nnnlesvllle, 1-3; Milwaukee, Wis., 5- in, 
tavoen A Cross, Templu, olltroli, 20-3. 
La Clair A West, Ocean Park, Sen lain Olty. K, 

J.. 29-3. 
I ,ii Crandall, While City, taulavllle, 28-8. 
Iji Tel Bros., Island Park. Suiilairy, Pa., 20-3; 

Ttiiiibllng Hun Pnrk, I'nltsvlllo. 0-10. 
I.arvelle's Dogs. Electric • Park, Newark, X, J„ 

I .ii Touch, Mile., Glen Haven Pnrk, Rochester, 

X. V., 20-8. 
l.niitlN-rt A Pierce, Stir, tahunntt, lnd„ 81 ; 

Martinsville, 1-3.: Nnhlrsvlllo, 5-7; Elwoml. 

NIO. ' . 

Lo Itoy ft Woodfonl, ' Hheedy's, Newport, II. I„ 

20-3. * i . . ., 

ta Clnlr, John. Eleclrle Park, AIMny, N. v., 

29-3; tiooxmui Park. Hsrnlngn, 10. 
Li-onni-d ft llaslislo, Ln Fnyetle. Hnrfnlo, N. Y.. 

29 3; Forest Pnrk. Htles, B-ln. 
lennon, Herliert llert, Alatnedn Pork, lliilter, 

Pa.. 211-8. 
I.potinnl. tins, Lyric, Seattle, ■ Wwli., 2910. 
ta I'sgp Sisters. NorHi rtvrviui'. ChlPngn, 20 ::. 
ta Ih-nt, flrpst, KelUi'a, Phlla., 20-3. 
lavuianl A taster. Steel Pier. Atlantic Clly. V 

J.. 29-8. * 

tavan, Al, Union Soliare, N. V. ft, 20-3. 
U'onhnr.ll, Al, Lnkevlew Pnrk. .Mlddlelnivn. 

Conn., 20-3; Highland take, WInsted, .-.-in 
ta Roy A Hiir.ellon. Wnndi-rland. Chleago, 21i-.'l. 
Lewltt A Asbtnore, LVrle, I'ursuns, Knn., 2S-.1. 
ta Crols. Paul, 23d Street. N. Y. O.. 20-3. 
tavl, Maurice, A Band, 20d Rtreet, N. Y. C 

Le Mains A I* Malre, Crystal, Pueblo, Col., 29-3: 

Denver, 5-10, 
Letter, Orent, Womlerland, Revere Beneh, Moss„ 

29-3; Salisbury Beach, 3-10. 
ta Gray. Dolllo, White City, Oshlinsh, Wis., 29-3. 
Lewis A Harr. Orpheum, Limn, O., ao-8; Kvsns- 

vlllo, lud., -1-Hi. ' I 

taslls A Williams, Maunlon's Park, St. tanls, 

28-3; Coney Island, L'lucliinatl. 4-10. 
Leonard A P1iIIM|m, Park, Wheeling. W. Vn,, 

28-3; Alrdome, KltUnliig, I'o,, 5-10. 
I.ltchlleld, Mr. A Mrs; Sell. Park, Wheeling. 

W. la.. Ml Fslrvlew Park. Dayton, O., 8.1*. 
I.lpnlncotls. The, Pastor's,' >. Y. C. 20-3. 
l/iekhurt Sisters. Pavilion. Paris. III.. 28-3; La- 

fnyelte, On.. 5-10. 
tawell A tawell, Mo«s A Stoll Tour. England, 

20-Nov. 23. 
Lr.ralne, Osenr, Park, I'lleit, X. Y„ 20-3; Young's 

i'ler, Atlantic (Illy. N. J., a 10. 
tauls'i. Mile., New neiuwelBer Park, Troy, N. V.. 

tandon Pantomlmp Co.. Rltehle-nenrn, 23d Street. 

W. Y. C, 2II-.-I. 
tambard Bros., Lyric, Jopllp, Mo.. 29-3. 
Lnclers 14). Sibbitln Park. Taonton. Mass.. 29-3. 
Luce & Luce, Glen Haven Pari, Bocbeater, N. Y.. 

Lnclpr, Mr, A Mrs. Fred, Celeron Pnrk. James- 

loan. N. Y.. Slid. 
Lynch, Greal, A Hunter. Hazel ton, Po., 29-3. 
Lynn ft Williams. Wonderland. Chlcagn, 20-3. 
I.vdln ft Albino. Alisitgomery Tails, Quel*.-. Can., 

Majestic Qnsrtelte, Cromblo's, Ulnttsapnllf, 90-1O, 



August 3. 

Maaoii ft Duron, 8uecdy's, Full Hirer, Mats., 29- 

Minlo. Merger & Morlu, Norumticga Park, Boston, 


May, Arthur O.. New ltoluwil.- Uorluii. -III., ;li«-.1. 

Mack Sinter*. Ludlow Laauon, Cincinnati, S!9-l). 
Martin * Uirt, Actto.' 'Norfolk. Va,'. J9.8. I 
Mathews A Ashley, Alhuinbru. N. Y. C.. WML 
MiiEcc, Clem. Liikenioni I'nn, Altoom, Pa., JIM. 
Mirtyue Slstcrl, limit Mater Amui.«. Oo. ^ 
MsVr & -B«uns, Ptquot Pork, WettOcId, Mitio., 
- 20-3 ' '• •"' ■' ' "' 

M«K, CtMle. KkcMl WHS NojMrlfi N. J.. 2»-3. 
MarTyae. Kallicryii. Casino, Hprlug WWW, Hnrimj- 

ManOnitl, "»pri!"oiyiu»l» ftU*i McKeesport, P«. ( 

Ma 2 |"imll * Coin, Junction Park, Ucater Falls, 

Mnr'iiull" * King. Murrlsou's, Bockaway Beach, 

MUinjaeid ft'llarrcy, Hurler 0. H., Walnut, Iml., 

MurivU's MHltMttW. Alrdouie. Alliance. O.. MO. 
MiiNc, Joe. Paxlaux l'ark, llnrrlsuurg. Pa., 29 S, 

Liinn Pari Johnstown. .5-10.-. . ••'* 
Marriott Twins. Ltinu l'ark, Coney Island, N. X., 

Mu"ilo,we-Plunkoll Co.. Coney lalantl, CluclnnutI, 

J!p.:t: Urninl. Hainlltoti, 3-10. . . 

Muizello & Wuulre, ldlowood Park, BlcbmoutJ, 

Martini ft Munutlllan, Koruoibego Park, Boatou, 

Mark?.' Berber t Mario, Noriimbega Pnrk, Boston, 

Miii-mdlh Duo, Huliliatlu L'urk, Turinluu, Muau., 

Munba, Mlli-.. KlMf*. UulTttlo. N. Y.. *••»•'. 
MM**? «• Kramer, Lludewuld I'nrk, Hamilton, 

MacarlV lfcata * Monkeys. U IL, Chicago, HO-II. 

MucLurem.. Five Musical. Atlantic Harden, At- 
lantic City. N. J.. a»- 10. . •„. ■■ •„ • 

McClolluii. Jo-.. IIIJou. bululli. Minn.. ,-»•••„,..„ 

Me.«oiIey & Klenuuv. llem. MPtsoulu, Mont., 2010. 

MsCarwa, 1'hc. White City, Worcester, Muss., 
8ll-:i; Mwlhliigtui, (.Villi.. M&, „ .. -A ., 

McGlnuls liroM., Summit Park Ltlca. N. ».. JO-.I. 

MeCunucli Sisters, Hlicu'u, lliltiuly. N. Y.. -1I-3. 

Motion * Colllun, l'urk. Cuiur d'Aloue, Ida., 2D- 

McLoinrt'illn. [* Ululre. Celerou Park, Jsiuealuwu, 

>lcCooiicJl Misters, Slum's, HufTalo, N. Y., MU-S; 

Shea's, Toronto. Cnn.. 3-10. 
Mritrcou. llltur. & i»r«.. I*"!* Muskogee. 1. t., 

iHi-3; Lyric, Ft. Worth. Tex.. 0-1O. 
Mc.Nlsb * Pentolil. Ilcinlersou'a, Coney lalaud, 

N Y.. 211-11. 
McCarthy. Hulllvuu ft Co., I'mtor'a, N. Y. 0., 

McCutio A tiranl. N<-w lUirtlenvlllc. I. T.; -0-3. 
Mcodowa, 't'oto. fc Co.. A. & S., lloalun, J0-3. 
Men-lit, I'runk It., ChllUowec Purk, KuiKVllle, 

•iviiii., 2ii;i. 

■ : ! pp*Sf --■ E ■■'■ 

l'oiiyo ft Leo, Wlldffood Park, Bichmond, V*., 

I'ooe, 1. C. ft Dvv, White City. Clilcago. 2S-.'I. 
Prfbtroaea, Engliah (8;, Hoof (Janlen, Lcncinter, 

".uf-a^ , •/: ... ■ :•■.. tc 

I'rvliitini, lilnpodromi., IMttalmrK. £t-3. • t ■■ 
PmuroNa, Miulcal, Ialand Park, B^Uury, Pa., 

20-H. '. 

gulnlm ft Mack, Ituinoiiii l'urk, Qroird Itapldx, 

Mlek., 2ii-;i. 
guakiir City Qnirtcttc, Luke, LutrUton, N. Y., 

»-». '■■'>■'■ 
Qnlnteite (fiiky'ni, Temple, ■ Detroit, 20 :i; 
•^ Hhea'H. Iluffaln, N. V., B-l(». 
Unto. I Mackoy' ft Mrt.'iviu, Lyric, Terro Haute, 
. Yfld.. 28M! D«n»llle. III..' 0-10. 
Ilayiuondl Kreil., ft Co., Uopklao' Park, Meui- 
. Idila, Tenn., '28i«. "\ 

llnyrooinl, rjir!.,lilJ'«i, WVat Superior, Win.. En- 

Ilaiik'ln, DateiitiOTt ft Co., Union- Uquare, N. Y. 

C, 2tt!l. 
Itac, ' Dnrotliy. Crystal, Mllifuukce, 20-3 ; Uicat 

NoriMrn, titlleu^u. n-io. 
Itaui^ey Hlalera. Pavilion. I'arlH. III.; 20-3. " 
Ilanl. Clauile. Vnrlctlea. Terro Haute, Iml., 20-.'l. 
ltknito ft AriKi, ■Al'inuilrru, N. Y. Cm 20.11. 
Ituwlu ft Vim Koufiuun, L'uliiuc, Mloneapolli, 

lto(lln'» Moukeya. •Allmmliru. N. Y. 0„ 29-3. 
liaXut A lluukt, Kiuplre, Wolverhamptnu, Ens., 

20-3; llrutaela. UelglUni, Oer.. 12-31, 
llay, I'reil . ft Co., Host ]■;■■»! l'urk. Memphis, 

Tenn., 20-3; ll'kerHoll PoK, lie* Mutnes, In., 

5-10. ■ " • ', ' 

HalTanlle. 1.., llarlera purk, lloekford, 111., 

ltatki ft Urrlniuu, Cowode l'ark, New fustic. Pa., 


liulubowa. The. Cholnut,. Liuicaatcr, Pa., 20-3; 

• Utiir, Uoniralenil. Pa., ."-10. 
Itcnee ruinlly, Wenvua Beach. Bay City, Mich., 

-".)::: Ulviirsiili! Park. Kugliiiiw. 0-10. 
Iteiio, Will ft May. IIokuiiV Uruokpvrt, 111., 20-3, 
Kii-kiiii ft. Mark. Itoeky Point, Providence. It. I., 

■M 'i; Woodlyuuc Purk, Casideu, N. J., 0-10. 
Uvltltk, Carl P., ft Uo., Ullc'a, Hiubluy, Minn., 

Itedfurd A Winchester, llurraaford Tour, lCuglaud, 

•iHKpt, il, 

Ucllly, Jolinule. fairyland Purk, ul'lvrwii; N. J„ 

28-:i; HuliurKle, I,. 1., 0-tU. 
Keiii ft i-: U rl, l'urk, Alinedu, Col., 20-10. 
Itene, Bessie. .North Beueh. N. V., MM. 
Kent/ ft Kdnurda, Acme. Vk., 211-3. 
Heed's Aervhutlc l>oga, tjuhlnitlu l'urk, Tuuutou, 

'Muhj.. 2»-:i. \ ■■• ■, 

ltliillo Coiui'dy tiuurtcttf. I'oreat Park, si. lyuak, 

28-3; IiiHersoll Pork, Des Moluei, In., 0-10. 
like ft Limer. Pouce tie Leon Park. Atlanta. Ua., 

20-3; OofonYlew Caalno, Norfolk. Vii., 0-10. 
Killer ft router, Umpire, Johannesburg:, So. Africa, 

28-rVpl. 13. 
Kloe ft WnlteiB, Klcctrle Park, Albany, N. Y., 

Ulna ft WlllluuiB, White Clly. Sprluollehl, M«„ 

Bice ft Mntlelluv, I lull Pier. C*pi> Muy. N. .1., 2P-.",. 
Umi ft KemP, Atlautlc tlafdeu, Allautle Cllj, 

Blo'ltro'a."(4)'. Umpire. Oldham. Bug.. 2P-3; Be- 

mmt, Halfonl. 010: Uulety, 12-17; Winter Cur- 

' den, Morcomuc, 104)4 1 Iilpiwdroioe, Whjau, 2U- 

Blehurda. Ureal. Iron Pier, Sea Isle Oily. N. J„ 
80-3 ; Ocean City, 0-10, 

Itonlu Boof Uarden, Lnucuster, I'n.. 20'3. 

Itiilfuni. Marie, While Olty, Louisville, 20-3. 

KuhiI ft Puulo, . ltuuiuuu Park, Clrand Itaphla, 
Mleh., 2P-3. . . 

HohluKoii, Purc|u«ti« Trio, Boss, lllnghainloii, N. 

Itoherls, Hayes ft ltoherls, Orpheum, Man Vrau., 

Bofce . ft Jeunette, Orpbcuni, Loa Augelea, Oat., 

Hosi ft l>ewls. li'niplrc, Ulasgow. Scotland, 20-3; 
Knijilre, UhsN, Kntf., 0-10; Umpire, Brndfonl, 
12-17; Btnplte, Hull, 10 21; ISoiplro, . HhetllolU, 

Hoof ft Hurt, Allautle Uurdeu, Allaullo Olty, 

N. J.. 20*3. 
Home. Mnju ft Juliet, t'onlnlue Ferry Pork, 

Louisville.' ],,., 28-3; Bust Kud, Memphis, 

T«uu., 0-10. 
Ilooncy Slsleis. Alhambro, N. Y. C. 20-3. ■ ■ 
llobhisou, ft drum, Urund, JUelllughaui, Wosb., 

Itovnoy, John U, Luuii Pork, Chicago. 20-3. 
Huasell ft Held, Maunlon'o Park. HI. Louis. 28-3. 
Itussell, O'Null ft Qroaa, Wouderlund, Wichita, 

Koti., 20-18. 
Husiells, Aerial, Atlantic Uarden, Allautle Olty, 

N. J., 20-3. 
Ityley'H Olbson Ulrls, Morrison's, Bockinvoy 

Ituiieh. N. V., 20-3. 
SuVsirt. W. !•'., ft Co., Lyric, Salt Lake, U„ 28-3 : 

ISovfllty. peuver. Oil, ' 

Hanhill, Orent. Park, Wbeellnir, W. Vit„ 20-3. 
Solilne, O'NIdll ft Vera, Ulen Haven Park. 

Bvuhester, n. Y.. 20-3. 
Haukv. BIJuii. liiilniii. Minn.. 2U-3. 
Mehusler, .Milieu. Paluce, Huston, 20-10. 
Siheflels, Mule. Btjou, Calumet.- Mich., 20-3. 
Keheira. Mine. K., Lions, Clnv Bell, Mexico Olty, 

Mexico, 2U-31. . . -. 

Scott ft Wilson. Koutuliiu l'Vrry Park, Louis- 
ville, Ky., 28-3: Meiuphls, Teuu., -t-IO. 
Mueui'iiers, The, Crjstul, Logousporl, lad., 31 J ™-»,l. Carrie M., Tlieaturluui/Dnnuar, Pa.. M 
Crystal, laiganspurl, 1-3; Crystal, tilwood, oeyuiuiir, l>. 11, .* Co„-Weiious i Beueh, Buy Oily, 

3-/; Ni.hlesvllle. 8-10. « Wl ''''-' H'i K,: ""'.".I""': l.« : «*"k! w ' ,l « 1 -. "•I". 

. ..._t ..... tteymotir Hlaivrs, Plilla., 2U-UI. ■• " ■ i 

Seymour ft Hill, Urpheum, SiiuP'riiu., Col., 28-3. 
Searcy, Ueo.', Putnam l'uik. Ukluhouiu Clly, Okln., 

S^'Uilul ft Urdrlul, Valley, Syracuse, N. Y„ 20- 

3; aiovcrarllle, O-IO. 
Seymour's Ooua-dy Dogs, Farm. Toledo, 0„ 20-3. 

Seauiou. Rogers ft Burns, Uudfruy's, Urund Ban- 

Ms, Mleh,, 20-11. 
.Seat's. Shea's, HillVulo, N. Y., 20-8. 
Shuuuohs (ii. t;iois'. tinn Fran.. Out., 20-3. 
Shum-opavl. Kami. Toledo, a. ■!»:>. 
Shntes, Win., Siai-, Moacsseu, !•«., 20-3: Gem, 

Mulliinguhela. fi-lt). ' 
Shenoun ft P'uller. Collins' Clarden. Columbus. O. 

MeiTltt'.' Usy'n'miul, Novelty. Allegheny, Pa, p»;3. 
Merleu Sisters, Allautle Uufden, Alluullc Clly, 

Melvliis' 13), Henderson's, Uuuey island, N. Y., 


Mrlroie. Jus.. Slur. Altooua. Pa., 20 3. 

Meredith". The, Ludlow Lugoou. Cincinnati, 2UJ. 
Meier t'nliilly, White City, Louisville. 28-J. 
Mlllniil Trio, tlciideiWi, Oiaer lsluud, N. »., 

Miles ft Rlckurd, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 20-3. 
Mlllmuii Trio. Mow ft Stall Tour. England, 20- 

12; Ceutral, Mudgehurg. Cler.. 17-31. 
Mlelt's IXigs, .Mujestlc. Chicago. 20-3. 
Mllehell ft lirovnliiii, Lyric, l'urk, Curlhugc, Mo., 

Mllchelln (III, UWVOT, <i>l.. 010. 
Millard Bru.-.. Lincoln Park, Norwich, fowl., 20- 

Ili'Halem Wlltiiv". Salem, 0-10. 
Mllll'iry Ucteltc, lUnderson's. Coney lsluud, N. 

Y., 20-3; Koluner l'urk. Mimlmil, Can,, 0-17. 
Mlii'ick, Anabel. Ooclfroy's I'avlllou, Uraud Hop- 

Pis, Mich., 80-:i. - „ , „ 

Mills £ Morris, Muuic (lull, Brlghluu Bench, N. 

Y.. 20-3. 
Moorchcad. II. I*.. Amuse.. Baltimore, 20-3. 
Morton. 1'hll, Luke Chuuucey, West bore, Masa., 

Mu'ruo Aemhutlc Troupe, Hillside Purk, Newark, 

N. J„ 211-3, 
Mixmey ft llolbelu. Ualls, London. 20-3. 
Morton. Jos. J,, Music Boll, Brighton Beach, 

N. V„ 8U-3. 
Mooncy, Muy, Sheedy's, Newnurl, It. I.. 20-3. 
Morris, Leon. Poules, Keith's, Phils., 20-3, 
Mni'tnioie'a Cockatoo Circus. Woodlaud Park, 

Aslilund, PH., 20-3. . 

Motoglrl, I.n, 't'liurliiK ludlu und Cliltm, 2l)Au«t. 31. 
Motor Ulrls en. Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

Y., 2tl..'l: l'roeliir's, Newark, -N. J„ 5-10. 

Mock-Siid-AIII, Clinton, Ia„ 2U-I1. 

Morettu Sisters, Klectrlc Park. Baltimore, 20-3. 
Monroe. Ueo. W., Youug'a Pier, Atlantic Olty, 

N. J„ 20-3. - ■ 

Moitett ft La Belle. Moli-opolls, N. Y. 0„ 20-». 
Morelte Sisters, Hollywood Park, Baltimore, 2U-U; 

Herman's Klectrlc l'urk, Baltimore, 0-1O. 
Murphy ft Tally. A. ft S., Huston, 2V-3. 
Murphy ft l<'roucls, Suhbutia Purk, Tanutoo, 

Muss., 20-3. • t : ' .. 

Murphy A Puliuer, Ulympla Park, McIseoBport, 

I'n.. 20-3. 

0-7 i MIUll-BVIIIV, B-1U. 

Murriiy, Clayton ft llruw. Wowllaml Park, Ash- 
Imi.l. Pu., 2U3; Kleelrlc Park, Albany, N. X., 
B-10. ' ' ' 

Murry, Tom, ft Co.. Thalia, Chicago. 20-3. 

Murray Sisters. Keith's, Phlla., 20-3. 

Mnllor, Chun ft Muller, Orpheum, Loo Augelea, 
Coil., 28-10. 

Mudge, Km, Youug'a Pier, Atlantic Oily, N. J., 

Mullen ft Coielll, It, ft P., Jersey Olty, N. J., 

.Molilalia. Muy. Lakeside Park, Dayton, O., 20-3; 
Orpueum, Sprtngtlcld. r.-tu. 
Wlusted " 

uroueuiu, opruiguviu. w-iv. 
Nuiip, Vlulo, WlnaleU Coliu., 20-3; North Ailuuis. 

Ma", , r. in 
Niilinhi ft Co., Norlh Avuuue. Chlciiw», 20-8. 
Ncsseu, Hunter ft Ncsscu. Purk, Jolinslowu, Pa., 

211-3; Cascade ul'rk. Nuw Ohslle, Ti-10, 
Nehls. AllR'rt, White City, Worcester, Unas., 20-3. 
Nclll ft l.'lmpumn, Urulivutii, Sun 1 1 no.. Oul., 28-3. 
Kewstvys Ounrlet. OIh-kIw I'nrk, tllnelnuatl, 211-i'.. 
NcM-ell ft Nlbtu, Puvlllon, New Castle, ISuglsud, 

20-J. • 
Nei.Mliiiiu & Weil. Beanie, I'rovhleiiee, II. 1., 2U-3. 
Nlesuiler, lain In, ft Co.. Proctor's, Newark, N, J„ 

Norton ;. Buy. Itljiiu. I'lipm. U., 20-3. 
Norton. Ned, 0, II.. Ureetivlllc, U., 20-3; Urnud, 

llniuilloii, 0-10. 
North, Hurry, A. S> S.. Ihislon. 2II-3. 
Norloit t: Husm'II, Temple. Detroit, 20-3.- 
Norwntlli, Juek. Mvrrlsvn'o, Coney lalaud, N. Y., 

Nuoviit. Kiithciliw, Union 8111100', N. Y. t'., 20-3. 
O'Coiinelt ft tlolileu. Meal, Purge, N. Dak., 20-3; 

Hljuti: Vnlley Cllj. r.-lo. 
U'lluru & WuIhmi, Slur, Ikmoru, I'n.. 20-3; Slur, 

Alllhl.-: Mil il III 

II ■liana Sun ft Co., Shea's, llull'nlu. N. Y„ 20-3. 
u'l.aimhlln, M.ilcr, Ludlow Lugoou, Clucluuall, 

u'Wflr SWers. MaJrolle, tilile.igo. DM, 
uulliuiik A I'laiiiln'l'e. Ciisluj I'nrk. Blachumlou, 

N. Y„ 90411 Summit l'urk. Utleit. CI- 10. 
unlaw Trio, IMviT'l.le Pnrk. Sagluuw, Mich., 80- 

3: Keen-uillihi l'urk. Port Huron, 0-10. 
U|iel. Auloimith'. Chullalioos*.!, 'lelio.. 20-3. 
Oslsmi ft Wiilliioe, Atlautlc Uarden, Atlantic 

Oily, N. J., 2U.I. 
t'aiitaer, ■Willy. Tmtiue. Vletarlo. N. V. U, 2U-3. 
I'liiiinl. W. 1)., t 11 in ! \ ii I I'nrk. Kutisus City, Mi>„ 

20-8; Miinnlon's Purk, St, Loiil". fi-lt.*. 
I'lillner ft S11M011, I'lllipte. Mlllllrupults. MIllU., 20- 

.'I: Uriinil family. Purge. No. Oul... C-IO 
Pii'iU-'elll ft I'liiuu. Kursoal, Ueuevn, Swiss, llnly, 

Pni'luiu, Wliilrrguiieii. Berlin, tier., Aug. 17- 

Sept, 30. 
I'uii'lu'U ft Cllllou, Allnullu Uurilen, Atlantic Olty, 

1'iiyhc, Uivat, Auilltorlum, Norfolk, Va„ 2lt!l. 
Perry ft ivm-ec, Oabford Park. Jeimelt, Pa„ 20-3. 
Pcrsoul. t'linillle. Illjun. Hulutli, Minn.. 211-3. 
Perry Slutern (3), Youilg's Pier, Atlunile Oily, 

N, ,1.. 20-3. 
I'etelilng Bros., Hueuiidagu Park, Ulotersvllle, N. 

«.. 211-3. 
I'cloi. Fred ft Auule, Soeoudogu Purk, Ulovers- 

vllle. N. Y., 80-3. 
Peters. Arthur, A. ft B„ ltiMon, 20-3, 
Pepper Twins. Lindsay. Out.. Cuu.. 20-Atig. 30. 
Perry. Kraut i„ Wolverine Park. Juctn'u, Midi., 

I'.-r-oun. Ciinillle. lllji'ii. Dtilillh. Minn.. 211-3. 
Plerev t fulii'i. Ailuiitle Clly. N. .t.. W-lti. 
I'liTit Bell, Urvi'klim. Mum., 2U-3| 'I'uutiliili, li- 
"Pluuupblend" I Lata) 'el, 120th Stivel, N. Y, U, 

20-3 ; 1 nil. n Si|iuire. N. Y. C, U-10. 
I'l.'. iii.ini-. tm, iini.irl.. Bench, Ilocucster, N, Y., 

'-•0 a, 

Pintle. Oei>. I,„ Oanlno Pnrk, Illiigharoton, N, Y., 

Sim: Summit Park. Plica. T.-IO. 
!■• irl-i ,-. It tut my! Ihi'l'jU. "., 1-|1. 

28-3: Kour Mile Creek Park, Brie, Pu„ C-10. 
Short ft lidwiuils, Beuwlek Park, Ithacu, N. Y„ 

20-3, ••.'•' 

Shone. Mudelyu. Vuuduvllle, Hcottdulc, Pa., 20-3: 

Star, WllkensburK. 0-10. 
Shlolds ft Bru., U. IL. Cblcairo, 20-3. 
Shiinuoua (4), Ulohe, Son h'raii., Oal„ 20-3; Na- 
tional, Sim Pruu., 0-W. 
Stiekln. VloUirlu, N. Y. C, 20-3. 
Slierumu ft He P'erest, Alhouibm, N. Y. 0., 20-3, 
Sluiiiiuus, Drew, Alrdouic. Houston, Tex.. 20-10. 
SlugliiK I'our. Itw'k Springs Purk, Bust Liver- 

pool, I),, 211-3; Puriu,. Toledo. 0-10. 
Sluiuis, Wlllurtl, ft Co., Orplieum, loin Augelea, 

Oul.. 20-3. 
skuiluclla. Hlllslth. Prui,, Newurk, N. J.. 20 3. 
builer ft I'lneh, Itlvershle Pork, St. Joseph, Mich,, 

211-3; I'uriu. Toledu. fl-lll. 
Smith ft llulcr, laikevlety Purk, Mlddletowo, 

Conn.. 20-3, 
Siiilth-Bowiuuu Trio, Shisnl/s, Newpurl, U, I., 

Smith. Mr. 4 Mrs. I, Murray, Urnud, Yoncourer, 

It. '!.. 811-3 : Urnud. Tucotun, Wash.. 0-10, 
Snillii, Tom IC, ll.xle Park. Ohleagu. 2« ;t, 
Soijiers ft Cook, West Side Park, Clrveli Bay, Wis., 

Sisners ft Slorkc, Stat', CleTeluml. O. 0-|n. 
Soiillierliind ft Curtis, Delluiis Uurdeu, Okluhouia 

Clly. (ikiii.. 201U. 
".Si'Uie" tluarlette, Melro|ajlls lluul Uardeu, N. Y. 

I',, 2U-I*. 
Siiiier. Burl. Star. Altoxsiu. I'u., 2li.|l. 
Siiruciip, Tom. Metropolitan, Boeheatcr, MUiu., 

8P 10. 
Splssell Broi. A Muck, LhcriHiol, Bug., 2U-8. 
S|Ki|lmuu'i> Henri, Spring Urove Casino, Kin-lug- 

Held, U.. 811-3. * 

Sliiliman ft Crowfurd, Itolniul. Marlon. III.. 203. 
Stelnrrt ft ■I'liunius, Itatuona Purk, Urund ltuplds, 

Mleh., 2S-3. 
Steutis ft Kwley, Atlmiilc Uunleii, X. Y. <\, 2p.,i. 
Slapletoii ft Cliuuey, Purk. Wheeling. W. Vu., 2ti- 

3: Collins Uanleit, Culuiuhus, 0„ 0-10. 
Stiirk, Tolile. BI.IOU, Pargo, N. Dak., 80-3; Bllou, 

Uroud forks. 0-10. 
Stevens. Kittle. Majestic. Lafayette, lnd., 283. 
Sleveiisnn ft Nugent. Keith's, t'lills.. 203. 
Slrlckluud, !■;. (J.. Puiituges', llclihighaui, Wash., 

2011. . 

Stewnrt Sisters (I), K. ft P., Jersey City, N. J., 

Stiiiirt, J. l'n'.iul'. Puliice Itluk, liidluua, Pa., 

Stiinley ft Wilson, Union Sipuire. N. Y. Clly. 80-3. 
SlelllngK, The. L'ulou Siiunre, N. Y. U>, 20-3. 
Stuurt ft Keeley. Iliesler I'nrk. Clnelimiitl, 21' 3. 
Stininhig Urenailh i-s. OrnUeuiu, San 1'ruu., Cul„ 

20-3: Lis) AukcIcs, .1 17. 

SI. lo»n lainll.i. 1 ciTiiaiinii ft Sells riMii. 
SI. Illiuo. .IH|'|sjilroiie.', tlitviu Clly. N. J., 

2P-".' ■ 

Subers. I'.oille. 23it Stteel, N. Y. C, 20-3. 
Sunisi'iia. (4), llemleroon's, Oouey Inland, N. Y , 

yuMlifc T10111K-. Kelth'u, Phlla., 20-3; Shen's, 

lluiTnlo. r.lli. 
"Sunny Hoiilh, Tlie." Onok O. Tl„ Ttnrbester. K. 

V., "t!" Mil. -He t.lih h I». 

TT- ■ ■ t. - -i ■ ' . ■-■-•• ■-• 

Summers ft Winters. Broadway, Mlddletowo, O., 

20-3; Marlon, Marlon. G-10. , , 

Swart*, fc'raucea, ft Co., Crystal, Loganapert, lnd.. 

Hyigotnls. Juek Islond Pork. Gaston, Pa.; o-lo. 
Sylvan ft O'Ncll, Bltctrlc Purk, Newark,. N. J., 

80-3. ■'•* '!• ' 

Taima, Boss l'urk, Blngtiaudoii. N. Y., 20-.1. 
Tusmiinlu'ii TroiiiH.*. llageubeek-Wallacc Circus. 
Talcotts; The, Star. Now . Kens In ton, Pa., 20-3. 
Taiiuen. JoJIas, l26tb:Slreet. N.'Y. 0.. 20-K. 
Tarry ft Eltaer. Talaqnega Park, Attlchoro, Mass., 

'20-8, •'.' ''-. 
The Qtiartot. Shvcdy's. Ncwpprt, It. 1.. 20-3. 
Thompson. Ueo. W-. Brook's, iliimmoud. lnd.. 20-'!. 
Thome. Mr. ft Mrs. Harry, Nlptauc Luke, Mil- 
fort, Mass., 20-3 ; Broukalde Park, Athol, 0-1O. 
Thurston ft Urey, Lebanon. lnd.; 20-8. 
Tkoman'&.Watdbu. Acme. Norfolk. Vn., 20-.1. 
Thornton, Juines J., Keith's, Phlla., 2(1-3. 
Thomas, Georgia, Majestic, Pittsburg. 20-3. 
Tlppcll ft Klliucnt, Avon Park, Youngstowu, 
' O., 20^1. ' "■'. 

Toledo ft Price. K. ft P., Jersey City. N. J„ 20-3. 
Toys, Uaalcul, O. O. II. , Wllkcs-Barrc, Pa., 
' 311-3.' ' .' ' • 

Turcot, Freclssly Purk. Newport, It. I.. 20-3. 
Tttovollo, Keith's, Phlla., 20-3. 
Trucy. Mr. ft Mrs: 1 Dick, Histor'u. N. Y. 0„ 20- 
' 3| Lake Nlpmuc Park. Mllford, Mass.. G-10. 
Trostler's Klowerland, White- City, Chicago, 20- 

Turner. Bert. Ituslle. I'l. Ktle. Cau.. 20.3. 
Tuuililliig Toms t3i, l'cgoot Purk, Westueld, 

Tylin- ft llreen. U. 11.. Chicago. 20-3. 
Van I'uiup. i.akeuioiit Park. Al(ouua, Pa., 20-3. 
Valuduns, The, Atlautlc Uardeu, Atlautlc City, 

N. J., 80-H. ' 

Vumoiit. Vldur. Both, V. Y„ 20- 10. 
Vun Uolre A Cotrely, l'auilly. Moose Jaw, Cuu., 

Von. Billy, SI. Louis. 20-3: Kaunas Olty. 0-10. 
Van Dlrnion Troupe, Uiigeiibcck-Wulluce Circus. 
Vulleclla's Lcotmrds, Nuruiubegu Pork, Buatun, 

Vo'ssur Ulrls. Mujestlc. Chicago. I 10. 
Vail. Olive, Mujestlc. Chleogo. 20-3. 
Vance, Beatrice, Boot Uurdeu, Lancaster, Pa., 

Vaughn, Dorothy, North Avenue, Chleugo, 20-3. 
Vunlelles. The, luist Lake Park, Birmingham, 

Ala.. 80-3. 
Veda ft Quliilaiow, Lyric, So. McAllister,- I. T„ 

Vldu ft 1 1 11 w ley. Alcuxur, New Castle. Iml.. 20-3. 
Velio. Host Knd Pork, Memphis, Tcuu, 20-3; 

lutcersoU, Deo Mollies, lu.. 5-10. ' 
Vynus. The, Tulmpiega Park, Attlehuro, Mass., 

20-8. ' ' 

Ward ft Kunnnbola, Hillside Park, Newark, N. 

jr., 20-3. 

Wayne, rims., ft Co.. O. II., Chicago. 20-3. 
Waller ft Maalll. Tmubllng Bun Park, Polts- 
vlUe. Pa., 20-3; Woodlyu Pork, Cniudeu, N. 

vlUe. I'n 
J., G-10. 

Waters. Jus. II., Pastor's, N. Y. C, G-10. 
Wnrda, At.. Bleclrlc Park, lie Kulb. III., 20-3. 
Washer Bros., Pumlly, Oiikluud. Ky., 20-3. 
Wayne, A. II., West laid, Ureen Bay, Wis., 211 10. 
Wiiiluu. Irvln It.. Purk. Auburn, N. Y.. 20-3. 
Wululi, Irani,, HllilKMlrouie. Buffalo, 20-3. 
Wuuu. Nulloual, Clilcugo, 20-3. 
Wnvhurn'H Phuntustlc Phuutoius, Victoria, N. Y. 

0., 20-8. 
Wait. Henry J.. Bbeedy'a, Newport, 11. I., 20-S. 
Wagner, Clara, Lyric, Parsons, Kun., 20-3; 

Lyric, It. Worlii. Texus, G-lo. 
Welch. Meuly ft Moulrose, Alhamhra, N. Y. O., 

West ft Fouler, Butt's l'urk, Lyons. Is.. 20-4. 
WolilWortli, Veslu ft Teddy, Lincoln Park, Nor- 

v.lcli, (tenn., 20-3. 
Wchli's, C«pt„ Seals. Shea's. Unffalo. N. Y.. 20-3. 
Welsh, Kuunetl,' Young's Pier, Atlantic Olty, N. 

J.. 20-3. 
Whaleu ft Went, Umpire. Luudou, Km;., 20-3: 

Bi'udfurd, G-10: Hull, 12-17. 
White. IM B. ft Itnllu, I.ulieitew Park, Middle- 

10" n. Oollll., 20 

teslde, ictlicl. ft Picks, Alcuur, Paris, Pruucc, 

20-Aue. 31. 

Whllinon ft Davis, Luton Square, N. Y. C, 20-3. 
Wlfltelieud, Joe, Majestic, Clilcago. 20-3. 
Whiplt.', Waldo, Luke Lushuwuj. Unst Brooktleld, 

Mags., 20-3: Lt1l.11 Ckiiiiney. Westbhen. G-H). 
Wheeler Chlhlreu, Star, Douoru, Pa., 2li-3; M011- 

essen, G-lO. 
Wheelocks, Wheeling Pork, Whcellog, W. Vu., 

Wlndum, Constiiuee. Bast Uud Park. Memphis, 

Term., 20-3; Iligei'soll Park. Deo Moluea, lu., 

G-10. . . 

Wilsons, The, Metropolis. N. V. 0.. 20-3. 
Wilson, Jack, ft Co., Orphcuui, Los Augelea, Oul., 

Wise, Prof.. O. IL. Chicago, 20-3. 
Wilson, Alf. ft Mats', Norumhegu Park, Boilou, 

W Intel's 4 Uugllsh, Electric Purk, Newark, N. J., 

Williams, ft Mayer. Cusluo, Long- Brunch, N. J., 

Wlmrutcs, Minstrel. Cusluo, Altooua, Pu., 20-3; 

Ptittire circuit fi-Ocl. 20. 
Wolfl' Bros.. Ilnrrlsbiirg, Pu., 20-3. 
Wordetle. i:-lcllc. ft Co., Temple, Detroit, Mich., 

2P-3; Shea's. Toronto, Cuu.. G-10, 
World's Coiuedy Putir, llailcui Park, llockford, 

III.'. M . • ,. 

World ft Klugsloii, Oriilieiiiu, Suur P'rau., Cul., 

Worth ft lieliuiir. Weasl's. I'.i.rlu. III., 20-10. 
Work ft liner. Keith's. Boston, 20-8. 
Wolf ft ViiukIiiiii. lliiKdiiil, (itluiiuvu, lu., 20-3; 

Brigduil. tiskiiloiisu, G-10. 1 
Wisnhvurd. Auua, Sun Soiicl Park. Clilcugo. 20-3. 
Wiiuilwiird. lSd. ft May, Sorg O. II., Mldillelonn. 

0.. 2U-3. 
Wrens (2), Kclthshurg, 111., 2; Pulton. 7; Bel le- 
va-. 10. 
Wyuuiitl ft Wyguud, Biirtls' Auditorium, Auburn, 

A. Y„ G-ln. 
Wynne ft UiwIh. Metropolis. N. Y. C. 20-2. 
Wyuii, Bessie, Alhumbru. N. Y. C„ 211-".. 
Yiiluoto Bros., Cusluo, Sprlugtleld. O., 20-3. 
Ykhiiiiii, Ucorin*, BIJou. Superior, Wis.. 80-8. 
Yule, Arthur, llauover Purk. Merldcn, Coun., G-10. 
Yoiiiik America Quintette,- Keith's, Phllu., 20-3. 
Youngs (2). Hyde Park. Chleugo. 20-3. 
York, llraoe. Novelty, IX'Uvet', 20-3. 
iescurrvs (3), Morrison's, Itockuwuy Beach, N. 

Y„ 20-3. 
Youiii;, Ollle. ft Bros.. Mycr's Luke, Canton, 0„ 

28-3; Lakeside Purk. Akron. G-10. 
Youmc ft Maiming, South lluriii, Mleh.. '-'HI. 
Zimoias. Oycllug, Whlltuker's Cusliiu, Culiinsle, 

N. T» 20-:!: Dleuillng'H Cusluo, Bockunuy 

Beach. G-10. 
Zulio, Union Siiunre. X, Y. ('.. 80" 
/amiw Trio, K. ft P.. Jersey Cllv. N. J„ 20-3. 
/a*el ft Vernon l^>.. Mnjevtlc. Slrcutoi'. 111., 20-.". 
Zuuilock ft Co., Wcuoiin Beucli, Buy Clly, Mleh., 

/.urell Bri'S.. Pastor's. N. Y. (!., 20-3. 

/aim. Jordan ft Zclin, U. (I. II., Pltlshurg, 20-3; 

Teinple. Delrult, 12- 17. 
/Isk.i ft Kliw. Proetor'e. Newark N. ,l„ 20-3. 
Zlngurclla, While Clly Show. 



Sil(,|,l.„,,i,t„l I.I.I _ llccelied 

l.lilc for (IhsnIHi-ju l,,ii. 
Beimel t Muullon (A. P. lteuil, mgr.)— Curtluud, 

N. Y„ 211 Aug. 8. Suyl-e. Pu.. G-ttl. 
"Couvlet Will," A. II. Wood's (LouU Kalz, mgr.) 

— X. Y Clly Aug. G-Hi. 
(liiy Stock (C. W. Miner, mgr.)— New fustic, 

lllll.. All!-. .1 lu. 

llllluiiiii, Muy. Slock IKrucst Schuuhel, mgr.) 

Wlndsof, VI.. Aug. ft-10. 

llel'TK'lt's " 

'a i.lreuadier Buud — Wushlugtou, D. C. 

20 InileUulle. 
"Kit ikirMin" (Tom Wledeuiauu, uigr.l-'Uuge, 

n U In.. Aug. 3. Woodward U. 
"Mllll of I Ik- Hour" (Brady ft Urlstner, lugra.) — 

AlluiiHc Clly. N. J.. 20-AUu. .'!. 
"Prince of Sweden," O. 8. Primrose's— Ln Crosse, 

Wis.. Aug. I. Tomiih II, Spuria li, Klll«,uru 7, 
ItoHar-Mnsoii Slock — Logausporl, lnd., 20-Aug. 'J. 

New Castle B-10, 
"Tempest aud Sunshine." W. V. Miinn'a (Rlcbnrd 

Ch.ipninn. iniir.l— t'hlciige. 111., Aug. 3-17. 
"Uncle 81 Husklu," O, 8. Prhurosc's— North Me- 

llregor. lu., Aug. 4, Buscohel, Wis., G, t'enl- 

more 0, Pluttcvllle 7. 
„ , MINMItlJl.S. 

Doekslmler'o Lew TfCluirles D. Wilson, mgr.l— • 

Siiratoaa, N. V.*. Aug. 8, PauaUkevMhi 7. Kllaa- 
, Ih'Hi, N. J., M, Asbnry l'urk 11. Jo. 
Handy Dixie, Vwlckol ft Nolun's (John J. Nolan, 

mar.)— I'lH'iitcllo. Intl.. AUg. II, llgilcu, II., 7, 

Lyniistmi. Wjvi.', S. 0. tireen lllvce to. 
He tttie llros.' (Billy De R\lf. mgr.)- New Mll- 

f«hl. loim.. AiiR. B. Lltcbllold ll. Urcnj.ler, N. 

V. 7, While Plain- V, Uu.c- Shorn IP. 

Parker. O. W'„ AipuMtmeut Cu. (Con. T. Henueily, 
gen: ingr.l — Meodvllle,' Pn.. 20- Ana. R, M«'«- 
kIIIIii. I)., G-10. 

.. Abbot hns offered the fgtlow li . 
resolution, wlilcli ini ' CKfflT. HjaW W 
nppioved: ..... , 

"Tlmt lite governors at eaco of their mee - 
Iiijjh shall make It a regular order of bunl- 
ness that tbe nccretarv atiull redd tlio 
minutes of the last Friar gatbeflng; and tHaft 
the governors shall take up.- the Items and 
give attention to and be guided by the 
voice of tbe members' as la evidenced at 
these gatherings, and that the action of the 
governors shall be reported back to the next 

Charles II. Small, agent for Bweoly Hhl))- 
1111111 Co., was elected to active membership. 

■Tlio following candidates have been pro- 
posed for' active membenihlp: O. Henkc I, 
Vk-tOr Harmon, K. tlOfieiibaum, Owen H. 
Buckley, 1'rapk Woodward, Chun. HaHabury, 
Allan McPliSl, . H. B. TbeaHe, . W. Lee 
Urove, JKarl^JJ. 'MacVltty, Huttott Olbson, 
Wnj- M. Oray, E. V. Qlrouxi Al. Trubern, 
Hurry C. Ilukted, Oeo. F. Hlutou, John S. . 
Hale, Kdgnr KqrreHt, Kobert Caldwell. For 
associate membership : Jefferson D. BcrnBteln, 
Robert B/Bmltli, '-Slnie J. Hllvcrman, Robert 
Veltcli, 'Juke- Wells, Chnrlca Kltigsdorf. Ar- 
tlnir Llebes, Byuu Walker. For luy inem- 
bcndilp : : Jumes I'. Yottpg, Harry C. Clui'kc. 
' Friar Marcus It. Mayer, who Is soon to 
leave New York fur bis seventeenth 15uro- 
peaii tour,' bus been ofilclal.v created, by it 
iiiiiinlnmiis vote, the uuthuricod represento- 
llvc ijf tin; 'Krlurs tliroughotit the United 
Kingdom uud tins Continent of I'Jurope. Mr. 
Maver Will carry In his steamer trituk uev- 
erul cmiles of the li'rltlr i-uqstltitUu'u und 
11 number of orchestrations of the Krlttr's 
song, by lliu dean vlce-preslt)eut of tliu or- 
der, I'liurles Kmersou Cook, nltd P'rlar Vic- 
tor Herbert. A movement ts on foot to have 
Hie Frlur'n song played on New Year's Day 
lu all of the principal theatres lu hlurupo 
and America. 

Friar Frddeilc 'rhumpson Invited ' Ms 
reiinu- I'l-iiiiH to visit. Lnnu Park 'In 11 body, 
per iiuluiniililli'H, 1,11 'J'uesduy, July 30, when 
ull the bunds tit the Court of Luna will 
piny tbe Friar's song. 

l'r la r i'i iniii-1 ley baH t'cporled pnigrcss lu 
the arrangement of a baseball gume between 
the Friars and the New York Press Club; 
pluce and date to be uunouueed later. 

A hiiiiilMime prize lias been offered by Friar 
(iiiveruor Marcus l(. Mayer to thu Itlncrttut 
li't'lur who enrolls the largest number of 
iiicinlii-is dni'lng tbe cutulug season. 

Frlur Uovernor Harry 0. Soutmer* Is hav- 
ing a bet of letter boxes constructed for the 
Friar headquarters. 

■Toe recording secretury, Vrlur Cllutou W. 
Moffutt, has presented a hundsotuc sufe to the 

Attention Is called (0 the fact that au 
elaborate Frlurs' Year Hook Is now lu prepa- 
ration, and will be published and distributed 
to Friars lu "good standing" about Oct. J, 
1007. Thl- book will contain the constitu- 
tion ami by laws. 11 detailed stenographic re- 
port rit the unuiiul' meet lug. Including letters 
and telegrams from alike-nl. 'Fi'lars, the articles 
of Incorporation, names of officers uud gov- 
ernors (past uud present), and of all stand- 
ing committees fur the ensuing year, und a 
revised list of the entire PrUtr mcinbershlp, 

. 1 , it !.-.» *■ ■•>... <>t ■! t*. ..«..! 1.... .•*,..!,. ».. ■*>._.:. ' 11... 

doors, itdCJ managers are asking for reiii?. 
dates.' TnrongS ''tbo Ihilefuthrable ex,! rtl 2 
pf our manager.- Dr. V. C. Ilollowm, thS 
company Is uiuklng a rcpululluu serin.! ... 

company is inuklng a. reputation second TS 
none, aud Js-copccded by. mattug\trs aud m 
irons to bo about the,' best 'medicine show \,a 
the roud. 'i'lic roster M is follows : lir p r 
Holloway, manager: Vr. J. F. Uarls, dcnti»»: 
On* Clitrk, stage inunugur : Mrs. 1,. HollowuV 
trcflKnrer and sonliretto ; Kd. St. Clair hlaii 
face comedian and vocalist; Ituse Holloway 
cpmertlepne ; George Thompson, coincdlun- 
Otts Clark, character comedian ; fw U ,' 
Flood, musical director. "The Man In White'' 
appears on schedule time, (lnd Tnu (jlp Iti- 
lI.ibi.k reaches us On Saturday. All are well 
und hatrpy, and look forward to a conthnm 
Hon or our unpreceilented oopulnrltv and 
prosperity. Our dog. "puke." Is the miscoi 
of tlie company, aud 11 1 tracts consldenibTe 
attention wherever he goes. 

Notbs KitbM WUitm City Park, Sprini... 
field; Mb.-Aluly -1 was a big day with us 
fully DO.OOO people passing through tlie 
gates. Dr. Carver's diving horses and tln> 
tjreat Klns^ers Kuropenn Kqulllbrlstit were 
tbe free attractions, between whom honors 
were divided. The Klns-ners balancing act 
Is the greatest before'" tlin 'public, und the 
nppluuse they received for their marvelous 
performance 'was tremendous. Owing to tlie 
success they made tlio uiauugemeiir 'engaged 
them for' one" more week. The vaudeville 
Uieatre nn<l nil other attractions ''wefe'tteii 
piltronlreil, This Will mihii bo'ono of tile 
pest parks In tbe middle West. 
' Tun Pkimckss Ombn'b will be seen with 
her own company uf Oukluud, Cul. 

(in Weiinkspav. July .10, at. Cruokstoo 
Minn., Uertt'iidc Parker, daughter of r w' 
I'arker, owner unit founder of tlie four Parker 
companies, and Covert G. Burroughs', muuucer 
of the Hales' Tours, with the C. W. Parke: 
Sltuws, were quietly married by. the her. li'. 
M. Wurd, ht lite Preshyterlitn jiarsouuge. 'lliu 
tiffulr wus kept a secret until July is! wlieu 
It wits linuouuccU ut Winnipeg. Can., and the 
happy couple were sbowcred with congratula- 
tions by tliclf utauy friends with' tlie compiinv 

Notes ' from Wm; ' McCthii's OEottoi.\ 
TnotiaADOUtts. — Af^er two successful seusous 
we closed July 1, arid will open yn or about 
Aug. "15." We lire going to enlarge the or- 
chestra and put on u buud. 

' M. II. Ha vacih bus closed u season of forty- 
three weeks its musical director with the 
Lyman H. Howo Co. M« Is resting at' hl-i 
house and will be with the oatuo nuluugetueut 
for next season. 

Under tbe Cents. 


uctlve. sssoclttte uud luy, made bii frpth the 
treasurer's books. No member who has not 
(iiiulltled by puyuicnt of Initiation fees and 

dues by Sept. 'JO will be Included lu tlmt 
book. Oh tlie latter dute tin- governors will 
take up the list of delltiqueuts, and nil wbo 
have uol ll led adoiuutc reasons for non-pat - 
uient, wlll'lie dropiicd from tbe roll. Tliero 
are now III? members in "good standing." 
Hues should be seat direct to the Ft'Tnr 
treasurer, ■ John W. Rumsey, Lyceum 'Thea- 
tre, Nety York CHv. Meinbets elected and 
tylio Km paid their dues to other tha^n tbe 
briar treasurer, are uqt. regarded In "good 
standing" until such dues reach Friar tttim- 
sey. No Friar Is entitled to a member's card 
uutll his dues have been paid to tbe Friar 
treasurer under tbe constitution. 

'lliu board of governors appointed a com- 
mittee, called the nieuiberslilp committee, to 
consider all applications for membership be- 
fore lliey tire laid before the bourd. This 
couuiilltee will consist of the following: 
Bruce Ivdwards. chairman : Clinton W. Mof- 
futt, Philip Mllldll. and Wells Hawks anil 
Cluii'les Emerson Cook, rt-oiUih. und tint 
lollowlng, wbose'niuues have been added by 
the. Filar Abbot: Wm. lluyinond Sill, /,. M. 
Harris. Harvey Duy and Jack WelA, 
• li't'lurs wl|l confer 11 favor by suudlug cor- 
rect addresses to the corresponding secrc- 
lary, Philip Mlndll. '' 

JoRllAHnUMN reports piieenos on the West- 
erti pill. Owe, - 4 "- 


% . ,i-..i- , f ■ '.! ;; V.l- 1 j . ' "i , i ( 

Noi't;s Pitdst tub C. W.' Paiikbr' Bitbws.— 
'.I his compunv has now been out ten weeks, 
und so far has hud Very satisfactory busi- 
ness, and everybody with the couijiuny Is 
well, und runscuucntly happy. The roster of 
lite company Is as follows: Roy M. Uruuinr 
■ . Ilurley S. Tyler, lessees ami managers; 
•V ..'■.. , u fi rk ' l '5; k'cncral contracting ugdiil. ; 
ii C. WHbur. W. David Cobn. Utu A. Scott, 
promoters; l>r, ||, K. Merkei. press leplc- 
Heiitullvc mid comptuiy physician; M. K. 
Wagoner, secretary : Johso H. Shoal, Kcuerul 
iiiiuoiincer ; (icitiudo Purker, stenographer ; 
gruft W. I . Walker, bpnd untster; .Tolm 
hnovrtus, chief elect idclmi: llul Waytts, elilef 
uuglneer; Lee M. Hni-ncs, master of trans- 
portatloii, and t.'tirtls Vctarc, manager of 
coinmlssloiiK. Tlitr euinpuny curries eleven 
PUhl utt ructions und live free acts, its fol- 
lows: Trained Wild Animal Circus, Al. II. 
Hiiiik'S. munager; .lack I'ollltt. assistant; 

Tyruleuii iilps." 11. U. Murkol, iwumger ; 
1 lute's Touw, i'ruaier & Tyler. munugeiN ; 

siiperhu, ' Joe I,, laieus, manager; Georgia 
UtaMlOU John MeOaffcrty, nianuger ; Mov- 
ing l-Mcturu Sliow, JeSsle M. Shdat, muiiugCr: 

.liihiigtowu Flood." It. K. U. Bell, inutiugcr ; 
"How Old Is Ann V*' Dun Lund, manager; 
Kulzciijiiiiiuici' Kiistle, Ueo. J^Itoy. manager; 
I'errsW Inil. Burl Brown, iiiunager ; Curry Us 
All, I rumor 4 Tyler, luiuuigeiu 'I'he free nets 
lire : Clever Clark, on the sluck wire; Vrtiii'D 
umi 1 lurk, double trapeitu ; tlnell and b'lcdler. 
comedy rerolvlug ludder; Ulmer Velarc. leap 
J l« B«P .«*. n bicycle'; "Dallus" ttuii "KI 
lleuo." hlgli dlvlug Shellnhd ponies. liar- 
Icy B. lyler, ope of thu lessees uud nuitiii- 
gers, und Alice BuukOr, of tho "Buperba" 
show, both of whom 'claim Abllcue, Kiinsus. 
us tbelr home, wero quietly married July 8 
In the Christ lipltseopal ChBreh ut Crooks- 
ton, Mltiti.. by tliu Rev. H. M. (ireeu, Bee- 
tor. Oeitrude Parker, duughter of the owner 
und founder of tbe coniiiany, und Covert 
Burroughs, acted as attendant* to the bridal 
jiarty. "bat evenlug Mr. Tyler entertniued 
1 lie baud uud the male contingent of tho 
company at the privilege oar, uffer a parade 
was made through the streets fat 10 a. at.) 
headed by the baud und Mr. Tyler lu tbu 
"donkey cart" druwti by tbe boys. At Winni- 
peg, Can., we furnished the attraction at tho 
Manitoba Industrial Kit posit ion July j:j-"0, 
niid wo uru now pluylng u number of Slate 

Prkbcullk, hypuotlst. la quite 111 at Trini- 
ty Cottage, lladuu Lauding, Vt. 

PllOk'. B, KarUmd. luugleluu anil hHUdcuOr 
oxperl. hiia sigued Willi Sam C. Miller, uiuu- 
agor oP the Aubrey Sluck Co., for next sea- 
hoii, which opens Aug. IS, He suys: ■ "I 
had a very biiweSHful nmson with Ilia Alhnm- 
bra btovk Co., as u vuudovlllc fuuture 

Thh Mi:nnb.v ChkMical Co:, of Newark, 
N. J., have Issued novel bridge wblat 
tallies, a set of which they will aend on 
receipt of a two-cent stamp. 

Cap Stewart has closed with the Ideal 
Cnrnlral Co., nnd Jolnml the 0. 0, Dnwnon 
f-li'>" - for ibe «'tisou. 

ttmBl liirjJf Al.''lj'. WbtsWk NeV Model 
Shows. — We are playing to big bushess 
tlirougb Now York State. The past three 
weeks have been spent lu territory visited 
every seitson fur the past three years by the 
Nuw Model, uud I he liuuiiclul returns have 
been more I linn double Unit ut lust year— 
positive proof that tills show Is crowing hi 
popularity as well us lu size. All departaienls 
arc running like clocknurk, uud all vlsltt'ig 
iiiaii.'igi-i's pronounce it the best handled 
small allow they have ever seen. We arc 
uow In our tlftceotb week, und iml oriu pvr- 
foruiutice hns been lust, a record tbut very 
few ut' thu larger concerns cau boast of. Our 
season will extcftd to Oct. IB, or later. 

'I'm: Fanhion Platu-Hhow report excellent 
business through Long Island and Westches- 
ter County. New York. 

Antonio V. Ppuilxoxtis writes from Sun 
Carlos. Plniir Del Heo: "I utu still uu niv 
Summer tour apil doing u splendid lnislne- 
My elephants (known as Barlow's) are 11 
wonderful success, and give mo packed bouses 
every day." 1 •' 

I'nun A. IIiiniisiiN la enjoying a uroHtahle 
fishing trip on the lakes near Colllngwood, 
Canudn. ' . • • • 

-^-r— .- — 

Al v\ . niiriiu'K riu us. , 

The 1, lining .mi-iihiiii lylll Uud Mr. Martin 
In the Held with two companies of cquul 
strength and niortl. uroduclng Ibe old' but 
ever popular "Uucle Toni'ij. Cabin." 

' Following the policy of "no parade," 
whloli bus proven I lie past two seusoos to 
be uu itnuuullllcil success, and which will 
always be tin- rule with the Martin enter- 
prises. Mr. Martin promises to glvs tbe best 
production lie lius ever made. Fifty people 
will be vuri'led with eacii company." lu order 
to be up to the nituulc. u larger number 
lliuu ever of high 'class vaudeville nets will 
be curried. The scenic embellishments will 
all be new and elubnriile. uud of orlglual de- 
signs. The elkctrli-al effects, as heretofoit'. 
will be novel and 'realistic.'- A concert bund 
nnd orchestra will bo with each ' company . 
And; us usual, the companies will be "all 
White." '. : 

Cue company will bo under the manage- 
ment of I'M. H. Martin, and tlio other will 
lie managed by W. Van Andu. II. II. VraltjWr 
will bo rciiiliieil ■ us yeuerul' I'Opn.'Sculutlve. 
Tlio sensun will open at Dayton. (»., Aiig. lit. 
for one eouipuny, uud 6t LOguusport, Tud;, fur 
the oilier. 

Al W. Martin will bo ut the Netv York 
office sppcrvlslng tltu utovvmcuU of cucb 
com [muy. ' 

. . . «1.». ' • 

ii.-ii..i>"lll"ii oiu-ni Hiii|N<- Hfpcrlor.i. 

Tbe vepci'lory ut Ibe .Molrouollliiii Opera 
HoUW tlie coming, .teiisoli will include thu 
four operas of Puccini, pmsuuled here lust 
Winter: "Lu )loheme." "Lit Toscu," ".Miiduine 
Huttertly" uiid "Mution titrtcuot," nnd lb" 
new iipern, "Marie Antoinette." Catallul a 
"lAireley." which Wine revived last year In 
Kurope, will bu another, us will tho operas, 
"Iris'' und "Fnlatair." 

"Millie AiiloJlielle" will have Its pninnio 
lu New York, cou-lrury to Ihe iisiinl custom 
of giving ul leus-t 11 trial iK'rformunce In 
some ICurupcuil cupltiil. In the New York 
preselilutluu -Mine. Kiniiiil lOnnics will slug 
tlie h-'nUIng soprano iiurt. 

■ " - » » »- — 

I runt. Vli-lvi-i-'N I'lnnt. 

h'ruiik MoKkc. wbo Is now. in Frunce. will 
sull for New York 'oil Afic. 7. ' ' 

lie bus "The, Dtcuiii Null/.." for which he 
utiiiciI botli the Auicrlca,ii und blngllsli rlalits 
for Ibe New York Amusement Co. Tlie bug- 
llsh rights have In turn been uuld to CUuvlcs 

!■ in I mi 11 11. 

Among his ventures will be a new ■opera, 
by Victor Herbert and (JleiKMacDonough, 
which be Intends to produce In New York tbe 
coming sensiii). '•• 

Mr. McKen will also produce a play by L;i- 
ward treble, the author of "Prince ('Imp. I" 
be called "Thu Sliver Cilrl." it Is u Western 

4 » » ' 

Anutlier Abl.lii-siuuci- I'rixliutlo"- 

"Tliv Flower of t lip «unch,"iu coiuedy with 
music, written by Joc'irowurd. and in which 
he and his wife, Mabel Burrlson. will w; 
sttirred by tho ABklu-Slnger Co., will go ui 1 
lu the Full. " ,. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howiird arc spending the 
Summer llshing uud boating ut their cotlu ry 
home, ueur Lake Cura. Mich., wliere Mr. 
Howard owns it lurge tract of luhd on luc 
Hnu of the Pure Mumuettu Itallroud- „"" 
lias contributed cuie-liali tlie cost of building 
11 railway stullou nenf bis hnuie, and til" 
lotiipiiuy will uutue the ulutlon BiilTlsou, 
after Mabel. ' " 

■ „.. « . *» -. !- 

Alberta <.allutln (o Dewlll IlclienranH 

Alberta finlliitln nnd Imr ,n>in|iii|i;- jl> 
"Judith of the'Plalns!" will begin reheitrsnl-- 
under the direction of Bldrldga * *"■■"•' 
An* 12, ' 




Sew Theatres for Chtenrn. 

That Chicago id ■ corning rapidly ' lo the 
front as a Uiciltical cputre, as detailed In 
ihese columns sdme mete ago, In Mint 
fftirt the great 'activity Which Is noticeable 
in 'building circle* In this cil.y nt the ( present 

One of the projects which will In nil nrob- 
alilllly go through In a short limn Is /Mo 
.wi-iloh of rt theatre. on the property of'70-78 
Dearborn . Street, just, south ot Randolph 
Sircar! tinil north of the nlleywny running 
between RnrWolph and Washington Streets. 
John Cort. H.'Il. Praxee Hat V. O. Hermann 
und several 6tncr9 ore Interested I tr this 
deal, and .hope to httlld a musical comedy 
rouse" Iter*; ' Tbo principal obsfneln In DM 
way at present' Is severnl long tei'm leases, 
Imt 1hese the people Interested hope to he. 
nhlP to hny up, or secure possession of. The 
site 'Is ope -of' thd best, hi the. city, nml stinulcj 
I he merl h« flhM to* scetfre the property 'ns 
titer expect, they will erect one of the tinnd- 

somesl houses ever .seen In this oily. 

The thentre.nnd studio Inflldlnir on ([armon 
Court, fietwcen InUpil Avenue and Wabash 

Avenue)' Is 'rinnthor project which will cer- 
tainly be carried through, and will cater 10 
ine highest patronngo. I'lnns have alrendy 
iK-en nrephred hy Mnrshnll & Fox, nnd when 
completed, the hulldlng will he seven stories 
In height, and the seating capacity .will be 
between l.flOO nnd 1,700. M. ..Solomon & Co., 
n firm which Is known In the theatre con- 
struction business In this city, Is planning 
1 he construction of these houses. 

Englewood, one' of the sections of the 
Windy City to ihe extreme south. Is to- have 
n new thcAtte 'also, the only one of Import 
In that. locality how being the. "Marlowe, ' at 
Sixty-third Street and Stewart Avenue. This 
now house will lie located on the north side 
or Sixty-third Street, near Hoisted, and will 
hnve a seating capacity of 1,150, and wilt bo 
ninnnged' by .Tnmes h. Ledercr, who now 
mnnnges the Star Theatre, on Milwaukee Ave- 
nue, on the northwest side. The house Is In 
process of construction now. and It Is ex- 
erted will open about Oct. 1, with vfttldr- 
vllle. The Vandelte - Is ft small homo.- devoted 
in continuous pcrforinnnccs, nnd Is diagonally 
across the street front its 

Then there arc the new Hyde & Rehman 
Thenlre, and the Virginia, both In the same 
block -on (West Madison Street,- nt the corner 
of Hnlsted Street, which ftr* expected lo 
open" In -tho Kail, and Ihe liow Princess, to 
be, Iniill: by the Singer Hrotbors 00 Clnrlt 
Si reel - , south of Jackson Boitlevnrd. These, 
together wllh 'the now Empire Theatre, on 
Madison, oppoRlto I'nion Street, on the west 
nine, ana opened for a short preliminary sea- 
son Nirlv thlti Summer, show which Wny the 

I hen! rlcnl wind Is blowlbg in Chicago* 

- »«» 

Mrs. II. A. Ilarily Iimirovlnn Alter 
1 tier t.. 1. 1,1,1. 

Mrs. II. A. iiurdy, who been In charge 
of lite press department of the Shitberta since 
Ei-iink J. Wllfttach gave up' his Work there, 
Is itliirklly sticking to her desk In the Ijyrlc 
Theatre Hulldlng,. despite the fact that: she 
i»iiirc,i her right (foot, severely in a fall biir- 
inlned from 11 cnrrlrigo about Iwo weeks ago. 

flho 'showed true grit hy retniilnlng at work 
after. the 'icejdcnl, nnd did nol. lose a ilay. 
Her MavhrovotheiH hit's" been rapid, allttniiglt 

II ;wJfl be some time before she will be able 
to? use' Iter foot. 

'»• ■ *'» ' ■ 

.luliii <i-u,i, ., Hot urns from P,urn|ir. 

.loiin ■ti'ttniiii, of (lie Osntan Stock Co., re- New York on July i'S, from a six 
weeks' . European trip, taken entirely for 
pleasure. He Is greatly Improved In lioallh, 
nnd eager for work. ' . 

Mr. 1 Istnnn wan recently presented, on the 
occasion of his llfty-elghth birthday, with 11 
gnrdhlinfllod silk umbrella, by the member.! 
of 1»l» company, severnl of whom arc re- 
■■ngftged 'for file coming season. 

lie will put out two companies, lmlh open- 
ing on Aug. 13, 'ono working ICast and tho 
other playing' South: ' "" J 

■ ' ; . ' ...» ' . » . . 

Mdiinflolil N<>>» in Mi.- Ad], nmlnoks. 

Rleliard Mnnslleld arrived In .Montreal, 
Can- on July JO, from Mrcrpool, lOug., nc- 
■ cmicinled by Mrs. .Mnnslleld nnd his broth- 
er, l'\ Mnnslleld. He w/is cnreil for by two 
1 rained: nurses and a valet. Mr. Mnnslleld 
iippenrefi to ho In very poor heallh. 

On July 2S ho left for the Adlrondiic|;s. 
Arrangementn \vere made for 11 oouaga nt 
Snranne Lifllw, nnd the entire Miuitdlrld parly 
led to spend some time' there.' 

' , gafcN t .. — i — . 

Tho llnish AnilUorlnm Aliened. 

The Mulsh Andliorluni, the new popular 
priced lltetitrn at' De Kail), III., was opened 
■Inly 10, nntl will open Its regular season 
Aug. 12. .('. M. Fox Is the manager, and 
Hnbert Fnrgo, of Chicago, in the booking 
agent. The seating Hpitdty is 000. 
' " 4 * » 

A NeXF Prntluutlon f«r theCasino. 

The Messrs. Shuhcrt announce that follow- 
ing the engngement of "Fascinating iciorti," 
now phiylng nt; the Casino, they will produco 
u new play, headed by the trl-slars, Jefferson 
<>e- Anitc'IlN, Itlnnehe King and Alex. Carr. 
In.addltlon in these. three slnrs the cast will 
contain Uie names of t'rnnk Donne, Mnuite 
llnymnnd, Wm. Armstrong nnd others of 
Iirnmlnenee. The book Is being written by 
Sidney Itosenfeld, nivd the niuslc will lie sup- 
plied by Lutlwlg Hnglnn'flcr. 

. . ' ■» . « .. » . . C 

MiiimIi- I 'only Mnrrlos tv Denver 
Dm 11111 tic- Critic. 

Maude Kcaly, "who for a long time sup- 
ported Henry Irving, and who Is now un- 
der tbo management of John Cort, was 
KMretly married July 16, to 1>juIb R. Sher- 
wln. dramatic critic of The Denver Rcpub- 
Hem, ■ • • 

.MnJcatlo Theatre, Den MoIiicn, in., 
Wex* ii.iliilli.u.. ' 
The Majestic, Des Moines, la.. whl?h Is In 
course Of constrttctloh, Is speedily acquiring 
some shape. Tho wnils are pnrtly tip, the 
RlftRe tloorlng Is In, its well n» the first floor, 
Ihls house will bo ono of the hondsomest 
theatres In the West; ' 

«♦ « » 

Thon. It. Henry to Become a House 


Thos. II Henry, who hns been with Ous 

Hill's altracllonH, will be house manager 

for the new Toronto (Oastern wheel) house. 

— ■ ' i ««» — '* 

Howard Aihenienrii, 'Iloston, Season 
r ' Opeii* ■KuKT'ln. 
The Howard Athenmum', lioston, will open 
Its season Aug. at), with the Hlnlto Itounders 
(Western whfel). in udtlltoln to -the regu- 
lar wheel shows, tho Howard will play its 
own weekly vaudeville. 

. . . j „ . # 1 1 

tils 111 plo lit ,\<iv >nim- far Adamis 

Hyde & Hohmnn's Tbentre will change Its 
name in the Olympic Theatre when the sen- 
son npens, Aug. 20; with Abo l.cvllt's Ilentz- 
Snnlley Co. jiii -the Kastern wheel attrac- 
tion"! will piny at this house.'- ' 
1 ■ «» » » ' ■ 1 ■ 
•"nniapoN* TfienTrVr Heiiltle, Wnxli., 
Iloliiir n.-mi.iii'i.-ii. 

Manager I'linlages" Is romoilellng I ho 1'nn- 
tngen Theatre, 8eattle,-Witsh., nnd when com- 
pleted this house wilt In ono of the most com- 
modloiiR playhouses rtb the ennqt. 

— mmtF " ' ' ' 

HIJnn,I|iiNflPll 1.. I'll. > Keith A Proctor 
' etui.-. 

BIJ011 Russell recently returned from a 
tour n r the world, She gpenf most of her 
time white abroad 'In Knglanfl .and Atis- 
trnlla. ■ Bhe lias secured bookings .over tlto 
Keith & Proctor circuit. 

flnnlon, P»„ t„ Havf n New 
Vaudevlllr Theatre. 

Max Sleiel, of N'ew York, has secured an 
option on the site Just, south of the crenmerv 
TOP*"* on Front Street, Bnsloh, Pa., and 
Mil Incorporate a company to be known ns 
the Rfiston Thcntrc Co.. to erect a flrst 
clnss vnudevlllR house thereon. 

The bnlldlhg will ho A model or ' the 
present-dnj style of theatre architecture, 
the plans for which have been.mnde by B. 
0. Horn, of cfew York. ' ' 
.u rh - p ,,2 '* WwhKl Is 00x120 feet, nnd 
the building will he of hrlokf atid stone, with 
an attractive and Impnslnc front. The stage 
will be IlOxtlO feet, anil will be ennlpped with 
nn asbestos curtain. The theatre wtll haVe a 
sealing cnpnclty of t.nSO. divided An Tol- 
lows: - groiind ' floor, (580 ;, balcony, 3r>0; gal- 
lery, ar,0; boxes. 100. 

Present plans call for Ihe opening of the 
house on Jan. I next. There will be two 
performances nt popular prices daily, nnd 
hellh lc rroctnr bookings are promised. 

i he honwe" will lie Irf n circuit to be com- 
posed or Knston. Alfentown (Orpheiim The- 
atre), Reading. Harrlshurg, Utfcn. N. Y. : 
Hlnghltmton; N. Y. (nil theatres controlled 
by Mr. Helgel and W'ltmer & Vincent, asso- 
ciated with him In the conduct of the busi- 
ness), tond Trenton, PnllAdctphln, Scranton. 
Newark, Schenectady, Alhanv nnd Troy. 

4 <» ''I ' 

wniar.i KewfllV'New Proilnctlon. 

Mr. and Mrs. WUInrd Newell (draco 
Turner) are ,ln Chicago at present, and Jlr. 
.\owoll Is busily cngaKed with preparations 
for his new offering In vaudeville, In which 
he will present, for tho first time In vaude- 
ville, (he story of "The Fool's Revenge, - ' tiv 
vletor Hugo and Tom Taylor. Ho has mode 
the version himself, after many months ot 
careful study, nnd the tour will be projected 
by Robert (Jrau. 

Tho production, which will be In 'four 
scenes, and will occupy, thirty minutes, will 
be complete In every detail, as regards 
scenery, costumes, properties, etc., all ot 
wldch will be carrier! by Mr. '.Newell. When 
he wiis abroad, some time since, he carefully 
studied plates or the period of I he .play. Jand 
Is.prennred to offer n line production. In so 
fnr as the correctness qf the staging is con- 

«» , » 

ivt-nii «. Proetnr t.> Arranae an 

imiltm for Harlem Oprrn 

Hon Me M«ii-w Co. 

Keith- & Proetor will give On outing" to 
the members of Ihe Harlem Opera House 
»toclt Co. on Sunday, Ane. i. And have In- 
vited the tnenlbers of the different social 
clubs formed In honor of the tlnrlrm players 
to he ihHr guests. 

i'eiiinm Ilav Park. In Westchester County, 
known for Its hennty. and nn Ideal place for 
recreation. Is the place selected for the out- 

A commllte has been appointed, consist- 
ing erf rtcrry Onell, ' stage ntnnnger ! At- 
Fihonse Ktltler, Ihe lending man: Oeorge 
Inwell nnd Robert -R. Hill. This commit I ee. 
under ihe supervision of Manager II. Ilrtt- 
nelle, has pnt logelher a very Interesting 
programme, consisting of social games of 
nil- kinds. The outing promises to he one 
of enjoyment and recreation. 

Florence Beaenelc s«-oi-.-n. 

Florence rjchenck made her first appear- 
ance on the stage of the Madison Snuaro 
Roof Garden on Wednesday night. July 24, 
between the acts of Mortimer M 'Chelae's 
"Tho Maid and the Millionaire." She crented 
an excellent Impression, and Immediately won 
her audience's good favor. Kd. Morton. intro- 
duced two new songs which seemed to score 
as big ns either "(Trntltude" or his baseball 
song. Two new ensemble numbers were also 
Introduced and gave Ine pony bnllet, another 
opportunity of displaying their vim. ginger 
and nlmnlencss. 


rim»«ei ih for WaNliliiK'I'oii 

s r .'Hnelety filrls. 

Tlie following penpl.v are engaged with 
the Washington Hoclflty C.Irls Co., which 
uitens lis wnson In New York City oh -,lbn 
1'iiiiplre circuit, wheel: l,ynot.le Sisters, llnrry 
West; Mile. Miirev's living plclttres, Ray- 
mond Rllllll, the Three Mlinlo Unit lli'l'M, Mlll- 

llnt Sisters, and Stevens and Keetey. 

Lew Wnlson Is manage ; )<'rauk IJvIngslon, 
ndvnneo ngt-nl : Lew -- Morse, electrician ; John 
, 1 'miners, props; Henry itiirgmnn, lender: 
Mndnm Mn'rse,' wnrdrolv mlsfress. 

4»» ' 

■ Hit City Quartette VWpcdl to l.uv 
nir This M'eek. 

The Rig Oily Qiinrtetle Is forced to lav 
off this week because Mr. Webb, ihe len'or, Ih 
Miffering from n slight ill ton I 1 rouble. 'which 
Ki'cntly Interfered with his slnglug last, 
week. Air. Webb thought It; advisable lo 
rest: his vocal chords Ihls Week, nhd tho 
rittsburg honking ot Ihe Quartette was ac- 
cordingly canceled. 

'Jlic quartette, will resume work Aug. B, 
reopening in Chicago on Unit date, 

<v t » i t i — r. ■ 

\V<iHliiii«tmiV New. I 'lii-iili ■-. 

The New flnyeiy ltitrles(|iie 'I'lieulre, lo- 
cated oh "Ninth, between H and V Streets, 
N. W.. W-ashlnglnii, 0, C. Will he opnned 
Aug. 10. .playing high class burlesque ill- 
I ructions nntl CHterh|g to lutly qiidleriees. 

Tho linn ;e will he sn-leily first clnss null 
Orcprnnf. The opening nllracllon will ' he 
I lit ri Ig & Mitnop's Mlg Show, followed In 
oMer bV Fred Irwin's Show, Clark's linn away 
tjlrls, Weber A Ituuli, Sum Scrlbner, Jersey 
Iillles, World Heaters, Hurry Bryunt's Show 
and others: 

The (iayetv will ho under the local man- 
agement of William S. Clark, and controlled 
hv the Columbia Amusement Co. 
♦ . » . » . . . 
Win. T. Clrover ns Slnnniter of the 
• .niiiii. Brooklyn. 

William T. Orover will manage Iho Grand 
Opera House, llrooklyn. at the opening of the 
regular vaudeville sca.-nui, Sept. '2, Kltiw A 
l'lrlanger having secured a lopg lease of tho 
bun -0 frpgl llvde & llehaiun. 

Mi', lirnver nt dKTerent times managed the 
Park Theatre, sloiilnuk, Amphlnn unci lm- 
perbil. In Itmoklyit, anil Is 11 1 present mana- 
ger of Heighten Ilencli Music Hull. 

4i . » ' 

People i:hkiikci1 l>y .im-ii Slntter. 

Tho fol owing linvn iieeu signed by Jack 
Singer's Rehmnn Hhow nnd Frank I). Bryan's 
Congress of American Ulr'n : (.'apt. I'oi ami 
his sevontccn Zoimves. James C. Morton, 
Pcto Curicy, Carson Brothers, Loloa Bcg- 
mv, James Kentlls, Molllo Williams, Ned 
Dandy, Thomas U. Qlonroy, the Moorcs, 
Rleuzl A. Hrecse, and twenty pretty chorus 
girls. The costumes Will bo most elaborate. 
<i» . . ' 
\111111 Ynlc for the NlKhtliiH'nles. 

Aunn Yale will bo principal boy with tho 
Nightingales (Western Wheel) the coming 

' «»» 

Geo, B. ' Nu 1 is lor Unrone. 

Geo. B. Reno and company sail for 
Europe this Week to open at Wlntergartcn, 
Berlin, Aug. 15. • '• 

♦ 1 » • 

Prominent Vnnaevlllc Slnnaa'er* on 
the Way Home, ' 

Percy 0. Wllllnms, Martin' Beck nnd Mor- 
ris Meyerficld, president of the Orpheiim 
circuit, who have been In Europe for severnl 
weeks, will nrrlve In America Aug. 1. 

1 , « I >. '! 

Minnie Scllvmnn nml Win. II. 
llrminvi-ll for Vaudeville. 

Minnie Hellgmnn nnd W. H. Bramwell will 
play a. season's bookings In vaudeville. In 
choir sketch, "A Bofcntn Widow," written 
by Grace Livingston "_.Jss. 

■ i - c » 

1 n u in Bart anil Harry Stanford to 
Piny In Vaudeville. 
r.anra Rurt nnd Harry Staaford, last sea- 
son under the management of Ernest. Ship- 
man, will piny a sketch In vaudeville until 
October, when they expect to go out In a 
new piny. ■ • ■"" 


Walter TUeyer* Minus With W. 11. 

Wats nn. 
Wnller Meyers has signed ns business man- 
ager wllh W. II. Watson's liitrlenpim for 
next season. 

j > » » ' . 

Anaerlcan AetW OolnK Ahroad. 
The following vaudcvlllo ncls Ball fnr 
Europe: Creole Relies, Aug. 1; Empire 
comedy Pour, Aug. 1.1: Josephine Osssuinn 
and her picks, Aug. 14. 

.1. 1 'i t. 
MoWntters and T> mm Have a New 

Version of 't'lu-lr ,\ .1. 

Arthur SleWntters and firace Tyson, wllh 
their ttvo assistants, recently scored big In 
Chicago. In Mr. MrWatters' new version of 
his spectacular offering, entitled "Vaudeville." 

The act 1s a big hit. and Mr. McWatters 
has spent n lot of money on the scenery and 
properties, which, together with the' energetic 
work ot his partner nnd 1 heir assistants, make 
It a fine feature act. Three or more of his 
song successes ore used, and his Imitation of 
Herrmann the Orcat Is a clever one. 
' »«» " ■■■ • . 
Albert Sntlterlann Plans Vaudeville 
and iiriimntie Companies. 

Albert Sutherland will pridnco a tabloid 
opera In vaudeville, the plot of wbleh Is by 
Stanislaus Stnnge, who makes ceo. Washing- 
ton' the centrnl figure of the story. 

Tho music lias been written hy Jttllna Ed- 
wards. There are seven characters. The 
opera will be elVcn nn 'elaborate production, 
onri will he tho first of u number of sets 
which Albert Sutherland will ' produce the 
coming season. ■ ' 

Mr: Sutherland Is n half owner In "The 
County Ealr," nnd will send out two COM- 
panics of that play. »•■••■•• 

' ri*~* — : 

People Engaged (or the Sam 
llevi-ri- In. 

The following people have been engaged 
for the .Shio ,l)evere Co. (Western Wheel 1 
for the coming season: Phil Ott and Nettle 
Nelson, assisted by Al Stedinnn nnd eight 
Devere ponies : Toddle Slmmnnds and Dora- 

Malms, Trick llleynllst. Hnrt at 

snivos. a trick bicyclist, whose real name 
Is .William Clarit, was hurt In a tall at llap- 
pvlaad, hi si en Island, on Thursday, July "». 
lie was removed to the 8. K. Smith In- 
firmary, with. several broken ribs and other 
Injuries. The act In Ihe same one In prac- 
tising for which Ijottle Brandon was seri- 
ously hurt ihe week before nt J. 
Halves make* n descent down an In- 

1 cllire on n bicycle and then a short, up- 
ward) ride which sends him luto the nlr. 
He grnsps white In night: a swinging bnr nnd 
1I10 bicycle drops. Then bo drops Into a 
net As he grabbed the bnr On Thursday 
night the apparatus broke and he fell to 

• the walk below. 

« i > 1 

New Crnnri Opera House, Initlmi- 
aMotlw, inil., \rnrlnit Camplrtlpii. 

Work Is progressing day and night on the 
.New flrnnd Opera House, Ipdianapulls, Ind. 
Manager Sh.tfcr Zlegler holies to have It 
readv to pen Ihe week of Sept. 2. Ihe 
house, when completed, will tie one of the 
most beautiful, comfortable and safest, the- 
atres In the West. The bankings Include 
the liest there Is lo be had In high clnss 
vaudeville. • ■• . .1 ■ • 

— .». «» ... 1 . 

At <he Fulle* Berixere, 
The opening hill nt tho Eolles Bergere, 
Paris. Aug. '31. will include the Three 
Hounding tlordons and Lavlne and Leonard, 

American arts. - 

■ ■■ *•• 
II. II. relberW Heml-Anitnal 
Korbpena Trip. 
11 II. I'eiltnr, foreign hooking agent of 
t lie Keith honking office, will sail for Europe 
Aug. 11, In book acts for Che ICclllt lc 
Proctor circuit. 

PaiiHle Ilnnovau III. 

Emmie Donovan Is quite III nt. Mnnongu- 
hela. I'a.. nnd iwnnld.hc. pleased to hrar front 
friends who care to contiiiiinlcnle with her. 


thy Warde, Harden and Summers, Mile. Then. 
Jute Jacobs nnd Dot West, eight ponies nnd 
eight show girls. Everything will bo new 
hut the llt|e. Whnleh A Mnrlell, pronrlelors: 
.1. I.. Slmmonds. manager ; Lew 1 Hunt, musical 
director: Hilly May,' props. 
, <i » 

Vnicei's Mlnntrels li.-utu Hehearsals. 

John W. Vogel's Itlg City Minstrels hegnn 
rrltrnr*nls Monday, .lulv 20, nnd Ihe eleventh 
annual tour will begin Thursday. Aug. N. 

There will lie snore than sixty people In 
the company thn' coming season, ami Mana- 
ger Voftel will present nn olio of high class 
vaudeville, In addition lo the regular min- 
strel performance. ' 

Among The ' vaudeville nets now engaged 
are : .Marvelous Marseilles, Al. II. Tyrrell, 
Cnlcyclo Hay, Smith and V/in, the ITnegel 
Rrothor*. 6tcmm and T,e Orange, the tircat 
Klitrtlgar, nnd the tjnulNlana Olee t.'ltib. 
■■) . ■» .; ; 

John P. Slocnih Beenines 11 Vaudeville 

John P. Siofiuii, well known as n dramatic 
manager, will ertier Ihe' field ns a vaudeville 

' Ills Hi-Mi prndtli'llon will go Into rehearsal 
this week, and will carry sotno big novnltles, 
originated by it. well known nieclmnlcnl singe 
Irjvenlhr. H will liavo a cast of fieven 

., +•* . 

Third Avenue Theatre, Hew York 
City; for Vaudeville. 

Tho old Third Avenue Theatre property 
w'UR' sold lost we*k, and aftt'r extensive nl- 
tc'riili.niK the house will he opened wlthblgh- 
Hass vnudevl||e. TlieWnlersnn Ijuv Amuse- 
ment CO. dosed a' lense for the properly. 
Mm, 4¥.\ lo 447 Third Avenue nod No. 20fl 
East, 't'h 1 rt.v iimi Street, with the owner, 
.lames Sinter, for n v lorlg term of years. 

f*1W — - 

llnlley and Aiislln In M"*lcnl Cnmeily. 

Bailey and Aiisllii will riot play vaudeville 
next season, tint will be featured wllh the 
musical comedy, "Thn Motor tllrl." Which 
opens for a run nt one of rite New York t he- 
al res. •> 


■ ■11 i>i n 1 it for Rnrope. 

Paplntn soiled on- July 27 for Germany, lo 
open nt the Winter tlartcn, Berlin, Aug. 17, 
for n six .tveeks' engagement. Her bookings 
will keep her on the continent, for over 
twelve months. Hhe will be accompanied by 
her brother, tieorge W. Hippie, who Will look 
after her Interests on rrtitr. 

AM * 

Idnlene tint ton Injured. 
Idnlene t^ollon, of l^ing nnd Cot Ion, was 
seriously Injured last week while out niiio- 
mnhlllng. Iter right foot was badly crushed. 
Tlie team had to cancel Morrison's 'llioatre, 
ut Rocknway Hcaclr.' 

OkMh CI. Kilpatrlek Sivlms the 


Chns. O. Kllpatrlck, the famous otto legged 
bicyclist, performed it most remarkable feat 
at Alton, 111., recently, uwlnimlng thn Mis- 
sissippi River front the llllpols shore to tbo 
Missouri side, the feat being remarkable on 
account ot tho swimmer having hut one leg. 
It was done on a wagor: 
Cntlirlne CountlMB in a New One Act 

"The Seventeenth Century," a one act tilay, 
hy Cecil de Mllle, will be presented In Keith's, 
Philadelphia, Aug. S, by Cathrlnc Countlss 
nnd (!arlylo Moofe, nitpportcd by Ethclyn I'nl- 
mor nnd Joseph Kggemon. 

Frank Whitman Married- 

I 'rank Whitman, "the dancing violinist," 
has become a benedict. He was married on 
July 20, In New York City, lo Winifred II. 
Miller, a non-professional, of llrooklyn, X. Y. 
■ . 1 « 1 » ■' ■ ■' 

Tlint timii'tetto Leaves for 'Prison. 
That Quartette left for Han l-'r.inelsco, 
Tuesdny, July !'0, to open a fopr weeks' en- 
gagement la that city, after which they will 
return Kast to ploy over the Klaw & Er- 
Innger time. 

, ♦»» 

I linti> It le«- III \ .-riiiK. 

Ennny lilce, iho weil known comedienne, 
who Is a patient nt the Sanborn Hall Hospi- 
tal, Erankl.'n, X, If., Is recovering rapidly. 
She expects in start on her theatrical tour 

In August. 

\.ir Mnjesite Theatre. Indianapolis^ 
'to Open in Heptemher. 
Tim New Mnjesllc Thenlre, Indlnnanolls, 
Intl., will he rendy for Its opening early In 
September. •• — 

»«» ,... '■ 

Orlcnlnl Cosy Corner Girls Allotted lo 
TTin Oriental Cow Corner Olrls, under 
the management of Kara. Robinson, will bo 
one nf the shows nllnttetlto thn new 1 f West- 
ern wheel) house at Wllkcs-Barre, IV, tor 
the coming season, 

World of Play ers. 

• \ ' T ■ ■ 1 

Mn. axi) Mils. HnwAitn Hi.itrii, who were 
members of Elsie Junls' company, In "The 
Vonderhllt Cup," will again be associated 
with the popular little netress, whose new 
vehicle for this senson tnot yet named ; 
will shorllv go Into rehearsal. At Ihe con- 
clusion of Inst season. Mr. and Mrs. Elltcli 
purchased n line Mummer home In Darlen, 
Conn., comprising two acres of ground, up- 
on which are dozens of trees Inden with mile 
nf all kinds, and ihelr initio is well sup- 
plied wllh vegetables of their own rnlslnx. 
They also have several broods of Plymouth 
Rock chicken* and While Pekln ducks. 
When the stage censes to attract Mr. and 
Mrs. Elltcli, they propose to Kltond their 
declining duys In Iho peaceful old town or 
Darlen. _ - . .. , 

Till) Dt\Mosn Comkdv Eotm, Iterl; Mel- 
vln, Tom Murphy, Chris Horensen and Unrry 
llllgerl, write: "Wo have Joined Kllmt Sc 
tl.wr.olo's 'llocky Mountain Express,' and 
hope to have a pleasant season." 

J. 1,. HAii.snTT, of llnrnetl Mrolhcrs, mali- 
ngers of tho Ouera, .House, Troy, .O., was It; 
Xi'w York Inst week, after having attended 
Iho Elks' Convention. , 

ci.Aiii-N-ri: 1>. Xkwmas has signed wllh 
tho "Qitlucy Adams .fjtwyer" <!o., tEnstarnj 
for the coming season, making his third 
Kciisou with thn company, Which opens Aug. 
P. - Un will piny Aimer Stiles. • 

Pavo cunrann writes: M l closed with tbo 
'Tu'o ITnuil to lleg'.Co.. March .'"i, In nprlng- 
held,' <1., and ors'iietl on Ihe following Moa- 
tliiv- In Hits Sun's house. Ilnvo been on Ills 
circiill over since, meeting with huccchs. 
Wns cordnclleil to caocnl nil future dates, 
as I have /tlgacd to play the part of Ike 
Cohen, In lulroy & ltrllton's production, 
'The. Trust, lliistors.'" . 

Tun I.vnic Comhdv Foi:n (Messrs. Slau- 
hoiie, Itrlnlt, Stanley nml lilce), report being 
a.blg Hlf 011 every bill that Ihey (tiivo plnyoil, 
on the Hurry Hnwn circuit of .parks. They 
plav Dayton, O., weok of t'8, with Spr|ng- 
tleld, O., tn follow, after which (hey go to 
Chicago and commence rohearstils for '"Bio 
Irish Pawnbrokers," with which company 
1 iicv- have' sighed for next season. 

lien. B. Ii'mnt writes: "I am- now in my 
tenth week with ..tho nurton-Mo.Mulinri Htock 
Co., pin v big through the oil fields of Illinois, 
whore biiMness una been line, and every one 
is etijovlhc good benltli. Tail Dt.n Rili.iAiu.i: 
nnd the 'gliiiit' have hut foiled to make their 
weekly visits sine* wo opened.' 
• Tjih yptrsris (Kitty Puyo and O..M.) have 
signed for the coining season with Thos. 
Roo's "XJnclo Jpsh Pcrftlus" Co., doing sou- 
htvtte and comedy ritles. 

K 1 'i rv ilmtiiAN Is with the Slilpainn VCncle 
Tom's Cabin" Co., plnylnii Tnusy and her 
specialty In the concert. The show Is under 
ennvas and doing line business. 

-Mn. anii Mas. Cius. Ei.i.ih closed their 
senson at Eorest City, la., June 18. They 
toured Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, lowu 
and M'lnneiOtn. Were mil, forty-two weeks 
and ant new resting al St. Paul Park, Minn. 
The post senson wns Ihe roost successful they 
have aver exjs!rlencetl with "Your Neighbor's 
Wife." 'J'hey reopen early In Scplcmlier. Cti.i.Jiiiiii: writes: "I slmll ap- 
pear In a musical comedy tbo coming season, 
nnd ntn at present spending 11 few weeks 
with my friends, Mr. and Mrs. I<ewls Med- 
luirv, of "Itehiiiii the -MiinU" t.'o., ill their 
.Summer honic, flrosnu Isle, a beuutltpl Isbmil 
outside of Detroit:, und am piiHslpg tho time 
In Imatlng, fishing, riding, etc. Wo receive 
our dear old Cmituii every 'lliiirsdny even- 
lug from Detroit, thereby keeping III touch 
with the tliealrlcal Wurbl." 

.Iami.s E. .MrDi.iuiv, tin; vetemii coiuedlan, 
ts playing a speolul Sumuttr eiigugcuictit with 
Arthur L. Pimshiiwu'H Herald Manure Stock 
Co.. now touring Pennsylvuiilu and Ohio. 

i;i:jit S, FttANic and wife, Anna Jordan, 
have arrived In Now York, after having 
played the principal theatres nnd circuits on 
the Pacific coast. They will probably slgu 
with one of the principal Eastern couipaules. 
NATtu.s Aito.NHON has been engaged by 
Mn it In Satilne to take tin, part of Oliver, In 
special performances of "As You I.llte It." 

i.nvoiiA nANVKv, the plan Isle nt the Crys- 
tal Theatre. Frankfort, Ind., has formed tut 
orchestra of eight pieces, the object being to 
play for social functions next Wilder. Liuiorii 
lluiivey Is to Ih) the directress, and II will lie 
called Han vey's. Orchestra. W. Siiilhv, for Ihe past two seasons 
with Julian Calm's "David Uitrum" Co., Is 
at dolden City, the new park at. Cannrsle, 
1,. 1., for the Hummer, managing nod lec- 
turing on ft scenic and electrical production 
of "Robinson Crusoe." 

WirJ.IAu |i\ Pktkum writes : "1 have Just 
completed the score of u new musical come- 
dy 111 two acts, us yet unnamed, tbo hook 
by A. O. Del 11111 11 1 or, find which 1 consider 
superior to any of my previous compositions. 
11: will lie produced lit the Eust hi the early 
Vail. Mr. Dolamnler and I have also writ- 
ten special songs for Walter Jones, Toby 
Claude and Pauline Hall, which we have 
placed wllh our publishers, M. Wit mark & 
Sons, nnd uro ar present engaged In writing 
a one-set musical playlet tor William Non-U." 
c. i;. Krn.vkih' has been engaged for next 
season to do the heavy In "A Desperato 
Chance" Co., which jtoes tn the coast. 

Mas. i.i.vv E. Oi.ivim, who hnd many 
friends In the theatrical profession died 
nt Iho home of her daughter, Mrs. Robcit 
Jordan, nt I.lnden, Mass., July 20, nged 
eighty-five years. Mrs - . Oliver Whs the fAster 
mother of Burt Hnvecly. the cpmedion. 

TifM Tavtt Hanta Bnos. will appear with 
liowlund & Clifford's "The Origins! Cohen - ' 
Co. next aeuoo. 

Nnrr.s tbom tiif Aunnrv Stock Co. 
(Hnslernl.— We will open our fourteenth 
senson Aug. 10. nt .New Bedford. Mans., nifty- 
Ing rhe principal cities In New Kngland, Penn- 
sylvania and t>hlo, and we will be one of rhe 
largest and most extensive repertory -vow- 
panics on the road, and no doubt will see rlt» 
S. It. 0.. sign hanging it m,o|tt. ertiry peWorni- 
anee. The management has eniuhlncd two 
big- companies Into ono — drama and vnlide- 
ville — carrying sixteen people ,for ihe dra- 
matic and nine for^the vaudeville. Seyerai 
acts well known on the vaudeville stage 
have been engaged, namely: rnrkinson and 
llntvnurt, travesty act: yVllllam t'oburn, ee- 
centric comedy ballad singer; Prof. Slowcll's 
celebrated moving pictures, Harry HnWIaml, 
In lllusi rated songs: James It, I'lehts, 'fth 
Inimitable comedlnn, and the Oreat McOowliti 
Trio, song nml dance sketch net. The. fol- 
lowing big royally melodramn product Inns 
will be presented : "Why fllrl's Leave Home," 
"A Man s lirokeit Promise," "Mysterious nnnlt 
llohhery," "The ,l<and of the Living.' - "A 
(i run 1 Temptation," "A Midnight Mnrrlage." 
"Drlven from llortie." "»Sby of Port Arthur," 
"When the World Slccbs, an'' others. The 
scenic effects will be augmented by new mn- 
terlnl now under construction, (leonre A. 
snlllvait will look titter the front of the 

Xotks i - no.w Maxau v t SlOIITS COMgntAXB. 
— We ore still getting our share of bud 
weather. So far ibis Summer the weather 
has been ihe worst in Iho history of the 
show, still we t)ave lost but one perform- 
ance on account of the weather. We'tnl 
considerable opposition the first ttf the sen- 
son, but fnr .icveral weeks we have been nil 
In onrsolvos. We met. the Uollranr Bros. 
Circus July 17, 11! Mcdtord, Wis., and en- 
Ir.yed n visit with a number of old friends. 
Tho circus played lo n packed lent Irt .the 
aflernooii, and wo had S. R. O. at nlUI. 
The rosier at present Is: .1. W. -Sights, man- 
ager: Tom C. Uyitn, stage mnnnger; iit<(i. £•'. 
I'ntterson, nnislonl director; E. C. Clattsen, 
Alberl Davis, ,\'ern Dreshneb, Jay It. Orclttt, 
Earl Dnlrander, Theodore Schultx, T-ltiiest 
Talair. t'lnrence Wunwrlght, . Vina Wain- 
'wrlglit. Maltle Mnxnni, I'siillne & Sights anil 
Bnhy Mary Mnxnm. We are now iKioking 
for the Winter season, nnd hnve 11 nitmbce or 
' Wisconsin fair dates contracted, we Will 
continue under tent until lite fall" dates. Wn 
'are negollfitlng for a hotel ear, nnd expect 
to cover Ihe some territory Ihls Winter with 
.Ihe i-nmo people and 11 new rBpcrfofy 01 - 
nlnys. Everybnd.v Is well and nnjnvlng life 
.In enmp. 

Tin: Paioiis, Lillian nnd Oeorge, are 
spendlug the hot months ut their Hummer 
home at Rt. James. 1..T. Mrs. I'nlgo has been 
reeitxaged by tho Shuhert* fni' the pnrf she 
originated In "Anna Karen Inn." with Vlf* 
)tlnlft llnriiert. making her third senson w|lh 
AHHs llnrneii. Mr. I'nige. who Is general 
stage director of the W. A. Ellcr'* nttrnr- 

tlons, Will begin rehearsals nf the - four 
Western companies, "King of the Crtttle 
Ring" and "lk,wn Mobile;" at Omnhn, N*., 
Aug. 10. and thn two* Eastern conVpftTile> in 
Chicago, Sept. I». Orders for cornplote a*MHi> 
proditetlons for each compnby hnvn heeti 
placed by Manager Eller. 

H0NAl.11 MrriitKotni. of "The Day of Judg- 
ment" Co., writes: "Our recent -art.' In. T tin 
Oi.b llni.iAfu.r. wns a great siu-eess.' Wo ie- 
oelvetl 'tunny replies from nil over fne nittn- 
try, nnd some of the very honi people In the 
business hnvn been engaged."- 
' Ltt'i E. ''(lAHniNON', Who Closed a thlftr-lhrrn 
weeks' engiigemebt Willi the Ernncls VlTceni' 
■Cimipnny. at Snult Hie. Mnrle. Midi., JHilv 
II,- reports having tint! 11 very siiecnsHi'ttl iteii- 
?ion. He hns signed with ''As-Told In 'lite 
Hills'' Co., for next. season, tn play thn -hl/i'ck 
face coinedv pari and Introduce Ills spnchiltv. 
He Is at present' taking fl ihueh needed ie«t 
ut his home nt AlgonAc, Mich. ■' 
. NniRs ciioji Harry Slmnuon's Atlractlniis. 
— '.'The llaiiker's Child" In still doing some 
business In spltn of the warm weather, nntl 
playing theatres. -'Hie rnmpnny Is now plnv- 
lng the Hlnck Hills, nntl will he In Ktmsns 

Aug. 1, then go Into Missouri, Illinois nnd 
Indlnnn. This enmpnny will piny the East- 
ern eotiniry this season. 'Shannon llros,'»ll|g 

Teul Hhow Is doing a nice business. We nre 
now headed for Wisconsin, and will close I he 
season nt. Liidliigron, Mich., Manager Hh'.irt- 
noil's home. . , 

Miih. Maiiv O'Hiiihn, molhnr nt Mrs, J., p, 
Welch, (Dot K a rmi 1 1 died nt Newhuryiiori, 
Mass., after: n lingering lllhesB;'' She wns 
|n thn sixty-third year of her n»n. 

HAlinr P. Dhwhv closes his second season 
as heavy man nt llenves Park, Plndlny, 0„ 
July '2\i. In open with llolden llros. ,t Ed- 
wards' i'Nn Molhnr to tjtilde llor," at Alton. 
''!•'. *."«■•' 1J ' r ' ,,N Is'lng his see. ind senson 
wllh this ninnagnment, 

Ciias, L. Htom: liii'i.rius its Hint lift '#111 
lake severnl weeks' rest before Joining Chas. 
J. Hinltli's "A I'nlr tor .Country •Sfir' Co.,ns 
inusleal director, ill Chicago, IIL, Aujt. Id, 
. (line l(Aiivi:v aki) wii'H .(Elllnen Mom- 
ford), are resting al their home at Bingham 
Ion, N, i., having recently closed a most suc- 
cessful nnnsop with the Ifeunetl-.Moultou Co. 
ami Eerrls' Comedians (Westnril). 

W. N. Hammi'.tt. on nrcoiint of Illness, has 
been cotnjiollcd to close his eiigagnment <ts 
director of tho Casino Hfoek Co., nt Hlnndiil.- 
Park. Nashville. Tenn.. and Is reseiaig and 
visiting with relatives In Posay County, Ind., 
whore he will remain for severnl weeks, or 
until he has entirely reoovernil. 

Jaok Dh Motto writes: ".Myself, Mrs. De 
Mnlle and Mtfle tlernldlne, bnvo closed with 
'The Haulier's Child' Co. (Woiternj, after 
11 fiiiifli-eii weeks' uiignKoineiil, covering Okln- 
hiiiiiii, Missouri, Kansas, Cnlorndft, Utah, 
Idaho and Wyoming. Utile lleraldlno was 
doing the 1 lib- inli. or HU-llu, tin. banker's 
child, und nlHii doing Iter song and dnnc 
specially, Everywhere she won u'linlrtitloii 
fur her licnulj. mid praUe for bar very clever 
work. .Mrs. Is- Molto was doing tho In- 
genue, and I dltl tin, luiiivy. I linvn bough r 
11 uewspnpcr idntil, and am located 11 1. J,n- 
fnyelte, c»|," 

Mil. AXU Mas, En. I,nwiiv. wltu were re- 
cently engngeii by the Crliiiiiiiii llros. (Chns. 
nnd Jninos) proprlntors of the Manhattan 
Theatre. Norfolk, "Vn„ for tut Indellnlto time. 
After the first, iiei-forinunee of Ed. Lowry's 
pioiluclloii ot "Xo Mou's Island," he was 
iiuiile singe tiiaiiliger. 

II. Wibattrr Yni;.M*'H Bio Snow will be- 
gin Its pexl season 011 Aug. ill. The .people 
who have been signed urn : Mnrjlo Adams, 
Marguerite Voting, Frederick A. Blgelow, 
Iln/.cl Htcveitson, James H. Rowland, K. 
Chns. Morse Arlhur J. ilarkey Udwnrd 
Hlatiffer, Mllllahi Conlln. Joseph Knnppmnn 
mid Send. Moultoii. fifteen people will he 

XfiTKH I'llOir the liiilvlu Comedy Co.— .Wn 
hnvo scored a big 1UI at Xewbiirgli, In "rit.i 
lu.'ll Hoy." 'I'huy were engaged for three 
weeks, but met wllh such a gepnrous runup- 
linn tlielr eligitgemenl hns been extcsdad 
three Wi-oks luuger. The lurgc theatin hns 
tieiiii crowded lo Ihe doors nightly. Johnnie 
und Ella (Inlvlti hare scored heavily la tic 
leading rules, aii:! they an- ably supported by 
11 large eoinpuiiy, 'I'lu. company Is now or 
Kanl/.lug for their Southern tour, which will 
cmbrac nil Ihe large cities, 

Maiiium. "The (.real," lufnriiis ih that lie 
hns ciosiid 11 very successful season of four- 
teen weeks wllh Hie "llnobiy's Troubles" Co.. 
touring Iho niflrlUine provinces, and tlint ho 
has signed with the Taylor Htock Co., ns 11 
special feature vaudeville n<-t. The company 
opens Aug, 12, nt: New lledfnrtl, Mass. Mr. 
Marlon will spend 11 week nt Ills homo In 
Ellchburg, Mass., before opening his new en 

.. y & Hi lllon's "Tntst Busters": Co.. 
which opens ni llnmmond, Ind., Aug. 4, woFe 
compelled to cniieel ail dales In vaudeville. 

W. W. ll-ii.i.tUN bus signed wllh Murray* 
Mackcy Co. (Eiisierin fnr the owning senson. 
Thecompnay slnrt rnhnnrsnls July art, at kltin- 
hitry, P». 

'ili.iamh ami Pru.jtAV, who have shrftcd 
with Kllioy & Hrjtlon's ''Tt^tst fluaters'': Cq.. 

I • .] 




Oamwllle and minstrel 

J. t. Muiil-iiY writes: "On Monday, July 
10. I Mils operated on ut HI. Tliouiua llos- 
filial, NiiKlivTllf. Twin., for .jiInHHH of tbo 
i,uW,- and durln« the operation tbey 4\th 
covered ff double Ustulu. I uui get tin* along 
nicely, ami will hood be up und uround. 

5Ui Fohtbm, Jrltsb cuaroc-ter aliiger, for- 
merly of Jfesseodcu and Foster, Is hi tbo 
UMctriMH) Hospital, at Evausvlllc, lud., 
vbero ehc underwent a WHOM operation, 
utSf ormed six . days .aj{0. .'. Mb* . MMMt°.W ..*.>» 
tin; fair road li> nemn If uo otlier coin- 
plleattontt wt In. After lvaviUK tbo bospltul 
Bbe will remain for tlio rest of tbe Biftnuifcr 
at tbe boiae of bur olMtcr. at Kyatisvllle, 
linT. ; Sbo will bo pleased to bear fiooi btr 

-Wm^'A. Quick writes: "I Lav* rteelvctl 
hu order froui Mumilng-aud Tierce for a now 
couwdv skctcb. wjjleb. tboy will play lu tbo 
Meat 'durluir tue ,iouilJus acasoji. uave also 
litilsbedu uew XMbfew monologue Uru tor 
Eddie Drlacoll. cflilti monologue l» uloiiu 
j'iow lines, and wluVlwra suiprJw lu al or tbo 
uiouoloKUopeopUv ''i'be Two Ksmoods have 
accepted : u drifinftflclilaylet, which. 1 wtoto 
lu Uiclr order, aiul' U/ey will play Bttiuo uuder 

new act tells tbe story of a ulhgerH nilw- 
Nltiu, the scpurutlon froin her liushaud, tbo 
meeting of ber child la after year*, and tbo 
Inability to proclaim ber Identity to tbo 
little olio. ' Tbe otimlutr scone, wbere . tlio 
Mother In /compelled to lot the.cblld pans out 
t)f ber llfo without recognition, lii>irtroug.and 
pathetic, and Uiosc wbo have Been tbe act 
Juive nralwd It highly. Dainty JJutte DoJo 
lii meeting with great sacfcenn In Oblu with, 
'-A* Children Sec TJ*,' and bun been offered 
fuiirieea. weeks Southern .time." .... . , r ..._,_ 

1,i/,zib Orro, planlsl, wbo recently returned: 
from u six weeks' trip vlsltlug Jllunwipolla, 
<UiUraso, Buffalo and New York, ban opened 
<M I'lynn's Park circuit for tbe Hummer.' 

SUhuu Tuiu, comedy acrobats, In meeting 
Wltb tbe bent of success on tbe Oblo parka. 
'Jlie team Joins tbo Washington Society Glrla 
Aifsr. v, being 11b second Keaaon, with tula 

■ no "'' . ... . 

' AuDlHOX USD XiviNOSiQS aro In tbclr 
tenth week- on, (tho Lyric circuit through 
'Sum* and Indian Territory. Thej NpjKt 
lb«ilr act Is meeting With big success. 


WqWc now in our twelfth week under, can- 
vus, doing a phenomenal business through 
tbo mining districts 'or Pennsylvania, wo 
iiuire a now outot from, start to unlsli, a 
tusty by sixty tent, and a full set of new 
wteuery. ' Prof. Blko and hiB baud are mak- 
lug a decided hit. Tbo roster of tbo com- 
pany follows:. Prof. Deltnont, muonger; 
Mrii. Qraeo Uefinont, treasurer ; Joseph 
Boueharger. stage uionugcr ; Nelllo De-Lowe, 
eoifbrotto :' llyra Oarmcn, musical directress; 
Hilly Collins, comedian:' J. P. Fuller, and 
his educated cauluus. Our feature, uct Is 
O. K. 'Sutherland and Nellie Melrose, comedy 
sketch. Othera wltb tho company are: 
<'uriuun and Iteymond, sister team; Mile. 
rWvnllu, lu niluu reading, and Sbunsho, All 
iibU . Wright, aeriallsts and uovolty act. • 
' III Tom Wauu, tbu "Merry Minstrel," 
who hud been featured wjth .Chas.. Ueyer'» 
'theatricul compuny for 'twenty weeks, will 
close with that show July 20. and open on 
the! park circuit at .l>»l)»s,. Tex., the week 
folluwlng. ■ 

litur M. OAnNur •writes': "Tbe Tbeator- 
lum at Uuraiigu, Col., hus closed for tho 
Kuiuiuer. andi Messra. fluwlincll and Grant 
Iiavc si.'iit the enlarged company on tbe road, 
Y'llb nnyw^lf us fealuru uttraetlou und muuo- 
ue'r 1 shall have my own company next 
vV'.luU'i', iniii Hliull uialie a circuit of wci-k 

m w from Sal>du to Grand Juuctlop,. und 

iiluy a repeat in towns ubout every three 
ujoutbs. Aly female Impersonations and too 
dances are the ragu out here, und huccuuhcs 
ul-i N numerous. I shall carry tho best vaude- 
ville anil burlostiue comedluus. und uittku a 
*pccia)ty of comedy acts. Julia Wboaton. Is 
h'Mvlug the orchestra. Art MucLureu la 
operator." »*"• •.'»..'• 

ilns. liuwAnu OattsaUtt im from Blod- 
vAVtl Landing, N. «., us followa: "Mr. and 
Mrs.' Will C. Matthews are u-t their Summer 
Warn here, ciiioyhig tho pleasures of boating 
und (lulling. Edward Connelly, of "Marset'ov- 
liigiuu" fume, is hoasdug of tbo largeiit cuich 
of 'trout; . this season. Hal. Merrill Is busy 
llsstlng Alio speed of his launch. 'It.' • Luella 
Njuhols Is getting ready for tlic swimming 
rttias." •.•■•; •„ 

■ Tun "Somi)" QffiHNRH have slguod with 
.lucobK, Biltler 1 Lowrey's ' Merry MaldenH 
Cd. to do-lhelr new act, written 'by Loulu 
HaMetr, ontltlcd, "Ureuklng iuto Vuudevlllo." 
Jiw. Fugau Is llrst tcuor: JW. t)c Forest, 
Moeoud teuor: John II. Blllsbury, baritone, 
und J. 10. .lut'liKou, basso. • ■ ■ 

VtuHIX IJaki.h lias eloseti her. iuuhIcu! 
comedy company, und will open u uoat little 
yuudovlllo tbeutre at ICusloy, Ala. • ; 

B S. Uouiciiu. foruieiTy of Tra«K and 
Jtugcrs, writes that ho And Ills wife, Kltircjico 
Kvaus, lalo' of Monell und i'lvaus, have 
jblgnod wllb IUCO.-& llurlou's Hose lllll lOng- 
Ush Folly (.'0. for next season. They liuvo 
been resting ut their lionio ut I HtTOBUOrt, 
lu.. und will phiy one week before cnmlug 
JCawl. .They have bud a very successful tut,* 
uoiu plu.vlug forty-two weuks of tbo Western 
.viiuiluvllle tlhie. ' •"";■. •-•-«•• 

NWJ N'uiiiroN writes ; " closed: on 
OiMghiy'H elmilt of Su'inmer parks, and will 
tulte a few weeks' rest, prior to re-entering 
.vaudeville, l uiu" closing my uct Willi u 
dcNcrlptlvo poeiu, tukeu JYqm life, .written 
I'xprensly for me by (.;bns. II. Muekle. former- 
ly of Miieklc & Walker, entitled, "J'be Thor- 
oughbreU.' " =. 

Ektt l''J.vxs bus returned, froui Colorado. 
«-here be suent a two weeks', vacation, aud 
will leave for the Kust lu tho ucur future, 
to begin ' rohearsals with Al. G. Field's 
Creuter Minstrels. 

iUuav i:. Gaid: bus finished fourteen buc- 

fs'sfit) weeks over tho- Menlaira nml; North- 
akotu liuie, Wjith bin cliaraulcr monologue. 
V Id how urruug|ii« Western uud COffK uiuo 
for next: season wltlr a new net'.- 
Gi;o. L. Gkkuoiiv writes : "1 haw wlttoi 

Nvxiig 1 now Al. G. VlVU/U OiitArm Mik- Hahbv BtB«s, while appearing nt: the 
siiiKLs.— We aro rehearsing at Coluuibiw, 0. Cueuio Theatre, Wasbingtoii, Pu., wus al- 
Our tour begins Aug. 12, at Marlon. O.. mul '"taekitl by neute indigestion, mid was very 
will iHHt about forty weeks. Mr, Field has sick for u while. , , 

certainly spnnt money freely on this year'tf, , Tins HiHSOiiiionNH, who recently closed 
production, wiilch Is elitlrely uew, HHraM/.f thirty weeks' etiKUgenjeiit for tho western 
eludes, btHldes a sumptuous "minstrel drift ' Vaudeville Association, are now at Ihclr 
Port,"..,auitiy now spectacles and specialties, iioiue, at' Omaha, for a few weekJf vaeutlon. 
Including "'Hie Little Boy In Greeii," luudo Tb«y .will open again on ijppt 2. 
faoious'Tiy Melon Mora's old time song. In -'Sitjmsf ano Fmkiison who recently opened 
this spectacle Mr. Field will use 1(1* pair of at Sans 8oucl Park, WUkM-Barre, Va., and 
" "ia.ri. FJynn. will be tta, met. with Bucceas, , arc hooJ(ed. solid for _tbc 

>icoL 0i.t"wAr.D write, 

HTrtr/ "BeasWr 

entirely iuw spectaeiilar pHiiionilmc, en- 
led 'Furlunn, the Phantoui Fuiry." In six 

Hoenea, VluWT will produce ut lluuhag's I'u- 
Xilloli.'North Ilnai'b.'L. I., on Aug. u, wltb 

•new eostuuies. imraphornalUi. Rvrirh! effects 
•ukI new Incidental nnisle. This will be my 
KprMl your at llonbug's tunm. The Gregory 
jTroupo Is new CouiIiom^I of Geo. I*. Gregory. 

".leunle Gregory. Andrew Ma JDIII, Grace 
sMuyer, II. B. Hiuilon and I.00 U. Murx. After 
iiur sojourn ut North lleaeli we go. to Coiiny 
J'hlaiid. N. V., for four weeks,. after. which we 
will irtuy the Groat Western circuit: . > , 

,\. .1. 8HKIMP. uiauager of theOrphaum 
IlUieutre, Itoekford, III., writes: "Ju spile of 

'«ixcee<tlngly wunii weather, we contluue .to 
Vack the house nightly, and the 8. It. 0. sign 
out. This bus been the banner week. Fid- 
dler aud Sboltou deserve special mention." 

• PAtiii liuuiN. Hebrew .ebarneter comedian, 
It&s signed with. a tmisleal comedy, in which 

'lov.-lll bo featured. At present he Is work- 
fng Irt .vaudeville. • , 

. Jim H. Kutkmwwuj has couijiletiHl bis new 

'it'vt. "Half Baek Hani:," u. college eome(ly. 

'wllh four people In the cast, and Is rapidly 
tilling t'njf 111 the leading vaudeville houses, 

■ „ JilSsjlB TROY;" of tile team of Hunt, und 
(Tritf. has been •seriously 1H for tbe pasf three 

. weeks' utLUlIe Hock. Ark., but hopes to soon 
lie' nolo to work. She is doing nicely at 

1 ijresoiil'. 

•' Ki;.nM;uy ash L.vno, Hingors aiw'dUMvn, 
nrp meeting with big sltietHiSB. Hits- tuukinK 
tbe'lr sevantk week on tbu Irvlng-Follaek 
circuit . 

white borsee, and.. Earl . j'jyn/i will 
central figure In the '^production. 
Woods,. Bert Ralton, BuU.Cumpbril, Ned Brll 
.ajul..Iioc.yulgti^.Jiav£.a. great. specialty, en- 
titled the Five Musical Marines, lu wblch 
numy novel instruments will be used. Billy 
Clurk, Harry Vim Fosnin^Ban Granville and 
l'oi; Qulgley ure umong the, leaders of Uie 
lilnck. face «u,uud, while Bourdruaii ti. CarneB, 
John Dickens. George T-Marthii Whiter siioj-- 
wood , und '-Millie Cunurd.tlrc nil utider.tlie 
wdtchful eye of ' Paul La J-mde. hi bis' ca- 
pacity an director of Bololsts. The dancers 
uru Mi best ever, according to Hoc Uulgler, . 
wbo hen contrived more new steps for this '' accident 
year's show, notwithstanding Ibe memory of ' fflnUL 

.lUVwAitD, . COKWlTf 

they have canceled .their contract. tu..uuucar 
wlUi Wlinllen* Alartell'sGay Toreadors the 
coming season. . 

Bi;li,k GAHMBNr.of tbo Carmen Sisters, and 
John Zl miner, have n novelty Juggling nod 

: banjo uct, which, will be seen shortly in-New. 

-York. v- ' . • ' X. 

C'has. Mack,' of the "Coniir Back to Krln" 
Co.. la ut tho Nus'-au Hospital, Mlneola. L. I.. 
under treatment for a compound fracture of 
blsleg, sustained recently lit an autumobllhig 

... L\cr, wheel eipcrt, writes: "1 haTO 

.lutt clwied'.'u few weeks In Summer imrks. 

Have beeu- for past Winter season ' of sis 

months lr» Cuba, with the Publllones Circus. 

and am now joining the Znrrow Troupe of 

GvvHhts. We lire hurd. ut practice,. and- 'open 

ui»'.ithurtly on the big circuit, where we are 

booked solid for two years. Happy Zarruw is 

lutt' original Harrow, late of Bat and Zarruw. 

John FniiMMAN's couipany, preseutlng"Uow 

tbe Bell Boy Won tho Millionaire's Huugh- 

tea,!' by Bernard Kllng. will change the-act 

from three characters to two. Miss James, 

tbe maid, will play, both roles In tbo future. 

and the team -will be known as Freeman und 

James. The act has also been changed to a 

better 'climax. Miss Jumcs Will do ber slng- 

oh before., with her 

are resting for tho 

will open "Tn ticptein- 

olher dancing tuns'tors to" the contrary. 
Claude If. .Iiong ban been engaged as advance 
«g>iut, , and 'Joseph llulder will 5k' tfeusurer.' 1 

Ti;u GALUi(.\mt ls'tlie advance tnun of Oio 
»<jiuielly «(Hatlleld"MIUb'trels for the cow- 
Ing wu.iou, uud Eddie Conn id Is back, wllh 
Ibu show. This iUow opens Its season ut 
Upper, hjundujky. 0.. Aug. 1. - 

MM whim J. W. Burko's Vaudeville Co, 
— We opeucd under. cuuvus May. 10, uud, al- 
though , w« have encountered the worst 
weather for storms In our sixteen years' 'ex- 
perience. • we have a nice balance ou. the 
right side' of the ledger. 'Last week, ItjtOfls 
midst of harvest and hay milking, we'turned 
thOm 'uwuy, und nb Haturday night, ift&t . 

tho last act, the judge of the County Court, 'ng, specialty the same ai 
who bad beea present 'all 'week, arose la the; pleasing soprano. They, r 
audience und Invited us 1/airk- ligu'lh uoxttuur Moifth of August, ainf M 
Buy. ■ ' ■ ' 

, .CAiui.1.0. asu Funa, conlortlonlaUt and 
dlslocators, are playlug Luuu Park, Coney 
Island, N. v., f or two weeks, with ProW- 
dence and other good time to follow. They 
report grea:t 'success with, their act. ' ™' 

Kn-rii. Mllvim,l has returned to. thhl 
country after a six years' tour of England, 
Irolund, Scotland and Wales; •■■<■■ ;. 

CURiiitcn. W. Bhbnmod, Dutch comedian. 
Is .at lui Crosse, Wis., for twelve weeks.' 

Elliott, Bu Lair anp EM,ioa-r, after fin- 
ishing forty-six weeks tbrdugh the- NoctUi 
west and middle. West, close their «e»sbn 
Aug. .". and start reueanial. with Htfny 
Bryant's Extravaganaa -for comlsg season: 
, I'm; AiuuuMi: Comi'aky,' under the raan- 
agement;; of.' Hurry Wardj the .well known 
mlustrcl; has located tlreacreS'HtBelott, Wis., 
and Bclvldere, III., and, good business Is re- 
ported. . : ... 

Bkumh V. GtJHN (.Mrs. Geo. A. Chllds), 
musical director, was Initiated Into the Amer- 
ican Federation of. '.Musicians, local UO, at 
I'corla, ill., July 14. Miss fjubn closed Uir 
buiunaer engagement with tbe Alrdome Stbdk 
(it-Poorla. July as, and' proceeded to vbor 
hoaie^t Wichita, -Kan., for a week's vaca- 
tion before Joining McPhec's Imperial Stock 
C01, wltb whom alio Is engaged for tho dtni- 
lijg season, under the management of WmM. 
Bchobi. .... , .,,. 

itAbrcuiij and Valenmnb, wb;o uro Ailing 
cugugcmentN in Kngland and on the eontt- 
ncnt, will not return to America until Chrlst- 
"">*• . !j55 

' Tun MiHsjiiis Mauiiiu and Meuhklli write: 
"After closing with • Hopkins' Traus-OceunleK, 
wc-onened July IC, for Jamerf J. Armstroirsr. 


elded 'titi?' "■" '" '" tt d0 

J. Tu^onoin: 

we opened July .10. for James* J, Armatm 
forUfleeti weeks at Pine Beach, Va- and 
Nov. i oben ut- Toby Pastor's, New-Y 
With good tliuotu follow. Opr 'act 1* a 

entail hi* »• , . . . ■ 

Mu«i*HT. formerly of 

—__,...._„_ .,.,„_„., yfcro last Thqrb- 
dav made Jionorary ineuiber* of the White 
ilala of America ; they are booked solid over 
Kelth-Proetor circuit until' Juno next. < 

Lhwib^and Uiurar wtlte that they are 
JtlH working for tho Western Vuudevlllo 
Managers' Association. Their ne.W act has 
surixiMsed anything they 1iave ever HttcmptMt 
and, haa "Went hlg T ' everywhere they huvo avT 
poured. . ■" '. ' .*' r ! ■ • 

Blatjjk a>» Finch write: "Since we openod 
our park workthls Wunnncr wo have not lost 
n week, being booked solid by Win. A. Limp, 
owning at fdlewlld Park, Newark, O., with 
Masonic Opera House, Chlllltotbe, und Horg 
Optra Uoueo, Mlddletown, to folluw. 'I'hc act 
Is receiving very nattering press -notice*' on 
Its w-ardrobe .singing, etc. At Cbilllcothitaw. 
press termed Mr. Flueh tbe 'mialc I.ctflle 
Carter.' We am hooked Tor tbo Wlirtor season 
through tbo West." ., 

Jon M.Mri'v. comedy Juggler, wbo rueently 
Itobblm' ef 

closed with F. A. rtoubliis' elreiiB, opened 
on the Melville circuit of parks. July 2S, ' 

VRMtnjWI ARB'WlltniW (Chun, and Ju- 
nephlue) will not pluy lu burlesque next eeu- 
soij, us tbt'V have bueh, hooked solid in vuude- 
vlllo uud -their route can always bo found la 

Tnu Cuma 

' Ai.voiia will again ho.eeen' wlth'tbe Oolden 
t.'rouk Co.. milking Jils third seiWou under tbo 
muuugt'iueitt uf Jueobs & Jenuou. 

Jf.i:I^ujL,.VNii anii MuiittAT, yho. ivecntly ur- 
j'lvdd hi New l'ork; are' rehi'tt'riilng with 
Butler. Jacobs & Low.wyy C'tiuirrpugne GlrTi- 
1*0.. which opens, ut tbu 8tar Tftvalre, Mlt- 
waulwtt, Aug. 11. ... '..v 

• ■•MuiiMr.vBiKM.-uTc-nl: thi-ir-hoiue fafafew- 
wi«'ks' vueatlon. after uieittlng with succom 
over the ingraw circuit. 

Jack Buvcb wiiitum: "The tcani kuown 
as Homo aud Black (Jayk Boycu und Ben 
Waikw) will dissolve partnership ou Hat- 
nrd4y-'<veultig, Aug. a. 1 nm huvlng a 
luouoHigue uct written for me by Kcpueth 
1/ee, ui|d will work iiloue In, the future. I 
will be known as 'the Piccadilly Johnny.*" 

KUMUStl) O'CoMKULIi 'AJtll BuA'rnii.'iH . lloui- 
W Mm mlely cuiicltidiNl -Very wicegsefui eu- 
MUgeuieiils ou the HuUlvun.4. Copaldl'ne mid 
t.'lurli's Mouttiua .cKcults., 'llier ure noiv, 
llulslilug acvei) weeks- of tlie-BlJou.clretill'H 
thnn In X„Mt ■ l>iikuiu, iind lHive ilfloen more 
weeks bookod between Minneapolis uud New 
\orit City.' ■ r -- ■ < ■ 

' MjlIjAkd Bkoh., cycle eoiulqucs, were pre- 
sented Wllh it new' Cleveland trlelc wheel. 

. HAvti Caluw^m, anh'Mahuu Hnjugii'i 1 , who 
recently etased their vai?devllle engageiiriHi'til. 
ure spending' the Summer on their farm, at 
Aliirsh Hill, Pa. .-, /• 

Ji;nnin(;s amIi Jiiwtfiit, dost* (helrt pa'fk 
season at Wheeling Park,' Wheeling. W? V«„ 
Aug, H>. aud.etnrt 'tMtwrsals •VlUl Itoble'^ 
KliTekrl'hovkvrs 11.'. at View \ork. 

Luiuiiton, (He wlxunj. jilayed at Wondcr- 
Inud Purk; Chariot leavi'lle; -\'a..' far the week 
i;f Jujy 'Si, uud wuK at West lSnd Caslnu, 
lOuchburg. week of July 2I>. 

Tub Tiihli: IlHi.oin write from SeuTtlC' 
Wiislu-i "After doing four'ren weeks' lluto 
oil J. J. Clark's Family Theatre, clrcull 
Mon-.aun, ,wt' opened for Sullivan A Co] 
dine at the Orphcuai, at Seattle, wlth-fl... 
weekK to follow. Our.Westetu trip bat; beeu 
11 plcasaut one as well as . successful, both 
llnauclally und artistically, having lost; uuly 
two weeks since February. Our time Is 
booked solid Until Hceeuibcr next, ui'tj-r 
v/hlrh tlujn vvc retui'u l«st. Snort ey has 
been a doetdeil hll,.uud,Myr|lu'8 ulligliig.and 
dancing has made her many 'frleiub; ttvevy- 
Where. Ttin Cmitbii gives uh solid comfort 
every week." . ■ . " • T,-' 

litlLA IIAMII.IOK, .profSK.iloiuilly Itnowa 114 
Lft Petite, -the hld'Eoubrette, Is rusting for w 
while at Cliiclunnt-1. O. tjbe will slioi'tlyjoi^ 
Jluiuile Newell, the black face cotuedluu anil 
daucer, lu u dancing act. entitled ''The -Hell 
Boy uud tbo Chorus Ulrl." ' 

John It. Goiipuk Ami 'LtiLiii'tn £»P3tu(iV, : 
were luurricd at tho Little Chorea. Around 
tho Corner, New York City, uo. July 28. 


ill hi 




Ai'iKR bl'ino connected for three yes rs 
with' Hose "Sydell'u l,ondon" Belles, . 0. ' E. 
Ullyer will uanugoouu of 'Weber & Hush's 
Bhows this geosou. 

CHAlitEa.' pUMhTj of .the Three Burneys, 
writes: "I- closed tbe theatre at Wcbhler 
Park, Lu Salle, III., for the -Mason. The 
park will, remain open for other concessions 
until the close of 'season. I have signed 
with Hpofford, Powell ft Colin, for 1907-oS ; 
booked solid for forty weeks, to open Aug. 
111.' playing mostly central time." 
. Huwin' d. m 1 Mm aud loos'. E. McCrendy 
spent' n few days last week at'Sprine Hill 
fiiroi. the guests. of Mr. and Mrs. Will H. 
Ward, talking over matters In regard to the 
hIiow for the eomliig ecason. 'ITicy say 
Mixiefa. Americans will be bigger and better 
than ever, and us a laughing show will 
eclipse last season. Mr. Ward will be prin- 
cipal comedian, uud. Is to' bo' featured. He 
bus a three' ycaru' contract with Messrs. 
Miner ft Mecreud.v. 

'J>6m Hiuaiik writes': "I sail Tuesday. July 
80, for England. After completing my pre- 
sent .engagements lu Kngland, I alia I retire 
fruq:;tbe stage. In 1U08 I shall devote all 
inj tlrne to productions of the HI! chlc-Hcani 
FnirllNh Pantomimic Co." 

'I hh jAnvisKs (Agnes, Bob and Dixie) aro 
spending tbe Summer at Charlevoix, Mich. 
Miss, lilta, who has been studying music for 
tho past year, Is also wllh them. 

Pkakbon and Diamond write: "Wo are 
now working together, doing one of the llnest 
comedy acts lu vaudeville, entitled "Fho Ad- 
vance , of the ■ Heathen Chinee.' . We arc 
playing a six weeks' engagement at Hnrtvllte, 
wyo.; after which Wo cduie Fast We carry 
our own special drop, and the act Is a big 
toll." ..■«.. 

LOUIHU C'AIIVUK AND. CltMl: i'oi.I.Atin have 

returned -to .vaudivlllc, and ai<o plhylug Hie 
M'ostern theatres 'und parks, In their eccen- 
tric comedy sketch, which lias proved to be a 
big bit. ■••'•• i 

- Lui.i', a»i> Kmaia Don arrived from ling. 
laud- lust week: They will play vaudeville 
dates, r-jnuua has been playing contliuioUKly 
for ten years In Urcat Britain, In her clever 
aliigle specialty. , ... 

WANTED— Venulllo Performers that can 
change, for ouo week. Mast be able to fake organ 
Or pluuo. State all turlrst letter. • ■■■. 

UOre of Houg hton 's Overland Show, Otterli elu, lud. 

too LetterbeAOs. Curds or Euv„ (prepaid, Wle.; 
i.oot) Heralds, *< ; 1. week's Bates, 8ie„ oto. Sum- 
pies for stamp. Btandurd Show Print, Lothrop, 

■WAWTKD — Medlulue Performers for Street 
Wirk. I will play Tor your Hinging uud dancing ir 
you don't play Banjo or tiottar. Will take good 
porformer us Mai titer. Small capital roiiulred. No 
ticket*. Pit. Jam us k. LONC, Dun vllli'. Illinois. 


• ' • 1M4 A'l'LA N'I'IC AVIJ., UUOOKLVK. N. Y. 

LADY WILL HULL llandsoiuu Street, Kven- 
lug downs, «.i to #!.-,; Opera C'out, Riding Habit. 
BKSMAU. Hi' s W. llltb St., New Turk.l lllgllt,. 

KFOIl HALK.-iluudcull' Act, like new liuud- 
vun"s, uud Um irons. * l-.'; black Art Outllt, $1S; 
While Moire SllkoIcneSerp. Dunce Drc-ts, js: Poso 
Outlll, tvi, r.ot of Tricks vlieUp. Pair Nickel 
Plate Side Tallies, f$. Knclusu stamp for answer. 
MltS. WM. OAltL.lftll Court St., Itoclieatcr. N .-Y. 

-. ^rixmnimtmoiK\r«i,Y: i Ki biueklfaee" 
Coiuudjan. to put ou acta.. Also Sketch Tcuiu for 
lli'di class Med. Show under cii'ivus. Salurv sure. 
Scott nun; write. Address bhknwt W n5cfn;lt, 
Mgrs.i Klmare. 1'arlliaultOo.. MinucKtohi. ■ 


OOMKD1 AN Wllh pleuly Of HpueUUIcs'- aud'wlio 
can put on aoLs rlirbt. Can use Uuud Silent Acls. 
ItellalUc coiupanv aud salary sure. POMIOROV 
Mja» CB).B CO., t'rcderlcKat'urg, Leb. Co., Pa. 

'■BBmSSE Truvestles, burlcsiiues, otc.,wrlT- 
len to order. ' Uuly \>eit orlgitial work furnished tu 
prof.. Joa. KEItSHAW, slu lluttuitwood St., I'Jilla. 

Woman, Leads, llwnics. 

JOIN ON Willi-;. 

mum (itAwroiiirs mm\m 

■ Uullvur, Mo-.Tiutll Aug. 11. • . 


That double Bund; ulw C'oiuedlau uud Soubrelto 
with specialty. ,-Chui-actoi- -Wumun; also Quod 
Agent. Car snow. Opens In August. Wauled, 
Soenlc. Painter who can do lettering. 

■JOHN HCl' A CO., cure of CUPP KIt, N, Y' 


HIS HONOR, THE MAYOR, copyright 

Cu 'Hopkiusuii Ave. Tpl. lu^olt B'TsbwIek, B'klyn 


A Lady Partner for Double Trapeze 

Addreas : »'■ J.BM.oaroolOtlPPMlt. 

A<l> i.UIKllTV. Auiulcurs don't write- ' . 
JOHN rilARIlBri', Wl AdiiinaSI., Urooklyu. X. Y. 


JV'AN'l'Kli, PciTorioera ■ doing two turns, Man or 
i\'oUiun Willi Hogs. Also Trombone and Cornet 
Mayers. Addteas (Sue ot CLIPPER, N. Y. 

Managers and Electricians, Attention! 

_j .„ „ N 7i,u!.t Catalogue, contalnhig full description and allowing methods of operation 

>Uwl!J ? 0l ' uour '-' l V,.f,,!r!, Vlenlrlcal Stage Craft, i'REI-, to anyone sending U live cento t«i cover 
of everything PTbirtilng to ™*J^'HSMg Bffi&HtWAE SCENIC KFKETtTS FOlt THKatkes 
■^"•ffliiSSipWARK lmHm^T^R&<ni0^ y 0ne lanje JOHNSTOWN-FbOOD at'»;,ooo w l|J 


Ttteptione 3695 Got. - : 354 West 50th Street,- Naw York City. 


largest Manufacturers of Eteotrlcal Applijinces and Scenic Effects in tee World- 

headquarters' for 

100 Colors of the BAHIEIX Satins, 
Tinsel Novelties. Silk Brocades and 
Gold and Silver Spangled Trimmings. 
Theatrical Tights, Silk Hosiery and Gloves 
In Every Shade of the DANIELL Satin. 
T Theatrical Millinery. 

- Special DlacOHlit to the Profession. • - 

Samples, with Prices, Furnished Upon Request. 


Broadway, 8 and 9 St3.> N. Y. 

9J 9 Monty la the ruot or 
all evil; who HRiiin 

(one? 1V« i.vr ii 

for you in Wlgi. 





To Double, Collo, Fl«t« or Violin 

Por'reiiMlur 'flieatre lu niulniioiid, Va., opoiiliia 
Bopt. £■ Must bc'\. F. of M. Moil. Dotl't write 
unloas you Jsnow' tlio ouula'"''' tUorouKhly. 
jos. c. KBaamoH.'woaOmy St., Klehnonaj vh. 



llesiir'l, thoalro or .travel. LouaMou ■ protorred. 
goiuloi-aiwrlo. " ■ '. ,V 

A. LTMIjBltlHKW, Gen; Del., N orfolk, yu. 



Cover pago in two and three colors 
Full Sheet Muuic size. - Contains al) 
our latest popular numbers. « 'Won't 
You Let Mo Put My Anus Around 
You/' "Cinderella," "Can You Keep 
A Secret P" etc., otc. Two sizes. Large 
size, 32.50 per 100;° small size, 31 
per 100. Send cash with order. 


Chicago. 59 Dearborn St. New York, 1431 B'wv 

carpenter; props, 

Join linmediutolv, . Addrowll. - UAIUUft BJL.D0K, 
Ale.xttndrla. Ind. • 

y*s A IM 


Musical Comedies. 

One utglilei'ri. Alrdome, uulek. Ulif, uusIoqhs. 
[ B. tt 'yyitUill'l'. Banulutt. Ind. " 



Al. W. Martin'* World'* Oreateat 

, Vnole Tom's Cabin Company, 

Man for lloavim and Lenrcu. Doulilc liarltoucor 
Horn In Hand. Ainu man for lluli-v uMd-4kt>Kg». 
Mnnt double In baud. Hotel Show. Pay your owu. 
AiUlri-c- WHOM v VAN, Peru, lod. . dhow upvuB 
Aug. lUuLCOfll. • ,_■ 

»i;sil!IA;VS WANTED. 

'I'roiiiitonc aud Tulia, doulilu II. 1c U. Muuuuer uod 
Wluter work. Mtate ull iir--i letter. AildmaH ■ 

ill ah. W. MIJUL'UK, Mgr. uuy Htoek Co., 
MuiitpclU'i-. lod., July 'JU, week; Neweaatlu, lud., 

A%'.» L v> eek; _• 

JOSH 81 M PK1 N3' CO., 

Uoruet Player to lend liuud uud I'luuo flayer to 
douufo Uiilid: u/kh Viu'nllirader. AUtireas- " 

I ' ' CVil. 1U5S0, 11170 B'waj, X. Y. City. 

.- ftr-Wctfleru allow addruiM " . - •' • 

,.'.■ . . -A. C. ALLEK, Moutpeller, Ulilo. 


O'Neill', Nebraska. 


Hay uiurkeL Studio iu Hie kudluK gullery 
In Hu: Wu-,1, i/:tlroiil/AiiJ by All .sli(g<- uiIIhIm. bund 
forsueelutiirlt:e.llaU Pleturea copied at run low 
rates. ItAYMAItKlVl' TIIKA'I'Kli KLDG.i Clilvago' 


ItJUNK cpiW'RA|^M» . MINUBH. Stroug, 
clear voice for. IIMJouga. \Vlrc, uu, ... ,\ 
. ft M. W., Mi JJyttgluB St., Hlodx Citv, fltwa^ \ 

fil nRINFTTl^T at uuijiiTY rAug..zo), arm ciuss; 

ULHninti uai utility uud experleauo m Opera, 
Vaudeville, olo. Almolutely reliables .steady. Tlie- 
ui i >■ ebgugcmuut deulred. A.f. ofM. Addrcfo 
"".P.O. ' 

0. moil, 

i Ueuerul Delivery, Muguoiiu, Mush. 



II. : A. l'BLLLTlKK, 031 Vluc St., PhliadetpHlft, Pa. 

AT LIBERTY— EitperioBced Double Bass and 

Til.U Aj.iiiuiubtr of A. y. V ., Oeulrea penuaueut low- 
Uua toiihiy lu tueatre or runcurt' imll. AddreAn . 
_ MUSIVIAN.-aOH South Ninth St., St. Ionia, JJo. . 


M.VCHIM, anil Putin's Pim-'Hiii Piuy, 31i|at.Jju lu 
goud order uud clieup. Addrosa' '-'••>. 
u. v.vy uouiiqn, ai Hinftu St.. Htwlnmfli,' w. y 



j . SUI'IiANO ANU l)AN8Bl'. 



Tim!:, can cliungu oftiui und work. In net-., 
AViUited l'i "!>'■" An«. 0, with one. of nor nm 
punles In W. Va. Mtiltomilury uud ull you do 
well. Only experienced, uober und rcllublo 
people write. 

M I I ill's MuMBDY <(».. 
Hid X. Tblrd Street, Miilodelphlu. I'll. 





Tliofe doing specially preferred; Muaieal Turn. 
Cook, anil Hoxn Cum nn Man acute lowext Kttlary 
und what you do llrst loiter. Boozurt) and knockers 
not wiiii mi, 

SMITH BRO8.,-0l» Market St.. PUIIu., Pu. 


II. «■ KKI.LY, Mgr., Uxtord, Pa, 

Wanted, Repertoire People 

-IN ALU l_ 1 1 ,— « , 

I'nr Imluiii'i.' or Summer und leKUlaT HcaHOU. I'eo- 
plodolug fpuelullles piiirerrvd; AlBOwantUWI' 
PIANO PI.Ai KR. If you nilsrepr'eaeut you will bu 
oIOHed Ural relieuraal, AUnreaa, Willi full particu- 
lars, • - . MOSBIiEY &'MaoDONAI,I>. 
' '' Muskogee, Ind.'fer. 

^AT*A^•-^E;D quiok, 


•tWoHlcru).- UwUig lu Uiu cKmllig of Vbuti. Lewis 
for N. Y. enffngeiuout, ticutcel Ueuvy or llliaruetir 
Aetor, uuu'liliaf u- capable to liundlca kooiI purl: 
Buod dresaer ou and iitr; guueraud rellaltle. Nuuie 
•your lowest. Pay owu.yon.Bet-Hi ^Vefva, N. D., 
Auk. 1; Kenpuire, i!: Portage Lu Pi-alrlu, Man.. 
Can., b; CaiUrry. a; Branilou, 7. }l II. UMOLLIEH, 
Mgr., peraildreasi W PlyiuoiiUi Place, Olilcaau. II'- 

Comedian, Specialty, Ingenue 

l'eoplu in lillliii'i:'. 

matt: n el lie kenkbvy co„ 

. • ■ ' 8uuli.'8tc;Marlo7»Iiob. 

I Good Capable Actress 

Kof Juveniles unii inccuuca, wiiuteil i|Uiek. l'TKH't 
make uete go. Also REGISTERED DOCTOR who 
cau leetqrcj SPECIALTY PKOPLB that play part?. 
.Write. FRANK H. jfattBUt, Hudson, wis. 

; . FQ W: : ».A : L,g,.' • • 

lu.guud condition. Best cuSh offer takes tticui. 
; ...:. ....;.; ( : :SU.,e. SQ.UIKR/ ''.'•' „ 
I'll ^laseaoliuiictts Aywiuc 'Boston, Jlafct' . 

ladies' Orthesira, K^SS 

,'L'bwiti-tcal-work. -Slciufc uroterrod. Address 

•HBLEN LOTJiatJ J3ATON, . „ .. 

1'oiiiK t Park, - - ll tleii. N- V 


those doublluebniBH. «Me lowest lu first. 
-.THE 0W[;n ULUICINt' flfi,. Olcvomvllle. V. T. 

• i.- ■■ 

;■■ s, 


; ' •-.. i 


XVBVST3.-: ! 

Tim^mm sos& cpspgpEu, 

. . . * 


^ ny ^ey. Professional Copy or Orchestrations Free. 

Take me all around again, 'round, again 'round again, 
-„-_„,, What's the odds how much we spond, Pa's rich and Ma don't care, 
CHORUS: Let's go down the chutes afiairt, of? again, on again, 

Refuse me, you'll lose mo, come on arid amuse me, . 

And take me around again., Copyright b# r. a. mills. 

Send Stamp for Postage. 



F. A. MILLS, 32 W. 29th Street 

New York. 



Hippodrome Elephants 


And kept th« flf. V. reporters busy recording their exploits. 

Over 1,000 Performances at the N. Y. Hippodrome. 

The longest ran of »n> vaudeville »it at one theatre over known In the history 
.Special Paper. Will buy unbroken elephant*. ' - 

Power's Hippodrome Elephants are Known the World Over 

. Addreea W. W.POWJSB, Hotel Preston; -dth Ave. and aeth St, W.Y. 

That la vi imi you. Mr. Film Renter*, are Haying. We are heru to ihow you. 
Wo don't buy ALL the film manufactured) ve« pink oat the latest and beat 
subject*. We have no ulckelndlnne of oar own, therefore we ffo not compete 
with oar customer*. They have first use of all new Hint*. We •apply every- 
thing In Moving Pictures, Song Slide* and Accessories. Our repair (hop Ik 
complete in .ivory detail. ' ij'i» ' 




•■:o,tMMtj.'T. OK UOOO i\l> I 3 i in. l-i;il K1. \\1> UP. 

MlisSHOliDY GO. 

i.ood Useful People for Rcpiu'lolrc, Good, Capable Actor for Genteel Heavies, Good Ohuntoler Woman. 
WlreuuBwer,.CLIrTt".Sn>B PARK, CatlellHblirg, Ky., 

lu Ohio, I'emiM.vlvtiDlH, Now York, send open time. 

, until Aug. S; Uicu Parkeisburg, W.Vu. Managers 




Address Suite aiti-SIQ, not Broadway, or Leavenworth, Kausus. 



Write <i u 1 1 k , atatlug .everything. 

ah D. WILI.E. Muftaju, S, V. 

LLADKR band AND OKOiiKSTitA . to double lot Violin, (,'oniel or Baritone; nd Vlollu, lo double A ito: 
Mola, to double Alto or Clarinet; Fluto, to double Piccolo; GOOD BARITONE, to double Orchestra; 
Clarinet, to double Violin, and Al TRAP DRUMMER. Wo pay board. All Summer and Winter en- 
gagement. Want only, tlie beat.' Full particulars, salary, references, etc., flint letter. 

Addreea MYRTLE EDWARDS. P. O. Bor »87, Waterbury, < mm. 


Women for Leads, Characters and Sdubrettc; Man for Leads *iid Gen'l Business. Specialties given 
preference. Landmen lo double Htage or orchestra: lal Vlollu and Piano to double brass. State all. 
Must Join on wire. Pair dates wautcdln Iowa and Mo. ULAINE WU1PPLK, Mgr., Fort. MaUlsou, lowu. 

.__••"' ■!.-, w KICKS' HOL1D ENGAGEMENT. 


WAKTED-Flrstand Second Violin, ii Trombones, 'i Cornels, double Bass ami Tuba; also Good Tuba, 
'•! Specialties), a Porters, -i Cooks. Good sliigers and othurgood mluslrel people, write. Optu early 
lu Annual. ■ BARLOW AND Wl l.SOJV, <i# Main St., Dunbnry, Conn. 





Machines, Stereoptlcohs, Slides, I'linm, sold and 
rented. SMITH A FILAN, rrope.. 

W'msb'g Brldgo PlRza, m UavetmoyerSt., ll'klyn. 

Tel. 4372 W 'msb'g 

WANTS VuiiduvUlo and People All Lilies, lor No. 

' >kcii solid to May 4, IlKK 

HahUt'and Picture 

.Co. Opening Sept. '„'. BoO_.. 

One and two nights. Alsu J' 

' . Slate lowi si, iinlck. 
iX bW, Ci/IC ' 

Mau.IOOUIt. Dim only. . 
Address P. U. lid 

W. 0i(iCAUO, II, I.. 



Full line Rep. People. AlHir Kll&lcllllis lor Baud 
and Orclieatra. Ooud spcciiiliy people 



Heroa, Ky. 

At moderate prices.' Large stock,' Immense variety. 
llliiBtratcd catalogue free. New niuninioth cata- 
logue and liiov suAplvioeut, »)c. Msl No. it of 
huudreds of bargains lu line apparatus for "c. 
riuiuip. . : i .. \ ">:•: .'..,' ■ 


176 On tario StiWt; Chica go. 



,„..:iwiriirii)sli jwijivliu. Iiuih- 
irated Song Slfdetvof i\)\- tMgjffll S«ub lll^for 

\ye ore now pn 

your lllunlia tt-d Sunn nlot 'Muoliluus. 'pit'' uuy 
luacblnc. Hclid for big llsli . ! : 

HAUSTN ,\ (.'«•., In K. I'llli r)L, tVew Vork. 
l'huiie.ii!H8-:isia Siuyveyunl,- I !■ ■; ■ 



Giants, FotWomon. 

lllle. CBrlstlne, wrlUb' lAddrewi 
• , W.'M. UAVJj«( : ; " 
No. at» ■ OTgjg StreHl', ■•West .Jluyeu. l.'oiin. 

Ill h »r . writ,, 

JWATTI«WirTOC'K.CO.^M«tl»Wa, ■"..»»• 

Versatile Performers 

For vaudeville allow uudereutuas; Week stands. 
No uied. sulef. Stop at IioImIs.-T ell fall lu lira teller. 
Also an M. l>. registered lo III. Have good propo- 
sition for right party. Kuinmln*. dixy. Address 

MWN i:. kbiin. fgnawjttt, in. 


Weeks of Aug. 26 and Sept. 16, 


Vaudeville Avlt ptayliife near- liurit also write. 
Aiblreaa HALISBURV-MlJltRAY, Wnverly. N. V. 


Gen. Bus. Man 

i me piece or rep., one puree preferred. Address 

BAIiPU oUlITIN, euro i. B..niigadoru, 
,. gjl| Bai netl A»e., Svrae.use. N. V. 

AfLIBEBTY- Peorfoior Id Makes Good. 

Traptze, Contortion, Web', Ru)tli 'etc. ' Work In 
acts, potwr, fir. .BMnty tun.- Make no mistake 
\>pk. ■ PE AKRIEN, F-.-oi'iu, V.M'. 


By means of this liouk any mmi of nnlinary Bcnbc may (|uii_l;ly Ifarn to 
rno a' machine with satisfactory r^sultj. Every operator she uld lta\d one. 
Among other things, 1 will tell you how to positively 









Cmler persuiutl direction of 
< 11 vs. II. HOMHKAN, 

With it nisi uiicliiiugi'd for over thne yearn. 
Kow^ playing 14 wueli* at Mac A it A hi,i,s, 

. i liiider perwilial direction of 
OHAUAffl KAItl.K, 

Unit the same elaborate ei|iilpmeni used 
Willi (lie KasliTii allow iusl .season.' Now 
. playing IV ma.nhkii, l,l>, OHIO. ' 

t'Olt TIIK WKNTKKS NIIOW, (Or Regular Nfuaon, 


• AiUl'fHS IIIIAIIAM KAItl.l;, MUllsUelll, Ohio' 

w until, . 
specialty KorjiiltKri'E. tali, .iuvkniLi-; MAN, and CAItpr. 
Otber good repertoire people, write 

!f— !■ 



Vuudevllle Show, Slater Teutu. Skctvli renin. 
Comedian Ibat la a good predti^er, I>og or Animal 
Act, Acrobatic or Aerial Act. I*re(ei Uiose doubling 
In brass.' State your lowest ' mill all you. do lu 
tlrst letter. No lime lo dicker, Hookers, kuouk'ers, 
aud managorn not wanted. Tlukiitilfo thoHel know. 
Piny umJer canvas for fewlalm, fli^ii a lung season 
al opera Iioubos. 8iilarli*low,ibul,yoii<getlt. Hue. 
Beano, Mgr., National lipid. louugitt OHrii; O hio. 


Mtaek Vaee Uluulny and Ranelng loan- 
■Han Tub* anil. Cornet Player, Largo 
Juvenile Stan. - , 

, BOBBY l-'iu: fllTAlN, A Ju.iu.Ka. Col. 


lloili iuiihI. I).; A \(i.; I. uiie lo pluy kI'cikI.v ciigiigi-iiient UK III" Lyceum '1'beutre, tlila elly, 
.oiK'ulug Aug. It; Hie oilier lo play. I lie tiuliinco of Summer hiiiikoii -with my concert ImiuU. be 
ginning Aug. 1, mel at tlie explrnilon of -the Summer xciiaoiito tiluy ill. the Oi'imd Opera 
IJoUmc, UiIk city. Prefer a luun wlui la cnjmbli; ofj doubling sonic oilier lnutruuieiil In. niiiuII 
liotnl. orchestra, or one liuvliig'KOim! Iriide, u» tun 'U|>cru llOUKe may ulily run three or roue 
nights u week. ut once for above' eiigiiyoiiiuitu, but you inuut bo llrst eluss, or you 
Will' hardly suit for el titer. 

JOHN S. EGAN, Bandmaster, Wilmington, Del. 
"wantedT irbttlnrm 



Muattiave good wardrobe. 

CIII'.'SI'KH UF.VUNIIK, Oswego, N..V. 


ic£- IVIin 

i oi.imi'.iii, 


Trap Drummer, End Hen, Buslcal Act, Ballad Singers. 

Prrfcieuce given lo those doubling la brass. Address per route : Aug. u. I'oculello,' Idaho; 7, Ugdvti, 
blab; 8, Evanatou, Vyoinlng; V, Kvanslon, Wyornlhg; in, Green lllver, Wyoming. 





Want untie but the very best. Character Woman. Soubriitte or General business Woman with cracker 
lack specialty, leal ore Alt, must change, • First (JIuhs llaucllig Act, SlugNj or Double. We riimaln lu 
Ne*r«ngland Ibis season. Pluy NOOAILY HATINKKH. Address F.ltNHST SCHNAUKL, Sprlngllcld. 

VI., until August :■•; Windsor, VI.., August i-lu. 


MRB.'L. MHUUVlUt lias In ttoeil a handsome line of .llgliHv n.-d Krenlng, Wnrect, Dlu- 
iter and Reception tiowm, and Kin* Furs. Uentlemon'a Full Ure»«, Tuxedo and 
Haiik Suns, Prineo Albert Coala and Vests, and an Immense lino of Pall .and Winter weight Overcoats. • 
PHff'H* JIIOIIT. MKS. L. HCUKt'KIl, nil- MO South Street. Phlladelnhla, Pa. 

-.'^JIOTICP..- All r. <». I». Or.lew i[|ii»l lmaei;ri|ii|iii|)l>'<i villi | rti>p<iiii». of o'A W* than t«^ 

a b#" 




TK' >• 
i' i»-i 

' VHi 

. ■*!•'. 




Kcllh * l'r,.«r,.r- Fifth Arrnae 
Sojunro Thonlrc (K. V, Albeit, general manager;.- 

rnn be obtained. Kuril wwk now nets lire 
Introduced, with good results. Thin »M'« 

r. Alhco general manager). — "Love In Harness" Is revived this wwk hy hill tlfirn two nets Ihnt arenur to New York 
This house was packed to the doors ni. the Mna May Sponncr nnd her excellent sui 

Current Copies, 

nun .earned mnrh applause. The Empire 
.'Cprmvly. Four (Leonard. Cunningham, Jennv 
^nnd -noland), wllli their excellent, singing 
nfid plenty of gum] comedy, made u pro- 
pounced tilt, ns they usually do. The Cn- 

liiumplix. luiil n presentation that ln> Is also' put In n glass tank, and gels ont Beaters (Eastern wheel) next season. 

vary way creditable. Miss Bpooner of a siralijnrkol In less lhan a minute. riuiiNrKr Oi.c*.Trs new pUiyfnr next 

nenred io belter advantage at. this The other new offering, Joe Cook and Broth- season will be called "O .\eiU or tx>rry. - 

a light role, then alto did In ih= er, tlo n very cu-yet Juggling act for boys, The Boubrs BJwrnr.RS have engaged A vita 

Victor CAHMOtie, lnte stage ■ 
May irwin. will go orit with Cieo™ iS , f ? r 
coming season, to pin? the part of n w!,"" 

— ■ In -The Mazttmn Man." Miss Kloren t, 1 ,n 

ItiRNKr Kaoa»: and CHaft. M. McDqxalo wire, will alao be In (he rnat. ' nU 

wilt nut. on a new art next season. 

(■•rank CAi.nrri will manage' the World 
" next season. 

Wash Martin lins returned from t, 
and lain hnrnesa again for a ™S 
one.of the htlrlesqu? orgnnl7n,i„:" d 

COLDMMITII AND ItnjTB. In their ^.. . 

o? , -pa"ri:s. P " y " ,g °" ,hC ^tt'SJg 

T».,,., 1 


Kcllli .V rrorlor's I ulnu 

Then (re (E. F. Alitor general inf. ... 

This house was parked to the doors ni. Ihe I'Mna May Sponncr nnd her exrellrnt support- audiences. One Is "tlaslnin," called the dls 

Monday mnllnre, July 20, and the dig crowd Ing rompnnv, nnd on ..Inly 2!l the brilliant robing marvel. He, Is Incased In sercrol 

enjoyed Immetisolv Ihe good hill presented, remedy made famous' In this Ihe brie, makes of strnlllnckris, and dlsrolies In a 

lTiylls, Bnnkin, llnrry Davenport, nnd com- Aligustln Dnly. In the driy* of Ada Itchna's fourteen Inch tithe from, full dress: to tlghls. 

■pifn.v.'.ln.nskeieli wrlilen-liv.-Mr. Dnrenporl, greatest triumphs, hud n 

entitled "The Unihlcss," wire big favorites was In evnry v 

never appeared .. 

House. In a light role, than she did In ihj er, do n very clctCr Juggling act for boys, The HouBtts Buotiirrs hare engaged Avlta 

rhnrnrler oflliia I'npiharl, nnd sue had lier nnd they w*» warmly welcomed'. Their aanchej; to play a part similar W the ono --m-mm». 

niidlrnre with her during evety roomeol of work la not new, but their Juggling feats created by her last season, with 'The Spring cesaful during late yeara, will be aeif v » <_ 

the Interpretation, winning their 'laughter »re well exerafed. Others on the Mir were: Thicken." Miss Snnrhez Is peoullnrly fitted stage work again the coming season 

mllle Trio of horizontal har performers and "».'l applause at will. Augustus I'htlllps gave The I'lnnoph lends, who scored heavily; Dixie for the part of the' HpanUh senorlfnj She LitA-i J' i.srERfi will art In Ihe rnparJiT nt 

Kniherlne Nugent In her rlever Impersona- nflolher of his Interesting portrayals, show- Herennderifi Friend nnd Howling, their llrat was horn In Cuba, nnd hns lived for ft con- manager witn me Tiger Lilies (We«/.n. 

tlons. were also worthy of the hearty np- Ing how versatile lie Is, and Harold Kennedy, uppenranre In 'vaudeville In Harlem: Julius sldernhle time In -the locale of the nogers wheel) the coming season. 

plause nwarded tliem. Others appearing to I'<dwlnll. i.'nrtls, lien r". , Wilson. AHhnr Tnnnan and Harry Crnndall and rothpatly. ilrothers' new .production. • .Maoda DUD has been engager] f ., -„. 

much advautage were: Stanley and Wilhon, Kvers. Jessie MrAlllsler, Ulennor Wisdom and Mr. frnndall Is ■ new rcrrult tn vaudeville, ■; HATTW M'rrj.iAMfl ! ani> Wii.mau CAixirr "' the prlmn dnnnns of the Van den r.„' 

Johnson and Wells, "Creuintlnn," Stelllng *P - others of the romnanv il 1 ennlinl mt ,!««■«-■ ,, „L-/,i,.h ■•ir, rimeerr:" whlbh h«v» vohmfAe'red 

end Stelllng, (icorge. Whitman uod Gloise 

Davis, Al. I.evnn, Cnllahan nnd Smith, /anno, 

;ind tne motion pictures. 

Aiiterli'nii Tlirntri' (.1. M. Ward, mana- 

gor). — Thl" house .reopened lis doors for thn 

season oi) Snfilrday evening. July, 27, and a 

•■tipnclly house was oh hand to enjoy the 

ninny thrllllna: mmneiils of "The King find 

Queen of Gamblers," which was then seen. 

for the mo;, I nhe In this city. ' II. la n play 

of Western* life:, In four acta nnd live scenes, 

nnd was written bj Owen Davis. The centta 

the ran 

Ferrtcrlck llnpihart, Tfnro'ld Kcnncfiy ;"'0iia- , 'i"y Jlie' aVid'ience. ' Tile art*is"ari'nn'iirevya'ted ver- 
HotTman, V. U., Ben K. WII»on : Jeremiah sIihi of "Perk's Bad Hoy,"'and the antics of 
Johlots. I'.dwln H. Curtis; Keyes, Arllmr that yoimgsler, n rlraraeter 'rleverly 'played 
I'.vers; .lohn Sehlagg, James Montgomery; |>y Mr. 4'raudall. aroused plenty of laughter. 

Mr. rramliill Is well imported hy his own com- 
pany, and hus special scenery. 

Ai.ha.mhua (Percy 0. Wllllitms, manager). 
— This house oiore than holds It own, na 
liUNlness has be>n of Ihe best, nod weather 
most favorable for roof gardens. This ,w|ek'« 
bill Is an excellent one, and Includes: Ram- 
ia and Arno, ' the llooney Sisters, BAfflna 

James. W. la. West: Mrs. Jullanna 'Johloisi 
Olive lirnve ; jenny Johlots, Jessie Mi-AII'ster j 
Ithodn. Xagglll, Josephine Fox; Myrtllln, 
Kli-annr Wisdom: Antoinette, Brink Carlisle ; 
Una I'l'iniliart, K'diia May Spooner. • ■■ • 
' Kelili A I'r.x tor's Twenl > -third 
Afreet Theatre (K. jr. Alliee, general man 

Henry »: Hnrtis la nrrnnglng for (he Hebrew . BrRN.iRn and Wfstow, Oerman rnmedlniio 

Thftint Asvlnnt, at Arverne l'Jer Theatre,, on have received contracts over the HeMiS 

Wcdnestlaj'.'.lnlJ' m- „ ' I ' If ^ p,rk "' Ml1 ,re «« rtii „T 

t*vmi, Siott'8 hrst Western tour, in "The Sept 2. "'' to 

Prince Chap." will begin at Salt Lake Clly. Mibok M. will ho featured w n n lh „ 

lltith*. Aug. 1. Later he will lour .the West Oberry Blossoms (Wefdern wheel) ne.i i, 

and South. »• sn ?„- , ■ ". :Zi~ 

' OHvmi firman has been engaged for one Thb wore of a hitherto iinknowh onern >,- 

of tnr principal comedy roles with Lew Fields, . VerrtT hjv* „ hoc ™ „t*?"yj 1 ,n •> ^«l|lnet of mJi 

- Wmi" - 1 Tinnrtrs st the V A Verrtl «r u„«i. .__.?"■ 

jn "The tilrl Behind tlte Coitnlei." 

of attraction Is laid around the mnny plots ngei-j. — The Itltrhle-Hram London Panto- 

iiy enemies Io rob Svlvln. n, voMiie girl, who mln" Co. made Its first nppenranre in this city monkeys, Almont and linmont, Welch, Mealy 

lias rome Into possession of n rlrh gold mine "n Monday, July 211, with n broadly farclrol and Jlontrose, Bessie Wynn and the Six 

through the death of her father. The cfttnte sketch. In three scenes, called "Tin/ London tlllnserettls. 

papclrs are In enre of lier uncle, Dave Itlp- Fire Brigade," In which there la "rough Mf.tropomr IIoof flAROEN (Hurtlg & Sefl- 

ley, who' Is n!ru a worker in (he mines. Black house" from curtain to curtain. The very mon, ioauagers).— While the people In this 


popdrs at the VIIIA Verdi, at Sqhta Agath 
Oeorbb Fawcktt wllljilay on taporlAnt Italy. It seemn to be an early work oc lh» 
role :ln n new play by;,Edward Pepfes, en- composer. . Its fate has not been fcefckS 

titled "The SIIvct 01 


biers, who Is hi' 'love- with Svlvln. Blaek Quarters of the London Urn brigade, with the' A'voy. tithers are: Katherlne Dahi, Moffet 

■ *..j^> ...r.. If- -■_.__ - .y ■ .... ,. t\wnm,\n (, In ,h. ,..,*! -,1.aA al - _'_... m h A } T n t.n 1 1 ,. VV.nwi .n.l l^luk Unntn flimi'. 

IVIe.l.-wlih li's Bswiclntet, entice tjie uncle 
into a rnrd game, anil swindle III id out of 
everything lie has but the joipers. He takes 
the cUUlce and plays for tbem, when Jnrlc 
tmts upon the "scone, enters the gtvnie, 
nnd wins the papers hack, mnrh to the 
disgust of lllnrk Peio. nnd Dolores. One 
of the most rrltlenl stages of the play 
Is In the third net, when Sylvia, In 
the power of Black I'ele, Is shot from the 

tlremen Indulging In the antics that the rest nnnVLabcllr. Wynne and'LeWis. Some Quar- 

hours entitle them to. A fop enters nnd tette. Jack Irwin, Austin Sisters nnd the Wli- 

lirlhes one of the men to set tiro to a hous? sons. 

nearby, nnd when the nlarm comes in ■' ' 

nl the flrehnnse, it interrupts a game Brooklyn.— At I'ay ton's "A Itoynl Family," 

of cards, and the men are forced to which' opened the season here July .27, Is 

eul Hie wires, lending io the gong In order combined oil week of 21). The. attendance nt 

to go on with (heir game undisturbed, tlie opening performance taxed .the seating 

lnnnlly, after the engine Is staiv.rJ capacity Of the house: The' following nttrac- 

i'or Ihe blaze, and ihe men stop In various Hon is "At Piney Midge," Aug. iVIO. 
saloons nn Ihe way, and nnnllj- buy a paper IIlanfv's (Maurice >(chlesslnger, manager), 

to see where Ihe lire is. (hey reach the i-on- — The season will open here Aug. .1, w'lth 

llagi-nllon. There they have a terrible time, "From Ming Sing io Liberty." 
rnrrvllig down trunks, nnd leaving the people I.i:na Park. — Lnna'a latest attraction is 

In Ihe burning building to Fhjft for them- ejillod "The Ocean Wave," n new merry-go- 

selvea. Finally a la>atitlfiil girl appears at a round, located between "The ' Grefit Ship- 
window, rind a free-for-all light follows 
nmnng the men to see who shall save her. 

This outline of :the absurd story gives on Days ot '-to," "-Nlgnt nnd . .Morning," "tne re-engaged 

net brlrigs event hlng to light, and It is foil id ■*■ of the .sketch, which is full of lnugha. Kansas Cyclone," 1- The ' Brownie Theatre," w e i[es (Western wheel), tor next season 

that Dolores, the qileen. IfTllie real mother ol ' be 'nt fireman nnd the little fireman, the nnd "The Lost Girl" 

the girl she has wronged. Black Pete U bitter of whom is a splendid tumbler nnd 

murdered In, ihe end, .lack reconciles mother elown.vverc lite best of the 'company of near- 

and child, and nil ends happily, 


nuw ioc p i m Olrl.t to be produced upon. 

next season by Fratlk SJcKee. IJonni Habiiib, late of Harris anil sid 

"Thi. Mf/Tt* Gint.,"'a musical comedy by man - *l" be fearnred with the Gav Tore-i 

Julian K<lwards and Messrs. Campbell and <Jojs (Western wb«l). the coming seawn " 

Skinner, will be produced at Weber'rt Theatre, .Sam Rick will put on the'Burlesniie for 

New Vork City, the flrst week' In September, the Merry Maidens': Co. (Western wheel i 

Ide and B4y Comstoik. and also^pl.iy the ie/tdlng comctjy role i n . ' 

, nearly coffipleted ort the In- JACiT Ltiwis sxfrJRit. Wt.nM' will' nut nn 

„ Criterion Theatre, which was a new art^nrxt; season. Mr. rx>wls wis (w 

aged by' : flre and.water at theefid of The £!"■'* with "The Time, the Place nnd ihe 

past i season. It has. been decided t6 reopen *»¥}•, _!-'_..„ .... '". . 

the house on Aug: 0, when Battle Wllllarns 'UJitR Fouft Foans Will pnt on a nnrel 

\\ntl ' lietin an engagement In The Little dancing act next season*, in which Max Fnrrt 

Cherub." will Introduce a new style of wooden shoe 

XAOKf. a. vd Adams "have Jnst closed a short O a , n ™ , Ev, " 

season on the Klcth & Proctor circuit. They '• To « -Ijeabx, the lagy Juggler • sails far 

will go out again next season over the same London to open at Ihe Hackney, Aug. p_> f nt 

elrcnltV for forty weeks. ■ l?ng riy>. 

nioiil'h of a cunoon. She Is, of course, saved «jl«w»ns on tht^way, and tmnlly buy a iiaper 
liy .u:ck, whe, Mtspcnded from Ihe limit of a 
nee, etttches her null firevrnls her from lin- 
ing tl.islied ngnlnsl the rocks. Again meeting 
defeat, lllnrk Prle bounds down the uhcle 
and kills Mm, hut lltids that the papers he Is 
In search of aiv in Jack's possession. Jack 
Is acrnsed of the murder, and, !s In danger of 
lyorhlng, but Is shielded by Sylvia. The Until 

Joseph MAnnK«x, 'of Gardner nnd Mad- Dn.-A-PnoNE has added a new Imitation 

dern. Is resting ht Atlantic, City, until the l0 his act, that of a brass hand on mi Krll. 

opening of the next regular season, Sept. son „ phonograph record. 

2, on the Keith & Prortor circuit. , Tm: BiiAnFmins will put several new things 

Carrif. Kzier and Jombttk hove m their act for the coming season, 
signed with the Campbell k Drew Tiger Mortimks i M. rtiiEUE has engaged Sam 

Lilies (Western wheel) for next season. I i <?Rrn ,> , ro i!}!' T of „, I ' ew Dearn, to piny t n( , 

' Fifxds and WorxK* will l)e featured by aheriir in wine. Woman nnd Song Co. So 

In one of their s, for the coming season . 

Donrrrttr Tfixx,vxT has been engaged to 

Weber & Knsli next season 
l M-reck" and the dancing pavilion. The ride burlesque shows. 

. ia an original and sensational device. "The lmii: CaataV. .leading souhrette, has been E">^ *" hnpojftant role In support of John 
i Days of '-ID," "Night and Morning," "ihe re-engaged with Campbell & Drew's Colonial Drew the coming season, 

Elsie LesUK will liegin rehearsals on \r\c 
1 of the leading feminine role In flrai-e | |V" 

The play. 
Ihlinigliiiiit. Is Intensely Interesting, and sp" 
eliil men, Ion inn lie given to Severln Devo. 
.Mabel Kstelle, Leila* and C. W. Travis, 
A specially, In I rot lured hy Klbel Hnvls 
a lid K. Armstrong, was repeatedly encored at 
litith the Saliinlny and Monday evening pcr- 

loimaiices. The east : Iltnek Pete, C. \\. I'ra- A tniislenl I rent '.viih furnished by Maurice 
vis: Humpy Jones. W. I». Stone: Percy Him. l-rvl and Ills, band, some line selections .being 
inVeii, !:.• Armstrong; Have lllplev« John rendereit. and Hie plaudits were so hearty 
J'entoii; Jim I lyre. John cuigpliell ; Big I bat Mr. I<rvl wasroiiflrlled to glvenlKitit ten 
Itlll, lluri'lftou siteiiflin.-iu : l.'emlemnii Char- uiiinliers. lie has a well drilled bnnd of mu- 

weekly, which attract multitudes to the 
promenade and circus boxes. "The Scnln- 
tor," "The lloitnders," and "Tlie Tickler" 
accommodate crowds. "Friars' Night" will 
be a feature at Luna Park, Tuesday, July .10. 
Frederic Thompson Is an honorary member 
of the Friars, and he Invited the publicity 
ness of foot calling forth hearty npplausc. promoters to hold a meeting In the skeleton 

chamber nt the "Night and Morning" show. 
The two largest, longest "and most, attrac- 
tive rides on Cnney Island are In ' 'The 

ly a dozen people who play the act. Italia, 
lit a neat little act, made her first appear- 
ance, and her grace In dancing won general 
praise for her. The Corbrey Brothers, who 
are also hpw here, nlTercd a dancing spe- 
cialty that wns most worthy, their nltnble- 

contlnue to meet with 'r- nE ward Bros, will but on a new act i 

popularity. ' The free circus acts are changed npxt season, entitled "No Place Like Home," "ngstone }> urn las new comedy. The Man In 

" showing life In the "Sunuy South." thecase, to bo produced by >Valler N. Law- 

Jkaxetth Sherwood has been re-engaged rffn lJ c ' 

for Ihe Tiger Lilies (Western wheel). ., •i l 1 , , r .» l,fn ! non ? r "c'ng scene, in "The V»n- 

JttLiA St. Clair, formerly with the City " c :' ,, i* c, ' n ' will be presented at the Meiro- 

Sports Co.. has signed for next season with P" 1 '' Theatre, In Berlin, on Sept. I. ns a part 

Weber A Bush, to do n skitorlal donee. of a^new musical revfew. The details of the 

slclans. tils numbers were well selected, and 
bis lending Is done with 50 mnnv little pe- 
culiarities of gesture, all Intentionally funny, 
that the Ml made wns of large projiorl Ions 

Court, of Limn," namely, ."The- Mountain 
Torrent." and "The Dragon's tlorge." Luna 
litis altogether sis rides. The others are 
•Tins Bed Mill," "The Scenic Hallway," 
'The (.•hutes." and '"The Miniature Hall- 
way." "Newsboys' Bay" will occur Aug. !), 

Ile,° Mflrt • I'Vnnklyii : Sunle , Fe Jim, Luke 
Johnson; t'orpni-nl MrCu'no. John Lyons; 
Sandy. Hen M. itlroux; Dolores, Leila Da- 
vis: Sylvia, Mabel I'lslelle; Ginger, I'llhel 
DAvIs: Free/.<>-l)ni Mnry, Marlon Walker; 
Jiirl; rilaniotid, Severln |>n lixeiaitlve 
siaff.:- .Fred W. Kusey, manager; George A. 
Florida, agent: Severln De Iieyu, stngo di- 
rector; Marl Fronklyn, eorjiehter : Win. 
I'litk, tleeirlcliin : Jitpiea Klrliy, properly 
'intister. Next week, "The Outlaw's Christmas." 
, A'^liirln 'lliriiire ill,,,, 11 l|iiuiniei'>feln, 
nlaiifigei f i. - -Kjislnexs here eoiiliiineK to be -tip 
tp the islapdfird, and Hie most prosperous 
Summer season lit Ihe history of litis popular 
resort Is now nt. Us very height. SheklA. flu- 
Hindoo conjurer, assisted by Ills wlfi". ls'gan 
Ills second week Monday. July VO. with the 
liitt'odiicllon of a sei'les itf neH*fenlH nf mys- 
lltlenlloii that imzzled the Vlcfiiria patrons 

even more than did those of the previous were given 11 hearty welcome by their manv trained leopards and Mr. Gnlllnrd nnd his 
week. In his line .of llernimniicv. Slteitln is ndinb'ers liere; McCarthy, Sullivan nnd com- 'rohpe of performing llon» continue. In the 
a marvel, and Is destined to create a sensa- pnny. In an amusing skit entitled "Perddlous nienngerle Consul, a trained i-hnntpnnzee, np- 
(lon In this country. Fougere, In her chnn- Petticoats." srored ninny laughs and much P" 1 ™. 

snnettes, 'began the third of her (Our weeks' of Ihe "big noise." Others gaining their steeplechase. — This resort was practlcal- 
ougagemei|l here, 20. Cits Edwards' School full allure of favor wqrc : Dawson, Mack nod W 'Irstroyed hy a lire which swept II on 
Bays andGlrls. In their comedy musical act. company, Harry Bolter and company, Annie Sunday morning. July 28. Further mention 

IUtkh Tmo, musical performers, will put {-fiftan presentation have, licen arranged 1,1 

on a new act next season on the Klaw Sc Kr- Llehler & Co. and II. llarlnelll. 

lunger clrntlt. J '»!. n ^!'F v . ,rr will art as business mann- 

TBu Mu.LERsmp Rosters, singers and f* r "'™ r 9,ttv c '\k* M «<*'a "The.- Girl fmm 

dancers, have Signed with Wm. B. Watson's Broadway <a. the coming Reason. The at- 

Biirlesqiier's. B will be Ibelr seisind season ! Hl .V l .' )n wl " *' nrr >' **''/ poopl'' and a ear 

with 'f ho alibvc attraction. '«"} °f seenery.- 

: J. K. Hawlkv. Hebrew comedian, has Miss Bii.i.h: BritKE. who Is 10 be lending 

signed with :W£bcr k Bush's Dainty Duchess woman tor John Draw, will arrive from Jjin- 

(Knstern wheel) for next season. don this week. • . Park at Jnetionvllle, Fla., is .Nkua.sceme.nth wrjir. coxci.pnen last week 

. In (heir comedy musical act. company, Harry Bolt 

and the Four Fnrd.i, In one of the cleverest; Bernstein, Mr. nnd .Mrs. Dirk Triicr the 

dnnclng nets witnessed In 'Ibis deende. began Karrell Brothers. Nat S. Jerome, iheCres- 

ihelr last week here on Monday. The Jug- cent Trio. Carroll nnd Clarke, and the Karl 

gins Burkes,' In an entertaining art, remain Sisters. The motion pictures continued 
mini her. tveek. and other exrellrnt bold over 

: FnKVOi.f, after plnvlng a number of parks Christian Pilgrim," William Ftirst, ihe iuii- 
throngh' Ohio nmi Indiana, has returned ahme »" : 'aa, andTyrone Power, her leading man. 
for a few wteks'. rest, previous to opening 5 re tJanada : W. T. C'arleton Is on Ibe 
With Hie Murray arid Mackey Stock Co. iRast- ™ Kvr J * rii *Y const: Addison J'Kt Is nt New- 
em 1. al Wllkes^Barre, Pa.. Aug. 12, for a Pprt. Bdwnrd- Fuckey Is In Denver, Bertha 
•forty. weeks' engagement as ah extra feature. Harmon, .the soprano, Is In New York Slate. 
Wood Bros., gymnasts, have signed for " n<1 A,lss Crosmnn Is .In New York City, 
next season with Miner's Americans (West, working and inking only orrnslonnl trips nut 
ern wheel). 1 > . o[ ((nvJU 


Al, FiKi.ns, of Fields and Ward, and Ram Minsi. Rkura. singing romellenne. will ap 
iwe. of the Itlnllo Uonntlers, sail from Kng- W M Henderson's Theatre, Coney Islnnd, 
id for America, on July 31. ■ • new act, week of Aug. 0. 

of Hie disaster will be found. In another 
coin inn: ' 

ilKNDEnsnx'K. — Hill week of July 20: 
.Amerlcnn l<adles - rjiitu-iclle, McMsIt ami Pen- 


iM r, Mift 1 WiM.UM;llAfcw/riNis r "ha« 1 "been engaged to ItsttEiwuiA Sibtkrs arc playing Utissia 

the Baton 5 ,n *' '^° ";? Ie of , ^"'nc. a law-yeF. Tn ihe nt , h,s present .writing 

Throe Motor ««rnmfitlKa t lou of "The nottse of a Thousand , Mn. Jahx, of Marlnelli's Paris office, will 

inrco Jiotni candles.; join the New York office ns foreign corre- 

mil lingers 1.— This bouse opened" (lie season' maiie in lilg'iiii." ifn'r'tmlintYdn' o'f"Anna"ileid Manhattax Beach.— ''Sheridan's Hide" Is niit.mwrW last Rea80n '» "A sp ^* nt i„ ,. „ „ 

July 27. with i.'red Harvey its business mnnii- was wonderfully good a id was npp"a udes P»* «« finished as It has been found possible ?Zr the cnmbT^SS Jro„ en 8 8 8 ed , to Jt - "'S SSPS^S SS^ES ? pe 5 ,hPl . r „ F "- 

get. .."A Bnce Acrnstt Hie Conllnenl" opened heartily. She also Imitated wIHi great ciei"". tn "«*• «• Serrral chauses htuve been mnde K,,,- s ^ SOn ln R< « cr8 «rolhars ro 'Y fl " ,0Br ? f Prague, Austria, Sept. 1(1. 

Io get more massive groupings. The pvro- i„, ,! Tvev,,... 1 .. _. HSr , XKB . Av ? Dwxcttr. Kino Jiavn 

terhnlr illsplnv Is altered each night. «iffl 'V u C nl 5- w ?' . w . l, ° Jt ,,!, „ b,> ' , n ™ntralto s nrled rehearsals for ihe new Shnhert mil- 

llniffHToN llEAfii Park.— "foi Baneh," JSTS.S! 5£liJfftJPfi5S , '«3KS!* CI, J'- "'''A 1 i <1,nM k r fnr ,n * Caiino - 

Mliler Bros' WIUlNVest Show, new to the EasV, £g,«ffi, B n fl ,!!l ISLflt*!??!^! «_»" A.SSS*? fe^' 8 ,' ..««»« ' 
opened In the Brighton Beach Arena, 

M big business, which wns diiplfcatc.l ness Vesta Victoria', Kvn Taiignav' FtidleFoV 
itondny. 2li. It Is a conventional melodinina, and Mat lie Williams. . 

with a scene laid In the Klondike. A canoe 
race, ending In the resrtie of the girl from 
Hie Is our of ihe features. The ef- 
forts of Hie vlllnln to secure the girl's money 
. In din Rnst are' successfully friiairnted, uuil 
bis downfall is complete nt; Ihe llnlsh. The 
cast : Rector Kayard. Jiiines Heonan ; Tom 
Diirrol. ( 'buries J. Wilson: Paildy Biitk, 
Wllll.-ini It. Ilenly: The Frisco Kid. Max 
Schrnde : William (.'riipe, CliHrles l>. Dun- 
t'urtli, I'lHTord Wilson, (leorgn W. Park; 
Bene Duval. Louis De Lncey'; Bill Casey, 
IK 'It tlinrlfnr'th: Klondike Jim. Mnrry G. 
tiotild: Shifty Smith. Stnhly Irving; Hubert 
Hudson, John Ward ; Hanks Potts, Karl 
I lut filings : 'lied I'.enry, John McDowell: 
Carey, Charles Whitman: Poilremnn, Fred 
Win son; Dawson. John Wills; Sylvia Crane, 
Ktlythe Itowiind; Blnniiy, llenrletla Tedro ; 
..Mrs. lliiiiniiinch, Minnie Sharp ; Tlllv, Hose 
Bcrgere; Huns. Charles WIIhuii ; Ilenrlcb, 
i'retl Potts; Louie. Charles Lehman; Gret- 
rhen, Mary Schultxc; Llrs/.cheii, Minnie 
Stluc: Kntirlnn, Sprnh Trlxle. The piny la 
controlled by A. If. Woods. Hnrrv K Wlns- 
mnn hi 11111 linger; Johu A. Lnwri-nce, busi- 
ness mummer: c. L. liaiifiirlb. Mlage iiinna- 
«er ; (!. W. Park, nsslslniil stage manager: 
J. A. Cotm, stage carpenter; Chnrles AVhlte, 

Atluiille Gnrden (W. Kramer's Sons, 
mnn.igers).-— Leo Stevens nnd Lillian Keelev, 
novel coined}' net ; Jas. U. Dixon, chnracte 

reasnrer nt Ihs 

ciiiiiedinii ; Decs mid Dees, colored entertain- ,,nT ' Jlll >' 27 - A big crowd was on bantl 

ers ; Dale nnd Itnssl, Dutch comedians ; Itotn 
Bnsch. soprano singer, and new moving ale- 
tnres are the alttactlons for this week. 

Savoy Then t re (Frank .McKee, mnnn- 
ger).— "The Man of the I loin" began, July 
30. Its tblrly-lirih wtt* K ' y 

Aerial (SnrileiiM (Klaw & I'irlanger, man- 
agerH).— Ceo. Al. Cohan. In "The Honeviiionn- 
ers," entered bis ninth week on Mondny even- 
ing. July 2i). 

Houses closed i..\sfor, Academy of Music "long behind the procession 
Belnsco, llljou, Broadway. Criterion, " 
Ktnplre, Fourteenth Street, Derrick 
Grand 0|>ern House. Hudson, Hockc 
liodrome. Irving Place, Knickerbocker 
erly, Lyric, Lyceum. Lincoln Square Madl- men : aa episode of mub; riding by the clown 

sifnr- ?'"' S?ft m,,s J. c l md,>r • lc *» d « Retake, 'fm Alhitnibrn Theatre for two weeks, left Tor 
.1. n"d fc.^ft.SaLSa **° S" Pm >n «m- ffi ^"""'J '' "«"<t«y. tor- 1 1 tw weeks' rest. 
of tbo r?^^ P f^A?*^2ff^& ^- „ iS»^?.!>L k .W'tJl ? ,Gothnm Theatre, Brook- 

the various exhibitions characteristic 01 

ranch and Western lite of the early days were niloer hT'>k! ^L2tS HP2 wlth '^h** F - \ yD ;?' hc 'J l Ibe sensqn opens. Barry Nrlme-.. 

liberally applauded. Following the ossein- SSSSf' ,f> n,a> ,mnfr nfs nianagement next having .tWurned from his rest, will ngnln ba 

lily, Fjiowlng Hie entire eompniiy. each r-.Ti.;., i. lo -.^, .„„ „ „ '.a Ihe box ofllre at the Alhitmhra. 

, SJ_ _ ,_.. nur_ rAacATiir. a aid M.\nai) Maitlano ' Mas. A. L. Kuiaxori: -will preside over 

flold day exercises to ho given at Ihe Polii 
J. rounds on Aug. .". for the benefit of ihe 
Home for Destitute Crippled Children. 
there will be games between theatrical ntan- 

^^SViZm-fmimSStrSSk-tlm ^net" a g?r.s nctors an<1 raccs by ,hc ' Tm 

Caiv,5 Dix will manage Jesse Lasky's 

as Mght on a Houseboat," which will play the 

ery vaudeville houses. 

io office Vtnlf L n f"y!, , '„i. rB 3 n T Zat J on ' • UBW-NP Austin, the dancing girls, have 

a eenernl asslstnn? ****** k j0rdnn ' ?&<* ^"J 3 . es * Burns' CasInS Girls Co. 

as,genernl_as*lstnnt (Eastern wheeTrfofnext seMon.' 

son ■Sntiare, Majestic, New Amsterdam, New nn exhibition' of the round up, tying nnd ■ JESStXiESm a«, i.^ r t- „ 

J.ork Star. Tb Ird Avenue, Wtillnck's. Welti's, branding steers, ending with, the riding „Fm2w t£EESiu%tofwmt!£3^2&! , Mart ' ftiSCIS Bo*i-B will appear the com- 

Torkrllto, K.-lih * Proctor's Flfty^lghth ■< jS^mdUm steers; display of skill In *£ "$\, D T . f h " r fJ« «' " » lams' Ideals Ing season with FTancla Wilson, ln "When 

f of tho "lioys" showing un- "i„i» p ".lSS»" _.:£.i..5i at -P5 r ^ . w . ltn . some of Knlght9 Were Bold." 


Vere Bold." 

inn 1 , i.uiiutin, .inner s jtow- ■ as in , .;-_. „ r ,„^ 1 vj' ir""li,'"",,""*~ ' . t i2 c,s ■■MttmL manager ln charge 

erj-aml Hubers Museum. fancy work, on foot and on horseback; ?ie "Finor WntW J o£ t Un e , oII ° e ,? t,t *? ? f Tanner A Co., booking agents, Is rcjofe- 

II..I>1»> )....,!. Month nencli.— This week Khar|ishootlng by Miss Texana and Alias « Jclal see ,Jrv nnrt ^i?° Customer," with ing ovqr the birth of a grandson, 
will Is- an eventful one at this resort. A Carpenter, who seldom missed their mark 922! ' "J F* u . er L"" d f „?£f r ct8 -, showing the In- JOft* OniBVES will manage the Merry 
, carnival of the school children of Greater while shooting at all sorts of distances and 
•li'lclim; James Foley, master of proper- New Vork takea place Thursdnv, Aug. 1. On ln various positions; cowboy Justice, show- 
lies: lleni. Klrby, master of transportation. Tuesday and Wednesday the Urm ot Bloom- > a fi the method of dragging a horse thief 
.Next week, -Convict !>ll!>." lngdnlc Brothers will hold two out lugs here, wl| o had killed a (mar and stolon Ills 
St. Ali-lmliin (inrileii (Geo. A. Illiunen- "»> H'»l for lite women and the second for mount: high school riding by a lady mounted 

nl- • <>' ihe ocnsloii 

MiiiIIhoii Siiiinre Boot Unrilen. — "The 
Maid anil the Millionaire" began, July SB, 
It* sixth' week. 

Mm o 1,0 Mo 'then (re. — Shepiird's mov- 
ing nici lives continue a popular fenliire at 
this bouse 10 good niiendnnce. 

.Inrdlii de Pnrlti (F. Zlecfeld Jr.. mnu- 
ager) .— "The Follies of IR07" Is now in Its 
fouttb week. 

company for two seasons, was _. 
rleil on Jnlv 24, ^o Dr. Thomns ft ■MePahe. 
of JSewnrk. X. J., In Hie Church ot the panlltt 
Fathers, .Vow York City. 

llnSTwr WutdltT. an English comedian, 
who Is in appear ngn|n this sensnn under Ihe 
management of Charles Frohman, arrived 
hero from Trfmdon laflt week. 

--= "« i» ' 

In Palnesvllle, O. He will leave "there 'for k Fl,i '"t Mn^ov curt the De Long Sister? 
New York about Aug. 7. Ior h .? T .' signed for the coming reason with B. C. 

' . Whitney's "Mff I Ps# 1 1 pSuf ! ! r Co. 




Special DlwHQh «<J Thk tjuw .irpjuj. Cui-tlb. 
Saw .JyuAJtcxsca, : July 80.^-At the Van 

Ness, this Is the second und last week of 
i-Irra Kendall und cutnpuuy, In "Swell Ele- 
gant Jones." ■, • •' 

GnfATER NOVKI.TV. — Monday. .Inly 1"J. 
marked the opening of the second week of. 
the siieclal season of melodrama, with "Side- 
walks of New 1'ork" as the opening bill. 

Davis'. — Darrell Vinton l» In his third 
week. "Monte Crlsto" Is the current hill. 

CiiNtiUL.— "The Millionaire Detective" 
tula week. 

AMF.BiciN'. — This bouae closes this week, 
until September. 

Nsw Alcazah. — Fourth week of special 
engagement of Herbert Kelcey and Effle 
Shannon. "The Idler" la the hill. 
•' Colonial. — This house opened last Satur- 
day cvenlngi 'or a week, with a vaudevlllo 
tomblaailon. . • 

OnrilEUH. — Bill for the week opening Sun- 
day. 28 : The Musical Byrons, World and 
Kingston. Seymour und Hill. Lea Jurdy, 
Roberts. Hayes and Holier ts, Nelll and Chap- 
uian. the Stunning Grenadiers, Gaston and 
Green, und the klnodrome. 

Chutes. — Moving pictures and Illustrated 
sotjgs. ' 

'Notes. — Store lltigatlou has befallen the 
Salt l>'ranc.laco Theatrical Managers' Asso- 
clutlou. .which recently lost Its suit for au 
Injunction to restrain the police from Inter- 
fering Willi tile performances ut the Globe 
TBeWre, on Mission Street, between Tweuty- 
Ifllnl Mid Twenty-fourth Streets. Uuucr's 
Law and Collecting Agency has utluchcU the 
theatre's properly in the sum of $2,184. to 
■ over u claim of the [.alley Co., plumbers 
and steam fitters, for work done and sup- 
nlles furnished In lilting up the theatre, 
upon which the grand jury and the police 
have set -their ban. Suit for judgment In this 
amount has been brought lu the Superior 
Court." Peterson. Nelson & Co. have also 
sued the same theatre on mechanics' Hens. 
for $1.88(1.84 for work done lu excavating 
for the. building's foundation. 

- - ' • »» • » 

SllflW YtlllK STATE. 

Buffalo.— At the Star (P. C Cornell, 
manager) the Bonstclle Stock Co., lu "Wheu 
We -were Twenty-One,"- week of July 29. 
"Lady ' Huntwdrth's Experiment," Ang. 4 
and week.. "Her Own Way" drew nicely 
last week. 

Mam (J. Luugblln. manager). — The Will- 
iam Farniiui Co., in "YlrglnW' this week. 
"The' Three Musketeers" next week. "Monte 
Crlsto" bad continuous 3.' It. O. business 
lust week. 

Shea's. — Curreut attractions iucludc: 
Henry E. Dlxey & Co., In "David Gnrrlck;" 
Sears, O Huna Sun A Co.. in "The Geisha's 
Dream ;" Joe Demming, McConhell Sisters, 
Hlbbert and Warren, Mile. Martha und the 
Ainerlcus Comedy Four. 

Uu-avi: nt (C. M. Bugg, nianagcrV. — The 
French Folly Co. week of 2U. Butterfly 
Hurlesqucrs next week. 

Academy (P. t*. Cornell, muuager). — The 
regulur season opened 211 with "Nellie, the 
Beautiful Cloak Model." The house has been 
repainted and makes u pleasing appearance, 
both inside and nut. 

Luna Park (It. 11. MucBrootu, manner 1. 
-"-Webb's trained seals. Bell and Washburn, 
the Boldens. Bell Brandon. Mile. DeLoru, 
together with the many outside features, 
continued to draw big crowds. 

Notes Julius McVlcker, owlug to III- 

liess, has resigned from the Bonstclle Stock 
Co., and is replaced by Paul McAllister 

The Linn Museum Bulldlug has beeu 

purchased by a local real estate operator. 

.Hue-beater.— At the Baker (Mrs. T. J. 

Boyle, manager) "No Wedding Bells for 
Her" was- well put on by thu stock last week, 
attendance being very large. "Nevada" week 
of July 29. ' • '■ 

GiiLATCit Ontario Beach Pabk (H. L 
Messmore, manager). — Crowds at this resort 
are dally increasing In size. The Three Er- 
nesto Sisters, the Eight Plcchlanis. and the 
Sixty-fifth Iteglment Band 20 and week. 

Glen Haves'- PakK (B. K Wilson, mana- 
ger). — Business at this resort still remains 
extremely large. Nublno. O'Neill and Vera, 
Luce and Luce, the Marvelous Mile. I/a Toscu, 
Hammond and Forrester, und Madeline Itui- 
dette, week of 2!». 

Notes. — Manager M. K, Woltf. of the Ly- 
ceum Theatre, accompanied by his wife, loft' 
-".Tor \MI0wst611e Turk, for u vacation of 
three weeks Max Hurl lg,. fur four sea- 
sons • business manager of the National The- 
atre, and personal representative- In Uuches- 
lo'r of Hurtlg & Scautoii. will leavu Iluchester 
for Daytoh, O., where he Is to be managing 
partner of the new vaudeville house which 
the Hurtlg Bros, own In thul city, und which 
will- play . the Keith $ proctor attractions. 
Mr. llurtlg's probable successor will be Frank 
I'iirry; well known locally, who last season 
was on the road with one of Hurtlg & Sea- 
man's attractions. Mr. Hurtlg has made 
many friends during his stay here, and ho 
goes with numerous wishes for success In his 

nea- Held .Leon Morris, the celebrated 

animal trainer, suffered a severe loss hnru 
during the pust week, when "Cuffy," his fa- 
mous clown bear. died. The animal was left 
here late lu the season on account of Illness, 
while Morris" act was playing Cook's. 

Mica.— At the Majestic (E. L. Koneke, 
resident manager) the stock company gave 
"-V Iatdv of Quality" and "Grausturk" to 
packed' houses past week. This week they 
present " In the Palace or the Kin-, und 
"No Wedding Bells for Her." 

OitpinxM (E. la, Koneke, resident nv.inn- 
ger). — The pictures drew big uttendunro 
lusl week. Ice cream Is served ott Saturday 
to thu patrons. , 

KuMHirr Peak ( T. W. Baker, muuager). — 
The Malvern -troupe 11 nd Burton, Hughes nail 
llurtuu. were feat tires last week. Musical 
tjuuriettc, rtyun's orelicstia, and the mov- 
ing pictures week of 2». * 

Utica I'aiik (Kruin & Douoboe, iliaun- 
gers); — Itutli's orchestra tuul the uuiusetnenls 
coutluue to draw good uttcudnncc. 

Forknt Pabk (Ed Uussell, .manager). — 
I'hls resort Is enjoying good business and 
lust week's features will remain over. 

Note. — Manager E. I,. Koneke Is ut 
Mlddletowu, N. Y„ looking uflyr thu open- 
ing of the new BIJou 'Theatre. Thu bill for 
the present will Include moving pictures 
and songs. Vaudeville will be added later. 
. _ « . . ' \ . . 

Jamestown. — At Hie Celorou I J. J. 
Waters, manager), for the week of July 22, 
the following -appeared :' Welch, Mealy and 
Montrose. Marv llupoiit and company, lu 
the sketch, "Left at the Post:" the Slnglug 
Four, llado uml lleHuuiu, In "The New Girl," 

•ind Clark and Bradley Work on tuo 

Samuels Is bolug '■■ rushed for tha opening In 
September. . .'. i "Edward T. Connelly Is prov- 
ing to be flic biggest favorite the park ever 

HHml.unitoii At Rosa Park (J. P. VS. 

Clark, manager) (Juv's Novelty Minstrels had 
good- business July 22-27. 

: . . « > . » - 


'WaHhiiiiftuu. — At the New Nallouul (W. 
«., Huplev. manageri (his week", the Aburu 
Suiutner Opera Co., In "Wang." Last week. 
"Fin Ilia volo" was Well rendered, to crowded 
bouses. ."Pollv Harden" week of Aug. 5. 

BrUkVd'tL. Stoddard Taylor, manager 1. 
—«Tlils ivti-k life lie'asco' Stuck- Co.. bended 
by Charlotte Walker. In "'Attn.'' This Is Miss 
Walker - * first appearance in this role. Last 
week. "A Bnnch of Violets" received high 
eotnmeudatlon add capacity patronage. _ 

IAciU'M (Eugene Keruan, manager) .-rTbia 
coxy theatre will reopen for tbo regular sea- 
son, "A«r. R. with Wliriam?.-' Imnnrwlv 

... - ■ . T * • — 

„. Nt 5 Oayetv.— Washington's brand new 

^ tV,r."-J H V""*-'. w1 !' "sr« A «V » 

.«.; *i*.* k ,,l !«TlfH S. (ioodfellow. mon- 
n»i .-. .77 W lla .r Tvsott ■"■ "" luimvnsc 

pattoiiagc contlnimlly. 'ITils week Herbert's 
Grenadier Guards Band holds over, and the 
r yweT Hh BWrtton will be featured with the 
uuffln-Kedcay Troupe of i-astlng gymnasts. 
Manawr UoodfeBow was the recipient of a 
■"WUIlcent gold-headed caue as a token of 
S.S b3f hl * employees, the occasion being 
his thlrtythlrd blrthdav. fc 

Note.— Fred Meek this week assumes the 
management of the Aboni Summer Opera Co.. 
now playing at the New National. Mr. Meek 
will manage Anna Hold's company the coming 
season...... Manager Harry Itapley. oT the 

National, nccornpanled by his wife, leaves 
this week fpr Narrogansett Pier for a uiucli 
needed vacation. 

■ ■ t'» 


Ufii>(T.-,\t the Tabor Graud (Peter Mc- 
Courl, manager) the Either Oistra Co. did 
bile busiuess lust week, lu "The Idol's Eye." 
Meek of July 28, Ihe same company, In 

Elituh's Garuex (Mary Ellteli I*ug. man- 
ager 1 — Last week the Bellows Stock Co. did 

H,°,' ,J ..kV1 ln . , ; ,<a ', 1 1 ""* r ° ,vu Way." Week of 
•Jw. Old Heidelberg." ' • 

Manhattan BhaVji (Larry Glffou. munii- 
geri.— "Baron Humbug" look well with big 
liousi^i last week. Week of 29, "Down ou 
the I'upe." 

I'lktis (I'ellou d Kuiuuer. managers). — 
1'lrst balf of lust week, "^st Lyune." and 
i? u st . !' a V-, "Supho," did fulrly well.- Week of 
28. "Adrift lu New York."- 

Ci:>stai, (Geo. Ira' Adams, manager). — 
flood business last week. Thetblll Included : 
Gus Williams. Futida. Dell and Fonda, Mon- 
arch Duo. Kennedy aud Vincent, Illustrated 
songs uml pictures; . " 

Novelty (8u|llvau & Consldlne, maim- 
gcrs).— Lust wit-k the bill Included: Archie 
Boyd ami nMtf, Bawls and Von Knur- 
nian. the Wyiini'woods, the TWo Cassettns, 

Nimoti .11. •! wi ...._ ■ _.i 1 . 

Sousu and Sloan, song and pictures. 

Tl'ILl.EBIES GABDENS ITulHerles Allltise. 

■Mil Co.. managebi). — In the Alrdom'e last 
week the bill Included : U-w Minis, the Castro 

Sisters. Dantcs Brothers, Einlle, Geo. Irwin, 
Illustrated song and pictures.' ' ■ 

Notes. — There h,as been opened up here, 
by Moore & 'Cfoaves, a Theatorluui on Six- 
teenth Street, directly across from the Tabor 
(•rand. E. II. Greaves, the manager, will 
he remembered as haying been with Vogel's 
Minstrels throughout the East. Moore & 
Greaves also have houses In Cheyenne und 
Larimle, Wyo. They are 10 cent houses, 
and at present moving picture shows arc 
given. It Is Ihe Intention of the manager to 
put on a number of acts later. Business 
with the Tbeatorlnm has been excellent. Mr. 
Greaves' states It b even better than was ex- 
pected at this season. 

. «'» ,.. 

>l ISS.U'MI SI71 IS. 

ftew Bedford. — At the ' New Bedloi-d 
Theatre (W.'B. Cross,' manager) Lew Dock- 
slader's Minstrels. July 20. drew a large mi- 
dleni-e. John King and Nefl O'Brien were 
great fuvuriles. The most jKipular songs 
were ••Hull, Hull On." reudered by John Klug, 
und "Bother Nothing." by Nell O'Brien. 
Week of 211. Shepard's moving pictures. 
Vuudevillc : Ue Cbantal Twins, lu high class 
slugmg: the. Muxleys, colored sketch team: 
James Meelmit, In Illustrated songs. "The 
Time, the Place and the Girl" Aug. 2. 

Hath a way (T. B. Baylies, manager).— 
Week of July.2H, the Burrv & Burke Stock 
Co., lu "'Jess of the Bar Z." This hoiise 
draws large crowds dully, in spite of the 
wa rm .weather. 

SAVor (W. H. Sblne. manager). — Week of 
21). moving pictures still prove attractive. 
The vaudeville features for this week tire : 
Sulllvuu apd Han^llton, lu Irish comedy, ami 
Henry Young, In refined dancing. 

Lincoln Pauk (I. W. Phelps, mauuger). 
— Week of 2*J, Donna Seymour Mimical 
Opera Co. presents "I Mike uf Normandy." 
usslsted by the Florence Troupe of acrobats. 

'- — '. " 4 « » 


WiivciiiiK. — At Wheeling Park (I'niDk 
J. Buker, general manager) the bill fur week 
ending July 27 gave much satisfaction, but 
owing to heavy rains the past week, busi- 
ness Was not up "to t'he standard. The hill 
for week of 28 includes: The Pour Ameri- 
can Trumpeters. Staplctuu and Chaue.v, the 
Wheeling Wheeloeks und the Great Snulell. 

• " <«» 


Jersey City.— At Keith .* Praetor's IP. 
]ii(i'UN, manager!, week' of July 211: Julia 
Klngslcy and 'Nelson Lewis, the Karrow Trio, 
Kclley und Kent. Mary Ann Brown, the Co- 
lonial Four, Four Stewart Sisters, and To- 
ledo and Price. 

• »» ■ - 

Newport. — At Shei-dy's Freebody Park 
(Chus. E. Cook, munager) wiaik of July 211: 
Berxur's Comedy Circus. "That" Cjuar telle, 
l.e Roy ami Woodford, May Mooney, Smith- 
Bowman Trio. Henry T. Wait, moving pic- 
tures and Bclleclalre Bros. 

Nkwimht Opera IIoiisk (Calm & Cross 
Co., managers 1. — OockHtuder's Minstrels draw 
well 20. ''Tlie Time, the Pluce and the Girl," 
Ang. 1. 

Death s itttbe Prof cs$ion 

.. ■ ■ ■ . : — i-rc — ij..- 1 • ■ ... ■ ■ ■ ' ■ -.' ' ■ • ■!■<■ !■ ■- .. 

' Albert S. I'anper dh-d In Chicago on 
July IS. He was found dead In an alleyway 
near Hulsted and 'Adams Si reels. Without 
friends, the uuin who ut oue time played with 
Booth and Barrett, Joo Jefferson, Ada Gray, 
Clara .Morris and 11 host' of other slurs, was 
allocked with a hetnorrhuge, und • crawled 
Into the ulleyway, where hi: bled to death), 
Mr. Casper had been lu the euiploy of Ike 
E|K>-lelu for the pust twenty yeam us u porter 
In his saloon.- He played In Hie cast of 
"East Lynne." with Ada Gray as luu leiid- 
iug hull, aud ulno with Clura Morris uinl 
with Kute Claxtou In thu original production 
of "The Two Orphans." He starred lu u 
plav. called "The Prince of Egypt." After 
leaving tbe : stige Casper euibrai-euV the gospel, 
aud for 'a 'number of years lircuehed at I ho 
old KIrkhind Mission on Canal St reel. Pre- 
vious la embracing reltglou he went to Eng- 
land, ni:d was made stakeholder lu the fuiaous 
light between lieeuan and Savers >u 18U2. 

w. H. Johnson, a widely known show- 
man aud a mason of high degree, this seusoa 
of'the 'Foh-idiugh * Sells Brothers Showd, 
died ou Saturday evening, July 27, from In- 
juries sustained lu Merlden, Cvnn., on Thurs- 
day lust About midnight be wus standing 
near the main track ofllio New York, New 
Haven and Hartford Kullroud, and with h!m 
wus an employee, an Itullnn boy. Without 
warning a fust train rounded the curve wit 
morn tnau a tar lenglh away from the will. 
Johnson reached for the lad. and had just 
caught Ms arm when the train struck the 
boy. Both were thrown against the locomo- 
tive und: then Iturted aside. The boy. whose 
Idcutlly has uot becu established, died before 
his laxly eorthl'beuioved from Cue Iraefc. Mr. 
Johnson was uiiroiisi-loiis" and was ri'muTid 
to (lie Merlden i'Iij Hospital, where he die l. 
Mr. Jolili«ou «as' widely knoviu III Ihe' show 
world. He had been' lu the' concession busi- 
ness for a' score or more year's. Ho Is sur- 
vived by hU'roolher add rfster. who are now 
at White I'laeAn. ' Michigan, to which, city 
the body will be sent and Interred. 

Jack' Hnanlaar. ' late of the vaudeville 
tenm »f IVrdnii'.l Mauufti;',;dkil'oii.Ji!ly V'l. 

WMIUaa BMW (Billy) Dlaatin. a well 
known eornettlaL. died at the Episcopal lloi- 
pltal. PWIadMpMa, on July 24; ufter a short 
llini.'ss, due to a sii.niach complaint He was 
well knowu \m the theatrical profession by 
reason of- his connection with several of Iho 
Hoyt shows, tnclmllug "A Milk While Finn" 
and "A Black Sheep." He was also with 
lVter F. Uulley. tiurlng the past three years 
he played at Staucb's. Coney Islaud. lie 
was unmarried. „ uy \ | n ],| H nftlelh year. He 
wus a native of Englatid. coming of a musical 
family. Ills father, who wus also n resilient 
of Philadelphia, was during his time a noted 
cornettlst. The fuucrnl services took place 
July 20, from his stater's residence. Xo. Will 
Westmoreland, after which the body was con- 
veyed to the Chester Hills Cemetary, und 

H. C. Pearson, better known lu the pro- 
fession as Burt Pearson, died on Monday 
morning. July 2t). »t his home, .lllli Eighth Ave- 
nue. New York City, from pleui-o-pneiimonlu, 
aged llfty years, lie had been III for three 
weeks. Mr. Pearson wus advertising agent 
at Miner's Klghlh Avenue Theatre some years 
ago, and was in the employ of W. II. Waison 
for the past nine years. He managed thu 
Washington Society Girls for the past two 
seuKoiis. lie leaves a wife and throe cllll- 
d ron.. one a girl. Enle Pearson, woo goes out 
with Geo. Sidney the coining «>ason. 

Burton A-lnm-. dli-d.ln New Vork City, 
July 111, w 11 n-siilt of a |«iralytlr stroke, 
aged titty nine years. H|s last engiigcoieUt 
wits with 'Qiilncy Ailauis Sawyer." Fuiierol 
services nn held at WlMrrUillutti's iindCr- 
taklug esiiibllsliinciii; und he was burled lu 
the Aciurs' Fund plpl, Evergreens. 

c«*. win ». linys. Hoax writer. <ll«l at 

bis home In Louisville, Ky.. on Julv 20. from 
vertigo, aged seventy yenrs. Col. ' Hays hud 
always clu lined Ihe authorsblp of Die oHg- 
hntl words of "liliie." Ills most fuuidus 
song was "Molly Darling." Among his other 
songs were : "Kit'li In de Middle oh dc Itoad," 
"The Ohl I/ig Oahlii In Ihe l^ine," uhd 
"Signal Bells 111 S^u." 
.Hubert DiirnW. an old employee of Ihe 
Ityrop Spauu sihow. dleil from eousiiiuptlou. 
on JUly 2 lu Phltudeliihla, Ph.. aged thlrly- 
fottr years. He was 'with the slmw lli'lug 
under canvas, and was under Ireiitmeul until 
June 22, when he had to be removed to the 
hospital. The remains were shipped to Dan- 
ville, III., for Interment. He Is survived 
by Ids fa Hum- a brother and one sister. 

t.'hns. WeliiH, ht one lime a well known 
tetior Ringer of Europe, died on July 211, lu 
the County poorhouse. Allcntown, l'u„ aged 
sevetity-nlne years, He' was horn In Ger- 
many, and sang in grand opera In the prin- 
cipal cities of'Eiirope. 

Kittle Crouch, some years ago well 
known on the comic opera stage, died Inst 
week In Ottawa. Can., from heart disease, 
following 11 slight surgical operation. She 
had been with Lllllun Ittmsell and Jefferson 
de Angells. Her name In private life was 
Mrs. A. M. Poller. 

»;. v. Mnriihy, connected with the stage 
for almost llfty years, died oil July 27, at Ills 
home lu T^ike lllun". III., lifter all illness of 
I wo years. ' He had been an acliir. ' play- 
wright, slage malinger, and song writer. 1 Mir- 
ing his «|i|gc career lie played wllli lalwiu 
and John Willies Booth. John McCullougli. 
Joseph Jefferson. IJrirrriee Han-ell. Kdwla 
Fo'rrext. W II. Cruih- and Maggie Mltt-hnl). 
• Helen Hnlli-j Tronlirldire. au actress, 
I'oiunil 1 led suicide at a hotel In I'lltsluirg, 
Pti.-.-duJuTj- tMI. -by cntllug bur lltmut with 11 
riizor. She was thirty-live years' of agv, 
and was 'recently connected with the People's 
Stock Co., In Chicago 

Luiirii It In ttitovs, nlneteeu years of age, 
said to be an actress, was found dead early 
oii tl!c mornPtg-'oV July 20. on the Cheyenne 
Bond, In IdlewIId, near Colorado Springs, 
Co). A bullet hole In her head and a hull 
dog revolver found near her point to suicide. 
Her riderless horse was found near -tlie body. 
Letters left hy Miss Matthews Indicate that 
she had been tilted hy some man, uud II Is 
believed that It was fur toot reason that she 
took her life. 

Johnu>- iiarrUun. private secretary 
ami representative of Antonio Publlloues, 
died on July 7, lu Havana, t.'ubu. His sister 
survives him. : 


tn order to avoid mistake* and to 
Iniurr the prnnipt tlellvery of the 
letters advertised lit this Hat, alt 
envelope plainly adilrenned most be 
iient for eaeh letter, and a written 
order (or the letter, nlitned with the 
fall inline nnd address ami the Hue 
of bnalueas follotverf by the tender, 
rattat also be, - 

Please ntvtitlon the date (or noiu- 
beri of the CI.IPPBH lu whleh tha 
tetters aent for tvete advertUed, . ' 

Adurtis Uruce 
- Ailelyu 
Allyu. Amy 
Aden, l-'.lltc 
Alisthl Jlnrsnn't 
Alwii, IVady 
llliike. Sliirlmi 
lleiiiictt. Kvii 
Belle. Mrs. 

Hurry W. 
Uultcrilelil. Mrs. 
W«IUr H. 
Uiitrs. F.llr.d<-lli 
11, y nut . VttllettO 
U.iMi. Klbel 
Brun-. .Iconic 
llrlllHSlt. M».v 
lh-et«' Kllwibelli 

il.jlliloll. Lottie 

. -Georgia St.- 

Mrs. J. It. V. 
Cnlilwell Klnlivls 
Clurk. fl«>n:lii» 
Corlietl, Mutnl 

Oinlicus. Jenny 
Cllnse, Ullln 
Cnstle Catlii-rbie 

Mrs. W. C. 
Coiuliiey, lil« 
Ciimiibeil. Monu 
Cotton. IxiIh 
t.'ei-ll, Nvru 
Caltle-.ui, lr<-iie 
Ciirlls, Alli-e If, 
I'.irimy. I'ultl 
UesuMiiil. Ycm 
Bo Scbelle. 

lie- inun it. t;tli.'I 
IK'Sti, Miss % 
lluhlel, Mhii-I 
liurrow, Jem 
Il'Vene.-, Nellie 
Hate. Kvelyu 
DiiveniKjrt Nelle 
Kgbcrt. Maynie 
Klltrootl. Flo 

.Mrs. Ixiulo 
llarle, Atlre 

I.u Vera 
Fern, Ln I'elile 
FhsMl. AlU-u 
I'leldiiiK I'nntlne 
1'elte. llninia S. 
Frsser, Loulm* 
Kolluail, Mm- 
l'o\ Mrs. tslivln 
Pot, llalsy 
Fair. Prnrhi 
l-'cltc, Mlnt'i'Ti 
l-'artt'-ll, l.ij.-llle 

Frmikiiii rSurrlo 

Kniette. Mliinti 
Fair, Fh'iviiee 

Iltsh, Mr«. Mm 
Corileii Murgiivel 

Mrs. W. II 

Graul, Vliulnlu 

Uoiilon & Itnj-et 


i.\nu:s' list. 

(!«»!. Minnie '.Neville 

. Zi-liltii 
tliwn. Marvel V Nevada, May 
Hunter. J11II.1 O'N'cll. Kiuuiii 
Mill « N) -h in ii 11- turn 

Held, A nun 
Hayes, Kiuiim 

llnrte. th-liolie 

llowiml, Helen 
Itlllnn, Margie 
llnliic-. lira 
Hl.v^tus, Minnie 
jlornvr. Jennie 
llu'dm-ll. Hi -ue 
Hawk. Mlldie 
Joim, Mil 

Jelilll'ilis, Alhv 

Jackson, Itu'-iy 

.fnn-cli. Millie 


Mrs, I '11 null 
King, Uftuv 

Kruiiu-i-. Maildle 
Lyoii-i. ltiisetle 
l.iililuuelie Mile. 
I Mills, 'fessle 
I.U 1'elir. 

Mrs, M. U 

iss-. Ihilly 
t.aailierl St Co.. 
Lake, Sylvia 
t-ni-aliie. rllli.s-li 
l.liHlon Hlsiers 
1. 1 If mil Jnnvlle 
I.u mmlli lAttbc 
Ijsille. IbaJIrhM 
l.i-lii-, Mrs. II. 
Lewis, llalllr 
lA'ille. Floreucc 
l/'c. Irene 

Muile II 

Mrs. Hurry 
HsbiirBe, Nellie 

Illanciie 1. 
l'iri|iKttc, tlllu 
Friiiiipoii. I.nini 
Pietyniau, i-Mlili 

i)altley. HeleiiM 
liemoinlc. l.e.i 
Itehl Sisters 
Relit, Nelu 
Hnloml Mrs.J.T 

lU'llly. Helen . 
UcMleldn lintel 
lloW'lie llertrllil!' 
Itnnklii Vlrglulii 
ft My, Mrs. Ed. 

Mm. Jack 

ltnwlnni!. Amy 
Hnrillllle I. Uml C 
Slum-, itluilvs 
Sinltli. Mrs. K<1 
Stunil, Kvn 
Sdiotey, MnlH-l 

Miss R. 
Sinclair. Ihniel 
Ktyne, Msrjr 
Hlnniuhl ilraee 
.Slieimnl, II111I1 
Hlllnrl. Muile 


I.e Clulr, (iiTlle'Tayliir, Horn 
l.uligiloii Mnbel Trenilwcll. Adel. 
l.niilm. Jeni'oitc Tnlh'lie tiel-lle 
l.utia lie Smvnia. Thoniss Mrs. H. 
Millie. Tlmriiitlke Mabel 
Murphy ltlunclie Urabersvi-, 
Munllisy. I.llllnii Daisy M. 

Moure. Mity Viihlnre, Anna 
MeWade. 'May Vnriiey. ' vlvluti 
Mnnstlelil Klennr Wyilu. Ih'iisle 
M. -Allen MIssM, WykiitT, Irian 
May, Miirinii.-l IVIIIlurm. bill 
Moriiii, I'miltne Wlmlsor llonitliy 
Moaror Klateae t Wiutuiid. Clura 
Mornlugaiar, >VtlllniiiM 

aMata Mrs. 1. II. 

Murlluett. Mis > Wiley, Until 
Montague. Warn tVitia(siiei< 

lle.lllli Wa id-la. Millie 
Meyer, Ihnilik' Weatiai. t'eeellii 

Sullen. Mrs. Juu Wiililoil', Kvelji. 
iirriiv. - Sl.lrmii Wlllaiil. Itlllu 
cii-iillli. Mabel M lllln in. . 
Martin. I'lssle .V Mr*. \V. II. 

- Al. Marllt- White. Tcmile 
Muel,. Mrs. Jno Walker. 
Milcliell Klslerr . »Iit. Frank 
Mi.nlainil. Wallllnaer Mlsi 

Motel II Wtillvsloiie, 
Mnyiiai-il. lltiieelyu 

Nevndn cYllliiril. Kills 
HcNally. Mrs. U'litelwll tarrls 
riiei-.-slln: Watts, l.lllil 
Miss 1 Yale, Mamie 

Cloiiw^laiift Big Fire; 

Uluae i^liteh Uratroya,. # | .r.tiu.noi » 

Worth' <.r Property, iucludltiK 
' "|-ilj ou'o >lcc|.ler-lui»e Park, 

Kitriy 'on KUudiiy iimriilug, July 28; shortly 
a fie." 4 oVIocli. a llri-, wrtll'h slurled'lii the 
Cave of (he Winds. In Kioeplechasc Pars, 
swept some thll'ly-llve ncres clean Of build- 
ings, cinsed all |)Ut a corner of Steeplechase 
Park, swept ulong two blocks of Surf 'Avenue, 
skirled along two blocks of the Bowery, and 
destroyed everything from the Ilowerv back 
to the ocean front fur a couple of blocks. 

After burning most of Hteoplcihuse Purk, 
the flumes -went eastward, crossing Tllyou's 
Walk. Kensington Walk. OceaVilo ; Walk and 
Seaside Wulk. As the lire went It dest roved 
Olson's Hotel. Young's llolel. Ferris' Hotel. 
Lent's 800,000 Hotel, the bathing pavilion 
and hotel of Arkelian llrothers. estimated to 
be worth SIIO.OOU : (loch's fltO.OOO ' hotel and 
bathing pavilion; Kmruna's Italian reSlaurant, 
and uiuny 'small business esiabllsbniciils. 

At Stitncli's ihe 'flumes ran against a fire- 
proof brick building. However, the wooden 
bulhiog' pavilion ut Ihe 'southern cud of 
S tint 1 -Irs pluce Wus destroyed. 

Then the wlud Iiiriu-d lownnl the North. 
so that the Hie made no further progress 
toward Orcuiuluud. l-lverylhlug to the east 
of Mtaueh's wus saved. 

Henderson's Thealre 11111I fesluurunt nlso 
cscpjiiil. ns did most of the buildings on the 
northern side of the llnwery. hill the lire 
cleaned evrrythliig off the wulnr front buck 
lu the west as fur lis Ihe Steeplechase pier. 

The area burned Is about thirty acres, 
und Hie origin of Iho lire Is userlbi-d lu 11 
lighted flgnrelle thrown III a barrel of 
waste paper beueulh the Cave of Ihe Winds, 
la Steeplechase Pit rk. The Iosh Is given 
la nearly ?l.r»tiu.(juo. of which there Is very 
little covered, by lasuruiic'f. 

(ii'iirge ('. Tilybh. when asked as lo his 
losses, said that I key would reach Si. m hi. in mi. 
and (hat did not Include pruspetllve prollls. 
He itlrl not believe thai -llierc was ally- hi- 
surunce. as Ihe few policies held recently 
und expired. In- Ihopghl. 

Mr. T'llyoit, while (be prlnelpul owner of 
Sleeplecliitsc, Is' not the sole proprietor. 
There Is a corporation Including. Mr. Tll> oil. 
Mary Tilyou. rhlwurd J. Tllyoii, Theodore 
Kramer and James J. MrCiillugh. 

Four ncres of Mtwplirelnise I'urk were not 
burned over, and there arc- the remains of 
Mr. Tllyou's nttraclluiis, A strand of roiic 
depurated thai section from Ihe burned dis- 
trict on July 28. anil Mr. Tilyou had erected 
a slgti'lu ihe ruins which read: "Mr. tlcorge 
C. 'i'llyini. for 'Dear Old .Steeplechase.' wlghes 
lo thank the public for their good will and 
symiNithy In the imst and preseut." 

Steeplwlmse will, in all probahlllty. be re- 
built, but It Is loo early 'to have tny dellnlte 
plugs ou that score announced. 

. "Tug lti\K," which made <iu|Ir 
a success with Nut Cisalwlti In Ihe title role 
Hotue years ugo, bus lieen lniuighl up' lo date 
aud will go ou lour Hie coming kVumoii, with 
a well known i-omi'dllin lu the title role, 
pldylng Hie prlnelpul oti'-ltlgUl sluitds.,Koiu.. ('Alii. llutniM. und dnit^h 
tcr, Wavtf.' uV>' speudlng two 'Vveeh'a*' t'ltctlioli 
ut tlielr .Sumiuor coltuge, ut Chautuiujuu 
Lake, n. v." -.'■•- ■ * 

KnuiN DALil Informs us that June 15 he 
closed his second season of forty-eight weeks 
with the Onmuii Stock Co..\uii, after a two 
weeks' rest at his home in Lynchburg, Ta., 
he tnlned tha ITcnni'dv Plav<*rn fAr the Hum- 

•u'-'t- . ;■ • : ' '. ' . 


Ackemiuu. U. F t'lillim. Jus. 
Annoiid. led V. CYuke. Jltn 
Alexander tlmU'LIWIiluun, Win. 
Allen. Seurl & Couser's lion 

. . vinietli. Am 

Arnolds. Ureal u-mmor, .[«». J. 
Allof. Kd. iCorlf-j, II. 

Aagell's !Cyrtll. Ilerlwrt 

UuiHeiliiius'lwvliell. ,0iii. 
Ailiuas, 0. F. iKisliiiiiin l-'iiink 
Allen. Win. 8. Camou N. Wait 
Aldo. lusl Duller, CI111H. 

Austins. Urcnt Ifllxuii & l-'leldr 
Apdule's tKnimitetta. 

AnliimlH l^'ivis 

Aiiilersou. Hall ;Hove, Johnny 
Amor, Tims. IHlk-. .Jus. 
Aiihln, II. A. lUare, !•'. 11, 
Artlell A U-sllv ; ll«le. I'. A. 
Alius, lark jpewune, IM»H 
Aluieiisi'i, M. ; lHniidiue. I. II. 
Acker & Collins 1 [Mnwr] t Lea 

Alliinli. I Ui 11 He I .Isle. .1. (J. 

ArukI, Tnii Ui'iip. Karl 

Ainu, Michael 'Hurling. '.I. M. 

Alvart.' K.I1II0 Ithivls'F. K. 

AleillMillll. A. ipo Will, I.. J. 
AIIIhis, Mki. poivtilug Waller 

llfiuly, Mr. 'Uvoiiithil, The 

llraiull. Kdniu lie lMiiuiu lire-. 
Ileruord, Nut Ilium, Jus. A. 

UllIlkH, J.. 0. Hl-enli. MurcllH 

Hcntley, 11. t'ubeJi, J. II. 

Iimini, .luck lii|iiu, i.'iius. 
llohnie. Waller Hale, hub 
Vurbu, l.urvlo * Haniii.l. U, II, 
Lee liiuincll), .lus. 
Harrington bid Iniuiiunuiil. lieu. 

Ilro wn 4 

Ik-aililsh. K. F 
Illilwcll Clarence 
Ilrugilun OIliTord 

llenil, r,'-. 
Ituscll, In- Vere 
Harms), 1 . It. 

Ilin-llell. Al. 

I'.criKleJn, JcIT 
Iimtin- II. it. Jr. 
llyron, Hoyal 
Peiircl, Hilly 
linker. Uurl 
llrowuliig Arllir 
llilins Naiiiuiy 
In. v.l & V ii.l.i 
Itenluli. I: H. 
foe, (!. 11. 
Ilariou, '--'I. 
Horry. .1. K, 

lh-au II. S. 

lll-UHII. t.'lllls.A 

■rrqt. M. 1:. 
Itruan. Walter 
lllnlsull A 

Hunra Jus. II 

1I.-1I1-. I.. W. 

Iliirlo. I'idille 

Hoiviiutri, L'rcil 

l-.rlMon. L, T. 

Hales Jos, 

Ii) tlie, J, V. 

ilbi.-k k Kllon 

Iturke. Frank I 1 

Ijoivaiua. l'rcil 

HaraiMi, Al. 

Uiilziiin llerh.J.'druat, .K. 

ttixttr ha 

De Hutit, Hick 
laiuglui, C. I,. 
Iileklliana 11. AV 
Miuermui (i 

• " • •liiH'ga 

tlvei-ctle Kdilh: 
I'llheli. A. Ii' 
Fekstroai. Curl 
Fi-He. Walt. J. 
Field. .1. dloatv 
Fields, W.'ll. 
Fraser »lu<d;()u. 
Fllxifenilil t H111- 
Frank I in nl «l*.,\V 

Kerrey, av. |i- 

Fiiriiswurth, Hr. 

I'cntut. ,1'iliu T. 
I.'iair lfiniHT*irs 
uf Mualc 

I'en/, (jIHlla 

hnk. Ilert 

I'ukliio Jul) 

Fnslrlk, Ali'.x. 
Fllbrooks & 

Ferris. W. L. 
l-'iwy "I'rlu 

may '1 


»v. v., 

I'rnti.dill FIII|l|Hi 
l-'iiiilus. Felix 
Olsch k Hal" 
fkiajwlet Attoliili 
(Unas M-.-iiiiiiai. 
l.ordon. X. X. 
lirnw. II. M. 
(tiillnu, C. 
(jonloii Ii k Mae 
(hiss, Fenlliiuiiil 

Hoyd. V. H. 
Ilrhlw. Altnsl 

llaldlul, T. M. 
Hell 4 Henry 
CillhoUll. Win. 
Christ Inn, '.V. M 
i.'astelletie A 


CiiiiMI, W. 11. 
Curlwlt, Ik 
Coo|«'r, F. 0. 
Cuiael, Fhoer 
Cshdre. IPirry 
C/HHKir, thai, 

Co lei. II. ' 

Osdey. J. J. 
I'urduim, W. 
I'ollliis. tin. 1 
C/uIih:, l«ng A 

Connor' . la. . 
Charier. Fevd 

I'tnllio. Jt/U 



Oindon, I'r.lnJ. 
Chnam, linnls , 

IV.II.T. (ti-j. 
t.tllt' l>f>- ■ 

(lorilou AtnuiiM't 

Iliwuv, Jloruiaj 
luyely Quurlell 
(tenter/ SloekCo 
lile.y, II. II. 
lillhl, lieu. 

t!ei«,n, Uaa, \v, 


tllllelte. Ir.d 
(Jury. Joa. It. 
(les-iley lima. 
Ilurrls, Arthur 
Harris ANclsou 
llunioi. Allien 
lljirrls, noble- 
llilrrla *? 


Hrazn, Topi 

Ilurrls. ,V. W. 

Il.lglll' iltell. rl 

IllWemi. Cliaa. 
Henry, J; J. 

Koran, Krldle 
HMly, Tim 

lly .top. Jul. 
llamlry Hcnnnn 
ll-irrli-oa. Hindi 

IM111 . I'.'Ue 

tluiiiiugs, Mm, 
Hill. 11. r. 
Han, lillly 
jioli. Jus. I-:. 
llailyn, Tom 
llolrali. Jos. 
tiarrler. Win. H 
Hum, ciuiH. A. 
Hunter, Huy 

latrla, l).' F. 
iiilli-r. S. 

Aiiiiueinciit t'o 
lllckinnli. S. <■■ 
ItnVeiis SloekUo 
Hurdler, Tom 
llolliiis. ■':■ 
M Harry I*. 
Iliii-rlk'uii. Jus. 
iliibtinrd, A. J. 
1 luu tun. Ilea, 
Held. Wilbur 
Itiirrhigton Ii. .1 
lluwiinl '4 l.i'ivl-t 
Hull.' Ilugeiie J. 
Ki.iiun & 

lllist'iii, Arthur 
Hawk, CIlrToi-il 
luihor, Itoiter 
Irving, Arlluu- 
Iron-, W. II. 
Irving Tliua. It. 
Ireland, Fri'd J. 
Ii.uuync, H. 
Jerrnun, .1. tl, 
Juekwm Andrew 
Jiiekwu, t). 
.lanksoii, J. I-:, 
.I011as.11 k 

Junea, (!. 
.iohnia. The 
JoIiiiniii. F/l, 
Jlteoba. J. 


I.'lnreiii'i- S 
Jupiter, t.'hiis. 
liarh'.iul. tli-eul 
Keiiaedy, Kil. 
lilliiidi.n, It. I,. 
Hill, J, W. 
I.'ciiin-ili .Ihimile 
lilblilc. Win. 
King. F. H. 
Hop|«', So( 
Kuoe. J. K 
Kuolunm Fruiik 
Kay. Fred 

Jap TrnuiH' 
Fennedy Fmlw, 
Kellh. tt H. 
Kelhnn, Iss' J. 
Knoll, II. II. 
Lynch, .1. w. 
1^' Vunl. Win. S 
l.iiuitstiiiv, Al. 
Lu lleuuo Hurry 
la-wla. Arid. W 
I, initio tec .l.-lin 
Uaa'TMC Fis, 
(/awri'iioe. (I11I 
homier, llari.v 
liiinaio, Fnsl 
l.n Tier. Hurrv 
U.wls. Lu Mull 


laiker. Hurrv 
l.iivlne, Arllnir 
l.mi rence. Kit. 
Merker, Curl 
Lftffrl, Fruiia 
l/oui;. C, 11. 
l.lTliigatoiio A 


u>uiin«ia, jiiiiu 

l.lvlngnlon elms 
Luiubfl & 

' Cu„ TI10 
I.u t'curl. 

West ley 
Iav. I#wls F. 
I.uitreiv, Iter I 
Ism rle, Jus; ' 
lunrla, Ihoi 
Uo;d. Herbert 
Lenity, .Hurry 
Ee liVvre. V 

Ue. Aliwrt J. 
i.onv Trio 
I/W-. Jus. 
I.u I'r.iinlell 
I. yen, fli... vt . 
Mickr Tllll 
M<i»iX.-':II.i. »l 
• Jit- 1 "1)1 Mil 

,\liniliy.-JetT \V. 
M«'. Arthur 

Miirslmll, lleiily 
Mnrslnill. Jaeti 
Mi-luliwli, W.T. 
Mis.i-. 'I'. M. 
MeWinle. I'M. ■ ■ 
Marlon ,V I lean 
.Mack. I Nek 
Mnsinter, Al. 
.Milter. Frt-I 
Mack, Julia 
Melville leltic 
.Mucin, S, J. 
Mi'DlIiIcI. J. I.. 
Mlells, Prof. 
Mastiui.' Harry 
Melville. Hairy 
Miirtuiiiih T. 
Mniuilug, John 
MeXell. ThtS, 
MallheiVM t 

Mim-lnlHl & 

Muyo ft Itmve 
Muscle) . M. A 
Merrill. N. W. 
Mann. M. 
Murk Unix. 

J up Trotiis' 

•liil' Troupe 
Miller, t'liiis. S. 

Mlll' I line 

\\.' tlseui 

Mis-li 1. M.ill. 
Miller. Sum (!. 
Meeker, F. 
Melville, W. J. 
Mitchell, I lurry 
Murtluf. Hurry 
Millar, laiuls 
Jlelkel Chnvnee 
Mepird. l/'Wls 
Mcllin.h. Thus. 
.Mi-Chilli. U. 
Murtyime Hurry 
Muck. M'ni. A. 
Melrose - Troii|Ny 
.Meeker. Win. 
MIIIuu. .Im. 
May Jk Miles 
Newry. Jus. 
Neff, John 
Nebriisku Hill's 
, Wild Weal 
Nisslhuiii. Mddle 
Selss, V. I. 
Nash. J. >t, 
Newton A 

Ah 11 out 
Niisrlicr. Mutt 
Ni.l'tli Sonlli .V 

Noel. Joe 
Newell, Fred 
Nuubu Jap 
'"• 'I'roiipi' 
Noruuili. Hen 
Krrerkrr, ' N. T. 
1 inti. Jus, 
iilani. Hurry 
Orvltlc k I'. 1111k 
tilr. Illns. F. 
I'aull. K 
Fatten « 

I'll ul. Hseiie 
I a I term mi. I'erti 
I'orlec. \V. 

Ltiuhr. Paul K. 
Plekcns, A, J. 
K'rtaoiV. llltUTt 

Pnlniitii. Hlni 

IVl.cliliei Urns. 
I'em k Wll.lin 

Heiky, K. L. 

Pun Aiiieiliiin 
Wet I'H 1 11 Co 
lloU-ltu. II. 

Ilussell, Fr>sl 
ftol'liisoii. I toy 
Itoiluo. Jis- 
Htusol. Ililrae.v 

' Harold 
Hrllly, It. M. 
IliKsell. Iltti-i-y 

Klu, A. tl. 
llots.rl« k 

Itonie k 

rtomiiu. J, II. 
Itiiynioiiil, Cyril 
Kirn. J.MterHui 
Uyiio. Jack 
llellly. M. C. 
Itiiili. Win. 
liussi II. Phil 

rat F. W. 
Russell k Unvls 
Uk>e. Frank 


■ .lap Ti\>ii|* 
lluuris. John 
JM«M|s. II. N. 

Klllllll'llllll I'b'IC 

' Hull I, W. O. I 

ifiew. I.. 

Em, Ralph II. 

Itisii, this 

ltnyee, Jik- j 

Rwne. Harvey 
' RidlArhl. It. S. 

■Itullfoi-ll. II. 

IIImiI. Mr. 

iteeM-. 11. a 

Wiry, Win, F. 
■atari*, curl 

Siiundei-suu CI.'. 
Slilpuinu, t'ti'is. 
Sulllvuu Jus. F. 
Slii'u. Mr'. Frank 
im.t! Frnuels II 
Suvllle, A, I..- 
Strickland. U 
laitom'un, A. 
Htnloa. II, II. 
"hay. A. II. 
cliiulilt, Mm. 
eker, law 
Bamy tjuurlette 
Stanley, l.e-.v 
Smith. H. W. 
Smith. Chin. 
Sulllvuu. C, M. 
Sullya. The r. 
^eluieiTei-. Mat- 

tliew * Jessie 
Mtliililt. Kreitlt. 
Shlebla. .1. V. 
Hpuiiii, llj run 
Suiiuiyon. M. 
Hnnlliillll, Vrnf. 
Sullivan, J. I, 

Klsirt. tut. 0. 
S|in|ni J., U'lUe 

Smtlniolo Joi< 


Statu, J. II, .. 
Smith. Win. V- 
Shlnilto. K. - 

Sldeuiil. A. H. 
Sharp. Hurry 
stirtuna. llob 
Skinner. Otis 
Sulilrau. Hurry 
Tucker, J, R 
ritouipkoii W." C. 
TaotTi'.: II. F. 
Tluuuser. Amly 
Taylor. Ilerbt A 
Tvnnyaon, Win. 
Tin nor. (Icu. II. 
Tftaiiwarl ' 

Jap Troupe 
rriil). Khiiri' 
Tesuler. Win.- 
Thornton, llkrry 
Tunujiy Pnt ' 
Wrry. llob 
CtiWrllti'fi Law 
l.'o.. Mgr. 
i;. S. l.iidb's' 

Mllllnry Hand 
Viigel. Henry 
Varuey. Kibnir 
Vonti'lhi * Mini 
Van A mien, 

if «, 

Vuss. VMM V. 
Vun Ness.' 

Vuljeall, Jeati 
Vaiiiii'silul, A. 
Veiluiurs, The 
Vai'lii k llurr 

W«l. lor, I 
Williams Perl It' 
Wllaull * Fl.vnu 

IVnlil, Joe 
WulKlit, tl. F. 
Wulsh. Hilly 
Wllllnuw Alfred 
IVililsou. Ilcil.l. 
West. W. I'.. 
WiiMtehl aUturk 
Wills. A. W. 
Williams, W. II 

MuMtr, Fri-I 

Wells. Hlllle 
WailUell. Fn»l 
W*Ins, Aiahvas 
Wilson. Kid 
Wlille. Kml 


Wjlotil. Ivl. 
Win-Ian. K.I. 
Wehh. C'lip. 
W001I. Jus. 
Wfslon, VTIlle 
WOnlley, Itiili'h 
Wheeler. W. H. 
Wlvle. I'ral 
Wlllerd. Chus. 
Wlllluma Harry 
Worriill. Frwl 
Wnlers, Mirr. 
WTdleley. I line 
Welti, .lues 
VoattK. Hllle 

Swis-iit'y, I'.d. .(. Yuinaiiiuio tiros. 
Sawinhi Jim Viillli*-. I.. A. 

Tnui|S' Zoyiiirus. I'll" 
Sliritnhi'. The 1/nxi'll Charlie 
Shuiulek. Mary IZehlos 


ir^ax|P»s-- i ■ - - . ■ ..■■■. ,,.. ... ^-■jajaa- 

\V|lITi; HAT NIllllLKS.'llV Wl,,L .L'l'IKlkl 

till 'I'lmiKlay. July 'Jo. the White Hills held 
tlielr atmuul outing at I'liner Hark. Ilrooklyti, 
X. V. "Over I wo fiiuulreil iiiemliers. I heir 
wives, uiolhers, slklers nod sM'ecthearts pa 1 
tletpiiled lu the affair, which was a big sue 

The pulk was It'uclicd hy oue o'clock, i|llil, 
after, some rt-rresllilieuiH, the galues cuin- 
iiienccil, uml tile following were the wluntlis 
of Ihi'dlrtflleilt evltuts: • ' . ' 

Onb llt'NUUKli YaHHs Dash. Foil Mkm.- — 

Hlitti Leveen, winner; Ficil .(, llulley, second. 

• 'rwKNTV-FiVi; y-Vitiw Hash, fun laiiiks. — 

Cnmil.' Wells, w'lilheri Mrs. [Mill Mcl''nrliiud. 

scciilid, .•■:'..' 

ObSTAil.i; Itklt).- -Fred J. Uulley, winner; 

Hlllll LllVl'i'll, scciilid, 

Sack ItAi-M.— AHnrry Khvlu Sjitek, wlnucr ; 
ltillliti Aitsliii, sc'eiaiil. 
J'orATii Hack. --Mill Wuod, winner; John 

I'. Hill, seeolul. 

O'AT I/APIHS' llMIt:.- 

Mrs. Ilalley, m Inner 

Sirs, llescd, vi'i'ontl. Mr.s"s (ia'i'k. -Krintk ll III. wlituui' ; 
Jiiiiii-h II. (■ofi|ii'r;-si!ci>iid. 

Hiim'IiiiII fiitlotvcd, after which nil builds 
look 11 dip lu Hie- briny' lo work up a good 
iippuilti: fur lluMexeelleiit shore dinner, -which 
wus served m sly n'eiuek. Aflur illiinur nil 
returned to XeA" York uud ;a Indies-' re- 
ception wus held ul Hie cltib rooms. Ths 
ladles were eiiletliiliii'd lu royal style by the 
illlTcitml Huts, and nl one o'clm-k ull sang 
the ciuhleui anil' voted Hull the Iluls had one 
greitl day. ' 

(Juests of liiiiini were : Mr. uud Mrs. Win. 
Morris, Sir. and Mrs. .ImUni Ii. Wells. 

Ladles preautit were: Klhel Allien, Lytlln 
Hurry, Mrs. F. .1. llulley, Mrs. Ilelph Austin, 
Mrs. Hurry Stanley, Mrs, Phil Mcl'inliiiid. 
Mrs, Ksmonde. -.Mrs. lingers. Mrs. Tinmen, 
Mrs, I Iosco, Mrs. Will era, Miss l-'reesu uml 
muiiy 01 he is; 

Al our weekly 'iiienlhig. which was ad- 
journed from Thursday In Sillliri|uy. on ue- 
ciliiit of ollllltg.' ive elected ninny new IIH'III- 
bei's and Inlllulcd a gixslly number of caiidl- 
tlulis who were on Hie ti lilting list. 

The ,11'lors' vilotiy -at AHuntlc City Is 
going lo give 11 hiiiliiiciic lo our w-iiiiliy big 
chief. II. C. Mllllge. this Siilui'dny, Aug. II. 

I'niil lliii'in s. while, playing Kellh & 1'roc- 
lor'H Union Siiinn'e Theiilri', liiat Week, muile 
Hit' Kills Itls home, and from his fill-in, ul 
Weirs, New llaiiipnhlre, u cur-lmid of nielolis 
arrived, hi cure of .Mr. C)itirclmll, whu served 
I liein In our '-I'iuiI" dully. • 

•(,'iipl. lien, rtldelds emuc up from Hiitithold. 
L. I., lu tiMi'iid the outing, 

Jiinlc Met 'rue left for Chicago Mundiiy, July 
-S. V, hen- he will he In stock nl Ihe lai 
Kulle Theatre fur Ihe coining season . He- 
fore leuvliig he wus presented with 11 luinil- 
siniii.- Iiillkc-up box, doimled by '.Win. Morris, 
us 11 lliki-ii 01' Hid great enleein In which In: 
Is lu-ld hy Ills bidllicr Hats, 

After the ludliV'Sviiiuiu-r 011 Tburaduy lust 
(ire. Hick Minify mis lak.-n III nnd cuiilliird 
lo his bell for u day. Wit are huppr lo suy, 
lioMi-Ver, Ihtntj was n cbiiign for tlie better, 
tinil Hick Is up and iirouinl. 

Ilt.'il l.cslh' Is going iu move lo Sluti-u 
iMluiid. He doesh'l. like living In .New Vork. 

Harry Kciine canceled Ids engiigi-iueiil hi 
Chli'ilgo In iii-ilm- iu utt'eiid 1 the ontlug. 

Our liiiiitlKoiimly' iippoini'Hl sleeping ruoias 
In the clubuoiiHe are well tilled ull tile lime. 

lire. Hutu -I'lhrllch has a ruoui the year 
'ruiitid, Bti'tt ' n'liy day 'can be found writing 
songs mid ulliei' fnnuvlaliis. 

Whu t 11 difference III Ihe profession sliice 
the acutiisltlou of our liniiilsiuue ipiurters. 
Heretofore the groups Unit were visible on 
Fourteenth Street and elsewhere can be seen 
nightly ui the club. 

Ilro, Hum Hhlinun Is doing great work for 
H(« -order In Hun (''ruiiclacn. 

We are Inking In us ninny ini'tnbcrs ul the 
f'2~. Itilthilloii fen us nuder the old, 

Ilro, Joe Carroll bus gone buck In lloolh- 
wyo, I'll.. ,w(n<re he has a farm. 

Hob Hn'llcy i-oiuo tip froui SI. Jami-u lust 

Ill ull 'O.-rlollslH-sS, I lllkl- pleusiue III s 1 1- 1 

iug Hull Hio. Hugh Muck Int.-. Is-en (In- -atn..- 
uf uuiiiy ideuMilll liilluvutiolis dining hi, hlav 

at ihn' club iooiiih. if entry uiember toox 
Hie Interest Mu'gliy does, there would be 11-1 
cilllse foe cnruplultil. 

tllll' pllll-l life ellll.l'l (a'l hecouillii; II popn- 
Inr rin-tor. 

IP-". Bvill|-.flh||i 11 IM'-.V "iiulu.'.' • 

' . ' . ,:' .-, ' I.u-juuijIi kaht" 














'rofe&sional CopIm and Orchestrations In Every Key Now Ready. 

Published by JEROME H. BEMICK &, CO., Music Publishers, 




'■— ■ 




JJ Wjgs go like light 
nlng by express 

any perl of Ihe glebe 



30 1 « 



supply your wonts immediately for anything in Elec- 
trical Effects. We WILL SEND YOU OUR CATA- 
LOGUE, containing full description and showing 
Sethods of operation of everything pertaining to 
leotrical Stage Craft, FREE to any one sending as 
five bents to cover postage on same. 


Telephone Hflfl.V Col. '.'1.11 Weal Mtfe 81., New York l'l*jr, 

tablet .M-nrlieii \. V. , A H V Coo>, ".lb Edition."'" 

■»••.. Manulaclurcrs ol -' Etocf rleal Appliances ind Scenic Effects In. thn W«fM. .... 



People In All J.lnea n( Repertoire, write, immediate engagement and long season, flood salary, and 

II lanclncli, lf:>onnmlfegi)[>d...Ad<lnv- lll'.NltV JuvmsON. Ion Worth, Texas. ." 

Wanted, Full Acting Company, for 

"A Woman of Mystery," No. 2 


Full particulars,, salary,, pnolpa, nio. firai letter. Answer to ROY D. WAY, BcmldJI, Minn'i.. 



Bennett-Moulton Companies 

. ,Addr«. MOqbTON, THOMPSON & MOOLTOM (too.), 39 Court St., Boston, Miss. 










There's Mb lor Us All n the Trolley 



AND .,0 OTHER nil. 
•&00 PER SET. 


•Will ' 

Everything In the Moving Picture Line 
at Prices Thai Are Right. EDISON JIOV- 
If IV« (in Mhin immediately, but Rend 
III \oin<tnlir, ami We Will Fill II Ike 
■nine day. Machines Rented with or 
m Hlioiit Opera ton. If You Are Looking 
for n Rhcnstal That Will Pens All In- 
«piTtlnn«, and aire Van Belter Result. 
Than You Have Ever Hail, We Have 
It Here. Fries, tH.Ort. Ticket* oh Rolls 
Nnmbered Consecutively, In Large nr 
small Quantifies. Write, wire, rail or 
'phone at any hour, day or night. 


SHOWS Franklin County Fair 

WuNTFI) mm mm< u 

II ilil 1 ill/ ski- i. a, i. ., hi,,) ,i, 

II you want the money of 30,000 to 50,000 people get in on this Fair. Ten 
good Shows, including Ferris Wheel, Animal, Dog or Pony Show, Lunette 
Illusions, Picture Machine, Vaudeville, Minstrel Show. Anything that can 
make good. Also concessions of all kinds. Write at once to GEORGE H- 
DUN8M0EE, Supt of Attractions, Swanton, Vt. Shows must have fronts' 



Managers far Advertising Gars, Bill Posters. Side Show 
and Concert People, and Performers in all Branches. 

long seatOH South. Address Hotel Pntnaui, 'Jo Hi St. and Fourth Ave., New York. 



Property Ian for Small Parti, 

Piano Player, must arrange and transpose 


Sonbiette with Specialties, fine parts, 
Agent who knows bis business, 

OTHFRS, WMTR. Open Ang 12, flreenville, m. Rehearsals one week earlier. 
. IRA H. MOORE, Mgr., Greenville, P«. 

Short Vamp Shoes si?.. $2 


' I LOW RENTS. TlltTllTHK DCtCnv 1'iTIHlTlrc ci ,. ........ 


138 E. 14th ST., IEW TOBK. 






Those doing specialties preferred. Stage llireelor, I'lnnn I'layorand Agent, One llig Vaudeville Act 
Man Willi M. T. MiK'hliie. KHIJi-liMrllriilar* In nrsi teller. MRS. 1,01 IS . I. lll'SSEI.!,, Warren. To. 


ttln KUF.U ( II WM I.V, Iferrlsharg, l*n, Coui|inny now rehearsing. . ... 




N'onn hint lie liosl. J(ifn7>n\vlre. R, M. IIKMIlOl.HT. Manager, Lake ilrniiv, Kcnl, Oliln. « 

' i l i i .i ' ' ' 

Wanted at All Times. 


Kor circuit of permanent theatres, and Summer 
Parks. Amsterdam, Utile. r'allR, lltlea, Home, 
Alexandria Biij, Oswego, Auburn, Onovs, Cnnan- 
rtalgna, Hlnglmmton. Seud programs and photos. 
Vou must make pood. 

CIIAB. I'. OH JU ORE, Oswego. N.Y. 

NEW $25,000 THEATRE! 

- Krw Orphlum *!».,'■ managers 

Sealing capaidly, R.10. All flrcuod Eloor, Private 
fln.xm, modern throughout. AV'AVTEO-Oirnra 
on certainty for. opening. Now imoklng litn7 and 
1908. Notlilnp- Inn HrM e.laas auracilona. 



Severity-live thousand feint of One stock. Large 
antlMiiall fintijectt. ttvatid np. THE UN Willi - 
TKN I.A1V. NO JUNK. . 1)0 »OT 8EIX lil.M NOT 
KIT TO 1'SE; all u re servlreAiile. !ino sets i f 
SONll Kl,ll)t». Send 2c. Hiatnp for sample NEW 
ANNOUNCEMENT SLIIla. Jlti the III log for to. 
shdivfl anil advertising, I AUH) BUY FlJ.M AND 

•■ ' 70 0ltrl9lo)dier SU N. V. City. 


MVRiIN QUflP Pol 51h Fl00r < st -' ames Bld 9- B 'way and 26th St.. ft \ 
hi i nUn OnUC UU. 10th Floor. Am. Tract Bldg., 150 Nassau St.. N.Y. 

A Few 


COMEDY, with Spec. Instruments needed-cornet. Slide Trombone, Double Dram. 

Addresa J. l'OOl.B, Suite ?4Q. Knlfterhocker Theatre Building, New Yort City. 




iv ce:. 

Wiedemann's Big Kit Carson Co. 

KXperiCDced Band 
Imps, Corner " 

Band leader with nnio.daie rcpe^ToIre ot music, (iood Trnn I 
player lo donble. inigle on parade, peop-le who wrote liefore w 
TOM WIEDEMANN, flage. Oklaliom.i 


Drummer Willi fnll line of 
rlre ngaln. 
Aug. ii; Woodwanl, n. 



A CLEVER SPECIALTY, Single or Double 

Vf>T\ tf\ fhrtan Trrhrt inn a>,s». sai ■ s . 

Preference given to those who can change 
and male mil iwrtlfiiliirs in /list letter. 

State lowest salary for long season. SEND PHOTOS 
CIIAS. K. OHAMFMK, lied Bank, X. J. 




Leading Ian, Light Comedian and Strong Single Specialty, to Play Some Paris, lor 


Address ■ : ' : A.^VItpKU. t'urtliind, N. Y., July 21', week; Sayre, Pa., Aug. 6, week. 

if Hum i iiwiii unnnr i uuiivii 

..noiWllERTY STOCK CO., H.irt|iiettc, Mich., this wcek;M»nl»tlniie, next week. 




People for Repertoire/ -l-eatllng' Man. Heavy Mnn. Comedian, Union Property Man, to jiias 
a tew bits : MtKleal Dlucioi'. Mmi loin Immediately. Coiupunles now rehearsing. ^Slnte 
lull particular'! m Ur?t letter,' Including lowest salary, which will he considered Anal. 
Suite 287-40,. Knickerbocker Theatre Building, 1402 BrondwiT) New York. 

for nntamalilivllnrTaet. Address 

i.EON WASIIIIURN, lis per Home. 




All Kinds. Stilary Sure. No Boozo. 
' TURNER ME1H0IN E CO., NelBonvlIIC, O. 



Union Carpenter and Prop. Ian. 

People all lines, write. Address O. E. WEE, 
No. 1M \V. Clifford St., Providence, II. I . 


"il" Vol in' li Miff V'nm vS 'j f! u ° 1 '"- Trombone, Donble ilrummerf H. rfewliberger. 

Mai--F. v sorr:ril,-s M T!!ri. 'aJSJjiSr 1 ' " w,o: J - cn,nw - Trim,mnc - B ~ ; 

l'lXIBI.AND CONi'KIIT HANI), not West Monroe St., Jac l aoavllle, Fin. 

Ton Oliom* flirls who can Sing. 
-Would not object lo good aula 
leurs. Also want Onnd HOM.KIi 
Ansn-er at once, stating lowest atilary. 
CO., A rad em y of Mnale, Newhnrffli, 1W. V. 

Ventrll(*irttol and oth;r Side show reainre-t; nLso AUnBlli? nf AHI P Ulltl«sin 

«,.,» -H„n*« u .7. ,w ?s,^r k ,hmn ( ^ CHOIfUS PEOPLE WANTED 

. ■ ii'/,v- uriaiiiiitnt' .. CPlTiwi .aiii .... i «.__ ._ . _. . . ' ^^ 


ACrr and Mau io do Slraighl Irish 


JOHBf PATTEW. Attleboro, Mas.. 

open tiivie:, 


Wanted linmedlaiclv anil Inter, Repertoire and 
Yiuirieville Cos. and Kree Outdoor Attrautlons'. 
■ • I'REl) FAtTLKNEH. Manager. 

At Liberty. The 3 Dalys. 


Ccimedy Sbigera and>; change often; no 
long Jump, ana wabash ave.. chi.»g«, in 


Streplecha.e Park, • - Rockaway Beach, L. l. 

^^U^^^tZ^l7^,^\ .n~lcrn appliances, including nfiS «S 
service. A ,|,,^ |! n,nl,, - roon '-S'"e»PinB "ccllons, eu- .will stand inspeeiinn on nil ronds'for fa" 


Aciidemy of Music, Nowburgli, N. 

and nlao \,°' ^l' .""T' 6 « W °' "--."--\---m. Al«. o.her .l.e^ Seven 


■*»; Set la Bargam,. ^S^J^^Ti^^S^SS^^. 




August & 





WlOi %**OI\«tt OUR RIGHT (S) tftfW SOW.GS FOR THK r01IIV(« 8EA8OW 

The Latest and Best of All Ballad Hits. Music and Words Never Better Wedded. 



STAATS, a Writar to btt H««rd from Aguin. 

167 Tremont Street, Boston. 





"Sell's Ploto Shows," "Al. Martin's U. T. C." Co., "Cow Boy Girl" Co., (Fifty 
thousand first season), " Phantom Detective," " Four Corners of the Earth " Co., 
Pawnee Bill Show, Campbell Bros. Circus, " Boy Behind the Gun," " Billy Ker- 
sand's Minstrels." 

SPECIAL BOOKS from $11 a thousand and up. Words and Music of Song " Hits." 

Why not get right In on this SONG BOOK BUSINESS? Send for Samples and Full 
Particulars. ADDRESS ALL MAIL, TO 



>, IL.U. 






Style No. 

I Scenic Tueotre 

'J ■Scenic Theatre, 5c. 

II Scenic Thearrc, 10c. 

4 Scenic Theatre, Reserved 

.-> Admit One 
If Arftnit One, He. 
7- Admit One, 10c. 
H Admlf One, 15c. 
!l Admit One, "»oc. 

10 Admit. One, 2Sc. 

11 Admit One Reserved Sent 
1! Family Theatre 

l.'l Family Theatre, Be. 
1 4 Family Theatre, 1 Oc. 

18 Family Theatre Reserved 

Jf> RIectrIc Theatre 
17 Electric Theatre, fir. 
1H lOlectrlc Tlieatre, 10c. 

19 KU>ctrlc Theatre, inc. 

UO I Mori ill' Theatre, TteKervert 

Bl flallery • 

•SS (lallery, 10c. • • 
-M t.'allcry. 15c. . . 
Si Oiillcrj, 2Sc. 
iif, nailery. Reserved Si'nl 
L'6 Vaudeville Tlwiiit-o 

27 Vaudeville Theatre, .V. 
SB Vaudeville Theatre, 10c. 

28 Vaudeville Theatre, 15c ■ 

I Style No. 

! 30 Vaudeville Theatre. 20c. 
I 31 Vaudeville Theatre, 25c. 

32 Vaudeville Theatre, Un- 
served 1 Sear 
I n Oood for One Ride 

34 <!ond for One Itkle. Be, 
> 3.1 Good for One Ride, 10c. 
: 3(1 Old Plantation 
: 37 Snake Show 
' 38 Animal Show 
; 3!) Skiillng Rink. Oood for 

One Pair Skates 
' 40 Skating Kink. Hand for 
t One Admission 

■ 41 Nickelodeon. Admit One. 
' 42 uencnil Admission 
I 43 General Admission, 5c. 
• 44 (ieneral Admission. 10c. 
i 4.1 (ieneral Admission, 20c. , 

40 (ieneral Admission, 25c. 

■17 Admit One On iWy *f 

4S Olympic Theatre. 

4!) Olympic 'lliem re, ftp. 

BO Olympic Theatre, 10c. 

51 Palaco Theatre 

52 Palace Theatre, 5c. 

53 Palace Theatre, Hie. 

54 Bijou Theatre 

55 RIJou Theatre. 5c. 
5(1 BIJou Thentre, ]0e. 
57 Unique Theatre 

st > i<- \... 

58 Unique Theatre, 5e. 
50 Unique Theatre, 10c. 
flo Novelty Theatre 
111 Novelty Theatre, fie. 
(12 Novelty Theatre, 10c. 
113 Novelty Theatre, 3.1c. 
(14 Novelty Theatre, 2(lc. 
fJ5 The National 
60 The National, 5c. 

07 The Nutionnl. 10c. 

08 Lyceum Theatre 

09 Lyceum Theatre, 10c. 
70 Lyceum Theatre, 25c. 
U Nickeler 

A Hot Weather Offer 

56.50 ^^ $6.50 

Admit One. 
Admit One, .1c. 
Admit One, 10c. 
Admit One, 1 5c. 
Admit due, 2.1c. 

72 Concert 
711 Concert. 

74 Concert, 

75 Concert. 
70 Concert. 

77 Thentorlnm 

78 Theotorlnm, Bft 
70 Tlleolorlum, lOe. 
fill Figure. 8 Coaster 

81 Figure. 8 Coaster, 

36n - • • 

82 Flpire 8 Coaster, II for 


83 Circle Swing 

84 Circle Swing. Half Fare 


85 RIJou Orenni 

86 Roman Hippodrome 

for I I 

for ! I 


tiro ^ 

| This Bag I' t""iilo "f lixtric linn hroivii leather', ex- 

truiieen and very 'narrow, and Is exception. liy 
convenient lo carry, I'ull leather llncil, leather 
covered frames anil solid brass rrlmmlnKs. 

C.A.Taylor Trunk Works, 

WAV YOHKt 131 W. .18111 HI. 
CHICAGO! .«* K. Kandolpli St. 



Leading Mini. Heavy Man, Character Actor, 
Comedian, Hoiihrettc, Clmrac,trr. Lady, Lend- [ 
lug Juvenile L»d,v. Season Ahff. iiii. Also 

VYaut (ionil Wiirkitfc Agent unit I'lHuisl. 
Addreis MATJ' KCHKLL. Champaign, 111. 

Ail orders shipped same day as received. Millions of Tickets carried 
in slock. You can depend on prompt shipments. Special Forms at 
Lowest Prices. Wire your rush orders. 







JACK KMEHSO.V, Malinger. 


.'.2 MORE COMIXfi. 


•rell.ta in first letter. OTHERS. WRITE. Pay your ofrn. All (rood time. Moose Jaw, Canada, week 
20; Red Wing, Minn., week Aug-. S; Mason City. Iowa, week r.'. . _ 



Young Character Woman who ean play some Juveniles, 
a Vhihl who does Specialties. Two Actors: want young 

ean Join on wire neeilreply; 1 want an Ageui to begin wort 'K '. |,b v"l "S'eck * i «el 



513 ELM ST,. ST. LOUIS, MO. 





Man with Moving- Picture Machine, plenty up-to- 
date' film. Atoo Red Hot Hinging mid llaucliut 
Comedian. Jilt. P. M., 
' Knrmlngmi i, Miilne. 


5,000 of your own- tpcr.lnl printed tlckcta, con- 
! necntlvelv nuinliercd and perrorated on I he Roll, 
i for *1.2«. Special prices In larger ouantltleK. 


NATI ONAL CAR1I UDk. Shiimokln, Pa. . 



Moulding stage or orchestra. .Slim Howie ftrllllth, j 
Norton Answorth, lulrn player, write. 
IIORHY KOFNTAI.V, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

orchestm e l1Ide'r, 

Violin, A B.i l Theatrical M«n, .i..l 
Arrange, etc. Dnnvle lifa.n. Lti^atc prMermthfi 
Ad.l. HAVE Torn, No. J8.» itii Ave., Hunting 
ton, ff. Va, I 

— . 


( PBTER J. Rinc.K. Mtrr. 
Western. Urnmntic Axencf 



Indorard liy JVess and Polillo 

Stuge Dancing, Etc. 
ftrainfttlc Art, 
Vocal i Culture . 

(Vi't'i il.iinia cvi-rv di'luil.) 

Irm*. JIk, Skirl, Novel Coke Walt:, 

RmenUnn, SinitlnK und .KiiK-Tlnie 

Sonus. Vamleville AftH. Slielrlies. 

Mi.n.iioituea.! Kte. NO KAII.L'KKS. 


Mias Kruncwa Day and other*, 

Clri-ulara l'ree. 

tV.rmn.i All flrttt-clntK ninnuitcM In 

America. N. Y. ('Upper. N. V. llramntto Mirror, Cincinnati 

Millboard. Tie School i. A.rri.-. thm iioslilvcly ugrrra to 

touch und iiluce Jnexperlemvd people, young or old, on the 

alane. 127 LB Salle St. ucur Madlxou bt,, Chlcuuo. Ill, 

Stage lighting. 

Everything Electrical For Theatres. 

Proncenlum l.lshH. 
Border l.lifhtK, 
Knot Llfhts, 
Strip Uf lib-, 

Untii-li iJifl.i., 

S'-.ri! Aro i. m n rv 
l.eiii Hoxet, 
KlenUlc Effectl, 
Stage Pockets, 

Send fon 

Mlilcany l.imi|u, 
Miisic Sliiinl. I.IkIiIh, 

Universal Electric 

IL1EBL BEOS., Props. 

StiiJie (.'oiiiieclnra, 
"Shtnalidd" Uwp Colnrliii 

IIJu«tr»t«il Cntalogua. 

Stage Lighting Go. 

1393 Broadway, NEW YOBI. 


The Big Repertoire Compeut with the Mif Orchestra. 

A Real Feature Vaudeville Act; Character Man, Comedian with 

Strong Specialty, Juvenile Lady with Strong Specialty, Sister 

Team with Strong Specialty, Al Advance Agent. 

Molisnrsal* begin Aug. to at Rlulimnnil, Inqlunii. Aililroa* 

lit A BWIHHKIt, Manager, <iea ( inU 'rinmrn, ntcliinoml, I nitUm. 



deport Tor Itclieamnl Moiidnj, Antrum Itii ai in n'clbnfc »lmrp, yiil Klrm Avenue, liilwcon ISfltli ami 

l^lsl Slreel, Harlem, N. V. 1'. S.— WANTKD -iA' lew more (lood l.noklttK Cliorua (llrlH, n Miialcnl 

Team mill liiirli-aiiuc Women. Acknourlnilfocall i>y lw(ci. 

. UKU. W. KICK, Wgr. Hose lint loll) Co., Ccntmporl, I,. I,, N. V. 

For the Donnelly & Hatfield Magnificent : Minstrels, to 

Enlarge Oompiiny, 


Kxperlcnilcd mliiitrel people. Addrenn 

IillNNI-ll.liV ,v IIATI'IKI.Ii, in per route lit tlili paper. 




To iliiulile on Haxopltime. Thirty w«oKh' ngunhmt ahhN i-.-niiin/ in xv\v York or vlilnliv pre 
fi'ri'cd. AddreKH M l'8H A I, ACT, enro AiIkiihi Aim, M Hmmml A\T„N'ew Vnrk illiy. 




Otliera write, Long, sure .rn.on. Ailrtna. 

! lli>IIi:itT OIIANIII, Box iMU, .lo|illn. Mo. 



M.AYI - 




LOBIN I. HOWABD, lgr„ 95 Washington St.. Chicago, HI. 


Comedian and Gen. Bob. Women with Specialties, Quick. 

Other u»i'f id people, write. Week of July '.">. I.o|(aipipnr(, I nd.: week AUK. r>, New Oi*tle, liul, 

'l'reitkr( and cnrlim, HnuKi? Clinniicr. Loud Musical Act, Hlronir Man. CltoM Jllowfr (with oillfllt and 
•flcket heller*. Will Inn Convex. Mirror, tx%, AdrlreHi (IKO. II. IIH'ISd, No. Id U-xiimton Arc, 
llr-uUord, Mat!!. 


;■ .-■ 'm 



August 3. 



I I j; *S 


'■?•; '*■ ".i •lift'--; 
."-.. - *,} rang 

.ill ; III 

■ -..'!■■ ■■<•* -'J-'t-^iVf 
i- ,r/. ',■.:■ .-.v«lr. 

S .1 .•••■' - rMHulS'. 

I ; nil 

- r $ {■ |li 

i if 

nlf • ■•', nHvjM 

-V; i 

■>'. M! 

. li.l-Jltili 



J; 1 i J .•-'■ -'■. V" 


6 ' r ' -'■ •) 

F 1 I 1 --4,7 sff-.- >■! 

Mm ■■■. ! 

•til ,. •• ;< ■" 

'it ' ■ ^ A\. 

Ott tit |0ij> 

All Itdatieii Mint llctich In ftftt \jktkt 
'J'hitn HMturdky l'rrrcdlmt 

Dale of Illllr, 

For SupplemcuMl Mit fWc Anotber Colomo. 


Almrn Opera (MllUm & ttiirgcnt Atwro, iogr». ) — 

Wnsblnmon, It. C, 20, liiilrflnltp. 
Akorn Opcrn (Mlllon ft Hnrpwnt Alwru, in(rr«. ) — 

Newark, N. J.. 21), indcflnlte. 
Atwrn Opera (Milton ft Hargent Almrn, ni»r». ) — 

Albany, N. Y„ 'M, InOcilnlie. 
Aborli oiiera (Milton ft Sargent Atom, mgr«.)— 

Nl>w llaTCn, Coiui„ 20. Inilpllnlic. 
Alioni Opera (Milton ft Snrgrnt Atom, Ingrit. ) — 

J.uwrpiiiT. MrifiN., 20, liiilohnlli-. 
AIUN> Stoek (B. I'. Altoe, ngr.)— t'ruTldence, It. 

1..-M, Imlcmilte. , 
AriMil'H Comeillani) I J. II. Knlernou. mgr.) — 

Moohc .law, Hunk., t:nn., 20 Aug. B, IteiMVIng, 

Mltlu., 5l(i: 
Aytevwurtti Hloi'k (Artlitir 1. Aflcuwortli, mgr.) — 

tloljlli-lil. Ni'V.. 20, lmlclliilii'. 
Allen rtruck— -I'orllnhll, *Tn-:. 211; tnilenulte. 
AiiMvlme Htuek— Terre Iliinle, Iml., 2»-Xi>|il. 7. 
"At the Old Crusi! ItoailH" (AHIiur U, Ahl 

nuir.i — lliiliukeii, N. i., Ann. 1(1-14. 
"At Cripple Creek," K. J. Curnenter'H (Hurry A. 

Mnrriiy, innr.)— Colunibna, O., 27-111, Knytvn 

A iitt. l-:i. 
"An ArlKlotrallc Trninp." Kllniy ft Brlttmi'K, A— 

lUcllie, .Win.- Aug, I, Veliirmi », Kurt Alkln- 
-wiii II. wnuketiliu 7, JclTcrmii 8, ColUUIbua II, 

( Pbrlua I". . . 

lluiiKtelle, Je«Hte (C. V. Lawrence, ingr.)— UufTnlu, 

N. Y., 20, Imlellnllc. 
HuhIoii Ideal Onern I I/In In I'atteniuii, mgr.) — 

Knnaat CHy. M». ■aii-Svpi. 3. 
llonioii Ollero— Xetwk.- N, J.. 2»Aug. !l. 
llurgeM,' Karl (Kreil Ulllen, ragr.)— Heattle, Wash., 
; 20-Aug. II. , 

IlHldwIn-MelTlltc (Waller 8. llaldwlu, mgr.)— 
• llnlluK, Tex.. 20. Imlelliille. 
llnrcumc. Myrtle (Kd. II. Brancb, mgr,)— loilay 

City. Midi.. 2D-Atig. .'I. 
llnrke Stuck I J. Frank Burke, mgr.) — Full Hirer, 

.Mass., 20, ludptlnlle. 
Hurry Htock (Mdgnr Barry, mgr.)— HlggluHrllle, 

Mi)., 20-Anu. 2. 
llruwii Stni-k (AldiTt llruwn, mgr.)— Milwaukee, 

Win., 20. Ilidetlulle. 
Ilurlim ikHiletllnim 4 Hurry Ilurtiili, mgr.) — Unlwi- 

Imrg, III.. 20- Aug. 17. 
Brady Hlock (I). U. llHrtman, mgr.)— I.nke llruily 

Park, (».. 20, liulellnlle. 
Beeclier & Htunley'B (Waller I, McDonald, met'.) 

— Ilellerue, Ida., .'ll. Kelebmn Aug. I, llitlley 

2, tlleiitiH 1-Vrr.v 11. Mouiiliiln lliiine R. Niiiiiim 

(I. llulxe 7. Caldwell 8. Ontario 0, I'nyiili- HI. 
Ilnrteii ft ttOIUOB Block — Luwrenccvllle, III., 

Aug. 4-10. 
Brynut Comedy (Sam Bryant, mgr.)— Hhlre Onkn. 

I'll., 81, Kllcabetk Aug. 1, Clalrton 2. r.,i,l 

Valley 8. 
Iliiiuke, Tlicimim 1'realou, and Ilia Hand— Clilciigu, 

III., 28- Aug. II. 
llbiker Stock (Maurice Hlnnford. nigr.)--~)VU<l- 

w-iKid, N. J., 211, InileOiiltv, 
llnker'n N. Y. Statu Band IW. II. Baker, leader) 

—Suruloga, N. Y., 20, liulellnlle. 
Italic Jlonnell I,ndle9' Orcliestra— Ibiltlmure, .Mil., 

20, Inib'iliille. 
Iliiniln Itoaiui — SI. i.ihiIh. Mn.. 2tl, biikMlnlle. 
"lbiyn of Company II" (punlel r-'ruliiiuin, mgr.) 

— Cblcagu, ,111., 20. IndeUnlte. 
"llrewmer'B MIIIIoiib" (I'federlc 'Itiompauu, mgt.) 

— Cblciigo, 111., 20, liuleibiltiv 
"Brewater'a Mlllloua" (CborlcK l-'rubuian, liibr.) 

— London, Kng.. 20. IndeOnlle. 
"Iluriler Hem" (May ft Lanolin, nigra.) — Craftini, 

,N. 11., 111. Heme Aug. 1 -It. 
"llrggar Primal" Cqitra (Hurry U-avellv, mgr.) — 

Uklalioinii Cll.v. Oklu.. 20-Aug. 10. 
"Iliiiikcr'n CHIId" (Hurry MIihniiuii, mgr.) — Senecn. 

Kan., Aug. 2, It. Axlcll 0, (Ireenlenf ll, .laiueii- 

luwn 8, Jewell ll. 
"Ulg Hearted Jim." Kllnit ft (JiiMolo'a— Spring- 

field, ().. Aug. B. 
Colian. tieu. M. (Sum II. llnirlB. mgr.)— X. Y. 

CHy 211. ludellulle. 
Onlinilul Oiiera llliiidfunl MlIlH. ingr.i— SimihiHk.v. 

(I.. 20-Aug. 31. 
Curlla Mimical (Allen Curlla, mgr.)— Shreveporl, 

l.ii.. 20-Aug. 3. 
Cbiipiicll Wliiii-iluiiT Slnek (Hurry Cliilp|H>ll. mgr.) 
An IiImiii. Hun., 20-Aug. 3, lliiiiiillml. Mo., 

Cllllhe -I.lnll'1- I'lllhlilll'g. Kail., 20-Allg. 3, linle 

I «•! i de nee 0-17. 
Conk Htuek (Curl W. Cook, mgr,)— Houlli lleiul. 

Iml., Mil Aii K . IP. 

Culler Slock IWnllnee It. Onller. mgr.) — Kli-b- 

iiiiniil. Iml.. 20-Aug. 3, Xenlll. II., .',11. 
I'lillilnlilii Slnek (l.iickelt ft llwyei, HfHi I — 

WiiHlilngtou, n. V.. 20, luiMlllte. 
Cblcagu Stock (CIiiib. II. ItiMMlvulii. niKC. )— Miigiiiu 

FAIIi', N. V., 20-Sept. I. 
Cbleligu Niuek. Wexii'i-ii (CluiH. II. IbixuKinii, mgr.) 

—, 30 -Ht'ltl. I- 
I'lii-iln-s I'onii'ily IJiiuii-h Walter, mgr. ) — Aber- 

ilnii. H. Oak., 2H. liulellnlle. . 
Cnrnill Comeily (lull Cart-nil. mgr.)— Clirion 

Forgo. Vii.. 30-AllK. 3. CVivIhgkHi Bill. 
t.'Hlleinlu'H lluli.i — KuiisiiK CHy, Mn.. 20, luik'fl- 

"ClioriH.UIrl'H I, nek In New York," A, II. WiiuiIh' 

l Fred Fleck, lugr.l- N. Y. City Aug. 3-10. 
"Clibinlowli Clinllle," A. II. WooiIh' (Have IVia- 

uer, mgr.) — liiilliinnpolla, Intl., 20-31. 
"Ciiw-I'iiuolier." W. I". Mulln'a (Mum IJuytl, 

inur.l— Cblengu, III.. Mil. 
•innvlet OHO," A. II. Wuoda' (l^ula Kulr, mgr.) 

-'- lliintnn, Miihh., 27-Ailg. 3. 
"Child or the lleglmelit" (CIihh. K. lllnhey 
- Aiiiihc. Co.; mgr.) — I'lillndelphln, l'n., Aug. 

llcliinii- iiih'I'ii ITiinwr 0. U'ivl«, mgr.)— St. 

tmulx. Mb., 20, ludellulle. 
IJniiiineeli New Yolk Symphony Uicbeslia (Walter 

11iiiiii-i>m-Ii, leuilell- t'bleiii.ii, III.. 211-Allg. 3. 
IN" I'ew-llurileile KliK-k (Tliiw. K. IN' Tew. mgr.l 

— C.rutlilniiu, Ky.. 20 Aug. 3, llarrodHliurg '• Hi. 
Diiiudierlv Sleek (I'll! lie ,lc lluliglierly. IngTH.) • — 

Miinpieili', Mich.. 20-Aug. il. 'MalilBllipie r. in. 
Uu Vellum, Vail, rlliH-k— Bnrlliiglun, VI., 20, lu- 
Iii'iu, u, -»i tiuimily iltiiirrl LKiuiuivbI, uigr.) — 

liinii-, Ha., 20, llidennlte. 
Oil l.uceii llttlid— I'lllHburg. I'll.. 20. ImlaUillle. 
F.lwyu, Uirue Hiiilmiil, VI.. 20-Aug. il, Mhbllc- 

iNim 3-111. 
ICrwiKxl Slnek (II. .1, Fru-mul, mgr.) — Tlouema, 

l'n,. 2ii-:il. 

l-.lnlilre Slnek (Splli! ft XiiIIiiiiikiiii, lllgl-M.) — l'nivl- 

ileiui', It. I., 20. Imlellulte. 
KnglMi Htuek-— Milwaukee, Win., 20. Imlellnlte. 
Miner Stoek— Omiiha. Xebr,, 20, linlellnlte. 

1-:I|,'II-'h HiiiiiI. ttlileiign. III,. 20, liulellnlle. 

"riiul of Hie Trull," l.lueolu ,1. Curter'a (W. V. 

Juekuou. mgr. I— Fori Wayne, linl., Aug. 0. 
"Kduu. the 1'ivlly TyiHtwrlter." A, Jl. M'ooiIb' 

i Ibiht. II. CuBlniau, mgr.l — I'lllaburg, I'u.. 20- 
Aug. 3. 
1-Vy, Kiblle (Sum S. ft SluiUut, Int., MlgN.) 

—X. Y. City 20, liulellnlle. 
Friinkeallelil, Laura— Salt l.uki- Cll.v, II., 20, lu- 
Fuvnimi SliH'k (Wm. Fnriniiii, mgr.) — llutlalu, N. 

Y„ 20, liulelllille. 
l-'enberg Slock (Civ. M. Fciiborg, mgr.)— An- 

giiBla, Me , 21). liulellnlle. 
FerrlB Stock (l)lck FerrlB, mgr.)— MIiiuIiiimiIIh, 

MIiiii., 20. liulellnlle. 
Full. >ii Sleek (,l. Fiillun, mgr. )— l.lueolu, Neb., 

20, liiiletlnlte. 
F'lBber Opei'n— -IXilver, Colo., 28, liiiletlnlte. 
"l-'aBelaalliiB Flora" tSiun S. ft Shubwi, 

Inc.. nigra.)— X. Y. City, 21). liulelllille. 
"Funny Mr. IJouley" (I.u Keuu' ft Lee, nigru.l— 

.Minunle. Out.. Can., 31. 
''Fighting amine" — XiiitIi-Iiiuii. l'n.. Aug. 10. 
tibiBer. ViniKlinn, Stock — Colmubua, O.. 20, ludell- 
Hllniurr'B I'luyerB (KnuMtta J. Ollmoi-e, mgr.) — 

llillehliiwiii. Kail., 28-Allg. 10. 
firulinme. KordliiHiid — Xewark. X. J.. 20-Aug. 3. 
tiny Slock (0. W. Mercer, mgr.)— Angola, iml., 

20-Alllf. 3. 
tlllek-ltobertB Stuck (II. T. Ullck, mgr.)— Van 

Werl. Dm 20-Aug. 3. 
tlllmey ft Wllwin (Waller J. Wllxon. mgr.l— Ar- 

kun-iiB City, Hon.. 20- Aug. 3. Wlnlleld .'17, 
Ollmiiur ft La Tour Stuck— lluulidule, l'n.. 20- 

Aim. 3. 
"tliwn Illiil" lAilnlplie Mayer, ulgr.) — Boston, 

MtM,, 20, Imlellnlte. 
"lirent Kvpiws llobbery," A, II, Woods' (Uert 

llownrd. mgr.l -I'lillmlebdilu, I'u., Aug. 3-10. 
•■limit Knsleru Wilrbl," Kllml ft lliiitwdifa (Jliliu 

Heruem, mgr.) - SI. I.mily. Mn.. Aug. I l'». 
Iln.iniii'il. Crin-e ll'leu. M. HllllB, lm.'l'. I — TopeVll, 

Kim., "o »«•.• :i 

linnici Hi iiiltord I'lnjeiB— Spilnglleld, Muss., 2ti, 

liiiletlnlte. V 

fllekmaii-llenvr (W. Al. While, owr,)— UaveV 

imn, In., 20. Indellnlte. t 

liiuleiiiiiiiiii. .leunte, I'hleagii l.iidlcs' itiviiemi-.i |i. 

II. Iliiileriiiniiu, Mir, I Fiiri smlili. Ark., vtl 

Aug. Jl. 

llelwuuu Slock (llflsiuun ft Cvbau, lucra.) — Au- 

gtnstf, Uu., 21). iuilelliillc. 
Hlglilniiil 1'urk Slock (Al. BeuBley, mgr.)— \orki 

l'a., 20, lixli'lltillc. 
llugli's Coniedlaiia (Hugh A. Nlehola, mgr.)— 

l.nreliWixBl. la., 20-Aug. 3. , 

Herbert Orclieatra (Victor Herbert, lender)— l'blln- 

delplila, Pa.. 20-Aug. ll. 
Howe'a LaiHes' un-licniiu (U'lnm Howe, lender) 

— Niibnnl, Maas., 20-Seul. 11. 
Holeome Hand (tleo. II. llolcome. mgr.)— C'lilc.igo, 

III.. 20-Aug. 3. 
Illner'a Military Hand— Kanans CHy, Mo.. 20. In- 
Henry mid Ida lliind (T. Freil Henry, leader) — 

Deo Moines, la., 211-Senl. 8. 
"lale of Spice" (B. C. Whitney, mgr,)— Chicago, 

111,, 4-iO. .... 

"Ill Old Mlaiourl" (Austin ft Call, lugrs.)— Clic- 

toygaii, Mleh., 31, Mackluaw City Aug. I, St. 

lgnccc 3, Xowberry Ii, Uraud Marias 0, Muui- 

h.iib 8, Maniuctln n>. 
JefTcrnOli Stock (15. V. Pbelau, mgr.)— Porlland, 

. Me., 20, liulelllille. . 

Juvenile BoBlolildiiB (Knicst A. Wolff, Ulgr.) — 

CiilBiiry, Alta., Coll., 20-Ang. 3. Bauff 3, Oko- 

loke II, Letbbridge 7, 8, plncher Creek 0, BUIr- 

ntore iO. • 
JiickKOii. lanbrl C. Stock (Percy II. Levin, Ulgr.) 

— I'liltiidelpliln, Pit.. 20, Imlellnlte. 
".Ii-smc .1 mill's" (Brown ft Huberts. ingrH.)— Plke- 

vllle, Ky., Aug. I. Owle Hill 2, Murvbead 3, 

FnrmerH r>, Olyihpla tl. • ' ' 

Kendall, Ksrn (Llebler ft Co., nigra.) — San Fmu- 

I'lsi.i, CaL, 211 Auk- 3. # 

Kelcey, llerbeil, ami Krllc Shnuuon— San Fruu- 

cInco, CaL, 20-Aug. 3. 
Kevea Stock (H. Barton Keren, lugr.)— Uvebburg, 

i>«.. 20-Ang 3. 
Ulllles Band (T. P.' J. l*oirer. mgr.)— Hot-Lester, 

Minn., Aug, 2, Austin 3, Albert l^o 4. — 
"Knight for n Day" (B. C. Whitney, mgr.)v- 

CIllCHgO. HI.. MM, liiiletlnlte. 
"King and Oneeii of Cnmblers." A. II. Woods' 

(Fred W. Iliisey. mgr.)— X. Y. City 20-Auy. il. 
"Katie Barton's Temptation"— Cleveland, 0„ 20- 
Aug. 3. 
"Klmi of Hie Ciitlle'Kluk," Kller's (Ci K. Bowen, 

mgr.)— Sutherland, Neb., 31, North Platte Aug. 

1. Uotheiiburg 2. Coral 3, Lexington ■>■ Rbu 

Creek U, henrney 7, Olbton ii. Shellou 9, Wood 

lllver 10, 
l/nftus, riTlllii--SI. liOiilK, Mo.. 20-Ang. 3. 
LllllRII, l.uv.-reuec — Boaton, Muss., 20-Aug. 3. 
Leslie, Uosiiliclc (Hint Alen, mgr.) — ncrantun, 

Ph., 20-Aiuj. 3, Wllkcs-lliine .''In. 
I.jrlo (thinly, Kelly & Md««ey f e (Waller J. Pllm- 

iner, mgr.l— Mcrlilen, Cdrin., 20-Ang. il. Mid- 

■ lli.-lnwn 5-KI. 
Lewis ft Luke's Musical Comedy — Scuttle, WusU., 

20, Indclliilte. 
Lulliron Slock ML K. Ixithrup, mgr.)— Boston, 

.Mass., 20. ImleHiille. 
Lnivienec, Del— Sncrumeiilo, Cnl., 20. Indclliilte. 
Lyceum Stoek— St. Joseph, Mo,. 20, Imlellulte. 
i.u .mii it Stock (Harry i.u Marr, mgr.l — ltevere 

lleueli, Muss,, 20, ImleHiille. 
"Lottie, the Poor Suleslady" (Clius. K, Ulunev 

Allium-. Co., nigra.) — Philadelphia. Pm.v 27- 

Aug. 3, l'ati'i'Boii, X. J., 0-7, Trenton 8-10. 
"Loiiu lllvers" (lliirtoh Xlxoli. mgr.l— fori nu- 

ron. Mich.. Aug. 8, Bay city 0, Snglnnw 10. 
"Ijimb from Wall Street" iKramer ft Lapolut, 

mgrs.) — WiKxIslock. VI.. 31. Charlestuwu. X. 

IL, Aug. 1, I'roclorsvtlte, Vt.. 2, Wluche'.ulou, 

Muss.. 3, 
Mack, Andrew (W. M. Wilkinson, mgr.l— Mel- 

Ixmriie. Vie.. Ails.. 2II-Se|il. I. 
Mueliowell, .Meltoiime, and Virginia Drew '1'res- 

eiHt (CIIiik. .Blllott, ulgr.)— KansiiB CHy, Mo., 

20-Aug. 3, Oklahbllm City. Oklu.. Ml. 
Myrile Hiihieii sim'k (W... II. llunlcii, mgr.) — 

Wilkes Hnrie. Pa., 20-Aug. II. 
Slortlnier. C'luis. (J. M. Hill, mgr.) — l«wls|iort. 

Ky., 20-Ang. 3, .Ims|mt, lud., R-7, lluutlugburg 

McDonald Kloek ML W. Mclloiuibl. mgr.)— Pine 

Bluff. Ark.. 20-Aug. 10. 
.Mlteliell, Com Luwtoii (J. W. Clinton, lugr.) — 

Kukumiu Iml., 20-Aug. 3. Klcliiuoiid .'III. 
Myers. Irene. Slw'k IW. II. Myers, uigr.)— Wll- 

mliigloii, Ud„ 20. Imlellnlte. 
McCiilIuin Slock (Hartley McCullum, mgr.)— Port- 

liiinl. Me.. 20, liiiletlnlte. Players (Hon Mucinlllon. mgr.) — Chn- 

mite, Knit.. 20-Aug. 3, lulu 4-17. 
Murk & u-oiiu Slock— IMilulli. .Minn., 20, liulell- 
Miisnn, Itumr, Stock — l.iigiiiiHpurt. lud.. 20-Aug. II. 
Mii'iiiiiliaii OiH'iii i Henry Tiiylnr, mgr.) — lilmlru, 

N. Y„ 20, liulelllille. 
Miiiiiiiiiiuu Tlieulre (Central Amuse. Abmo., mgrs.) 

— FoKtorla. ()., 110, IndolnPe. 
Majcsllc Stock— Albany. N. Y„ 20, lndcllnlte. 
"Mini of the. Hour" (Brady ft Urlsmer, uigra.) — 

A. Y. City 20, liulellnlle. 
"Man nr Hie Hour" (Brady ft (lilsmer, ingru.) — 

Chicago, III., 20, lililcltulte. 
".Mi-h. WlgKs of the (hililiiiKo I'ul.-ii" (Llebler ft 

Co., ingrH.l— Lomloii. Fug.. 2V. Imlellulte. 
"Mu i.i ami Hie M minim lie" (M. M. TlielHe. mgr.) 

— N. Y. < It v 211 liulellnlle. 

"Mutimv illrl'' I.I. K. ilitcksoii. mgr.)— Wichita, 

Kail., 2S-Aiig. 17. ■ 
"Missouri tilrl." I'reil ItiiyuHiiurx. Westeru (Merlis 

II. Norlim, mgr.l— Mil itiigo. III., Ailg. 1, Ilur- 

vm-il 3, Wis., 3. M.-llcin-v. HI'.. 4 Kvaiis- 

vllle. Wlx„ .1, Furl Alklllsuil 11, l.ul.e Mills 7, 

Mount lliiieti II, iHxIgevllle 10. 
"Mlllliuiiiliv Triinip," Hlnli-r Wullcrs' (Freil J. 

HntoN, mgr. I -Kansas llll.i. Mo., Aug. 4-10. 
"Mlxsoui'l lio.i " (ii. M. Hlivlsnilll gr.i— Milan, 

Mo., 31, Nuvliigcr - Aug. 3, Hiiiilxvllln R. 
"Millilooii'B Picnic" — WIliBteil. Conn., 20-Aug. 3. 
Nowlln Slock (linve Xoivllu, mgr.) — Austin, Tex., 

2ii- Ana. il. 
Niiviissiir Ludles' Baud (Kugemi Dial, ingL'.)— Chi- 
cago. III., Aug n-10. 
Xiitlello'a Band— Chicago, 111.. 20, Imlellnlte. ' 
"Nellie, the Henullful Cloak Model," A. 11. 

Woods' (John Pollon, mgr.)— Btiiriilo, N. Y.. 

211-Aiur. 3. 
O'Xell. Niitiei*— - 1'orlliiud, Ore., 2U Aug. 3. 
Ul.yinplli Ouern (ICil. F. Sennioii, mgr.) — New Or- 

leiins, l.n., 20, Imlellulte. 
fir-plieiim Stock (Miirlln Hci-k, mgr.) — Suit Luke 

VU)'. II.. 20, liulelllille. 
Pillion SIslerM (lb S, Paylon, nigr.l— Llltlo Ituck, 

Ark., 20-Aug. 3, Ilut'Sprluox 121. 
Pulge, Mabel tllnrry V. Wlllard, mgr.)- Jack- 
. wmiiie, Fin.. 20 Aug. 17. 
I'luyeiH Slnek (Bush Teiuule Tlieulre Co.. mgrs.) 

—81. Piiiil. Minn.. 20-Aug. 31. 
I'eieis Slock (Will A. Peters, mgr.)--Cbnrlotle, 

X. I'.. 20. liulellnlle: 
I'eruehl-tl.rprtiie (CIiiib. 1), Peiuchl, mgr.)— Cu- 
. Illuibln, S. V., 211. liulellnlle, 
Phlniiey's U. S. Baud IFnsI 8. Phlmicy, mgr.)— 

Norfolk. Vu„ 20, ludellulle. 
Phlllpplurs Baud— Cleveluml. (J.. 211-Allg. 3. 
"Piiilwl on Her Bridal Tour" (Clms. K. Blauey 

Amuse. Co.. iugi>.) ■ llmi.ui, Mass., ,"• in. 
"Poi'sluMitus"— Norfolk. Vu., 211. liulellnlle. 
Ito.vul Cunmlluii Bund (.1. M. Finn, mgr.) — Omaha, 

Xebr.. 2ii Se|,i. 13. 
Itoynl Military Band (Jos. Dc Vltu, nutr. )— Balti- 
more. Mil.. 211-Sept. 13. 
HoiiiiiIb' I, miles' llniiil IHeitsTt (>. Itoiimls, mgr. I 

— siicliiyvllie, III.. 28-Aiig. I. Havana 2-4, i-'bi-i 

Maillxon, la.. A. II, Fiirmlllgloli 7-12. 
Uiiiinils' Lmlles' tlrehiwlnt (HerlB'li (I, lUinuils, 

ibgr.) -• tiweilslxim, Ky;, Aug. II. llelhuiiy, 

Mu„ ll-ll. 
Itoynl ImiM-rliil Blind— 1'hlludelpbla, Pa.. 20, In 

ltleel. Prof. Itulpli. t'oneiui HiiiiiI (S. Vim Horn, 

urn i. i — Louisville. Ky.. 20- Aug, il, Firiuli Lick. 

hid., -I, 3, Ufnyetle o. 10. 
"Ituee Across Hie Continent," A. II. Woods' (II. 

I-'. Wliisnioii. mgr.)— X. V. .CHy 20-Ang. 3. 
"Kooky Mountain lOxpiess." Kllmt & Ciurolo's — 

Chicago. 111.. 28-Ang. 3. Kurt Wayne, Iml., I. 

I'lltsiiiirg. Pa., n in, 
Stnbl, Hose I Henry 11. Harris, mgr.) — Chicago. 

III.. 20. Iinli-llulle. 
Siuiioi ami his Band (John Philip Sousa, eon- 

iluclor) — Philadelphia. I'u., Aug. lU-Sept. 2. 
Sun Francisco Oiiera (Frank W. Hnily, mgr.) — 

Seattle, Wush.. 20. liulellnlle. 
Sheehan OUem I Joseph Sheeban, mgr.l — Cleve- 
land, (i.. 20. luilolliilic. 
SliH-kxvell-Metlivgiuy — Portliiuil. Oi»„ Aug. fi-31. 
Scott. Iliv. W., Slock (Arthur J. lludd, mgr.)— 

I'eeksklll. X. V.. 20Sept. 7. 
SlroiiR'a, Kihvlu. Players (Walter SktMkc, ragr.) 

—- Norfolk. Xcb.. 20-Aug. 3., Tllileu 010, 
Siinrord Stuck I Walter Suiiforil, mgr. )— Oakland, 

CilL, 2n. Imlellnlte. 
siisiiiuni stock- -Lansing. Mich.. 20. Imlellnlte. 
Stanley Slock (Arthur Stanley, mgr.) — St. Louis, 

Mo„ 20. Imlellnlte. 
Sinters stock ic. W. Sinters, mgr.)— Oklahoma 

City, Oklu.. 20. ludciliilie. 
SiimnieiK sioelj (Ueu. II. Suiamers, mgr.) — Hum- 

Hum, Out.. Can.. '."). lilileilnlle. 
star Sln-li— Pwlbjud, Ore,. 20. Imlelliilli'. 
S[hbIiIi.|i ft Pali»> (Hum SibhWcu. mgr.)— Ilwle's- 

ler. MIiiii., 20-Aug. 11. 
"Slmilonnl by Three." W. 1". Mbiiii'b ICIsiTUin 

Uurdlck. uigr.)— Inillauaisills. Iml., Aug. 1-3, 

Chicago. 111., 4-17. 
"Sim; Him; to Liu-iiy" (rtluiiev flnei., nirra.) ■ 

HluAklvu, N V . Aug. ulO. 
■J'nyler. " Alkatl. 8l<i.'k"*\MerliMiiu, Ml«.. 2iiAim. v 


Trousdale Bros,' Tlieulre, Kaslern (Jlerle Trouj- 

dnle. uucr.)— Wlnlleld, Kan., 20-Aug, 3, l'-iu- 

isirla B-17. . ,., 

'•Time, the Place and the Olrl" (Aakln & Slngfr, 

mgrs,)— N. Y. City 0, Indellnlle. . „ . 

"Tlionniglibte.1 Troiup." Elmer Walters* (C. A. 

Wnlk'er, uigi.)— Kansas CHy, Mo., 27-Aug. 3. 

Council HludB. Iu.., 4. 
"I'licle Josh Slmpkfna"— Paw Paw. Mich., 31, 

Mies Aug. 1, Benton Harbor 2, Klkliart, lud.. 3. 
Van Dyke ft Kalon i F. Msek, mgr.)— Keokuk, In., 

2ll-Allg. 18. 
Vallntmini Htock (A. (Ilussuilre. mgr.)— Wllllouw- 

iwrt, l'a., 20, Indefinite. 
"Volunteer Organist," ManleH ft Orny's— Chicago. 

III., 20-Aug. 3. 
Williams, lluttle (Charles Frohtnsn, mgr.)— N. 

Y, City Aug. R, lndcflnlte. 
Warren. Itebecca — Toledo, p.. 28, ImleUnlte. 
Wills Musical Comedy (Jdtin 1). Wills, mgr.)— 

Macon. Ua.. 20-Aug. 10. 
Whalon Operu— Fltchburg, Mass., 20-Hept. 7. 
Williams Comedy (T. P. Be tJafferelly, mgr.) — 
. Danville, Ky., 28-Atur. 3, New Haven 4-fll. 
Wallaek's Tbeslre. .Northern (Duhlnsky Bros., 

mgr.)— Hock Island. III., 20, Ibdcflolle. 
Wallaek's Theatre. Southern (Maurice M. Lii- 

blnsky, ingr.l^llaunlbal, Mo., 20-Ang. 3, Mu- 

licrly 417. 
Wallnck's Tlieatre, Wcslern (Edward Dubliisky, 

mgr.l— Emiwrla, Run., 2d Aug. 3, Tnpekn 4-17. 
West Ktnl , Ilolghls Stock (Oberl ft Sehacfer, 

mgrs.)— St. I/iuls, .Mo. 20. indefinite. 
Whllllngloii Comedy (Wlillllugton ft Davis, mgrs.) 

— Qilunili. Tex.. 20. Iliilellliite. 
Weber, C. and Lis Bund -Kansas City, Mo., 20, 

"Wife's -Secret" (Spencer ft Atom, mgrs.) — Mou- 

trenl. Can.. Aug,. ,1-10. 
Ye Colonial Stock (C. W. Horner, mgr.)— SprliiR- 

rleld. O.. Aug. 0-10. 
"Yomig Buffolo. King of the Wild West" (Chan. 

K. Blauey Amuse., mgrs.) — Columbus, O., 0-7, 

Dayton 8-10. 
Zliin's Musical Comedy (A. M. Zlnn, mgr.) — Holse, 

Ida., 211. IndeOnlle. 
HI Itl.llHtH ll AMI V Al IU'VII.Li:. 
Iniix'i-luls ill. W. ft Sim Williams, mgr.l— Al- 

looim. Pa.. Aug. 1. Washington. H. C, ',-10. 
Muni ft Buniclle's Vaudeville (Al. Mart)!, mgr.) 

—Stamford, N. Y.. 81, Hobert Aug. 1, Bovlna 

2, Andes 3. 

Watson's Coxy Corner Olrla (W. B. Watson, 
mgr.)— Philadelphia, Pa., 20, ItideUnltc. 

Docksluik.rV, Ix>w (Coarlea V. Wilson, mgr.) — 
PlllBllehl. M.HBM., 31, Troy, N. Y„ Aug. I, Scht- 
neelaily 2, Allmu.v 3, 

Uiinnelly ft Hiitfleld'K— IT|ipcr Sumlnsky, O.. Aiijj. 

I, Adrluii. Mleh., 2, Cufdwuler il, lleiituli llnr- 
Inir 4. XIIch 5. Dowagluc 0, Msrshull 7, Albklu 
8, Alleguli 0, Olxego 10. 

He Hue Bros.' (Billy Be Hue, mgT.)— Stock- 
bridge. Mass., 3J. 

Pox'b Lone Star (Iloy E. Fok, mgr.)— Chauiilnir. 
Tex., 20-31. liulhart Aug. Ml, Clayton, X. 
Mo*., 0-7. Trinidad. Colo.. 8-10. 

Guy's, Arthur l„ Hhiglmin'uu, X. Y.. 20-Aug. 

3. Utlctl 0-10. 

Corton's (C. C. Pearl, mgr.)— Walton. X. Y.. 

ill. New Berlin Aug. 1. Sherburne' 2. .Wnter- 

vllle il. IloonvHte fl, i.o.vvlllo o. Uouvcriicur 7, 

Polsdiun 8, Canton 0. 

Alton ft Anderson's — Duiuioaxira, X. Y'., ill. Chu- 

teatigay Aug. I. Huntingdon. <Juo.. Can.. 2. 

llraslitoii, N. V.. 3. St. Itegls Fulls 0. Norwood 

il. Musiena .7. Cornirnll, Que. Can.. 8, Morris- 

burg 0, Prcseolt 10. 
Illinium k Bulley's— llhlnelntHler. Wis., SI. Wan- 

win A nc. 1. Appletun 2, Menominee. Mich., ii. 

Kscimahu 0, Oreim Buy. Wis., t), Komi du Luc 

7. .InilPBvllle H, It,,, hi,. |l. m K |n, III., -10. 
niiu-nlo Bll's Wild West, Col. Wm. V. Cixly (Fred 

II. Hutchinson, mgr,)— Chicago. 111., 28-Aug. L 
Aurora R. Otlnwu 0, Kewuncc 7. Peoria 8, Lin- 
coln 0. Sprliigllehl 10. 

Ely's, (hxi. S.— Singer. I.u., Aug. 7. Strange S, 

< Ill-Mill (I. 

Forepnugh ft Sells Bros.'— Mhlilletowii. X. Y.. ill, 
I'niersaii, X. .1,. Aug. 1, Newhurgb. X. Y.. 2. 
Klngslon II, (HuverBvTlle R. Schenectady 0, Sara- 
toga 7. Clcns Fulls 8, Kullund, Vt.. 0, Mout- 
ix'ller 10. 



UcH Molliesi.— At ilugcisoll Turk (Fred 
IJucUiinaii. manag-cr) the Hot wcatlier ottracta 
bit; crowds tlnlly. and «n exeellent bill Js 
Mug tHoroughly enjoypd by all.. The ^ »f«*r 
(llrl* I*onnril Klrwlfl, the Three Mrtcm 
ligrrowa-LiinrSEter Co.. Carson and Wlllajfl, 
and the kiuodrome were the offering" for 
week of Inly 22. For week of '■*», the lin- 
menfaiilione Is niinonneed. 

I.ybio (Kuben Hfo*., managers I.— in is, 
the newest of 10 cent nouses, opened July 
22. The Unit Is n lltfle bMtttTi nnd Is tlrnw- 
Ing- Iremeiiilous crowds. Hesltiea the moving: 
pictures there nre llliistro'.fd songs, sung by 
tirncc WHIIamaon jntl Harry. Prestdb, ant* 
Neoln. Lewis and Chnpla, and St. Julian do 
clever vaudeville turns. 

Notes. — Anhther tnovlns picture liousu 
oiieus 2D. It Is to be known as Dreamland. 

Tbc theatre's here all ..undergoing 1 

many changes, especially Foster's Opera 
House end the Euiirirt. Foster's Is b*Ing 
thoroughly reoovatetl. the interior decora- 
tions are all being changed, new seats nro 
being put In. mid extra exits and fire escapes 
are being added. The Kmplre l« nlso being 
redecorated, and will look letter than ever. 

t. Vila r Hnplils. — At Crccne'R Opera 
House (Will 8. Collier, uianngei ) the season 
will open here Aug. 24 with "The Olrl Over 
There'' as the attraction. Manager Collier 
has returned from New York. City with a 
splendid list of attractions booked for this 
hotise, and the theatre at Iowa City, of 
which lie Is also manager. 

Alamo 1'ahk (G. K. Barton, manager). — 
Ulg crowds enjoyed the following bill week 
of July 21: The World's Comedy Four, Car- 
ver and Pollard, Fred and Jlue Waddell, 
Hen Pagan. Itav W. Kay, Earl Khrbardt, 
■Selniildrs band and Clark's diving ponies. 

Notb. — Barniiin & Bailey's show Is billed 

here for Aug. 10.. Km I Khrbardt, aero- 

iiniii. aud Laura Stutler were mdrrled July 
24 by Justice A. E. Nugent, at Alamo Park, 
In tlie. presence of I.Oitn gpectfltors. 

' i i t , 

Uu il I nit f on . — At, the . Madlsinii Avenue 
1'a.i'k Hie Blckclt Family have drawn very 
large liiiHlness tlnd .give excellent satisfac- 
tion. The Musical Smiths will appear July 
28 and week, aud IMcca's Italian Bund Aug. 
4 and week. 

i- isiimt k Hand and excellent moving pic- 
tures are drawing well tit the Coliseum. 

Eos tin's lCn:iti:jc Paiik. — Harry Lukons' 
Teh. Show Hippodrome wlllappcuT Aug. .V11. 
P. II. Alexander was in the city July 20, 

liel-feelinjr tUTllimeilli'ltts. 

Tin: CiiAi'TAvquA oiiened very auspiciously 
23, under the efficient direction of J. T. 
Hood. Judge Lludsey. Gov. Hoch ntid Sena- 
tor Brown, of Nebraska, arc among the at- 

liuy's — Kelllisburg. 111., 31. New Boston Aug, 
RHu 2. Joy 11, tillctirlst 3, Viola It, New Wl 
sor 7. 

Ilugciiliock & WuiiiovV Hlnfft. Iml.. 31. Hart- 
ford City Aug. 1, Ouiuici'S'vllle 2. Hushvllle i), 
IiuIIiiiiii|i,iI1h R. 

Kemp's Wild Wish— Pittsburg, Pa.. 20. Indi41nlle. 

Lucky Bill's— Morgunvllle, Kan., ill. Cluv Center 
Aug. 1. (Ireeu 2, Leonurdvllle 3. Ill lev 5, Leon- 
uril tl. Iliimhilpli 7-9. Weatliiorelaad 10. 

Muekay's, Andrew— Chicago, 111,, 211-Aug. 31. 

RaefW Jt llowe'a (11. S. Itnwe. nigr,)— Wlnulncx 
.Man., Can.. 31. Aug. 1. Thief lllver FulN, 
•Minn.. 2. Detroit 3. Hiirruu, Wis., R, TOmahiiwk 
ll. Iixm Muuntiilii, Mleh., 7, Ontonugou 8, Hun 
ciii'l. 0, i 'iiliiiiii-i 10. 

Pawnee Lull's wild West aud Orcat Fur Mast. 
Col. I.UIIf'N — Jelfenon. Wis., ill. Do Lull, III. 
Aug. I. Sterling 2, Alcilu il. Culcsbiirg R. Cun- 
liin tl. HenrilBlown 7. Itotslhousc S, lAiilulmia. 
Mu.. II, lliiiiulliiii 111. 

llliigHng Bros.' —Pueblo, Od„ ill, (Moruilo 
Springs Aug, 'l. Ilonlder 2. ttlieyenne, Wvo.. 8, 

:,. \>»\m, V., R. Salt Lake City tl. 

HiiIiIiiboii'n, John— Mexico,, if,,.. ;n, Loulslaiiii 

, Aug. 1, It Ho , in.. •!, Alton il. 

ltobhliiH, Frniik A.— Frnliklln Falls. X. IL, 31, 

. Warner Aug. 1, Pelcrboro 2, Wlnchendon, 
Muss,, 3, 

Sidls-Fluln's— Hiitd. Oklu.. 31, It,,,,, Aug. 1. Okls- 
hoiim CHy 2, lloldeuyllle S, Suulh McAlester. 
jnil^Ter., R, Holleyrlllc (J, Wllburlon 7, Wis- 

Slunetfs; Howard 8. — Slruuilsburg, l'a.. 20- 
Aug. 3, 

WiiBhbunrs, Usui W. fjuhn p. Church, mgr.l— 
SaralOga X. V.. ,51, BiiIkIoii Spa Aug, 1, 
IMililesldll 2. Sharon SprlhgB 3, tiooiK'rslow n 
5, Oiiioutn tl, Kidney 7. |i| ug |„iuil,.ii S 0. 

\MiiTler's. Al. |.'.— lilllshiirg. N. Y.. Aug. I 
Sandy t.'reek 2. Pulaski ii, Mexico R. 
mim i;i.i.\m;iii m. 

Ikiataeli'a Animal Arena (Frniik 0, Busloek, uigr.) 

— CXuiey iHlniid, X. Y., 20. ImlefhiKe, 
Uostoek s Aulninl Ai-eiin (Frank C. Hostistk. mcr.) 

— Norfolk. Va„ 20. ludellulle. 

Humes' Trained wild Animals (Al. ll. Bariies 

l!n vcn imri . — At tlie Alfdome. the Bessy 
llii'kiiiuii Co. continues to draw large num- 
bers for the. past six weeks. In repertory. 

l.'oi.iSKPM.- July 21. and for two weeks 
following, Prunclsco Fcrallo's ItAIIliu Band. 

It .ui mm & it.Mt.Kv's Cilices comes Aug. 11). 

Mil IlltiW. 

Detroit. At the Temple (J. H. Moore, 
nmiiiigei'i l-'.st Aveek's bill was good, and 6. 
II. O. was the rule. Bill week of July 211 In- 
cludes : litis Kdwardx' Blonde Tpvcwrltcrs, 
the <)iiin telle. Kstcllc Wordetto and company, 
Hawthorne and Hurl. Diamond and Smith. 
I.llllun Shaw, I/itvecn and Cross, Norton and 
UiiNsell. and Ihe klnctogrnph. 

Whitskv IE. I). «talr. manager).— The 
regular season at Oils* house opens week 
of 28, with "The Candy' Kid" us the attrac- 
tion, a - 

' » ' 

Kulnimisoo.— At the BIJ011 (W. S. But- 
terlleld, iiiniinger) big business ruled weelt 
Of July 22, with 11 ootid bill. Bill week -of 
211: Coiii-liire and Glllett, Blssott and 8cott, 
EdwanKkec, Harry Oarrlty and lompuiiy, 
By run James, Illustrated songs and moving 

Okntiiv Uiius. shutyed to good business 
week of 11). 

Nutkh.— Frank Hose. Into proprietor of 
Ihe Vaudcllc. moving picture aud Illustrated 
song house, hus sold his Interests to A. J. 
llllllgliiiii. of liriinil lluplds, Midi., who Is 
oiierntlng slmllur Institutions In the Slate. 
'I he place hits done a line business since 
Opening The Wonderland (W. II. John- 
son, miuingerl is preparing to occupy other 
ffllartef*, while the old stand Is being great- 
ly eiiliirgod, 

tirnnil IlniililM.— At llamoiui Pufk (Lew 
Dt'lcmnlcr, manager) bill for week or July 
-.) i Chlnko Arid company, E. Frederick Haw- 
ley and company, l/conard Kane, Minnie 

..auflimn. Kramer null llollecllllre. Ullllllail 

inn! Muck, add Cuunteks Olga Koosl and 
MoiiBleur I'inilii. 

At (iuUKitov's Pai'H.iux (Clms. Oodfrov, 
luuuugcrl for week of 21) ale: Atiubel Allnuek. 
lingers. Seaimiii and Burns, and Stelncrt umi 


, jMT. V ' a u ar uu , N. 1)., W-Aug, il. 
Crlilkshimk— ilollon. (».. Aug. |, .Marlon 3. 
Camilla .'rank's IF. , M. -Myers. niKr.l-Wel 

|n.. -I). Aiut. I. Whulchwr 2. il. .MunUtinis S. 

0. Barnes 7, S, Keswick 0, 10. 
SfiSSfV^ld Wesl— Peoria, III., 211-Aug. 11. 
(Irlllllh tNiimsly— LIvliigstgu. Mont.. 211-Aug il. 
1Ilp|iodrvme Show ((leu. K. Itulx-rts. mgr.)— 

Owens Niro. Ky.. Aug. 1-3. I.'nloavllle, Mo., 8, 

Carrolltiui 8, Itcd Oak, In., 10. 
LevIlL s— ThHiiideixiga, N. Y„ 20-Aug. 3. 
Markle's. W. It., l-'Tonllng Fiiluee— Browuliig. III.. 

i "!;'. ,!;. ""."' 2. Ilnvuiiu it, Kingston 4, ['oklu 

•i. Chlllleothe ll, Lncou 7, Henry S, Heuneiiln 0. 

Peru ID. ' ' 

Porter. OS W„ Amuseiiient Co. (Cramer t Tvler. 

Si hut' "fl-'iVt"*"' • ,) " k '' 20Aw "' "■"W 

Ileitis l'lixis.' ill, 1 (A. L. Iteiilx, mgr.) 

. - HleklnsiBi. N. link.. 20-Aug. il. ' . 

ltiineli 101, Wild Wi*l SIhiiv (Miller BfuM,, nigw.) 

— Brlgtilon L'eiich. Bnsiklyn, X. Y., 20, lulled- 

SI'i'le Fniiilly Show (Burl Marin —r.) Wmir, 

Mleh., SO- Aug. il. 

Siiillli'w Colossal Shows -Xcgley, 11.. Auc. 2. VU- 
...•her. Pit,. 3. Ilookslowii R, Fritiikford S|irlngs ll. 

Silver liunlly Show (Bert Sliver, mgr.l — Hiu-n- 
Bhles. Mich., ill, Brown City Aug. 1, Melvlu 2, 
Peck 3. ' 

Seviugatii (Waller C. Mack, nigr.l— X. Y. Citv 
20Ang. II. Plillai)el|ihhi l'n.. ii-10. ' 

TlmmpBiiii's Knlertnlliers (Frank II. Thompson, 
ggg:>— I* Vulle, Wis., Aug. n. 0, Kendall 7, 8, 
i'i rim, 11 in t ' 

Clifton 0, 10. 


Unite— Al the Uraud Opera House (Dick 
P. Sutton, manager), week of July 22, Lulu 
Sultoti uiul eumpaur. In "Satan's Cave; or, 
Lost Iu Siberia.' to big houses all week. 

Fajiii.v (F. Nelsonlu, manager), — Week 
of 21 i Huffy. Sawtello and Duffy, BIIIv Mnk 
tod company. Harris-Beauregard Co., Llllliiu 
Wnllmi nod F;d. Smith, Dorothy Dayne, Wal- 
ter Jeffrey, apd the motion pictures. Busi- 
ness Is excellent. 

■ . " i« H » 

«lu,dcti,— Al the (irutitl Opuru I tout* 'fit. 
A (iritiiL iiinniigerl Y'./.iii Ki-ii'lnll. Iu "Swell 
UI. cunt .luiies," Kioi'i-tl a sutu'ess Jtily In. 

t'TAltNA (B. A. Grant, ruiiuagcr). — ^For the 
week slnrttng 20 : Harrington, ventrllonulst : 
Leon I,c Chn r tiers, Illustrated song; Huit-v 
Brown. Arnold and Onnlner. Bennett Slstern. 
and IttiKef TrnHTM'. 

. i'i ni'ioi.i, llnnM.' Claris did guild tuislness 

Buy City.— At Wimonu Ilencli iPiirk Cu- 
. " u . !.'." . "• IJ1,,1 "ii<l«, luiinugci) Ihe follow- 
lug bill drew good crowds week of .litlv 22: 
lurry Howard's ponies and tings, Coiii'il Do 
Btitr. and Brother, |i're« Trio, (lien Burl, tliu 
i.iii.vs, and lint Ciisliioscupe. 

Washington (W. .1. Daunt, nmiiliger).-— 
Mils bouse will open the season Aug. 11, with 
••Lena itivers" us tint attraction. 

Nirri:— -llentry Bros.' Anliuiil Show tip- 
pen red lieio July 27. 



Miiiichester — At the Massabcslc Tlieulre 
j.l'iutik U. Mack, manager) "The lllrl fiotn 
NasBur, with Phil ott Us the Mar. drew well 

TEFL.** •L" Ij ' ,'-";• V . ur ?«* or -»• vlorman's 
All Mint' Specialty (.'o„ featuring Solaret. 

NlOKbll. (Muniiel l.oreiiz.en, iiuinuger).— 
Moving pictures ilnd llliisti'iitetl songs run. 
Untie tn draw good houses. 
' .Noma.— Finest Prnvenchi'r left for Xew 
\ork 2U. to Join the Merry Mnltlciis Bur- 

esiptei's 1 aa stage iwruttnter Illlle Fay, 

ale of "Comliig Thro' the llyc" Co., iwcntlv 
V slled her brother. Hugh Fny. while she wu's 
liltij'hiL' nt Ihe Lake MusaabcNlr, Theatre ... 
Jl. Ozler. iiiiinngei' of '.'Adrift In iN'ilv York" 
(o.. Is nl his home In this ellv for it few 
"ovs . .. Byron Cone, nit eniplnvoe M Wnslt- 
Jmrn s Circus, who was Injured here, hnsliceii 
IruimfeiTeU to the County Farm Hospital, 
where an niwriitlon .Will He performed 
John .1. Sulllvttji, playing In Coogan's "wiioie 
Dog Ate You? Co.. paid 11 flying visit hern 
24. lie played Salisbury Bench Theatre, 
week of 13. .... .Arthur nitcble, who vassctl 

(i short vacation here, returned to his com- 
pany 211. ....... Philip A. Ott. thlrly-threo 

years old. giving Chelsea, .Mass.. as his resi- 
dence, n nil Anilti Wllsou. twenty-six years 
old. residence Xw York City, were married 
al the Cltv Clerk's 0III06 here, on July 20. 
Ihev nre bolh priuulneut members of "''The 
1. 1 ii (rum Viissttr" Company.. Miss Wilson 

■laying I be title rule, and Mr. Ott the lead- 
ing comedy part. 

+*-» . 

CluirloUe — ^At Lnttil .Park Auditorium 
t.'.'V. 1, ' , , , ' l ' H ' u'liuagcr) Will A, Peters' 
Stock to., the main iitlruetloii In Charlotte, 
during the Summer months, Is playing to large 
ami appreciative, houses ovary ulgbt 

Xtii'tss.— Will A. Peters! moving picture, 
snows, Ida Odcoti 1 and Mystic, are welt at- 
tended ...... 1 In; Penuy Arcade, run bv .1. M 

t .rarluiti Is uttrnctlng large crowds". 

,. M. Otonr.ors moving picture show, i,, 
the Academy of Music, draws full houses 
every afternoon and evening. 

Ji : *\Ni'.rrti IMKiBi.i.r. l„i„ ,>r RiMlalleSt 
eiilueillii is. Is S|iendlng Hie Summer nl her 
Initiie, Sh'.'lldnii, Md. 

AIIE YlU! TOO tlilNi 


The Great ifcnKrriean rJrscovery,! Inureikses >■„„, 
weight about. 6 to 10 pounds niuntblr. The mill 
flesli producer: endorsed by the highest medical 
authorities. Unrivalled for nervousness, anaemia 
and wasting diseases. Greatest tonic known 
Hounds out the figure and gives strength to the 
whole system. Price, 12. Interesting bookie 
tree. , . ABPA OHEM. CO., " 

1265 Broadway, Dept. 9. Xe w York. 

Los AMgrelca.— At the Mason Opera House 
(tl. C. M'yutt; manager) Maude Adams closed 
her two weekli' engageinent July 2(), with u 
farewell performance of "Peter Pan." Ilwas 
a record breaking engagement, ds she placed 
to capacity business at every performance 
Bthcl Burryuidre opened her engageiucnt 2" 
Hi "Captain Jhiks," It, will be continued 
during the entire Week. 

The AuoiTOIHVM (Sparks M. Berry, man. 
ager) Is closed for h tew weeks. 

BtiLAaco (John II. Blackwood, manager) 
—The stoek company presented "Dlvorcons" 
to good business week ending 20. "Airs 
Dane's Defense" Is their offering 22 and week 
with "The Adventure of laidy Ursula" hi 
preparation for 20 and week. 

Moitosco's BnuiANK (Oliver Mor'onco, nun 
ager). — "The County Fair," presented by the. 
Burbank Stock Co., drew well week ending 
20. For the entire week beginning 21, tin. 
company will present "The Climbers." "TluJ 
Jilt" Aug.. 2 and week. 

Cu ami Oi'kiia House (Clarence Drown, 
manager), — The Ulrica Stock Co. presented 
"The Lion's Heart" to good business week 
ending 20. "On Dangerous Ground" 21 and 

Fisi'HEIi'h (A. K. Fischer, manager).— 
"The Man uud the Mummy" Is Ihe Offering 
of Fischer's Comedians 21 and week. New 
Illustrated snugs, vaudeville acts and motion 
pictures complete the bill. 

tliti'tir.iJi (Martin Beck, general manu- 
gerJ.-j-FeBturcs 2t) and week.' Anita Bart- 
Hug, Jack Wilson and company in "An Up. 
betival In Darktown;" the Great Beiiiiir, 
Itosc and Jcitnctte, Bert and Bcrtba tjruul, 
Benjamin Cbauln, Wlllard Midi ms. arid' com- 
pany In "Flinders Furnished Flat;" Miillcr, 
Chun und Mollcr, and the motion pictures. 
Unique (Hentz & Znllee, proprietors).— 
The bill for 22 and week Included: Frank 
Stafford and Marie Stone, In "A Hunter's 
cnme:" Blalsdens. trick cyclists: the Wal- 
lace Sisters, singers and dancers: the il- 
lustrated songs by l-'.ilyllie lCilmonils 11111I 
Harry Kdmondsun : "Miss Brown from (Jlen- 
dale/' by the Unique Players, and the 

People's (Al. 0. Flournoy. manager). — 
Features 2,'i and iveck : Harry Booker and 
company. In "The Walking Delegate ;" Miller 
and McCauley. talking comedians: Cushlng 
and Merrill, In burlesquu tin "Anthony and 
Cleopatra ;" Homer Lung. Illustrated songs, 
uhd the People's Comedy Co., presenting '"nie 
Wrong Doctor." 

IJMi'iitK (Billy Hanks, resident manager). 
— Features 22 and week Included : Thus. 
Curtis and company, presenting "At the Tnrf 
Inn;" Mile. Cantarell, vocalist; Karl and mi: 
son. singers nlid dancers ; Laura Banks, pic- 
ture balladlsl. and the Kmplre Stock Co.. 
presenting "When One Were Two," and the 
cinematograph. . . 

•Xotbs. — J. J. Uottlob. the San Francisco 
nuniiiger. unci who wus formerly Interested hi 
u theatre In this city, spent u few days here 
week of July i.">. and whs duly Impressed 
with \ms Angeles' Importance as a show 

town When reopened, the Ilolehklss 

Theatre will he known as the Los Angeles 
Theatre, and -will be under the management 
pf Arthur Lotto. Tile date announced for 
the event Is Aug. 27, opening with "The 
Mayor of Toklo." 


Ft. Worth.— At the Lyric (0, W. Burn- 
hart, iiiunilgei'i a strong bill wus offered week 
o] il-n lug July 21, Including Con lino 1111 il Law- 
rence, York-Herbert Trio, Brof. Hurry Fell- 
man. Tummy Jenkins, and the Lyrlcscopc. 
Business continues to hold up well 1 . 

VtiNiuiMi; tSeitwni-/ Ac. Mike, managers).— 
The Louis Dean Htock' Co.. In repertory, con- 
tinues to draw crowded houses at each per- 
iiir.iianre. A change of bill Is offered nlghily. 
aiiiisi.mi: (Bice & Conley. uinnagcrs). — This 
iii-w open air theatre wus opened to the public 
22, and licoplu were turned uwuv. The open- 
ing bill Ini'ludml Miller and Fny, In black 
luce ; Bait and Dut'ls, In Iruvcsl.v ; Mysterious 
Ziiiiion, i-iililin-t act; I'lilwln Mdwui'ds, III Us- 
iruied songs, und high class moving pictures, 

WHITS l.'ITV (Juke S< -bwill'7, lllllllllgel'l. — 

Large crowds coutlnuu to throng this popular 
resort, the car service being uimost Inade- 
iiuute to handle, the people. A godd vuudc- 
vllle bill In the White Hose Theatre und the 
vol Ions nut side ill I nici Ions nre well pat- 

Lam; l-li.-n; (IJd Jeuklua. manager ).— Sua- 
duy vaudeville only Ik offered Ta the l)it- 
vlllnti. Tliose oh I be bill Sunday. 21: The 
Demons, uerlul act : Doc llollund, lilnek face; 
.Prof. Schmaltz, hug puncher; Kdwlu l'!d- 
Wards, llliisit-iiieil songs, aud moving plr- 
InicH. Busltiess Is big. 

STAMiAitii (Frank Dc Beijne, tiiuiioger).— 
"Variety Isle" wus the niuslciit comedy of- 
fi'ieti week opening ... In the olio, Cun- 
ningham and Kdwords, Marin Choppelle, Jno. 
K. (ireeu. I'earl (lllmoic, Tom Kelly, J. K. 
N. aud George Powers, llm-rlson Iln.ll MM 
Maggie Carpenter. Business Is big. 
. , ■ a 

11 mis f" ii. — At the Lyric (Lloyd Spencer, 
munuger) business was to the cupuelty nlghi- 
ly, week of July 22, with the Fowlers. Polk 
und Hulpiirlii, John X. Coghlan. Sidney 
o'Doinu'll, lllitsiraieil songs and Ihe Lyric- 

Bl'.KCTBIC Paiik ano T'HKAriii; (Mlchcul * 
Wilson, managers).— BuHliicss Is good. Peo- 
ple 22-23 : Zlegler und Klegler Trio. Charles 
Alluiun. Kdua Huberts, Aitkin und son, Her- 
bert and lingers, and moving pictures. 

A 1 11 in mu; 1 Aividn & l.assctTe. managers) . — 
Business Is fair with the same people still on. 

NiiTlls,— Kthel Morton, soloist nt the High- 
land Park for live weeks H»ast, left for New 
York, 2B, t» join Frank Daniels, In Tan 
Tiiltoooii Man. . . . .Oeorgc and Dolly Milton, 
with the Airdooii! since lis opening, left, 2d, 
to Join some musical uttriictlon In Ohio. 

_ 1 1 fc_i L_ 

Oiillna— At l^ukc, Clin* Casino, tin; Bulil- 
wln-MelvllIc Co. gave "Ctiiiillle." Jtily'22-24, 
ttnd ".My Friend from Indlu" 25-27. 

CVCLM Paiik. — Arlngton's Coiuedluns, In 
repertory, drew good business. 

. If. 1). UucKBitiS Kokak Co., chuiige of Wll 
nlghily, to full tents. 

AiiuioJii:.— Bill for week of July 22; Vin- 
cent McCarthy company. Campbell and Smith, 
the Great Nichols, Lauian Sisters, and Allan 
Dale. Good patronage. 

. " " . 1 •-•a ' ' 'I ■ 

Austin. — At the Lyric, the Dave Nowlln 
Stock Cu.. which has been playing to good 
houses for two weeks, trill continue for two 
more weeks. 

11 vdi; Paiik Theatihi (Jim Miller, mana- 
ger).— 'The Passion Pfirj.™ had good houses 
for two weeks, and will continue for two 

mr i r» 



Monlrcnl. — At Domhilon Park (II. A. 
Horsey, niuunger) the m tendance 11 1 the pnrk 
v^s good flu ring the past week. The outslfl" 
iiltractlotis were the Firing Bunvurds and 
Herr Uranudu, July -.'1-27. 

Son mhi: Paiik (Luvigne & Lujolc, matiu- 
gers). — Good crowds prevailed during the 
past week. The attractions on the stage. 21- 
'-'7. were: Mllyn do Nessy, Mile. Onicjrn. 
Senor Arnoldii. Prof. Woodward, the orchi's- 
iruphone, mid Lavigne's Military Band. 





Hernirl.'. — At Troirtor'a (It. C. Stuart, 
resident, manager) good sized audiences Hail 
rlils n cool and entertaining plnce during Hie 
lint Mttn The bill till* week Includes : 
Mucin Meander nnd company, who made their 
Inltlnl appearance' here In "She Loves Me, 
She Loves Me Not ;" the Elton Polo troupo 
of acrobats; the Itnllnn Opera trio, Marlon 
i (arson, the Astrellns, Zlskn nnd King, the 
Crclghlons nnd John F. Clark. 
■ Oi.iMric, Pabk .(II. A. Schmidt, mana- 
ger). — The great interest In "II- Trovatore," 
which the Aoorn Opera Co. produced several 
weeks ago, prompted the management to put. 
.in "Carmen" this week, with Maude Leekly 
in the lending role. Miss Leekly created a 
most favorable Impression as "Azitccnn nt 
ilmi time. Howard Chambers. nnd lllnnehe 
Morrison distinguished themselves ngnln lust 
week In "The Mlkndo." The Fortune Teller" 
hi announced for week of Aug. .">. 

Kl.KCTiub Pask (C. A. Pnnlnp, manager). 
— This park Is doing excellent business these 
warm days, and Hie rustic theatre continues 
10 bold much attention, Offering for the cur- 
rent week: The Hales Musical Trio, Sylvan 
nnd O'Neill. Chan. E. Myelin's trained dogs, 
Winter and English, and Carrie Mack. 

Ilii.i.sinr Task <\V. W. Thaller, manager'). 
— The Wild West programme here Is varied 
this week with n Virginia reel on horseback. 
The singe offers the 1'oul Morno acrobatic 
troupe, Skntlnolll, Wnrd nnd Knnnnbala. and 
Fanny Foley. ITnf. Mack continues the fea- 
ture -with his balloon ascensions and quad- 
ruple parachute drops. 
. Notes. — The open air sensation of the 
season occurs here this week, when U M. 
Driver, the aeronaut, will make a number of 
flights In one of the t logon airships. This 
will be the first exhibition of this remarkable 
Invention thai the Newark people have seen. 

W. S. Clark, who. has been manager of 

Wnldmnnn's Theatre for the past, eight years, 
has accepted the position of manager of the 
New Gaiety Theatre, nt Washington, D. C, 
which 19 nenrlng completion. Mr. Clark's 
Jersey Lilies will open Waldmnim's for the 
senson, Aug; 31. .This house will be under 
the management of Iiee Ottolengul, formerly 

of the Newark Theatre George A. Mc- 

Dermlt. who has lieen Mr. Stuart's assistant 
at Proctor's Theatre here, will take charge 
of Mr. Proctor's new house In Kllznbeth. 

Ellxnlieth. — That the coming theatrical 
senson will be a banner one here Is evidenced 
by 1he 'fact Hint practically two new thea- 
tres will he opened, each playing a different 
class of attractions. The New Lyceum, under 
the management of Drake & Kirov, will play 
three, nights -of Klnw & Krlnnger plays, nnd 
the other three nights will lie devoted to 
the Stair & Hnvlin melodramas. Jacobs' The- 
atre will be changed, under the name of 
ft !•'. Proctor's, vaudeville house, playing 
every day matinees nnd night performances. 
The regular circuit companies will he 
liooked. This is a new venture for Kiln- 
nbeth. The New Lyceum Theatre will 
open W preliminary season Aug. 8, with Dock- 
Miider's Minstrels. This theatre Is now 
undergo'ng extensive alterations. Including 
new . frescoing. Light poH green Is the pre- 
vailing colors, wltli nnd floral ef- 
fects, while red. will lie the opposing lines in 
box curtains, plush rails, etc. Six now dress- 
ing rooms Itave lieen added, each l>clng en- 
closed In sheet Iron, while the floors nre con- 
crete. Nearly two hundred will be the In- 
creased capacity. The system of electric 
lighting has been materially changed. I ,20b 
lumps of sixteen candle power each, are 
used, and n new electric sign for the front, 
of the house changed from Lyceum to 
I lie New Lyceum. The box ofllce lias been 
sei buck from the lobby, and a brilliant row 
of lights adjusted on either side of the lolibr. 
live new exits have been added. The nai- 
lery pit irons will enter and leave the Ihcuire 
from n side street. Instead of through the 
main entrance. A new stage floor 1ms hem 
laid, and an extensive quantity of new scen- 
ery supplied. The house staff will be I lie 
same mi last season, and the ushers will be 
uniformed. $Jfi,0(M) bus lieen expended on 

Hie repair work and additions Iii'nhs' 

Theatre Is- n thing of the pnsl in Rllmhoth, 
The theatre will hereafter bo known ns Proc- 
tor's, and will open on Labor liny with Ibe 
regular Kellh & I'roctor circuit vaudeville 
performances. (;. A. .Mcllermll. former super- 
intendent of Proctor's Newark Theatre, #111 
I'. local manager. The theatre is undergoing 
an extensive reconstruction. The decorations 
will lie cream and old Ivory throughout, v/ltli 
tinted floral effects, .The side walls will be 
Ivory, while Ibe boxes, which will be changed 
from the bird nest cfi'eci to straight linen or 
club boxes, will he the snme, and each tier low- 
ered. A new stage floor has been laid. All 
retiring rooms hnve been enlarged and re- 
decorated. New dressing rooms have been 
added nnd the old ones embellished In new- 
colors. A now drop curtain will bo a fea- 
ture and new scenery throughout supplied. 
A serpentine light or green, red nnd while 
lights spelling the word "Proctor" will II- 
liiiiilnuic the front of the. house, while some 
LBOO other electric lights will be placed 
under the porie rorhcre lu the front of ibe 
theatre. A new ventilating nnd healing 
plant has been installed, nud every known 
llro apparatus erected throughout the theatre. 
Au orchestra of eight, pieces will b>> the 
rule, and some fifteen ushers and porters 
lu uniform will, he on duly nt all perform- 
ances. Dally unit luces will lie given nnd 
special nl ten! Inn pnhl to nulomohlln find 
trolley parties, Singe Manager llogun Will 

continue to occupy that position .lames 

Oulnn, n well known clog dancer, a native 
of Kllznbeth, nnd who has traveled with 
several minstrels, linn joined Al. (I. Field's 
Co., which commenced rehearsing at Colum- 
bus, 0., July 24. He will Introduce a new 

Atlantic City. — At the Savoy Theatre 
t Fred K. Moore, manager) the Wni. (lane 
llraod Opera Co. closed two good weeks here 
"7. Coming, week of 20, "The Man of the 

Ynrxn'H Timi Thkatrk (W. 10. Shnckol- 
ford, manager). — Rxcellent patronage. For 
week of 20 : Oeurge W. Monroe, Eva Mudgc, 
Keene and Pearl, Magnlll and Mnlllnl. Kd. 
Hlondell and company. Three Perry Platers, 
Kmmett Welsh. Klshl-Znmti .Tnps, Cnrloitn, 

Atlantic (Jaiidkn I, Sidney Fern, mana- 
ger!. — The snme'good patronage continues. 
Hilled for week of 20 : The Demncos, Renton 
and Scott. Hill nnd Aker, Roof nnd Hurl, the 
ilerkes. Aerial Russells, Marten Sisters. Fa- 
mous fords. Five Musical MncLnrens, Wood- 
ford's animals. Oshorn and Wallace. Tom 
llefron. Itice nnd Kemp, Plerey nnd Fulda, 
I'alcbcn nnd Clifton, the Vnlndons, Onrdner, 
West and Sunshine, F.ugcnc Jerge. 

• 'ii malt- ii. — At Woodlynne Phi* (II. D. 

I* Calo. manager) last week was a record 
breaker, with Leo St. Klmo, Voltn. James 1). 
Detnpsey, Hart nnd Roof, Hen Iteluholt, Jack 
Symnnds, Watson anil Let HI. nnd Hie mov- 
ing pictures. 

Camiikx (M. W. Taylor, manager). — This 
house opens a week earlier than usual, Aug. 

♦ «» 


Hurllng'ton. — Al the Strong U.'nhn at 
'•rant, managers) Summer engngement of 
• he Vail De Vernon Stock Co., to the usual 
good business. 

TlltiATnuii'M <J. P. Doyle, manager). — 
.Moving pictures have the S. I!. O. sign Ml 

l'nuiM'.vi mi & SKl.t.s' f iiii'I'N Is bonked for 
Aug, 12. 

Noti:h. — Paul Velllnke. musician nnd com- 
poser, of Paris, France, Is In Burlington for 
u f«w duvf. He Is returning from a trip 
around the world. This is bis second trip 

around .Ibe globe in seven years. In the 
1™ ls . J»« completing he has beep away 
from Paris for two years and nine months. 
......Anna Ln Salic who has been char- 
acter woman with the Vail De Vernon Com- 
pany, left rpr her home In New Vork. where 

she will spend her vacation John C. 

Hrownell who for the past senson has been 
p . l ,", yln ?. C(Mint Kar'af, the llusslnn spv. In 
The Man on Ihe Dox," through the West, 
is spending n few weeks with IrU mother 



< . M n"'P. l,, ":~ u Hoplilns' Fast End Park 
ia. it. Morrison, manager) crowds thronged 
from the terrltlc bent of the city to enjoy 
the cool lireeytcs under Ihe shade trees of this 
delightful resort. Fireworks, dancing, hand 
concerts and soloists enterlnlned tliosc In 
Ihe park precincts, while the following pro- 
gramme was rendered In the theatre: The 
Jackson Family. Allele McNeill, Klnlio Coin- 
1<}X Qunrteiie, the filrl Keblnd ibe Drum, 
.Mile. Chester s dog, nnd Ihe kltindroiue. 

1'AIrvi.anii Paiik (K. O. Reach, mnnagerl. 
—"Mrs. Jack," week lioglnnlng 21. nllrncled 
good in tendance The isrforninnro by Hie 
regular stock compnny was up to the stand- 
ard, and the principals of Ihe enst were 
heartily applauded. |'or week of 2R. "A 
Princess of the Wilds." 

Notk. — .Manager Stalnhack. of the RIJou 
rheatre, left 2». for New Vork. on business. 
He reports bookings for forty-one solid weeks. 
Is/glnnlng Aug. 2«. At the present lime his 
theatre Is being thoroughly renovated, nnd he 
promises n surprise for his pntrons In decora- 
tions at the opening. 


Knnxvlllr.— At t'hllhowoe I'nrk tllarrv 
Bernstein, manager) vaudeville continues 
very popular at this play house, and last 
week's bill Included: O'l'ell. Fred Wayne, 
Winkler and Kress, Mabel tinge and Mnster 
Harry, the Smukler Sisters and Wllks nnd 
Heed, (iooal business rules. The Boston 
Ideals week of 2. ... 

«»» . 


Wliiiield.— At the Alrdome Theatre (If. 
It. llrose. manager) Dublnsky Bros, closed n 
very successful engagement July 20, having 
plonneil rapacity. The Trousdale Stock Co. 
opened 22. 

tln.vxn OrKHA IIoisk (C. c,. finrv. mana- 
ger ). — Moving pictures 22-24. 
- — » » > 

The John Foral Amusement Co. h Firm 
of Varied Interest*. 

The John Ford Amusement Co. (Edward 
Marsh, managing director) has made in- 
rnngements with J. Cheever (ioodwln to 
handle exclusively all sketches written by 
him for vaudeville. Mr. Goodwin bus Ju*i 
finished "April Showers." a sketch, and he Is 
now at work on two more sketches. 

The firm Is also representing Alice E. Ives, 
author of "The Village Postmaster." She 
has Just turned over her newest' manuscript, 
"A Southern Itosc." a drama. In four acts, 
td lie placed. The John Ford Amusement Co. 
secured engagements for over four hundred 
people, for the coming senson, nnd made ar- 
rangements wlib the Jerome II. Itemlck Co. 
to produce all musical numbers that that 
music house Inlemolnle In the dlfferenl at- 
tractions. In conjunction with Its thentrlcnl 
exchange Ihe John Ford Amusement Co. Is 
running n high class school of stage dancing, 
and John Ford, the producing • end of the 
11 rni. with four assistants, is working night 
and. day to till com tacts. The compnny. holds 
contracts to produce nine shows In their en- 
tirety from the rise to the full of the curtain. 
— ■ — «♦» . ' 

Clins. II. Ynle'M Prodiiclloiis. 

Chns. II. Yule announces Hint "The K ver- 
bis! lug Devil's Auction" will open curly In 
Augus*i. This will mark the twenty-sixth 
edition of this speclncle, which will bo nrc- 
senled with new scenic nnd costume embel- 
lishments, novel bullets, vaudeville and spe- 
cial features. The season has lieen hooked 
for forty weeks nnd will run Into next June. 

"The Way of the Transgressor." with the 
acting Landsecr dogs, lifter n few prelimi- 
nary performances, will open In I'lillndelpliln, 
on 'Aug. 2d. "I'nlnling the Town," ihe big 
musical spectacle, will open III I'lillndelpliln 
Hut middle of September. A new and club 
oruln feature of this production will be Ihe 
present tit ion of a novel conceit entitled, 

In November Manager Yale will reproduce 
"The Evil Kye." Tim entire production will 
be now nnd of Ihe most elaborate charac- 
ter, while the cunt, ballet and chorus will 
he composed of the very best people obtain- 

—. < » » ■ 

Openings «t the Savage Attraction*. 

Henry W. Savage opened his season nt 
the West Kud Theatre, Long Branch, N. ,1.. 
on Jul v SO. with "The Prince of l'llsen." 
This will make Hie musical comedy's sixth 
season In this country. Lillet- It. will go on 
tour to the PnclHv Const. 

Itnymond Hitchcock will open Hie Asian- 
Theatre on Aug. 12 In "A Yankee Tourist," 
which will be followed by "The Collegia 
Widow," which begins Its senson al Plain- 
Held, N. J., on Aug. IH. 

"The Merry Widow" will be Col, Savage's 
first new production, if will be produced lu 
New Vork, after two weeks In Philadelphia. 
"Miitliiine Butterfly" will 0|>en the season 
In Newark, N. .1., on Sept. flu. Later II. will 
be presenied In I'hllndelnhln, before going 
on Its tour to the Pacific coast. Edward 
Herman's light opern, "Tom Jones," which 
Is now running nt the Anollo Theatre, In 
London, will be produced In Toronto, Can., 
In November. It will reach New Vork 
Christmas week, 

. «' * 

Swevlr-Shlniiian Notes. 

By nn arrangement effected with Ernest 
Shlpman, Herbert Kclcey and Kflle Shun- 
non are playing a special engagement nt 
ibe Alcazar Theatre, Snn Francisco, pre- 
senting the various plays In which they have 
starred during the past four seasons. At 
the termination of this engngement Mr. 
Keleey nnd Miss Shannon will return to New 
York, nt which time the company engaged 
for their support by Mr. Shlpmnn will be- 
gin rehearsals for their next season's lour. 

II. W. Sweely, of Kane, Pa., Is spending 
n couple of weeks in this city as the guest 
of his business associate. F.rnest Sblpman. 
.Mr. Sweelv's presence here nl this particu- 
lar time is due to ihe fact that ihe llrm of 
Sweelv, Shlpmnn & Co. have several Im- 
portant propositions under consideration. 
and tin enrly nnnotineement will be made of 
certain valuable properties which they have 

. 4 ■ I 

1 Helasro nevlvala. 

David Belnsco will probably revive three of 
his ploys next season, both In this city and 
on the road. "The Duiilug of the Oods" will 
be presented under his dlrectoln In New- 
York, as will also "Sweet Kitty Bellnlrs." 
"The Heart of .Maryland" Is the other play. 
It will be put ott ihe ratal 

«»♦ . 

"The Flower of the Uiancli." 

Joe Ilownrd and bis wife, Mnliel Harrison, 
are spending the Summer llshlng and boating 
up in Michigan n n ar Lake Cora preparatory 
to their starring tour under the direction of 
the Askin-Slnger Co.. la Mr. Howard's new 
piece -The Flower of the Ranch." 

. ■ <» : » 

Will ('.inriciiaj to !•■«> In "Anna 

Will Courtenny Is resting nt Athnl, Mass., 
until rehenrsnls tire called for "Anna Knre- 
iilnu." in which Virginia Hanied will I. 
starred, and in which he will-play Vronsky 

Spencer it Ahorn's Plana. 

This firm will send' but two of their at- 
tractions out In the early part of the coming 
season, deferring their new productions till 
later. Their . emotional' comedy draain. "\ 
Wife's Sa'cret," which has completeal three 
successful seasons .In I he popular price. houses, 
will open In Canada early ln August,, going 
through the Northwest. to ibo coasi and back. 
"Ten Thousand 'Dollars Itcwn rd" will npaii 
In Ortnher. to play. the. popular price week 
stands Kast-of the Mississippi Itlver. 

A. J. Spencer lltldepeiwlenilv i will produce 
two new offerings in which 'he Is planning to 
make striking novelties In Ihe drnmnllc tb-ld. 
"Anita, Ihe Singing Hlrl." a. comedy drama 
with music. Is being staged ehilHirmely. with 
n strong cast, exis>nslve proahu-i Inn anil it se- 
lected chorus. It Is a roninnilc play, by 
Owen lhi\Js. combining ihe lieiirr icauircs 
of meloalronin null a-omeily almoin with those 
of musical comedy, cons, meted along iii'ig- 
itial lines. It will not be seen 1M ihe regular 
liielmlrnmu bouses, but will lie cpnllued to the 
higher graih> Iheatres, where Ihe ili.Har scale 
oi prla-es prevail. Mr. 'Spenivr's other reiinirc, 
"It's Never ton Late To Mend." Is by the 

same inn hoc. but is bit led fur ibe tnelo- 

drnninllc circuit. Its principal claim to nov- 
elty Is Hull II Is written and prntluccd In the 
style of the inetotirnmiis of n genernilnn ago. 
when i lint class of plays dcpaairted man' on 
merit la the slory and dramatic Interest, 
His Idea In making a, presentation of this 
character Is that the splendid n|<1 melo- 
dramas of yenra ago will Ilmi nn appreciative 
nubile today. This wns also Mr. Mails' idea 
ln returning to older and more worthy lines 
in writing "It's Never Too l.tiie fo Mend." 

' ■» « > 

Notes from Hraws's HuiiKalaw, 
lllverslile, H. I. 

The entire cemp went to Vnnlty Fair I'nrk. 
Providence. It. L. Monilnv evening, July 22, 
nnd ns soon a» Mrs. Harry M. Brown was 
seen she was told Hint she wns wanted In- 
Dr. Dutcher. who. In n nice utile speech. 
said : "Did you ever go down to Brown's 
Bungalow anal cut one of her clinnhiikes'. 
Well there are three here who have done so 
on several iieenslons. ami In shaiw our up 
preclnilon of iliciu we. Dr. I in: idler. Dr. 
llgau I of Pnsloni and W. E. tJreeii. of the 
Fire nnd Flnme Show, preaenl you with this 
gold loving ciiu." The cup Is nearly I en 
Inches high, nnd splendhllv engraved, with 
Ibree line hnrn-biindles. In the parly were: 
Dr Dutcher. pr. Kgnn, W. E. Hreen, Mr. 
and Mrs Chns. L. Walters. .Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Nevns. Miss Furmnn and several others. 
The Browns open Ih.dr season In Washing 
ton on Sept. :;. 

. . <»» . 

• una rlulu PeWormanee of "The 
Well o( Itrtfiiuf." 

A copyright, performance of "The Web of 
llevenge, ' a four net sensational melodrama. 
'«>■ i in i on Steelsmlth, was given at Bethany, 
Mo., on July 111. It Was the first, perform- 
ance on any stage. The cast : Jack (it ahum. 
Frank I. Itedner : Harry Wlnslow, Frank 
It. Dare: Jeff Wyatt. Clifton Sleelsmllh : 
Edwin Mm cell. CM. Steelsmlth: Simon 
tiriihnin. Jim Durdon and Judge . Rube, 
Hurry Sobns: Eleanor Mttrrell. Hrnu Sleek ; 
Jessie < iruluiui. Nellie Thomils . Mrs. ilrahnln, 
Sadie Sleelstiillh. Synoitsls : Acl I— Slmnlt 
Ufiihain'.-: Home; near Kllltoti, Mo. ' Act II — 
Same. ,. Act III Co'tinly- Jail nnd Jull.vard 'ill 
Sprlitgllclal. Mo." Art- IV— Cotiii room nud 
the. trial. The play Is said to have made mi 
Immense till. and. two one night stand com 
ponies will he put nut In It In the nenr fu- 
ture, one : playing . the East and one going 
West to the. const.: 


Vnn tlcn Hern Signs Woiiinii Slngem. 
- .lose Vim den llfrg..who has made u phe- 

liouieniil Success lis n grand opera linpre- 
snrlii In Hie West Mini Tlienlre, New York, 
reiiirned last week from the Adtrotialacks. 
whore he biidgone for a rest. 

lie lias slgucil two members for Ihe aug- 
mented compnny which he will present. 
Mngdn Dahl ntut ilrace Norton. Miss Nor- 
ton Is it cousin of Mmi'„ Nordlcn, nud n pro. 
lege of the greul piiiau dniinn'. 

"The licite hi Japan" in tlppii 


The sei'oud season of "The llelle.of Japan" 
will open Aug. Ill, miller the iiinnngcmeni of 
IL Iln ills Klilon, who wilt again star Bessie 
tilfion ill lb" title rule. The mule will In- 
clude Ihe Middle Wcsl.-linlf or more of the 
time being return dales. Aiming Hie people 
engaged nre: Bessie Clifton, V Inlet True, vlt- 
glnht .1111110110, Helen M'al'nn. Belle Taylor, 
Pnnnv Vernon, F. .1. IX' Catllltn, Van B. 
Adams, il. S. Flinders, Chns. Milton, John 
Kvnns, senium tloto, native Japanese Jug- 
gler. Arthur Kiilmbncb will be In ndvonce. 
Mr. Khlon will iiersonally innnuge Hie nllrac- 
tlou .... 

• » » 

l iiuii... |„ Koneke to Open a New 
Theatre In ni.l.ll. i..«t n, S. V. 

Kugeno L. Kiineke, mnnnger of Hie Ma- 
jestic nnd Orpheum Thenlres, In Cllcti, N. 
v., and also Interesteil in the Bijou, al King- 
ston, N. V., will soon open a new tlienlre at. 
Mlddlelown, N. Y. 

If will be known its the Rlloii, and wilt 
hnve n wining capacity of Dim. The house 
will be devoted |o moving pictures, with Il- 
lustrated songs nnd some vaudeville fenliires 
of met it. 

James. O'Nell In Play "VlrglnluM." 

One of Hie most notable productions of 
Ihe classic drama the coming season will be 
thai of Jnmes O'.Nell's sumptuous revival 
of "Vlrglnlus." 

There will be five scenes, eitch one full 
singe without borders nnd built on the pan- 
ntereoramlc. principle. 

The compnny tit present engaged Includes 
Charles Ditlton. Norman Hitckeit. Charles 
D. Herman. Jnmes O'Nell Jr.. Wnrren Con- 
inn nnd Wmisworth Harris. 

Edgar Forrest Is Mr.. o'Nell's manager. 


llllalaa Knglond a* Lorliuer'n Leading 

"A Yankee Tnarlal" a n«i. 
The cost setecleil for Ihe llnyniaiudjlileh- 

etx'k company Includes : Flora Zatsdle, Helen 
Hale, Susie Forrester Cnwthoriie, Herbert 
i nwthorne. Philll|is Smalley. I). It. Phillips, 
Edward t>lllell<>, Unllnee Iteery. E. P. Par- 
sons, O. J. Van Assc nud M. W. Hole. "A 
Yankee .Tourist" also calls for n large chorus 
and a hand of strolling musicians, who are 
supposed lai nrcaimiiilliy the slnr while he Is 
on Ids three nets au stage tour. 
- ICi'lienrsttls also IsMnn.'Insa wis>k for "The 
Prlrtce of . l'llsen." which stuns next mon.h 
nn lis third trip to the Cacllie l-ousi. and its 
sixth season nn the road. 

"The College Willow" gis'S Into rehearsal 
tills week for lis four,ll> season on the rood. 
■»»» . 

"Mr*. \Vl«u«' " Sueeesn In l.oadnn, 

While failures In London theatrical pro- 
iliieilnns linve lieen niiincioii.s. 1 1 Is iileasain 
In unle I lie a'oniplele silcavss, from Isitll nil 
iii'llsilc ami n iinaiiciiil stanilpoliii. of "Mrs. 
Wlggs a»f the Cnblinge I'nli'h." anal, also of 
Madge a 'a it Conk, who lias Is'couie n very 
great filvorllc In Ihe English capital for her 
dellghlful isirlriiyal of Ihe lending role, The 
one hiinilitsllli isTfocinancc at 'n-rry's Tue- 
ntre oceurreil on Suturday. July 20, nnd was 
utteuileil with great eclat. A souvenir isipy 
of Mrs. Rico's famous Isiok. rrom which ine 
play derives lis name, was given In Ihe audi- 
ence. The success of Hie play In London has 
caused a postponement of nn Intended pro- 
vincial tour until February, inns. 
»■• . , 
I. Im J. luricr'n Proalnt'tlnna. 

Lincoln ,1. Carter's plays for the season of 
1U07-0H arc: "The Cat and the Fiddle." "The 
KM of the Trail," "Tltr Flaming Arrow." 
•'Heart of Chicago," "Too Proud to Beg" and 
'•Bedford's Hope." All will lie elaborately cos- 
tumed nnd lilted nut with beautiful scenery. 

i.i'iirne tale's "Artie" la lti>licnriaal. 

Ilehcnrsals of (ieorge Atle's new totnetl.v, 
"Artie." to be ptiHliiced by Charles Hilling- 
Iiiiiii, were begun on July '.'2, Mr. Ailc came 
from his farm In llrook., Intl.. on that date, 
unit rciuiilnc-d In New York only twenty-four 

"Artie" will hnve lis jii'itsIitc lu Chicago 
on Aug. Ill, presented by it cast Including : 
I.iuvreine Wheat. Joseph Sparks, William 
llnrrlgiiii. Hale Noruross, Clnlre Ktllp, Ylra 
Stowe, Virginia Milton and May Ibirber. 

♦ «» 

Oraham slmin With Savage. 
II. E. tl in ha in ban Iss-n cngngeil by Henry 
W. Savage for the prluclpnl eoinndy trole In 
"The Merry Wives." which Is to have Its llrst 
Amerla-nti prisbitilisi early In October, lie 
ina veil Ibe lending conical v role four sea .on » 
In— "Flnnslorii." Ills role hi "The Merry 
Wives" Is Hun nf I'oimfT, Mnrsovlnn Ainbns- 
siidor to France. Ihe role now being plnyetl 
by aieairge lirnves, In Lo.iiluti. 

«'» — | 

l.i'« Flelals Engages tlsi'ar l-Tginan. 
The engagement nf Oscar. I'lgimin for one 
of the prluclpnl emnealy rnles with Lew 
Fields, In "The tilrl Behind' the Cnmitcr." 
will Introduce to New York Ibeiilcegoers u 
comedian who lias been phiyltt" ilinuighinil 
Ibe country In the title roles of "The Burgle 
muster" mid "The Tenderfoot." Mr. Flginini, 
who Is ii brother of .Mux FiUinan. Ihe slur of 
"'lite Mint on Ihe Box," - wfll tniike his New 
York ili'blll III the character comedy role 
placed lu London by Mr. Ilimiley. 

♦ » ♦ 
"The luiplre." 

"The I'mplre," despite' Ihe fact thill II is 
now Iwo years old, Is still tine of Ihe musical 
Cornell) successes. Ii opens lis third season 
under. I he direction of Ihe Askln-slnger .Co., 
In Tiileilo, l|„ Aug. 27. lis route lll.VS ilowil 
South, where, nfler Hie eiigHgcinenl In New 
Orleans, It gis's up Ihe AllaiiHc const, to piny 
all Hie big cities. Fred Mace, who plnyetl 
Hie principal pari during Iln road lour, will 
he lepliiceal by another ciiiuedlan I Ills senson. 
■ ■ ♦«» 

I'.rrn Iva-iiiliill's liinr. 
I I. /en Ka'tlilnll's sinning lour begun III Og 
den. I'inb. July I.*. Ho will play "Swell 
Klegnnl Junes" tills last sciixou'h success I 
ufiill Aug. 2."i, When he will nllerinile with 
his new play, which (Ieorge Ado Is now writ- 
ing for dim. John Siiiplvlnii, Ihe singe ill 
rea-tnr, will Iriivel with .Mr. Keiidull's com- 
ptin.v While he Is playing "Swell Elegant 
Jones," In order to . outbid rehearsals of Ihe 
new piny. 

♦ «» ■-. • 
ilma-. I iiniiii lliiiiiiM Hnlla Ine Kurnpe. 

Mute. I'lsima l'.anies left New York on July 
2.°i for I'n lis, and It may Im Hint live months 
will ellipse before she will return, as trips 
iilsnit Kit pore nre plfinneal. Mine. Ktinies 
wltlle Id Kurope will siudy the title rnln In 
Miieciigni's .Inpniiese opera, "Iris," which she 
will sing In the Meiropnlliiiu next senson. 

I rll.l SellllT. Ile»l..,,d to llcilllh, 

llilorns In \oii-rltii. 

fell /I Sebeff, Who bus ipille recovered from 
her recent Illness, which lasted for twenty 
weeks, returned In New York on July 21. 

Miss Keheff Immediately left the city for 
Loon In me Adlroiiilncks, where she 
will ri'iiiiilii until time In return for her en- 
gagement III "Mile. Mnills!c." which will he 
presented nl the Knlclieibockec Theatre on 
Sept. ii. 


William '•'• Kengli Agnlu at llln !»• »u. 

vvilllniii T. Kcogh, ninniiger of Ihe New 

Slur ami American Thenlres. hits returned 

from a two months' viirallnn. Mr, Kcogh 

Hie lime cruising about the New llng- 

const n in m rd his yncht, "The 

s|s a nt 




Star Theatre to Iteoiieii, 

The New Slnr Thru i re, New Yurk City, 

will open Its season Saturday evening, 
:t. with "Billy the Kid," with Joseph 
ley, the boy selor., lu Ihe title role. 
«i » 
II. K. Forrester'* Plana. 
The productions In be senl out by 


Wrlght Lorlmer will hnve Hilda England Forrester the coining senson art 

ns his lending woman the coming season. In 
"The Quicksand" nnd Ibsen's "Wild Duck." 
Ernest Shlpmnn will do the booking, while 
Mr. Lorlmer. us. actor-munnger, will is' In 
chnrge of everything pertaining to the singe. 

On* Edaiiaril* In the I 'bataionual 
I lain litis. 

fins I Id wants Is spending the Summer nt 
Jis- Weber's home la Hi" Thousand Islands. 
He expects In complete there the book and 
music of a new musical comedy which he 
has -Igned to write for .Mr. Weber. 

a»»» i 
Ml.loltle Kelni to Star In M.,.1. la 

Adelaide Kelm, who recently closed n sue- 
cossful engagement nl the Meiropoliliin The- 
atre, New York City, wilt slur In her own 
stock company al the Hush Temple Them re, 
Chicago, the coming senson. Miss Kelm will 
reappear nl Ihe Metropolis Thenlre for a 
long Spring season. ... 


II. K 

Vmiie ami 

Adams, In ii musical comedy, "Playing the 

Pontes: I'he Little tlrgan Hrlnder, "A 

Fighting ('1111111*," Florence Bindley and "A 

Midnight Kscnpe." 


The I liii'oln Naiunre Hensain to Opa-n 
A ag. il. 

"Little Johnnie Junes." liisi. M. Coliau's 

successful musical comedy, will Itintigimite 

Ilia- new senson nl llhioey's Lincoln Sipiare 

Then ire, on Holurdny night, Aug. II, coiillau- 

Ing Hirntighoiil Hie week of Aug. la. A 

puny of llfty live will be seen in the ensl. 


Wagner Opera llonse. I'nnnjoharle. 


Work on Ihe remodeling of Hie Wagner 
Opera House, Cnntijohnrle, ,N. Y., was a'otn- 
tnenced last week. The changes to ls> made 
are no enlarged stage, the nilhlilon of n gal- 
lery and Interior redecorailng, The house Is 
- in lie finished and reopened on Sept. 14, by 
Hie comic ois-rs. "The Toyinnkivs." 

■iltiinij liar*" f«r .il. I eh. 

A fn r tn pelt cmisld.'Mllo.i nnd various sug- 
gestions. William A. Ilritdy has decided upon 
the title '.'llnppy llnys.' v for All Leech's 
lii-w mtisleiil cciui'dy. 'Ilie ls»ok Is by II. Illl- 
berl ITioliiiers, lite lyrics by. Ale Leech. .and 
Ihe music by A. Bnldwln Slonne. nnd Ihe 
play Is snlil Inalsuind with great oppor- 
liinltles. w,m written expressly for Al. Leech, 
itnal should prove n successful vehicle for 
tills eccentric, coaiedlan, ';The. ametimg,,dtito 
will lie Sept.. s. Itehi'iirsnls will "inn Aug: l. 

ThF'fcfljpfe of' iB<< p>t»diiel.lon.. wl)l, l*i. ifh 
exnci ccpiiiilucllnii of the Int^lor of Ihe 
Hotel Aslor for the llrst act. with lis mils. 
tive eoliinuis. The second mi .will be tiie 
floor nf Ihe Stock Kxcbntlge. am) Hie limit 
act will lie Ihe Kings suite, at Ihe Kniekcr 
bocker Hotel, Mr. I'.riiti.v will Import most 
of Hie gowns, nliliii-he is now per«iiii:illy' se- 
lecting, while abroad. 

i i «t'» 

I'ltirein'e llt-etl Signs ina Snlliern'» 
Leading Wuniau. 

Florence lleeal signed n con I met Inst week 
us leading woman for K. II. Snlhern In tiie 
revival of "Lord Dundreary," which he will 
iiinlic the coming seitsnn. Miss Heed has 
been In slock will) Mnlrolni Williams for 
some years, and has dune some cnpltnl work 
ill Woreeslair nnd Providence. 
Curloiiii's New Play. 

Miss Nlllsoti. who has been residing In Ettg- 
land slncai the close of her senson In "The 
Three or Tn," at Hie Mndlson Snunre Thea- 
tre, has aecepled a modern comedy, by Ki- 
le ry itiipiviiod. for her next senson's tour, 
when *U» will iippenr under Independent 

■ ♦»» 
llnrry Corsatn Cliirka- lleliirus to 
New York t'lt»'. 

Hurry Cnrsou Clarke has relumed n> New 
York, nfler a trip througb the Middle West. 
Mr. Clarke visited Clrvoiaiul. liutTalo. Ilnch- 
cstcr, I'hlbidelphhi, Atlantic City nnd Cnpe 
Muy. He. will spend Hie rest of the Summer 
lietwa-eii New Yurk nud Ncw|nirl, enjoying the 
llrst real vocntiiili lie litis bail In several venrs. 
■ ' <«♦ ■■ 

. I.leliler %a>t»ria fair London. 

Three Ameiiciiit actors have been sunt In 
llnulinul in ivplace Ba-ssle Biirrlscnle, lltlltlt 
Story mill Forrest Hohliistiu. lu "Mrs. Wlggs 
■if Ihe I'nhbiige I'nlcb," now running lit 
Terry's Theatre. In London. Their names 
nre: Untie Alter, Mabel Show and llgdeu 
Stevens. • . , ...... , . ■ 


V mm llt>)ti lliijiitueti fur "AeriiiM the 


A mill Boyd luis been signed by Mortimer 
M. Tbelse in create a part in Adiilnh I'hll 
Ipji's new comeily, "Across the I'olnl," which 
will be given Its AiOeiicmi premier ill the 
circle Tlientre, New York Cliv. In the Full. 

»■ > 

ilea lil KesHler in Piny "The Nprll." 

.Tbilisi' A Llehlcr hnvn snlcclcd "Tiie H|M'H'," 
bv Samuel Hhlpnuui, for. Hie explnlliilliili or 
■ he Yiddish aclnr. David ' Kesslor. Mr. Ship 
iiiiiii wnile Hie Itlauchf Walsh version nf Hie 

"KretitMr Siuiaiii," ... 


l.ya'i-uill. tla-inphls, I Villa., .Neeiireal b.a 
Viaerla'im Theutrli'ul ■ Eaehange. 

The Lyceum Tlienlre, Memphis, Tcuu.. 
lias been bought liy ibe American Theatrical 
exchange. The price was Jilo.iMin. Tile IuiUm- 
wlllbe hooked by Klaw A lliiiinger. , 

• »» 

.1. .1. Mhuhert Itelurns From Knratpe. 

J. .1. Sbirticri. who luis been iiliroinl far the 
pusi ifoiir mi'iiilis, icturneti Wisluemliiy,. Inly 
21. Mr. Slinlsrf eoiiclioli d armtigeiiieiii" fur 
nllllty Hew iii't.ilin I Luis III Am. •lien, lilt of 
which will I Iiliiiiillccil Inlcr. 

I lllllllaea') ill, -oil a,, li|i,.i l„ \o U n»i 
t'luiiillcey (llcoll will open nl SiiriHogn, N. 

V.. oil Aug. HI. lu Then, Bull Snyre's new 
piny, "O'Neill nf Hcrry." 

a>a» c — 

.Men Crystal Theatre fur Nan 

Ai'iangenienis have Ihhui completed for the 
erection of II Vina levlll.' mill 
plliyllouse lii ciiier In Ihe North Beach Hie 
iilre-gairrs nil Bronilwny. near • Sloekluii 
SI reel., San Frniiolnrii. I.'al. . ■ 

The bonsai Is to Is- known ns I he I'ryslnl, 
and will be one of u circuit nf ..tiict ihea 
iii-i. aaf Hun inline. Sleet null re-en fiiriS'll 
collelele will be used In ihe construct inn. and 

II Is expanded lo have Ihe house opened 
Hltlilii four im. nibs. The eosi Is estimated 

III $7ll,mi(l, The since will he huge enough 
I" permit Hie singing nf spectnciilnr nl- 



"Tim MATINHH llsil." Is ii new film Issued 

by HlO Selig Polyscope I'll. A good looking 

anil well drisaid yniing in-iur emerges from 
Ihe nlnge tlisir of Hie thenlre nfler his pel'- 
foriimiiee Is over nud there Units iiwultlng 
lilin n Levy of pretty girls, anxious lo ntiike 

Ills pervomit in llUlllllllllli e mill show hint 

huw sllieerii|y they lldnilre llllll. They sin 
round lilin with nvery expression of n. Imita- 
tion iiiial iiffecllon, bill lie seems luore a'lii- 
biiri'iisKeil i lei n pleuseil nl his nllogelber mi 
cxpecii'il reception, ami more Hutu anxious 
lu make Ills escape nnd relieve himself rrom 
Hie ion eiilhilslnsHc lilleiilloiis of bin link 
admirers, so bowing tn one, shaking Itniid's 
with another anil pushing others aside, he 
breaks itwny from tlteiii. Not sittlslled Willi 
this, they nil sinii off lifter Ibe unfortunate 
actor, each bound lo bo Ihe llrst one In 
'"t .ii up with him. A very funny chose 
lakes place. Finally the poor Ma 1 1 nee Idol 
eNtilhes his fool mill falls down. The police 
come up nnd capture him, nnd he Is arrested 
llllll leal iiwav lu explain his conduct, ami 
thus pays ihe penally for Ills too great 

"TllH HVt'KV'H IlKVKMIK" Is the title of n 
new dfimatlc dim tiresciifd by S. Lttbln. It 
shows gypsy life with ricmuitlc siirrouiiilliigs. 
"The Hjiis' Convention" luis been Ihornuglilv 
pictured, ami views nf the pai'tide, showing 
Hie representative of the principal titles |,, 

filiittrempie array, should prove of strong 
oca I Interest. 

"Tug llvi'Nnrisr's lli:vi:.vni:," Hie latest 
Olograph mm, Is a strong feature tvltb Hie 
principal exhibit Inns. 

i'HH I'Jptsiix Cii. have mnde a film show- 
lug "The Nine I.Ives of a Cm," which shows 
the Inniein let- ..r r.ilne long llvedueHs, lu 
various Interesting phases, "Cohen's Fire 
Sale'' still causes many >mlles. 

Tilt: Kl.llist: imthai, Co. handle Ihe Unu 
mont lUnis. ihe latest subjects ore: "Bay- 
ing n Donkey." "Servant's liciierodly." 
"Winning Ihe t!Mi7 Ib-rliy " nnd "Looking for 
Ihe Medal." . 

"Tin: Athmu'Ii' A.mhiiic.iv (itiii.s" Is a 
new V'llngrtipii film, showing lite prowess of 
Ihe typical .female I'aiie Saingriidiliite lu 
inii-culai developmeai. "ihe Boy. Ihe Bunt, 
llllll the BnHi" Is Hie lilt" or n series of 
ciiiiili'iil events, wherein 11 Iiiim place. I In u 
baili'uli cause, iiuiiiy errors. 



Among Ihe v»l«i. ages who MM Riven the UAL FlllltE TltCNIi a tryainl. They'aai all Friendly Preil«. 
hat the HAL KIOUK Tllf.Vlas are the I.IOIITKMT, si itifviiKHl', IIAMHOMIIM' 

Thev say, with u» 
and HOST 

WlfalalAM UAL, Inc., 

. , Makers ..r 
110 WiMt tOlli St., New Vork City. 

SK.NB FHK CAi AMilld K (.', 

Ask 'em. 





August 3, 


First Glass Stage Director, 

gpeilalUtx. I'lliNT (LASH ItRPKRTOUlE PEOPLE wrllc, stall npr »«. , li.l K lit. 
wolghl and experience Aildresn KI.MKR K. MOULTON, Box 80, Malum, Hui. 


With Musical Comedy or Burlesque 

B»|ii idem r, mmiiI lie cupniilv of playing good uart, for 


CHAN. II. «M.Dii(i». I'alate Theatre, Uontuit, Mush, 

An Attraction of Real Merit* 


Fcrhuihciil address, (IIIAND OI'KKA HOUSE, KVANSVIU.K. IM). 

WANTPTi (-'lever Repertoire Soulirctte, A Xo. 1 speclalllca, Heavy 
TraniHll"MHD, Character Womun. Properly Man for bit*— specialty 
and operate atereoptlcon. NEIL IIICKBY, wire address. 

VinnRVIHr Af"P for * cck >>' W" '■". '" Kvau-ivlUe, Ind. Tlic 

f av flTHM nvl <<i pleasing act Dial la procurable In vuudc 

villi-. AddrcSsCAUL W. COOK, Sprlnghrook Park, South Hcnd. Ipd' 




Thin THUNK Ih conveniently an-ati.eil 
for carrying LADIES' HATS. It will 
carry dx ham. Tray In top-! 1-% In. deep 
for glove* vellt, ete. 

NEW VORKl 131 W. 38th 81. 

CHICAGO! 30 E. Randolph 8t. 


oucnud-tltri-c tiighl stand, (Jtiurseler Lead. Ucnh.'crtlcavy, ("jammer Old lluh Comedian fur Country 
Klil. character mil Woman, Hntihrclie, Juvenile Lead. Nn Irtla, nil good parts. All wlili specialties 
■rpiM»il>ln. Mould like In hour f i nil i A No. I Team. I mini in fcnliirc llM" specially pari of Hie hIiw'mt. 
No. I riniin Player, Sight Itl'inicr, Trunsposcr llial can Il-iiiI an orchestra or pluy Ihc Hhnw, a (Inod 
Fleelrlcliiu ami hliit-c Cnrpciilrr, A No. I Agvill who will pill u|i I lie paper. Slate sulinv and all In fir- 1 
leiler. Pay your ran. Kulieariml last week In August, show opens Sep:. I, Would like to hear from 
No. 1 people for m.v repertoire company. Address 

J. I.. TEMPENT, »0 s. Catharine St., Slitmamloah, Penua. 



:ON£ GOOD, USEFUL, ALL 'ROUND ACTOR. join mi wire. Oilier IIhiiiiiI IVoplu Write. Tell all In llrnt Idler. II. P. IIUI.MF.H, 

Mgr. Myrtle Vluloii Company, Mnlw-ru, Iowa, Aug, -'• himI week. 


Mulln 109 Ileal Mutate Hoard im<1k-, .10 Oearltorii St., Chicago, III. 

WHICH IH ON THE HI A It It KT. Hole Agent, for "The Starbucks,' 1 -Ivuit Hie Tfi-rlljh;, I'lii: 

lluly <:nv," "A lloyal Slave," "The Now lioinlntou," "A Southern (ioutloumn" "An American Ucnilc- 
inau," "Waaler and Man." "Nearer llio Tlirouo," "Hnlntv ami Sinners," "MicT.rrylown Widow," "A 
Canialu or Navurro," "In I lampion Honda," "Sunset Mliiea," "Hhorldan Kicnc, Kotccllve," Knwcr'a 
"liltlle Minister" and "Sherlock Holmes," "Along Hie Mohawk," "Fori Prayne," "Whon the Hell 
Tolls" and km oilier pluya. . . . 





1432 broadway, hew york 

Repertoire Companies 

Electric Park, lola, Kane. 

Fur one ami Iwo week*. Musi chunge hill eneli 
ulghl. Cuiiipiiiili'K must lie strong and Inn i: good 
siicclnllios. IJlsi show town' In Kansas. Twenty 
llioiisiiud pimple in draw from. 



AthlfUM all eonmiuuknlloim to 

(IF.t). C. ChAHKF,, Amusement Maunder. 



j To Play Strong Line of Port* 

GENERAL BUSINESS MAN. K;i,^^,^' l,,il - '^ '" "" 

mnwtna H " H "^* H TwXVrA elh«»n, aso n. MM St., Ne.vurk, Ohio. 




Must huve experience ami wardrobe. Week stands. Tills and next season. Stale all Hint letter, 
'those who wiiiie hefore wine a^alu- AddreHH It. W. FltASKIt, Mgr., AiiiIro, Wis., Aug. MI. 




stiiuiI IttiKlni'H.-i Wninuii, Cluiiaeter Wnnmn ami cxpertciieeil repertoire people In all line- 
Willi Hpeelallles |irelerieil. Will pay lair Milarlea and iiiiihI litvr pouple of iilillily 



PIANO PLAYER to Double Band, 
other Musicians, write' that Double 
Stage. Write or wire quick. Opening 
Aug. 12. . : 

GEO. D. SWEET, S torm Lake, Iowa. 

Orchestra leader 


At Liberty for Next Season 

xperlciicc. opera, vumlc 
inly peniiaiii-ut pn^liioh 
•mil', (i, II. IIKIUIMAN, 

Hum- i'- years 1 experienci 
hiirluMiiue, Mi On 
sldeled. t 

.... I-IU Ilurd SC, .1 



Wayne, I ml. 



Iluokeil Kollil. HMWtttl . Taper. Small Caul. 
lteio«iilzeil allnii'tloj. rinyeil all rlty lline, 
lam Mi-asoii. win well one hull Ihterext orl 
uiitilKlii. The-.,- only iiienuitii; hi/., write.! 
cliampalKii, III., lleurdale.v llutel. 




' .•• • Willi i. • '■. I 
Toliavel. Willi. llivl .eliuw UUtfuMHUr, Write utilek. 

'.- ' ■ • . . UVi lirnuilH-ay, Nun Vnrk. 


.. Tor halaiieu of 
Ninuuier nml rt'Kttlar miimui. .loin "wire, Maiiliu Drake tiui-n mid Lorraine Ki-i-nr, pleaae win 
Aililifxa Mill, k JAMES MORROW HOUSE, Mn-nager. Cnrmi, Ullnola. 


Experienced Musicians 


I'liino lloitlile Tnlui, Cornel, Chirliicl. Drums. 
Uuime never v-Iosoh. .US. A. Mel.KKS, 

Morunel, Mlililirnn, week of July -.1). 

A No. 1 Comedian. 

One with u oi • 4 good evmeily scrlpis, llial enn 
put on ami dtreul. Other Fiiito ComcK I'eoph- 
thai, iloulih- lim>M, write: utatu lowesl." Week 
Clauds. AjMnm W. VV, iiankins. 

New Roland Tliculre, Marlnn, 111. 


A HiOli VONKOIAM WD NOI nitm n: 

'I iini en ii ih i pleutt of tiouil .-peiiiiiiiv.i and can i-tilcriiiln h ii nmiini.-e for an hour If H-nulreil. win pay 
nhiili.-H In iiieordiinee with what von rati do. Stale all In llrsl letter and salary espeeted. and give 
time for mull in he forwanled. .1. M. lll.'SIJY, liet-aiur, Texas. 



Bobkers Arabs. 

Ill llioli woinliilul Niirrliilll. .. AT I.IBKUTV mil II Si-Ill- ">• llt<llnlili> niuiiuuers 
AildnmN UOIIICKItM AH Vll>, Lima Villa, Conry lalaiid, N. V. 




Mrgcsi Block ID Annrlea. WIrs maris to order 


Knii line of paint., 

powitors ami cold cream. Send for UataloRuo "V," to either place. 

I1M wkht iioili ST., N. T.| Ulileago u PCf» Uou»e Block, Chicago 

\A/ A NT K C 

< Htiirni. i i>. phn -.tiiiill liar 1 ., ai«n lii-avv Mnn and cliuraelcr Woman, anit I'laiio Player. AdilifKH 
tjiiU'k, " WAI.TKHS .1 Sli'l'llRHLAPli, lb lljmoutll riaet, CMvRgo. 

ZEKE. The Country Boy, 

Wanted, a Physician 

Who Is rt-gislered in Hie Ki»(c of Wi^oiihiu. 1 Uo 
flic work, you look wise ami draw vour vnliirr. 
^^olllll iilao like i« lieiU'Truiii n'lieullsi. Address 

Slurgeuii Hay. DooitJuiiiili. »|. . 


l.lliLIAN JAMKW, MM Ashlaud U l uek. ChlcaKQ 


ConilKised lo Song Poems, how lerins. 

I.. Til.. ADAMS. Ilerrlrk, III. 


All and While Top, 40x70 or SO, I'usli Pole, or 
larger, complete, l.owesi i.-aah price. 
I' KOF. T. L. SKISKKIt. Mux lu.'l, Yorkv llle, III. 

Wiiiiy,\^.llii i j).liiiii|ijiny 

Fur Fair date of Aug. l'J lo 17. Address 

. JAMi;» imuik, Sayhiook. III. 

UimiTCn l-AK(li; TAIILKAC (T'lttAIN: 
iThII I CU "l«" Small Hlack Vp|\ el limp. 

BiKPLE.aagw.attB si.,k, v. 


4(Mi'«'OLOIN» (IIMIIK, hraml new. l„r 
Mlanilng lloor. '. uiur Oargalu. ■ 

^.r. BOlHSB l '(Jlimlia,Neli. 




!V» Wig I. n. Win U 

Wot UuHffht ihmm ti»« 





One Performance Only at Noon, 


If you haw xnuietlilng Hint will draw tlio people out.ld«, aomethlug thai can l» 
«lr.agly featured, WHITE? (IUICK, with fall particular., 



Novelties and Working Platform Acts 

of Every Description, Living 

and Mocbanical 


Vaudeville Specialties of Bright ami 

Refined Char-actor. 


and rirUuwIiiK for ivoiienliia of .einuii, Addroa* «nili lily and fully, Kivlns 
MMra« for two weeha. T. r. IIOPKINH. Munager. 

MIHTH aw* ABCH MUSEUM, Philadelphia. P«. 

Gran Circus Pubillones 


Cuba, Mexico, Central America and Panama 



THK LaRURR THBaTM IN Ci;UA. i apaclty --..oo-}. 


I'roter families Unit ean do Iwo or Hired ueis. Must not depend un the luugimgc. 
Alio Wanted, a First Clnaa Brass Baud of Twelve and Trained -Animals 

Address nil cumiuunienlluna to ANTONIO IM IIII.I.ONK.s, Cafe Cenlial. Ilnvaua, Culm. From 

(lei. IliiiilMUli-i-, SKdliKTAUY, Mil. FRANK I.OMU'.liill AM, llnlrl Allierle.ll, New 1 ork. 

hiiiiiu.'ii,- and IngMiHir. 


Singing mill Dancing Sp,-i lulu. . 

Hlunht. A. F. 

of 91. Arrange. Trunapuac. 

Addrcaa ILLliHUIS illd'HI., H|irlnglleld, 111. 


liiiiui Aiiurs all lluen, Man fur Trump, Juvenile Man. Heavy Man, Small Comedian Willi Hpt-clnlli, 
I'liuiii I'hiyi-r. All Doiildc tlruas. Nuvellv Mliidciit Ael thai cull play |iarls, I, lie AKcut w I'i > > 
knows the Fast nml Soolh, .luveiille Womuu with S|Hiclnl(Y, lhre« more l/'horim lilrls. (i|Mtii Aug. 'j|i. 
Hand people In all lines fur the llurliitl Slock Co. (J. yi of K kki.ii, Algr., Nulcin. Ill, 

^Wtinttjcla for tli <3 


(Opening Aug. I'-'l, Tall. Cuod Looking, i.'levi-r lleiivv Man (dark), Tall Juvenile Man, Young Cluir.ieier 
Man, IToperly Man and (ieneinl llus. Man. Ilehearsals AIIU.4. IIRHIi INNKWIiMIT. Mould like lo 
hear from mail whu liux llliiHlniled Moving I'leluni Miu.hlne M'rlle or wlrcfOUIOKi. Thla ciuniiaiij 
la iNioked (nollill. HVIIMKV (lltKASOX, Mgr. KMMl. SIiiiiiioiih C'uiniwiiy, Neivpurl, It. I. 


Uwlng In < i, .ill... i i,i,.,|.. .«, tvhoH« iniiii,., will he a«nt miy r.,|niiai,l,- ran. 
nanuger, (tie Auiorlcan SloeK Co. needs it Blronir Leading Woman and an A I 

Open August ii, hi. Newark. Olilu. 


t'liaractai- Woma 

None too good. IJood salary to right people. Join on wlr 
Send pluito and all hi tlrsl, na Utile time remains hefore opening. 
I'OI'UI.AIl AMURBMBNTS 00. (Hie.), Cillltou, 0. 

WANT A LADY CORNET, lor Orchestra only; LADY PIANIST who can Lead and Direct, 

CILASF, A USTEtl, l'lltsluirg, Kansas, July 19 lo Aug. :); Indepcinlenei;, KilUJUs, 

All lo loin Aug. 'Jil. 
Aug. ' to Aug. IT 




•or hiilnni'e or siijiiiuer and ne.M season. A (lood Looking Lady fo- Hlrong of Reeulid Umdt and 
lleiiucs, (leueral Uidy i lo ug spce|nlt||.4, Two mineral Men, that can do specialties preferred; 
At licavy Mini, would Ike to lu.iir iroin a good iiuinthni i-iiiiihi purl?. Von must liuvu wiirdiohc. 
A'"'." - ,„ , ." , .!. l M,"" l V !, ,"" li . u J" 1 ' '." l!k '■'"imro, write me. WALTKRHAVilMIK. Aug. Ml, Norfolk, Mm 
Aug. (in, I Neb, p. s. I >i hers write ugiilu, I may lie aide lo place you. A Man Willi Smlpts. 

Al. F. Wheeler's 





Vorsatllo Pijrfoniiori, Strong Baritone anil othsr Mmlclans. SwisMiourtl 

Outsldo Attraction, prater man who can also do turn In rinij. 

Maw only Mohcr peo|ilc who are willing lo work for llielr auliiry. 
Also want Unliable Asst, Boss Hostiar. 
Sure money, Klllaburg, x. y„ ahr. I; Sandy creek, N. l., i; Pulaski, .1: Wcxiim, J- 


Henry F.Willard's Comedians 

Clover Coi.iodinu with Specialty, to join imiuediotely; Young, Good looUiuB 

Lending Woman; alao Two Midgotv. 

Slntr cv eryl lilug, luelmllng Hillary, llrsl lellcl . bclla Kiiiilmi, wrllc. 

IIKNRY K. WILLARO, Jackson vlllc, Via. 

How About Your Route 

_"* Aihhess mm MACK ,V CO., Theulrleiil Agents, m Wlilitier Place, India 

Season f 

Bgvo yuu money 
_. jxpcrlciicconlh^ 
ltidluuupolb<, In U - 




C. STOCKKKLO, »f«'"< 


utfrreo STATES 




And make yon a fortune. Ifyou haYe a 
BONG or HOOK tbat Is worth anything, 
voa should copyright 'A. Don't take 
chance* when you can secure onr serv- 
ices at small coat. Send fo r our SPECIAL 
mtM TO IMVCNIORS before applying for 
rpitent, «m t *V r f^ , HAKrAoA on 
fattnlt stmt FSU. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not, FREE. Wo Incorporate 
Consult as. 


Ccwriflkt A Pateatl Cfe {*«, 


™« OPTIGRAPH NO. 4 Mode 



Has the 



Write us for 


why you "In nilil buy 


In preference to any 

other Motion Picture 

Machine. Big catalogue 

of Lanterns, Films, 

Slides, Accessories, etc. 


'4ki Chemical Bank Bldg., CHICAGO. 



16 Pages, 

$1.25 per 100; 

$io per i,ooo. 


0X12, 18 Pages, 

HOC per 1O0; 
$7.60 per 1,000. 
Contain popu- 
lar Illustrated 
songs, Jokes, 
Send for 



240 E. Madison 

St, Chicago. 

Gems of Art 

A book containing 24 of the moat 
entrancing Photyne Pictures ever 
shown In one publication. All from 
famous paintings. Worth ten times 
what we ask for It. Size of book 
is oxo IncbeB. Tbe Artist's Dream 
Realized. Sent postpaid, together 
with to lifelike mlulatures of other 
beautiful art pictures, for only iir„ 
coin, stamps or money order. Send 
at once today to WILL J. WELSH, 

Dept, I, Mt. Vernon, O. 


I teach yon by mall, so yon can go at once on the 
stage. Send for my beautifully Illus- 
trated book explaining method, also pictures, 
scenes of plays, actors, actresses who have become 
olllclent through my training— mailed FREE. 
ACTING. 806 Auditorium, Chicago. 

Spangles. SL25 Per Pound. 


ts. pair 

;hla. pair.... 
Tights, pair. 

Tight., r— 


Cotton Tteht.. pair 
Wonted Tight*, pair. ... 
Plaited 811k Tight., pair. 

Sttth St. 



,.. a.w 
Best Bilk _ 
Olnch cotton top., 
Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and Silver Trimming*. 
Send Deposit and route with order, 


BIT Washington St., Boston, Maw. 




Chart and Diagram 


Ennbles anyone, without 
former experience, to be- 
come an accomplished 
dancer. Bend 2 -cent 
stamp for Circular, Pros- 
pectus, etc., to JOHN 
P. IIOGAN, Teacher 
of Stage Dancing, 
Elks' Hall, Majestic 
Theatre Building, 
and 6th Ave., New York City. 

Red Circle Pill 

(For the Liver) 

Wbcn you feel bad take one, they will save doc- 
tors' bills. 2Scts. Box. Address 



47 W. 28th Street; N. Y. 

Matamota Japanese Troupe, 


Under the sole and exclusive direction of Cox k 
Itelch. Booked solid until October 14. Now book- 
lng Full and Winter dates. 



PARSES, CARDS. Etc. Write for Samples. 
Webb Ptg. Co.. 8I5S DRarbnrn St. Chicago. HI. 





We teach you at your own home In a short lime to 
go upon the Btagc or speaker's platform. Thou- 
sands of satisfied students. Write for free booklet 
on Dramatic Art by Correspondence. 

789 Chicago Opera House Block, CHICAGO, ILL. 

■Okoltae Tights, jaMMJ Worsted 

frights, la.OOi Cotton Tights, 

. from tii.OS api 

- — , all .aine price 

'as tight.; Pinpi So centsi Galt- 

iTlghta, tll.OOi C 
*1.00t Silk Tights, 
Shirt, to match. 

l cents. 

;rs, «1.00i Blastlo Hui.iiorti.ri, 
•I.0O; Cloth Supporters. a5 c 
Send for catalogue and nr.._ . 
of tight., free. I'o.Mtvxir a de- 
posit required '■' 
teol or money ref „ 
8« woodbine Street, 
Tor* nti\<\n Linen) 1 

... Satisfaction gnaran- 
.jod or money refunded. SP10ER BROS. 
86 Woodbine street, Brooklyn. N. Y. ; New 

- TS'rtw f "„!„„ «,_ 







Bostof Food, Perfect- 
ly cooked, Dellclousl; 
Served. Prices rea- 
sonable. Special Din- 
ing Room for Ladles. 




Market, 11th to 1-Jt li Streets, 



G. & S. TRUNKS. 
Write for Catalogue. 

"Tell It To Me" 



Por sale on all trains and news stands, or by 
mall, Me. Address KZHA KENDALL, 
8 Oadwell Ave.. Mayfleld Height.. Olevelapd, o. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auotlon. 
No matter what yon want In that line I can 
supply It. New or second band. Send for 



232 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



have on hand a large assortment of slightly worn 
Evening Gowns, Dinner, Reception and Tea Gowns. 
These robes are perfect In every respect, and are 
especially suitable for wear In HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS. We have a full line of 
Seal Skin Ooata and Furs of all kinds. 

MRS. H. STARK, 387 South State St., Chicago. 


__^gjM ofTlKiulrlinl 

m. ^^SSflggk Hoots & Nliov. 

.%>] ■ 

jfl B and 

afl \W BALLET 

mt±^^^miSy$*h* tXl '\\Y shoes a spo- 

S Wr^W^M clalty. All work 

V gf flH mado at short 

^^H3»is^ ^*^ nolloe. 

902 W. IBd St., New Tort. Tel. 100 Chelsea. 








A beautiful love soug, easily learned and ef- 
fective. The song is all we claim it to be. Copy- 
right, 1907. Send name for professional copy freo 
to singers. Address FRED MEYER, Jctforsou 
Barracks, It. No. 8, Box 44, -St. Louis, Alo. 


C E N E R Y 

Vaudeville and Production. LargeBt Scculo Con- 
cern lu the World. Water Color, Bllko and Dye. 


Ono Ballyhoo Siren, carries sound for a mile; 
40X00, 40X80 Tents; 22x60,19x46 Black Tents; Fine 
Mandolin Piano, Folding Chairs, Folding Organs. 
Folding TorcheB, Nlclielodeon Chairs. llvc-seai 
Folding Settees. Send for FREE BARGAIN HOOK- 
LET. R. 11. AHMB11USTKR, Sprlnglleld, Illinois- 

Bronze and Papier Mac-he So., Advertising 

Novellcs. 431 West Broadway, Sew York. 

EDWIN R. LANG, Pres. JOHN LORD, Mgr. S. H. HIGGINS, Sec. and Treas. 

Family Theatre and Musee, 

Seattle, Wash. 


Freaks, Curios, Novelties, Glass Blowers, Lecturer to do Punch and Illusions, VAUDEVILLE PEOPLE in 
all branches for THEATRE. Anything that has good drawing powor in the novelty line. Wrlto, stating 
particulars, to JOHN LORD Mgr., Family, 506 and 608 Plko St., Sonttle, Wash. 

wE A. LANG, Solo Eastern Representative, 726 Chicago Opora House Bldg., Chicago, 111. • 

N. B.— Plen'y of work for good, versatile performers on the Paciilo Coast Independent of any circuit. 


MUSICAL BUREAU t Voice, Piano, Hand, 
or Orchestra Arranging ; prompt service, ac- 
ourato work. 


1'opulariy.liig all Songs of all I'uuHaners. Pro- 
fessionals cordially welcome. 
BOOHING AGENCY; Providing Talent in 
all lines, vaudeville. Minstrel, or Dramatic 
Entertainments. Pianists and Singers Wanted 
for Immediate positions. 


Newest, latest and best Illustrated song alldM, 
bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Send for 
Hat and terms. 
LEN. SPENCEIt, 44 West 28th Street, 

Set. Itroadway and Sixth Avenue, N. Y. 


When In ST. LOUIS territory, yon should order 
your gas from us. We guarantee prompt service. 
Headquarters for 




Erker Bros. Optical Co.. gggfig 
Attention, Band and Orchestra leaders! 

Do yon want to Learn to Compose and 
Arrange Made t If so, send '-ic stamp for trial 
lesson. Nothing to pay until you bsve been 
taught lessons 1, 2 and 8. If these lessons do not 
convince you that this ts Strictly Legitimate, 
then They are Free. Don't write unless yon 
have a thorough knowledge of the rudiment, of 
music, and Mean Business. 

O. W. WILCOX (Boi C), 
IP Union Square, New York City. 



Flu Magical Apparatus, 


Orand End of Oentary, full* 
illustrated, book Cata- 
logue, sic, tree by mall, 
catalogue of Parlor tricks free 
4M With Ave.. N. Y. 





OET our prices on soap. THEY will Interest yon. 
Special Dent, for making private branda with at- 
tractive labels. Money-getters of big value for 
canvassers and fakers. We satisfy and bold our 
customers. E. 11. DAVIB SOAP CO., 
40 Union Park Court, Chicago. 



Invisible Fortunes $1.85 per IOO. Printed Fortunes 
7 tic. per 1000. Cabinet Photos of yourself for sell- 
ing purposes, SU.ftO per loo or $30 per loot). 
Send negative or photo to copy. Send for Samples. 
Free. WBNOT, Photo., Boonton, N.J. 



m i li 



off ho 

Relieves all 
Discharges In 

(24 HOUR _ 

Each cspnle Sean U» 

Dmmtf (MUM 


•M br «ll troii\nt. 


W. P. HBNDEHSON, Prop, mm Mgr. €11 AN. 11. Dot lit K It. Ami. Mgr. 


Long Distance 'rimm- Mnln I Kin. 

Entrance, tit La Salle Street, 

Representing First Class Malingers, Vaudeville Theatres, Ciiiuliltiallons and Itesorla. 

Big Feature Acts Wanted At All Times. 


For Animal Autumn Fiesta, at Clarksville, Iowa, 

12 and 13, 1907. 

(live full ili'Hcrlnllnniif act; best price, you furnish all; what impur fiirulshcd, ami all nei'i'ssary 
million In in st letter. Address ED. UAIIItlAN, ClarkHVllli;, li 


Faoifio Coast Amusement Co., 

ALWAYS IN DEMAND, l " ,l8T MfoMlfSWUSS. w "° 0AN 

American Sank Building, Seattle, Wash.; OUIUS. O. BHOWN, «1 S. Clark BL, Uhtoago; AHCIIIK LEVY, 
1901 Uoldon Gate Ave., San Francisco, Dal. 


Booking 86 weeks. Railroad fare In Ohio 20. per mile. Exclusive Booking Agent for Springfield, O. ; 
Portsmouth, Ohllllcothe. Mansfield, Lima, Newark, Canton, Marlon, Sidney, (loshncton, Mt. Vernon, 
Steubenvllle, Plndlay, Gallon, Lorain, Greenville, Cambridge. Shelby, Fremont, (ronton, Handusky, 
llellalro, Dayton. Uamllton, I'lqtia, Mlddletown; Itlchmond, Intl.: Munulo; Newport, Ky.; Wheeling, 
W. Va.t Huntington; Donora, !'».; Monosaen. Monongahola, JoaiiotUi, llraddook, Turtlo Crook, Beaver 
Falls, Now Kensington. Latrnbe. Brownsville, Dnlontown, Homestead, Erie, Wanted, experienced 
vaudeville pianist* at all timet. Impossible to answer all mall. Silence a polite negative. 

Address (JUS sun. Sprlnglleld, 0. 




14 Leicester St.. Leicester Square, London, W. C. 

KonnioN bvbsoriitions, 


Ml. Nd. PIDIl Y13AH. 
lis. lid., Slnikle Column Inch. 


AND four good Hnrlus<|iioCotnoilliins; also good I'rliieltial and Chorus Women, fur PAI.ACK STUCK 
CO.,for month of August. Address CHAN. II. WAl,l)Hoi i r..iini. , lli.nii,.,ll. , Haas. 

Wanted, Girl Acrobat. 

One that can do u little Iron jaw work prorerrod. 

To Enlarge the Tasmanian Troupe. 

Long season booked In Kurope. Address JACK SUTTON, hh per route lliigonhvek Walluce Show, 

Or Per nmnciit address, 4M lluttonwood Street, Heading, Pa. 


AT 1.11 


1411 K. it ST., N. Y. 

Actors' Society of America. 

atom tiers are requested to notify the Secretary whan tboy have mado arrangement*. 

N. B.— HANAOF.RS will lluil It to their advantage to consult the nonrotary wIiiti engaging people. 
RALPH liKUtoltK, Pres. UAHK KLLSWORTII, Secretary. 


prletors; tin PRUN, Sole Mgr. WANTKD all kinds of Vaudovlllo Acts at all times, 

Missouri Ave. and Boardwalk. ATLANTIC 

■.■■^■■i — « •—..,.,. ™» «... ..„,.,.,., ... «lnd» of Vaudovlllo Acts at all times, Address all 
ioSIDFkRN. This house will bo fitted with steam heat and will ho run us continuous vaudeville 
house year round. Never close. 


Our composer, Percy Wenricli, the writer of Under the Tropical Moon, Dixie Blossoms, Marlesnnu, 
Golden Hod, Jennie Leo aud other hits, will co-operate with song writers, Send us a good aong poem 
at once. Legitimate offer. COLONIAL MU8I0 CO,, W0-'i7 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

JUMLERS' wmuE^mBirStssmaR 



August 3. 



If you come up here and learn "Won't You Be My Honey" and) put It inlyour act, because he knows when you've got a Havlland Song on you've 
got the BEST, and the SURE HIT with the audience, and you'll get the GOOD work. Our new styles ready to be delivered at any time. 

F. B. HAVLLAND PUB. CO., 125 W. 37th ST., N. Y,, Corner Broadway and 37th Si , 


6th Ave. and 20th Street, New York, 



"CAMMEYER stamped on a Shoe means 

Theatrical Catalogue Hailed Free upon Bequest. 


We Have Only the Latest and Host Complete Line of Moving Picture 
Machines and Stereopticons. 

By writing ua before buying elsewhere, you can save money. The 
best is always the cheapest. 


T. H. MCALLISTER CO., 49 Nassau Street, New York. 



Blow Accordions 

For those critical professional player* who.e artistic reputations are partly 
dependent upon the line tone quality of tlie particular Instrument they may 
play. These Instruments have no equal, and nil the bill for Vaudeville Per- 
former* who MUST HAVE THE BEST. 


475 Broadway, NEW YORK. 



moope— bo^d co:. > : ^- 





Moving Picture Men, Attention!! 

It Is absolutely free— mighty Interesting. 

Send name and permanent address. 

THE, C, N, T, FILM RENTAL CO., 24 Union Square, New tort 



Send tor New Theatrical Catalogue. 

LEATHEKOID MKO. CO., {32 B'way, N. Y., near Spring St. 


20ln., $7.50 ; 28ln.. $8.50 : SOIn., $0.60 ; SOIn., $10.80 ; 40In.. $12.00. Circus Trunks. 24x18x18, 



toihk, Either Draumtto or Opera, from stock 
or unlit tn ordor. Soubrelte and Character* 
built from design onr •urdalty. N'. E. 
Agents for Bucli'a »'lgs. THE UOOKER-UOWE 
COSTUME CO., Haverhill, Mass. 


The only machine that will not flicker, even after 
years ol use. 


Film, Operator and Machine Rented 

To Theatres, Individuals, etc. 


143 East »3d Street, New York. 

United State* lent and Aiming Co., 

Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, HI. 



BLACK TESTS Oar Specialty. 

Ms R 




Leading Theatrical Underwear Specialists. 
Call if in our city. 


SEASON 1907-1908. 


Bloomers trimmed with Crescent lace 
to match dance skirts. One lace ruf . 
fle, 81.25. Three lace ruffles, $2.98. 
Five ruffles, $4.98. Same style 
trimmed with Flat Va! Lace at $1 25 
$2.60 and $4.60. 


Lace to match Bloomers, trimmed 
with deep fan flare flounce at $4.98. 
Extra wide skirts with deep lace un. 
derflounce at $7.88, 




5EA50M5B/6-M5 ■ C 
5 AMPLE 5 WfWBm 
7/8 W/LLOWStPW. 

We are producing the Most 
Elegant and Shapely The- 
atrical and Street Shoes and 
Slippers on our FAMOUS 
pany Orders Filled at Short 


Special For *•»% *•■% 

This Sale, 4*04a9G B 

; Prices .Below Cost of Manufacture . 


Expressly prepared for tbs Theatrical Profession, 
guaranteed to be absolutely pure and never become 
rancid In any climate Put np In pound Screw Top 
Tin Cans at 46c. j half pound at 25c. 







E IN. 

Larre Stock 80ft. and Under • 

Newand Second Hand. Write 



Successors to tbe T. W. Noble Co,, Tent Dcpt., 

Detroit Bag and Mfjr. Co., Detroit, Mich. 

77-81 WOOSTER ST. 

( Bel," Spring and ' , Broom.}, "v Kew.^YorK. 



And All inhere 
Sul (»p CITAIOC BtllliD UlJ Wnlfs 

Special Atttntloo Give, the Prolcstlct 

Western Uniform Co. 

" —"HOSIER^ 

" ..-. ;; ■'SYMMET RIi 



" '-;:: TBIJIHINGS*; j \ WIGS, BEARDS, ETC. v 
As we sell at WHOLESALE PRICES to 


StTA A. r.,io, St 


^nr Chicago pl-ay TACTOf^ 

jtt.v. S WW I UN 10 OPni W. BOUGHT and SOLu! 

fcor-atis - MIvS A W BOCWNt S03 t kuiion st) 

k -.tV.i- PlAKS \vlTI1 PAPEfi iS !0Q0 W KWi 



We have made the euro of Blood Poison a 
Bpeclnlly. Blood Poison Permanently cured. 
You can be treated at home under tlio .«aiuo 
guaranty. OUaW, fSOO.ooO. We solicit iho 
most obstinate cases. If you hare ex- 
hausted the old methods of trentinent and 
still have aches and pains, Mncua Patches In 
Mouth, More Throat, Pimples. Copper-Colored 
Spots, Ulcers on any part of the body. Hntr 
or Eyebrows fulling out, write for proofs of 
cures. 100-page Book Free. 


1111 Masonic Tempi., Chicago, III. .U.S.A. 

US%I§C <&£ CO 
Which Do You Like- 

With or Without Hair? 

The same with a Theatrical wig that is sold by dealers, or made by an 

Experienced Wlgmaier. TRY US. 

Second Floor, 



AnRle Length Gowns 

ANY COLOR. JUtV .tvi.b*' ..,,..„,. ..,™.™v 

nlshed free, on request. 

. G V*S* NTKKD . or money refunded without irinrnent: . 

WOLFF, FORDING <fc CO., 61-65 Eliot St, Boston, Mhs* 


llsnd colored plates fur- 




J. OUBIBSRS, 5S TL I rd At.., MaW Isnja B t . , Haw Tark. 






81 15.00 






Edison Rheostat 


Appro** by the New Torlc Boanl of Fire UnOermrUers ana Hit Department of Water Supply, (inn 

ana Electricity. 



Tbe above Rheostat li the result of a series of careful experiment* and tests aimed 
to produce an apparatus to meet every requirement of municipal Authorities and 
Motion Picture Exhibitors. The remittance U built up with Individual colla of 
"Climax" wire and any tingle coll may be replaced without disturbing any 
other coil, by almply loosening four let icrewi. A heavy, perforated sheet steel 
rating thoroughly protect* and ventilate* the coll*. Terminal* and adjustable 
•witch are mounted on a non-conducting alate base protected by a aheet ateel 
automatic closing cover. Aaheatoa covered copper wire* connect the varloua coll* 
with switch contact*, and all Connection* are solderlei*. A convenient handle 
facilitate* handling, especially when Rheoatat 1* hot. All part* are made with 
jig* and templets, Iniurlng Interchangeablllty. 

The above Rheoatat I* adapted for atl models of Edison Projecting Klnetoaeopea, 
and for either 1I0-M9 volts direct current or 104-110 volt* alternating current, and 
545 to 30 amperes without exceaslve heating. 

The above feature*, combined with the beat materlala and workmanship, 
auperlor design and construction, have produced a PERFECT RHEOSTAT. 


K--15189 Rheostat, Underwriter's Model Yesales $25.00 



A Thrilling Story of Adventure and Rescue 

LOST m the ALPS 




■end for 

Illustrated Descriptive Circular No. 319. 

Great Historical Production 





■end for 

Illustrated De scriptive Cir cular No. 311. 

Another Up-to-the-Minute Edison 
Comedy Hit 








Bend for 

Illustrated Des criptive Cir cular No. 317. 




m 1 3 S.O O 


m 3 g.o o 


• I S.O o 


*» I o.o o 


The Nine Lives of a Cat 

"The old familiar adage that a oat has nine lives 
has been taken more or less for granted, but the 
various scenes in this Film will undoubtedly con- 
vince even the most skeptical that the old saying is 
only too true." 


No. 03»r. CODE VBBNARBEID. 0.1.1ft. CLASS A. No. 1143.40 


Cohen's Fire Sale 

Not a Dull Moment Best Fun Ever 

No. «3M. CODE VEBNADBBS. OOOft. CLASS A. 1133.00. 



Send for Latest Catalogs and Illustrated Circulars. 



Chicago Office, 304 Wabash Arenac, , 

Near York Office, 81 Union Square. Cable Address, Zymotic, New Tort 


am viva larwTa. the kinhtoqraph co., • • 41 b. 21st hi., n«# York 

SLLLina aa&OlD. PBTKR HACIOALTJl'1, 1107 Fillmore Bt., Ban Francisco, Cal 

GEORGE HRKCK BnO-BBi Grove Bt, Ban Francisco. Cal 


Troubles of a Gardener 


DUTCH COBIIC. Loner undertake! gardening, bat falls, and makes trouble for 
everyone, eren the Minister. 

WORK FOR YOOR GRUB - - 368ft. 

TRAMP COMEDV. SteaU pie, exciting chase, struggle In the water, caught, 
made to work for grab at wood pile. 

HUMAN INCUBATOR - - - 245ft. 

COMIC. Ra.tus eats egg from under setting ben, with unheard of 

gastronomic results. 


In Preparation. A Winner. About 700ft. 

Filmograph Co., 

283 Xorth Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

NOTE.-Highest Glass of Photography. Price, 10 Cents per foot. 

Versatile Leading Woman, Singing and 
Dancing Comedian, Sketch Team to Play 
Small Pans, Child for Parts and Specialties, 

Stage Director. 

All must^e Al and bare plenty goo 

) plenty good wardrobe. State all Drat letter. Immediate engagement; long 
f canon. Can place Clarinet. Other Musicians, write. 

B. D. ROCKER, St. George Hotel, Pallas, Texas. 

H. Wilmot Young and Mamie Adams Go. 

Al Singing and Dancing Boubrettc, Clover Character Woman with Bpcclalty, capable of some Hcarles; 
Juvenile Woman wltn Specialty, wardrobe and appearance must be Al; two Uood Actors, tlioae with 
specialties shown preference. State all, with photos or half-tones. Pay jour own. Rehearsal* Aug. 
». Open Aug. 26. Address H- WILMOT YOPNO, BIJou Cottage, international I'arlt, Marocna, «■ >. 

WANTEdT Actors That Double Bras§.~ 

Trombone, Tuba, Cornet, Clarinet, Alto and Bass Drum, Leading Man, Heavy, Character Old Man 
»nd Light Comedian preferred. PEOPLE IN ALL LINES WRITE. Can use Al Sounrette for special- 
ties and parts. Long season; booked solid. OP"> * n «« HI % NaTON a^ny c0 „ q„snah r T.M.. 

The Hypnotist's Revenge 

A Psychological Farce Comedy in Biograph Pictures 

The Hypnotist's Revenge 

An exponent of the mys- 
terious art of hypnotism, 
while giving an entertain- 
ment in a public hall, is 
challenged by one of his 
auditors, who would brand 
him a fraud. To prove his 
ability he hypnotises the in- 
credulous gentleman, who 
takes his conviction with such 
an ugly grace that the pro- 
fessor swears to get even, and 
so follows him for some time, 
putting him through all sorts 
of antics and in most embar- 
rassing positions. This is 
truly a screamer. 


Exciting Night of Their 

Honeymoon, - • 292ft. 

Fussy Father Fooled, • 153ft. 

The Model's Ma, - - 233ft. 

A Caribou Hunt, ■ - 725ft. 

Rube Brown In Town, • 868ft. 

Dolls In Dreamland, • 752ft. 
If You Had a Wife Like This, 688ft. 
Opining Ceremonies, James- 

town Exposition, • 452ft. 

The Fencing Master, - 638ft. 

Crayono, • - 428ft- 

The Truants, • • 638ft- 

Mr. Hurry Up, ■ . 625ft. 

Trial Marriages, ■ - 785ft. 



01 K. laftth aST., NEW YORK CITY. 



For 30-plcce Ladles' Hand and Orchestra. Forty 
weeks' engagement All week stands, best thea- 
tres; largest cities In United States. Ituheamals 
begin In New York City Aug. ■'•, at I'utnam House, 
20th St. and 4th Avenue. Company opens Aug. 
IS. (live full particulars first letter and name 
lowest salary. We pay all transportation after 
joining. We are not agents, but owners and 
managers, so don't figure on paying commissions 
when quoting salary. Bend photos, It possible; 
returnable. Give addresx, for Immediate reply. 

WORK. Address 

VD Chestnut St , Koom 306, Philadelphia, Pa. 



I Want a Hot Irish or Dutch Comedian. 

Bust he versatile and a good dancer. Two weeks' 
stands and 40 weeks work, SOFT. What are you 
worthr Jim Carney, write. Address 

TUP, CHEAT I, HON, St. I'arls, Ohio. 



Preference given to those who do specialties and 
double la brass. Leader for Orchestra, who can 
play brass In band. A refined Single Musical Act. 
1 do not pay fancy salaries. Address 

UOVU IIDKKOWK8, Oconto, Neb. 

WANTED— For Al. W. Martin's World's 

to donblo Harris; Haley, to doublo Skeggs, Pre- 
ference given to those who play In band Alio 
Clarinet to double baritone. Ix>ng season, city 
time, no parades. Co. all white. Pay your own. 
Write or wire your lowost salary quick to 
El). H, MAUT1N, Peru, Ind. 


Uft N. ■•▼•ath St., Phllmd.lphla. 
Write for Catalog and Estimate. 

Hollg's "Bandit King." Must be In good con- 
dition. Answer quick. Terms, cash. 

I'. O. BOX 222, Toronto, Canada. 



suitable for MOVING PICTUBB 


Wo can make a, vary low price. Address Dent, o, 
STKBI, FUltNlTUBK CO., Urend Itaplds, Mlofl. 


Ladles' Gowns. Slightly Won. 


Also Carry (lontlomcn's Hccond-lland Clothing. 
3M Stat. Street CIIICAUO 

Army Auction Bargains 

Ill JlH ■ I.M ■ 

Am.yBi.IJIr.- MS " 

•• riiuiM ■ i.oo " 
tanks, pv. .is " 

ou ruioi. . . $ ,«j U |> 

(Jlflt.FV Swonb, D.w |l.). 
C...lry HabfM, " I. So 
Amiy rur l'.|>, " I.IW 
1 Ht'/t L'.lMit., <• |. II) 


ALOOU B (| 1 .00 book), VW l.rp f in, lhoo«Bd, 
U.illfjl— «h»l*uU, T.UlT frrifM of 11 


SM.., m»l]».l BIU.D ctnu («T«i/ip.), 

MBjBBBAB, jjj .rosdway. m YOSE 



August 3. 


O V 






Add™ a. per «,.... w... ,f J.17 m, Chester Para, V i ■ Ml . <>., >"-»*£»" V, ~ *»*• T "" H «— • **• ««* 

of A.«. II. Coa.r I»»«"J, Claclaaatl, O. W. 1L-Kladest regards U, .11 on ■»»? Meads. 


FREE— Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 

HOW READY— "Good Bye, Swwtheart. and Always Think of Mo," "Hair. Dear, Don't Be 
Sighing," "Papa Won't Be Home To-night," "Yon Are My Only Lore," " 'Monet* the Pines 
of North Carolina," "Say You'll Be My Sweetheart," "Two and One," "America, Above All 
Others," "Memorial Day," "There Are Some Things Money Cannot Buy," " 'Twai Only the 
Old, Old Story," "The Fatal Choice," "Little Polly Primrose," "The Rose In Her Hair," 
"Lore and Rett," "The School Bell," "Farewell, Dear Rosalie/' "My Little Country Belle," 
"Bhe Nodded to- Me," "flweet Loralne," "The Song of the Pines," "Can't We Be Sweethearts 
Again?" "Good Bye, Sweetheart, Good Bye," "Annabel la Lee." 

HM1LLE MUSIC NIB. CO., % West 28th St., New York. 




After a most successful tour of all the flret class vaudeville theatres of tne West (under the exclu- 
sive management of the Western Vaudeville Association), 

Will Shortly Make Their Eastern Reappearance, 

Offering, what Is conceded by press, public and profession, the finest dancing act ever oflered on 
the American Stage. Possessing all the elements of success, tilled with novel surprises, and they 
respectfully ask their professional brethren not to attempt to appropriate any, or all of the features 
of this realty great act, viz.: The Chair Dancing and Band Dancing, originated and produced by 

Time booked in vaudeville, 1907-08. 

Frank Dudley Company 

A No. i Heavy Man, must be young, good looking, good dresser both on and off; General 
Business, with good specialty, to manage stage; a young, pretty Woman with specialty, for 
General Business ana some Ingenues; a hustling Agent, one that is not afraid to herald 
(salary and percent); first class Piano Player (man), preference given to one who can 
double one or two parts; can use Young Man for small parts and to act as treasurer. 
Please state all you can do in first letter. All mail answered where salary is stated. 
Your salary is positively sure, so please make it reasonable. Season opens Sept. 2. 
Would like to hear from a good Specialty Team (man and woman) who can double parts. 
Address all mail to FRANK DUDLEY, 120 Clinton St, Hammond, Ind. 






Will please report for Rehearsal at THE NEW CHIMNEY CORNER, 
1 5t li Street and 0th Ave., 10 A. PI., WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14. 

Please acknowledge tame by mnli immediately to sisi Williams, ' 

629-630 Knickerbocker Theatre Building, 89th Street snd Broadway. 



Preference given those doing specialties. One 0! the above to direr, stags Yoa n. ist be able to 
report for rehearsals Aug. A or 5, at HugorstOwn, Md. YOU KNOW THIS 00. Adl ess, STATING 
EVERYTHING, J. R. BARIIETT, Mgr. Osraan Stock Oo., Eastern, HagersUwn. Mi. Write or wire. 





Vanity Fair Park, Providence, R. la* July 22*Aug. 3. 





OpUgraph No. 4— Power'B CAMER AGRAPH- 
io. s, Etc., With or without Firs MagaHnes- 


Everything In NEW and S. H. 

fSh Moth 

_tHH BBL. Films, SttrcoptU 

AbH^B 857 cons, SongSlldes 
PaWaBSUSH SB] nod Supplies. 
lt*J — M HD Same wanted. 
^jjf Catalogues free. 

HAIBACH a CO., 80S Filbert St., Phlla., Pa, ' 



809 Filbert St. 
., PHH.A., PA. 

Motion Picture 






Ang. 1 to 4 Owensboro, Ky.: Aug. S to 11 Bethany, 



68,000 test, nearly all new 91ms. Edison Klneto- 
soope, brand new. B. C. Columbia Phonograph, 
with Flower Horn records. Special Machine and 
Film Trunks, Gat Outfit, etc. Send tor list snd 
prices. E. L. IRELAND, 
18 West loath Street. New Tori. 

Clarionetiist At Liberty 


Member of A. F. of M. Pint class reference. 
Location vaudeville house preferred. Address 
M. P. WHITCOMB, Bohane, Tybee Island, Oa. 

Wakelee Bros. 

FRANK WAKELEE, Comedy Juggler. Plate 
Spinner, Light and Heavy Balancing, Wire Walker. 
M. W. WAKELEE, Comedian. That's all. 
Address Box 89. Sharpsvllle, Mercer Co., Pa. 


Theatrieal Lawyers, 



Alto Player, late of "Across the Pacific" Band. 
Double Stage, small part. Add. No. 67 Prospect 
St., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Wutid, Skiteli Teais and Single Performers. 

Board at hotels. Week stands, under canvas, flood 
Med. People write. Sal. first letter. Tickets, yes. 
Address Jack Arnold, New Rockford, N. Dak. 

TOUPBEB, Paint, powder, stamp for price list 
O. 8CHINDHELM, US W. 98ta St., New Tori. 



SEND 100. 

One Piece - AT LIBERTY - Reps. 

Responsible Mgrs. only 
write or wire. 



132 Front C.-JSt, BlngbBmton, N. Y. 




■f ate height, age and *<»1a- v Brat 'attar. 

Also GOMRTOAN with Good Specialty. 

ORD. ROBE UTS. P. O. Bux lltrt, Merehaatvllle, N. J. 





Hers to announce that after August 1 he will lie located at 

5* WEST 31st, between Broadway and Sixth Avi-nue, N. V., 
wiiere ma regular lluo of Stage, Evening and Street Shoe*, with many addtlkms, will t>e ex- 
li lolled. Write Cor now Illustrated Catalogue, No. 1, of pall and Winter styles, ready Aug. 10. 



The kind that art the money. Call or write. P. B. ZIMMBRMAIf. ■ B. Man St.. 

Maw Vork Agent far The faille Braa. Co., at* Detroit. 

It. V. 



rtrs. and Stereotypers ot Heralds, Dodgers, Dates, 
etc. Fall Cat. now ready. 


Can pnt on sets and do specialties; also Good 
Silent Man. Salary low but sure. No tickets. 
ROLLING THUMPER, Adrian, Armstrong Co., Pa. 

Attnctoi Waatt., for Sumner, Fall and 

Winter season. Good hall and stage; first class 
show town; hall seats 260. Will share or rent. 
E. A. PRESTON, North Perrisnnr g, Vt, 


People all lines with specialties. BUI poster. 
JAMES WALTER, EstherviUe, Iowa, 

At all times, Bong and 
Dance Sketch Teams, Sis- 
ter Teams, good, loud Comedians, for Greii'a Sea 
Breeze Pavilion. Address 
DELL HARRIS, 163 Main St., E.. Rochester, N. Y. 

Films For Rent or For Safe 


A Few Special Bargains in Films 




Feet. lame. E£fi 

508 Attempted Suicide. . ...... 122.00 

295 Wrestling Match of 1908.. 12.00 
590 An ExclUng Honeymoon. . . 25.00 
311 Six Amorous Dragoons.... 12.00 

147 For Mother's Birthday. . .. 6.00 

672 Views of African life In 

Congo 8000 

950 Unwritten Law ; or, Thaw- 

White Case 88.00 

393 Fun In Japan 14-00 

140 Punch and Judy g-00 

131 Sportsman and the Lion... 6.00 
100 Inauguration Ceremony... 2.00 

535 The drafter 22.00 

375 Fishing Industry 15.00 

500 Flags and Faces of All 

Nations 20.00 

344 Letters which Speak 10.00 

426 Julia at the Barracks 16.00 

377 Policeman's Little Run 16.00 

C39 In the Cause of Faith.... 80.00 

262 India Rubber Man 10.00 

541 A Forbidden Bport 25.00 

344 Cavalry School at Torre 

Dl Qulnto 12.00 

475 The False Coiners 20.00 

393 Difficult Arrestatlon 16.00 

C50 Travels of a Trunk 25.00 

225 Indians 9-00 

595 Lynch Law 22.00 

275 Willie's Vacation 1200 

1000 Bank Defaulters 40.00 

475 Meet Me at the Fountain. . 20.00 
400 Troubles of an Automobile. 17.00 
750 Highway Robbers 85.00 

Feet. Name. Prlee 

110 The Jilted Suitor siuij 

639 Hooligan* ot the West :<o!oo 

180 The Creditor's Plea 7 oo 

600 Life of an American Soldier 28 00 

290 The Fake Blind Han 12 00 

550 Great Mail Bobbery -jioo 

325 A Thrilling Detective Story 15.00 

410 Bobby and His Balloon IT 00 

400 Panorama of Market Street 

before Earthquake 17.OO 

500 Bigamist 25.00 

185 Georgia Camp Meeting. , . . 9.00 
377 Shooting Expedition Acci- 
dent 18.00 

750 Fights of all Nations. 35.00 

100 An Impromptu Dinner 4.00 

700 Through the Matrimonial 

Agency .-. 35.00 

05 Fun with a Barrel 4.00 

475 Black Beauty 30.00 

967 Cinderella; or, tne Glass 

Slipper (Col.) 78.00 

600 The Spy. . . . ; 30.00 

170 Photographs of Rogues 

Gallery 8.00 

1000 Circus In Town .mi.oo 

B50 Winter Day in the Country 35.00 

200 Atlantic City Beach 8.00 

800 The Wish Bone 40.00 

125 The Sailor's Holiday 5.00 

550 The Secret ot Death Valley 25.00 

225 An Evil Day 8.00 

525 The Bquatter's Daughter.. 25.00 
250 Burglars at the Ball. 12.00 


Hour la this elljr. Exclusive, because we are the only house carrying nothing 
bat goods pertaining to oar line, and then, WE BELL HO JUNK. 


And have a large stock on hand for Immediate ihipment. We tarry- parti of both 
machine! for repair*. In short, when yon deal with as, YOU DON'T HAVE TO 
WAIT— we're "Johnny on the Spot" all the time. 

Occasionally, we take goods la trade as part payment for other goods, and we 
give below a partial list from our "USED GOODS,'' Department K. 
Labia's 1907 tan-el Claeograph combined with Stereoptlcon, Including 
Electric Lamp and an Adjustable Rheostat, Takeap Device and Hagaslaei, hi. 
prlee, $105.00; our price, $90,00. Everything like new. 

Labia's Film, "A NIGHT OFF," actaal measuremeat SOS feet, cost $98.00, oar 
price, $39.50. ^_^^^__^^^^^ 

Model B Oxy llthe Ontflt, brand new, $31.SO. 

Fireproof Rheostat for direct or alternating current, 990 -rolls or leu. new, 
$15.00) for 110 volt., $7.50, bo th new. 

Swaab'a GIANT Film Cement, per bottle , a5e., rive bottles $1 00. 

Condensers, six for $8.00. the beat imported klad. 

r IL.MS 

Oar rental bureau has turned over seventy-flve reels, each containing about 
900ft. Every one has a headllner. Prices, one reel $45.00, two reels $87.50, 
three reeU $190.00, six reels $910.00, twelve reels $350.00. 


Largest and ONLY EXCLU8IVE Dealers 



Our specialty ts value for your money 
at one-half the price others aak for 
the same goods. Perfect satisfaction 
gaaranteea or year money back. On 
receiptor $1.00 deposit we will send 
goods C. O. D., subject to nomination. 

Remember the Name 
and the Place. 




Al Violinist and Leader wishes eag-agement with 
burlesqus or Carce comedy. Address 

C11AB. S. WILSON. M Orand St., Troy, N. Y. 






Why handle rocky goods when yon can handle goods that will sell themselves. 
Electric Belts trom $1 per doz. np. Large variety to select from. Inhalers, JSc 
per dos.: Voltalo Insoles, 85o. dot. pairs. Pare Cocosnut 8osp, $2.00 per gTO* 
Fine Medical Batteries. Send 75o. for Sample No. 14 E. Belt, cxp. pre. Trial order 
will convince. One-third cash required. Largest Manufacturers of Electric Belt* 
and Applian ces In 0. 8. A. Established 1878. Leotare and price list free. 


.. J^. 6 .** 111 mal[e J 8 i 6]c T Chetwood PanelB, artistically finished In Ave different positions and handsomely 
nvu fl™ SyiSft* 7 "l 63 : * mtb each order we w111 flnl811 ln addition, one Edition do Luxe 
lit, from any position selected, mounted to 16x20. Wort: Btrlctly high cIsbs. Satisfaction assnr<d. 


(SucciMors to Filnberg) 

J»*a BROADWAY. It. Y.. BETWEEN 38th and Mth HTB. 

foster BALL and DORIS babe 

N. B.— Hello STIXS and GIB. 



»T* St. Lonls St., Dallas, Te*. 

Wa5tb L D L pirfoKSS? e n/„ 8gC B d „ toI w ltle "Thoroughbreds" Co. report THURSDAT, ADO. 16. » A- JL 
wantkd, punoPlayer, Oen. Bus. Man, 8. and D. Comedian, Vandevllle Acts: 8 to 8 weeks. Add.. 

MAX. O. ELLIOTT AMUSEMENT. CO., 716 lice St., Phlla., Ha- 










Professional copies and orchestrations, all keys, to recognized performers. No cards. 

DE WITT C. WHEELER said the Slides for "HONEY BOY" were the best he ever made. We say that "HONEY BOY" Is the best song we ever 

had. You can't beat this combination. The Price Is 88.00 Per Set. 


st 28th 

ILZER, M'g'r. 

Street, KTe-w "STorlat 


United Booking Offices 

Of America, 


Western Vaudeville 

Managers' Association, 





Including: every city in the United States, North, South 

East and West. 





THE BANKER'S CHILD (Eastern and Western, One Nighters). 



AI Comedians and Sonbrettes, Piano Players. Heavy, Leading and Character Men and Women, Clever 
Children. Uaeful People, write. Mention U* you io specialties. ™ » e „ w J ,. h » v « ^m.,,^.' on ' 
write again. State lowest salary, pay own. date age, weight, "flffiVj' ^gffi ^gffSa 


Leading Man, Heavy Man, Small Comedian with specialty. Character Man. ALL . BBWl NOU 
B11A8S. MUSICIANS for Band and Orchestra. Concerts: SO parades. Long, sure season, best of 
treaiment, SUM all first letter. Rehearsal CHICAGO, AUf 12; omd 17. Address or call. 

MGR. "UCSSIAN SPY" CO., care or Palace Hotel, N. Clark St., Chicago, IU. 
Tom Guthrie, BUly Page, Jimmy Milter, Dr. Ransome, write. 



Ang.SS. Open Sept. 0. Address WALTER J. WILSON. Wlnncld, Kaa. 




SOBRIETY ESSENTIAL! Continuous work; t« :nt ft ta»™'.,Kf Rm^MpSg JAlfra^CO Aug 
"lay, no naradea. We nav all after Joining. BROWN A KOBERTB 1 BIG "jebok jaiseb w., au». 
I ntnm.&l Aug. rioorehead/Ky.; Aug. 6, Paraers; Aug. 6, Olympla, or Donaldson LUho. Co., 
Newport, Ky. 



(Established 1870), Philadelphia, 

AS- New, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 



First Class Heavy Mai, 600. Character 
Woman, Capable of Playlag Soil Jmiliis. 

Other Useful People, write. One bill and matinee 
a week. Salary always sure. Long and pleasant 
engagement to right people. Must be able to join 
on wire. Address ARTdDR STANLEY, 

8102 Minnesota Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

New Songs! New Songs! 

FREE — Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 

NOW READY— "The Little Grave,' 

"My Sweet Camlllla," "Longing for the Days 

Fading Away,' 
Gone Hy 

A co'.dTn tl 


A FEW BARGAINS In Reels Made Up. 

1 the Bead. The 
Chicken Thief. 

OOOft, $«.oo 

Spiritualistic Meeting, 

Lilliputians. Incendi- 
ary. 800ft $45.00 

Miraculous Water. Up- 
tO-Date Burglars. Per- 
sonal. 900ft.... $40. CO 

Kid ■' Practical Joke. 
Tenants' Revenge. Al- 
coholism. 000ft.. $60.00 

Masks and Grimaces. 
Unforeseen Bathing. A 
Delnsloned Lover. The 
Poacher. 800ft.. $46.00 
Films Sent 0. 0. 1),. Privilege of Examination 

FRED MEYER, M3 W.»rth St.,N.Y.Clty. 

Telephone 1011 Mad. 8q. 

Terrible Anguish. The 
Voice of Conscience. 
A Tipster Taken for a 
Fool. 800ft. 144.00 

The Amorous Soldier. 
Watch Dog. Tenaclona 
Cat 900ft $48.00 

The Phenomenal Hen. 
Amusing Changes. 
Burned at the Stake, 
BOJft. $48.00 

Raffles, sooft..... $45.00 

The Man with 88 Heads. 
The Inauguration of 
President Roosevelt. 
Postman's Xmas Box. 
800ft...... $46.00 



eat of 

SAMPLES $1.00 SfiSC 

naif Sheets, Window Cards, Throe Sheets, etc., 
for dressing theatre lobby and limited advertis- 
ing. Catalogue for the asking. 





Free Samples, Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, etc. 

8TAOE MONEY, 16c. Book of Herald Cute, 26c. 

■ ■ I 

Leading: Man 


Lake View Cottage, Arnolds Park, la. 

AIIIA One Scenery Car, - • |3»0 
IMA Wnp Combination ftleeplng, 
WHHWI Dining and Baggage Car. 

Cars Hlorcil and Repaired. 

PASSENGER Aeronautical SapBllee. 



Box 161, Madison Square, N. Y. 

"Nobody With Me Will Ever Play." 
"Going Home," "Your Love la Worth 
Everything to Me," "I Wonder If the Nightingale la Blnglng Home, Sweet Home," "Ilomitlfnl 
Galilee," "Will You Wear My Rose To-nlghf?" "Starry Byes and Caribou," ''Sweet Little 
Adelaide," "Dreamland," "My Heart Is In New York To-night," "The Mil//' Medallne," "A 
Sailor Boy," "Why, Papa, Why?" "The Jamestown Ex.," ''The Whispered Word, Ro Truo," 
"Slumber Song," "God Loves All True Lovers," "In the Valley By My Home, Sweet Home," 
"In the Valley Where the Lackawanna Kiowa." 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th St., Sew York. 





Thursday, Aug. 8, 

At 10 o'clock sharp, at 

SAE1.8EBBUHD HALL, Smith and Schermerhorn Sts., Brooklyn, If. T. 

Please acknowledge this call by letter to 


Room S, 1308 Broadway, New York City. 


Colored Performers 


Hadrian., doubling Band, Orchestral Soprano, ladles can sing and daneei Acts of 
All Kinds. No fancy salaries. We pay all. Photos returned. Good Agent that 
Y. State*, aot afraid to use brash. Managers New England and 


know. N. E. and ft\ _ 

N. V. send open time. Booxa lighten, crap shootsrr, mashers, save stamps, 
means no. Address all communications 

Bole Proprietor. 38 Kendall St., Boston, Sfaaa. 



RICHARDS 61 PRINOLE'S MINSTRELS, tho oldest minstrel company on the road, want* 
Han to Double Bass Drum In Hand, Traps In Orchestra; Al Tunor Singer; Cornet, Hand to Double Stake 
orOrohestra. Other colored perfonnerH, write. Usually liavo an opening, for good people. Solirloly 
Indispensable. Tell It all first letter. Address 

HOLLAND ii FILKINS, 11112 Tribune Building, Chicago, III. 


First Class Two Show a Day Vaudeville Theatre 

In a growing city of 30,000. Price, iO.OUO. Long Lease, 

J. H. TEBBETTS, Empire Theatre, Pittsfleld, Maes. 

Performers IN ALL Branches 


Also Physicians Registered In Mich. 

Addreee KRAI'S Si AN8KLME, Bay City, Mich., care of Oen. Del. 

Barnes Western Theatrical Exchange, 


Booking (or a circuit of popular priced vaudeville theatres In the Ulddlo West. Oood artists and 
managers, write. Address _ _ 



SHAPES. M1LLOT BROTHERS, Manufacturer., AT W. M St., New York. 



August 3 

I I iniBUi STS55SS manufaoturm ©^ * PHILADELPHI/Tl 

l—WESII>i J LIFE MOTION PICTURE MACHINES g£? FILMS • 19-21 south Eighth street, 

v n w§w 



The Meeting Place of the Huntsmen— The Gypsy Queen- 
Love at First Sight— Gypsies' Camping Ground— The Re- 
jected Suitor— The Huntsman Wounded— The Fortune 
Teller— The Betrothal— Killed by the Gypsy— The Pursuit 
of the Murderer— The Capture— The Gypsy's Revenge. 

Length, 900ft., • • Price, $99.00 



Pan. of Market Street 
showing the beauti- 
ful decorations - 205ft 
Pan. of Court of Honor I OBft 
Brooklyn - - 1 1 Oft 

Buffalo - 80ft 


Atlantic City - - 166ft 

Reading • - 60ft 

Baltimore • 146ft 

New Orleans - 96ft 

Easton - - - 70ft 

Scranton - - 36ft 

New Haven - - 130ft 


Kansas City - 
Chester, Pa. 
Wilmington, Del. 
San Francisco ■ 
Cincinnati - 
Cleveland - 
Denver - 


Harris burg - 

- 80ft 



New York - 

- 30ft 

Boston - 


Pittsburg - 

- 66ft 



Jersey City - 





El Paso - 
Detroit - 
Albany, N. Y. - 
Toledo - 
Paterson, N.J. 
Colorado Springs 






Including Electric Lamp, Calcium 
Lamp and Adjustable Rheostat, 


The Bold Bank Bobbery (Sensational) ■ 600H. $60.00 

The flreat Train Bobbery (Sensational) ■ 600ft. 66.00 

Life of in American Soldier (Patriotic) • 600ft. 66.00 

Uncle Tom's Oabln (Dramatic) • • 700ft. 77.00 

The Kidnapped Ohtld (Fanny) • • 300ft. 33.00 

Thronth the Matrimonial Agency (Fanny) 700ft 77.00 

A Tirilling Detective Story (Fanny) • 325ft. 35.75 

Around lew York In Fifteen Unaten • 9 5 Oft. 104.50 

Travels of a Lost Trunk (Funny) 660ft. 71.60 

Trials and Troubles of an AutomobUlrt (Fnnny) 400ft. 44.00 

Two Seedy Bnben (Funny) • ■ 460ft. 40.50 

A light Off (Tory Fnnny) • • 800ft. 88.00 

Ieet Ie at tho Fountain (Funny) • 475ft. 52.86 

Highway Bobbery (Sensational) ■ . 750ft. 82.60 

The Counterfeiters (Sensational) • • 700ft. 77.00 

A Dog, Lost, Strayed or Stolen (Fnnny) - 460ft. $52.60 

The Great Mall Bobbery (Sensational) • 550ft. 60.60 

The Enchanted Mattress (Funny) • • 650ft. 71.50 

The Wishbone (Funny) • • 800ft. 88.00 

Tho Lost Hat (Fnnny) .... 450ft. 49.50 

The Bigamist (Funny) .... 500ft. 55.00 

Lynch Law (Sensational) • ■ 590ft. 64.90 

Fun on the Farm .... 625ft. 57.75 

Tho Wreckers of the Limited Express • 900ft. 09.00 

Bescned by Oarlo 500ft. 55.00 

Clown's Adventures .... 400ft. 44.00 

The Secret of Death Valley . . . 600ft. 06.00 

The Bank Defanltor - 1000ft. 110.00 

Life of a lew York Policeman . 610ft. 67.10 

The Unwritten Law . . . - 050ft. 104.50 

A Winter Day In the Country (Funny) 

Too Inch lother.ln.Law (Fanny) 

And the Dog Came Back (Fnnny) . 

Jamestown laval Review 

Oyster Industry - 

When Women Tote (Comic) • 

Wanted, A Husband (Funny) • 

A Family Outing (Funny) • 

Elks' Convention .... 

lervy lim and the Cop - 

The Fortune Teller 

Gypsy's Bevenge • 

The lew Apprentice 

Caught With the floods 










Picture opens with view of private gymnasium, 
where three attractive young ladies are seen 
boxing, wrestling, fencing, etc. — Scene changes 
to Prospect Park, where same girls are seated 
on a bench reading— "Masher" tries to force his 
attentions upon the ladies, and is "put down 
and out" by one of them — At home, while en- 
tertaining a timid gentleman, the housemaid 
suddenly enters, followed by a burly iceman, 
who endeavors to intimidate them — Timid caller 
hides himself — One girl routs iceman — On 
the road an auto is stuck, and where the men 
fail the girls push it out of the rut— Two ex- 
pressmen balk on carrying trunks into the house — The girls, observing them 
from tho window, emerge and easily make off with the trunks. 




Scone is laid in a boarding house, a millinery 
store occupying the first floor — The milliner, 
very attractive, is besieged by offers from all the 
boarders, particularly an old colonel and a near- 
sighted parson — The bud boy shoots at them 
with a putty blower during their proposals — In 
milliner s store, a wax bust has been seen by the 
bad boy, who hits upon an idea— Placing bust in 
bath tub, boy hides in doorway— Colonel starts 
for bath room, opens door and mistaking bust for 
the milliner beats hasty retreat— Boy nns seen 
him pecking through keyhole, and demands and 
gets "hush money" — Later the parson has like 
experience and also tips the boy to keep quiet — 

Hoy enters bath room, gets the bust and is making off when he is discovered by 
his two victims, who take him back and thoroughly duck him. 



- «: 



Helling Ai.nUi 

Chicago, III, 

NEW YORK, 110 Kiiiii Stre.i. 
CHICAGO, 100 Randolph gtr*>«. 
LONDON, 10 C«eU Co»rt. 
PARIS, IS Rue Batata chIU. 























LENGTH - - - 640 FEET 


LENGTH - - - . 780 FEET 

WINNING the DERBY, 1907 


■ - - 364 FEET 


LENGTH - - - ■ 407 FEET 





Copyright. 1007. by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, AUGUST 10, 1907. 

Prioe, 10 Conta. 



August 10, 

Mi$5 Clipper^ 

Anecdotes, Personalities anil Comments, 


STAGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


Mm. Spooner's Fifth Avenue Players, on 
the Broadway of the great metropolis', Is a 
far cry from the Spooner Repertory Co. of 
Western towns. 

This big jump, which has been made up of 
a series of smaller jumps, has Anally landed 
the Indefatigable woman manager, Mrs. 
Spooner, and her two talented daughters, on 
the Great White Way of New York. 

The longest stand played by this feminine 
Manager and her company was the one that 
<ccently came to an end at the Bijou Theatre, 
Brooklyn. This was a line of successes ex- 
tending over about six years, part of which 
time was played at the Park Theatre. 

Mrs. Spooner can proudly assert that she 
Is the only woman achieving the distinction 
of having two daughters starring on Broad- 
way at the same time. Added to this triumph 
she can have the satisfaction of knowing 
that her deserved success come thrpugh the 
talent, of her children and excellent company, 
backed by her own honest effort and per- 

Concerning the above statement, Edna May 
Spooner was filling Keith & Proctor's Fifth 
Avenue by playing "Kaza," while her sister, 
Cecil,' was doing the same at the Lincoln 
Square, In "The Girl Raffles" and "The Dancer 
and the King." 

Another distinction of Mrs. Spooner's 
players Is that nearly all of them have been 
with her for many years, working harmoni- 
ously for their united success. That, they 
could all agree bo long and so well la a 
matter of record In these days when com- 
panies are bo continually changing. Besides, 
It speaks volumes for both the manager and 
the managed, and proves the truth of the old 
slogan about "union" and "strength," only 
It might be paraphrased to read, "in union 
and harmony there Is success," ', 

Mrs. Spooner continues on Broadway her 
former Bijou policy of "getting next" her 
audiences by a weekly reception after the 
Tuesday matinees. In this way she creates 
I friendly Intimacy between the professional 
and the lay person that Is extremely gratify- 
ing to the latter. For "behind the scenes" 
has been, and always will be, a matter of 
curiosity and Interest to those who never 
were there. The fascination of going upon 
a real stage, being taken by the hand by real 
players, then with a souvenir of a flower 
from Edna May Spooner, and a fan, with 
her picture on it, If tho day Is warm, the 
gratified visitor exits by the real stage door. 
This pleasant plan has given Mrs. Spooner's 
performances a vogue and a patronage that 
Is unique. Her Brooklyn clientele has fol- 
lowed her over to New York, swelling the 
numbers of her rapidly Increasing metropoli- 
tan audiences, who show that they like 
"Spooner way on Broadway," as It has been 
quoted. > 

1 Truly Shattuck, who Is to play the prin- 
cipal feminine role In "The Lady from 
Lane's," tells a funny story on a young 
member of the company playing in' "Little 
Johnny Jones," about two years ago, In , 
Natchei, Miss., during the yellow fever scare. 
One of the lesser lights of the company 
was a pretty little thing, whose ability to 
dance, sing and act was greater than her 
mental grasp on general knowledge. A laugh- 
able proof of this occurred one night when 
she rushed In late for making up, explain- 
ing her tardiness by having to get to the 
theatre from her stopping place by a very 
roundabout route. 

Miss Shattuck heard her tell her room- 
mate that while walking down a street she 
was obliged to turn back, finding It blocked 
by a board fence, on which was painted, 
"Stop I Yellow Fever !" 

"And, do you know, Polly," she added, 
"that was the first time I ever saw a real 
board of health, though I've read about them 
for years." 

J. Fred Helf, of the music publishing firm 
■ of Helf ft linger, gave audience to an aspiring 
song composer the other day, meeting with a 
slight shock, however giving a good one In 

The song writer told the publisher that 
ho hnd a good thing that would surely prove 
n big hit. Holt led the way to one of the 
plnno rooms, known to all vaudeville singers 
and fryers-nut of songs. Tbo young aspirant 
seated himself confidently at the piano, and, 
after going through his composition, wheeled 
about on tho stool, saying : 

"Don't you think It Is a hummer?" 

"It's great!" exclaimed Helf enthusiastic- 

"Then you'll accept p It," was the joyful 

"I'm afraid that won't bo possible," said 

"Why not — If you like It so well?" asked 
the young man, with a downcast expression 
on his face. 

"Because I'm no Indian giver," was Uclf's 
short answer. 

"How's that — what do you mean?" asked 
the composer ( ?). 

"It's this way," explained Helf, "I sold 
that same song to J. C. Groene ft Co. twelve 
years ago, and It wouldn't bo fair for me to 
take It from them after alt this time." 

The melody of the plagiarist's composition 
was ttint of "It Ain't No Lie," written by 
Helf at the beginning of his career, and his 
visitor had simply rehashed It, having heard 
It sung, but not knowing the composer's 

While Reuben Fax, one of the cleverest of 
character portroycrs, who has this season 
been added to Bclasco's forces, was playing 

through the South at Postey, In "The Bonnie 
Brier Bosh," he met with many amosli.g In- 
cidents. One of them concerned the dis- 
reputable old coat which he, as Hie convivial 
postman, wore throughout toe play. 

Some church people In one of the towns 
of the route were getting up an afternoon 
entertainment and fair. Fax was prevailed 
upon to give some of his Pottey work, in 
costume, as one of the numbers. Afterwards 

said the contributor to the dictionary of trite 


Frank J. Wilstacb, who has the reputation 
of having more than half the words in the 
dictionary at his tongue's end, with which 
he la able to juggle trite phrases, proverbs, 
aphorisms and the like,, should look to hit 
laurels. A close rival, E. E. Meredith, editor 
of The illtiourl Breeze, can waft forth a 


The well known minstrel, closed his special vaudeville engagement of nine weeks In the 
Keith ft Proctor houses, July 12, at Chicago, and Is now enjoying a vacation at his Mt. 
Vernon mansion. Mr. Primrose and his minstrels open their regular season In the 
middle of September, and will play all of the larger cities, Including a trip to the Pacific 
coast. The show will be enriched with many new features, Including a magnificent new 
first part In green and gold. 

he was besought to contribute the old coat' 
as a souvenir to the fair table where relics 
and things of that description were to be 
rallied for. 

He explained his Inability to part with his 
old coat, needing it for the evening's per- 
formance. However, upon receiving a solemn 
promise that In time for the performance 
he should have another old coat,, quite as 

few himself. Under the heading, "Missouri 
Philosophy," he says : , - : 7 

"A friend In need Is a friend to feed. 
"An actor seldom retires until played out. 
-"Your, notice makes your job grow fonder. 
"If ydu want a thins; well done, order the 
waiter to bring U rare and. .give no tips. 
. "Many a man looking for sympathy really 
needs two swift kicks properly placed." 


.. T h l a . D0Te Picture represents members of the Golluiar Brothers' Show, at Wahoeton 
North Dakota, visiting the graves of Charles Miller and Charles Walters, who were 
killed In blow down of the llinglhig Brothers' Show, at that place. The neonle of the 
Gollmar Show went to the cemetery, headed by the Gollmar Bros.' band, and Disced 
two handsome floral pieces on the graves. J. Delmar Andrews delivered an address and 
four buglers sounded "taps." The band played "Nearer, My Qod, to Thee " and each 
one placed a dower on the graves as a token of respect to the memory of their dennrted 
brothers. ««f<" i™ 

ragged as his own, he gave .It up tor the 
cause of the Ladles Temperance Society. 

Alas I when he opened the package con- 
taining the exchange coat, a few minutes 
before the rise of the curtain, he saw that 
the article was far "out of the picture," and 
that bo would have to fix up a substitute 
more like the original. 

The dear ladles had sent htm an old, long, 
light blue army overcoat, not in the least 
like Postey's. 


Several years ago "Punch" Wheeler invited 
George Ado to see the show he was repre- 
senting. Later, meeting the successful play- 
wright, he said: 

"And how did you like the show, George J" 

"Well, to tell you the truth, replied Ade, 
"It wasn't half so rotten at I had expected It 
to be." 

"But several of the features were most 
excellent," suggested Wheeler, hoping for a 
good word for his show. 

"Yes, but the best feature was my catch- 
ing the o'clock train home," unfeelingly 

Wm. A. II rail) Accepts a. New Play. , 

J^SSnJS^SSt'A- faM£jfeR based 

y Clifton Crawford on the Incidents and 
haracters In Kipling's "Soldiers Three," has 
jeen accepted by William A. Brady. "The 
Courting of Dinah 8hadd" Is tho basic theme 
of Mr. Crawford's Intrigue. He wrote the 
play with Wilton Lackaye In mind for Mu" 
Effiil now „ the , B P e £ lal condition Is that he, 
himself, will play Stanley Ortherls. 

« « » 

New "Man of the Hour" Company. 

..J; he ». 8pec ! a L C0 S Dan y' organised to plsy 
"The Man of the Hour'' on tie Pacific coast 
will Jump across the country from Atlantic 
City to San Francisco, stop, open- 
ing in tbe latter city Aug. 18. 

■ ♦*♦ 

NorrU' New Play. 
William Norris, the comedian, has obtained 
from George Barr McCutcheon, the story 
writer, a farce called "The Flyarl." In which 
It Is the purpose of the formor to play the 
role of an eccentric Englishman. 
« « i 
Carl Ahrcndt Unsaved, 
Carl Ahrendt Is among the players enm«ut 

o?. rt h J . Mr ■ Ahrendt, who began his career on 
the German stage, has become a very useful 
player In our tongue. * »«»ui 

Tbe Son Circuit. 

in the present era of "frensied vaudeville," 
arith lt» two recentlv organized combinations 
or merger?' desperately Striving for absolute 
seDremacy, the performer Is apt to forget 
of at least try to forget, the many hundred 
small vaudeville playhouses throughout the 
country. Take, for instance, the number of 
acts played each week In these houses; then 
take Into consideration the number of acts, 
or performers, that are P 1 "*. 1 "? . y »S d ,f T ihJ 
. dates exclusively, «nd you will find that the 
r small house on the affiliated circuit Is the 
power. In other words, the majority of per- 
formers constituting the vaudeville profes- 
sion Is represented In the ever increasing 
chain of "small vaudeville showshops." To 
term the small vaudeville theatre the back- 
bone of the. profession It not Inappropriate. 
The metropolitan playhouses may represent 
the classes, but the tmall city theatre, play- 
ing all the way from two to five acts on 
every bill, Is the haven to which the majority 
• look for employment. Even the performer 
with a national, or possible International 
reputation. Is often delighted to accept a 
few weeks' work In these houses, and the 
reason Is self evident, for they have small 
lumps, and generally as many consecutive 
weeks' work as they care to accept. 

Perhaps In no other States In the union 
Is vaudeville so well represented by the num- 
ber of small houses and performers employed 
each week as In Ohio and Pennsylvania. At 
the present time In these two States there 
are over one hundred small houses, that are 
playing first class vaudeville attractions, 
which means two years' work for a per- 
former, providing he Is fortunate enough to 
obtain contracts for the entire circuit To. 
Ous Sun, booking representative and amuse- 
ment director of the National Vaudeville 
Managers' Association, which comprises all 
of tbe small vaudeville theatres in tbe two 
States mentioned, must be given the credit 
of Inaugurating vaudeville in this section of 
the country. This Is, of course, exclusive of 
Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, and the 
other first class cities which are represented 
by the big syndicates. 

When the pioneer vaudeville house In Ohio 
was opened at Springfield by Mr. Sun, vaude- 
ville was a new departure In the amusement 
world to the people at large. The old 
variety house, the concert hall and the store 
show had left the public skeptical of any- 
thing In the amusement Hne outside of le- 
gitimate dramatic productions, and conse- 
quently vaudeville was a losing game for 
many months. Tbe performers were also 
skeptical of accepting engagements, as at 
this time the small circuit was a thing of 
uncertainty. The metropolitan agents could 
not supply acts except at an impossible sal- 
ary, and a performer of reputation would not 
consider an engagement at these bouses. 
In fact, everything presaged tbe death of 
smaller vaudeville. 

Such was the condition of affairs In Ohio 
and Pennsylvania when Gus Sun opened 
up bis. booking offices In Springfield, O. 
At first he only booked his own houses, 
which gradually grew In number until the 
total at present Is nine, with several new 
houses building, but finally shrewd business 
,. men and legitimate theatre managers, see- 
ing the success he had made of his 'venture, 
through his ability as an organizer and 
agent, began to open up houses. Gradually 
he assumed tbe . booking of several new 
houses, arid ' every one proved to be a suc- 
cess. To-day the number of bouses booked 
exclusively by Oub Sun Is little less than 
•a hundred, and Indications are that the 
century mark will be passed with tbe open- 
ing of the regular season In September. 
. Mr. Sun, while booking in conjunction 
with tbe Western ' Vaudeville Managers' As- 
sociation, and th& National Vaudeville Mana- 
?ers' Association, gives his personal atten- 
lon to the booking and the circuit which 
he represents , and has organized, perhaps 
the largest small house circuit In thfe coun- 
try. , The railroad transportation from town 
to town Is exceptionally light, and an en- 

fagement over the Sun time ln> Ohio and 
'ennsylvanla is now recognised by leading 
performers as an acknowledgment of their 
merit. „'-'• 

'.' Mr. Sun is associated in bis' business ven- 
tures with 0. Q. Murray, a well known the- 
atrical promoter of Richmond, lad,-, and equal 
owner with Mr, Sun of the Sun ft Murray 
houses on the circuit. As soon as the new 
Sun theatre, which Is now in the course of 
erection In Springfield, O., opens, the book- 
ing offices of Mr. Sun will be located there. 
At the present time the general offices of 
Mr. Sun are In tho Orphium Theatre Build- 
ing, that city, from which, between six and 
seven hundred acts receive time. When Mr. 
Sun was Interviewed by a Clipmb reporter, 
he stated that he owed much of his success 
to his general experience as a showman, and 
the fact that he gave bis personal attention 
to even the small details of his work. "I 
was manager, of a circus at nineteen, later 
made a success of the Gus Sun Minstrels, d's. 
posing of my Interests to embark In the 
vaudeville business, for the Bhnple reason 
that a small house vaudeville circuit, cater- 
ing to the best people, appeared to be a wln- 
per-.ii) i my estimation, and later developments 
proved that my belief was correct. In the 
future I predict that the small, popular 
priced vaudeville theatre .will be an estab- 
lished thing In every city of over ten thou- 
sand population." 

*-+*■ t- ■:!•" 

W. A. KIler'H Attractions for 1907-08. 

rh." rhe D £ lng of ibe Cattle Blng".( Eastern), 
SS'&Sl njanaeer, will open' at Chicago 
Sept, 0, and will play the Eastern and South- 
ern territory. Geo. W. Paige, has been en- 

fXattra't'ion 8 d,reCt0r> amf wU1 8tar wlth 
n "£ he „ Kln , g ot the Cattte Ring" (Western), 
J?j £ f Reed ' '23*9* *» Play the West 
and^oXtra? " 11 SM* *"&"* ft ■■ 
Lincoln J Carter's "Down Mobile." dlrec- 

-IS »he>SeS B9 - P™» k-SE 
More Recrnlta for Van Den Berg. 

company for the coming scasorTat the Test 

v??i n he „ atr £ Ale 2 Turncr - baritone of the 
a&LS&a 0pera Co " °i Lonaon i Albertlne 
Margadant, soprano, and Grace Belmont, so- 
prano, are recent engagements,- 
hn. k? Branam . the well Known conductor, 

m« S sl^a? n dlreft a o g r! a * E V ° n De " Ber « S 

■♦»» k. 

"The Skntlnjx Mink" to be Revived. 

miX?f. G °o dwln '8 old success, "The Skating 
On n oh»r W -fH 0pen tne , ""son sometime in 
October, with a complete scenic production 
",■** , n ow line of printing and a large 
and first class company. Negotiations are 

ESS? way t? 8ec . ure th ° ser <"<*» >"a pro" 
Inent comedian for the leading role. The 

Co l !emn 8 n. belUg b °° kea by " 8mJ ^8' ? Johnnie 


A Noteworthy Record. ' ~" 

Ella Hugh Woods will, tho comlns season 
"J 81 ?,. P'jay . ^e role of' the village gosslo 
Martha Perkins, In " 'Way Down East™Hfi« 
Played the role original^, and has in ten 
years never missed a performa nce" 


«■* PS*e» of THB CLIPPER will be 
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Single Column f 7,50 

Double Column aiS.OO 


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M miles from Montreal, factory town, MW peppjf. 
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heat, H. W. floor. Reopens Aug. I*. ( ' B *",,„i 
BAM) plays ilrct class attractions on per MBMS" 
furnishes hall, license, light, orchestra, mrw »»;■; 
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I. Patsy "feels" his way to his room, having spent a glorious evening 

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J* Sit 1 i !,*' •' '1 


2. He finds that his room neighbor has forgotten his clothes nnd 
shoes In front of his door. 

3. Patsy ponders over the advisability of awakening the stranger to 
call his attention to the risk he is taking. 

4. A suspicious looking individual appears on the 
himself to everything In sight. 

scene and helps 

Patsy gets out of his, stupor and thinks it his duty to investigate. 

**.: < 

6. He lo shocked to witness the boldest case of wholesale thievery 

he ever dreamt of. 

7. Patsy arouses the landlord and the police and demands the arrest 
"" '•..-;: of the culprit. 

. ..-J "A** J ■ - ' ■•.- - 

8. But is astonished to learn that the "suspect" Is the hotel porter, 
and finds It advisable to "square himself 



August 10. 


■ a \% Igi glT* rxprct- 

' * ilon. t»1u», character, 

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Grand Canyon of Arizona 
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LENGTH, 600 FEET Code Word— Arlaorta 

A film which shows the surpassing wonder and beauty of the Grand Can- 
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Roller Skate Craze 

The absolute limitation of laughter. If you want good, clean, wholesome 
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The Onion Fiend 

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"That Old Fashioned Farm House Near 
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SOW HEADY— "My, But I'm a Homesick Boy, 

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"Castles In the Air," "I Am Hi 

"Sweet Autumn Time." "You 1 

"Will You Come Back to Me?" '"Awnfe," "Dan, Dan, the Airship 

Sutithem Home," " Twas After the Ball," "An Indian Serenade," r 'Niza," "I Can Have No 

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Springfield —At the Majestic Karl J. 
Karm, who has been the manager of the 
Lyceum Theatre In Toledo, 0., will arrive 
here In two weeks to assume the manage- 
ment of this theatre. Messrs. John C. 
Plerlk and a J. Glblln, the owners of the 
house, received a letter from George Mcolal, 
of New York, of the Arm of Dingwall, Mco- 
lal A Burt, lessees of the Majestic, announc- 
ing that the theatre would open for the sea- 
son of 1907-8 on Sunday evening, Aug. 18. 

Chattebton. — Geo. W. Chatterton, mana- 
ger of the Chatterton Opera House of this 
city, will return the end of this week from 
New York, where he has been for several 
weeks booking attractions for his circuit for 
the coming season. Manager Chatterton 
promises tiat he will have a larger number 
of high grade attractions for the opera house 
in this city than he has bad for several years. 

Olympic (McCann Bros., managers). — 
Vaudeville, week of July 29 ; comedy, "The 
Queen of Hearts;" Myrtle Edwards, Hose 
HeShaw, Violet Lonsdale, Crawford and 
Gardner, Pearl LeBeau, and moving pictures. 

Emfibb (John Connors, manager). — 
Vaudeville, week of 29; burlesque, "Midway 
Carnival;" illustrated songs, Harris and 
Harris, Evelyn DeOrvllle, Pariah and Pet 
Goats, and Twentieth Century Optlscope. 

Whim Citi (John GUI, manager).— 
Madame Btollle and Vlnella and their per- 
forming stallions; Henry Weedon and his 
lions, Nellie Raymond, aerial performer; 
band concert and dance, Wednesday, Friday 
and Saturday. 

s ■ 

Peoria. — At the Main Street (Davis- 
Cburchlll Circuit, managers), week of July 
2B. the Paycen Stock Co. gave "When You 
Are Married." This waa the most popular 
bill of the season. 

Aiedoub (Jim Baugh Amuse. Co., mana- 
gers). — The stock company, In "Maud Mul- 
ier," was last week's bill. 

Stone Hill Garden (Frank Grave, man- 
ager). — 'The Irish Exile, ' given by the Btock 
company, pleased last week. 

Peobxa. — Week of 28, moving pictures and 
Illustrated songs. 

Weasi's (Charles F. Bartson, manager.) 
— Week of 29, the stock in a burlesque called 
"Riley's Reception" and "Her Majesty's 
Safety Pin;" Tops and Topsy, and moving 

Virginia Beach (Frank A. Helneke, man- 
ager). — Week of 29, Elmore and Bartlett 
pleased large crowds 

Al Fee sco Paek (Vernon C. Seaver, man- 
ager).— Week of 29, Dickey's Wild West 
Show was the chief attraction. 

Noras. — Buffalo Bill's Wild West comes 

Aug. 8 Jack R. Allen, Frank E. Moore 

and Georglanna Eddlngs have Joined the 
stock at Stone Hill Garden. 

PVAW FLEET, -jnn-sn- 


Qalacy. — At the Baldwin Wonderland 
(Patrick ft McConnell, managers) the at- 
tendance rules very good. Moving pictures, 
Illustrated songs, and the dally band concerts 
are the attractions for the present. 

Elite (H. N. Stone, manager). — The cur- 
rent bill Includes: Radcllffe and Belmont, 
Adelyn, Myrtls McDivltt, with Illustrated 
songs and the moving pictures. Business Is 

Notes. — Pawnee Bill's Wild West is booked 

here for Aug. 12 Barnum A Bailey 

Show 21 Walter Tappe, formerly of 

the Empire Btaff, has goue to Marshaltown, 
la., to take charge of the theatre there on 

the Chamberlain circuit Sam Strauss, 

Ftage manager of the Bijou, and his wife. 
Ana Mae Lleblg, the singer of Illustrated 
songs at the same place, have gone to Chi- 
cago to Uve The Nickelodeon, opened 

here a few months ago by F. A. Welch, and 
later run by F. Jackson, has closed. 
' s 

Canton — The Bijou closed July 27 for 
the Summer. Patronage baa been fair, while 
the attractions were first class and too 
high-priced for much profit The big tent 
remains standing and from time to time 

special attractions will be booked 

Ihe flve-cent family theatre continues to 

draw well Pawnee Bill's Wild West 

Show Is due here Aug. 6. Car No. 1 Is bill- 
ing the city and country. 

Alton.— At Rock Bprings Park (W. M. 
Sauvage, manager) Prof. Hill with his bal- 
loon Is the feature attraction this week. 
The Rock 8prings Theatre had a splendid 
bill week of July 28, including Jeanette 
Adler and company, Romalne and Campbell, 
Claude Austin and Hutchison and Lusby. 

Note. — A new concern baa been added to 
Rock Springs Park, called "The Congress 
of Novelties." 

Decatur^-At the Powers Grand (J. F. 
V •vcn.manager) a vaudeville company for 
July 29 and week during the races, featur- 
ing Mysterious Yuma, also Brothers De Van, 
Morgan and McGarry, Brumage and Clarke, 
Joe uardman, Hudson Sisters, and the mov- 
ing pictures. Business good. 

Deeamlant. Pabk (A. Slgfrted. manager). 
—Week of 29, Glllett, In his "Slide for Life" 
was the main attraction, with the Watch 
I'actory band from Springfield for two nleht 
concerts. 8 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Is billed for 

Aug. 15. 



Oklahoma city — At Delmar Garden 
(S nopoulo k Marre, managers) the Beggar 
P J u ?S e n 0, 5 er . a Co - Produced "Girofle-Qlrofla," 
Said Pasha and 'The Chimes of Normandy" 
during week of July 28. Pierce and Roslyu 
(third week) furnished the vaudeville turn. 
Business continues good. Melbourne Mac- 
Dowell opens here Aug. 4, In Sardou's plays. 

Pdtnam Pabk closed 22, on account of 
poor business, due to bad service rendered by 
street railway compan", not furnishing suffi- 
cient cars for traffic. 

i SPSTS Se^-Flota Shows show here 
for Oct 11 BanMUB * BiIle J Show Is billed 

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Sole Proprietors 

Hartford New York 






■ laV.Cfrv.N."^ 


WORKING WORLO-Cheap lo Quick Buyer. 

Add. 0HA8. 8. BROWNLEE, Peterborough.' •■'«">"• 

...»•■« ..-. 

AUGUST '10; 


— : — '—Li — • - ■ ; • ,- i—i — . 1 — j-i — ■ . K -- ' 


i 1 t g " ' ;r I ■ ■ - . . i i 

WiLtAAM'K' NM assistant manager for 
PuhertH. Hafrls' attractlons;wrltes: '•Every- 
thing Is In readiness for the opening of Mr. 
lldtrln' various attractions, and u most pros- 
perous sobbou Ih looked forward to. Judging 
lruin the way tUe local managers uru writing 
frou) oil over the country. It would take 
hJir a tlusen 'Daniel. Boone on Hie Trail' 
companies lo llll Hie U«uu. Two young wolves 
have uecti added to the rare puck Mr. Hurrls 
•ilrettdy baa, and also u largo black bear. 
"wLli'li In to be used. In 'Daniel lloune.' the 
ciriupaiiv -will play through Indluna, Ken- 
tucky Tennessee, Georgia. .Alitbiiutu. North 
■md BudUi .Carolina, and back • up through 

mlo o'litl Pennsylvania. An exceptionally 
g cant Has been selected, and this with- 
uUbt will be one of the strongest' inelo- 

v l lung cast lms been selected, and this with 
out doubt will be one of the strongest- inelo 
dramas out the coining season. The Harris 

Parkinson Co. la • now rebvurslng for the 
regular season, and new and special scenery 
Is being built The Harris-Parkinson Co. will 
play all Klaw ft Erlanger time through the 
south, also a number ot the Jake Wells 
houies. The Harris Comedy.: Co. Is now en- 
joying a most prosperous Summer season, 
mid .we aro turning them away nightly. The 
company has been conceded by press and 
nubile to rank among the best of the road 
Allows. The Harris Urand, at Blooming- 
inn Is fast bearing completion, and thu sua- 
son Is booked almost solid. .Nothing but the 
licst will be played, and Bloutmngtun la one 
.if the best one night stands In the country. 
Kalllrlilc Barry has signed for leads the 
ruining season, and Arthur Herbert will re- 
place Hamilton L. Brook as stage manager 
fur the Harrls-Parkllison Co. the coming 
season." ... 

Duncan Hkvwaiuj, press ngesut of the 
Usiuan tttbek Co., writes: "The Uamau Stock 
i 'o. (Southern* will-begin rehearsals at Cum- 
licrlaud, Md., on Aug. 5. John Ustnuu, owner 
and munagerof the companies, who has re- 
ccnlly returned from a very pleasant visit 
io Scotland, has gone to Cumberland to com- 
plete all arrangements for the beginning of 
the rehearsals. Mr. Osinau has eugaged 
some or-the beat -people In the business for 
his couipanv this year, and It is to be be- 
lieved that his efforts will be crowned with 
success. -He has tonred the South for five 
seasons and ■ has a good reputation among 
all classes of theatre-goers. The director of 
tin' company. W. H. Hartlgifn. und myself, 
will report at CuulberlaniT the same time 
that Mr. Osmau does, .to assist htm with 
the rehearsals. The following are some of 
the bills We^-wll! use : ''The ^etls." featur- 
ing W. Hi Hartlgan: 'My Lady Nell.' fea- 
turing Marguerite Osinun : "t.asl Lynne,' 
•Ihtru . Thurne,' 'Green Lanes of Old Lon- 
don.' 'Power of the Cross." and others. 
The Osman Stuck Co. (Eastern) will begin 
rehearsuls at llageratown, Md., on the same 
date, under- the management of Jack Barrett, 
whu Is also leading man of the company." 

Nutisit t'KOM the Cbusc-Llster Co. (Norlli- 
.iii i. — We open our regular season on Sept. 
1, wltli an enlarged cotnpauy, ladles' orches- 
tra, and a complete new equipment all 
through. Clint and Bessie llobblns continue 
with the company. It being their- sixth sen- 
son with this attraction. Other people en- 
gaged are : Jessica lis v. Florence Leslie, uilv - 
Ilurlesou, Salome Jilting, Leonard Guode, O. 
L. Oliver. Jack Krall. Jolui Neal, l-'red May- 
Held. Hlenn P. Chase and Will T; Lister. The 
Chase-Lister Canvas Show has been a big suc- 
cess, playing to capacity business all Sum- 

NmiMAN Hii.vaiid AND Stl.LlK HoM'til:, 
leading iuuii and character woman, respec- 
tively, have been engaged for the coming sen- 
sou by Manager Walhicc.U. Cutter, for the 
Cutter Stock Co.. They have already played 
» successful Summer eugagemeut with the 
same company. ... 

XolESfnoM Ketf.s' Stock Co., S. Burton 
Keyes, manager. — Business. Is exceptionally 
.'nod., and. the show .la more than pleasing. 
We. hive added' more special scenery to our 
uwp large equipment. The Keyes Sisters 
continue to prove a .good drawing attraction 
und are making friends everywhere. We are 
now rehearsing a new feature bill which will 
lie produced next week. V. A. Varoey Is 
staging the piece.. Tub CLli-rcn Is always 
welcome htfre. Chester A. Keyes; comedian 
:ind dancer; is Ih Ills fourteenth week with 
this coiupuuy. The Keyes Sisters, who are 
bring, featured w'th this company, are meet- 
In; with success. 

NdTKS KltOM Minncli.i Bbotheiis. — Our 
luugnlllcent • new *0.000 outlit. eurload or 
-i-ciicry and u company ot thirty, headed 
by' the peerless, little cotncdlenue. Mlnu 
i.'cnell. played uu eugagemeut In Cony, I'm., 
week of July.^2. The big outfit Is new from 
lop to bottom. The plays were all newuud 
pur on Willi special scenery. Thla la without 
doubt the biggest and Itest outllt and company 
ever carried by these popular managers. 
Curry-turned out and gave tlntiu anovutlou. 
Thbi clever company plays the same terri- 
tory' etn-li season, uud Is always sure of big 
business. . It la the opinion of All that the 
Mlii'ielll Brothers' big company Is the 
"hutvIviiI of the fittest catering to the best 

• lass, plays correctly staged and complete 
In every way. Eight vaudeville acts, are 

• urrled and Die Miuuell! Brothers arc- lu 
» position to give amusement . lovers what 
they want, and they are always ' welcome 
guests lu their territory, which they have 
played for .seven seasons. The brothers ex- 
pect to operate a vaudeville house In rallies- 
vllle ; (i. the coming, season. Tub Oi.u 
Ukmaisix Is a favorite uud always welcome. , ami Cbaw»-obp have signed 
«'ll|i Gus Hill's "MrFttddcn's Plata" Co., to 
Play pnvis and do their specialty. They re- 
port tcrcat success in vaudeville with their 
cunledy skit, "The Grocery Buy;" v. 

Iti.sTtai or* thu Great Saiitcll and All. Stnr 

• '•■.---Wc'iipcii our tour Sept 1, at the (irauil 
Theatre, I'vansvl He. Ind. Harry O. Ulnksen 
midMbc Great Santc.ll, /proprietors and sole 
inn lingers : Mrs. Lillian Saiitcll. treasurer ; Dr. 
Horace .Grant, advance agent: Holmes and 
llolllsion. lu a Yankee comedy ; sketch ;. Daly 
unit O'Hrlcu'.. sluglng,' talking uud cotnedy c: 
centric dancing act: Cameron and Toledo, !n 
tlielr. operatic e<iulllbrlstlc. pantomimic ex- 
tra vuguiua: "The KuehaDted Grotto:'.' the 
Burton Slstvrs. singing and dauclug sister 
n<-t; the Daltons, .musical act: M. J. N.vham, 
■'lectrlcldn uud expert, and moving picture 
operator : llarrv Brown, band and orchestra 
leader, with • W. 8. Caylor, Benjumln Kdar, 
1'mnk G. Bernhardt and ten other solo mu- 
sicians: Paul Maxwell, piano player. The 
iiliononienul teaturc attraction of.tlie show' is 
'lie. Great Santcll, world's renowned the p»r- 
feet 'man. the only-rival of Kandow; -i .•• 

.MANA.iiat Ciias. E. llAMJiijNti. of the Co- 
loiilar-Theatrt', Caralirldgc. O.. has been In 
X'-W V-iirk for the- last two weeks. Iiookliig 
attractions ror his theatre for next season. 
Mr. Iluiuiiioiiil ropoi'ts nil Industries as work- 
ing day Hhd night In Cumbrldge. and raring 
•o keep up with their orders: He Is looking 
forward to u good season.- • ... Stcaiit ami -Anna Holmn(»;r 
'fgiti their foil rlli year with the Cburles 
H. Rluiiev Auiusuiuvnt Co.. at the Arch Street 
Theatre. Philadelphia. Aug. •*•• During the 
couijng' season they will play two of the 
|ir.>iritticnt ,. rolea - In the production of "A 
Chlfd-nf the negltiieiit." ' . ... 

NlttMC iisBuiiNi:. who closed a very sticcess- 
> ul eighteen weeks with the Kraligls Greene 
•'o. at Sault Hte. .Marie. MIcB.. July 14. Is Jit 
proKent spending -a few 'Weeks 'ai" Algonac, 

" ••HaiX" Joined th'e Clara TurrieriCo. 
•Bill' ao. hi play principal comedy parts. Mrs. 
Hall (EfflePra vi will Join her husband In 
September. »«.••„• 

William> am> i-'nni Hartman 
harp- reruraeU to this cohntry after a, tru 
months' -trip In KurOpe. While In Rome tbev 
were amoug a parly of Americans who were 
granted nh audience with Pope Plus X.' 
i_. . . . » ....-.}••- 

Notes riiuii Hahht Sliheblakp's "A.Palr 
of Country Kids." llobt. H. Brolllcr. mana- 
ger. — We ■ opened our regular season some- 
what eurly, owing to the tact that we were 
booked through the Northwest, among the 
Sunimci resorts. , Qur (lrst perrormancc was 
at StougbtuU. Wis., July 4, matinee and 
night, to good business. Although our busi- 
ness has not been what It ought To he, never- 
theless the show has made a little money. 
We have the best cast this season that has 
ever, played the piece, and arc making good 
every where wo play. We carry six slrong 
specialties, special scenery for our second 
and- third acts,' and a Hue line of special 
paper. Hauler Denis and Grace Whltcher. 
the 'Two kills." are excellent, and tlielr work 
and specialties are the lilt of thu show. We 
arc booked solid until next May. making It 
a good, long season. Our roster Is as fol- 
lows : Bobt. II. Brotller. manager : Lester 
Snerley, agent : Homer Denis, stage man«- 

fer: Walter Stephens, master of props ; ('has. 
.vwls. W. A. Young. Elo Campbell, Grace 
Whltcher and Mabel Leverton. Joe Lyone'.l' 
Is. musical director. All are In the best of 
health and spirits, as the "ghost" and The 
Old BsliabLe put in their appearance each 

Notes iboji chas. H. KoshKam's At- 
tbactions. — The original Chicago Stock Co.. 
udder Mr. ItossKam s personal direction. Is 
tilling a fourteen weeks' engagement at the 
International Theatre. Niagara Falls, where 
thev have met with unbounded success and 
favor. They have celebrated their seventy- 
llfth, performance there, und their business 
Is Improving with each performance. The 
cast remains the same as It has been for over 
three years, and this fact account* for the 
remarkably smooth performances given with 
such a large repertory. The company Is 
booked in the Eastern cities for this season, 
and will have all new productions, with Un- 
original equipment, several of which have 
been personally rehearsed for this company 
by the authors. The Chicago Stock ( Western I 
Is under the direction of Gruliam l'urle. one 
of .the best known repertory men In the busi- 
ness, who will take the elaborate equipment 
used by the original show last season. The 
company will be seen In the Central and 
Western States, where such offerings are un- 
common at popular prices. -' ' 

It is claimed that Murray and Mack, the 
popular comedians, will Introduce an innova- 
tion In their new musical production. "The 
Sunny Side of Broadway." which opens Its 
season the latter part of August. It 
a new venture for this well known team tu 
appear In a truly musical show, the new 
piece being In two acts, in -which twenty-two 
musical numbers are Introduced. They will 
be surrounded by a company of forty-live 
people, .Including a chorus of twenty-five 
pretty girls. ' Everything Will be new with 
the show. All the principal cities will be 
visited,, the opening of the regular season 
being nt the National Theatre. Dayton, 
O., La bur Day. The tour will lie under the 
direction of tin? Murray & Mack Amusement 
<.'u. II. C. Mathews will be the muniiger 
back with the show, and Ed. E. Daley, late 
publicity promoter of the Dickson & Tullmtr 
circuit, will be the engineer ahead, with 
Henry E. Smith, lute of the Gentry Shows, 
as advertising agent. 

Notes rutoi the Spoouer Dramatic Co. - 
We are In the seventh week ot a foarte-n 
weeks' engagement at East Lake Park. Plnr- 
nlx, Arlx. Business has been the best in 
the history of the park. Samuel Mltcheil 
Is sole manager of the pink, aud V. E. 
Spooner manager of company. The tncinbcis 
of the company are all favorites with the 
people of Plueuix. TUe work of All!-} 
Snootier. Marseilles Spooner. l<\ B. SpouUa. - , 
Mrs. Sixjoner and E. >". Waituck recelvs 
much favorable comment. The specialties 
of Marseilles Spoouer arc a bl>: hit. Mrs.' 
P. K. Spooner has lust returned from a vjsli 
tu her mother, aud sister ut Pasadeua -iiiil 
Los Angeles: Ciil. Site also visited the homes 
of Warren Perdue and J. A.. Patterson,. now 
living In Pawdeua. and formerly of Cehtcr- 
vllle. la. The preseut roster of the con 
pany Is as follows : V. E. Spoouer. manager : 
K. X. Wallock. Bertram Millar, Russell 
Suoad, Benton Hltiton. Marseilles Spoon?r, 
J. S. rittuiun, musical director: API' 
Spooner, Dorothy Hall, Shrewsbury Sisters. 
Mrs. Louise Shrewsbury. Eugeulu Shrews 
bury and Mrs. I'. K. Spoouer. 
• Nuteh fbom Arnold Park. Iowa. — The 
Trousdale Theatre Co. Is playing this park 
with ' the stuck company, putting on three 
bills per week. Last week they put. on "The 
Schoolmaster." "The Girl uud Ine Gambler" 
and "East Lynue." Maudc-isc Du Verc, 


Notes ibom the Carroll Cotoedy Co.. (un- 
der canvas!.— Our season opened May It, at 
Weston, W. Va., and business has been good. 
W* have been pairing the mountain towns 
and resorts all summer. The contpany will 
remain under canvas until November, play- 
ing Virginia anil North and South Caro- 
lina. The roster : Ion Carroll, manager : 
W. J. Pierce, business manager: Prof. Gil- 
bert Porter, musical director: Frank Allen. 
Jin- .1. Wnrreu. Will Cunningham. Wni. Ten- 
nyson. Oils Arrant mug. Newman Jayson. It. 
If. Williams, Nnt Danilg, Forrest Taylor, 
May Carroll, Marie Allen. Florence Whiter 
and- Xcllle Warren. Vaudeville features.- 
Nat lianilg. singing ami dauclug cuiuislliin : 
It. E. Williams, buiijolst, and tbe Barnyard 
Ouiirtette. The company numbers twenty 
people. We carry one baggage car. Busi- 
ness Is good at the present writing. 

Wti.i.Atti) S, lluiiKiri'siiN has been rv-enguged 

Mas. CfclM Hehs. (Hmllle Lesslng) will 
siiend the coming months at her home. 
Berkeley. Cal, Since lier husband's deatli 
she bas been quite III. but Is gaining health 
at present, and would like to hear from 

At the Si ki khan Pahs Tiiv.itiik. \ leas- 
burg. Miss., week of July 'JK Conslaure 
Crowley, In Aliakes|S>arlsn rules, enjoyed 
good bip.luess. The house Is dark week of 
Aug. «L ■.,» ■ . . . ■ i 

Uaudepille ana minstrel 

i i > 1 1 . ■ . ... ■.■' - . r i ' > ■■* 
: Chai'jja.v StsvEiia (Lulu and Galatea I and 
their pickaninny (Smoke), who are produchig 
one of the best nets of Its kind hi vaudeville, 
after closing lire wii-ks on a circuit of tuirks. 
have o|ieiied at Lyric Theatre, Joplln, Mo., on 
the Hodklns circuit for Iwentv-uno weeks. 

Nutks kbosi the Frank 11. Iteyiiotds Variety 
(>).— We are playing lu good business through 
Maine. This Is the company's eighth sea 
son In this Stale, placing over the suine ter- 
ritory year after year. It Is Mr. Reynold'* 
Intention tu add a band aud orchestra to ibr 
couipanv for tbe Fall and Winter season, and 
a route lu Northern Michigan- Is now being 
booked. George A. Fox Is still In charge »r 
the stage, making bis fourth couseeutlre sea- 
son with this company. Dora Ilea n tMrs. 
Frank II. Reynolds) has relumed from u 
short visit to Manchester. N. II. She is still 
dosing tbe show with her tire dauce. Intro- 
ducing many novel effect*. The roster of the 
show is as follows : Frank U. Key Holds, pro- 
prietor: George A. Fux. stage manager: Dora 
Dean, soubrette : the Reeds, sketch team : Sex- 
ton, high wire, and the acrobatic Burlumks. 

. Ike Ai.t.m an writes : "While playing the 
Oriental .Theatre, Butler. Pa., week of July 
15, a return date, I was royally entertained 
by genial Manager Cleuimous, also by the 
Fugles, who gave a theatre party of three 
hundred strong In my honorl On Friday 
night, after the show, all retired to the F, 
<). B. ruoniH. where a banquet awaited us. 
The uffslr dosed with a clever vaudeville 
bill with the following people: C. D. Barks- 
dale and l'at Fox. In an unusually, good 
Juggling net : Graves aud Itockensllue. In 
their universal monkey stuul : C. A. Sasse. 
in a dancing act : James Vogvly. musical act. 
wound up the performance, by playing "Home. 
Sweet Home.' " 

Maiiie McNeil, female comet soloist, had 
the honor ut playing a solu with the National 
Home Band. Eastern Branch N. H. D. V. S.. 
at Togus, Maine, recently, (the was the 
rcripleut of much praise and applause from 
the numerous old soldiers and Hie many 
civilians who attended the concert. ' 

'riAURT K.nowles, who tins been playing 
an extended engagement of twenty weeks, 
over the Novelty circuit, closed ni the Nov- 
elty Theatre. Deliver, Col.. July 'J8, uud re- 
turned to New York. 

Id 'vim; & Fhancls" Colored Show played 
Summit. N. J.. July T-i. to standing room 
only. They are playing the Summer resorts. 

.Habbt O'Dei.l, of Tl'Dell and Hurt, has 
ouri'based six hundred and forty acres of 
timber land In British Columbia. The team 
Is booked up till litOH, to present Its new 
acrobatic act. 

Cobinne, .late slur of the "Korfy-llve 
Minutes from Broadway" Co.. has Been se- 
cured by M. S. Benthan for » four weeks' 
"iigugement, opening Sept. S. ut Shell's 'lliea 
tre. Buffalo. N. ¥. She will uplicar as rile 
stnr attraction at all the houses. 

Keeley Biium., in n comedy bag punching 
and boxing net, are playing thu leading Sum- 
mer imrks of the united Booking Assocla- 

their leading lady, is a feature, and pur 
trays her roles with the greatest abllltv 
aud. versatility possible. Her uiugnlllceiil 

wurdrobe creates much comment. Site has 
won a warm spot III the hearts of nil. and 
deserves all the praise glveu her, The spe- 
cialties arc all well received, bclug . novel 
and up-to-date. ' . 

Louis A. Eaiile. who bus been spending 
his Summer' vacation with his mother and 
sister, in Cincinnati, U.. and camping on the 
Ohio Itlver. at Brookdalu Farm, will start 
for : New York to manage Uurguss-Hlmm.'- 
loln's Ideals, with which company he bus 
been for thu past lire seasons. Tho. Idea'i 
will commence rehearsals Aug. 13. opening 
Aug. 26. 

' W. Mnuuooii LiMi, well known In tli-: 
piano trude und newspaper world, was mar- 
ried on (ha evening of July ID, ut "The Lit- 
tle Church Around the Corner." to Mlu.i'e 
Itlcketts ilcRue . Eppley. of Baltimore. Md.. 
tbe Iter. G..C- Houghtou olnelatlng. Tliir is 
Hot merely, a uiiiniuge. but a. remarriage. Mr. 
Llnu having married the same lady before 
In 'Baltimore lu' 18U0. Some years luti."- 
tliey separated, and a divorce followed. Mr. 
And Mrs. Liud came together In New York 
lust, week, the old lovu was rekindled and 
all .'differences, pntclicd up. and, much to the 
pleasure of a great many mutual friend', 
iliev were ugu In married, and will take up 
their home lit New York. .Mr. and Mrs. Liud 
Have ont; child,'. 'Murdoch Edmund Kpplcy 
Liud, who wasiiorn In 181)1. Mrs. Liud U 
tin accomplished, pianist, and the boy Is also 
niusJLulIy Inclined. 

Notes KtloM the McDonald Stock Co. — W.i 
dosed a very successful season at Vlckstiurg, 
Miss.. July l.'l. and up' n at l'ine Blulf. Ark.. 
Aug. T%. Following Is the -roster for the com- 
ing season: G. \\ McDonald. J. D. McDon- 
ald. Karl McDonald. Sam McDonald. Iluwaro 
Bentob. AI. Patterson. Palmer Morrison. Clin" 
Watsoil, Ed. Miiitv. Haaellt- McDouald. Maud 
Cllrford. Edna Clifford. Lucille Sterling. Alum 
T. rrlbpen und Baby Mac. 

C. A. Ci.aiike has closed us representative 
vylth the De Pew-Hurdcttc Stock Company, on 
account of lll,bea|0i. Mr. Clarke Is serluuMy 
IB at. tlarrodsburg, Ky., with locomotor 
ataxia. • ' . 

Dot Kjiiroi.i. luoiirns the i.'eatli of h-r 
rhotlu-r. who died on July IS, at Newbury- 

Iiort. .Mass. 
i.V I. M. Hoyt for the KnlckeroiK'ker Stwk 
(.o- makl 


king Ills second season with this com- 

w-W. ^^:wL•l.>AtBB will put out "The Vuinn- 
Iver- Orgaulsl". with the following roster: 
W. W. .Newcotner. manager: Jos. K. Peyton, 
business iiiauager: August .Meyer, uiush'sl 
director: Charles Hoyt. master mechanic : 
William Warden, properties: It. 11. Billiard, 
electrician : George Nichols. Gnldwhi I'atlon. 
Pruncls fhjwson. Frederick Maynurd. Phil 
McCurtby. George L. I-ewls. Smith Davles. 
Douglas Flint.- Jamex .Adams. Willie Nelson. 
Pauline Eckbart. Virginia -Fairfax, Ida Nor- 
mal! and Little (Jllvo. 

r Nkh Nelson writes: "While playing with 
tbe Gllmour t Le.Tour Co.. In Salamanca. 
N. V., I was strliktn down with typhoid 
fevey. I was a patient In tbe Keating Hotel 
for eight weeks, but was wtll taken care of 
by tbe Salamanca Aerie of Eagles, who 
farnjsbed me wltb two doctors and a nurse. 
1 am now resting In Philadelphia, sod hope 
to he able to resume work In a month or 
so"' . 

tlou. mid are meeting with great succusb. On 
slept. 'J tliiyr open on the Keith & Proctor 
circuit for fiirty weeks. In June. 11)08. they 
sail, for Blirope to play twenty-live weeks on 
the Moss & Htoll tour. 

HAitiiV II. Lamui.'NT, who is spending a few 
weeks at bis home, on July 20 Joined 
thu , Fraternal Order of Eagles, Fort .John- 
sou Acrlc, lfiTo, . ut Johnstown, N. V., Ills 
home. Fur the past eighteen weeks Mr. 
I. a mount has managed the Orpliluiu at Purts- 
moulh and chllllcotlic O.. for Sun * Murray, 
lie will -work for the firm again next season. 
He suys lie was formerly proprietor and man- 
ager of the Grand, ut Fliilay und Dclhuicc. O. 

Mvuili: IlEliAltli ami 31 vu :i. I. a Veuk, who 
have been doing u sister act and meeting with 
great success In the middle West, have Joined 
wltb James llrockiiiaii. and report making a 
big lilt at Shea's Theatre, Buffalo, recently. 

EuottAiiu Srorr. ii baritone, uuw playing 
over tbo Sullivan & Cousldlue circuit.' re- 
ports meeting with success wherever he has 
Allayed. He further .says : "My entire act 
s unique, original and clever. I will shortly 
play the best Eastern time over, the vaude- 
ville circuits," 

Notes kiium Story's Vaudovl'le Co.. tour- 
ing. Maine and New Hampshire. — Harry A. 
Williams, advance ugent for the company, 
reports goad business, playing to standing 
room only. The coiiiiiiiuy Is cnuiposed ot til" 
following:. Fred S. Story, owner and mana- 
ger ; II. A. Wl I Hauls, advance : Joseph A. 
Bishop, baud leader : Clarence C. Vlull. or- 
chestra leader : F. P. Hoyt, stage munuger : 
Chas. Reynolds, solo cornet: C. ('. Vlull. *<ilo 
alto: Julius Edson. tuba: Wallace Till o.i. 
slide trombone; Henry I'leord. siuirc drum: 
Harry Mae. cymbals : George Howard, bass 
drum : Master \'r<-<l Story, cornet : Master 
Abiiizu Story, ulto: I'iionl llrjs., aerlalls. : 
George Howard. Iilack face act : Fred Story. 
Rube ; Louis uud Louis, sketch team : C. 
Itflvy. Irish act: P. I'. Hoyt. Dutch act: 
Master Fred Story, suiibreilo : Mrs. Fred 
Story, fire dance: Master Alouxu Story, 
clown ; Alice Story, illustrated songs : Mrs. 
Julius Edson. Isix oltlce. Orchestra: Vlali. 
tlr? t violin : Reynold-, second violin ; Bishop. 
cornel : i'lltoii, slide trombone : Edson. bass : 
Story, piano: Plcord, trap drums. All it i • ■ 
enjoying good health. 

Miti.ur.u ami It'll i I, Km:, preseutlng t« 
Egvptlan fantasy. 'The Flight of Princess 
his," will open their season Oct. 7. They 
are booked over the Klaw ft Erlnnger, Ju- 
lius Calm. Hcls.,and .Stair ft llavlln circuit*. 
A full equipment of speclsl scenery will is' 
ciirrtuil. and every , sheet of .paper Is brand 
new'. Over one hundred sh.-.-i- are lielag 
gotten out. Among tile company already 
engaged by Mr. Ilouelere are: Williams and 
Melburn. Flutow and Dunn. Arthur 
Ned Fltxglhlion and wire. Herbert Williams. 
Richard Arlington and George 'Seidell. Harry 
Bernard will be hi advance. 
■ J A MM It. Watkbs. the "Singer »f the 
Ohetto," : has been engaged by T. .W. Dli:- 
klns for. the Nightingales Co., to play the 
Hebrew omiily role, and his specialty. - 

Jack Htmmkm writes: "I nave fully t»- 
covered from a surgical operation at Ml. 
ClcUtcns, and. nave returned lo work." 

Fa.nnt IHcr has hern III In the hosnltal. 
undergoing an operation, but she l> again re 
gaining lost health. 

BDWAnti Leslie amp Mli.E. Caiiuik Mar! 
sucee«s In California, also the middle Wert, 
and -will not return to New York until about 

CllAULiiM V. Anohkron. the German com- 
edian, notifies us that he has Just nnlshed 
a forty-four weeks' run over the Virginia utld 
Polack and Silverman circuit, and he re- 
port* Big success. He bas signed for the 
coming season with Will II. Myers' big pro- 
duction of "Ruled Off the Turf. ' playing the 
principal comedy rule. 

Jack Van Bits Is spending his vacation 
in Saratoga, and will remain there through 
tin? month of August. 

ibir'oinit AND Isim.i: write that their past 
-eiiMin has been n luinner one with their bliick 
rare comedy Interlude. "All Right." They 
oismeif on the Keith ft. I'nwtor circuit July 
•ill. at the Grand Opera House. Pittsburg, hi. 

Tin: Instiii'IIEXTAI. Mo.vmichs. » altar 
FUxglllbon and Sum Lewis, write: "Wo arc 
now doing u straight net over Hie Western 
Stales vaudeville time, and have been re|>cat- 
cdly complimented on having the neatest act 
of Its kind playing these houses In unite a 
wiille. We have closed the show at most 
every house played, and are still going Im- 

Makuarkt Clemen*. -of Cole and Clemen*, 
left her farm at Benson. Neb., and layed off 
'the week of July fll. at Atlantic City. N. J.. 
previous tu their opening on Bart Mclltigli's 
circuit of parks. They pluv Pastor's, New- 
York City, week of Sent. 11. and have plenty 
or U'esteni time Isiokcd ahead. 

At Wbstsihk I'aiik. Minnie. Ind., week of 
July 'ill. the hill included: Had II the cdll 
i-ati-il horse: Holland and Vcruuii, lu a sketch, 
entitled "Checkers:" lie t'lUao. a barrel 
Jumper ! Isabel Vertion, lu Illustrated song.i : 
Monlaau Frank, lariat expert, and tbe uiov- 
Itlg pictures closed the show. Big business Is 

'tiiiEAT Lkt-i-eii. liuildeuff c.t|M'rt. clnscl 
Aug. - a successful seven week*' eiigiigeiiient 
nt ■ Wmidei lund Park. Revere Itrnrii. mid 
o|M>uial on the Gorman parks, doing lileelv. 

James and Paiikeii. tile "Dlxl" Fiuiedlaiis," 
arc In their twenty-tlftli week lu vuitdi'Vli.:, 
and ah! booked up to April. Ilinfi. Tliey em 
having a new while fnee act written by 
.lame- Teed, of Teed and latielle. 

Caiii.e Cimikk, eoaiedlnn. writes: "My new 
act has been going Idg sluce my opening at 
Young's' Pier, Atlantic City. I can also re- 
port tine success at Biiyoiuie. Albany inul 
Gl"n Haven. Week of July 'Jl) I plav Ithaca ; 
the week following Saratoga Sprlugs." 

Alton, female liupersonulnr. writes: "I re- 
cently closed a very siiccessrul nitieleeii 
weeks' engagement with Colonel White's Min- 
strel Maids, which ended ill Austin ft Stone's 
Museum^ In llosliiu. Muss. Am now at home 
resting and prt'isiriug a new act for my Win- 
ter season." ■ 

CUT. SiitNEV lii.VM.t.N had a narrow a* 
cape from losing Ills lire life saving dogs hi 
the big Sltipkriiase Park tre. July 3S. II- 
had to run obe mile from his home, and go, 
thorn only live minutes before the keiiuel ivas 
lu Humes. He saved all of Ills dogs. 

Tom G i li.en'h reception In Sau Prauctsco 
was ii cordial one. and his act there was us 
highly appreciated as ut any city he lms since beginning his tour of the West. 

The Mitchell Histkuk write : "We Just 
ciositl nt tbe Lyric Alrdotiie. at Oklahoma 
City, where our act went. hlg. to tbe extent 
>>f a re-ciigngcuieiit of anuthur Week. We 
have very good work to follow." 

Flo Wui.wi: Ih spending her mention «•' 
tile home of Mac E. Lesldr I Mrs. Alb'.-rt 
lionl.'tte I, ut Toledo, I)., before going on tile 
Western vaudeville circuit. 

I«A t'ENTUA ami la Ri'K closed a pleasant 
engagement of six week* lit Nelsun's Electric 
Giirdeii, Kprhiglh'lil. Mass.. for the Coiisoll- 
dulcd Film Co.. of New York, mid are now 
tilling other time. 

CLAtiKNcE W. BeiiknUh Is with the (.Junker 
City Big Show, at Lit Crosse. Wis. 

Lixxik N. Wilson Is resting tit tin- home 
of her brother (AI. II. Wilson), GriintWiHsl. 
N. Y. Mr. Wilson Is prciNirliig her a new 
iiioiiulogiie and songs fur next season. 

The WiiKtsi.uU't'iiiLtuiK.ii will rmi.ui Iholr 
home in Philadelphia until they start their 
next season on the Gus Sim circuit. 

Ill Tom Waiiii. former minstrel, who re- 
cently began a three years' tour nt tin? 
South and Southwest, after a vacation of 
less than two weeks lu Chicago, started 
July at for Fargo, S. I)., where lie begun n 
tour of thirty weeks over the SulTlvan- 
i.'.iiisidliie time. 

M'Al.LGg ANti Macill write: "After work- 
ing fifty-six consecutive, weeks and meeting 
with tine Hiiccess In the VVest and middle. 
West, we arc nnw playing the Pennsylvania 
parks. After these booking* we will take 
n uiiieli needed vacation. While playing 
Island I'nrk. Siinbury, I'n.. we were the 
guests of Munuger Nlelds mid his wife, at 
tlielr homo In Mhamoklu. Pa." ^^ 

Waalilnixtuii Palra. 

'Jlie following fair dates are claimed In tlic 
Spokane .country. Wash., nilled the Inland 
Empire of the I'acHlc Northwest ; 

North I'aelllc Knengcrbiiiiil, Aug.Li)-Sept.1 ; 
Everett, Wusli.. Sitpt. •.••" : Bozemun. Mol-i.. 
Sept. a": Riverside. Wash., Sept. 10 •12 ; 
Ceniriillii. Wash.. Hept. p. 14; Salem. Ore.' 
Sept. lU-'JI : Orullno, Ida.. Sent. 17-10: Mis- 
souhi. Mont.. Sept. BI-'JO; Prosaer, Wimli,, 
Sepi. Itj.'.ti: Itedinutiil. un.'.. Sept. Ill-si : 
Great Falls. .Mont., Sept. VJil-'if I Colvllli-. 
Wash., Ht-pt. 111-21 : Aliiicuhds, Mont.. Simt. 
SS-381 Spokune. Wash,. Sept. '.'a-Oct. fi ; Hel- 
ena, Mont.. Sept. 'KMJft. 11: La (irmiile, Ore. 
Oct. '.'•5: Colfax, Wash., Oct. 7-12: North Ya- 
klmu, Wash.. Oct. 7-1'.'; fs-wistoii, Ida.. Gel. 
7-l'J: Baker City. Ore.. Oct. 8-12; Walts 
Walla. Wash.. OwL 14-10: Wilbur, Wash., 
Oct. l.'i-lS; I'liticvllte, Ore., Oct. l.'.-lb; 
Boise. Ida , Oil. 21-25. 

«>-»* . • 

I lisrlo i.rii|ie«vlo'« Anv Aet. 

Mike Simon, stage manager .'laiiniierstelu's 
Victoria iiicnln;, will produce a big novel 
art In vaudeville, written by Chas. Grais?- 
win, entitled "A Night III u Rutuski'llor," 
The net will entry special scenery and effects. 
and twenty people, headed by Geo. Whiting, 
singing comedian. The act will open at om? 
of iOitli ft Proctor's houses. Aug. 12, and Mr. 
Grapewln will stage and produce it, 
— ' ««» 
Knaltirn Wheel In Mlltvmikee. 

The Culumiilii Amusiiuieiil Co. ha* secured 
the (iarrlck Tbentre in Milwaukee. Wis., and 
Will take possession Aug. '.'.", with Eastern 
whiH-l attractions. Harry Harris, brolber of 
('has. K. Ilunis: S. R. Slmoti. u lawyer. Slid 
M. J. Kargcr, of Des Moines, lepivKcnllug the 
Columbia people, closed the deal last week, 

' ' ,*T — ,., •'»' — 
Allee l.luyd anil the 'Ii Nmiutiloos' 
llcfani Visit. 

Allee Lloyd and the JlcNaiightun Bros, are 
trying to luive their Kiirotsiin time set buck 
so that I hey can stay In America for several 
yea rs. Tliey 
circuit In the 

>e» Eastern Wheel llon.e (n 
, Phlladeliihla. 

AUl-ulg tbe* tiics'l deils aiid new enterprise* 
whli* sre now belh'j brought before the 
puhllr. we which Is' attracting attotitlort ,l« 
the ileal between the management of the Itim 

'!>>n Theatre and the Columbia Annisetnetlt 
Co. Tlio Bon Ton Theatre, which Is situated 
on Eighth Street, below Vine, wa* several 
wars ago successfully conducted a* a liur- 
letsiue house, mid then tell Into the hands 
ut new manageinent mid was turiusl Intu a 
continuous vaudeville house. In which It was 
also verv successful. Tile Coluinblii Amuse- 
men I Co. offered n sum which cullld not he 
refused, and will hereafter cisidnct It as one 
of their chain of lillrlesi|iie houses. Its new 
unme bring the New (layety. 

The theatre will ls>' almost eilllrcly rehulU. 
prellinluurv to its opening, earl.i In August. 
und will cost the company ulsiut *U"i.iHt0 for 
neis'ssarv Improvement*. When completed It 
will Is? one of the nh'tt lest, and safest - tHu? 
aires In the city of Philadelphia. 

The recoiiMtrnrthai of the theatre Hiss 
liegiiii. noil the work I* rapidly Ising pushed 
to n Ihilsh. The entire rrmil will Is? in white 
nud gold, and will he one of the most beauti- 
ful sights along Eighth Street. 

The Interior will also be bountiful, as the 
best fresco nrtlstl have Is'cn set at work, 
nud when completed Ii will is- handsome lu 
the extreme. All the old chair* have, beun 
removed and new mid coititortnhtc lilah- 
have isx'ii obtained and are now Is'ltig lu- 
stiilled. Another big red t lire will lie the 
beailtlfnl drop curtain, (Which Is belllg 
palutiHl) which will lend a great deal to 
the attractiveness of the theaire. ■ The en- 
tire house Mill nisi) be recarpeted. 

The biirlesipii; shows which will I* 1 upiaied 
at this theatre will Is? the "wheel" shows of 
the Columbia Amusement Co., this liunse 
Ising used iis one of the chain of btirlesuue 
houses throughout the country, of which 
then? arc thirty-two. Tile house has Is-en 
leased for n nuiiils>r of years, and the I heat re- 
siling public may rest assured that the best 
In In irh'.si | no will In- offered tllelll. •' 

Amung the many cuiuiiaiili>« which will 
appear nt the New llayriv will be the fol- 
lowing: llaltitv Dllriiess, Bon Tntis. Viniily 
Fair. Ilcluuiln Show. Hyde's Show. Parisian 
W'hiows. New York Stars, High Rollers. 
.Morning Glories. Tfocaderos. llostnn Belles, 
Cracker Jacks, Trails-Atlantic*. Clark's Run- 
swiivs, ItenU-Santley. Bowery Hurlemliiers. 
Majesties. MasiptiTiider*. Hurry Bryant Show. 
AI. Reeves' Co.. Rlcs ft llniioii Co..' City 
Sports. Hidden Crook. Irwin's Big Show, 
Jersey Lilies. Hose Hill, Night Owls. Knlekel- 
Isickem, Rose Sydcll. Ilachrior t'ltrb. World 
Beaters, Purls by Night. Casino lllrls. 


Ke«v Amusement Company. 

PaiKT* have hwn tlleil hi the Secretary uf 
States offlie. ut Treulnh. X. .1..' ror Ihr 'a- tloa of the World i'ihisi ruction ft 
Amusement Company, which will lie the sole 
owner nud u|H>raltir of n novel sliiusumeiii 
machine, known rfs "A Trip Around tin? 
Glob*-." The devlis. consists »f ■■ large gaily 

d ruled pavllliiu-llke structure. wKh merry- 

go-round atliuiiuieiit. ami la aildltiun tlierei 
to; anil the pi liu-lpnl tea I u re of the uuiclilii". 
Is a very largo revolving glnls- or hall, repr- 
senllug the world, twenty-live feet In illume 
ter, whlcli makes a isimplete and Independ- 
ent revolution of the large lower riri'iils; 
pliillurm. Thu machines will be const rue ted 
to represent the different pin nets of th* 
lillverse. and will carry I'.Ti |H?rsons. The 
motive power will Is 1 electricity. 

The ufltiws <>f the company kiwi James V| . 
Butty, president : Wilson P. Mnriiiliaiik, lice 

irosldeiii, and Alfred Coliley rotary and 

treasurer. . 

««»■ — 

Boherl II. Miiulell IIubmiic. Dr. Il> rue. 

, Dr. Andivw Bynic late of tin? stuff <>( 

Edinburgh I'lilrerslty. ba» Is-un re-enungisl 
by Mr. Manlell us music dlri-clur. Dr. llyti|e 

Is the composer of th npletc Incidental 

scores nilil the Inlerllides of all III* Shakes- 
iR'itre plays tu Mr. MautelPs repi'iiory-- 
'■King la?ur." "Thi" Merclmnt uf lenlce, 

"llatiilet, Othello," "King Richard II;" 

"Mitcbi'th." "Julius i>snr" and "King Hlch- 
Ul'd II." Ha has set to music (he lilts, catcher 
slid snug fragment* in th'- taxis, such as 
lago's verses in Act 2. of "Othnllu," "Lei 
Me the Ciuilklii Clink" and "King Klcpheu 
wa* a Worthy Pwr." 

♦** " 

(.eorm- Itroiiilhorsl llu«>. 

The success of "The .Man of thu limit" 
has had the result of swamping the ituthor. 
George Hroadhurst.wilh orders new plays. 
Aparl frotn those he has completed ror 
lllnnclii! Wulsh. Lillian Russell. MM Edcsoi., 
Tom Wise and tin isilliiborntlon with (:. i. 
Hasevl Charles Frohiinin. he Is under rlih- 
I rati to write one for Grace George's use, 
another for Win. A. Brady and Joseph It. 
Glismer, aud still another fur .Nnt (. Goisl- 
wln. . .' 

«»» . 

Itolnoil Bnrkc KntCHKeri. 

•Wright lAirltner, who Is tu star. In "The 
OiilckBitnds" next season, has engaged Be- 
lli ml Burke lleiiuessy Us bis personiil repre- 

, Mr. Heunessy litis submitted to Mr. lain- 
mer the Idea for uu American play which 
.Mr. Lorliiu'i- Ih'IImviis has merit, strength 
and iirlgluallty. and which will probably be 
one of the big stage productions Of til* 
coming year. 

■ * » - 

l',«cclslnr iiieillre I|ino>. 

The Excelsior Tliciitni Co. Is the title of an 
organ Ixat loo which has been Incorporated at 
AllMiny. The new company will latlld u new 

W.-slcl'll Klieel limise at I'll tlms'i A Vet n ml 

. Lafiivetpe Street, Itl'iRiklyn. Uli'iillon of which 
has been mildu In these coliinins. The oHlcers 
are Henry Clay Miner Jr.. Harry Mnrleli nud 
Jetties bnarrfjr. 

♦ »» 
It it I |i l> I let more Cnuoixeil. 
Ralph Dcluiorc, one or Hie ls;*t known, of 
our players or dominant tyis-s of clnieaiier. 
hits, been engaged for' "Big Dick" Hoi ulgnn. 
lu the New York City eusl ut "The Man -of 
tin- Hour." This Is the rule tlrst played Villi 
such sueis'ss by tlin isle Fi'niik Mcl'iciirs, and 
acted so alilstlciill" lu tin- Chlesgu cant by 
Rulsui A. Fischer. - .„ 

■■»»• ' "" — -.-■.>-.-. ; I 
^.-? ■ 

iiiilioiltg ine iiriuiiiioi'.are 1 ; mnjK 
lalisrcsisiiislble flit th'/»«itu?vlil 
bulb of which will ffjgn'.iJn'tB* 

years. They open up tin.. Klaw ft Erlnnger 
")e I-Sill. 

4. a- 

IrMln Gnoilrleh to Go with Klaw A 

Kr Inn tier. 
. Ii-'vln l.iiMidrlcb. fnrnierly stage manager ut 
tlic Allisnibrs Thcalhv New York l.ily. will 
act In the same capacity fur Klaw ft Er- 
Isnger at tip- Treipout Tjientrc, Ibislo.i. 
Muss., liegliiohig Sept. 2. wIp'U the liiiuse gis's 
Into vaudeville. 

-r- ! — l it) . a 

K. * t:. Vauas-vJlie I Ircili KkVenila 
The name of the Mluiberl Theatre. In MB. 
waukis.. Wis., will Is; changed In the Etnp're 
when Uu? house will be turned Into I'audc- 
» 111** In SeptenilsT, under the niaiiHgeineiit of 
Klaw- ft Erlsuger. 

■» ■» 

>cm I tirst re foe Lynn. MMss. 

The llreamlaml Amar"'iu'-nl Co. will build 

a theatre In Lynn, Mass., tor vaudeville ami 

moving pictures. The bouse will be upeti".! 

lu the Pall. 

Ann Arbor's <itrvv Tbehtras. & 
Ann Arl«ir. Mich., will hatan-ff^i^tTSrN^ 
aires the coming scgsnrL: o(*iWvoSo ' o f be 
ilriiiuu und the stbfaw j^. waul t, villi-, it. C. 
IVhllney. I he well MM* VfffbLt umnuin'iV Is 
biillilliig the driiiiiiltW8jtr.'i>'i; iRu*, |/rt-u| .lUil- 

lioriloll llurlll' llcensaseil. 

lioi'doii Biu-by.> .wlitji W A* iilcked out lusl 
seiiwiii foe critical VAinls.' of his acting ss 
Kent, In "King fjeg,." • mid the ghost lu 
"Hamlet." lu »ur>port of llohert Mslltell, 
bus liwn eiigiigerf n r „ii> for Mr Mniilell's 
eompaiiy. . .'/ 

' /£ ?> £ • ;•.. 

Klaw A t'.rliifc'i, (<1 ijtillll In Ml. I.ools. 

, Kljiw -a .Ei'ia/i-gf>'r jci>. pliimicd a Inrge coin- 
bhisllisi bo»u/en» and thfuire building ror St. 
Louis. M'm %{,, |„. ,r>. t-d on the sRe ltp|H**lte 
llie..leffersof| Hotel, up tin* soiilltwest (MM 

«r Twrirti^vitKii^Kiut,. So is. ' ,.. 

. 'I- •*■*>• — ' — ..':..'».- 

Grner G«a rV e (0 llelur.. lo t.nnilou. 
Onus? "'/ui-gr' hi to return to Isaiduu next 
Hpring- Pj1| M v she will appear in n lew |>luy. 
In »n>.' of 'charles Fiohujun's theatres. 

*■- ■ ■ , l' ■» . » » 
, V'.-SIer Umrraun llomm.-il. 

■r»Mlt, l^irlmfr bus eiigagisl Is*stcr V>u- 
ergsn 'jo oliu Ihe role* of John Burlou. Hie 
fi'tltrr,, Bn ,t liirm-gi' Rnrtoii. the son. In his 
uf«t Wfrtftm IJ>|" 

- . 

. -•■ 


m m 



^«/y- ':. 

■ i-';, 

■■ *i 

■■ -r\. , >•-■:■ 

: 'i. -''*■•';■! \t*V< 

Si ;?H 



-j-'ib r-H'" w 
J' '^ v- : v£.';: v 






if . * s 





u ■ '. -. 1 ■'••if Y I.;t7 

••*'<• '''-.'■ V-' ;, ;i 


■>jv- •-.■ 






August 10. 



81 15.00 









AyproYM by tlie Xrw Yoi* -Hmynfux Fhv Outttrtertlnrit and 0M IHWirimeiU uj .Water .ymmjI#,;£«£ i 

uiul Electricity. 



The above Rheottat It the remit of a terles or < wrefal experiment* and test* aame.I 
to produce an aiinaratu* tonleet every requirement, «f Municipal Authorities and 
Motion Picture Exhibitor*. The remittance It built up with Individual coll* or 
•'Climax" wire and any tingle coll may be replaced without disturbing any 
i.llmr coll. by tlmply loosening four *et arrew*. A Heavy, perforated alieef tteei 
rating thoroughly protect* and ventilate* the coil*.' Terminal* and adjustable 
•witch are mounted on a non-conducting tlate hue protected by a theet MM 
Hutomatlc rioting rover. Atbtttot covered copper wlrat connect the varlout colla 
with twitch contact*, and all connectlont are *oldorte*i. A convenient handle 
fitrllltatei handling, etpeilally when Rheostat It hot. All parti are-made with 
tigt and templet*, nuurlng Interrhangeablllty. . ' •■ • 

The above llheoatat It adapted for all model* of Edl*«»n Projecting Klnetoieopet. 
and for either 110-143 voltt direct current or HM-UO volte alternating current, and 
Jtr. to 30 amperet without excettlve heating. 

The above featuret, combined with the beat materlali and workmanship, 
superior detlgn and construction, have produced a PERFECT RHEOSTAT. «; 

K-15189 . Rheostat, Underwriter's Model , Yesales $25.00 



A Tbflllipg Story of Adrenturi and Rescue 

LOST in the ALPS 




Send for 

Illustrated De scriptive Cir cular He. 319. 

Great Historical Production 





Send for 

],D wrlptl» Cir cular No, 311. 

Another Up-to-the-Minute Ellison 

Comedy Hit 




is of a Cat 

'••The old familiar adage that a oat has nine lives 
has been taken more or less, for granted, but the 
various scenes in this Film will undoubtedly con- 
vince even the most skeptical that the old saying is 
only too true.'* 


no. «iaT. cork vkbma'rbbid. vim. cimssa. No. •ua.u.i 






Send for 

Illustrated Des criptue Cir cular No. 317. 




• I 3 S.O O 

•if I* 



• 3 5.0 


S I s . o o 


» I o.o o 

Cohen's Fire Sale 

Not a Dull Moment Best Fun Ever 

No. 639a. CODE VEENADERS. MOK. CLASS A. 1136.00. 



■end for Latttt Catalegi anu Illuttrate* Cirealart. 



•*■■'..' Chleavo OKlce, 804 Waba.a Anaae, . 

New Tork Office, SI Union Square. Cable Addresit, Zymotic. New Tork. 

SBII AM iCPMTfl ■ THE KINETOOBAPH CO., • • 41 E. 21ft It, M«W Xork. 
OfilibUla AafiHTO. PBTEB BACIGALUPI, 1107 Flllmor* St., Sin Frmclico, Cil. 

GEORGE BBECK, 680-564 Grove It, Sta Frincttco, C»l. 


music and Song. 

- 1 . — — — — — ~^ — 

Rpont. from, the "HOHRf-nf nitp,". Is being 
featured with great success hi . Rich and 


I'll.lllllnVlilln I 

trlii ut i.iiiKs. 



Iliiii.sK ok iWmtAam. — Helle 

. KuorlilL- il. hihtl'ss kIukIiik a 
'•l.uVi'.MV ami the World U 
Aliin>.".".M> r i>ear." .niidi-rd btrei or I Would 
Die for Vuu. The Coliiiilitl.'Kour are feiiljr- 
Ins songs of. i\ Jotly, ■rollleWng-order, whluh 
liii-lutk' : "llyis liye. My Caroline." ■"/.ora" and 
■•llorubelle, - ; which aje AVIlniark,l>ublleatlons. 
The llrxl . mimed i>oug,.uiii'iri;u|nrl), ht" been 
liinkliiB goud. all -over . the eolihtry. A list of 
the . reiireselilullve soiigti of .M; Wltmurk & 
Sons 1h being; sung by Ifeert Miller with exeel- 
lent' results. Mr. Miller Is well known In 
ehurrli and com-ert work, "t'oiild You l.ove 
ii Utile tlli'l I.Ike Me.V "Zora. "I'ake Me 
Willi Von In Your Dreuins," "Arizona .(Uli. 
•Door of Hope," "Vou're All the World to 
'Ale - ' imd "My Detr" are imrtleiiliirlyaultru to 
Air; Allllers voice. Keedy iind Currier, who 
lire iiuiiearlng in ii new act In vaudeville, are 
eujoelng the entire, approval of aniiineuiciit 
liivort -Willi : "I'll Live or I Would Die for 
Von ' "As Long As the World llolls tin." 
"l.ove Ale .mil the World Is llltie." "W'll 
You J jive Ale In December as You Do In 
:Alny" unil "The Door of Hope." When the 
M'ti'son opens Juliun Kdwarils will he one of 
Ibe-llrsl lu the Held with -« new work. Mn> 
ward*' ojieras, . cantatas and songa arc 
prominent wherever uinsle Is heard. As 
u close second may he mentioned 1'lx- 
lev unit Luderv. who- -have dreamed • 
new dream, aud not only dreamed, h'.il 
euughl- tlie vision mill proiluced It In n Inn- 
Klble form In .their new .work. Samuel Klein, 
the uutbltlous dlreeliir anil coni|>oser, has 
unollier opprn alulost complete. . l'"roin the 
lienh of new nrtplrama In Ihe Ueld of eoni- 
posltllin, "The Alflsknu" .will soon make Is 
bow, tolhe public. -Harry Ulra,rd aud Jo- 
Kepii Ulethen hive tri'amf the subject they 
have chosen In u iniiiiuer.ns new an II Is 
Juterewlng. uilu""TI(e"Almknii"' will please 
i,v virtue -of lt« melodV, humor and orlal- 
nitlllr. ' "'IUe Circus Clown;". -n real rank 
.iiierii, wrltteuby llcibeit Hlllen and Charles 
liiiMwIlK. will nUi> have nn ettrly Inlrodneilon 
Hi the musical Held. The Inleruohited aongs 
:md iMllmla which have been placed In new 
luodiii'tloiiM by Ihe Wliniark house are le- 
gion, and the onilook us far at u brllliunl 
xcasiiil Is coueerned from this house, pre- 
wiges one. of mnisual novelty mid Imerest. 
Alaty AnB'Urcwpi'.whoiuhyied a very sucitess- 
Jill e»vi«emenft.«t KvitV«*iilun Sqimre llie- 

neK MltJ Bro%^ »JS 

rah Wanna." and "Nobndy's Utile Girl." 
great success tiy . men and Mabel l.ockhart Is singing "Noliody's l.lti'e 
Ren Welch In mwtlng'.wfth gratl- lilrl." (iuyer and Crlspl are making a Bpe- 
fvlng results wllh "Yon splash Ale and ,,1111 da I feature of the new flirting song, "Won't 
isplush You" mid "Cnder Die Roscnhlonm." -. You Ite Aiy llmiey." Drislohe and Morse 
Yates and Karrlngton ' are tereuling no end .have Jusi liuKlicil I heir new animal song. 
uf enthusiasm wjib "iilnck Jim," ' .■.'lljinns '-of '"In Monkey Land," unci III looks like n good 
Ihe Old Church .Choir", met ." With-. .1011 in .sureessor. to. "Crocodile Isle.'.'- I.ew Pistcl, 
Ktemllv." -three .of ; tlie '-xondt opes', from- ll«s , black faiw comedian, is feiilurlng "Won't You 
.Daisy James Is. cr*. ^to My HOiieyr - . Max Hitter and Grace fan 

"House of ' lilts." 

atlng a furore with her Kngllsh ■ songji, 
"Anything On .To-night V. V"Hor«c ;.:»od 
Ciirt," "1 Want' My .Daisy" 'and "Kye.r*- 
one's In Love with' Someone." Jds&'Wr.' 
Stern & Co.- are her exclusive publl^t'rs. 

ter arc golnv to use 
Honey';" .Mildred 
"Won't You 
prima donna 


The American stage wlU soou have a nroduc- 
llnu fresh from the lalenle«l pen of the emi- 
nent Merlin composer, Paul LiricKe, In col 

labiiralloii with one of Ihe. best llhreitlslsvof 
our country. Air. l.lncke bus been corfmllli: 
stoned lo nretmre a work .which he i-onHiteuilv 
asserts will be well lu advance of -anything 
he has hlflieMii dime "Let Ale Hear the 
Maud I'lnv the Girl I Left llehlnd." "Hhe 
Was a Grand Old Liuly" and "I'd LIKV ;* 
Little Loving Now and Then" are Hellig iffias 
tured by Tliut Quiirtetle. The Mllleninm 
Urns. Ainusemenl Co. have lonlracletl with 
.Ins. W. Stern k Co. lo umi> only "The House 
of lllis" production* in their six new snoitt 
for next season. Among Hie numlterh »,- 
ready selected are ""llndjr the Hosenblnorn" 
and "June Moon." a dainty coon - lulliitiy. 
Iteiled and Hudley, Jtmt returned, from a 
ten weeks' lour nf.Peniiaylviinia and the Sevt 
Knglund States, mid report that -they haibthj 
>ntliv iiopuhii Ion of. every mwn they, iildyed 

Won't You He. .My 
Hansen is featuring 
lie My Honey?" She Is 
of "Kun tt seashore" C'p. 
The Kimball Brothers, Vllllcrs and Lee. 
Winifred Stewart, De Veau Sisters. Dar- 
ling and Reynolds, and Jergiie, Alieen 
mill Hamilton arc singing "Won't You 
He My Honey >" "Arruh Wanna." "Take Ale 
Where There's a Big Brass Band'' and "In 
Monkey Land" at the parks. Ida May, sins- 
ing comedienne. Is using "Won't You He -Mv 
Honey';" "It's Great -To He a Spldler Man Y 
mid "Take Me Where There's a Itlg Hi-ass 
Bund" at the parks this Hummer. Th? 
Joyces tl'at ana Mahel) are using "Since 
Arruh Wanna .Married Harney Carney" for 
their feature song, and say Hint it Is one 
of the biggest hits they ever had. Carrie 
.Muck, coon shouter. is using "Won't Yon Be 
Aiy Honey';" and says It Is n big hit. Smlrh 
iind Maker say that the "Isle of Dlng-a-LIng" 
is a song titled to their act. Georgle Thomas 
Is featuring "In- Aloukey Land" and "Couiil 
I But Tell." I'ope and Knight have added 
"Woo't Yon Be My Honey}" and "In Alonkev 
Land" lo their ncl, 

l-'ansi .Oman. K. Hahkis. — The Plnno- 

whlBllIng K. It. Henrv's "Grand OhL Lady." 

Iter) Alorphy, "The. Alan Who j sings In Bear phlends have Introduced a new song In their 
the Hand.". In a recent letter lo Josi&W. act. entitled "On the Merry Go Hound," 
Stem & Co., says' that "She Was' a Grand ;■ which bids fair to become the song hit of the 
Did I.mlv" la the greltleat song ' he hMJpkt Vliresent Summer season, and will no doubt re 

lu yratv. and Is always.' good mi- liVe' ojrjlx' 'tain its popularity late Into the Kail and 
oncores. Air. Morpliy is also. singing "Sooth- 'WJnler. 'llie chorus Is so catchy that the 
em Girl" and "Independence Day. . Waroll-' :*tuliciicc9 Join In with them. Master Ctttrin 
Johnson Is featuring - "Big- Swamp . Bog' 
Man." "Little Colored I.ndy In the Mo.n 
"Florida Hag," the - greht "Imcl;" nuthfte 
unit Ihe dainty yel stirring mnreh ; Ro'iig 

Johnson Is featuring - "Big- Swamp Bogle 
.Man." "Little Colored I.ndy ■ In Ihe Motui." 

., 'so'iig* 
"Southern Girl," with great success. Her- 
iM-rt Cyril. "Tlte Loudon .lolmnV," lB"!«-re- 
aiing a furore by his ■ rendition of "Snnie 
Girl on Sunday" and "If 1 Iind a Girl ns 
Nice as You, and writes the. pilbllaherR. 

Jos. W. SI em A Co.. ihiil.thev' mite from six song he hns sang since his famous "Is Kver,' 
to ten recalla a I every, perfonnilnce. . I/pali body Happy '!" Sadie, O'Neill, singing come 

Wood, hoy tenor, has created n seisn 
Hon with his Ringing or the new Harris 
song. "Just Because I Loved You So." 
Kmil Snlieis Is making a feature of tlie 
new •iioii song, entitled "Bye and Hye." i:>- 
nest. Ilngnn. after hearing "Bye, mid five,' 
lea i-ii, i| the song In ten mmules, Htfc 
It at. Monisson's Thentre. at Hockawav. 
mid said It was the biggest hit of any 

'BOMcd for 


:■ ffitJ«^SSv l ofr' 1 iV r " 

"You'll Have 
-Wa* -Pertuaslon 

one of 

w,s writ^i'bv IT<j&a£ss:$ SSS 

Me itml the W'orld Is.AHiliV' J J* nus "' l "' P ,i 
is relalnlng his »MtM»Jf* J?W£Z 
Willi his new umreh.' "The r'?. r J!,, of i""Si 
town." and "* -■th«\ Pr d 1 '.."f.,, M > 
Heart. The Young Ap*»lcV„ym"' •."'.. 
„ aklug a star numlier #**•&• *}?* ; M " 
Hroou?' which nevcr.falli'.uvalW^ *J '""".' 
side of ill. audience. T'he.CUft.V' »l« JjW. «* 
whom there ure four, are atltl oil ,?•",*, ,,'■ 
mid making n specialty of; M Uv*VjJ ««''. •*» 
AYorld ' Is W:- In Ncv OrleiT" ^.'-'•^ 
lAlllliitry lliiicl Is giving ««**«A "...!., . 
i.ppenr populur.jiuinbers frow-the ***' .""''' 
jiosers of. the day. Selection* JrtlfjSSSl 
llerhert.Alfrefl Kohyn's operas; tadtl J. *" "* 
i Wlliuniki. "The Stars and Stripes •«lj n »*5"- 
'•Cottonlleld Caiifri." thy Wn. ci»rtv» P 1,,,r 
li'llare) ami "Arah.v." 
s. vr. I 

Itiissell la muklng a hit with "Marie from 
Sunny Italy." ana "ITnder the. Rosenblonm." 
Lillian Doreen, one of Hie. best of the', Clip 
lis), comediennes. In singing "The House > of, 
Hits" songs exclusively. Some of the,, best 
of them are : "Marie.' "Kveryone's In Love 
with Someone." ' Kitty D'NpIIi" and "I l.ost 
Her lu the Subway." Kmll Subet-s Is' (fit- 
faring "She Wus a Grand Old Ludr." T,WRti 
You In Klernlty." . and "I'd Like a Little 
Loving Now and Then." May: Ward iind her 
eight Dresden Dolls are creating a furore 
sluglng "I'd Like .Tj> . Be . Your Little Girl," 
"That Summer Night lu June" and "Jim 
and the Jumping Jacks." front the "House 
of lilts." 

■lleiioe. '■ will lilt roiluee "On Ihe Tderry Go 
Hound.", and It Is safe to say Hint she will 
have the audience sluglng "On the .Merry Go 
Hound" as If tbey had been rehearsed for 
the 'last thirty days. Jere Snnfnrd. James 
Barardie and James L. Deuinsey are meeting 
with surceBs singing "Just Because I I.oveil 
You So." The "Some Quartette" Is meeting 
with success Introducing Charles K. Harris' 
new ballad, . entitled "Yesterday." Maurice 
Levi and bis hand receives round nfter round 
of applause, playing his new march, entitled 
Rolling Chair." Manuel Rooulne Is muklhi; 

a feature of "Yesterday 
success with It. 

and reports great 
News from 'the House of rtemlck. — .Te- 


ami Miller have put 

Wunna," by Drlslanp and Morse," "Since, Ar- . (ng Ihe hot weather the spacious professional 

rah Wanna Married Barney Carney.;' Ito- ' rooms hnve ls?en crowded with performers 

limine and Dure are' singing "Arrah WaulU." ^asking for Ihe Hemick songs, and, as Mose 

Lillian Tvi-e Is » featuring "Since Arrah ' Guihble. professional manager of Ihe above 

Wni.nii Married Hartley Carney." Hiithawnv Hrm, say»: "Things ;never looketl more pros. 

and Slegel cootlnue to Use "Nobody's Mine pernns.:' The Qnarteltc. who are l.lllel 

Girl" and "Won't You Be Alv Honey?" Bono- as "the best singing aunrtetle lu vaiulevllle." 

van and Arnold .write us from the. West that are featuring the Keitilck numbers eicluslve- 

feiiinrlng S.'ll, llehry;s great march kVfffc 
Diimlno." with success. "Find Anoi'PJ; 

\1 BuUd;l'onr ( Nvst,'.", lh*.'ca,td^,e»rW 

'Arruh Wanna": l» Mill a big. bit with them. 
Tom Moore Is using "Arrnb .Wanria'' «nd 
"Won't Yo'u Be . My - Honey T - Clifford • anil 
Hull, and I.eolu, Pearl are singing "Arrah 
Wanna." "Won't You Be My • Honey V" and 
"Nobodv't Little Girl." Dorothy Karl If fea- 
turing "Won't Yuu Be My Ilohey.v: ..TUB* 
Whlluev and Rose Stevens rejiort great sue 
cjiss with "Woult You Ue Mv j Money ? .<r : 

lv. and have Included '.'Dreaming." "The Tale 
the Church, Bells ToUed." "San Antonio" and 
••So Long,'' Jo*,*''ln't«*lr act. Among the 
other. acts featuring the new ballad, "Dream- 
ing." are: The Quaker City Quartette. Hlalu 
Comedy Pour. Imperial Comedy Four. Howard 
mid Lewis, Mitchell and Cain*. Jules Kitcell. 
with the Rstelle Wordelre iV. and mnnv 
toilers. Amelia SiiihmerVllle. , another tup 
- ' '- ',-- - '- ' *i*. - J 

liner In vaudeville, scores with "I'd Rather 
Two-Step Than, Waltz, Bill," as well as Banc 
Fay, Ma) me Remington, Gus Edwards' School 
Boys and. Girls anu hundreds of other promi- 
nent acts. The l'latinphlends. the Immensa- 
Iihntic. the -Colonial Septette and the Military 
o«i cite have all added "Jlrcaulng" to their 
acls. with gratifying 'results. They are also 
using "The Handsome Brave Life Saver," "In 
Washington," "The Tale' the Church lhyis 
Tolled" and "San Antonio." The Ypung 
American Quintette Is featuring 3. H. Remick 
& Co.'r- new novelty song, "The Handsome 
Brave Life Saver," as are also. Hanson .and 
Nelson. The t.'hadwick Trio is another, act 
that has been unusually successful with 
Remick publications, and are using their 
.Medley Buck. No. '1, for their dance... 

Notes fhox thm Kiltiks P. ami. — We are 
at present playing a series of forty "Chau- 
lauquas" In the middle West, for the Midland 
Lyceum Bureau, and are experiencing many 
dlnicnltles In the way of long Jumps, one 
night stands, etc.. hut arc fulfilling all en- 
gagements successfully. At Ashland, Neb., 
Ihe hand experienced n small cyclone .and 
. hlo*- down on Ihe night of July 2il. For 
lack of an auditorium or other suitable en- 
closure, the local (.'haulauqua management 
had provided a large circus tent, which was 
put up by Inexperienced men, at the edge of 
their city park. It was n calamity day for 
the Kilties, for. we didn't arrive till 4 o clock 
hi the afternoon, and upon hurrying out to 
the place assigned, found a large audience 
Impatiently awaiting our arrival. Our music 
trunk was carried on to Lincoln, by mistake, 
hut Ihe -lion d played a few numbers, from 
. memory, "faked ' a few more, and featured 
the bagpipes and Highland dances, and man- 
aged, to give a creditable afternoon perform- 
ance. By 8 o'clock the music hud arrived, 
and about 1,500 people had gathered to hear 
ihe band. 'The atmosplasre was close-and the 
sky a little cloudy, hut no one stutnected 
any danger, and the concert . was started 
promptly at H o'clock. The concert lusted 
I wo hours, and we were jusi finishing the 
Inst few bars of -"The Hlnr Spangled Banner," 
under' Hie leadership of .Mr. Loinus. assistant 
dii-ot'tmv wheii. without anv warping" what- 
ever.- thfr lights went mil, the lent was filled 
with h cloud of blinding, choking dtisti and 
tlie big lent went up in Ihe air Tike a liuge 
balloon. A . hurricane had ■ struck, us. The 
lent came back lo Ihe ground, sweeping the 
musicians from the stage ao If we were plil-es 
of paper. Tent poles' were falling, the wind 
roared, women and children screamed, men 
shouted and the noise was deafening 1 . Scotch- 
men, music stands and Instruments were 
scattered all over the lot. Luckily the wind 
soon exhausted Itself, and Ihe work of rescue 
was Immediately started. The tent- was cut 
Inlo a thousand pieces by the frightened 
mob: Imprisoned beneath II. It took but a 
few momenta - to get . the dilapidated audi- 
ence on its feet, and tbey lost no time In 
getting away from the scene- of - disaster. 
Several townspeople were injured, and cared 
■ for In nearby homes ; how seriously we did 
not learn, as we left on an early train. Numei- 
nus: instruments were broken and several 
members of the bund 'sustained bruises and 
cuts, and It Is a 'miracle nn one was killed 
Our. music was scattered all over the countrv 
and could not he recovered, and we left sev- 
eral players In Omuhu to recuperate and 
have their Instruments repaired. However, 
the band Is losing no engagements on account 
of the storm encountered.' Manv humorous 
incidents happened, only . a .few of which 
will be mentioned. Mr. Lomas Is alleged to 
have turned • a row of twenty backward 
"flips" In the' ulr In two seconds; atlghtldr 
pn his feet In Ihe audience. Mr. Cook, our 
director, who Is much shorter In stature than 
Mr. Lomas. says If he hit* been directing nr 
the time he could have turned -forty "flips." 
Mr. Hatlenb.irg. who plays Ihe saxapbone, 
had I a be assisted from the rulns-nf his horn, 
which was wrapped around him like k huge 
serpent. Many astounding feats In the war 
.of. leaps; high dives, somersaults and feat's 

of contortion were performed by. the Kilties 
In the wild night through space. ' A piano nn 
the platform was blown twenty-live feet from 
the stage, and. It Is miraculous that no one 
.was caught beneath' It. . Xht a member of. tile 
band remained nn tlie . platform, all being 
precipitated n distance of .from fifteen to 
twenty-five feet into tlie audience. 
- , a uifsx" £kah6.n lias been mapped out for 
..John -Philip Sous:, and his band, beglnniug 
with their seventh annual appearance at Wl! 
low Grove Park, near Philadelphia, Pa., ou 
Aug. 10. This engagement continues until 
Sept. 2. On Sept. will begin the organiza- 
tion'- . eleventh annual- engagement at the 
Western Pennsylvania Exposition, Pittsburg, 
Pa., same ending on Sept. 20, when the route 
leads to Mitchell, S. D.. for a week of con- 
certs at the Corn Belt Exposition. From 
Mitchell the Itinerary continues t« the Pa- 
cific coast, then back to New York for a 
Chrlstmastlde concert at the Hippodrome, 
on Dec. 15. Then follow, two weeks of rest 
over rhe holidays, or untU Jan. 5, when a 
second tour, begins, -that will curry the' hand 
through Xe«r England States, southward to 
New Orleans, and northward again to 
New York City, for a closing concert 
at Ihe Hippodrome on Feb. 23. Tim 
will he the Sousa Band's thirty-first semi- 
annual tour, and Its eighth time across the 
continent, making a totul of more than'7..'><H» 
concerts, given In 0OO different cities, since 
the band's organization, on Aug. 1. 1 "'•'-• 
While the Sousa Band- has been idle since 
November last. In order'to. give. its. lender a. 
much deserved rest, after fifteen years of 
ceaseless activity,' there hare been few Idle 
hours In the- life, of John Philip Sousa. for 
he completed - words and music . of an at- 
tractive Summer song. "I've Made Aiy Plain 
for the Summer." and Is now engaged in 
writing a new comic opera, which- Is to have 
an early .Broadway production. 
■ Notes vao>t the Gus EnwAuns Mrsic Prif 
Co. — Ella Fulton, the "American Vesta Vic- 
toria." has Just put on "Schooldays," and 
the'sdng Is such a big lilt that she Is going 
to keep It on the 1 rest of the season. Alarlno 
and Deane have this song In rehearsal. On' 1 
of the recent song hits Is "That's What the 
Hose Said to .Me." sung by Vera ilichellna. 
Krnest llognn writes that "That Welcome on 
the Mat Ain't. Meant for Me." Is his blggesl 
number, s. Clarence Engel Is now located with 
Gus Edwards' Music Pub. Co.. better known a» 
"The House Melodious." "That Quartette" 
featuring "That's What the Rose Said to Me. 
The Broadway Quartette is rehearsing thref 
songs from the '.■House Melodious." They 
are : "THal's What : the Rose Said to. Ale. 
"Schooldays." and ' "When 'Tommy Atkin* 
Marries Dolly Gray." Klraer Cutting, wit" 
sings between the acts at the Plalnfield. .>.•>■• 
Theatre, is now .using "Schooldays" as h'-> 
feature song. Patrick and We'stbrook, mu- 
sical comedlsns. are • having ' success fea- 
turing Gus Edward's hit. "Schooldays. 
Ilnth Francis is singing "That's Wuat 
the Rose Said to Me" with three »nd four 
encores every night. Dudley and Chcslyn hnve 
put on "Schooldays." and It Is I big 'sort' 
. hit. Maurice Levi and his band have made 
n- special feeture of "Schooldays" and '! 
Jnst Can't Alake Mv Eyes Behave." Bell- 
Travis Is singing "Schooldays" and "Tl.nts 
What the Rose Said To Me,' 1 and both sonfi 
are pronounced bit*. 




611 An.. Del. 27l.aii2Bm Sir. Niw Yert. 


PARISIAN" CAFE. |"l' : MUSIC 8.J0 TO 1 A. ». 




Mext to 

Tremont Sheet 




Calls to the Attention of MANAGERS and ARTISTS the following NEW, REAL S0HQ-HITS by HIT- WRITERS : 

Next to 


Tremont Street 


A Comic Indian Novelty Song by THOS. S. ALLEN", writer of mch International nrfii'SU as "By Hie Watermelon vine (Unity Loin, 1 ' ••Am Kags; " "Mv Dusky. Knso,'' -'SeNsors in (Srlnil," eic. A hrniicl new Mm, hii t>|ioi>h marker for Indian snug*. Sol Hie 
old. Btereotype. mushy -brave and squaw,'' lint a comic story abnui ilie Wooden-cigar Sioro Indian known in your ancestor* for tears hack. TuV melody nf boih yen* mid Chorus Immense, ilrcni for NUMBERS, iHAUTETS, siM'liUKTTI.s mid 

COMEDIANS. MANAGERS! Here's a number that will make vni'K SHOW. 
», "Dig Chief EatUe-Axc" is a riot as gnng and played iwice dally by the famous KADErTK'S WOMAN'S OltulIUSTIU i-in pieces!, now filling their aiiinml Summer engagement at KEITH'S THEATRE,' Boston. 



By PHIL STAATS. Not n more talented Bnllnd writer living. Nothing can stop this great and already popular llallad. It's It. Story, harmony mid melody never tire. High class hullnillms and (piatlnls, It's ynnr opportunity. 

, ...1 

BfDON RAMSAY, composer of "TOMMY (Tell Me True)." Hero's » SEW and I he host novelty Hf in Song-nnd-llanec tempo In print. 

iTcani ugalnsi sour milk, Hiui them Is no song of 

I'or dancing learns 
ilinlny lu compare 

number In hIiiiw, we an' honing Hie r.cliiM 


flu sinniTRKF ami (illl'V +(Wrllerof -\ Lemon In Hie Harden or Love.") There have been »omc great. Irish pong*, bul none In a class above tills. Ileainlfiilly Iw r — Uw l ballad verse mid uiva ireh ihmns, full nf cliamejerlhih- limb strains niirl lelllngn 

i, W ii..uftnr. I,.!... wv dainty slory replete with Mirprlsos. 



I.A WHENCE I!. O'CONNOR, flood Rube song* are rare, I nit here Isnne thai Alls Hie hill. II lellsaslnry about I lie rural one Rolling neiilly Irihiimjil bj a Imly frleinl lie meets during his llr-ii lrl|i In Hill MetrojiullM. 


n. '•■•tmal a' >i'rcv . ,i,iu t,.,ii«ii -iiir.iri.1 iior iiinei-eni from uimhinc huhli-dieil. Ii points out a moral rcudil.i within llic uiiitarnlaudiiig of the youngest yoilllgsli-r hi .nmrnuillenee, Mil which al iln>wiuie Mine will snn>l.» up/penl strongly In Hie senses- of Hie 
BylHOP. ». ALLfenV A.hlinnaiianauogeiiierninereni iroiiiiiiijiiiiubi i fMtM . rltn ,| |„„mer. As with all of Allen's efforts oiiarai:l«rlntlcnllv original. " ' 



lly LAWRENCE i!. O'CONNOH. A sciiHlble ballad that will grow with each Hay until popular from rons.1 to BOM. An unoi|iiulrd "-lluiillnn" song. 


nv TIKIS. 8. ALLEN. All excellent march song on Hie bnllnd i.rdcr. Fine, fur a number mid iiuurii'ts 


. .. ■ ■ . ..# ,,. «„.» >i A ii,-'i nhnriia niolndlAR that keen ron ' * 

Bv BERT POTTER. A "coon" song having one of those "oily" chorus melodies that keep yon 
"wldo-awakc" and a-movlng. 

By CHRIS SMITH. Iinmrn.-c for "Showers, " ihiiirtcts iitnl ihinrer*, 

N. B.— Where titles are marked * slides will bo obtainable Sept 1 from the HUB SONG-SLIDE CO., 228 'Fremont St., Boston, Ifitsa. 

"■"'»*, $s.oo i=»h:w sbct. „■ ' . '. 

BlideTTo ««Strolllng Home with .Tennis" are NOW ready, and can be purchased only from Boswell Vfg. Co 1 ., 122 E. Randolph St,, Chicago. Prloe, $5.00 'par «MU 
PROFESSIONAL copies and orchestrations to tb a above free to RECOGNIZED ARTISTS anndina; up-to-date projrrams. NO CARDH, ... . , 







\ — * 


KurroaUL ■**» ftmM Man»um. 

^ATUUUAy, AUUUST 10. 1007.- 

Knlnnnl June 'U. 1S7:r. at llif Post OIBcc nt 
>ew YoVs, N. V I I.- »«»ua class mutter, under 
tbe act of Marc h a. 1871). ■ ■ - 

A.lvirtiaeuietiU act villi border, 10 per ct.exiri. 

• in i- Term* Onsb. 
TflH CWl'Klli Unbowed BTO Wednesday uiofn- 
l«™»™ four (uuverlshnc) gJ-^O™ 

pftUHS o" Saturday "' 2,i,.fcn»V 
l«gc¥on MONDAY anil TUKSDAY. 
•flic F..rJiii« floHliitt ITomptly, 
* .lay »t Ml .o'clock. i>. ,M- 

iiy jniimn, muuejf, "H!*»_3Hl 

Stud.-uukci' and l.roat rynruici u. 
during the Bp WW .»", » 
tb«ut!TK' In the "l.oou," and llic, 
llie outside did well also- ,,*lw (-. 



yh-u>-fi remit 

All cush enclosed 

Wni."Ht".'.;ii'»':VbJ"ri«iiur .ruder. . 

All » <.».iiiiin«c.«;JI« •» 

», \itiiti I l.ll't'I'.ll. 



tlu, " , "THE' LONDON BUREAU, 

!tf iAriMrtf'sr Se«ii.s33 *« » 


r«o»t''ot>ia- : ; ttnvii Cflnfa tgrOMuiNT. 

Wcllern II ii re on 
of the S«»t York Clipper. 
Room BO^, Aihlnnd llloofc,,.,Cblca|I«. 
••Jl'lie llT»t*Av^«ji*»"t -.luKnat, oiK-iijt ihe, season 
uC ,11107 -08, and llirc»,uC tin; "Loon '}>""»<* 
offer new. aUl-udloiiN namely. Ibo- «'W'*1 
Stud, bukcr and Great . Northern. , U***?** 
" well,- at mU 
e hooves ou 
Cotuuibus Ja 
aiwl'ucr"tu open! this" week,, for tbo .seayioc, 
uffcrliiK —i'eiiilxfBt uul Sooiriilne.v Tor Uii 
first lime on uny stage. Buffalo Bill dosed 
his two weeks' engagement in tills eHJ, a. 
with the rour duys on the North side, Ills 
stay having hceil marked hy crowds which 
tested the capacity of the tent ut every per- 

"iLUNois l Will J. Davis, manager). —"The 
Man of. the Hour", keeps on |ts waff serenely, 
having passed the century mark Jilly -'..ajiu 
will run close to 150 -performances before 
tin! cluse, which will establish a new record 
lot- this city as tar us dramatic production* 
are concerned. .,, .-.: 

1'oWKits' (Harry .1. Powers, manager).— 
"The' Chorus Lady" Is "Ihe limit" tor doing 
business, and ciitertuliiiug the people, mid no 
one win see the ilellgbllul work of Hose Mahl 
mill her companions, uud not huvc many a 
good, nearly lutigji. The «<flh porloimuueo 
of ll:.:, comedy tflH ucvur ilea which date 
the luuth. week 01 Ibe locul. cugugeincnl wflll 

GATi'itli'K (Herbert C. Dure, muliagei).^-- 
•"I'hc .Uovs of 4Jg. it" clowd lis .■iigiiKvincnt 
Aog. 3:. liavlnu pleawed mai|y .people, and. It 
Is ant.oun.rd Oiat ft will ri-niru later in the 
Kcnsoo. ••The Vuttkee Hegeal. n product of 
the to Salle Theatre, will eouie In lor two 
weeks, commencing I. and Inannw shuii d 
pick up wllh Ibe liilroduclloti of work Ip 
the lighter vein. The Uhleago anil New. 1 or!: 
Itiisehall Clubs Were Hie guests of Manager 
Done, -'. Wen .M. Jerome Tins written a new 
military iiiuecb..lor. the '^legeut, ' which fcj 

Kollv (Johu A. Kennessy, ™onager).— 
The stock company has ng >e ry w " 
.luring the tfarnu weather, and m, »VW>" 
attnietlons have teeh well JS^STm^SZ 
burlesqucH are put on weekly, and all oi, 
tails ore- well attended to.. , . ^j k „i. 

•TiJrllWRo U. M. Wclngurton. toanagcr). 
•--^•Dl ? ^«ellls , new lnirl.:s.iue. .:>Vhlrl. 
will lie^J.'.. wc-k -if 4 with Uv miwlca 
punlMH h> Hoh Ailirjic. (.hoocccla and | u i. 

dww welt Six big vaudeville acts dm added 
Em k" «jd incus dre. • . . 

•|,o4oN„Di,Vi; 'Wm. J. Sweeney, mauu 


Suffered Ten Yea.rjt.WMh Skin Dl.,».„ 

-P}»>Klc»aii» and Remcdte* 1)1.1 No 
GOfld — $■*■ t ■'*" ' Kc " n<1 - . Prompt . and 
*eSS<W 'Bel ief. For 


"I suilercd for more than ten years with 

Indicate thai the organhatlon 
bill. All -utdavflotui arc iimuiug bple idldiy 
now, and the money. Is tlowlng In at to 
various coffers in BwXL round sums, the 
lauueUes which the ..park management has 
put ou the river afe patronized freely.; and 
everyone seems to. like the ride and the art 
uuto.courso.ln Urn grounds Is a <lw'dcd H t- 1 
iiovallon. "The ll rent, Train Kohbery K 
doing a. pheuonicual business, and ull llie 
other shows. are well attended. 

WliiTM ■'City (ViiulD. Ilowse, inanayci). 
— 'I'here bus Ijeen. a man paimling about JK 
l.lg wUilfe place all tliu, past, week with |1T0 

lii fourteen months ■*>4" u , tl ". "**.i A 

rilra. LorS- 1. Howard) "ptoJMa * specla tk 

enKUuenient at. tlni Bijou last week In "In 8J 

uTffiotv of tbe"ualloWiS, v Playlos,!*" - 

tb5 liiiadotvot t»«'.u» llo ss,,i^?; u i,ie,* £ lad to tc,lcvel 
.ltdalty oud.ulso a 5?, r . ltt «S JW^ Remedies have 

tnem all very successful. Mjr, friends' were 
tirpriscd ut such a tflxcU uure, arid I am 
lad to tell everybodySvbat tpe Cuticura 

done for , inc. . Beitlia 
Oalifornia.'May 24, ^906." 

vv, ibis 

uir Ids' person and a season tlckel, waiting lo 
he addressed iu Ihe proper manner, when 
the .addresser will secure both the PMM* 
hut up to dale, no one bus, been fuitunate 
enough to tlud the wan. Ilotvcyer, It Is a 
great ••ad.."' and uiauy are.. on the watcli. 
"Flowerlund" wus u. huge success, unil thorn,- 
ahds witnessed the ■spectacle which enlisted 
the services of iiiuny people. Tile beauty 

■» season, were i-allera .July 
eouipany Js.-lnird or, wori rehearsing uOR, 
and will open next Sunday ut Blue Islutfo. 

ll S. Sullivan, manager last season of 

•Dora 't'liorue,- wus Cut'rEn Bureau . caller 

■_', having just arrlVefl from the hast. , I lc 

.poke In praise of the special beuds which 

. r.'...^ im.. ... Tin., riiT>i,r.(. and 

are now apwarlng ,lti .XiUi ( -W p ? L i' ii( „ 
theTucrciise In the amount of reading mattct, 
which Is of great Interest to perforiiicrs. 
'I'his.uientlon ban been made to. the local 

... ' I,- ^ ■ , .- . — n— ; 

with "The Htrenath o£ .the »V«ak,'.'.,iuJ>c lol- 
lowed by "Tho Adjalr ftple^C'rlyhtoi i." % . . 

in k iS/ gs^g m m m. 

vivni ouit' b W*' 'eoKaBsi'oKnfcNr. 

Clipper Bnrcnii.' 

•18 Cranunurnc Mm 

I,e|center tlqunre. 

>- : JLondou, "IV. f . 

1 JULY 27. 

The weather fairly nice and the playhouses 
ure well-peopled, owing to the iullux of visi- 
tors from the States and other parts. The. 

St., , Sydney, Alistrallil. 

!i-uv xvw YORK ClitWEW poolUUea 

trim NbVv \6rl 


■ Tt J- ..J • - ■ A) — ■ -•'^' 
hu Iteplle. l»y Mnll or 'lcleBraph. 


are good for a tine Otis ess. .. aiWi iTiIva weTT aiid the people enjoy, .It, 

George Ade's new .play. Will- follow. ""RtKA PtitK (L ^ Vi ■ I imttersfelu, maua- 

L.v,LE,(Mort 11. Sluger,:managcr).— >fi2fcfi Modem Woodmen's Picnic oc- 

?&««M%%L«i« n ?Sa eSrfilm.^Wpem^raoftbeorpnliiu- 

ux .iMiriiKii e.Mii'. 
juiL on SttMUVB 

\Vl-' CASNOT KSNll uoums at 

after u darkness of some weeks, will open 
next week, Huturday, will} the Urst perforiii; 
nnee lu this city or "The Girl Questlou, 
limv uffcrlug by Aduuis, Uougk aud 



M 1". A.. llurrlsbiirg.-rWe hiivc no kuowl- 
edge of the present whereabouts of Ui 
iiiity AlttlWM u letter In our csie and 
ll" will advertise ll. lu Tun CT.In-ni 1-tl.or 

JIISX ll. S., Knoivllle, 

11. 1;., isiiiuviiic, 

11. A. V.. I'liwiilx. mill 

"(iKOKiii:."— Sic answer lo Jl. I 

II H l>.. lleiideisoii.t-rH >'oU 
milled to adopt the profession, WU would ad- 
"«• you l«. lake u course -\\ *W.V "V " W 
leading dramatic schools. , It If dlllleul 1. tui 
tiny one without some experlcdco to get 911 

''"t'-lr."^. Utile ltock.-C'rund one ra differs 
friia olher works classed under be opernlle 
In a Ing In that It Is 11 musical draiuli. in 
i 1 • 1 itisie forms an essential part, and Is 
ml merely an accessory iiccoiupun men . . In 
II th. "re are no »P0*«l lines, as in the lighter 

, A. iihove. 
are deter- 

? eg Bt?wb^?J«ri5fflMLj^S?^i iss 

Ijeiu ' 
foe s. 

Howard, who hiiyo been cespouslhlelor sev- 
eral or CUleugofa biggest uiuslciil comedy 
auccefses. ;AVItb the exceptlbn o( Cecil LetJU 
mill Kloieiiee HuUirook, llie .cast will , reuialu 
pruclieally ..tUe -.sann: us de alleJ . in run 
Cufi-icti some, Jpllc jrcfree Uav- 
lug succeeiled l>«jO<aui In, tbe-'lilck" part 
..r llie play,- -The piuy w II opeil4it ; lbe Al- 
liauihru Mllwmikee, ..Saturday night, TO., and 
u large Jelegalfuu of Chicago .ruthuslusts 
lire going, to glvd it a gobd JiOnd off, 

WlUTNEX Ol'KEA Uous^^tyiun P. Oerson, 
i.iiiUBgerl.-^, now. to be re- 
.orded about "A: Knight f,or u lto.v " which 
Is. pluylng^.oit ,to tb^siimc.ane business, wftj) 


I, when "tiie ' "iToiijroo^-llai'ker 
jtten It with a stock' company witli 
, Adelaide Xclm as leading woman. '•Sa- 
loiuc," with Mubel Montgomery In the title 
role, and Joseph Sullivan as Johu, wus the 
closing bill, und pluyed to line business. 

PHK1H (Itobert T. Moits. muuager).— 
"Captain llututt" -will bu., llie of- 
fering for -ii' time . longer, und. t|ie big, piece 
is Mint brusliod. up. wllh fUeh pcrrol'iliimcv. 
Harrison Stcwufl. the .clever comedian, liav- 
ing over live, hundred consecutive P,v'rloriu- 
nurra to h)s credit, Is going to iuke a shorl: 
Imllilo'y when ll-e. plecu. Is tiiltch .off. It,.ls 
uudei-atooif Ihiil n New iork llriu Is u/go- 

l,ee).la White City,, ' which she. 'cluiuis lus- 
siincd the value of her'Bropjrtr on account of 
the noise and the burning of tur paper. The 
nuttier has been under consideration for two 

weeks "Sis iu New York" w81.Su out 

under Hie iiiauugeiiiont »f Ifrank Hopkins, 
there bring- live couiMinies playing It. known 
us lb'' Knsleni. Southern, Western, Citiiudhiu 

unil Mlddb: Slates/ cuiupanles. ... "l''or 

Mother's, .Sake." two companies, Will go -out 
imdcr the iminugeuieiii' .of Holland * l''il- 
Wm, ktiosVu as. (be liuslern. uud Western 

voiiipaulijs^ .'.The Uusterti and Western 

co>npuiijcs of "l>jicli?; aosb I'erkluji" will 
paTl'otis^eveuing of :;, uiul begloutiig ■l.,lu.e start oUt iroiti this elly ,also. . ......Margaret 

Tlieudote Thoiuiis Orchestra, jv ll , by heard. Trowbr dfe. the uclress. who coU.mltted mi- 
Tie lien Greet I'll. vers, in ciujuWoii wiUi clde luLffittsburg,. July 1!7, has beeuTilenll- .'. Arthur • U 

iisl by Ueorge 11. Johnson, of tote Ilavuiond sou at the 
ixjad CoT.'df Chicago', : . as his stepdaughter, atcly slurls 

tion aud their friends, dime . In droves 
There Is « cbaioploOsli.lp wrestling mutch on 
every night uutll Aug. 10, uud this is _ a 
great factor In 11 1 true! ing the multitude, 
'lilt: free circus, auto rides, roller skaUng. 
ballroom, fireworks and Wind couecrts. are 
ouly 11 few of the good things here. 
TbavinU PABK (J. .1. Mdrdock, muiuiKer). 
--iWulter Dumrosih uud his New tork Syui- 
p'li'dnv Orcheslra suld farewell IV , the bark 

His first wish oh these occasions 
Is that the public shall not be lucouvenlenced. 
When the King goes to a Loudon theulre 
the preparations arc made by George Ashtou, 
of Aslilon's Agency, who bus to see that tin: 

everyone, haul ut. wurk. . — • 

Busu Tjs.\ii-LK.~Thls house closed Ui 
Summer seasan 4, and will remain dark untl 
iiboitl ' Sept. 1, when tiie Holbrouk-Durkei 
Co. will oBcii It with a stock company avIUi 

Criiuil opsin In, Kngllsh has been give 

loc sevi:rul,..M'itrs lmst. ""V'' 1 ' ,, "h'.. ( v p ; ,,, 1 uudei-atooil mill n i>«w iu.» ...» 1=. .n- 

of Henry W. Savugo iiuU I his h ig Ni b«»a , , tf „, |l|L , | Vk)lv , llimM gemeut lo buve 

Opera Co-rtaaplMWl }* «" ItbJ >« Stt «S r iSem Ue Pekiii Stork Co. appear lu a New i«« 

In.A.nerleu. Ill K"K|fUll Ihe^ Carl l^W™ boU«) In some of Ihe t'eklu successes. 

r... has ken preannlmR grand opera in KD| m\.ii:siii: tl.yinun B, Glover, uuioiigert. 

lh K f,, A. , ""l| V . V n;oo»,tl,.ld.-A.I,it .Chorus 

Master. Mel.rupullluu uperu House. New iork 

1 'Vi'us I, N. It.. 'I'reiituii.— -You will have lo 
write Ihe local authorities In each town. 

A. II. A- New Voiik. -We. never h.uswer 
iinerle-' lelallng to 'Hie private Uffalrs of uuy 
,'iie. Nn doiilit thc.iuiriy to whom you refei 
wilt uiiswer your i|itesliiui. .... ; 

M. M. J.. Cuuiioi)sbiirg. -Your fiiccsi 
iicnUI depend upon yoiir ablllly. 11 l« imp*- 
bible lo prophesy success Tur any one 

H. W C. Chlctigo.— We never ludnlga hi 

"SKTc, Now York.--Wc .-nil art- 
rise von In wi'lch our rWU* IM each week, 
ns all routes we have npnuuv there. 

W. II. V.. Lewlslown. -There are many Ii 
I lint line who hnve met with sueeess, anil 
we sec no misoii why there Isn I room for 
tinollier. If the acl Is uierlluHous. 

Miss II. M.. SI. I..uils.— The only way Tor 
von to plnce II Is lo get some reliable viiude- 
vllle bu'iklm; oeenl Inlcresleil In II. 

V; H G.. New York.- ■■ "Old IMIIW Trot 
hii.I Her Cmtleiil Cnl" was presented al the 
Old Bowery Tbculra for seven weeks begin; 
jilmr Jim. .">l>. I*MW -V fife* was presented 
with It nt cacti pcrl'oi'iunnce, lint our rec- 
ords ilo mil: gin- the mimes of the furrw. 

B T.. riii'l.k).--Aildress the Crest Trading 
Co., 1+1 WMrt Tillrly-sevenlb Street, N«W 
York City. , ,, . . _. . . 

.1 i: K.. Chicago. — I- Howard & Doyle, 
(Tdcaro. i.'. Thvatrlcnl I'^cliiuige, 

K, 'Mii<°I5 1>. «'.. Cllicliiuilll.— Wllhotlt reiotif 
nielidlni: any otic In particular ire refcr ' svp 
in Vralil.ilii Parnewili l"-iuplrc T'lieulte Blntil- 

Inc. Nrw York CWf., 

G \\ . liidi'iniip-'Us.— I. Any large carpet 
Mure tdiuiihl he able l» uel }on wlml >»u 
wulit. ".'. Th"v piny slinlliir nets. .!. We 
hfiv 111. nietus of knowing. -I. ."., ti. I'arly 

ts to us. 

k. W. It.. lAnKtafc— Ilo Is playing In 
"Illllv the Kid" at the Star Theatre. New 
York' City, Aug. 5-t«. 
HeWTi-"-': OA1UI8. 

ll. IV. Hrli-.— Thoi cants must be properly 
shuffled uud cut before cncb deal. 

IK S. C. I'lultsburgli.— If Hie curd wus 
net faced or exponed while being ih-tllt lo 
hiui he was obliged to ttike II, 
MISClSLliANidOl, S. 

ii. W ll., UroeMyn. — Consull a lawyer ■ 
We never undertake lo unswer legal >|iics- 
tloiis. ' . ' . . • , 

"•ti;.Mii:u," Hoiislou.— ics, both are In very 
bad Com, 

1'. 1. M.. Xenln.— The play Is net legal. 


WHmliiKiim. — Al Ibe liriuid Opern 
HoU-h' r..iiimrs nievlng pletniTs and l.ti Meet 
Gii.ur. In illustrated songs, have had :i sue- 
n ^.sfn|, 11. Prior lo Ihe regu- 
lai iip'.-nl|iir Tee Ihe lliealriiat seasnu. Knil 
M.Nim pir..ut- C.iii Waters. In "The Mayor 
of 1 :i>icl'lsinl." Aoc. .Hi. 

1,111.1. M. — "A Ituce Across llie CnutlneUl" 

\T11lMit Waiiii Tiirwisc— lt\«n- Mey- 
US' lUneb here it. 

- -Oa the bill for wick or J are: \lrjthiu 
liarlc tind cifuiptiny. Mllle Kay, huniiy. houlli, 
Uk Aubln, Ills Clly Qiiarteltc. Arni- 
tstrbiiK und Clark. Chiuko aud uompauy. Mar- 
vin Do Soitsu, Minnie KuuTinan, Hundy and 
Wilson, Joe Carroll, Mllln und Beeeher, Two 
b'raue.lseos, aud Ihe kluod.Ome. 

CtilVAiai Oi-kiia llotisi: (O. II. lluut, niuii- 
nuer).'— ■ Tim" bill for week -tl T> Includes: 
Maggie Cllne. Muyine Gelirue uud eouipany, 
Wurren 11ml Itlunelittrd, Carver and Vollurd, 
llie llnl/..irs, Al. Carlcl.iu, . Frederick Bros, 
ami Bums. Kramer uud Itellclulre Mlelts 
dogs. Hie Italy*. UurlHMJ Sisters, Chirk aud 
Tcniple. uud I ho kjuodrouic. 

Nuirrii Avunuk ll'uul. Slllner. mnnugerl. 
- -The hill for week of r. Includes: Boyle, 
George and Doyle. .He Van aud. Verity, ,e 
Pain' Sisters, lliree Alvuretlss, Uorolhy 
Viiugliu, Kogers and livaus, und the moving 
nlcliires. .. . . 

N.vrio.NAi. tl'. It. Scaulng, malinger).— 
The bill il'or week or 6 lueluiles: Deluuoy uud 
Kslclle. Fogurly and Wall, Wilson and Con- 
nors. . Hughes uud Montrose, Fairy 1'lliuib, 
uud moving plcliires. 

llvnii PA UK iToia linker, luunugeri. — llie 
bill for week of D lueluiles : 1inld Dell, Craw- 
ford und Gardner. Itllly Meltul.dc, Ciirr«u and 
Mlllon. Slav Ihiudiill. and moving pictures. 

Awm.iNo iu«iwn (P.J. Muriiby, maiuigeri. 

• -Tliu bill for week of ri.:liidiide*:. Washer 
ISros.. Tlirve Barneys, liiimherK und Trelidull, 
1,1-ale jyyKi'i'ver, uud motion pictures. 

• Thalia. (Tlioliius Murray, anuiag'.ri.— T lie 
hill for wis k id Ti Includes: Dorothy. Vaughn, 
noil Miller's one uel Western draniu. "On tbu 
Plulus." wllh thirty horuei' und men. 

Wompuhlami 1 Hil- LtuuMiil. luanagcr.i.— 
The hill Tor week of fi Includes : Agnes t.d- 
miitids.' tlosenc and del He. Scliwlshcr and 
Harris. Mubel Hauisoii. und moving pictures. 

GliliAT Noiirill.u.N (l'T-cil C. llherts, iniinti- 
torl.— 'irUe Volunteer Orgunlst" brought Its 
Slimmer run lo a terminal Ion .'!. uud Is suc- 
ceeded. I, In- a Ih'iiuIKuI .product Ion of "The 
Isle of Siilce," under Hie uiuiiageineiit of II: 
II. V'rascc. ivlio also has "The Yankee lle- 
geni." ul Hie liarrlck. The enst Is a Hue imiu 
uud I he business, should be up to the usual 
high Btundurd of this house. 

Ttuou 1 William Itocbo. manager).— The 
business at this bouse bus started off wltb 
n boom, und lust week "In the Slindow of 
tiie Gullows" did ti line business. This week 
"The Cow Puncher" Is Ihe attraction. 

ITilTUltlo.N I John B. Ilognii. uuiniigeri. — 
Alter being dark since Ihe close or lasl «m- 
sou this bouse will reopen 18 with the tlrsl 
performance uti iniy stage of Lincoln J. 
Carter's great scenic musical comedy druuin. 
"The C:il and Ihe Fiddle." which, will be the 
most etaboralr offering, which Mr. Curler bus 

Ai.tu,Miu:A 1 Webber Bros., maiiiiger«) . — 
"The Hocks Moutilniii Kxpress" wiis well re- 
e«lved last week. 11 nil made a godd liupres- 
slim. 'ihe prodiiellim Is an cliuxirtlle our, 
unil Is sent mil by Kllnit i GuzMilu Amuse- 
ment Co.. .1 well known Chlcticw. llriu. This 
u.-ek. "Shadowed by Threi' ;" noil wi-ck, 
"Ivil" Hurl en's Tcmpt-illoie.." 

Cni.ti.nnts 1 Webber, Bros., tusiiukers).-— 
"Temprst nnil Sunshinu" Is the opening bill 
here, und the first performance will la* given 
•1. Next week, ItrnvU.inl A Clifford's big Mf 
proilnelhni "The Original Cohen." 

the Thomas Orchestra, will , give .''A Mid- 
summer Night's Dnuiu" evening, of .arid 
afternoon of 7, with Mendelssohn s IbcJ- 
deutal music, und "The TJWPWK*, evenlbg 
of, 7, wltb Arthur Sulllvun's;muslc: . ,,.'•. 
Sa.vs Souci (r.eonanl W.olf. mannger).— 
John C Weber's Hand will S^llT u two weeks 
engagement l. giving two concerts dally. The 
new casino is a pluce whefecveryone +I10 
chlcrs the park will wish to go, as it Is n 
very pleasing looking structure.. The roller 
skullng rink Ah one of the largest, und best 
hi the cllv, and the vaudeville Utcatro, lawns, 
scenic railway, mountain torrent, und the uir- 
ships form a few pt the many other utlrac- 
llons. The plantation show Is a great fca- 

■ BiSMAitCK t!Aiipi:.\s.— Carl Bunge continues 
with his bund lo entertain. u lurge iiuiuber of 
jnUruiis. who. come lo.t his place In nulos and 
other from ull.jiarls or the city. 
.Coliseum HAuphnm. — Kllery's Huud bus 
pr'iivcn u great favorite, mid' In uddllloii Ihcre 
Is Hans Wagner, baritone, anil Anna Weiss, 
pianist, lo help pass away Ihe lime. 

Ciiiruu UuoVHi'S. North side— Buffalo 
Hill lias had two .solid weeks of tremendous 
business,' uud nearly every /nlgbt hits turned 
hundreds away, not 'having room tor all ap- 
plicants for admission. The last four days 
Of l'ls visit were spent on. llie North Side, 
where Ibe story of the other two local 
stands .Was repeated. Never ' lu his experi- 
eitce, bus he been lieselgud by such great 
throngs In Ihls illy,, and jieyer before bus 
lie hud' Hiii-'li. u line exhibition to present. 
Ills departure will be regretted by Ibe many 
who wore, uUubhi to sec the performance.'ll, — The next, fortnight Will see 
ul least three ..f [lie local houses open, which 
have been redecorated, refurnished, aud lu 
two Instances pruclieally remodeled since Ihe 
close of last season. These are the Grand 
Opera House, which opens U>. wllh Monl- 
uoiuerr uud' Stone, lu "The lied Mill :'' the 
l,n Salle, 'which opens" 17. Wllh '.'The 'Girl 
iju.'stlon." and the llnyuiarliet, tile. West 
Side llrst class vaudeville huiise, which M'tll 
open 111. .... ."Kuthrr" and, Ibe Boys." the 

new Ado comedy for Wm. ll. Crime, will 

•pell at Powers' about Oct. 1 Hurry J. 

Powers. Will 3. Davis, liliicolu J. I'artcrand 
George W. Ledercr have coble lo bo. known 
loeully ns •The tit Liu syndics te." They ure 
ull In'tej'esled In the forthcoming production 
of "The Girl ltangers." which will open the 
season al the Auditorium. Sept. I. Tliey an- 
nounce that the scale of prices will rung.: 

from' 25 cents In $J.U0 .The Acudeiuy 

w 111 open 11, with Suut Thoniberg, In "The 

Peddler." Iiistoud of Virginia llarued. 

Ihe regular scuson nt Ihe Liurflck will br 

box wblch the King Is lo occupy has not 
been reserved by anyone else. 'I hero is an 
Impression fcslsllu£ v Umt the Klug bus the 
roval box ,bf eti'eli theatre always at bis free 
disposal, but. although there Is nut a mana- 
ger who would' itot he delighted to have the 
rovul putronugc on those terms, the Kliig. 
(is a 'matter offset, always pays for his box 
(of rather for tlfo boxes I al the same rale 
ns any ordinary: Individual would pay lor 
1I10 same accommodation. 

Arthur Boiirc'llier closed his present sej- 

lied by fieorge 11. Jonnsou. of tun uavmonu son at the Oarjlck lust night uud iiuiu.ul- 

IsSd CoT.of°Cblcugo', his ste^daughlcr. ulely stalls on ;a u holiday, lie s tuls b.s 

lieleu •IVIInllev : Shi; Ves formerly conhecLed provincial lour: in. September,. ami. during Ml 

wfth t lie pPeople's:; Stock Cu. of this city. 

Ju/ues Wells, a Cblcaifo actor, Is the divorced 

husband ,01" the. uTlcciiBeU. . .^."Mlouetle 

und Her Mother,"' a cOm'edy which lids been 

Inaugurated by gruiid opera, whleli Ihe Sliu- 

berls arc booking ...Manager llowsn 

has stopped work ou tin: new Virginia 
Theatre, ou the West side, for ;i few duys. 
ii ii L 1 1 bo luu'stlgtilvs Ihe mci'lts of a new 

icnilhltlug device "The Itut'ebll. FleuU'H 

lireaiu" Is llie tllle of a new couipiwlfod 
played by Kllery's Hand at the Collseiuu. It 

Is by 11. local eoiuiioser When "A rile." 

the new Ade .omedy. Is offered, ul Ihe Slinle- 
hakei' tic latter, part of this nioul|i, Miiuu- 
ger Sullivan will have youiiir' women atliers 
lit Ihe house. ...... Tiie, lulu ,Tbe'alr.' will 

open ill. nude 1' tliu ' luuuugiUnenl ,ot POWell 
& Itot U. with lliu.cnlranvo;,«mtori|cd.-'lun scal- 
ing capucily Incrcused; new Scenery ndUed, 

und new dressing rooius built On. .' Kdlth 

Slrrouje, known lis Slrroiije, In vnddevIHe, Is 
Ibe ufeee of Capl. Wm. P. plancy, ot the 
sleet; yards police sliilloii. and she !s now 
uppeurlog ul While Cllj, hi one of Ibe con- 
cessions. She recently was double Ironed, 
am! ItH'Kcd In .1 cell lu the itboie slallon, 
uud released herself hi less I bun twj. lu'u- 

liles ; George Fatten left .the lUishTeiu- 

iite Stock Company July 2S, aud lufl'for New 
S'ork Clly, lie bad' been with tile company 

since .Its season Eturtcd Inst I'all John 

F. l-'.-rnlock was a CT.ti'Pl-ili Bureau roller ". 
uud uuiioiinced 1 1 1 it * he wus married I > Mini 
Curletou al rule Huvcn, Midi., July 'Si. A 
number of friends called nt the Carlcto'i Cot- 
tag.' Hint, evening, und surprised Hie bride. 
Both played Important purls with the Halt- 
ion's "l.'jnliisum" company, and Miss Curle- 
Imi, iliirliii; the season, also plnyiil Ibe en.o- 
lloiiut lend hi "The House ot M}viury." Mr. 
l'.'nil,H-k has been as'soclaled with Mildred 
IliiHatid for the pust two Summers lu stool; 
work, iiflglnntlnir recently flip diameter of 
Illllv Ik-Jell. Hie iiillliouuiii! iiirfinini In 
''lh.* Ptovhler." S. D. Itlcnrd". secre- 
tary nf the Actor's I'nlon of America, local 

silk'cssful.t lu Purls, will be. produced hero 

t|ils season. The Chicugo.Fiauo College 

gave it recital at Kltnbull Rehearsal Hall 
forenoon of July 31. .... .Nettle Von Liiko- 

wltK, a seventeen year old girl, who Is the 
heroine of "The Dakota Blizzard," at Itlver- 
vlcw Park, had a narrow escape one day last 
week. Shu was In her dressing room, and, 
seeing something dark on. the floor, kicked 
4t it, ami. It proved lo be. a large rattle- 
snake, which hud escaped a- few days pre- 
viously from the Kpsco show!. The rep- 
Inn sprung ut, her,; she .s.cicauied und 
run out of the room, futuHng at Hie 
threshold. Manager IS,, T. I'irlckson ran lo 
Iter nsslsluiii'i! mid the snake was returned 
lu captivity. . . . . 'n .ti lira Jlutthews, who com- 
mitted suicide near Coloradu Springs, July 
"!l, wus formerly a member of the School of 
Acting of the Ohlcugo Musical College and 

well known in ibis city it Is announced 

Hint, other (spectacles will follow the produc- 
tion of "I'Towerlund," at White Clly, which 
lias made a great success.'. ..Wlllard (Jewell 
was n Bureau caller it, uud stilted Hint In: 
was hard at' work on his new production' for 
vaudeville. '"The. I'Ws Revenge," inVd ex- 
IK'ctcd to luiiiicliTI In the Full. He will uiien 
Hie'neft Mujestle Theatre,. Ihlllunapolls, wbep 
I lie ^ulliviiii-Cotisldln'i; Interests have 1 1 ready. 
buL w'U then be seen with bis wife, vrtice 
'I'lirner'. In his' clever farce. "f.,usl Night. ' 

Wuller McCiilIuugh wus- a culler 3. und 

nns lo leave thai, night fur SI. Iiouls, where 
lie will be the Jeudtng man. ut. one ol' Hie 
principal Smiiuicr slock coiupuny places hi 
I lint city. Ilo will probably reiuuln there 
until .the end uC the Summer, about, four 
weeks.-.tind will then tttke .up his tbliiy-live 
weeks booked over Ihe Siilllvun^Cohsldlne 
lime, opening In Judlailupolls. : '. ...Freddie 
Buokiiiuii was a caller 1. She bus signed lo 
play the. role of Tilly. 11 negrcss. In l'riiiiklin 
Wright's production of "Across the Isthmus." 
Miss Bookman Is -peculiarly lilted to pluy 
this diameter us she bus had a number of 
jeur-i' experience, and has played purls such 
us Zoe, In "Tho Octoroon." foe which die 

received great man Franklin Wrlghl, 

who hits been 111 In St. Louis tor scv- 
ernl weeks, writes that he will return 
lu the city the. first: of the week, and wl'l 
Iuke u:> lie ciidgel lit earnest, and get his 
tour productions" In, y.ouit runiiliit order for 
reliea.i'Sfi.1 al ciute. TTiey comprTsu "Across 
llie'lkthiuus," by I'rtfderlc 1 iiiuio.illu ; "Ldel- 
wclss,:' by Mattle Vlekfcrs, lu"wiile)i. sue W 1M 
star: "NiUle, tin! A\'ulT," In which Berirlce 
Shepurd will t-tar, and "Her Ureut Siierillce," 
by. Anthony Wills, in wblclt. Adelaide Ran- 
dall will star Frederic Dumoulln, who 

wrote "Across Ihe Isthmus," Is ut work on 
it fomedy, lu which Itlcuunl C. (Hick) Mud- 
dox. Ihe clever mangier of liiigtlsh. will slui- 
next seu.son. The pluy will be built from a 
vtiuiluvllle sketch, which Mr. Huniuull'i 
wrote. 11. short I hue ugb. hnd which offers bet- 
ter oiiortunllles In n lougox form. Air. Mu;l- 
dox Is oue of Ihe I'lnvorest - of the 'travel lug 
Gcruiuli coiueillans, tiiidla at present playing 
the rolu of August, A in "Tha Caudv ' kid," 
and nutkliig a great lilt.. .. „t,ee' Mack was 
a caller 1. lutvliig lust arrived In this clly 
frooi his home In Clucinnatl, where IiIh Wife 

Is .now stopping other cullers during 

ideil : .f-'- u " 

Hie .week lududed : John S. Young. IS, A' 
Itutseli, ilr. Mexlus, pf Mexlus und Mexius; 
Sum 0. Huiisuker. Lilzzle Suillli. Gordon Wal- 
ton, Milton Uavltt, Ditucan Peuwardeu, lillzu- 
belli Dean. R. I. Kennedy, Arllue Bennett. 
Mrs. Annie E. liimun, A1C. Bruce add Harry 

h-- Wilson... Joe Howard und Tils wife 

(Mabel Barrlson)! tame In town. the other 
day. und Miss Harrison Informed the local 
correspondent Ihut they would start rehears- 
ing ill once for "The Flower of the Kunclt." 
which Mr. Howard wrote, and thai mean- 
time they would put hi a week lu yiiudevlllo 
nt Ihe Chicago Opera House. She bad Just 
come from Ihe association whore the eligugo- 
111111I had been kIkuciI, uud >vns 1, using for 
photographs for Uie .new production, which 
;v ni he OHO of Ihe best Hihigs Mr. Howard 
has ever written-. ... .Thomas W. B. Murray, 
formerly president, of the Murriiv (>., kli 
liecmiie afllllnted wllh tin- Dulled stntk Tent 

'A"V. AwiL'SH *'"■• •" vh-n prool.lei.t The 

College Theatre will open fot'thc season 2G, 

absence will occupy the Gurrlck wllh 
rt, iiew comedy In four acts, adapted from 
Hie; novel, "Flahder's Widow," by Airs. i>o„- 
'dull :iud Kidney Valentino. The .cusl will 
iueluae Mr. Valentine, Miriam Clements and 
MrB. Charles ^Calvert. The scene Is laid in 
Dorsetshire cornfields. , 

"Mrs; WIggs of the Cabbage Patch' Is 
still going very strong ut Terry's, but can- 
not remain very much longer at that bouse, 
owing tn other bookings. Negotiations, arc 
now under way to have the successful play 
transferred to Hie Adelphi, where It is sore 
16* barb' a long run'.-'TBc success or the 
piece litis snrnnsed the' Amerlcbb managers 
ht town, us ull thought tliiicliuracters would 
not be undo'nitooit anil lippreelatcil the 
Hnglish playgoer* in 'tills city. ' 

The ruh VI "The Truth" close!* to-nlglil i;t 
llie Ciimed v; : bill, litter ti sliort bol.lmiy, a 
will he revived Oil Sept. .*!. AVben a successor 
lo Ihe play is required. Charles Froluiiua 
will produce u new pluy. by- Alfred Sulro. 
entltleit "Tiie Burrler," wllh Murle Tempest 
hi the leudhig purl. Mcunwhlb: Mr. Kroli 
mail is arranging for the product Ion uf ' Ine 
Truth.'y.wlih Madame Rejuuu us Becky, IU 
Purls und tluly, ' . ..' 

'I'here will In ull probability be Ihree i«in- 
luiuiums hi Ihe West Knd this year, Koliert 
Artlpir Intends to prodiite a pilntoiiilinr In 
i.oiiilon tlilM Christmas, trnrriiugi'iiieiits can 
be made; The Uyrlc'or Apollo will bo chosen. 
If nvullublc. Mr. Arthur wishes '-lo bring ..>> 
Court Theuire, liiverpoiil, pantomime of lost 
year, mid llie company which is'ifonueil 11. 
Much depends ou the burring eluiise, beeRUH! 
iiiuny of Ills compuiiy ure musii: hall l"' r - 
forihers. and I lie ipiesllou Is whether Ihe Lon- 
don music hull malingers will object I" th''"' 
appearance, 'even nt 11 "regular" llieiilre. 
Tliu other two puiilomiini.'S will be the 011c 
nt Drury l/uiie and the one at the Lyceum. 

As stuied last'weelc. Aug. ill bus been se- 
lected its the dale for the production of 
"The. Three KlssCs," at file Allollo. Frank 
Curiiou Is, by arrangement: wltb 'lorn ''■ 
Davis, Ihe rvspunslbli! muiiuger. The .authors 
a re I ,eodhii m Btitrtock uiitf. Percy Grcenbuiil,. 
ami the composer Is Howard Talbot. 

Iii;vy Mayor, the legal feprcseiitatlve W 
lilaw & ISrtuiitjer. iimved iu London laic 
T'uesdny. interviewed, he slated thai n>: 
legal business he had In bund for Klpw ft ivc- 
lunger was entirely separate from whul l» 
kuuwu In Hie Stales us the IJiilted .Mules 
Amusement Co., unit from tho sd'hulled' ij"'- 
nirlea 1 syndicate.^ He futtber said that Ws 
.Tleiits had under '. consideration ,-ii wlioU.' 
dlslliicl. ptntiose, which wus iilong the line 
of. tbu pni-chase for Ihewwnm aud their us- 
Koclates. of tliealrlcul royalties hi • various 
parts oe Kurnne and tiie United States, l'- 
ls the Intention of. :i<law & Erlungcr to con 
tliict their European tbettrM on the 'Ameri- 
can system, It Is their desire to control 
the pick of the profession mid lo bnvc iiud"r 
their liirei'ttiiii Hie best performers In tb" 
world, in sliort, lu-havo nt Ihclr disposal 
the very best thul .inouey tan m'ture. 

It wus. also runioriil inning llie week -mat 
II. B. MmrluelM. Ibe. ugetii:. was Hie org- 
liuilot To it scheme that would control nil It" 
principal hulls of ContlOeniiil Europe. The 
IJiilUil Booking .Offlces afe said to be. con- 
nected' w|th' the silieine.' Among ih*. Mro- 
peon houscH an: : Fulles Bcraere, the'.Olym- 
pla. PurlHlnnll. Prtuttinlu; BOTIIn Winter 
Ksrilens. Itoiiueher's and oilier bulls In Dres- 
den. Copenhiigcii. Muuldi. Budapest, irruli*- 
fori. Cologne. Amsterdam. Brussels, Home 
Naples, SI. Petersburg, uud bulls In P"' 
vltidul Friiuce. Mr. AIorluelH; silys: ''Out' 
object Is u simple one. Miisle halt perform- 
ers have been paid far ton niucli lately, there 
la a rush for talent; but latdrit, evcu when it- 
its n high nulury, dislikes a loiig rest: ' « 

Iberefore occjirrcd to mc that a powerful 
cumbliie which could Insure long ougngemeuls 
for good ails, might be nhtc lo get those good 
ucls ut a far cheaper rate than those 'J' 
which Ihey tire now obtainable. Loudon Is 
not represented ,lii oiir eoiiihlnnHbn' jet,, bur 
I hope to 'number:. sutuiV of rlic leading Ij0I«w" 
hulls uud many or ibe provluelul ones lu 11 
before, long." Miinv of the lending; Ihealrn'Si 

PVO! ' 

re. long." 
ie In Iaii 

. .londou cuiinol ^vv how Ibe si'beiui 
could posslbr} be worked out lo llie satis- 
fuetlmi nf nil .-.iiwerned. it .remains to I"' 
seen wbitt will happen In. I lie itw fninre, 

Ddre Devil flebreycr, nffer sdccesafnl en- 
gngeuiontB nt Ponlypool,.. WuleB,. liresduni 


THGBi mMtiv ^6rk gLxpfbbL 


•ml riermnny, during 11»n pout two months, 
»t urns m New York today on an Atlnnlle 
•rrjin-nnrt liner. J 18 will ho one ot the Iron- 
mIwIUN "t thf> Trenton Fhir this Full, 
titer ' which he v?lll 'Mttirn ■ to Europe to 
fulfill engagements on the Cpptincnt. 

Waller Kelly Ib, ns The llutfc Hall ntnted 
mat week, "the talk of London." He has 
eree-ded the Palace this week, and Manager 
nun. offered him eight weeks longer, which 
would make twelve In all, but. Mr. Kelly 
was obliged to refuse owing to his bookings 
,,-ii'n i he United hooking Offices. He f a . 
However, endeavoring to set big time In 
Ariifi-ien hnek four weeks. If. he. Jg sue- 
rtmfnl he will remain the extrn four weeks 
it the Palncn. A newspaper repregenlnllve 
of nne of the London pnpers asked Mr. Kelly 
now he became an actor and he replied: 
"I was tit tending a HUle banquet In Now 
York, wlien Ihey naked me to make a speech. 
1 didn't, but Just told them a few things 
of Newport. News, l.V S. A. Of course, ' I 
used dialect when necessary, and. somehow — 
] don't khow quite how It occurred — : Klnw 
d llrhtnger asked roe to go on the stage uuu 
1 did. That's about the whole story." 

Cuss Staley and other inemliers ot his 
transformation company, the' Three ileers 
and Violet Staley, arrived from the Slates 
cnrlv In the "week-. The' ThrCd* Meers* bpeh 
in iiirmlnghnm on Monday, and will soon 
come 10 the Umpire, Leicester Square, for 
eight weeks. Stalcy's Transformation Cnm- 
pnnv and .Violet Staley sail for South Africa 
in-ihiv. Others going on the same boat are : 
The Three I.umars, Hose and Calvert, and 
Frank Adams. Reluming to-day from South 
Africa are: Helma Brats, lite Romania, Curtis 
and Vanity. Klein nnd Clifton, Vlotet Grnzia, 
nnil Kelly and Agnes. . . 

II. fl, Knowles and his variety compnny 
are making n big lilt, nnd lots of money nl the 
drnnd. Hlackpool. this week. Amojuj the en- 
tertainers are: Derenda and Green, Marha 
ami Verity, Spisscll Brothers nnd Mack. Cap- 
tain Taylor's baboons. Sisters Morgan. Dora 
Klnesley. Odeyne Spark, and Dave Carter. 
Morris cronln and his troupe, oiid Wylle's 
dags Join the show next week, when It' will 
occupy the hoards, of the Shakespeare, Liver- 
pool. • 

Thomas Enrrnsford, ot the Itarrasford 
lour, will open n new house In Brussels, 
imiler tlii- tlrjo of the Alhambra. on Oct. 1,"). 
The establishment will he run In connect inn 
with the Alhnmbrn, Tarls, wlilcli Is as popu- 
lar and as cosmopolitan an amusement plnce. 
hnlh la respect of Its audience nod Its shows. 
.is nnv io Kuropo. 

1 here Jugt received word that the famous 
"Black F.Ik," one of Iluftnlo Kill's Slonx In- 
dians, died In Munich last month, and was 
burled there, many people from the Circus 
Harriisnnl following the hoarse. 

Since Vesta Victoria returned from 
America she bns had several new songs writ- 
tea, which she will sing when she returns 
to play for Klnw & Krlanger. Two are 
■I'm a Lady" and "She'd Never DeenAwav 
Before." .Miss Victoria looks forward to 
milking a great success with both son."« 

llymack is the nnmo of a Scotch nclor 
who bns worked out an entertainment Hint 
Is ns mystifying n« II is amusing. In n 
most inyslorioiix manner he changes h|<j 
glares, tics, bowers and sticks In full view 
nf Use audience. .Mr. llymack Is an m-tor 
of considerable experience, having played 
eiiEagcmcnls with William lillletle and Mrs. 
I'alrlck Campbell, and has inured the .vorld 
nice. Me told me Hint It took hlni five yours 
to perfect tho'Ynct he Is now doing. Mr. 
llymack has been at. the Umpire oft nnd on 
lor some mnnlhs. He will go to America In 
the lull, having been booked bv Percy Will- 
In Ins. • * 

Oardlner nnd Vincent and company ap- 
peared at l lie Holhorn Fniplre lust Monday 
in their sketch, "Winning a •Queen," and it 
was ii knockout. Although closing the show, 
ihe audience remained until the finish, and 
can inued applauding before leaving the 

Alice Itnymnnd put on her new musical 
nel ni the (-Impress. Brixton, and Jt met 
with the greatest of success. It Is called 
•A Sight In Kgypl." in the net Miss Ray- 
mond is assisted by seven people, and, nil 
tad, Ihe Ideal Is most novel and verv enler- 

<♦■» ' 


Iti.sloii. — Business dining Old Home Week 
was not as good ns was expected in the local 
ilii-n I res, but suburban parks and bench re- 
sorts report Immense pnlronngc. "Piir'tcd'on 
Her Bridal Tour," nt the Urnnd Opera House, 
)L. Pt'h'eipnl new bill for the current week. 
I hereon tinned attractions arc: "The (Srcen 
,. r I 1 ;, "' , ,ho ,JI"J'«Hc : "The Hurdy (inrdy 
«l,\. ! " .', hp l [«noiit. nn " "WlnoJ Woman 
nail Snug," at the (ilobe. The usual weekly 
',.?,' "*•''' of . b ", is mn de "t the slock, viiudc- 
Mlle nnd burlesque bouses. 

M.V4KSTtu (A. L. Wilbur, mnnnger).— This 
House reopened July Jt). with the llrst pro- 
Miiinilon on any stage of "The Orecn Bird." 

a musical comedy, by l>. K. Stevens and John 
•i. i.enneit. | be piece has scored a decided 
MinvsK. Individual hits were made by Fred 
wnn«. George Chiller. Will II. Slonn, John 
• Kennedy, chns. Bowers, John Lorcnz. Kl/.n 
indctiii'llp k ' nnn '' K ''"'- Tlu ' engagement is 
Ti:i:mont (Jno. 11. Selioetfo], mnnnger).— 
lie lenth week and Inst fortnight of "The 

. \ '".''• v (i!rl ,s '">»v under way. Bus- 
iness has been futlsfnctory. 

iAvn.i: Sou aim,- (Hostou Singe Society, 
«;!,'.\" 1,>r . l ' — J' 1 '; 11 '" 1 ™" ■* tt» »«* "Hera 
U?Rl U iX\ T* r fiy ,hll i ««* «»» Liine, 
cni'i 1 ■"•"" |JM ** J ,' K - HiHnV and George 
ill inan have prominent roles. During the 
,';,.•■ k ' '"afore" .and "Cnvnllerin ltuatl- 
,' i i. !cp,'° e . 1 , von t0 Kond sized houses. Next 
***, "Ihe Bohemian Olrl." 
nuU» f^BS- I'Tohmnn, nich & Harris, 
mnn.egr!-,.— i-iie stock comiinny, hendetl by 
'"iiihin LnwraMo and Charles .\llller, closed 
i, f . V'i v s'^ecssfal season of eleven weeks 

hi-.. V ""/>" , =""i sciisoh oi cicven weess 
ti?,.-"" S!, '«wmi.v cveiilng. "A Prince of 
.wis W ns Hie iinnl v.eok's bill. The regu- 
ni- seism, „ r , np h(]liw w| „ , | on IJlhor 

K .}!'«!"" n ' ,n,1,,,1 "V Katheryn Itoth. "Con- 
-i ii .atlrncled good liuslness Inst week. 
■\, lai-e Across the Continent" Is due 1-.'-l7. 
eel- , '!"" ! ..„ , ., s " ,,r '. wll,mr * Menial, niana- 
Kftiiii'iT; W ',""' . Woman and Song," with 
is „' x ,lm bHs '" pntlleiilar siaP, proved 
"MW'Piilar as ever with large audiences Inst 
•ejk, nnd will remain the ultcnctlon until 17. 
L...I'.' til". fO"*"" <0- Ii- Lothrop, mnna- 
ihl T'i lN ' k £ ni ><» Bo.v" Is being done by 
nlnii , . <lr "P S,0l ' k Co - thIs week, with Min- 
jKJJSSr '" t,,p t,tlc ro10 - "'l' l " % Lighthouse 
'•« .. y . . wal !, oapnhly presented last week. 

rJdSSEPL (B - R Kcltb ' manager).— nie 
in ' ,r Wo '«"M>*s Orchestra began its sixth 
oririii fPiwnent July 21). au event always 
i'"'^' forward to by hosts of patrons. Tho 
„„„ ,' hl * week are: Edgar L. Davenport 

\lniih» ,niwn> '' ,n " The Wan A 00 "' Town;" 
■'atiiicivs and ABhley, Elton-Polo Troupe, 
IWi. ^ 8 , r " n( "', Otto Brothers, liny Cox, 
S?JSf rrl °. Sophie Everett and company, 
ri.^rr""?.""" Xujtent, aiarley Knrrell. and 
WW. . k '"'locapblc vl->ws. Old Home 
""J. business wAs excellent. 
ammi X "'• "• Wnldrnn, manager).— A 
ii,. "''",">' now slock cnmpnny will furnish 
ii,,? 1 *", 111 """! here this week. The 
ai ',; f'lnmnkers will Include: Charley Clarke, 
Them IS ?' ,,BI " r >' '"K-'kley nnd Dick Black, 
an 'v. Wll lM" two burlesques presented, nnd 

i?. 1 '" ° r »£« , ' , " RS specially nets, 
ma.,.. ,N * "WNK'H Ml'RRPM (A. B. While, 
(-,. !fu?' •— Wjilerman'M Snuthern Cakewalk 
int'n.,. P'ovlde cajillal midsummer enlcr- 
H 1 "" ,n , ,h,, eurlo hnll Ihe current fort- 
^ nl In addition there will bo : John Topp's 

Harmonists. .Trlxle, snake queen, and Ihe 
monkey, circus. In |be ihenlre: The Mln- 
slrel Maids, new acts by Mulct te liale. Ma- 
June. Kltly Doyle, Mabel Hnll, Mabel Mnvce, 
.lennejte Lllford, Anpln Ptjrry, Riith Clarke, 
Lmma Christy, Eleanor Mutlha, Ull Conrte- 
tiay, Prank Cook. I,ow Beneillct, Jus. Carroll, 
Arthur Peters, and extra vaudeville by Cor- 
rcno and Dnlmln. Musical Brlghnm. Tom 
Meadows, Utelasco Ulsters. Tom Bnteman. 
I'nddy Joyce and Clara Steele. 

WAT.w.Rn'8 MMfMTM (L. K. Walker, mana- 
ger).— (Jeo. llns'nrd's Sunny South Merry- 
nvikers head the carlo hnll llsl for a second 
week. Young Houdlnl, handcuff export ; Oer- 
man Hose, musical marvel; l.a Mnrr nnd 
Dessnn, ncroli'il?, nnd Prof. Lynch's Tuneh 
and .ludy arc other good cards. Nellie Hart- 
ford's P.nrlesqiiers nnd n good specially com- 
pany will furnish the stage entertainment. 

NTCKMUNMftM tV. II. Wolffe, mannger). 
— The Souhrettcs' Convenllon, Prokos and 
Bush, expert wrestlers, and 'Sellm Sid. enrd 
manlpulntor, are chief curio- hall features 
ii-l<). On the siege are: Anger and lien ly. 
May Wnldron, Philip Ke»s, Fnnnv Weston, 
Hlsie Prescolt, Viola Meehnii, Mollle Ttogers, 
nnd Dnllle CIID'ord's Biirlesquers. At Mana- 
ger Wolffe's Plum Island Theatre the Mnrle 
Healy Extravagonin Co. Is this week's at- 
tracllrtn. •Tlie "'olio' Includes:' Dj'ives nnd 
Dynes, Harris and Watson, and Pnstillo. 

WoNnnnt.ANn PAnK (.1. J, illgglns, mana- 
ger).— -Business continues at top notch, and 
new attendance records seem assured for the 
season. In the free circus bill 'this work 
are: Kishizunn Troupe of Japanese athletes, 
the Two Bullions, trnpezc experts: Emerv 
und SilVernt'/nerlnllsts; Snkihioio. slide for 
life : Minting, cyclist marvel ; Blake's diving 
dog, tteorg-5 Whittaker, bnv rornllst. nnd the 
Ninth Regiment Rand. 

Patsaoon P.vhk tCeo. A. Dodge, manager). 
—Bill for week of r. In the freo open air cir- 
cus: Sudle Knowlton, In her "dash of 
death V Spettiy, high diver, and Pedro Mnu- 
regon, the "human spider." Boatock's an'.- 
mc! arena, nnd the "Human Bo'nletto Whcei" 
arc chief features on the "pike." Businefs 
Is excellent. 

XnnL-MiiRflA Paiik (Carl Allierte. mana- 
ger). — In the rustic theatre this week: I.e 
Hrun Ornnd Opera Troupe. Fields and Han- 
son, Sid Baxter, Foster's dog, "Wise Mike:" 
John Smith, and the komogrnph. Business 
good. * ■ 

MunFono Roui.pv.uir) Tiikatrk tJ. W. flor- 
mnn. innnnger). — The Italian Trio. Adelc 
Purvis Onrl, assisted by Flora Allthorpe : 
Kmerson nnd Vnn Horn, Wentwortli nnd 
Vesin. Carroll and' linker, nnd new moving 
pictures. Big crowds enjoyed u splendid 
vaudeville bill last weak. 

Lexington Park (J. T. Benson, rnnna- 
gen. — In the rustle theatre week of 5: Bar-'' 
mill Troupe, Melville and Illgglns, Dick and 
Alice McAvoy, Bryant and Saville. Torelll's 
dog and pony circus, nnd the komogrnph. 
J. W. fidrmnn's Musical Comedy Co. pre- 
sented "Helen of Troy. X. v.." to fine hnsl- 
ncss Inst week. 

Xoteh. — Rli a Mario's Ladles Orchestra 

fave concerts .In Mechanics' Hnll during Old 
lome Week. The moving picture nnd 

illustrated song resorts reporting prosperity 
lire : Comlquo, Hub. Court Sqnnro. Premier, 

Jollleilc. Drenmland, 1'nlque und Lyric 

Pearl Irving Is organizing n hurlesijue cnm- 
pnny nnd will plnyM/. R, Walker's circuit ihe 

coming season The Old Home Week 

decora i Ion nt Keith's intruded much atten- 
tion.. .-. . .The Columbia will reopen Aug. 10 

with the Rollicking t.lrls Rurlesnuers 

The now stock company, under the manage- 
ment nt Lindsay Morlson, will open nt the 
Boston. Sept. 2. 

. i, 

i.oivcit. — At the Lnkeview Theatre (J. 
J. Klynn, manager) the Adams Good Stock 
Co. (I>\ C. Twltchell, manager) featuring 
Bessie Overton anil Danny Simmons, de- 
lighted enpneity business Inst week, In "Mc- 
Kennn's Flirtation." Miss Overton nnd Mr. 
Simmons made .their usual hits, and A. R. 
Luce, the new leading man, was well re- 
ceived. This week, "A Country Rby," with 
Mr. Simmons in the leading role. 

CANOnjB IjAKK Pahk Thkatbb (W. W. 
Snrgont, mnnnger).— The Canohle Lake 
Opera Co. offered "Virginia" last week to 
bgl business nnd the opera wns nrtrstieftty 
singed nn dcleverlv presented. Many new- 
faces will he In Ihe fnmnnny this week, 
owing to several of Ihe players Joining I heir 
companies Tor the regular season. The new 
players are: Mabel Adnms. Adelaide .N'yo. 
Fred Woodbury, Chnrles Lanille. and new 
muslcnl director. Frank A. Retnlrk. The of- 
fering will be "The Pretty Persian." 

WlUOWUM P.ilttc (lloweris Brother':, 
managers I. —The Thentre Anilquc motion 
pictures and lllustrnled songs are meeting 
with . big success here evenings, direction 
Frank N. Altmni). Thomas tilynn eoiitinucs 
ns soloist, presenting the Inlest. Illustrnted 
songs, to liberal npplnnse. Howard service 
of pictures mid- Illustrated songs, direction 
Frank N. Altmnn, continues this week. 

PiNF.innisT -Park (W. P. Adams, mana- 
ger).— Vaudeville, moving pictures nnd Illus- 
trated songs continue successfully here. Baby 
Louise Is meeting with well deserved ap- 
plause ns soloist, offering the latest pictorial 

cunaut tarr (Povkii, x. if.) (L. k 

Sherman, innnageri. — Vaudeville nnd the 
Shermnn motion pictures are lielng offereil 
here every week, to excellent business. The 
i.lrent Hanson was a vaudeville feature last 

Motion. — All the parks give hand con- 
certs on Sundays to big crowds Sher- 
man's pictures arc features, Sundays, at 
Canohle Lake Park Theatre, Mountain Park 
Casino, Holyoke. and Central Park Casino. 

Dover, X. II.. pleasing big business 

Uorman's diving horses. King nnd Queen, 
were a big feat lire at Canohle Lnke Park Inst 

week Snm Whil taker, who makes n 

"slide for life." enveloped in flame, wns n 
special feature at Lnkeview Pnrk Inst week, 
nnd received well deserved applause. This Is 
Mr. Whlttakrr's llrst visit Kast, nnd his -Vow 
England lour Includes Taunton. Mass. ; Brock- 
ton. Lawrence, Island Park, Newport. 11. 1.. 

and Hampton Bench, X. II... Theodore 

Lylell, who has been directing the produc- 
tions at Canonic Lake Park Thentre, closed 
:s, to Join one of Chns. E. Rlaney's companies 
for the season. Chnrles Landln replaces Mr. 

I.ytell The l^iwell Klks nre to have an 

outing at Cnuoble Lake Park Ibis week, nnd 
Elks from nil over Xew England will lie their 


St>rtn«n<-lil. — At the Court Square (D. 
O. (Illmoro, mnnnger) Hockstnder's Minstrels 
had good business at both performances 
July 27. Nell O'Brien, In his qualm style, 
was found ns oiitertnlnlug ns ever, while 
Hie solos of Uccrc Prosscr nuil Jack Hnckcit 
were encored enthusiastically. The Hunter- 
Bradford riayers present "The Secret Or- 
chard, Aug. o and week. 

Pnt.t's lOorduu Wrlghlor, resilient mana- 
ger) . — "The Strnnge Adventures «f Miss 
Brown" last week wns n big laughing suc- 
cess, nnd the full cast were well received. 
Charles C. Carver made big bow lu leads 
and Is destined to be a great favorite. 
Mury tttockwcll was ldeul and Jewel Powers 
wns at her best. A week or so of comic 
opera Is to bo tried opening with "The 
i mmes nf Nonnnndy," this week. 

HiMrttKN Pahk. — Cole Bros.* Circus visited 
us 2ft, and had good crowds at both per- 
formances. The show wns an exceptionally 
good one, especially the nets of the Hol- 
lands. Five Smiths, Pnchccho Family and 
Russell Trio. 

IK. -run Limr Lioiit. — Chns. Paul has re- 
ceived an offer to exhibit his strength nt Aus- 
tin & Stone's Museum. Boston, hut has »nt 
fullv decided whether to accept or nnt. Mr. 
Paul, while only four feet, four Indies, mid 
weighing one hundred and twenty pounds, 
has developed, by system-iilc exercises, pre- 

nnmennl Mrengih for a man of so small a 
stature. .... .Nell O'Brien' and Ihe l.elghton 

Bros., nf Dorkslader's Minstrels, wetft .the 
guests of the Knights of Columbus nt>a din- 
ner i\t the Wumnu'c cnttuga on the river 29. 
'.F. C. Ollmorc, manager of the Acad- 
emy of Music. In New York, made n Hying 
trip to Ihls city In bis motor car Inst week, 
and Is visiting relatives here A num- 
ber ot changes wll he noted In the'New 1 fill- 
more Theatre when It opens for the season. 
A n«w stage floor Is to be put l«, the or- 
chestra pit lowered, the orchestra floor pitch 
Improved, and new ehnlrs put In, the or- 

new enrpets r>nd 'draperies.' The entire 

Poll Stock Co. of this city, Is to lie trans- 
ferred to the Hartford house, for a couple of 
weeks.. . ...... 


Wnreentrr.— 'At Poll's (.1. C. Crlddle. 
resident manager), for week of Aug. r> "The 
Octoroon,*' assisted by Scot IV l^oiilslann 
Trniihndours. Uist week the company played 
"l>orn Thorne" to very good business. 

Lincoln PabK tWnr. Con. St. Ity. Co., 
managers). — For week or ,"i, J. W. Hormau 
will present h's Alnhnmn Troubadours, linst 
v.-eeb Mr. Herman's "The Mascot" drew good 
business. Vellre'un's leopards will be *eett 
ns nn added nltrnetlon, 

Whitk Citv (F. II. Blgelow, manager). — 
The muslcnl comedy, "A Japanese Honey- 
moon." "> and week. . Last week n vaudeville 
hill drew very well. 

N'nTEB. — It has been nnnouueed that the 
Worcester Theatre has again come Into the 
hands of the "K. ft K." ••ymllcnle, and that 
the policy of the house will he high class 
vaudeville. The patrons of the house nre In 
hojies that the Shuhert's manager, G. II. 
Light on, wl'l remain ns the representative. 

The Franklin Square will open Aug. 

22. Willi the Brothers Myrne, In "Eight 
Bells." . . 

River, Mass. He possesses n wide nrqnnlnt- 
once among theatrical -managers, with whom 
he li very popular, nnd will no doubt receive 
a hotpltnble welcome from tho plensuro loving 
people of thin place. . . . . .Tho,Schult« Opera 

home, which has been dark for several 
seasons, will be opened soon by Cohan & 
Harris, nnd good attractions will be present- 

— ane for the opening ■. William Morgan, 

or Ibis city, left for Columbus,' O.i Ihls wfek. 
where he will join the AI. fl. Field Minstrels. 
lielk Mr. Field's secretnry. nntl also plnys 

trombone In the bnml A hasfhnll came 

between ihe Coshocton Lodge of Elks nnd the 
local lodge of Eagles Is to bo plnved here 
Sunday, nnd Is looked forward Io with much 

tnbllshing a Oral- class amusement resort 
for the coming season. The Island Is about 
eighty acres In extent, and nearly half n 
million dollars will be expended In amuse- 
ment facilities. ' , 



Cincinnati.— Although the dog days are r ,ftfir6iifiiout the MMM season. The house 
hue fairly begun the, llrst Ihealrlqal sin of ^u't,,, thoroughly renovated nnd Pilt;.,ln 

tho senson nf lOd.-OS has been llreil. It »hnpe for the opening •. Wlllltun Morgan, 

will be fully a month before the Indoor 
amusement lid will be fnlrly lifted. Mean- 
while the rrsorts are In full nnd prosperous 
feather. , 

H kick's 'Opera tlnrsp. (Ileuek's Oper.i 
House Co. & K. F. Stnlr, directors). — Ida 
Russell lis seen In the chief role of Laugh- 
ing Moll. In "Kale Rnrtnn** Tcmplnllon, 
which will he the llrst attraction of the ne.v 

season, opening Aug. 4. The BondChas been 
thoroughly brightened. "Voung Buffalo' 11. 

IitCftru (Ileuek's Opera Co. & K. F. Stnlr. 
directors!. — The season begins 11, wl.'h "rhc 
Candy K1<L" 

PRnri.K'a (Hetick & Keiniessy. managers >. 
— The Merry Maidens open the season I". 

ciiKSTi'.n Pauk 1 1. M. Mnriln, Manager ). 
^Clnru Matter, ns Winifred tlrey. In ibe 
i 'hosier Park Opera Company's revival of 
-Tho Runaway Olrl," 4-KL l.nst weeks rim 
nf "The s^erennders" wns innrked by a num- 
ber of midsummer thentre parlies, "The llo- Oh I" 11. In the vaudeville theatre 
I'liiualn Webb and his irnlnetl seals will he 
the star enrd 4. O'Rourke and niirnelte 
'I'rto, the Benulnglon Broihcrs, ami Melbenie 
and Thomas are also llstfd. 

Coxrv lst.\xn |H Wellington Kiiglehreth. 
amusement, moooger). --The up-river ill 

Lynn. — At. the- Theatre CnmJqne (M. 
Mark, mnnnger). hiisln«s» continues good. 
The conlnliono performances nre well nttend- 
i'd both day -and evening, with thebenellt 
show on Sunday. 

Ooraian's Mitmmrc Snlem Willows <M. 
Doyle, manager). — The (tormna All Star Co. 
Is appearing this week to ngtial good busi- 
ness. ' ' ' • 

Xotbs. — Fverett W. Chlpmnn. manager 
of n theatro nt Centralis, 111., wns cnlleil lo 
his home In this city recently by the death 
of his father. Mr. Chlpnvin wns nt one time 
in ihe minstrel business:. ..Joe Clay, at one 
rime one ot the best clog dancers lu the 
country, nnd wns m iown Inst week visiting 
friends. He is now. n resident, of Haverhill, 

Mass F.thel May Sborey. of this city, 

n playwright and heiress, Is to sii)«>rintend 
the producing of several of her plays, by ,T. 
II. Wlnnett, of Xew Vork, the coining sea- 
son ........ Manager Clnrles W. Shenfe, of 

the ttlectrlc Theatres, In this city and Xa- 
bant, reports fine -business The Drenm- 
land Amusement Co. will soon break ground 
for Its new if2">,O0il theatre, where. It Is 
understood, . moving pictures .and vaudeville 
will be presented. 

,. t 

lew Blilford. — At Iho Xew Jledford 
(W. 11. Cross, mnnnger) Shepnrd'S moving 
picture show closed lla engagement here 
Aug. 3, having passed the most successful 
season that the house has ever known. They 
are hooked again for the Summer season 
of. U)i is. The Bryan Bros, arc booked for 
IO.. In "S Bells." The house Is dark the 
remainder of the week. 

Hatiiaway's (T. 11. Baylies, mauagor). — 
Barry & Burke's Block Co. played "Jess of 
lliej Bar 7." to large houses oil of Inst' week. 
The same cnmpnny In "For Her Children's 
Sake" 'week of K ' " 

-Savoy (W. H. Shine, manager).— The. 
moving pictures with the changed vaude- 
ville acts complete the hill for week of 8. 

Lincoln Park (I. W. Phelps, mnnuger). — 
The Donnn Seymour - Musical Comedy Co. 
present- for n second week, beginning 5, 
"The puke of Normandy." Business Is very 

, .,!.. n 

North Adinns. — At tho Umpire (John. F. 
Snlllvun, manager) Hbopard's moving pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs drew large 
crowds during Ihe past week, excepilng July 
;',n, when Dockstnder's Minstrels appeared 
lo n large nnd Well plonked nudlence. Nell 
O'Brien, la 'his new ncf, entitled "Quick 
Lunch," made a big hit. 

Hoosac* Vai.TiKY Park (J. A. Bluko, man- 
ager).— Phil Sinai's All Sin r Co. dr«w large 
rrowds Inst week, nnd gave pleasing perform- 

rtKR.VMf.Ajin (Frank Xocl, manager). — 
llliisl rated songs and moving pictures nt- 
Iracled good crowds during the past week. 

Notrs. — Cole Bros." Circus exhibited here 
July 01 to crowded tents afternoon nnd 
evening. The performnnce given wns tin ex- 
cellent one. . Dennis A. Ilrnukley, who 

conducted the Kmplre Thcnlre newsroom, 
died Aug, I from typrold fever, lie was n 
members- Of the Flks, and was well known by 
Iho.ilrlcnl people. 

Fall River.— At Sheody's (Oee. S. Hns- 
comb, manager) Inst w.iek Ihe J. Frank 
l'.iiiko Stock 'Co. presented *"nic Ileal Man" 
1o excellent business, and gave great satis- 
fncllou. Mr. Burke, In Ihe title role, wns 
nt his best. Frank Tiiomas, Bert Wnltcr, 
John Daly and Fred Wolf were excellent In 
their respective pnrls nnd worthy of special 
mention. "Under the Russian Flag" Aug. 
5 nnd week. 

NtCKBi.onEOX (Jns. F. 'Mason, manager). 
—Bill for week of ii : May Furlow, Denno 
and Tnlbnult, Mason and Dftrnni. nnd the 
optlseopc. . Business Is good. 

Taunton.— At Sahhntla Pnrk i.los. J. 
l'Tynn, mnnnger) for week of Aug. the bill 
Includes : The Colby Family, Jackson and 
I loon, Slgnor Fnrrantl, Cunnlngliiim and 
Fowler and ltay and Norton. 

Tai.aqi-ki:a Park (R. A. Hiirrlngton, mnn- 
nger). — Hns booked for week of Aug. Ii: 
Uivenherg Sisters, Abbotts nnd company, 
ijiilnlnn nnd Howard, Black nnd Leslie, 
Kdyihe Rlbhnns nnd Joe Belmont. 
• i 

WnsJilnirln'n.— At the New Xntlonnl The- 
ntre (W. II. Ilnpley, manager), tills week, 
the eleventh of the Ahorn Opera Co.'s season; 
"Dolly Vurden" Is tho bill. Lnsi week "Wang" 
had a tine production, lo crowded houses. 
"Montana" next. 

lii:i.Asco (L. Stoddard Taylor, manager). — 
Thin week the slock, bended by Chiirbille 
Walker, In "Mrs. Whidemere's |.'nn." This 
will close one of the most successful Summer 
seasons in Iho history of (he house. The 
season Is necessarily shortened lo give Miss 
Walker a much needed rest, preparatory to 
her coming slurring engagement, under the 
management of i in rid whtseu. 

XKW LvcKir.M (liugene Keruaii, manager). 
— This house begins Its rcgulnr season this 
week, after a thorough renovation of all its 
departments, with the Williams' Imperials. 
The Innocent Maids follow. 

Luna Paiik l Charles J. Ooodfellow, mnn- 
ngeri. — This fairyland sllll continues on the 
top wave of popular favor owing lo Its ml 
mlrahle management nud tho bewildering 
array of amusements. This week, novella's 
Greater Washington Band In the muslcnl 
auditorium, nnd Irene Iji Tour and her dog. 
Zazn, on the Hippodrome fdnge. 

N'OTita. — The Ncir flnyely, Academy of 
Music, and the Majestic Theatres will open 

their regular seasons Aug. If) Analas- 

tiin Island, located In Ihe Potomac River 
immediately opposite Washington City, tuts 
Ix-en purchased by a syndicate composed of 
such men hs J. II. Livingston, of the "White 
City" and the "Willow Orove." of Philadel- 
phia, nnd others, for the purpose of es- 

reetors are cnrchlng (He aeronautic breezes 
nnd are sending up aerial expeditious under 
the auspices' of Hnddoek-Bennett. In the 
Bijou Theatre *! Holt, "the wire king:" 
Leslie nnd Williams. Ihe Five American 
Trumpeters, Rosnire. Sp?agb and comimny, 
und Prof. He Rosa's looping hounds. 

Zno (Walter C. Draper, mnnnger).— 
Kopp's Mllitnrv 'Band conies •*, after M fort- 
night of Kvrl and his hand. Wormwood's 
.uiininl show Is nn added attraction. The 
frntcrnnl onlers had a big day K. and 10 the 
Nobles of Ihi" Mystic Shrine nre to he lu 
fesrnl evidence. 

Lnu.nw Laoohn (W. K. Clurk, mnnsemeiit 
inatiager).—Tho Qin-cn City Juvenile Co. 4, 
In 'sextettes, marches, dances, picture songs 
and specialties. 'The Three Kvnns Sisters, 
Lillian Crawford. Louise Voung, Lllllifn Hle- 
reoson Uvlnlu Smith, .Nellie l^ee, Helen 
Smith, l•:le^llor Mllfer. Stellp HnfforiJ, Mar- 
gie Klrlsler. Stella Millet d l.llllnn Hnf- 

ford are members of lti« compnuy. So Is 
Pearl Sing, n -little* Amerlcsn-Jnpanese 
lieamy. - • t '• 

tjossti". — Manager J. J. Weaver, »f Inn 
Ludlow LagiiJn, is buck from Jnniestnvvn. . . . 
.luck Dunsiiiiier Is the , new basso "f llie 

Chester Pnrk Opera Co At the Zoo, last 

week, a new Cincinnati song, "tiet's Take n 

Trip to the 7,on.'; was given Its first rendition 
bv il. Ii. Wilson.... 'I ue Ciriuid Opera House 
Is to open Aug. 211, whir "The College Widow" 
as the attraction, followed In order by "Ills 
Honor, the Mayor," nnd Lew Dockstnder's 

Minstrels Mnnnger John II. Hnrlln Is 

busy nt home with, bote) matters Mela 

Steele Polndoxter, Ihe pianist, n daughter of 
Indiana's famous ennffrcssmnn, Hun. Cleorge 
W. Steele. Ik to Join the large musical colony 

In Cincinnati next Full The Hirllllhg 

composite story of love and adventure, writ- 
ten hv famed Cincinnati newspaper people 
for The f'oli»ittj>(rt ilentM. last year, Is to lie 
published In n'(/c hnrn volume for the Co- 
lumbia. Theatre, at Cincinnati, by Chnrles I.. 
Doran, Ihe press repre sentative of that house. 

Coluaibus. — At Olentangy. Park (J. W. 
Dusenbury, manager) the Vaughn. .Ulnser 
StocH Co. closed n four wceka* engagement 
hero In. a blaze of glory. "The Cowboy and 
the Ladv" was presented during the week nf 
July 20 - to crowded houses, and was well re- 
ceived. Vaudeville will be booked for the 
imlnnce nf the sengon, tho bill for week of 
Aug. P Including: Madame Ktellle's horses, 
Vlnella's boxing' stnlllons, Magnu nnd Bart, 
Froslnl, Cnrtmcllo nnd ilnrrln nud Chummlo 
Liimnra. Cromwell .Dixon nnd his air-cycle 
and Porlhus, In leaping Iho gnp, were extra 
nitrnclloiiB the pnst week. 

Collins (Iarphn (Herman Collins, mnn- 
nger).— Big crowds thronged to this' popular 
resort .during week of July 20. Hill for week 
of Aug. f. ; Herbert and Willing, Harney First 
nud the Oznba. 

"Hioit STttHRT (Chns. W. Harper, mnnn- 
gor).— This house opened Its season July 
27 Willi "At Cripple Cteek" to big business. 
"Ilmoiiiy Humpiy." Aug. 1-J1, entertained 
good houses. "Voting Huffalo, King nf tho 
Wild West," T.-7. 

Niitoh. — Indlnnoln Tark had the largest 
crowds of the season the past week. Sullivan 
nnd Kllrnln, hi their boxing act, were Iho 
freo outdoor nltrnetlon. For week ot Aug. 
Ii, MJ'ers, In a high diving act. will lie the 
feature attraction W. W. Frnsser, man- 
ager of the Keith, hns returned from a vaca- 
tion spent. In Philadelphia, New Vork nnd 

other Knstcrn points The Ohio State 

Fair will be hold here Sept. 3-8 IVm. 

Johnson, a veteran circus man, whose home 
Is here, wns' killed nt Merlden, Conn., July 

.■:<) The Donnelly & llalllelil Minstrels 

left here Aug. 1, for llpper Siinilusky, whom 
Ihey open their third senson. Kdword Con rod 
is manager nnd treasurer. Ted (Inlhrnllh, ad- 
vance man *. Joseph llntlleld, general mnnn- 
ger, and Tommy Donnelly looks afler tho pro- 
duction proper. The report of the opening 

night was l« n capacity house The Ohio 

Opera House Managers' Association met here 
1, nnd adopted n code by which they can 
communicate to each nthei' the fncts regard- 
ing anv undesirable companies, and cut short 
ihe careers of the barnstormers. W. O, Vnrd 
Is president: II. C. Westover, secretnry, nnd 

M. L. Wolff, treasurer AI. «. Fields 

firenter Minstrels start dress rehearsals nt 
the Great Southern Theatre. Aug. ft. 

Cleveland. — At the F.urlld Avenue (inr 
dens (Mux Faetkenheuer, manager) the 
Vnughn Olaser Stock Co. present "I,cnli 
Kleschnn" Aug. 5 nnd week as their Initial 
offering. Tho vniidevllle hill week of July 
2ft was nn excellent one, nnd drew Inrge 

Ci.BVtsi.Asn (fieo. M. Todd, manager).— 
"Kdnn, the Pretty Typewriter," week of Aug, 
n. "Kale Ilnrtou's Temptation" opened Hie 
senson here lasr week, nnd drew capacity 
bouses. "The Bnrglnr nud the flniiililer" 
week of 12. 

Kkitii'h (If. A. Dnulrls, manager). — 'Pie 
hill week of Aug. ft Includes : Kdwnrd.s' 
Blonde TypowrJlers, Anderson und HnllK'x, 
Allen and ilrlscoe, Phil nnd Nellie Peters. 
Chnrles Wnvnc nnd company, Bedlni ami 
Arthur, nnil lint Melrose Troupe. Lurg» 
iitiillehces continue to rule. 

Comnki:m (Max Faetkenheuer, mnnnger). 
— The Joseph Shenhnu Opera Co. winds tin 
a Verv successful season hero week of .•. 
singing "II Trovntore." They snug "Car- 
men" week of July 2fl. to big receipts. 

SrAti (Dii-w& CiiiDidicll, managers). — Will- 
lams' Ideals opened the season here Aug. '■',, 
continuing throughout week of S. 

Lixa Park (til wood Salsbury, manager). 
-Don Philippines Band Is the chief oiirae 
Hon here 4 nnd week. : 

Xanesvllle.— At Moxahala Park (M. K. 
Ludy, manager) the United Slates Ladles' 
itnnil drew large crowds last week. Corn 
llloodgood Corson wns Hie feature soloist, 
and was well received. Other ot fractions 
throughout the pnrk continue to draw well. 

ritrnw The Weller Theatre will open the 
season of 1P07-K with the Culler Stock Co.. 
on Monday evening, Aug. 'M. The house Is 
under the resident managership of W. Fred 
Mason, appointed by Messrs. Cohan k Harris. 
the lessees. }fr. Mason bns for several yenrs 
past been the manager of a thentre nl Fall 

Toledo.— AI the Casino iKIlves * Rosen- 
thal. ninnnnyriH week nf July JS wll) close 
llebcecn Warren's engagement- nt Ihe Casino, 
Angustln Italy's "Ixiilery of Love" hnvlnu 
been selected Instead of "lemons," ns origi- 
nally Intended, on account ot nn nnfnrtunnte 
accident necessitating chnnge of bills, which 
was-nni mnde mull Monday. Miss Warren 
Is a decided fovorlla here, and. UV'cdhije- 
qiience. business nl the Casino Is most aal.'s- 
fnclory. .The management will put on Ihe 
llrst 1ilg musical show of Ihe »eason week of 
Aug. 1, "Nancy A Co.,'* with Iviilherlnc Oster- 
man In Ihe title role, supported hy the excel- 
lent t.'.nslno Slock Co. 

Farm Tiikatiu: (.los. PearlMeln, mnnageri. 
— Week of July 28 ulnrvelonn nerobnu and a 
real lndlini, who did n novel turn, were the 
big nets. Aug. t nnd week: (,'artell ,Hrps.. 
IVinnld nnd Carson, Llhd, O Hmma San nnd 
cnmpnny, the Singing Four, Krwln Wnlror, 
American vltngrnpli. 

Xoti:. — Workmen nre busily engaged pin- 
ting the tiulshlng touches on Burt's Thentre 
for' Iho formal opening of th» new season. 
Aug. T. when liny ilnvmnnd unpenrs In the 
new muslrtil comedy. "The Candy Kid." 

Ilaatllton. AI the .leffersnn (Tom A. 
Smith, manager) "At Cripple Creek" opened 
this house for ihe season July 2ft. to capacity 
business, and plcnscil.> (McCarthy & Ward, malingers),;-- 
The hill for week of Aug. ft Includes : Marlon- . 
Plunkett nnd compaiiy, the .higgling Austins. 
Ue Mimile nnd lilnsmore, I'M, Morton, linrri 
tliKlgini, Will, llnseblbber, and the bioscope. 

Notks. — Dunn and Frimckt scured a big 

bit in ibe llrand Inst -week L C. Nugent 

nud company closed a two weeks' 'engngemeui 
nt 'the Citnnd, Aug. H . .Mnnnger Mc- 
Carthy, of Ihe linmd, Is working luinl In 
connection wllh <IUs Sun, sechring it better 
line of nets to nppciti' nl their numerous 
vaudeville playhouses for Die coming ttensnri.' 
i . i ' 

MlirinKflehl.. - At Ihe Spring Hi'ove Park 
Casino t<\ V. Powoll, uuuinger) Hie hill for 
week of Aug. •! Includes: Daly nnd O'Drlen. 
Mr. nnd Mrs, Nell IJtchtleld, Dickson, liowera 
and Idcksnn, nnd the Peterson Brothers. 

Oiianii (ii'Riia HrtrsR (Springfield Thentre 
Co., innnngersi. -■ "Big I leaned Jlto" Aug. 8. 
Vo Ciiliintal Stock Co. ft- 10. 

Xhtk. — The Orphenm will open some time 
ihls month. 


('anion. AC Ihe Park Thentre (Will .<. 

Ilnrrls, iniiniiger) the Bnrlow .Minstrels' did 
enormous business last, wock, with Oil in 
Voting and Three Brothers, ns nn ndHod fen- 
tun-. For Ang.'J nnd week a return larnune- 
vllle Is niade, tin- bill Isdng : The -Ten Zouave 
tllrls, Helen Bcrlrnni, Herbert Lloyd nrtd com- 
pitny. tioldsnilth hiiiI Hoppe, Mlirrny K. Hill, 
nnd the llfeograph, 


PtirlliiiuI.-AI the Jefteison ( .lulliis Cilllii, 
malinger) the Jelferson Stock Co., In Its 
tenth week's engngomeut, prosenfed "As a 
Man Sows" Juiy 20 and week, a uotivanlr 
being presented lo each Inify nt tending ins 
one hundredth performance, Monday evening. 
I'Toreiico' Cutler Joined 20. Attendance wns 
very gratifying. "The Sign of the Four" Aug. 

•MoCt'i.i.uni'H Tiiratiiis, Cape Cottage Park 
(l)artley McOulluin, mnnnger). — Sidney' 'l'o- 
ler's new soetefy drantit, "Will o''lhe Wisp," 
Willi Mr. Tnlur In the title role, wns pro- 

dinted by Ihe slock week of July i SB, • and 
trai enihiiNlnsllcnlly received by Ihe itirfcefll 
fltiilleaces of Ihe. seuspn. This resort' has 

booh having a linn run of business all sea- 
son. "The llnneymooners" Aug. fl-11), by the 
Mock. ' ' " 

Okm, Peak's Island (C.'W. finding, mana- 
gnr). — Tlie play delected for presentation tor 
Ilin slock, .Inly SO and week, wits "D'Arey 
of tin; (inn nl»," with the favorites nf this 
nnpnhir company In prominent parts. "The 
Freedom of Suzanne" Aug. 0*10. '" 

PiuiTf.ANn (J. I'l. Monro, 'manager).— niln 
Mitchell, Malhew I (anion, and Maxwell add 
Weslnn conllniio drawing features In Illus- 
trated snugs nnd Hie series of moving pic- 
tures. Business Is heavy. 

l)iiKAMi.Axn (J. AV, flreeley, mnnnger). — 
13. Jan. Brown, baritone, nod Raima Felix; 
wiprnnn, are pleasing soloists, and wllh Die 
moving pictures ore it fen lure, rapacity at- 
tendance rules ..-.■■ 

Savov (fl. K, McHiilnness. mnnnger), — 
Miss Warren, the cosmos Kntertttlners, and 
moving pictures unmet- good attendance. 

Uivhrto.v park, (D. II. Smith, mnnnger). 
—"•The Hlrl from Vnssnr," u drainnllctntisl- 
cnl comedy put' on by the J. W. Gorman. Co., 
drew well July 21) and week. 


Port Und. -AI the llelllg I VV. T. Pangle, 
malinger) Ihe Dixie Mlnsirels gnve one per- 
fnriiiiinc-} July 2S, to u fair sized audience. 
The theatre Is iiguln dark, 

Maiiqiiam titiANii (S. Morion Colin, mnn- 
nger). — Nnnro O'S'cll did fnlr business week 
of 22, In "Mngdi." "The StorJ of Ihe 
floldeu Fleece" wei'k of 20. This Is tho |nst. 
bill In which Xnnce O'.Sell will appear here. 
The Siockwell Mdiregory Co,, wHU Franlt- 
lyn I'ndorwood tn the leads, begins a four 
weeks' engagement here Aug. 0. 

(Iiianii t.lnmes II. Itirrtcbson, inannger). — 
The hill for week ot July 211 included : Ben- 
Irleo Morelnnd, assisted hy Stnilley Jnlint, 
In "Taming n Husband;" Allnn Shaw, coin 
und; enrd innnlpululor; Burns Morris nnd 
company, Clllmore. nnd Cnslle, flrnen Ormn. 
t.'nviina, Jne 'I'hompiion, und the grnndlsrnpe. 

iSTAti (Jos. II. KrrlckHnn, tnunngeri. — Tlie 
Star Stock Co., week of 20, III "The Iloynl 

Lviiii* (Kenllng & Murphy, managers). — 
The Lyric Stock Co. week of 20, In "llond to 

I'A.x-i'Aili'H' (John Juliiiwin, mnnnger). — 
Bill for week of 21* Included: Home nnd Fer- 
guson, the Ynltii Trio, Jenn Wilson, Hntllherii 
(JMiu'lclte, the Bciiii Vufr Trio. F.lln Hn/.lltl. 
und Ihe hliumiph. 

Fnrrz'H (Joi- J. West, iiiiiniigcr). — Hill for 
2il »ni| week included : Kmlly Wheeler, Mne 
N. Vernon, Frank Liiluhvrf, .Maggie Oracle. 
rim Fiinchurds. Helen llriibam, Ilowe nnd 
Maiiretins. Clnlre II. Stanley. Jus. T. Dervln. 
Virginia Vernon, .limes ami llahivlllc, Ihe 
Znt y.iuii". AiuoihI, Myers and jlaihewson, 
mid the stock coiiijiittiy. 

IlAi.r.'M Sciinic 'nit.'im Of rut: World con- 
tinues In draw large patronage. 

Oakh Summit i'Ank (D. <;. Freeman.-.mnn. 
nger) conl In ties lo do big business. Among 
ihe special attractions nre SchllzonyllS- Hnn- 
gnrlnn Hussars, Denves' manikins, and the 
Lnndntier Troupe.. • 

■ ' ♦ '* - 

Ki>. AiisiK-nioNO and Krin.'L Davis write 
thai they are doing fhelr specially with a. 
II. Wimios' "King and 'Jueen or Onmblers" 
Co, Mis/: Davis- Is doliprf Imliailous Hint 
nkn serernl ■ eqeores nl every performance,' 
'ind Mr. Armstrong 1s mnkl.ig n hit with hw 
parodies and dno'-lna. This Is our second 
senunn wllfl A. II Wood*, 



August 10, 




Sun $c Murray Amusement Co. 

CU8 SUN and O. C. MURRAY, Solo Lessees and Managers 



Springfield, Ohio 
Exclusive Booking Agent 


Grand, Hamilton, Ohio 
Bljoa, Piquet, Ohio 
Broadway, Middletowji. Ohio 
Marlon, Marion, Ohio 
Cooper, Mt . Vernon, Ohio ■ 
National, SteubrnvlUo, Ohio 
Qrjihiuni, Sidney, Ohio 
Orphinni. Gallon, Ohio 
Bijou, Iiorain, Ohio 
Opera Hiiukj, Greenville, Ohio 
Vaudeville, Athoua, Ohio 
PrlnoeHt, Cleveland, Ohio 
Prisons*, Columhnv, Ohio 
Colonial, Cambridge, Ohio 
Orphtam, Shelby. Ohio 
Mnjottio, Saudunky, Ohio 
Olympic, Bellalre, Ohio 

Star, Mnnoie, Ind. - 

Bijou, Yonnajstowu, Ohio 

Bijou, East Liverpool, Ohio 

Flndlay, Findlay, Ohio 

Imperial, Fremont, Ohio ' 

Orphlum, Marietta, Ohio 

Bijou, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Howard, Huntington, "W. Vn, 

Grand, Newport, Ky. . 

Grand, GoTlngtou, Ky. 

Conlno, Washington, Pa. * 

Wm. MeShafirey'a Pennsylvania 
CI run it n f 80 First Clam Theatres 

The Weiland Circuit In West Vir- 
ginia, and numerous othors that we 
have mot the space to mention. 

HI , 

We Start to Book 

Season 1907-8 

First Week in August 

All Ho usb 3 Open Stpl. 2. 

Short Jumps 

Two Cents per 
Mile in Ohio 

State lowest salary and 
all open time first let- 
ter. Artists desiring 
time are invited to 
write the first week 
in August to 



A courteous reply or 
audience to every artist 
in vaudeville who com- 
municates with this 





























And > hundred of horn, in the last low month*, <ti|uwlly us wvll known m abort. 



>vr York mill 

Ion Theatres, 
. <l-tl.ll A. J.Mll StH. 

■» ••» H'y, bet. A 4,Mh Sts. 


'I'll- Zlnarelil'Sl lliu Mt. 

All I hn Slurs: F-iuuiu Cuius, Uracil l,a line, l.lllluu 
l,eo, (Irucc Leigh, Chas.J. lloas, Hlokel & Watson, 
Duvo Lewis, Frank Mum.'. linker A, Mauler .TcimuchI 
uud Sunshine, MUc. UilKl, uud 60 Amiu Held gli Is. 


oviiii Tin: \i:\v amstltidam tiikatkk, 





Martini and Maxmllllan. 
Emotion and Baldwin. 
Harry. Thomson. 
Halltn and Hayes. 
0'Rourke and Mario. 
Vlltlare and Lao. 
Eddy Clark. 

Annie Bernstein 
Flskeand McDonourjh. 
Johnson and Wells. 
Scanlon and Stevens. 
Wood and Lawson. 
James Waters. 
Kocks Tours Vltagraph. 

or Hlarh Class Vaad«vllle Theatres. 

It. MKYIt'K|.'Kl>U JK.. I'ltliS.; 
All Applications for Time Must Kn Addressed 
to C. B. RKAY, Booking Manager, 

MajegtM Theatre Build in g, Chicago, 111. 

Huber's "tf Museum 

WANTKO, lor owuliig, Aug. i<, ami after, 

ATTRACTIONS for Curio Halls and Theatre 

Addre ss J. II. AKDF.KSOX. Mgr._ 


47 W. USUI ST.. ggW YUltK. 

llare l>c vil Sclireycr. 

Agai n The sennai ion of Borneo. 






skason iuo;-s, kimiov .t muttovs "TUE 






Wanted At Once, 6ood All Round Conedius 

I in" can Dance mill vn in p Uruuu, or a Sketch 
Vi'iiin ii i ik ii ami wire. Addross the Mgr. KuinvtTSkc 
lii'l. Jl."i. Co.. Mailtiiul Islaud. Wlkwoiulkoug,Ou 

Ready at Last,, 

toe huok you liuvu been walling for. 

.Iiiiuim Madison's latest gold mini' of 
comedy uiutet'lul for vumlevllle artists, 

new BUDGET No. II 

A timrvtrl of ol'lglliullty i'miii noviM' to 
cover. Iti'ud nynopsls or contents below : 
» OHIHT MOMil.oi.l i:>i 

on ull tho popular topics of the du.v ; 
no long-wluded siiceclies. but u succes- 
sion or Ki'imlncly funny .HtorleK, In- 


(turfny lienrly IuukIih. 

InclluHriat "I'oor Jolin." "You're a Uruml 
Old I'luir.'' "My Murlneclu," "Oheer 
ljp. .Mary." iind ^4 olliorn. by Junici 
AiiuIIkoii iiiul other purody J.lnt;>. 
VI sm: 1 1 -ii ms umi s in A MM, 

llli'lildlllK ' 'The lSurtliir mill III-. Out:.'' 
"The .V«- Hin trnilui'." "Olien iiud 
l.nvl," "l),i Copper Skliiillniii'.'" iiiul 
N others. You'll miike it hit with these 
— you simply ean't hv||i..U(iliiF rw. 
:i siiiiorcuKs koh >i\i.m am> 

cnili led "H»uk to th« hamuli'}'," 
"CriUU'llinil" Mill "Sluuiliei'lnif Sliniir 
klioi. M. IX" ' No bcflcr ucts obtHlnuble 
lit liny price. 

it homiim: « IIMMIIIKS 
umi liurli'Miuvx. emliletl "Kudu'. Ulld 
Kuncles" uud "Mr Nelghlioi'w Wtte." 
Holh liiivo Moll tli'lhii'd plols mid un 
tibiindiince of Kcreuuiln^ liltuutlviu uud 

SCIltillllllllul clliiinxeK. 

si'oiiks ok otiihii. vi;vn IU0S. 

liii'Hulliijf hundred? of original gugv. 
Juki's ami putter I'OI' aldcwillk I'unvri'- 
ttutlous : also u laugliable uet for two fe- 
miiles.doneim of comic poems and toast*, 
etc., fie. — luo pugea In nil. And please 
roniuiiiliiM' rlils. no tuulter liow hlith 
you plteh jour extjeetntlons, atADl- 
SON'S M)W IIIKliKT \o. II will 

ubsolutcly exceed thoui. I guunuitee It. 

Price Remains as Always 

Send In your order at once mid be 
the tli:-i in mIiik Hi' 1 new parodies and 
tell the new Jokes uud riorum. 


I -will also liii'iml" a copy of MAIH- 
Sn>'S III : in jut Jut. io. cent n lull i g 
on" hundred pages of comt'd.v material 
thai never falls tu make koikI. 





T^o Lli MM 

NtW $76,000 '^T.HCflTRt, 


| AufB- IO 


SinijmR and \A/hi?iti.n K Comedian. 

A, Kin s, NIIBKOV'M rilKVUti:, Kail Hlvor, illn.'i. 



MaltonslThoalra, Roeheslef, N. V. 



Klve pieces. Kxperleneed all linos. Hotel or 
them re preferred. Have uiuvlug Picture Ma- 
chine. lU.IMIWOKTH. 

Oakland Park. Ilocky Mount. X. (,'. 

Wanted, for 


LA1»V YOil TUtWr and Cake Walker, Slugers 
aud Daueers, MAN Mill TOM. 

J. I>. (Mil NN. (ieu. Del., Deirolt, Mlell. 


>Vi\uled liiiDiiidlatelv and lator, Kopor|.ulrc'Hllil 

Vnmli'i lUc Cos. oud Krec Outdoor AitUotluiis. " 
VUriO PAri>K>'KK, Maiiaj/iir. 



To work In a Musical Number. Also do huh 1 1 
pari In Sketch. Long Season hooked In popular 
priced Vaudeville Theatres. Auswcr i|tilck. 


l.ufay.illf, liul., W«»l a id» Ofllvery. 


Gordon McDowell, 

Character*. Comedy, Comedy Old Meu, special- 
ties. Can lulu at ouec, Address 
CA'fSKll.L, K. Y., care or Went l.'atsklll Hotel. 

"YOUNG MAN (*«) 


As tJarpeiiler, Assistant Cui'tienier or l'rups. sal- 
ary Moderate. Do Smalt U1U. Address 

THOMAS yL'IN I.A.N. (Jeu. Del., Kvuusluu, 111. 


I'or sale. All eoinptele: good localliv; Hue bush 

ncsp. lufl Third Ave.. Ilrooklvu. Ciill or write. 

AltTUUK MOKKI.I., lul »d Ave., Ilrooklvu, N.Y. 

Wanted, All 'Bound Bed. Performers 

Slcutuli 'l«atu aud Single Prrforiuon. Hlaek l'ucc 
Coiiii'illun In put ou uels. iliin/.t: v No! 

, PttflK.i, PAKI'HN. Miiiiima. la. 



Character Woman and other good Repertoire People, 
Also Musicians for Band and Orchestra. 

Tell all in ilrrtt loiter. Lowest aulary. Must Join at once. This show never clones. Al IhiW'klHj 
Team wanted. Audreun M. K. WOODFORD, Mgr„ Vic tor Theatre, Chlpjiewa Falls, WUfc 

E. Lewis West's Comedy Co. 

Feature Acls, Mimical, High Cluas Voeul, Acrobatic, DancliiK. IIIOH VhXHH HUSH 'I'BAM. 
Airplay iiurw.- NoiniitifToo big. K. i,. \\ K's'i', van of W, j. riiiuuier, utw D'ivuv, n. v. iuimvwm 

ItotP.H. Al AOEVf Hlli] Al PI WIST WAIMI'IOU. " u,u ' v '' J ' 


First Class People, Including LeHdJug Udy; Character Womuu, Soubi-etle with Specially, LejallW! 
f ttu, . , .'.J'? lll . v 7. SfiJKS* ,, W JU > n > Juvenile Muu, Comedian doing Speelulllea. Frcrereiiee given 

ih'opie doing Spcclallle.H 

... doing Specialties. - 
Alim stage Dlrcetur pluylug Heavier or characters, Piano Player, Ages 

and muu Willi Picture Machine, Scenic ArllHt. for few- weekB, Feature Vaudeville Acta, Dog, Muukcyor 
Pony Act. Stutc iibo, tielglit and weight; lowest, sulary. Pay yonr owu hotel. Send pliolo. UelunMi'l' 
Aug, '^. J.M. COWIVEI.L,Caroo f Uenornl Delivery, Kont Liberty P.O., Plttsnurg, •'»• 

pio a wpr «j« g-m -w~f f eBt XeMTf^T "lT 1 ^* 



We go South tor tt luler. will ^end llckefa to lliu right parties. Slnlu i-alarj lu llrst leller, 
are now lu Illinois. Write or wire, l'vruuineiit address Ucneva, Ohio. 





uft, 4; lUi lbs. Any klud of comedy. r,tu 4; 116 lbs. 

Single or Jolut, Address Care of Cuiupuuy, Lubcc, Mo., Aug. 5-7: Machlu-, Me., Aug. S-IU. AlU'f I** 
. 40 BUKT ST., New Dorchester. HlW; 


Solo Cornet, Uarllotie. li-ilat Clarl 

/....lue,Flule and Piccolo, Tuba. Olhcrgooi Munieluns. wrlle, *{*•■ 
PARK U. PHI'.N I iss. Usual Leader, Fort Smith, Ark., Aug. ti; SUgler, I. T.. lu; Muskogee U, Ui J" 13 " '"• 
ba uUim 14, Chandler, Okla.. 15; Cuthrle ID, Klugllshcr IT Chk-kasliu is id 

.XOTM-Mn Bnwtn, Bflry Miller, Tom Doble and IMten i [S3 v. wi W Plea.-ed to hear from *" 


^t^Hu,t\'Slf ^uJ'"' 5 ' Xiam ' cai>m ° of ""y' 1 "? Mi »l Kxperleucud IWeftOiroPngdP* 
MiitiifMpneh.lli. Atldn-yi . nl. I,. ItJIVKFlV, lllninnn. f»il«> 

August 10. 





BEM . - 



Handle m© with care, love, 

Handle m© wi-tH oar©! 
Dane© m© gently round the Hall, 

Don't disturb rr,y hair. 

Just came from -the manicure, 
Spent an Hour there! 

Dressed to Iclll-be careful, Bill, 
And Handle me wltH care! 

All Jerome & Schwartz's Songs 



Including; THE THREE HITS 
Of Atlantic City thiN Summer 


HtKlflAN (The Dutch "MR. DOOLEY") 

Any Old Time at All jsl- ) f* 



*" Illustrated 



Ballads, Comic Songs, Production Numbers 


IS West S 

mtL, i 






. . lrtoludlria]r: *, 









and 5in AV. 




19 WW 

:iO!,li St., 

and Stli AV.) 

. i .. i i- , '.m-j-jji- ■ — 

Hi- VVMi- * Mill, AH i'm Parle. 

In ; Hinuli-rliinil. Ilovori' Bench, 
In- Mill, ilcrlle. Hoof (lumen. Laui'iislcr, 

Ili-vcuiiy Sisters, Electric I'm k. Ni-ivurl.-. 


Devciiu, llnls'rt, Calumet, Mlrh.. ft-10. 

lllrlli- A Altll'lll, l.llkll CllinOOUliec I'lirl:. 

Iiikiiiii. ('mm.. .'HI. 
in. k-ui, lli-li-u ft May. Colon Si|imre, N. Y. It., 

UMi- Sii-i'iiiidais, Ki-HIiV, I'lilln., ft in. 
Ilium, lu.wcis A IHvou. Spring Urm'M Pork. 

rlprfllgttrlll, (I., I I"; I'nlrvlow. Hay Inn. 11' 17. 
IHirlckn lln*., r'lrn. Hell, Mexico clly. M. vl.'M, 

.'.Hit. Illl. 

Hill ft I.'iiI.iii Hniliire, N. V. 0., ft in. 
Ilnwiicy * LciHIlltil. Inn. Norfolk. Vu., ft-10. 
|i..,l.riiy. Will, Alameda Park, lluiii-r, I'll., .'.III. 
Hove ft Iss-, Park. Johnstown, I'll., "in. 
Honnselll Trunin 1 , ilnlsij.i Uracil. Iloohrster, X. V., 

fi-10. ,', ' . . 

Hiwiii. I'l-iir., A Dog, l.iim-iiii.ui I'nrk. Alinniiii. Pn., 

A- III. ' ; 

Hinder, J. l'rui|t;|», Hoof Garden, Lancaster, Pa„ 

Flan- ft Lee, Park Family, Johnstown, Pn., 010. . 

Itavli> ft iirtunir. Star, Alhiuiu, Ou„ 010. 

IMii-rij'., poodles, Ross Pnrk, llliiulinnii.iii, N. V.. 
ft-in. . ' ,:; 

iii.imlii * Curioii, I.'.rip. 'I'lili-ilo, ii.. li-IO. 

Iirnw, IWiroili). Empire Noilliighiiiii, Krur., fi-10: 
Empire, Hackney, London,' la-n ; Empire, Ilnl 
Inway. 111-24. Elriplri . New Crossil, 2li!ll ; Em- 
pire, Slrulforil, 2*7. 

Diinree, Geo. A I.IMiIh, Lyric, Houston, Tex., .'Hi ; 
lliilveatnii, 12-17.. 

Iin Hol». iln-iii, A Co., Woodland I'nrk, Ashlniul. 
I'll., m H>+ 0(<t-|il<H.'l|n*n I'li-r, Atlantic Oily, S. 

.i.. 12 it. 

Duncillli Trnupo. Ilrllannla-lii-ilie-llay, Ottitwn. 

Ikk, ft 10; fiWn, liitrrolo. N. Y., 12-17, 
Dubois, I'mf., ft Monkeys, i'.rk Family, Jobnn- 

iMWIl, I'll., A-llf. 

ImivhI, r.ilnu'Wny. Slur. AIIiiiidii. I'n„ fi-Jll. 
tntorec, I.oiiii,' ft Sisters, Conner's liniicrlul. Coney 

IhIuiiiI, N. V., ft. 17. 
Iluiircs, Fredrfliljuo, lllllnlh, Jlllili., ft- 10. 
liiiriiml 'I'rlii, Proctor's, Ni-ivurli. N. .1., 11-10, 
Khxiiii A IIiiIIiiivii, Klur, Vrilini-nlliiii, I'n.. li-10; 

rainioiiHliurii, 12-17, 
l-:»rli-, Vlritlnfii, 1 I'o., MaJcHlli-, Clilimitn, ft-l(l. 
I'.ni'li-. Ilunilliy, W.Hlilnutmi, HiHiknriii, W'mli , fi- 

10; Hmr, Kfnttlc, 1*17. 
l-'nrl ft llnillfli, Kmtt lliinli-n, l.nnoiiKlnr. 

RmmM, Jot: Hralth'n f). II.. OMir-vn, N, V 
l-Vki-ri ft IIitm, ■ Hlfcnlili- I'nrk, Mimlnnw, 


I'.limnlB A Viiu((liii, I'iiIiii'.-, liiillmiu. I'n,, 110. 
K.lM'iinN ft K.'rni-ll, Kliwlrli! I'nrk, Nrwurk. N. 


MniniiilH. AtneH, W.ilnli'rliiiiil, C'lili'niMi, fi-10, 

Chronlir-rii ft Tn-inlull. AhIiIiiihI ilurili-ii, Chli'ico, 
ft- 10. . JO . 

l-;ii'iii-l'(.li> TroulMr, KiiIIIi'k, Rtmliin, ft-ll). 

l-lllln, .I'M-, l.iiHliinViiy' I'nrk, S|h>iu-i-i-, Mnsfl.. ft- 
10; I'liipliurtt J'urk, Wiiri.'i>m<ir, 12-17. 

Hill.. il ft Wi'm, AtlAlitli' ilnril Alliiuttr CMf, 

n. j„ rt-17. 

Kllli'k, Win, .1.. Niivi'lt), Alli-khi'iiY. Cu., 11-17. 
Kmcrwiii A lliililwhi, I'iikIhi-'ii. N. V. (!., ft-10. 
l-:ilit>l'«>li ft Vim ll'.rn. H.mknr.1 Itrf- 

Inn .VKI, W . 

I'',iii|iln- l'i,iiii-ilf Ifmir, I '.'Mh Htrn-t, .V. V. II., S-IO. 
Kniiilro I'lty HJtMM>, Morrlwiii'H, nnr-k«w.)' 

l!f«nli, K. V„ ft- to. 
RnmM 8l«ti>r«, Onlmlo Ri-ipIi. UnriMrtPT, V- Y„ 

nio. . , 

l'.-|,i- Hi'iki . Hlkiii, imiuili. Minn., r, In. 
i;i„I/Ii-'i> llui'Mn, Oli-iil unify I'nrk, i>iliiiiilni«. O., 

Kuiii'lic- A Mur, Miirluri, tml., 12 17, 
Km*. Hi". H' , . r,iii|ilrt>, I/<ih Anm-li-H. Col., fi-10, 
Kvmin Trio, H'liwlliik I'.rk, WIii«IIiik, W. V.„ 


r.tnm, H..|ihli-, ft On., KpiiIi'h. H"«iiiii. 01<); 

I'.rk, .iniiii«iii»ii, I'd., 1L' 17. 
Kaiil«« lit, l.yrk. Ho. McAll.i>ti-r. I. T., ft-10; 

KvimV Hoof, Till... 12-17. 
K/iy. Turn, North- teai'li, l„ I,, ft-17. 
l-'nrl'/. .Iniwit A MW M.J*mIIi-. I.'lilcaito, fi-10. 
Fiilciie fin-limtra, Id'lili'", IWhioii. ft. to. 
fniTMi'l, Wk - .. .Sntiliottn P.rk, Taiinlon, Vow., 

Pr.rrctl. Charlie, IWtlt'., Bn.lnn, .1-10. 
t'nriiiiin. Iliiil, ronii.rtrlllr-, Iml., *.|fl; CVm*/ 

I. in r.i. OinclniiDll, 11-17, 
ray., 'I In-, riipHtniit Kiwi fi. It., Plilln., fi-10. 
Krtll Mam, NHat Knl I'ark, llcmiihla. 'rnnii.i 

Foil* A Cairo. 'l2MoSlr«-i K. T. O., B-10. 
KlMiar, Art, Cook'a Park, l>anirllle, Ind„ (110, 

OaiKkWik Howe Pn 

. Thl> Hat In maile up u. nonrly n«- 

i-ilrnl<- an !• In |.obmIIiI«- Ii> mill..- ii lint 
..i > null.- » 111. i,.i.,l. inu-. To In.nrr llt- 
■ortlon In tliln depnrtnipnt tin- namr 
.,1 I III* I In-ill ri- or unrk, iih tvrll ON lln- 
• l< % «n- Inwii, MI'ST HlTiuimniiy eni'li 
li.iokliiH ne-ut iih. 

AlilmtlM, Thp, A Co., 'i'olnqiii'Kn f'nrk, AtOvbnro, 
A|aiw., S-IO. 

Ai-i'K (U), llljnil, llili'lll,-. Win., .'.HI. 

Alitor, .ii'iiniiPiii', A Co., MiiiiiiIiiu's 1'nrl;. si. 

l.ini". I lln. Oak SniNiiili Park. KtaiinvIK-, 

(llU„ 11-17. 
'AiiKli' & i.Ioiih, Luna Park, Jobnatown, Pa., S-10. 
Aillor. J.'io. Woti Bud i'nrk. New Orleaini. 4-10. 
Ailnnrt & White, ere*!, Wllilwood, N, J., B-10. 
AiIuiiih, M iihI.-hI, Coney lalunil, ClDdiiiiatl, 5-10. 
'Aihlladn ft MTlngston, l.yrle Park, ft Smllti, 

Ark., .-in. 
Ah Line Sou, Root Uarilen, LunciMler, Pa., ft-10. 
.Alphio Troupe, Unique, Minneapolis 6-11. 
Alvlu & Ki-line.v, Coukmws Park, Siirntoun, X. X* 

Alesamler & Scott, Mlewooil Pork, nichmonil, Va., 

ft-10 i Cailno, Ocean View, Va„ 12-17. 
Alyln Bros., Oukfoitl Park, OreenRbiirK, Pn., B-10. 
aII.Iiiiih, The, l.iiKoon. I.inllnw, Ky., 11-17. 
Alpliii Trio. Beocou Park, Webster, llaaa., ft-10; 

Wlliltrootl I'nrk. Pulnnm, Conn.. 1217. 
.AIto|!K (ft). Pnrkci- AinuH. Co. 
Minimi. Olios., New Park, Dnllna, Tex.. 4-10; 

Koroift Park, Little Rock, Alt., 1217. 
Alilu A Vnnnerion, Clrco Bell, Mexico City, Mex- 
ico,. ft-Oot. 27. 
.All™ & BrlBcoe, Kellh'a, Cleveluml. S-10. 
AivuiviiiiH (.')), North Ave., Cblcogo, u-10. 
Araelo, Ocean View Pork, Norfolk, Va., fi-10. 

• Aroorlonn Triunpelers t4), Coney Island, Cincin- 

nati,' 4-10. 
American Nevrr.lioys' Quartette, t.nkexleir Park, 

Ten-3 Haute, Iml., 1-10; Coney lulnnrl, Clnehi- 
- nail,- u it. 

Ainli'l.'.i.n. Kill In, Atlulllll- llin.l.-il, N. V. (.'., ft-10, 

Antrim ft Peter., b'nmlly, Butte, Monl., 12-17. 

Auilernon & ilolmv. Kelili'H, Clcrelaml. fi-10. 

Appleby, v.. J., Illjoii, Jackson, Mlcb., fi-10. 

Apilnle's Animals. Keith's. Pblla., S-10. 
'Anlclli- A Leslie. I'lulilnii, Cborlotle, N. Y., 4-17. 

Arlington Comcd/ 1'our. Concnile Park, New Cns- 
lli', Pn., fi-10; Iilora Park, Youniislown, O, 12- 

ArniHlronc & Clnik, Mnjcsllc, Ohlcneo, S-10; 
"' Olfniple; Ohlinco, 12-lt. 

Anlel|H, 't'lie. liVireiiniuth ft Hells Bros.' Circus. 

Aimnml, (Irnce, RIJ,iu. Amlersoii, Iml., fi-10. 

Arbors ft Woaiier, Atlanlli- (lnrden, AllnnlU- C!ly, 
' H. J., ft-17. 

Anln A I'kJiln, Soclely Circus, Jloeliawny Be.ich, 

• n: r.. s-io. 

Aslnln-s, Tlio, Kellh's. Plilln.. li-IO. 
Akkeliinil. Ilraailwiiy, Mldillotnwu. (I., ft-10. 
At iln- While llnuso (Liisky's), On>1ieum, l»s An- 

k'elen, Oil., ft -10. 
Ailmuls, Clioutaiinua, Sbelbyville, 111., B-10; Wtn- 
, uinoa, Can.. 12-17. 

'Annrlns, Tossing, Empire, York, Kng., ft-10; Hip- 

, iwdrome, Bury, 1217; Casino. Lyons, Trance. 


AiiMlns. The, Atlantic tinrrien, Atlantic City, W. 

' J., ft-10. 

Ayery ft Pearl, flranrl. Morion, Iml., B-10; Cook's 

Park, KiunBvll!.-, 12-17. 
'ArnlOfi, Musical (4), Victoria, N. Y. C. ft 10. 
Avery A Hart. Alhnrabra, N. Y. 0., fi-10. 
Banks & Brateole Duo, Henderson's, Coney Jsl- 
•and, N. Y.. 6-10. 
Bailey A Austin, Mimic Hall, Brighton Beach, N. 

Y.. G-10. 
Bartllng, Anna. Salt Lake City, V.. 11-17. 
Bates I Ernest. Control Park, Dover. N. H., ft-10. 
Barneys (.1). Webster Park, La. Salic. III.. 0-17. 
■Bini'y & Wilson. Majestic, Cblcaco. S-10. 
BiTnolil's Animals, Victoria, N. Y. 0., ft-31. 
Italr.nri, The, O. II., Chicago, fi-10. 
Burnr-lls. The, Park. Wheeling, W. Va., 1-10. 
Bunks A Newton, Rock Springs Park, East Llier- 

pooli O.. ft-ll. 
lUrni--, A I,, Bijou. Duliilb, Minn., ft-10; Bijou, 
„ Superior. Wis.. 1217. 
- tlatefcr.n, Tom. A. A S.. Boston, ft-10. 
Bates. Lonle W„ Saratoga Park, I'otbstnivr, Pn.. 

• • oao, 

Biader-r.a Velle Troupe, Romooa Park, Grand 
■ UapMs, Mlcb.. 5-10; Kobloson Park, Ft. 

rYnyne, Inrt., 12-17. 
Bamboo, Great, Hillside Psik, Newark, N. J., 


lli!ki-r ft thlrloy, Atlantic tlnnlen, X. Y. 0., ft-H). 
Barlcll Troupe, Levlngton Pnrk, Boslou, 0-10. 
Barrowa-Luucnster Co., Ornliciim, Son Frnii., Col., 

Baxter, Sid, Norerabcgn Park, Boston, S-10. 
BnlKcrs, The, 1.1. II., Chicago, 5-10. 
lii'liimiii, .in.'. Talaiiucgu I'nrk, Attlchoro, Mans., 

Bedlnl A Arlhnr, Keith's, Cleveland, fi-10. 
Ilerru, Mabel, HendcrKiin'a, Couey laloud, S. Y., 

Benton, Klwoal, ft Maggie, Star, Carnegie, Pa.. 

ft-10; Welluud's, Cumberlamt. Aid.. 12-17. 
Iienuett, Trlxle. l-'orest Park, Ullca, N. Y-, ft-10. 
Bell. Crystnl. Crystal, Mnrlon, Iml., G-10; Crys- 
tal, Klklmri, JH-17. 
liciiumnnt's PonlCi, -Music Holl. Brighton Bench, 

X. Y., B-10. 
Belasro Sisters, A. A 3.. Boston. S-10. 
licrniinl A Weston. Olen Haven Pork, Roebester, 

X. Y., fi-10. 
Bflycr A Johnson, Majestic, Strentor. ill., ft-10; 

Atrtlnme, Peoria, 12-17. 
Belts. W. II., Alniome, Alliance, O., S-10; Coney 

Island, Cincinnati, 12-17. 
Bprnclr A Stella, Crescent Park. Providence, K. 

I., 11-10; Rocky Point, Providence. 12-17. 
Ilcccber ft Mnye, Park, Brlilgcton, N. J., ft tlO. 
Berry A Berry, Shea's, Buffalo, X. Y„ ft-10; 

Toronto, Can., 12-17. 
Iloremls, Clarence W., Quaker 010' Show, La 

Crosse, Wis., ft-17. 
Bettn i:i), KleiTit'lc Park, Xewark. X. .1.. ft-10. 
Bertram. Helen, Pui-k, Canton, 0„ fi-10. 
ilcaumont's Ponies, Music Hall, Brlghlon Beach, 

X. Y.. 3-10. 
Belleelnlrc Bros., 12fith Street, N. Y. 0., S-10. 

li.'lii Street, X. Y. C, 12-17. 
Hi-iicilk'i, Uxi, A. A S., Boston. S-10. 
ltealth»i. The, Cryatal. I'mnkfonl. Ind., ft-10; 

Crystal, Elwood, 12-17. 
tterusteln, Annie, Pastor's, N. Y. C 8-10. 
Bllych's Seols, OIJoil, Knlainomo. Mlcb., S-10. 
Illniipy ft Ohopmnn, (liirdeii, Memphis, Tcon., ft-t7. 
Hill. Bicycle, BIJuii, Bh-klnson, X. I>., ft-10; Bis-. 

uiiiri'lr, 12-17. 
illiii'iiiiui A rtabur, Lyric, Ues Molues, la.. -1 In. 
Itlinoi, BOMB, ll-i-r-r, Slajeatli- Park, Ls Salli-. 

111., ft-10; Majestic. Chicago, 12-17. 
nig City Quai-lctte, Majestic, Chicago, ft-10. 
lllondc Tyiiewrlters, The, Kellh's, Cleveland, fi-10. 
Illsinphlii ft Hebr, Star, Atlanta, 0u„ ft-17; Ox- 
ford Lake I'nrk, Aiinlslon, Alu.. 12-17. 
Black Hussars (Hi. (Lasky'si, Hlppndronio. 

UinilMn. Kng., ft-ttl, 
lll:i. k ft Leslie, TiiIumui'kii Purl;, Attlehorn, Mass., 

Bowen. Bros., Orphltim, Ohllllentho, O., ft-10; 

M'lrlnii, Mnrlon, 12-17, 
norilevcrry, Cnl Cnslon, Lyric, Torre Hnnle, 

luil... ft-10. 
Bowers, Walters A Ornlrer, Orpheitnt, Salt. Lokn 

Clly, l.'loh. ft-17. 
Bisilblack Qiinriciic. Itnmonu Park, druiid 

ttuplds. Mich., ft-10. 
Boston Quarletle, Itcnilcrson's, Coney Island, N. 

r„ s-io. 

Boylo, George A Boyle, North Ave., Chicago, ft-10. 
Hradley ft Dnvls, Orpbeuro, Vancouver, B. 0., 

Hrviini A Suvllle, Magnolia Park, Plymuuili, 

Mass., S-10. 
Broadway Quartette, Madison Square nnof, X. 

Y. H «-17. 
I'-randon, Belle, Erie, Pa., ft-ll. 
Brooks A Clark, Aljoa, Superior, Wis., S-10. 
Itrooks A Vcdder, Pontages, Tacoma. Wasb., ft-17. 
Drown, John Vincent, Nlnewa Park, Peru, III., 

Brlttous, The, Orpbeuin, Ban Fran., Cal., 4-10. 
Brooks A Jeanette. Beacon Pork, Webster, Mass., 

fi-10; Putnam, Conn., 12-17. 
Ilrlglinin, Musical, A. A S., Boston, ft-10. 
Bradabaw. Cbas. K., A Co., K, A P., Jersey 

City, N. J.. S-10. 
Brunnettes. Cycling, Lokegrovc Park, I^wlstou, 

Me., ft-10. 
Brown, Mary Ann, Electric Park, Baltimore, ft 10. 
Brown. Jack, ft Lillian Wright. Alinieda Park, 

Buller, Pn., fi 10; .lunrllon Park, Beaver Falla, 

Busch Family, Gatvealon, Tex., fi-10; Dallas, 

Burkes, Juggling, Albambra. N. Y. C. ft-10. 
Burke, John P.. Flwsl's Park. Balthaore. ft-10. 
Burns. Harry, Swisher's, Morgantown, W. Va., 

5,10: Star, Homestead, Pa., 12-17. 
Bn.-h Bros., Atlantic Garden, Atlantic Cllr, N. 

J., 6-10. 
Bnrns. Morris A Co., Acme, Sacramento, Oil., 



ra it 

Burton ft Vn*s, People's, Los Angeles, Cnl., 12-17. 
Burton, flushes A Burton, Smith's, Gnu vu, X. 

r., ft-10; Auditorium Annex. Annum, 12-17. 
Hush A Elliott, Celoi-on Part;, Jamestown, N. v., 

ft-10; Ulora Park, Yfltingstntva, 0., 1217. 
Buxton, Cbns. C, Crystal, Meiiosho, Wis., ft-17. 
Ilnrke ft Irllne, Roiky I'iiIiii, Prnvlilencc, It. I., 


Burt Trln, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., ft-10. 
BnlHcher, llaby, HIanilceBnW Pier, Atlantic City, 

X. .1.. ft- 10. . 

Buckeye Trio, Wonderland I'nrk. Mliineniiolls, B' 

Buckleys, Musical, Pnebhi, Coin., ft-ll; Colorn.lo 

Sprliigp, t -j IN. 
Byriius. Musical, Oriiliemn, San Fran., Col.. I 10. 
Uynl ft Vnocc, Majestic. Sleux Fulls, S. It.. 12- 

17. , 

Ciifl'ery A arum, Empire, Ashtabula Harbor, fr., 

Carlln ft Otto, Shea's. Buanlo, ft-10. 

Cai-rvB, Ijcs, Stanton P.rk. Sieuhcnvlllc, 0., 6-10. 

Casad 4 De Verne, l«keslile Park. Putnam. 

Conn., ft-10; Lagoon, Ludlow, Ky., 11-17. 
Carroll, j-j»., A. A S., Boston, S-io. 
Careiv A Detrain, A. A S., Boston, ft-io. 
Ciirmen. Orcnt. 0. O. 11., Wllkes-Barre, Pn. 

10; 0. O. II.. Xorrlalown. 12-17. 
Carroll, Xettle. Forepaiuth A Sells Clrcua. 
f'nrroll A Clarke. Ynrkvllle Boot Garden, X. 

C„ ft-10. 
Carmen, Belle, A John y.lmmer. Ilronkslile 

Athcl, JIiish., ft-10. 
Casper A Clark. Dreamland, Pblla., Pa., 12-24. 
Callahan, Jas. n., Wonilerlniul, Revere Reneh, 

Mam., fi-17. 
Carroll, -Joe. Majestic, Chicago, ft-10. 
Casey A Croney, Alton, 111.. .110; Maun!oo'< 

Park. St. l/iuls. 12-17. 
.Cain. Arthur I'., Oakrord I'ark, Qreensburg, Pu., 

Cnllan A Smith, G. 0. II., Pittsburg, ft-10. 
Ciimpliell," Ixinhe, Lnkemnnt Park, Altoann, Pa., 

Carver ft" Pnllord. G. II.. Chicago, fi-10: FI. 

Wayne, Ind., 12-17. 
■f'listniiiiH, The, Xntloiml. Sun Fran., ft. Hi. 
i'liasels, Fummin, Alhiiitli Gnrdeii, Allnlil'.c Clly, 

X. J.. n-2fi. 
•Cnldwell * Weniworth, Casino. N„. Hem4i, X. V., 

':urson A Wlllurd. Steeplcchssi. Pier. Atlantic 

City, X. J., ft 10. 
Cnrroll A Bnker, Meilfnrd Bonlevnrd, Boston, fi-10. 
Cnnlmell A Harris. Olemsngy Park. Colimilius, 

0.. S-10, 
Chopin, HcnJ.. ft Co., Orphenm, 1/tm Angolen, Col., 

Olismrrnys, The, Atlantic Garden, X. Y. O., ".10. 
Chlnkn A tlo„ .Majestic, Chicago, fi-10. 
fbevrliil, Einlle, lllloo. HiiIiiiii. Minn., S-IO, 
Chnlhnm Sisters. Pavilion, Cliorlrslnn, W. Va.. 

Christy. Wnyno G.. Illjnu, Andnrsixi, lad., fi-10; 

1,,-iki'Vlew Park, Term Haute, 11-17. 
Ohciinwlly A Forr.ii. Star, Alloona. Pa., 8-10. 
f^llnlon, Clirls, Thentorlum, Bennington, Vt„ ft-17. 
Clermnnto, Frank A Etta, Hippodrome, London, 

Eng„ fi .'11. 
Clark, John P., Lake Xlpmuc Park. Mlltord, 

Mass.. S-10; Brookslde I'ark, Atboi, 12-17. 
Clark. Kddy. Pastor's, at, Y. C, 0-10. 
Clarence Slslers, Waldamecr I'ark, Krle, Pa., 

Cllto A Sylvester, Hagerstown, Mil., ft-10; Shell- 
pot Park, Wilmington, Del,, 12-17. 
Clark, Eilille, Young's Pier, Atlantic Clly, N. J., 

Clark ft Duncan. BMou. Itockford, III., fi-10; Ra- 

tnone Park, Grand Rapids, Mlcb., 12-17. 
Clinton ft Jermou, Shea's, Buffalo, fi-10. 
Clifford, Billy, Nixon, Pittsburg, 0-10. 
Clinton Slstera, Acme, Norfolk, Va., S-IO. 
Clarke A Temple, O. II., Chicago, ft-10. 
Cleveland, Claude ft Marlon. Plnchurat Park, 

Worcester, Mass.. B-10; Bocky Point, Provi- 
dence. It. I.. 12-17. 
Clark, Georgian.. Bell, Oakland, Cal., 11-17. 
Cllne, Maggie. O. II,, Chicago, III.. li-IO. 
Cole ft Coleman, Lakeside Park, Akron, O., 

4-10; Helnemon Park, Mansfield, 12-17. 
Cotton, Lola, Mora Park, Youngstown, O., 4-10; 

Cascade Pork. New Castle, I'n., 12-17. 
Conroy. John ft Mamie, Falrvlew Park, Daylon, 

O., ft id. 
Cnrnalla A Eddie, Electric Psrk, Baltimore, ft-10. 
Cnrlietl.. Jas. I,, A Co., Morrla/«'H, lti,,-koivny 

Bench, N. Y„ ft-10. 
Cook. Frank, A. A H.. Boston, ft-10. 
colhurn ft Greno, Pavilion, Ontario Beach, N. Y., 

Coles, Mnilcal, Emerson's FlrjatLni Falsre, 

.Ciilllns 1 Collins, Island I'nrk, EiisHm, Pn. 
Wi.oillyiulc Pink, Caiinli-ii, N, .1 ., 12-17. 

k. * P.. Jersey Clly. 

ft Ri'i>. . 

X. J., 

Anna. A Elite. Slitssly's, Ni'W|>n't, II, I. 

A IS. 

N. Y.. 





Cmiksnii, Carl, Casende Park, Bnngnr, Me., 
iMinr.'ii.'K in, llcMlcrsnu's, i.uii-v Islniul, 

ft- 10. 
Coggsluill, .lay It., Chicago, ft. 10. 
Cnruey. Ferry, Young's Pier, Allnnllc Clly, 

J„ ft In. 

Cox, liny, Kellh's, llnslnn, ft- 10. 
Colllioi ft Hart, Victoria. N. Y. f!„ RIO. 
Cole A Clenieun, Mnnlllu Park, Tnmai|iin,- Pn,, 

ft Hi; IhIuiiiI Park, Siinl.ury. 12-17, 
fiirni A Cnrrn, Star, llraildoek, Pit., fi-10, 
Cisik Bros., K. A P., Jersey Clly. N. J., ft-10. 
Cogswells. Cycling, Ionian's, Coney Island, X. V„ 


"College Days." Cheslnat Slreet 0. II., Phlla., 

ft. 10. 
Colby Family. Sohhalla Park, Taunton, Mass.. 

I'nloiilLl Septette, Ye, Hopkins' East End Park, 

Memphis, Tenii., 410. 
Corbetl ft Forrester, Hot nil I'iiIiii, So. Norwalk. 

conn., s-io. 

Conner A llohlnsou, Music Hall, Brlglilon lU-oi-b. 
XV Y., ft-10. 

Crawford A Milton, llvde Park, Chicago, ft in. 

Crickets, The, Shea's, Hurra lo, ft-io. 

Craig, llleby W., Keith's. Phlla., ft- 10. 

I'nv, A Co., Phillips, Richmond. Ind., .1-10. 

Cremation, 23d Street, X. Y, C 0-10. 

(Value, Lima ft Ci'allK-, G, 0, II,, Wllki-s Ilarrc, 
Pa., 12-17. 

Cumlugs, 'lliornton A Co., Grand. Forgo, X, I)., ft- 
10; Illjoii. WlnnliieK, Con., 12-17. 

Curran A Milton, llvde Park, Chicago, 6-10. 

Cunningham ft Fowler, Hatihatln I'ark, Taunton. 
Mass., ft-10. 

Cusnck, Jos., Union Square, N. Y. C, ft. in. 

Cyril, Hertiert, Alhniubrii. N. V. C ft-10. 

Holy ft O'Brien. Spring Grove Park, Mprlnatlsld, 
0., 410. 

li.ivciiiioi'i. Kiliiu, Hljuii, Pblla., ft-17. 

Dovla, Will. Luna Park, Buffalo. X. V„ ft 10. 

Duly. Aruold, * Co., n, ii. |j„ Plttslmig, 6- 10. 

Dancing Imlls, The (Aariai's), Music Hall, Brigh- 
ton Beach. X. v. ft-io. 

litiytelle, Madge, Palace. Boston, A-24. 

riareotiort, E. I.., A Co.. Keith's, Hoston, ft. III. 

Daley Bros., Electric Pnrk, Peeksklll, X. Y., ft-10. 

Dale, Dottle ft llrirral, Pike, Canal Dover, G„ ft- 
10: Nnvalo. Cnoeaul, 1217, 

Dnuclug Dolls, Music Hall, Brighton Bench, N. 

v., ft-io. 

Dale. H/ilney, Summit Park, llllcii, N. Y„ 6 In; 
While City, Syracuse, 1217. 

Shecily's, Ncw|s>rl, II, I., fi 10. 
ft *Vi., Elcciile Park. Newark, X. 

Allium. X. V., .'■- 
Muss,, IB-IT, 

S. J„ 

Sou lh> 

I'll., ft- 

., ft-10. 

Chicago, ft III. 
Trio, llnlilnsi.n Park, 
llusleton. Ph., 12 17. 
Trio. Robinson I'ark, 



D'AHro, 1'lor, 
'Dansnii, Mack 

J., ft Id. 
Ihilys, Tlio. fl 
Italy . Coiui'ily 

llnr/'i Park. 
• Duly, < Vimedy 

Iml.. ft- 10. 
IMi; Kulil, Hyde Park. Chicago, ft-10. 
De I'.ve Slslers, Music 11.11. Bilgtilon Mencb, 

X. T„ 0-10. 
De Fays, Musical, Volley Clly, N. II., ftl"; 

Crookslon, Minn., 12-17. 
'Derby, A!., Crystnl, XnWesvIlle. Ind., ft 10: Slur, 

Leliulion, 12-17. 
De Clinnlol Twins, Lake Obsiiucey, Westlsiro, 

Moss., S-10. 
Hdiion A Seotl, Atlantic Garden, Allanlle CH/, 

iN-war's Animals, Vnnlty Fair, Providence, It. L, 

Denelte Slaters. Beechwood Park, Phlla., ft-10; 

Keith's. Hosioii, 12-17. 
De MoihIo ft Dlnamore, Grand. Hamilton, 0„ ft- 
10; Phllllns', Illchmonil, Ind., 12-17. 
De.Macoi, The, Allanlle Garden, Atlantis. Clly. 

X. J., ft- 10. 
Demlok. Joe. Shea's. Toronto. Can., 6- 10. 
Delraore, Italtili, ft Co.. Music Hall, Brighton 

llMctl. X. t„ ftlO. 
Delmer A Dexler. Bay Clly, Mlcb., n.|7. 
Devere. Lillian, Forest Park. Ullca, X. V.. fi-10. 
Be' Lisle, Juggling, l.akegrove Park. Lewlslun, 

Me., n-io. 
De Van ft Verne. Norlli Are.. Chicago, ft-10 
Me Hut?, com, i. « p.r..., Ingersoll Park, 

Moines, la., ft-10. 
De Hosa'a Leaping Hound., Coney Island, 

eltinoll. 410. 
Delaney, Estelle. National, Chicago, ft-io. 
Demtral, Wra,, Luna I'ark, Chicago, 0-10, 



( . 




Kerry. Ernst Una Park, Memphis, Ten., 
• Itifersoll Park, D«i Moines,, la., iy-17. 
Fell. CK-one Pearl. Curiilial Purk, Kansas City, 
^Mo.. 5-1(1: Mliii.Ioii's Hark, at, l*iuls. 1J-17. 
Fields add Uaii&on, Norutaboga Put*. Bfwiuu, ">• 

Fields. Hnpiiy Funny. Empire, Nullliiitbuui, Knit.. 
G-10: I'auce. lekcstcr. 1S-IT; Eniptre, .New 
Ca»tle, li-ii; Empire.- Edinburgh, Mill; Em- 
pire. Glasgow, 3-7. * - ■ '■ 

Flske A McOoiioogh. I'aslor'a, X. Y. Q., 3-10. 

First. Bumey. Collins Gurdcn. Columbus, 0-. 
Gip. "■ •an >r-.n... 

Fisher & Berg, Brouk's Casino, North Beach, L. 

I.. G-10. r * ." 

Fillmore A Adttni. O. H.. Otluinwa. In., 12-17. 
Flimcys. The, Jbltuhii! 'Ferry I'ark, T/oulivlllo, 

Ky.,. 0-10; Baat find Van, Memphis, Teuu., 

12-17. »- 

Fiddler A Sbcltou, Milwaukee, 0-10; Undue, 

File Cracker* (Hurl's), Morrison's, Itockaway 

Be»cb, N. y., 5-10. 
Florehr* Slaters (3). Casino. Moulevldeo. Mou- 

lln Itongc, St. Furlo, Brazil, So. America, 0- 

Sept. 0. ■ • 

Flora. .Mile., Alhambtn. X. Y. C. ft-lft. 
Piemen A Miller, Monumental, Baltimore, 0-10. 
Flood Slater*. Hillside Pleasure l'ark, Newark, 

N. J., 0-10. 
Florence TMM 22d Street, N. V. C O-IO. 
Fuslelle A Ktmuett. Centrul Park, Diner. N. B., 

S-10; Caaluv. Rocky Point. K. 1.. 12-17. 
Fov. Delia, Youds'b Pier, Atlantic City, N. J., 

FoiiJ A Swnr; Ciilini Kiiiuuv, N. V. U-, 5-10. 
1 outer.-, Mile. Eugenie, Victoria. N. Y. C. 0-10. 
Foster. Ed.. A Dog, Norutnbcga Park, Boston, 

I'oicarly ,1 Wall. National. Chicago. 0-10. 
Irieeae Hrui.. Alluiillv Garden. Alluullu City, N. 

j.. n i it. 

Friend ,V Is, on in;;. I?iil»n Sipiiito. N. Y. C, 0-10. 
1'Yeneli. Is*, JUJou, Norfolk. Va„ G-10. 
Piwilin. UtMrtuiua park. Columbus. <*.. fi-10. 
Frederi'k Bros. A Burn*, n. II., Chicago, 0-lu; 

Columbia. Ml, Lopl*. 12-17. I iv .' ■: 

1'rey Trio, Oak Summit Park, livunsvllo, Ind., 

,"i-10; Oljmpla Park. ijiultniioupi, Tenn., 12-17. 

I'li-emall 111,':-.. I'lilllll.. , ItllHe, Moll,. 11-17. 

J'l-uitklln. .Mile.. Acllie, Norfolk. Va.. 0-10. 
Frisco A 1Jeg. Amlltoi'ltibi, Norfolk/ Ya.. 0-10. 
T'lviicli, llcnil, 2,ld Strict.. N. Y. IX 010. 
I'rmiol*. l-.ntuui, A Arabs, Keith's, I'lilln.. 0-10. 
-Fallen 4. Lnrkln. Lyric. Pot'ingr. Pn., 0-10. 
liunlni-r. E.I.. Slur, Cbnrlerol. I'll.. 0-10; Slar, 
'• l,atrolie 12-17. > • 

Gardner & Stoddard, Colon Hi|unrc, N. Y. C, 

Gardner, 11. II., Kellh'a, Boston. 0-10. 
Gardner A Vincent, Palace, Cragdou. ling., 0-10; 

Palace, Uuluam, Ixiliduii. 10-24: Umpire, ilol- 

beru, 2d-:il : llippudroiue, Wuohrlcb, Lobdon, 

Sept. M| KnlliiK. 11-11. 
CiSKlon it llreen, Oiidieinii, Los Auvcles, 4-10. 
Oarrlaou, Coiikllu, Suea'a. Ilurtalo. G-10. 
Callofliei & CoUun, Sbrllpot Park, Wlhulogton, 

Del.. Oil.. ■ . . . •' 
Caiielle ttruH.. l-'n lln. Toledo. 0., 4-10. 
Callettl'a Muukeya. Cblili'N, Chlciigxi, 310, 
Oia-uou.v, '1'lie, Wlmlinont Park, Kewuiiec, 111., 


(i uu. & Hand, Electric Park, Baltimore. 0-10. 

Cif'Cf K Willcra, liwntoll Park, lies Mulues, 

la., 0-10. 

Celiruc. Majaie. & Co.. 0. II., Clilniipj, O-IO. 
Clllari. Vohtu. Ceulriil Park, Doacr. N. U., 0-10; 

Cnnluo. ltocly Point, R. I., 12-17. 
tllllen, Edward A. llnzel, l.afoyettc, Buffalo. 0-11. 
Clllen, Tom, Novelty, Vallejo, Cat., 010; Unique, 

San Jute, 12-17. 
Clll .<< A kef, TalotpieijU Pari,-, Altlcuoru, Mala., 

o 10. 
Cliiltdler's Uuva, Auditorium, CrouLatou, Minn., 

Clllelle & McKtirlnml, Young's Pier, Atlantic 

City. N. tVI-IV- 
"(ilrl In the Clouds." Nixon. I'ltlaliurtf, r>.|0. 
tilirnrd. Julia Mu>. NUon, PlttKliurg, 0-10. 
Hindi' k "Mack, Maiiliattun, NbrMk. Va., O-IO. 
Cordon A Mars, Unzel Park, Haicllou, Pa., 0-10. 
ibdorlli \' Uojie. Pa til, New Caatlu, Pn.. C-10. 
(iiii-dini A Clii.eon, ltecreatlou Park, Sacramcuto, 

C'nl.. B-IB. .; ' 

(•olden. t.delH, l'loud'a Purk, Hultlulorc, 0-17. 
lioliUniltli .V llippin-. Cake Park, Canton, 0., 

0-tU; Lakeside, Akron. II 17. 
Cordon. Ldbreiicc, Crystal,' Friukforl, Ind. 

Cryatnl. "Khvood. 11-17. 
Ciililcu A.Hnglii'i. I.ukd Park. Atlanta, On. 

Ocviin View. NortUk, 1 Vs., 12 17. 
Coi'doiis, Hounding, Keilli's, pbllu., 0-10. 
(idniiini A Weil, l'rvi'tur'H, Sinvuvk, N. .1., CIO. 
Ceble. A iiiiii II., Avon Purk, Yuuugslowu, ««., 

Crct'l.v. Tom. I.ipiiIm HU-, Ky.. .'ill'. 
Cray & iJrabum, Iletideraon'a, Coney lalund, N. 

V.. 510. 
Criiliuiii A riiu.piji'll, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, 

N. J.. G-10. 
tJrii.i '», Murlonellea, Tlie Pines, UuverUlll, Muas., 

G-10. I 
Crlitolctll's Flying Bullet, Sbccdy'a, .Newport, It. 

I.. 0-10. 
C-.'irellev Sttllilillig, (Irplicuiu, Los Augelca, 

Cnl.. 0-10. 
liaise. Johnnie, Keewulidlu L'ark, Purl Huron, 

Mleli.. .Vll. 
Cuy's Mluslrils. Sninailt I'nrk. lillca. N. V.. 0-10. 
Hamimaid A li'ori'ester, I'SleclrH Purk, Allainy, 

n; y., s-io. 

Ilarlinid It Holllsoli. ilinud. licllliielisiu,, 

0-10: Craiid, 'I'niiiiiiii. 12-17. 
Uiirdimin, Joe, Klcctrtu Park, Ksiiaus City, Mo., 

llallii'K, I. "la. Wnudei'liiud, Helen' lleai.'ll. Muss., 

Ilalleu A 1 Inyis, I'nalorV, N. V. C. 010; Wood- 

Itiinl Park, Asliluiid, Pa.. 12-17. 
Uuri'ls, .Sain. Slur. Homestead, Pa., oil); Ca- 
- sine. Wusliluuton, 12-17. 
lliirprr, HiMuiioud .V llllllurd, Proctor's, Ncwarli, 

N. !,:■ 0-10. 
Iluvleiu Dtw.i Union Siiuiirc, N. Y. C. 5IO. 
Iliitliawny A Slcgvl, Fulrylaiid I'm I., Pusnale, N. 

J., O-IO. 
Ilanvee & Clink, Avon Park. Yoiliigstowu, <)., 

Harvey A Admits, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., III, 
llnrrltv A llerr, M'ouderlaiul. CntrulMi, Po„ 0-10. 
llalPmi-L-i, Tlie, l.ukeuiuiit Purk', Allouiis, Pa., 

0-1 II. 
liaidv, jni'., Scarlmio llcneli Park, Toioilo, 

Can., 0-10. 
llunvpy A 1.1'uorn. Crystnl. Kruukforl, Ind., O-ill. 
Ilule ft llni'ly, French's .Senaullini f.'n., l.yiuie & Bullllle, lllkill, Sll|s'l'lor, Wis., 

Harris, Joti II. . An I Ice. Wis., Old. 
Harrison, I.oo !■'.. Algniiae. (I leu., 0-17. 
Ilaoillliin, Hick, KltiHiitil Park, Franklin Knils, 

N, H„ Mli 
llnri'lugluii, Uau J,, Purk l-'aiully. Jobustowu. Pa., 
' 010. ' 
Harrison. I.eo I''., Clly l.i. II.. Tbrev Klvvrs, Mich., 

ll.ivioao A I'luukllu. Hurry Itlckiirds' Tour. Ans- 

ti'Hlb. .Vh'eb. in. Miii.". 
llni'ie.i. i;i>le. A Fields Bros.. Henderson's, Coney 

Jslauil. N. V„ 0-10. 

HllUSl'll A Urea. Blk'll. Wllllll|H'g, Cllll.. ii 10. 

Iluimm A Nelson. Itleclrlo Purk. nullluidre, 0-10. 
Huiulln, .luhu. I.iitui Purk, .loLuslonu, Pa., O-IO. 
(lays, lid, I'.. I'rlncoh. cleveliiinl, O., 0-10; 

\.'iudcvllle, Leluiutiii, Ind.. 12-17. 
Hall. Arlle. U. 0. II.. Plttsbnre. B-W, 
llHiden. Vligliilu, AuliiiiiNer, Als-rdei'ii, Wash., 0- 

Kureeurt. OiiNy. I'nliiee, iK'iidou. Etie.. 0-10. 
Hiii'iev. W. S.. A Co., Cheaiuui Slrcet O. II., 

Pbllu.. 0-10. 
Hayes A Johnson. Stiocdy's. Kewport, II. I., 0-lu. 
I'liivoui't. Prank, l.yrle. Seatile. IVaah., 5-10. 
Ilnlc A Corbln, C. U. II.. I'lllsbtirir. 0-10. 
llehry. Ciipluhi. Eiunlre. Hiikei-sllclil, Cnl., 0-10. 
Ilcalye. Tlie, Allnntle Curdeu, Atlantic Clly, N. 

.1.. 0-10, 
Helm Children. Slecl I'ler, Old Oreliurd, Me., 010. 
Henry A Young, Shellpot Purk, Wllinlnglun, Hel,, 

13-1 7. 
Ileelow. Cltns. A Marie, Park. Family, Jublislowu. 

Pa.. 0-in. 
lledrlx A Preacoll. Henderson's, t.'oiicy Itdiiitd, N. 
.?., o-iu. 
Ili'tiiii, Tinii. Empire, Hackney. Englnud. 1217; 

Empire. lloltouii,v. Hi 21 ; Empire, Now Cross, 

21101: Sliepahl's' Bush, 2-11. 
Ilislx-e. John, A VVrvslllluf Ponies. U. 0, II.. I'llla- 

hum. l'«., 10! Tumbllui! lluu Purk. Putlsallle, 

llerlH'i'l & Wlllltig. Collins' Curdeu, Coliiiuhlis, C, 

lleitn'rl'h I'liiw. Shea's. Iluirulo, .VIII. 

Hewletls, The. Civur d'Alitie, Spokane, Wnsli., 

•VI I. 
Hlhls'i'l A Wuri-cn. (i. tl. II.. PIHalHIrS, .VIP. 
ll'lln IV; .\ Com Clii'ic. New Castle. Pa.. .1 HI. 
HIM »ll .'. tViiiieu. M. ii. II. I'ltl'shinv. 10; 

lai-ni 'liihslo, ti. 12 17. 
Illei.iu:"!. Rntmrl, ,V- !>.., SIVI Slrevl. N. V. 0.. 

:. in. 
Uljl. • U.i t y a Hill. Huppylaild, Slnleii Isluinl, N. 

' lli'll'lei sun's, Couoj Inland. !!• 17. 

WtaJtm m "':'■■ ---■" - I •-■■T >■■.:.".■■■' *» •■' — ■ -i '■ - if— f- i J 


«&&-iam & Co., clpiicuin, 1s«u'Xuiraiy,"Ju.".' 

lluliuan, Al. E. A Mamie. Umisk. .Sllstrlu. B-Sl. 
HoJJuen Hrus.. Morrison's. Bocknwuy Beach. N. 
>1h*»i Chi-.WbtiHre.dly. II.. Plillu.. 12-17. 
Holt, .liiiues, Cuui'.v Island, Cllll'luailll. II". 
Bdwiird A Lewis, PaxUiujt Purk, llarrieburg, Pa.. 
2 D-IO. • • ;.•" i ••• »-:. , '. i 

lll>*anl A Mciiibliiirdl. Bljon. Norfolk. Va„ 0«0. 
Ilujnrd Bros., Mysicrlo*. Palme; London, En<:, 
^•Ml. i-' .' '=•-. - | 


Kansas Clly, Slo. 

K J„ 

Hotjurd Bros., Ehtstrlo Park 
'•Jl-17. • r. 

A IIolIKIer, Hlcel pier. Old 
ii-10; Lake. Aubnni, .12-17. '■ . 
on A Lu Trlska, 6lpi!*it. fcokomo. Ind., 510; 
pMaJcatlc. Lufayette/ 12-lTi d 

Ifwjatoii. Frlt». Cusliio. «yS0 Bcuch. N. Y., 010; 
'•ifanoTOT Park, Mcrhlcli. JQonu., 12*17. 
IJdfard A llowurd. Kcltli'sVPbila.. B-lO, 
IftBlcf. Elodla. ICIeetrfc Pa»k, Ncwatt, 

• (7-10. i' ' *$7 IVY: 

tft'o* & Unw "' Dora<! J r p « rt > AlleUloVn, !'«., 

Huiiicb • Uwrs. Pork. PlttsllcW, Ma««., 0-10; 

N(>. Adania. 12-17. 
Uuelin, .Musical." lalund Park, Aubinn. N. Y., 3-10; 

Syracuse, 12-17. 
Hunt, Daisy, Forest Park. Ullca. N. Y., C-10. 

TOngl Bros., VokcI's MtiislroK . .-. 

Himhes. Jos. II., Keewubdbi Park, Port Huron, 

Midi.. 0-10, .... 

llukhtH A Montrose. Natlimnl, Chicago. 010. 
llyhiiida i (21, l,> ilc Park, Jopllu, Mo., 4-10: 

Alrdooie. Cunlinae, U-17. 
Hylands (;i), Lyric, Jopllu. Mo.. 0-10. 
Inlcriintloiml Four. Summit Park. Ullcn, H. Y., 

0-10; White Clly. Syrieuse. I2I7. 
liisti-uiaeiiial Monarch* (2), Cnlnue, Los An- 

Keles, Cnl.. ,vn. 
Iniernuiliuiiil c.iuilipies (I), 1201b Slrcel, N. Y. 
■' C. 0-10. 

Iiiuess St Kyan, Hock Springs 1'nrk. Alton, 111., 
■ 0-10; o. II.. CMeiuai, I1M7. 
Inmnii. Atlantic Oarfleu, AHaulle Clly, N. .J., 

Irvine, _ Musical, UrcaiuluiHl, McKeesporl, Pa., 

Ilallan Trio. Medfonl Boulevard. Boston, 010. 
Janni*. Daisy, Music Hall. Brigbloii Beach. N. Y., 

An Aefonaut's First Appearance. Exciting incidents in Mid-Air. 
Sensational. Startling in Conceptidii and Execntion. 

tf^er and 



. "II* 

.tallies, Byroii. Bllou. Kalamaaon, Mich.. O-IO, 

Salilinlla Park, Tuuulou, Mass., 

.laekron A llnou, 

•B-lO; . . 
Jackson Family, Riverside Park. 

8-10; JVeaOtia iWachi Hay Clly. I2H7. 
Jenkins A Stbckman, Family, Miles Clly 

0-10. . . 

Jeiialnta & Rohfrcw, Majestic, Lafayette, lud., 

Jemilnga t Jawcll, Park. Wbeellag, W. Va., 510. 
Joi'dSiii' OrenK Smith's Qy Mv, ■Ceneva, N. Y., *- 

.'vluison A Demi, Os Budavaru, Budapeat, r.-;i|. 
Johnstons. Musical, Kifiplre. NottrbibaUi, Kne., 
0-10; Empire. Ilackuey, 12-17; Kuipliv. Hallo- 

Jll'lie. I 

2'i ill ; 

wliy, IW»24; F.iuiilre, New Cross, 

hire. Stratford, sept. 2-7.- 
.lotiiison A Wella. Pastor's. N. Y. C., 0-10. 
.lolby A Wild- Family, tireut Fulla, Mont., 0-10. 
Jones A Itayiiioud. Vurlellcs, Terra lluule, lud., 
. 5-lOi PiivIIIuji, Paris, III.. 1217. 
Joyce, Puildj. A. A Si. llostou.' 0-10. 
Jones A Sullun. Dlxblou Purk, 'i'auuton, Mass., 

0>10l Bw.'kton. 12-17. : , . 

.lonl'S, Netriuuu, BIJbii, Kilainuioo. Mich.. 010. 
Jules A Marion, ■ Purk, Akruu, O., 5-10; Mans- 
field, 11-17.' ' . :.-. •• , 
Jurae, Aleeuo A llauilllou, Allniille Curdeu, N. Y. 

C, G-IO, ...-.■- 

•T'liderf Bios.. Slieedy'n. Newport. R. I.. 5-10. 
Kates Bros.. 1'ilr, Euu Claire, Wis.. 010. 
Kiinrtniiu, Mluule. Mujeutlu. Chicago. 0-1O. 
Kadfimiu. 1Wt>a A Inec. Cttl.'a'gd, 4-10. - 
Kane, Mauclbv. Swlirtier's; .MmKuutown, W. Vs., 

MOi eoiiiiellirlllc;pl«..12.17;. .'• 
Keller. Jos. «.. fjoiiey Island.- Clnclmmtl, Oil'. 
Kelso A 1;ohjUtiiii; link. New C'usllo, Pu., 0-10. 
Kennedy'* hints. P*rk. llrnen'sbnrg, Ps., 0-1O. 
Keller A Paul's ArnbSi Hcodersim's, Ooncy Island, 

I*. Y.. B-17. 
Kennedy A.Wcsl. Bllmi, Norfolk. Va., 010. 
Kcefe A Peart, Kclkb'a. Pbllu.. 0.|||. 
Kelly A Kent! O. H. H.. Pltlsbiirg, 0-10. 
Kelly At Iteuo. llulsoiiu Purk. Oruud Itapida, 

Mich.. 5M0. 
Kellips. The. 2iid Strei'l. N. V. C. 0-10. 
Kelly A Kelvyi Arch. Cleveland. 0-17. 
Kennedy Bros. A Mack, Park, Sbumoklu, Pu., 

O-IO; Piirk. t,ewlmo\vn; 12 17. 
Kerubn A Muck, Woodljuue Purk, < 'minion, H, 

J., 0-10; fsliiud I'm 1 !;. Eastou, Pa,, 12-17. 
Khi Knlil, Billy, llhriium A Bailey Cirrus. 
Mi/.. Allied A I'ldln, C. Ildcks Shows. 
King. Siilii A Nellie, Luhu Park, Hartford, Cuuu., 


Klrk-Ailums & Co., Audltorluiu, Norfolk, Va., 

KIcrTcr A Turner, Stirling, N. J., 7; Boruurds- 

vllle, si". 
Klein, OH Bros. A Nlclsdsou, Korrest Park. 

Highlands. St. I«ul*. Jill; , Fonluluc Ferry 

Park. Louisville. Ky., 11-17. 
Kohl, (ins A Miirhm, 0. II. . Brownarlllc, Pa.. 
• .Vll); Stvlslier's. MorKnulowii. W, Va., 12-17. 
Knp|ic, Tumbling, lluu Purk, Potlsvllle, Pu., 12- 


Kramer A Btlleclalr, O. II.. Chicago, 5-10; Ma- 
jestic. Cliluigo. 12-17. • 

Ki'iilvns. The. Union Suuuic. N. Y. C 0-10. 

I. roiiemeuii Heat-.. Piiirior's. Newark. N. .1.. ,"ln. 

Krniore. Slaal Pier, Old Urchlil'd, Me.. 0-10. 
. Kui'tls-Busse, A Dugs, tl. O. II.. Pittsburg, 5-10, 

Lu Tour, Irene, Luuu Park, Wusblngtou, 0. C. 

I. a Clulr A West, Occuu Pier, Sea Isle Clly, If. 
J„ 'i". 

Lu Monies. The. C. 0- fipuiigler's Shows. 

Ludeil A Crouch. K. A P., Jersey Clly, N. J., 0- liiii'd A llyei'sou. Lyric. Tulsu, I, T., 010; 

Jopllu. Mo.. 12-17, 
Lniuiir, Cliumuilc, Olciitangy Park, Columbus, 0„ 

I.e. Nolo Bros., Altro Park. Albuuy, N. Y.. 510. 
Fakes, Syhln, Crystal, Kokoulu, Ind.. 4-10. 
I ai redo A Burke, NKon. Pillsblirg. 0-in. 

i.i -der, Tom. Lyric, So. McAlesIcr. I. T.. 0-10. 

Lambert A Williams. Bruoks'ldo Purk, Atbol, 

Mass., 0-10. 
1 1'.uiis'i-l A Pierce. Eltvooil, Ind.. S-IO. 
I.ntufllllll. Claire. II, U. II.. Plllsburg, 0-10, 
Lu U'lls, Tlie.- Aleaiiai-, Purls. France. 5-114, 
LaiigdoliH. The, Cr.islul. Mllnuukcv, 010. 
I. anve, liuis'ido, Hoof Curdeu, Lancaster, Pu., 5- 

La Hues, The. Lima Purk, Johnstown. Pa.. OTO. 
I.a Celle. Lake (Jlllt.Park. Dkllus, Tex., t-17. 
l.uuiMin, MaU'l, Wonderland. 'Chicago, O-IO. 
Lukohi. Harry, Slav, McKecsiwrl. Pn., G-10; Wei- 

laud. Cumberland, Mil., 12-17. 
Lnmliertos, Juggling (G>, Juiuestonu Kiisisltlon, 

Lambert. Muud, Morrison's, lluckiitniy Uracil, N. 

Y'., G-10. • " 

Luveen A Cross, ti. o. II., Plllsburg, 51U; Shea's, 

llunitlo. n. V., 1 3- IT, 
Ls Miie-chuiiroii Trio, Slwa's, BulTalo, 5-10. 
i.avlsuo Shiicrs, (>'. ll., Chicago,' 0-10, 

ton, ii.. 510; Spring rove Purk, Sprbigdcld, 

12-17. '.. 

l.lud. Earm. Toledo, 0., 0-lu. 
Umrlon Models, .Nlioii, Plllsburg. 0-10. 
LoUMiberg Sisters, Tuleijutt Park, Attlcboco, 

Mas:... O-IO. 
I.oekhurf. Slalers. La Fiiycllc. Ca.. 0-UJ; Oljm- 

pin Park. Cbattnuoogn,' Tcuu., 1217. 
Lowe, Musical, Nixon, Plltsburg, A-10, 
"London Fire Brigade," ' KeltlPw. Pblla-, 0-10, 
Lowell & Lowell, Muas A Stroll Tour, ljnglafld, 

O-Not; 33. • ii.. '/. . 

Lurrulhc, Oscar. Yoiiiig'n Plor, Allnntle Clly, 

N. J., G-10;, Luna Park, Baffalo, N. Y., 12-17. 
I^wrte. Jim, Alrdomc. OoaTejTllle, Kaas., Grll. 
Lois, .s.-otl.liilf. Pa.. Oil; Brownsville. 12-17: 
Lomborg, Anna, Atlautld Uardcu, Atlantic Clly, 
.-.N;J„. G-lbV. 

Louiry A Lomry, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 5-10. 
I.0110Z A I.oiK-2, Foutulno Ferry Park, Louisville, 

Luclcr. Mr. uud Mrs. Fred, Valley, Syracuse, N. 

;**. 5-10. ! . 

Lynch, Clrcal, Electric Park, Newark, N. J., 0-10. 
Lyric Comedy Four, Alrdomc, Tcrre Huute, lud., 

Murty, Joe, Luna Park, Johnstown, Pa., 0-10. 
Martini A- Ma.\uilllau, Pastor's, N. Y.'C, 0-10. 
MatbMrs" A Ashley, Krltb's, Boston, 0-10, 
Marshall, Bert, I. nan Park. Jolmslowu, Pa.. 0-10. 
Manlell's Miirloicttes, Airdonte, Alllaicc/ O., 0- 

10; Coney Isluud, ciunlnuati, 11,17. 
Mnrtyini Sisters, .Crest Pnrkci , Amdse. Co. 
Mnaola. Biuplre, SI. Paul, Mini)., O-IO. 
Mnyhuw, stollu, AlbuuiUru, N. Y. C, 5-10. 
Martin, steeplechase Pier, Atluutlc Clly, N. J., 

10. - " ■ ■ ;■ 

Murcuii, Nevuru A Murcuo, Proctur'a, Newark, 
. Nl, J.. 510. . 

Mackln A Ililrt, Acme, Norfolk, Va., G-10. 
Maaon A Horini, Sbeedy's; Fall KLver, Mass.. S-17. 
Marriott Twin.., Luna Purk. Coiuy Island, N. Y., 

5-10; Luna Park. Hartford, Conii.. 12-17. 
Marlowe Pluukett Co., itlfaud. Hamilton, 0., 5-10. 
Mayiitt A Deun, Cudlroy'e, Crand Ruplds, Mich., 

Marco Twins, filurrlbuu'a, ltockawiiy Bench, N. 

Y.. 12-17. - - 

May. Arthur 0.. O. II. . llerro". 111., 0-10. 
Murr.ello A' Mulloy, Foutalue Ferry Park, Louis- 

■ Tllle, fcj'.. ; 0-Hl. 
Mason & Shuuuou, K. A P., Jersey Clly, N. J., 

.rfl-lo.l- ■■:.; .. 

Mario, Berger A Mario, Lincoln Purk, Norwich, 

.Conii., , .G»»o. •». '• I •■ ■'. . 
iMussey A'.Krniuel'. Ito-s Park, Biiigbumloli, N. Y., 

. J5-IO. :. ". i " . " 

Madrid A Mciclll, Puxlunu Purk, Uurrlshur'.', 

U'n.. 0-10. ■ ■ -i 

Muc l.utdns, Musical 101. Atlantic Harden. At- 
lantic 1 .Oily. N. J., 5-10; tjcenn Pier, Sea Isle 
City, 1!£17 , ."•: ■ - -j 

MaeDoudngli, Ethel, Rouiouo Park, Gruiid llunlds, 

..MIcli.,TlOa ,. . 

McAvoy, >DuV0 A Alice, Lexington Park, Boston, 
■••'9-10, ', . .■ ■ i,i .), • . j;, 

McSorlcy A Elcuuore, Oem, Missoula, Moul., o- 

IliCuricrs, The, Soulhlngtou, Conn., 010. 
Mrlmnalil, las, F,.' riiestnui Street, Pbllu.. O-IO. 
McUiuiils Bros... Suuunlt Park, Clicu, N. V, G- 

lii : Wbllo City, syracusi', 12-17. 
McNunic.'. Empire, Walertotvu, Wis., G-PJ ; Em- 
pire, Mllwuukcc, 12-17 

Mcilce A Oi'lllus, Cbbur d'Aleue. Ida.. 017. 
MeBreen. Billy. A Bro.. Lyylc, Ft. Worth, Tex,, 

."i lo; Bi'Uinuoul. 11 li 
McRolde. Billy, Hyde lurk. Chicago, 5-10. 
McClcllau. Jus.. BIJou, lUilulli, Minn.. G-10. 
HcLaiighlln. L. Clulte, tl. 0. ft.. iPHUbu*. 5-10. 
McKeelier, Llzrtc, Aahlanil Ourden, Chicago, G-tu. 
MrCvuiielt Slaters', Shea's. .Toronto. Cau.. 5-10. 
McClcllund Sisters. KBluinaroo, Mleli.,- 12-17: 
McNallys (1), Sobiucr purk, Moutreal. Can.. 0-U-. 
McCiino A Orent, Alrdomc, Kaclne, Wis., 0-10. 
Merrill, Friiuk It., Vitudevllic, Cliuttuuoogu, 
. Tenn.. 0-17. 

' '-"M ' r '»n. A. A S.. Boston. 0-10. 

Melville & lilgglns, Lexington Park, Boston, 5-lti. 
,"■■■1",.'- troupe, ivelth's. Cleveland, G-10. 
Melrose, Jumeu, Star, Alloona, Pu.. G-10. 
Mlllmau Trio, Moss A Stroll Tour, England, 012; 
Ciinltul, Madgcburg, Ocr., 17-51 ; Scnla, Co- 
lienliiiui.ii, Denmark. Sept. l-:!0. 
Miller, Mluule, Hippodrome, Occuu City, N. J., 

viu. '•'• ,: .i 

Mlliiiur Bros., Ciy stii), Marlon, lud., 10; Elk- 

hurl, 11-17. 
Millars, MiisIchI (il), Codrrey's, Cruini Itaplds, 

Mick., 010. . 

Mlctt's Dogs, O. II.. Chicago. G-10. 
Mlllurd Bros.. Salctu Willows, Sulem, Mass., 

0-10: Paragon Park, Boston, 12-17. 
Mitchell, I). H., Union .Sijuan'. N. Y. C. 010. 
Military Octette. Dvbuier Purk, Monticul. Can., 

.5-17. ' • ■ 

Mlllulr, Ureal Park. Wtiecllug. W. Vu„ G-10. 
Mills, Beeeher. "Majestic, Ciileago, 0-10. 
M'llle.. A HuiililiiM, Sleepleehuae Pier, Alluullu 

City, N. J., 0-lu. 
Mllbs A Huyiitund. Slceplechuse Pier, Allonllc 

Clly, N. J„ G-10. 
Moore. C'nrlyle, A Co., Keith's, I'ldlu., 5-10. 
Morion. Phil.. Central Purk. Dover. N. II.. 0-10. 
Mouney A llollsdu, Clhliis A Pujuo's Hulls, Lou- 

don, En'.., o.;n. 
Miuite Mym Tniupr, lleinlersuu's, Coney Island, 

H. Y., 0-10. 

Midou-lrl. La, Touring India A China, G-Sepl. SO. 
Molor Olrls ISI, Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ 010: 

Electric Part, llaltluiore. 1217. 
Murcllc Sisters, Hollywood I'orii, Baltimore, 010. 
Morrison. Jim.. Cchtrul, Seattle. WiiBh., 0-17. 
Moiitebimks (1 ), llcndcrton's, Cuucy islund, N. 

i.. 5,10. 

, 5 10; 


O'llnru A Wnlson, Slar. Moiiesscn, Pu 

Wm, Mouongitbcln, 12-17- 
CMeers Sisters, Rtunona Park, Grand 

Mich.. 010. 
Dnil. Adelc Purvis, Medford Boulevard, Boston, 

Onluw Trio. Kccwnhillii Park, Port Huron, Mleb., 

0-10; Itauioiui Park, tlritud Huplds, 12-17. 
"OA the Plantation." Suns Soucl; Chicago, 010. 
nntliuiil, ft l'.lanilieite, SnniiiiHt Park. Ullca N, 

Y/., 0-10: While. Oily, Wrtifte, 12 : 17. 
Opel, Muroll, .Knoxvfllo, Tcon.. G-10. 
O'Rourkc A ftluric, Pastor's, N. Y. C, G-10. 
Otto Brou., 'Keith's. Boston, 5-10. 
Owen,-.. Gurry. Little, A Co., Lake Foiitobsac, 

Plttsfteld," Mtws., 610. 
Ozavs. The, Culllus Hurdens. Columbus, 0., 6-10. 
I'atierson, Snm, Ponloueac Lake, PlttsOcld, 

Mass.-, 12-17.- • • . . :• ■- 

Pantaer, WiUy, Trio, Vlctotla, N. Y. O.j. 0-10- 
Psplnla, WIflWrgaMeii, Btrlln, Ger., 17-Sept. 30. 
Palmer A Saxlon, Grand Family. Fnrgo, N. D., 

G-10; Biiuii, Winnipeg, Can., 12-17. 
Parker A Montgomery, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va,, 

I'liiillnettl A Piipio, Kurauul, Geneva, Swiss, Italy, 
' 6-10. •:,.■■ . , ..* ,. .- 

I'eMulil. Cumllle, Sirring Grove Purk, Sprlugfleld, 

O.. 1117. 
Peklti Zouuves, Hoof Curdeu, Lancaster, Pa.. 0-10. 
Peter-ion Bros.. Spring Uruve Ousluo, Sprlugfleld, 
■ O., 0-10.', ■ . ' . an'. 

Perry A peiuec, Ilenwlek Purk, Ilhacu, N. 1'., 
' G-10. L --a 

Pelchlng Bios., Uciidcrsou's, Coney Island, N. Y., 

0-H).,. i ■ .-., -. ' 

Peters, T'Bll A Netllc, Kellh'a. Clercluud, 5-10. 
Peters, Arthur, A. A S.. Boston, 0-10. 
Perkins, Walter, A Co., Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 

010. .'. . -. 

Pcndletons, The. G. O. II.. Pittsburg. G-IO. 
Phaiituutlc Pbantoni (Waybuni's); VfeloTla, N. Y. 

i t... O-IO. ' - - r- .' '.'• • 

Plillbroot: A Reynolds, Oleu Haven Park, ltoCbea- 

■■ tur, S. I.'nG-IO, . .- 

Pleiey A i'ulda.i Atluutlc Curdeu, Atlantic City, 
N. J., 5-10. 

Pierce. Ben. Tuuulou, Mass., G-10; New Bed- 
ford, 12-17. 

Pliuio Pli lends (LaMiy'uL Union Soutire, N/ Y. C, 
.5.10; 2:id Streel. N. Y. V..,. 13-17^., ,■ 

Piquet, Puulii, Sohiuec Purk, Montreal, 'Juu., 5- 

hepll A Wilson, fcuat XTrid Park, 'WenipDW, Toui 

G-10r .--••••''.',■■. '' 

Scullion A Htevciis, Pastor's, N. Y. C. 0-10 
SehlJIillt'i' tl Harris.!' Wonderland,' Chicago 5.10 
" ,Boys A Girls (Edwardls), Alhnmbra N 

Co., ltobluson Park, F|. 

St Tc:; fi -io; 

Seymour, O. 0., A 

Wavne, Hid.. G-10. 
Seymour Sisters, l-'hlla.. O-IO. 
Se.tnejtir X 1IU1. Otpucutt, Sau Frou., Cul.. 4-hi 
Selbinl A tlrtnlnl, Olo.vcrairllle, N. Y. ' G-lu- 

:yJau*sh>Wn... 18-17. 1 \. .;■. . ... ' Vp 

Rhone. Modelyn. ' Star; Wllktiisburgli, p«.. Old 

Uuloiitowu, 12-17, 
Sharref, LIHIah, Hillside Purk, Newark, N. J 
-iJJ-lOi m •- , •• ...i".. ' '' 

Sherman A Fuller, Four Mllu Creek Park, Erie 
j J?a,, 5-10..' 
Sheers, Wni.. liem, Muuougnbelu, 

IJMhhhU Ruqr.etoc, 12-17. 
SftiW A Cle/tonj Krnpli e. St 

1" , Oil); 

.. Paul, Mluu. 

Shannon.-, ill, Bel), Oaklund, Cat., 5-10. 
S1icklu.;Vlc«irl«, *i. tiCv. O-lo.t . . 
Singing l.'ourv'.Kund. Tdledo. Oi, 5-10. '. . 
Side SlRitv. ,Tue itWayk4irn-s),. Union Siiuare, K 
i.r. C, 6-10;; . ,? i.'i.-t.i 
Simpsons, sitlslcal 

Glen Haven Park, Bocueale'r, 

Sluing Col ecu's (Wilts'), K. A, P., Jersey Clly 
N.. J.. Oj.lO, 

Atlantic Garden. Atlantic City, N. 

Shi'ler •tel&'lHctt, 

- flrilHaias, 

Slddon Ilios.. 

J., 5-10,, 

aterjA: Flncb. Foriu, Toledo, 0.. G-10. ' 
Slater A Wllllaius, Piirk Family, Johnstown, Pi„ 

r, -111. ■ -u -^ rf - .. • „ *.',,' ,*,.„- 
Sloan, nimieb, Luna Park, KerahUni, Pa„ rip. 
Smith* Baker, Casino, Ityu Beach. N. Y.. 0-lo" 
Smllh, Mr. A Mrs. J. Murray, Uruud, Toconn' 

Wusb.. 0-10. 
Sookcr. Clintcs. Ciileago, GvlO. 
Somiueru* Cook, Wept Siu>, Ureeii Bay, Wis., 

SOathertaiioV & Curtis, lie'linar U&aSli OUa. 
v City. OUa.;-, 6'lXi'i w K ',--... -1 . 
Somen A Storke, Sfir, cTevelaud, G-IO: Foll> 
...Cblcaco, I1-1J. .' 

Sopcr, IlcrtL Stiir. AltoonSr t'ii., G-IO. 
Soerry A llay, Atlftiltlc Giifdtii, Atlaullc City, 

W, J,, 5-10. • 

Spellnnin's lleai-s. WI'Hc City, Louisville, d-Jo. 
Metropolitan) llocbestcjt, Mluu., 

1'llitle, George L-, San. 

10; While. City, Syr 

Pltlpib, Ifalry, Natloui 

Siuuuilt Purk, Utleii, N. V.. 5- 
.raciise. 12-17. •■ ( 
y, Na II 01 111 1, Ch Iva go, .'■ I". 

• 'ens. Carl; Luna Purk, Chicago, 6-lu. 
Polhird, W. 0., MuiiulOu'K Park, Si. Louis. 0-10. 
Polrlers Ciu Willie. Clly, Day ton, 0.; 5-10; 

Cook's Park, yHvuusvllle, lull., 11-17.1 
Poor, .1. CI.. ;A Hog. 'li-ocudero. Chicago, 4 10. 
Bjk A Ulslou, (Jresait CarPens, Revere Bcuch. 

• Mass., :4rl0. v-, ;. . - 
Prlhi-e, ArlUur, Victoria. N. Y. C.. 5- 10. 
Preston, Harry. Lyric,, lies Memos, la.. S-10. 
Uunker City uuiirlellr, Merrynicctlug Park, Bruus- 

wli-k. Me.. 77-10. 
gulpletlo (Lusky's). Sln-a's. Buffalo. N. Y„ 0-jo. 
Uuttk, Muckey.A Nlskcrsou, f.JrK'.-.Dauvllie.lJI., 
•.'.G;10:. Hnrleiit Park,, jluekvllle. ,j2rJ7.i- . • 
OiiiKui Clly Juveniles, laig'oon, Clucluuiill, 5-10. 
yuli.liin A Muck, fluniliiia i'ark, Craml Rapids, 

Mich., G-10, 
Ouiiilaa A HoWuid, Talamicgn Purk, Atlleboro, 

Muss., 0-lu. 
Qulgley llius., Prrclor's. Newark. N. .7.. 5-10. 
Itajiuontl, Curl. West. Sniierlor. Wis,, O-IO. 
Ray, I'reil, A Co., iiigcvsoll Purk, HesMolues, lu., 

0-10: Oruhuuui, San Prim., Cul.. 18-51. 
Itae. Dorolliy. Orciit Northern. Chicago, 0-17. 
Rulnbows, The. Stur. llomeatcad, Pu., GlOjStar, 

Beaver Fulls. 12-17. 
lUdi'ord A WlncUealer. Burrusfurd Tour, liuglniid, 

O-Scpt. ;i; Oxford,. Uudun. iO-Hcc. I. 

n' V'c 1U l'''r l,U ' H ' ''''" U " °' "* ! U "'" U H ' mn - Sulelllfi; 
Rusiua A Bunk's, 'llrussells. Belgium, tier., 12-ill ; 
' AlbumOru. Purls, p'runcc. Sept. 2-Wi 

y A Norton. Subbutlu. Park, Tuuntou, Muss., 


Sprnguc. Tom, 

Splller Musical Bumliers " (,')), 

I'lllaneiil. MUSS., 12-17. . 

Stoddard A Wilson, l/iilbue. Mlnuciipoliii', Mluu 
0-10 ; Family, Sioux lnull.a, S. I)„Jmj. 

Steele, Clara, A. A H.t-tjBuou, O-lffi;.;! 

Htelliert A Tboiuus, Alrdjiime, Tcrrc Haute, Ind 



Stupieion i^A Chancy. Colllus Garden,' Colunihua, 

Stcwiirt. .Winifred! Keith's. Phllu. T 0-10. 
•stunning Grciiuillcrs (J^aky's), Orpheuin, Los 

Angeles. Cal.. 5-17. 1 , .-. ,*i .. 

Stwly A Kdtvarday 125th Slrcet, N..Y. C. G-IO. 
Sievciikon A NujAb Keith's. BoHlmi. G-10., 
SI»vHis A Bocbui, White Clly, Syracuse, N.' Y„ 
.-G.IO. ..,,,,- 1 • ,. , „. . 
Stuin, Ifrobclii. Slur. Altoonu, I'aV. G-10. 
Stereos A Burle, Lakemotit Park,' Altooua, 

5-10. ,,, |H -,V. 

SJffttoii. Hugti. Nliltin, PKlsliui, 

fl" f,i '" : * W* L » ;w '''* , '" 
Slwiiey A Wllsou, Young's Pier, 

N.-.J., ,Gil«. 
SUwart, Mr. * Mrs. Cul., Lukemout Purk, Al- 

.tuvi'u, Pa;, G-IO,:- 
Stetvart Sisters. (4), Allianihrn. N. Y. C., G-1Q. 
Murk. Tpblo, Bliou, liruodrKprke, N> U.,.0-10. 
•J • Iff* 1 I'.amlly, Forepuugti.A Sells Bfua.' Circus. 
St. Elmo, Leo, SI. .Joe, .Mo., .12-17. 
Sl._ Belmos, The, Elwtrlu Park, , Newurk, N. 


cilo,' : , 

Allnutic Cllj, 


i-viiih... ' Shea's, BulTulo 

Kleclrle Park. Uallliuore. (2-17. 

Sunny S011II1, 'Majestic, Chicago, 

Clilcugo, 12-17. 

.Randall, May. Hyde Park. Chicago. G-10. 
Undo A liortmun. IdOra Park, Youugstowji, 0.. 4- 

10: E.Liverpool, 12-17. . 

* IT ' UutA>Yt Curulv » l P*rk. Kuusiis oily, No., 
lluwls A Von Ktitifuiuu, Unique. Mliiuea|iolln. 12- 

Reed A Hari. Pink, Aluiutslk, Cul . 5-17. 
Ueiiuce Funilly. .Hlvcnddu park, Suglumv. Mich.. 

0.-10; Keewulidlu Pork. Po.'t Huron. 12-17. 
Reegtni A MacU, Woutllyu Park, Cuuideu. N. J„ 
- i.-lU . ,. 

Ilclft Uivs.. Sheeily's. Newport. It. ii, 0-10. 
Rcllly, .Minute, Kiishumu's Casino, Cuuurslc, L. 

I.. r,l". 
Kent.. Will A Muy, 

Itlnlto Comedy (liuulcttc 

Mollies. In., O-IO. 
Kiev A Elmer, Ocean View Casino, Norfolk, 

o-lO. - 

Wonderland, Commerce, 
lugcisoll Park, 



Rio. Alliiulic Gurilen. N. Y. C, 0-10. . 
Killer A P'osler. Empire, .lolitiiniesbiiig. So. At- 
•., rU '".: f. s «'4't- '•'<! Tlvoll, C111.C Town. 15-31. 
Ree A PrevuKl, Vlctorln. N. V. C., ."IO, 
ltlcliiirds, Ureal, Iron Pli-r, tlccau Clly, N. J., 

N. Y., 

..n.iHitu ,701101^, \r, ii,, , iiivafco. "J.'. • '»•• v-,,.-. 

La Booth, l/.ulse. Ookford Park. Urccnaburg, M'»)dy A Rtit'lu, Youug'a Pier, Allaullc Clly, N. 
Pa., 0-lu. J*. 12-1S. 

Itluuldos, I he. Congress Purk, Sorntogu, 
O-lli; Bholria Park. Albany, 12-17. 

1 ch Dun,. Oakford park. Jeaiiimlle, Pa., G-IO. 

"R-g y- &h . « Wr4lL.,.l>aJ|l»t4l. Kng., G.10; 
J-.ulety, illruilngliaiii, 12.17 : (Winter Garden 
Morwmbj.. 111-24: Hlppoilrome; Wlgan, 2U-;il 
Tower Circus, BiHekpool, Sept. 2-7. 

Itleuier, Otto, Ulendale Pork, Nusfavillr 

Paul, Rock Springs Park, AltoU, HI., 

Bardie. Majwllc, Irfi Fayette. Ind., 

IMM. I, 



P.. Pan.. f.1M4B) <>.. Oli>. 
Nland, Clnclnanll,. 4-10, 


hi . 
La Fluer, Herman. Bltou. Diiluth, Minn., 6-10. 
lwiierne, IU1„ Fereat Park. UHca. N. Y., 5-10. 
Lu Tell liiiis.. Tumbling Run Purk, Poltavlllc, 

I'u,, .VI"; Manilla tlroie. Tinnaipm, 12 17. 
I.ntliie, I'M., lugitrsoll Purk, lies Moines, lu., 

La Iti'iios, clrcal (SI. Mldttny. CI11I1, 1217. 
i.ariiii'e. elms. 11., Woniieriiiiut. Cleveland, 4-15. 
I.liivd, Herbert. I'.n'k. Cnuion. 0., .Vttl. 
Lewis A Lessliiglon, Forest Pnrk, Ullea. N. Y.. 

Leonard, lius. I^rlo, Seattle. Wash., G-Scpt. 14. 
Lch-Kiir, Cliiirles. Forrwt Purk. SI. Ismls. 4-10; 

Finilaliic Ferry. LtmlHrllle. Ky„ 11-17. 
I.e Clair. John. OuMMtu Park, SuMtilgii. N. Y., 

0-10; Ilenwlek Purk. llliaeu. 12-17. 
I.toiihuiill. AL, lllclilaiid '.ake Park. Wlusled, 

DmrH., lit: llcckKhliT! Pnrk. I'lttstleld. .Mass., 

12 14; lluusler Valley, N.>. Adunia, 10 17. 
lav Tung p'oo. -'.'hi Slrivl. N. Y. C, B 10. 
la-s, Jufly. (Ii|>liei:iii. Ijis Amnios. Cul.. G-lo* 
Le Pngt>. Collls, Mn|e.;||c, Clilengu. 0-10. 
Le Miilre A la> Mm 111'. Cryslul, Deliver, 5-10; 

Choyetmp. Wjn . 12-17. 
Le llrny. llollle, White Clly. IMiKosli. Wis., 517. 
Is'tels A IfiilT, livmisvllle, Ind., -I 10. 
I.eanoii. llerlH'i'l Uerl, Onknood' Park, lln-cns- 

l.nrg. Pu.. 0-10.' 
la'slle A William*. Coney, Clneliimill. 4-10. 
Letter, Ureal. Wtsmsorkrl. II. I., j.|o ; Hniuu- 

lini Beiteli. N, l|„ 12'-I7. 
Le llruil O|iora Trio. Norumlavn Park. Ihislon, 

.1 III. 
Lei.nuril A lltisltslo, Forrest Park, Idea, X. V.. 

U' Croix. I'uiil. Vlclorhi, N. V. C, Olli. 
Leslie. Bert, A Co., 2!ld Sl„ N. V. C, 3-1(1 
Leonard .V Phillips. Aluli.nn.. KIHiiiiIiil-, ra.. 

f. H»i till CH). 12 17. 
Le HMI, Ureal, Hhtvilj-'a. Newport, II, I. h-lfl 
l.llehlleld, Mr. * Mrs. Nell, Fnlrvlew Park, Hay. 

Morllock, Alice. Cruiid, \lctorlu, B. C. 0-10' 

Taconi'i, Wash., 12-17. 
Morse, Bon, Woulwortb Roof Garden, Lunenster. 

Pu.. 8-10. ' 

Muller, Oliiuni t Mailer. Orpheam. Los Augeles, .i-Hi; Ornhciiui. Suit r like Cllv. IJ., 17-21 
■WW' Powell. LukiwIiK' Purk, Akron, C, 5- 

10: lielueinitu. Purk. Miiuslli'hl. 12-17. 
Murphy A I'lilincr, Alameda Park, Uiiller, Pa., 

5- III. t 

Muiruv. Clayton A Dtvtv, lilejlrle Park, Albany, 

,\. i.. o-IO; Saratoga, 12-17. 
MiM.hlaci's, The, Crystal. Noblesvllle, tud., S-IO' 

Miirllusvllli'. 12-14: U-biiiuiim, 1G-I7. 
Mallleun,. May. Orphciun. SprlugUeld. 0., 5-10; 

llrantl. Iluiuiltoii. 12-17. j , 
Mililne, Eva, Miotic Hull, Brlgiilou Beach, N. Y., 

Miillen' A Corelll. K. A ft. Jersey Clly, N, J.. 
, viu: Keith's, I'biu.. .12 17, 

N I ' 1 J & rej'u U ' K,w l' ,nbll!,L ' MWi Allaullc Clly, 
"*li. Vloln, No. Adams, Musa., 510; Wcsllleld, 
N "o. J | l ii M " 1 " , ' u " , " 1 "° *' et, J' l ' urk ' Louisville, Ky., 
N "o V .'!o Ur ' ilrlH '*?'* ***"* bw , ' U1 ' 1 '. Cbleugu, 
Nt-ssen. lliinlei A Nesseu, Cascade Park. New 

I M-'' l "" °' lU; l *-" tt 1 '" rli ' Vouugstowii. o., 

N, Y."c:*1l'i'7 < ''' 1, l, " ,! * 1 ""'.'' 01 «; Paslore, N. 
Nl .|!p!; ^ >r "' •**■*■* *W» «lfi UMlartHa, 

Nlghlliigali's (SI. Luuu I'nrk. iiulTiil... N. V a III Nod. Hi mid. Ilflmltton. ').. it 111 
MiMto ,\ Mar.'liiill. Wllmonl Purk. 

III., .i lo , 

Noble". Milieu t Dolly, l2.-.lh Slnrl. 

• ii '.smell A Cddou. jijj,.,,, \ a ||,., (i 
. h-lu; llllnii, Grand Fnrkn, p.'i',' 
H, 'liana San AC"., Farm, T.diilii n 


Rose A 


I loss A 

Cto '""*' ' I ' ura 1 u *s 1 » i*«rlcj Attleboro, 

Severn. BIJou. Kalatuazou, 
A Itoslcllc, Windsor, St. 


I Uorello. Alhambra, N. Y. C 
Spt'iigli. A .Co., Coney Isluud, 




ltockuway Beach, 


Kcwuuec, 5-10 

, Eiuplie, Leeds. Eiiglund. G10' 

i:",'!' 1 ".',,, . V" 1 '. 1 ."," 1 - ,'-' ,7 i "<"l. 1U24; slur: 

ueiu. «u„i : iiipiKitli-iniu'. Miinelicstcr, Swil. 2- 

7; Empire, Liverpool, UI5. 
ltoiiii'. Muvo A Jullut. Kusl Eud Park, 

■ renu., G-lo. 
Rogers. Will II., Morrlsou'e, 

N. 1., G-10. . 
Rogers A Eyuus. North Ave.. Clileiico. 

Cao *- M «-'Kul*ai. BIJou, Kulnmuxoo, 

Itosroo A Cellle, Wonderland, Chicago, G-IO 
Iw-kwell Maud, White City. wSB. 0-iu. 
Ilouuey, J.J., Luuu Purk, Chicago, G-io 

N j vn!"'' A,lu,,,lc «•"*«. Atlaullc Clly, 
"'oiTo*' ' » H[UMt! J'Tk. Newark, N. J., 
*.W?,* "eld, Wllllamsou Alrdome, Cairo, 111., 
Uueker, john.^A.Co., Hcudci-sou's, Coney Island, 
R.wolL"u'Nolil ,i iitmrn. Alrdome, Lo!«, Kau„ 

Ryller's Mmiteys,, White Clly, Loulavllle. 4-lu 
Kyan A While, KellVe, PhUn.'. G-lo. ' IU> 
Savage, W v.. A Co., Novelty.. Demer, 5-11. 
Suet A Savoy, Euiplre. SI. Paul, ||llo„ 
Sa Herns. Nlson, Pltlsbiirg, O-lll. 
8111111111-11.. I'lorcui'O, Union Hijuan>, N. Y 



N. Y. C, 

It, N I', 

6 HI. 

v" ",: r i" u ' hi!"' "."'r- ''«'ii»w aii.T" vn. 

*.;llll;'t.:r, Uiiloll, JJbnii 

B.'Kell. Unir, r... •& Liana, Bell' 
Clly,, .VS..|,t. :l( t ,' 

fi IV. 


Newurk, N. J., 

N, Y., GIO; 

G-10: o. 11. 

Suiuiuers7i:"Wuiiers, Lakeside Purk, Daylou, O, 

_ 5-1,0; Chicago, 12-31. ■■ 

Swaru, Krauees, A Co.. Cryslnl, Fruukfurt, lad., 

'G-10; Crystal, ljlwood. 12-17, 

Syiiiondu, .Tank, laluiril Purk/ EMSton, Pa., GIO; 

Manila Grove, Tamutluu, 12-17.' 
Sylvan A O'Ncll, Keith's, Pbllu., 12-iT. 
rankuuy. Evu. I2.".lb Street; N. Y. tl.. G-10. 
J •"''.'»•;, Hum I'nrk. tlliiuliumioii. N. y,. CIO: 

Woodlyime Purk; C'uiiiileu, N.- J.,- I2-17. 
asiiiaiiian Troupe. llugetiUvk-Wiilluce Clrcuj. 
IWHMr ''rrlft.,.tKeltli'a, BoKtou, G-IO. 
Ihoinsou, Uatrry, Pastor's. N. V. C. G-IO. 
Tlionie. Mr. A Mrs. Hurry,. Brovkshle Park. 

12 S»' M,il "'' B ' X V ! I'alrylaud, Pussalc, N. J., 

Thornloii. James J., (I. O. II., Plllsburg, 0-10. 
llioinas A.I'avne, Lima Hark. Buffalo, N. Y„ 6- 
•m . : ' Uo ? c ' ^" rK - llinglininfoii.i. 12-17. 

T llllls'l'.' las, nil, -SlH'a'M, H.iilalo. N; Y., G-IO. 
T!|.|a.'ll A Kllment. Pavllkiu. lorMlu.vO., 0-10. 

roys, Musical. Academy. Scruutoii. Pu.. 5-10. 
Torcat & H'All^o, Sbeedy's, Nwinjrt;- It. 1., 5- 

20.- .- , . . . , . .- ;. 

Torrclli's Ponies, Lexlnglon Park. Boston, O-Hl 

li'iiuilile Waters Qiiiirtelte, Henderson's, Coucy 

Islund, N. y., G-IO. . . ' . - 

Tiosiler's "Flowefruud," Luuu Park, Clerehiud. 

1 1 .2o. '- . • .'. - , ; . . 

. 1 ' r JSJ SM Ml ii ,y ■ Nn - Divk ' l ' uko N'oiuue, Mllfoid, 

Travel le. Chutes, Clilmgo. G-IO. ■' 

luiiibUnu Tonus (U),- Merest Park, Palucs, Masa.. 

G-10. ■ . . ■ 

Mla A 


<'uiuun't, Victor, 

Vupcc, Clarice, 

Ja diugii, The. 

-t aldare, Baajle 

Cal., llu. 

Van pirinon Troupe. Hagenbeck-Wallace Oircul. 

v.unlellra .The '.Orescent. Birmingham;. Ala., G-IO. 

•van, 'Billy. Kansas Clly, Mo., G-10,f Oulalit, 

Neb., 12-17. 
■Un i •Mofrr A col rely,' Edinenlon. Cau.. G-10; 
• Siiskntoou. 1217. . . • 

^un.llros (toof flarden, Lancaster, Pu., 510. 
v^o/'.'HS' "?'«"«<■'. Chicago,. ,d-10. 
Van Hluddlford, Gruce, Oriibcum,' Suu Fran.. 

Cal., 4-10. 
\uygbii, Horotliy, Norili Are.. Chicago. G-10. 
U'da A Quliiturow, Egan'a Root Oardeu, l'ulsa, 
vJLSi ■ A. S '}V WW B»rtle>vlile, -1M-17- 
v . )' S",« rtrtt e. O. 0. II.. Plttsbhrg. G-10. 
velda Trio, Sohiner Park. Montreal. Cau.,' 5-10. 
Vldo A Hawley. Mojcutle, La Fayette, lud., G-10; 
^Slpes, Kokomo,. 12-17. 

Mclor nc, Myrtle. Fmlilly. Miles CHy- Moul.. G-10. 
MuelllH Horses, Oleuluuguy Purk,. Columbus, 

O.. 0-10^ 
Vllliers A I*e. Puslor's, N. Y. C. G-IO. 
Viola A Bagel. Blecirlc Park, Baltimore. O-IO, 
'Olta.. Ingersoll l'ark, Ocs Moines, In., G-10. 
Yolyon, Grin Empress, St. Rrdl, ifliiu.. G-IO. 
Wayne. Churleu, & Co., KelUi.V, Cleveland, G-10. 
»'mwr, Chnsi, Lyric, n't. .Wortb', :- Tex., WO I 

Lyric. Beaumont.. 1S-UT. . 

r".*/ & ,; ,,u e«'' ' .Wooillyii Park. Cuuiileti, N. J„ 
,,.0-IOt, IIIiiia»lrOiv<e. Ocenn City, N.- J... 12-17. 
Wurrcii A Bllimlinrd,.0; II.. Ciileago. G-IO. 
"ateta Jiimca. Pnslor's, N. .V. C.;i6-10.' 
JJ ""her .Hn«.. Aslilnud Gurilen. Culcasii. G-IO. 
«» bourn A Hlilluey. Ooalcsvlll'c, Pu., 5-10: 

Potlsvllle. 1 2- 1 7. 
Wallon. Irwin. Ii'nriu. Toledo, O.. 010. 
Majiir. A. J.. w«nl Euil. 
"» r »K., Mllt>.. While Oil,, 

aWBelil, wniii Holt, Proclor'a, Newark, N. J-, 

Or 10. ... , ,. fc . 

Weill fljM. A aniiili, lUWrta Purl'.i l.iinane Cllv, 

Mo., C-in. . - - . ■■ .. 

JJVat ; « Fnwlcr, Alnjnme, ftai.vlHirg. 111., G-IO, 

.Until, N. Y., 610. 
Keith's, "Pblla., 5-10. 
Keith's, Pblla... G-10. 
Troupe, Oi'pheum, San 


HIS WOM)F.n,IeYl, lSlPKIlttOVA'l »»>.», Al 

Came and see and convince, youraetr. 

w,ihh Mtaly * Moatroae, Young's Pier, Atlan- 
tic Cliy, J", J-. 5-10. 
Wftiiwnnli.'" Vesta, & Teddy, Boulevard. Mcdfo'd, 

UflJHL, 5-10. 

flvhlw. dipt.. Seals, Chester Turk, Cincinnati, 

nbtofi ' Francis. 4 Co.-, Alhambra, N. Y. C 5-10. 
Wells * Ramsey,! Steeplechase P*cr, Atlantic City. 

.V. J.. -»-10. ■ IV • 

Welch. Hon. 2ftrt Street., S. ;Y. '0., D-10, 
whalAO * Wet i. Empire, Bradford, :F,ng.. MO ; 
1 Palace. Hull, 12-17. 
White Eil. B. & Moll/i. White Oak Pork, New 

nni'nln. Onnn., 6-10 j Highland Lnko Tart:, 

H/lnsled, 12-17. 
Wlillosliic,,F.tncl, A Picks, Alenjsnr, Purls, France, 

U'l'i'li'elcy *' W'i OlynVfia Park, ileKeeiport, l'a , 

j-10t Oakland r«rk, fl roeiwlmrg, 12-17. 
Wheeler-, Children. Monesiwv.Pa., IS-10. . 
Wlilpple, Waldp, Lake Ohauncey. Wentboro, Mass., 
T.ilO. ... 

Wlniales, The. Palace Circuit fiOct. 20. 
Wln.iom, Constance, Ingeranll Turk. .Des Moines, 

In. .V10; Ornheiim, San Fran., (Jul., ill :;l. 
WlnolWman'K Bears & Monkeys, Hamotin Park, 

Hrnnd Rapids, Mich.. 8(10/ v. 
Wilson Bros., Young'a.Pler, Atlantic City, N. J., V ••-. ■•■■ i • ■ 

Wilton & Connors, National, Chicago, 5-10. 
vnccaiea, Tttc, Arcade, Tarcntuut, Pa., G10; 

Mr. Waahlarinn. 11-17. ■ » •" 

urillleintt, Johnny, Young's Pier, Allnnllc City, 

N. .1.. 5-10. 
Williamson, flrnoe, Lyric, Pea .Moines, la., 5-10. 
Williams St Ilenly, Lyric, I>c#'Mn]ncs."ln., 8-l». 
Wise a Mlllon. K. Sc P., Jersey Oily, N. J., 0-10. 
Worilclte. |.>tellc. & Co., Shea's, Toronto, Can., 

r.-in; Keith's, Cleveland, 12-17. 
Wolfe & Vnughan, Bagdad, Okaloosa, la., 11-10. 
World k Klflgston, Orpheani, Sun Fran., CM., 4- 

id: l,n» .Angrles, '11-34. ■- ■>. • 
Worlb k Deltnar. Weasl's. Peoria, 111,, '5-17. 
Wood. Francis', Wllkea-Bnrre, Pn„ 5-10. 
Woml. Mill. Ktectfle Park, Bnlllmnre, 5-10. 
Wood * •ijflWftnn.-PnBto.r'ai N. V.- C.,e5-10. 
Wolff Bros.. Iillewond Pork, Richmond, Va., !i- 

,ni;-iieemi View, Nnefolkf-Va., 13-1". • • , 
Wnndtrnnl, Kd. tc May, Majestic. Chicago, IMS. 
Wrens. The, French's. Now Sensation Show. , 
Wnrnell, Arndlil B„ KleclrJc Park, tlouslon, 'Tex., 

tin; Lyric Alrdome, Italian, 12-17. 
Wrcanfl k Wygnnrt, AildUnrlnm Annor, AitHnrn. 

N. V., fl H»; smith's O. II., flcneva, 12-17. 
Vnckle? k Bunnell, Morrymeetlng Park, Bruns- 
wick, Me.; 0-10; 
Wyait k Lewis, 12fth St., ft, Y. C, n-10..... - 
yok), Mln,' &.,l\iilclterhockcr!« (4), :lleni1crson's, 

Coiiey/IKlniiS.-N. '«,. ii-lO.i.... . 3: IS , i , 
Vrmnu. .OI|le.«^*v Itms.-. -Lakeslile Park, Akron, 

0,- S-lOt.Park.'WheellnRi.'W. Vat. .11-17. 
Young* (.".I,- La .Salle, III., 8-10; Paris, 12-18. 
Vrttiti'fi Mnnolntr. Hun Sotteirark; flhlcago, l-lt. 
Ville, 'Arllinf, llinnrer Park, Morlrten, CoDn., 

' t\-\0.' ■"-■•■■: ' - < (*•"' 

Zr.nnrns, Cyellng, Poinding's, Itoeknwny Bench,' 

N. V.. fi-10.- • ■•! J • ■ ■• • 
Unrlllne * ■litiiwll. i 'Pnrk; Wheeling, W. Va.-. V10. 
Xarrnw 'I'rln. Union Hounre, N. v. C, S-10. 
Zcno, Jordan ft licno, T<mple. Detroit, 12-17. 
Zln-nrelhi. I.iinn , Park, P.iilTnln. N". V.. .'»- lo 
Zoituvo airla (10J,. Park. ClantoB, f).. 5-10. . / 


sii|i|iieineiitni vliUt'.— Received Too 
Lim: /i>r t'lHSwIUi-ulluu. 

Amjeiiv Ooincdlnn'i). (J. , H. Aogeil, I msr.) — Moul- 
ioii, in., 8 iti. Mount Plcnsant '12-17. 

Angell'a Comeillaas (Chan. Mannvllle, tngr.) — 

-llesr.tsti.wii, III., -S-10, Saybrook 12-17. - 

Brront Comedy (Ham Bryant, mgr.) — Itochestcr, 
Pa.; 12-17. 

"Connlry Kid" — Mount Clemtns, Mich., 11-10. 

I'raser Slock (R. ,W. Praser, mgr.)— Antlgo, 
IVIs., .".•in. < tninilon 12-17. ■ ■■ •' 

flnr Stock IC. W. ilercer, ragr.) — Blooming-ton, 
annV,\' 12-17. ■""" '. 

Illllman, May (Itrneat Schnnbel, mgr.)— Keene, 
N. H., 1217. , ' 

"Jeaw Jnmfa'' <Brown ft Roherls, mgra.) — Ford, 
Ky., B. Richmond 0, llnwlnnd 10, Lebanon 12, 
nreenshnrg 18, Camnliellstonn 11, New llnvcn 
IS. ...... 

"I.lfe of An ActrMa''— K. Y. City 12-17. 

Uimiiu A Sights Cotnedlnna (J. W. Sights, mgr.) 
■ nil. Lake, wis., 5-10, ■ Weatboro 12-17. 

I'liinaii Stock (K. K. Pitman, mgr.)— Pella, la., 

"I'nele Totn'a OnWn," Sleelrnc's Of, L: Finn, 
mill) lllanni Hi Y., 8, LI»lng«ton Manor P. 
i iiiitiv it), Woodbnrn 12, Centcrvlllc la. 

"I'lHJBl Joahun Slaipklila" — Belleyllle:, Mlcli., 7. 
Oharlol>e s, lluatings 0, Lansing 10. - 

Wild Stock (Wm. C. Wild, mgr.)— Coopcrstoivn, 

X.Y., 510, Oneonta 1217. 

in it i.i :stn i; imi \ Al 1)1 1 V ll.l.l :. 

i 'liainpagne Olrla (Phil Flslier, mgr.) — Milwau- 
kee. Mis., 4 in. St. Paul. Minn., 11-11. . 

American, Deland's — Soldier, Pa., 0; Eleanor. 10. 

lllehnnla & I'rlngle'a (Holland t Fllklns, mcra) 
— Pomcroy, \Vaah.,-5, Dayton 6, Walla Walla 
T. North Yakima 8,. Kllenabttrg ft, Tni-oma 10, 
II. Kiereii 12, MaryRyllle 13, Mount Vernon 
14. Atincorlea 13, S.e|lro Woolley lr), Blaine 17. 

Spark's. J. H.— Wyoming. .Pa., 11. 

I'lske's node — Morgan, Minn.. 7, Redwood Falls 
s. Morion f>, Franklin 10.'s (Muss mowers (Jack Lee, mgr.) — York 
Springs, Pa., 5-10. 

r.a.uiK.nil, the t'.reiii iMniirlco F. ltnymond, mgr.) 
-Ilillliinrl, Vt., 5-10. 

Siwle Family Show (Burt Steele, mgr.)— War- 
ren,' •MMWr*IM0." > "t<' -:.-..i..-.s...... u... ..,»... 

■T- . !»« , » ,.,. . 

'I'lu- Canalry -Choir. 
, Dnly'ti Country. ChoJr, with Mary Hiitchlns, 
Join Itennnl. Frwl KUIotr. and Walter line 
l licmon, liuve Just flulslied a three, monthn' 
jnp for ihe Wm, Morris Ottlce, and, Juda- 
'•»« from Uio exoellent reports .received, 
lave lumped Into undisputed popularity dur- 
ing I belt- short tour In "Advanced Vaude- 
yllte." The members of this organization 
iinve (tone to rluuY resnectlve homes to 
tnko n needed rest, before they Btart on Ihelr 
'"HI and Winter engngements on (he Klaw 
*■ IfliiORPr circuit. 

I. u 

'I'emiH Aililn tu ( irt-iip. llnlcM. 

Accordlnpf to it ruling Issued recenlly , liy 
i "e llatlroad Commlstilnn of Texas, full rates 
must )>e pnld for the transporlnilou of ad- 
vance cars of circuses nnd tholr represenln- 

This proposed Increase In Ihelr expenses 
"'ay cause elro4is owners' to leave Texas oh" of 
"Mr rnulliiKinapr---- ->* ■> 

IS j ., ««» " " .. ; 4 

Anillp llnrl Will, ••^.loil.len •« I'lolx." 

Annie Hurt- will l>e fealnred with "McFad- 
.. .''"'lals." The. season opens Aug. '.'II. at. 
>'W Bank, N. ,T., Miss Hnrt's home town. 

Albert 8utlierlan<P* ErKcrprlses. 

Alliert Sutherland has In preparation sev- 
eral act plays; which will ploy over the 
l.nlted Booking Office time. The ncls em- ' 
brace everything from an elaborate one acr 
opera, written ,by Stanislaus Strange 'and 
Julian Edwards, to a knockabout comedy act, 
In .which -will be featured two well known 
comedians, ; . ■ ' S 

:.'He ie also bringing to this connfrv n noic] 
musical act, the effects of which 'are somc- 
■what-after the style of spiritualistic seances, 
where- musical Instruments are played, but 
In this case the music comes from all parts 
of the house, with full HgWs on. * 

All acta handled by Mr. "< Sutherland next 
season will start out with their advance press 

On m,3.1» nnd-tt.10. FortyaU week* on 

kkitii son pnocToii'd rinr-niT. 

- -M . .1 ti 

■■ ! f '•* ii i 

work and billing, prepared-Jin such (order as 
to;jglve rgVttch Joy to the various hobso man- 
agers, who have almost, given up Hone that 

JliiNtlc In the >l«.rrls Olllr.-i.. 
Kveryboily In. Ihe Wm. Morris offices Is In- 
fused with wonderful activity this early pare 
of the season, nnd the warm weather tins no 
ulsirosKiig elfecls upon, the different em- 
ployees In .lite performance of their. rospccUva 
duties. The roullnu of tin: numerous acts 
t'»n|.r»clchV for by the Klaw & Hrlanger clr- 
i'hII Is under the exclusive and personal sit- 
iwrrUloO of William Morris, and Bright 
Ileitis shine In the .windows of tho Holland 
Ibilldlng many hours -after supper time. Some' 
Jf i be houses .booking . ■ ."Advanced Viuub- 
vllle." win open the week of Aug. 20, nnd 
about nineteen other houses will bo added for 
lite- week of Sent. 2. Knch week •tliorcnfter 
new houses will be added to tbo "Advanced 
Circuit." ......j 

the vaudeville performers will ever send theli 
newspaper "stuff" and sufficient photographs 
for newspaper nnd lobby use. 
«■ ♦ i 
Sen Vaudeville '11. rat re for 

' /.nni'Kvllle. , 

- W. Hunter Atliu, of Bancsvllle, 0., U to 
build a new .theatre in. that city.'' It will 
occupy a large, lot at Fourth and Market 
Streets, owned by Mr, Atliti. When com- 
pleted the house will be one of the most mod- 
ern- vuudev I lie houses In the Htate of- Ohio, 
l'laiis arc now being prepared by. a .local 
architect, »nd .ground, will bit- broken -thlt 
week. It Is expected to require about six 
months to complete the theatre, and It will 
thus. he some time after tht; holidays brfor,* 
it Is formally opened. The building will lie 
a three story affair, constructed entirety ot 
pressed brick, nnd will be finished elabo- 
rately. Mr. Atha has closed a ten years' con- 
tract with Hun & Murray, and. this theatre 
will be on the regular .vaudeville, circuit of 
thill ilftn. 

tut r •' H17 — u •.' *s ■ . .~\ t. •..-...» 

I lisirli-n (irao.lleli. llunouer of Iln.Lu. 
I'urk, iinltliuorc. Hum uu Knconnter 

,..WIth a lUlio.nn. ..;...■.... 

Chas. Gramllch, manager of Backus Park'. 
In Baltimore County, Mit.y m-tbr and' owner " 
of 1 "Tho , King lteff'. nltn>lcnl.. comedy;" whs 
liadly Injured at tnc^'potk, - Inst Friday,; hy;;ti , 
bifge monkey, HI Kl by nnmc, a g ray nn boon. 
Ill Kl had been usndfor Hie past live years 
In a circus, but had bis Summer quarters In 
llackiis I'nrk. He hnd lichh ptirtleiilai'lv 
vl( l lo1ts .llttely, nnd attacked Mr. (iriimllch 
when he entered I lie cage. After a fierce 
battle, during which Mr. Ornmllch wnsse- 

.verely blllen, the mopkey wns killed. 

' — *' » .. — " 

lii.lilrll ( l(>, ( nillir*lr, L. I.. I lliliT 
New Vlnmmrllli-lli. , ( . 

Golden . City, the umu's'ement park at ,Ca- 
ruirslc, .has. been transferred. by the Colden 
Clly Construction Co. .to the Coilarsle 
Amusement Co. The terms of the transfer 
were not mude public. President William 
.1. Wai'uer, of the Cnnarslc Amusement' Co., 
nnnounced that It .was , proposed . to make 
(lolden City one of the Inrgoat amusement: 
resorts in the world. The present grounds 
will- be Improved, and next -Winter tbo pnrk 
will he extended to cover adjncenl land. More 
than fifty acres will bo devoted to amusement 
purposes. '"' * 

♦ »». . . 

The luiiitly The»tre, lit Chester, P«„ 
1 iiii.rmiliiii (n.i'iiibi.ii.. 

'i!he .'i.'amliy Theatre, located an -West Seven- 
teenth Street, Chester, Pn„ will be opened on 
Mnndnv SopL 2, by 'Harry ITKsta, for- the 
season. ..Various alterations to the building 
arc under way, and when they nre finally 
completed, the playhouse will" he prettier thon 
'ever. An exit Is being plnced on the west 
side of the building, which lakes the place of 
a tire escape. Considerable work will also lie 
done on the Interior before the season opens. 

. ,1 ,- 1 'n»! ■ : 

Oe Haven unit si.iiir* Make Oood. 

Chnrles«I)e Haven nnd Jack Sidney, who 
recently left Oua Iidwards' "School Boys nnd 
fllrls.". net, and started out for themselves, 
npnemred for the . tlrst time at Henderson's 
Music Hall, at Coney Island,.. N. XI week of 
July J2, and were a . pronounced success 
throughout the week. They bnvn been booked 
for fortv-four weeks solid. 

, . B » . »♦ . 7. ,. 

i.oiik MlnHtrel Jnuitu. 

Wm. Josh -Daly's Minstrels have been hav- 
ing . a gay time this season seeing the scen- 
ery while travellrtg, and for the remainder of 
the senBon Mr. Daly will call his organiza- 
tion Daly's Minstrel Company of Globe 

The week of July 16 this company made 
a Jump from Voungatown, O., to Harris- 
burg, Pa. The week of 22 from Harris- 
burg to Ottawa, Can. 

■ ♦■» 1— 

MnK«- r AiiiuHcmcnt Co. Incorporated, 

Tbe Jack Singer Amusement Co. was In- 
corporated July UO at Albany, X. Y. The 
compauy, of . which Jack Singer, Cliff Gor- 
don and Bobcrt North are directors, owns 
and controls Ihe Behman Show and Frank 
D. Bryan's Congress- of American Girls. 
■ ' 4 . 1 » ' 

I'nrk iiim.i.Iiik Circuit. 

Tbo 1'ark Booking Circuit was lucor- 
poraied July *"> la Albany, N. Y. The di- 
rectors arc: Kdwnrd lltrsh, Samuel Swao- 
soti and Kalharltie M. Kogarty. 

— - — '. «» ' •» ' •— 1 

81s Llim-llMhlre I, UMMltot for the 
Hnchelora' Club. 

Hastings & Arnold,- managers of the Bache- 
lors' Club (Knslcrn wheel) have secured from 
Kurope. ior this season., the Six Lancashire 
lassies, six Kngllsh girls, who enn Hlng and 
dance for pony ballet; 

I'linrleu II. Mi.i|.liiek to lllricl H. A. 
llolff'» VI t rm-lii.iiM. 
Charles It, Madilnrk. <or the past Iwo j-cn.s 
manager of tbi> .Military Odette for husky. 
Ilolfe & Co., has severed his connection with 
the old Arm to become assistant manager and 

fenernl director of the 'alt ructions controlled 
y. tbe new llrnt of B. A. Ilolfe A *>• • i 

■ -1 j V» j gi »■ ■ - 

Dntvsou; Mack nnd Company SIkii 
with Hull Mancheuter. 

Dawson, Mark nnd company have signed 
wllh Bob Manchester, to he featured in one 
of his (Kaslern wheel) ; attractions. In their 
comedy success, "ADny nt the Circus," with 
thirty people, in the act.' 

/-. — "' ■» m 

CinriHnfr n ml .> Iiuiiit Score In 

Gardiner nnd Vincent nnd company hirrc 
met with distinct success In Knghinil, otien- 
tng In their sketch, "Winning a l^tteeu/ at 
the Holhnru Kmnlrc, 'jvhere they .closed Ihe 
show arid held the audience- to Iho end. 

«*»■ — ' — s4 

Jules (;nrrl«iili'S N>tv Act. 

-.rules'' Garrison will present a new act this 
season In vaudeville,; entitled "After tbe 
l'lay," written by ceroid Crawford, with 
seventeen people nnd^peulal. scenery. 

«*»»■ . 

iinniimi and Prankllii for AnstrnlluA 
I layman and Kntnlclln, a well known 
American .team ,of comedians, sailed from, 
Knglnnd, Aug. 2, for a 1 went}'- four .weeks' 
tour of Harry illckurd's theatres In Aiuj- 

eii^er Post 

in order to avoid mistaken and to 
Insure the' prompt delivery ot the 
Irtlcrs , advertised In tills Mm«, uM 
envelope iilnlulj addrrased iun«t l>4» 
■ fin tor each letter, and a written 
order .far the Inter, uluo.-d ttlin thn 
full niiiiif nnd nddresn and the line 
of nnalucaa. fnlloned '>> the. sender, 
iniiMt alao he eneliised. -:'•• . ■ ."■ 

I'leaue mention the dnte tor num- 
ber! of tbo Cblfspicn .In which tbo 
letters acnt for were advertised. 

I.AOir.H' LIST. 

Ashtoti. Syltla | Do Turk. Mill. 
(tppt.ll, Marie il'iik.n. UvUmi 
Allen. I'lmea.-e ih'hmian llernl.t 
Kverctl, Until 


Mrs. lie... tl. 

Amber, . 

liable * Co. 
Ashton,. Dolly 
Alleene.J Miuio 
Allen, -Iiln 

Ikirl. M-iini 
. • Margnrel 
I'.lii.v, Mftye 
l.'arwcll, l.uellte 
l.'ox. I.llllllll 
I'ay sisters 
rinn, kin 


A New Rnllet. 

"The Spirit, of Ihe I'rcm" Is Ihe title of 11 
ballet In preparation by Joseph linn for the 
vnndcvllle theatres.- "■ — ■ : 
a»a ' ■■ • 

I'.llilllrt' < t Four for Uliriilie. 

r-ljttiptoa ..C^Wnf'VBtnttWWC Aug, 18. fpr^ 

l'^ii'4>|K.<.., open, at lM'«gu«#- Austi'lu,, Aug„;jl.., 

Alva, Alice .Kerns, Tesslc 
Anderson, F. ll-'alr, Diiljtv 
lieiisnn. .Mtildo I'leW. . Kranm 
UaocroCt, Maud |.-eiit.ia, Alpha 
lb a. lie v. t'.va 1 1 I'vunl.h 11 , M 11 lie 
Hlnckfonl IMtlei.llllctle. Viol i . 
Bertram, Helen (irltflili .Mrs.l'.M 
Brvhaitcy Louise (Jonlon, Pearl 
Brog'.it, Josle qnrnellii, Mv 
Bellser Alice , Herlerl,. M.ti.le 
Bonner, >C«Mle Hlekox,<;Myrllo 
UcMrnnil Mndcetlliimlllon, Maud 
Ilcrrl .MbwUuil't liunl. Isalniln 
Itevan, ,Mrs.Ale< Herman, 'i'eot 
Itt'lnsir, Airs. II. Ilerson, Ctell 
Burke, Mrs. J, llnwiinl. .May 
Bemaleln Annie Mill, Alay . 
Hurt, .Madge Hale, Ii.h-oc 
Hares; Muyme lluinhlon. 
llrooks, Jeanne ( -lira. J, A. 
Black. Vera Jerome, I.lliliin 
CM, (luasle lUentun isir.itliy 
Calto, Puitse". KRigitMkale 
Clisdwlck, KiiiHiidl, I'lo 

Pa 11 tin.' Krarnei'-Mditille 
Clair, F.ran 1 Kennedy, 

Lindsay Morrison for- Keith's lloslon 

Lindsay Morrison, house manager for Keith 
tc 1'roctor's Union Smiarc Theatre, has gone 
to Boston. Mass., lo assume management of 
Keith's Theatre In that city, iteed A bee 
succeeds htm as lion*e manager of Keith & 
Troctor's- Union Square. Theatre. 

«■»■' . 

I''. F. Proctor J*. Appointed Assistant 
to K. F- Alhee. 
At a recent meeting of ihe directors of tho 
Keith & Proctor Amusement Co., I'. !•'. i'roc- 
Inr Jr. was appointed assistant to tleneral 
Mnniiger H. K Allieev 

t- .. <i» 

Illack I'niiili lliirlcstauers. , 

Tiie Black Crook Jr. Hurlesqiiers will Co 
nut Ibis season with new acls and specln 
scenery.' Manager Harry Hastings hits laid 
out 11 scnsoi) or forty weeks of our nttil three 
night stands. > ' 

. . , .-. rwrg ■ «' ! > . ' ■ ■ ■ 
A MM lioti.ri) In » Mlnitle Acl. 
Anna Dnherty, of Ihe Dolterfy Hlslers. will 
do 11 slnale net nt. Kellh tc Proctor's 1,'nlon 
SminreThenlre. Aug. 111. She will rejoin lier 
sister when she relurns from Rurnpe. 

The gathering on Friday night, Aug. 2, 
was largely attended. Arthur llomblow, Ihe 
editor of 7'flr. Thntlrc MttfKKtnt, was to have 
been the guest of honor, but could not, be 
present owing to nn Important business en- 
gagement. . ' , 

Attention Is called again to the special 
-meeting- on Friday, .Aug.. 0, nt Kccno's. for 
the purpose of . Incorporating the Friars... . 

The abbot will act as the New York repre- 
sentative of the committee of itinerant Friars. 

Friar Bruce Kdwartls, chairman of the 
house committee and -of tbe committee sock- 
ing larger quarters, will make bis Dual report 
on Friday night; Aug. lb 

Friar Geo. ft, Hammls reported progress 
Ip the arrangement for the rontlng Al. liny- 
man dinner, and stated that, following 11 
personal letter from Mure Klaw strongly ad- 
vising Mr. llnyntan to accept the honor, a 
formal Invitation has been sent by thn com- 
mittee. The date set for the dinner in Friday 
evening, Aug. 2.1, If agreeable 16 Mr. Dayman. 
,is soon as Mr. Haymtin's -acceptance is re- 
ceived, complete details will lie announced by 1 
Ihe committee. ... .1 . . t 

'Die following candidates hnro been pro- 
posed for inciiiliorslilp • Actlye: Branch 
O'Brien, S. Nelson IJogard. Percy Hammond, 
Wm. 0. Wheeler, Urnosl" "A. Jligglns, John 
W. Plckon, J. U McDouall, Jack O'l^ary, V. 
\\\ Gregory, ClMs*. H. Breed;, Harry Weaver, 
nnd II. W. Taylor. Associate : Chns. W. 
Shaw, George. Ade, C. .X. :Yoiing.. Jos. II. 
Grlsmer, Frank T. Klntnlng, Alfred 1 K. 
An runs, Frank Howe, .Fred McClcllan, Theo. 
llonssenu, Henry Pleiwui; M. A. Jack, Her 
iram l,evvn, John W. Dunne, Harry Bonnell, 
Jose Vim den Berg, . Krtwln ('. Hill, Joseph 
l.uelilll. Lay: llobeit J. riniipbel) and 
Caul Timmnsnu. 

.1. A. I'. Mnloue, general manager of 
George Kdwarde's eiiternrlses, will address 
the Friars tit the meeting at Keen's Chop 
house ou Aug. (I. 

Friar Kd. Abrnms, who bus lieen 111 for 
Hirer weeks, recovered sufficiently to attend 
tho meeting last Friday, and was given a 
warm welcome. 

Marcus 11. Mayer sailed, on Aug. .'I, for 
Southampton, toKlnnhuz his flflv-dflli round 
trip. He carried In Ills pocket credentials 
signed by Wells Hawks, president, nnd Philip 
.Miiidll. secretary, as the official renrescnta- 
llvc of tho Friars In the United Kingdom 
nnd on the continent. It Is Mr. Mayer's pur- 
pose to enroll the desirable foreign agents 
as Friars, and to establish a branch monas- 
tery on the other side, 

On Tuesday evening. July fiO. Victor 
Herbert and Charles Kmcraon Cook's tune- 
ful melody, tho olllclal ballad ot tho Friars, 
resounded throughout the "Court of Luna," 
nt I, una Pnrk, from eight o'clock until mid- 
night. The 1,111111 Pnrk bands, orchestras 
unit quartettes played It continuously dur- 
ing the evening, and Ihe lusty voices of three 
hundred press agents carried the strains to 
every nook nnd corner of the park. ' The oc- 
casion was tho tlrst visit of the Friars to 
Luna Park, where the members nnd their 
ladles were the guests of Frederic Thomp- 
son who Is nn honorary member of tho or- 
ganlnallon. .. .:■•■-, .-; •: ;. .. ..,::■■:■- "v~..-_ 

Deaths in tDe Prof mien 

T. I, FAnaON .In., died July 28. 
"Con" T. Mrtifitv. died July '.'ft. 
W11.1. fl, n.tKRii. died July 27. 
II. J. C|,H "ion, died .lulv I'M. 
Fni',nRiiir.'K ItAiici.AV. died July 22. 
.111. us Lcmi'kut, died Aug. 1. 
,T. It. Davis, died July 21. 
Kittii: HoiiEKTH, died July 28. 
DAvm CiinisTin Mi'iutAY. died Aug. 1. 
(Iso. P. Krno. • - 
JosKt'ii Hatto.v, died July 31, 
Mention of ihe careers of the above will ap- 
pear.. In our nest Issue 

- Courtney Lottie 
Ciu-lunaii Mi ->.!' 
i:hn|iiaan, Nella 
Clifton. Ada 

Mrs. Hurry 
Callninlli.' Irrne 
Cleveland flnlilk> 
1 'lis III". , ■Beta 
ilhnfte,. I.en.i 
crnifdall, Hiuiil 
(Hark slaters 
Camnhijll AllssK. 
Day. Myrtle 
IV, Mnuil' 
Be 1, iiey, l.elgh 
Dupm, Alice 
I'u Bola, Bell 

(Xinal'lmil Helm 
Hale, Murl.i 
IK-a»cs Mary K. 
Hurling, li.-i.'ii 
IImvIi.s 'loiolliy 

Utckson; l.ydla ■ 
Burrow, .Jean |.;illnr.r 
He Forrest 


Ilea, rice X 
fenls'l, »lllc. ■ 
I nlil.ilh-. Mario 
I Jinan;. Grace 
i.l 1 Frew Slaters 
l.elliliil. How 
ISee, Alberta- • 
lowell Blimel.e 
l^< Itov, '."l-l 
l^sler, Mliliiie 
I ew, Ktlirl 

Lyon. I'Mher 
l.ionl.. Mamie 
Moore, .lest Ic 
Merrill, . May 
Muitlte, -Kvu 
Mack, Hieilu 
Melrose. Nellie 
Miller, 1 lllliia 
Mylene Adelnlilf 
Mlllmm tlraccl.. 
Miller. Miss 

Miss, F. II. 
Mason, tlenlrlee 
M'i>... II"" 

Milieu. Vldn 
Man Mrs, Sam 

, M.11 


J Jeam.tle 
Nolle. Mm.'. 

NVvllte Uanscrt 
Osborne, Nellie 
Oswald, Allele 
l«erle, nitty 
Pike, Mrs. I., 
qilliilt, Mrs.J.W 
Ileal. Pablo 
Baynlnnll. Ida 
I In ye, • V vol te 
ISi.IiIsimi llertlne 

I . ,l..| Hello 
Rolilnsou. J.onisi' 
Hoy. Burnt by 

KUlly, fHlelle 


II .1 re-l 
elevens, Kitty 
Sliel.ilr. Julio 
flubCl Josephine 
KlewuM, Htelyn 
Homers, 't'llly 
SuiiUum, Miss 

Sinclair, llnscl 
Sniirs, .letse tc 


Snnforil l...'iMe 
Tht.nma, sumo 
I'lllsun, Klhel 
Tyson, draco 
full >.il, .lule no 
lay lor. .May 
Taylor, Bessie • 

■I'licti, Alllf.oVlli 
Taylor, Horn 
■Vernon Vlrglllue 
Van Sl.-kli a Ida 
Van Kiiion. 

Mlsa V. 
Vnngbti IKirtilby 
WoKilvllle, Irene 
j i'"l(iwiic|. 

tl'ooil, Vlviait 
Wlilliinirf. Nellie 
Weal, Madeline 
Wagner, Mla» F. 
Wiill..ce, Flo 
Wonlcn, Mreski 
Warren, flrace 
Wayne, u-imi 
Wo.lfi. VI. 1 1. 1 
WlilUnit. Hell 
Wlson Mrs. Nat 
Waaiier, v. in 
\\ .. 1 1 11 .-.-. 

. Iloclliy B. 
Weston. lA>ln 
Vyclle, )lh. 
Zlllinali, Sylvia 


Astiim ArlU. 0. tC'arr,, (ten. ii. . iFntlr. Fmd 
Am 1 In, O., II, . I. 'Carroll, Beunlo t'lynn, A. S. 
Acl-ermiinu i'aul Coiikblau. A, U, rosier, .tloriMa 
Altinan, I. A. . Coltablun. Al. Fields, IfobMe 
AMalra, The Oollln», Dirt 1 Franc, llin.M 
Arnolil, Billy illnllahan. .0. B.lFsrrrll. F. K.i 
Alvonlaa, Itlchil. (Virltr. I'ligene dole ■ 
Albrecht. llun.i it.'iliituii, II. F. Ilnietll Fred 
.ui»Tts. Low gWaUlt *'H'ill!Orueey W. II. 
Alliurtli. I.. .'MIleM, I.'. ' .tlfltey liunl. 

Allaire, A. (Xiuser. Kls,«ortli tlaunauji Ut.rt 

Mi1h.1I, -'iiiii fualelln... II. (Irllblb, >l 

All, . :CJnrne»..\V. 1, 

Amtiiuli (IV) Ciinniili,' ,|.|'i. 
Allen, Joe M. 'Cuniilngliaai, 
Allen, .If., S. . : . i. .W 

\n. in in • A t'.i.v, Hen V. 

Mllinr, darters. '■• 
Adams, Kui(cne .'niilll, .1. V. 
Ashley, IWO, F.; Cortex, II. IHny, .lullnii 

A.'l.eiiiuiuii. i'iia|iei'.|..n ArllilHIlfoyl, llaity 

I'.l. lie ii. Carroll, l.'aul fllhaon, .11111 
Carroll. I. .ttayisir, •lo"- 

Case, 11. Uiegif, I'l'iM 0. 

Cilinoi.. ...' I Ml llerur.l, lillbert 

Kirk, M. 11. 
Kaonics, flirty 
Itrtidnll l'r"i.:..n 
Killile, (b.i-. 
Keogli, Wm. T, 
U.«.lt>r. M.i.v, 
Kelly. I'e er .1 
Kwiaebiiiiii,' V 
l.eluniinn, too 
l.a Marr. Harry 
l/iralne, llilh'y 
liiekharl't. I'.ii' 
. nhnnls, Mgr. 
f.aeentra Jo».,(., ,1. (I. 
1 /.wis, Oscar 
.lister, O. w. 

Ie»l>. Rdmir 
litrelte. ;<len, 
l.a. Marr, Paul 
Mntn, JDsrt 
Lyons, ft; W. 
Lnthron Win. :4. 
1,0* 'foaft Foo 
I^Comte Fre.ll! 
I.lnyd, II.'k. j; W. 

1 Wis. w. s. 

l.nivte.v>. V, 
l,a Kole, M. Joe II. 
l.nrelle, A. K. M. 
Lewis & 

' Lesslngtoti 
Lambert. Win. 
t^nnon Iten.t It 
Livingston It. 11 
1* FeW), D.fJ. 
I nuimers ciimJ'rarl, Wesley 

McKeea, Tlie a 
Mi.rrls, Jnlm 
Mnraliy. J.T. 
Morion, Ja». .1 
Muxsx'll Hurt. I 
MeClaln, chas. 
MCNalr, Jaa: K 
Morse, D. I.. 
Maastleld lloltIA 
MeCnrty. Dull 
MeCnrmtck ibll 
Murray, Larry 
Mclean, II. lb 
Miller Frank F. 
Mack; Chas. 
Moss, Mr.. ' 

.'(Bill I'nsler) 
Mltelf, J. it. 
Madcaps, The fl 
Mel'nrland 0. 11 
McCiirier, J. A. 
Meelin Trio 
Moore, Hi 
.MH'ormlcV Hurl 
Merlon, i lifts. K. 
Mliinoclt, T, C. 
Mnaro Riil|di A. 
Mini. .01 I'.iirl K, 
Mlniiella Bros. 

Mf«, c. r«" 

Mitchell, W. II. 

■ . Inu-nttsii 
Melrote, W.'F. 
Alorrell, Frank 
Mason, Harry 
M.uiet. .Hilly . 
.Mel Us', .1. II. 

Mil)... A. , . 
Moiilgou.iiiy. .1, 
Markiunai t'tie 
Aleotl, Will ' 
.Mintr, Al. ' 
Morrlsaey, Billy 

.Miilkvy, -lolui II 
Mellon. .1. A, 
Mitchell. .>,. , . 
Al Millet. in Cllsll. 

tli'lloivioi. \\u 

A1cflartley,)Ji. A 

Alnek & lioiio-!! 
Mack, .1. r 

h.tMsr., , 
ilviiuu, I. N, 
■ilraliiim, , I'ninh 
Inregor/' (', I,'. 
driuivllle; llert 
llnylord,-. 0. 
iluiOebl. I'lui-. 
((Ilg..rfll. W. IJ 

lliirri'll, Fdiiioud 
Bales .v N.olin 
Briiiull, Le Hoy 

I'lii-linioiil. lt-ibt 

Coatts ,t tirnuily 

Beiittey Hraytonif.Vigawell Client 
Brown, Hour/ U! Clark, div s. 
itMiin, Frank Dllfford. Frank 
Helms, John Carl, 'i.ui . 
liiirgcas, Jos, • lk?ker,_l > ant 

fionld f« 1'ite.: 
Craves, Harry 

liiinlbi,-.-, .Ii.eli 
11 in nes Hurry 

11111 .i.... 

Ilogan, (I. W. 

linker, Billy ItsuiU, Tims. I'. Ifcnt'ig'a Htir.s.s 
Baldwin Barney rioiiCarlns Seiior Herring, Ira 

Bennett. Frtsl De Weird, I'ruf 
it.inniiii. Hairy Pale, P. A. 
Blllt, Cliaa. Bnny, Jas. 
Bllyclis Meals l)avrai»iii C. M 
llowera. Joe ' Doyle, J. II. 
Bonne, John 1 Daley, Jaa 

MAttTifA W.\(ii:vpniiiiKn,"'The Maid of ■ Ni- 
agara Falls," wrlles an appeal to her friends 
10 come to her nld. as she lost all Iter be- 
longings In lltn recent fire at Steeplechase 
Park, Coney Island. Her address Is 2:..". Mast 
Mevenly'Klehtli Hfreet. Now York tllly.'. 

Aiihi.i: Pintvis Onmi and I'i/uia 'I'iiuiick 
have signed wllh Ihe I'nlted Bonking ("tubes, 
opening Nov. I. They sail Sep!.- 18 for 
l'ngliinrt. ami return Oct. It. '• 

Titc. OnKBNKP TiiKATitc, Hreenup, III., will 
ripen I lie season on Aug. Ill, with "iHil of 
Ihe Streets." The bookings comprise son,' 
of thn best one night blnnds playing i!n> mid- 
dle West. 

Anxkttk Wilts ib, singing 
will play rtiLitlevllle dates thla season. 

Bradley. Chaa.T 
iiueii. Ike 
lierginiiii. II. A. 
Batle, Frank 
Itnrr A lOtiins 
Brnbm Trio 
lliitlons, The 
llriiiulon H.lgni-T 
Baker. Chaa. 
Iirandt, Kdwln 
Brady, .las. II. 
lliisard, Clut'i. 
Barclay, Prof. 
Barton. Homer 
Honour, Frank 
Byrne Broa. 
Burke, John F, 
llernard, Hen 
Brown, Col. A. 
Barrett, Palsy 
- llreiiiiens Alutle 
llrown. Tom 
llnrtlett, O. II 
Boyd A Viola 
browner, Mr. 
Beck, I. on 
lie Hon is. The 
Bruno, (las . 
Clark's .Dor A 
(Mm. circus 
Century Com. 4 
Curllena Mcd.Cc 
Cllrfonl, 1*0 
Ccunors, Frank 
'I'routs? A Mile 
Clifton, II. 
Chllds. Fred 
Cirmll, Frwl 
I'orrlgan f< 

Colhy, Will II. 
Chflsly Warmsl 
Ciimioily, Jiis.F 
llerll OarfaTrki 
Curley, Pole 
f'niiltvell. Jas. 
(V.ltln, Win. fl. 
Clreone. Noe 
fkMle, M. B. 

Fslwln A On. 
faint. Musical 
Claire, .lack 

Daly. Chas. 
IV Hainan Wall 
Dlonl. Arthur 
Dcliiliimi .y - 


Dale, J. K. 
De Lisle, J. C. 
Davenporl. Dleli 
Dexter, ,Frts| ;.. 
DuiUiani, F. 
Darsey, (1i«. I.., it. J, 
Dodge, II. L. 
Bore, Joli'i 
Hunliar, (Iro. 


Doyle, Put 1/ 
Davey, Jus, 
I loonier, liiisab 
K'lloti Fuldle F. 
Ivhyards. FrilllU 
Knierson, Nn, 
Kinerson, Jaa. 
Karl k Wilson 

Harry A Co. 
KldrblRo. Prt.aa 
Krroll, L. 1 
Kllsworlh Allan 
Elmore. It. It. 
Rmerson, Joe 
Kntils. W. B. 
Rilwur.N, Itobt. 
Kvnns * 
Kills. Hurry H. 
Kilwanls Clias I 
Km met t . Cbna. 
J.Mert,i..iu Frcil 
|rs|iosllo. V. 
Fa/. Jolm T 
Fisher, II. I'.. 
Fuller, Wm 
j.'li'Miiore. I".. 
I.'b'.ke. Kd, 
I'nv, fieri 
Prt*rc. John 
Frye. 0. C. 
I'le.klnsleln, J. 
Foster, Frsnk 
Falrrhlld It. I> 
Flyno, Karl 
Froliei, C. K. 
Frayne. Frank 
Ferguson C. A. 

Hall. John 
HerisTi. fitter 
Haiigaros C..L.M. 
Ib.rrls, lli-n 
llltetllags .v 1 'o. 
Howard, Wis. 
Ilebcrt, J. A. 
Harrison, J. II. 
llarrliuin, I'.dw, 
Howard. K.l.w. 
Hart, Billy 
Harlow. Jack 
Holloway, F.C. 
Helm, K. 
Hayes * Suites 
llawloy, I!. F. 
I toward. Jos. At 
Held, Wilbur 
milium, Wm. 
Hamuli, John 
llawiiril, .1. F.. 
Ilanuner, L, 
Htiffmiiu, |.'. C. 
Hlldt-rrn, Ulias. 
Henry, F. J. 
Heller, F. W. 
Ilagllll, .1 1 ooillo 
Howord, <■.<. 
Iliiallngs Hurry 
Huntley. .1. II. 
Hand, Clius. K. 
llaymuu. Jack 
llnmlyn. llliner 
(layoa, '.V. it. 
Hiiiiiia. Allien 
Irons. W. II. 
Irving, Tom 
Inman, Wm. 
Jerome, Klmcr 
James, It. W. 
Jolhcrt, W. K. 
Jeffcrs. Jack 
Jennings, II, B. 
Johnson Chas. II. 
Jones. Irving 
Johnson, (.is., C 
Jenkins, al 


HI 'wn.-t 
Kelly. II. p. 
ICiisell, Jules 
Kennedy FrcdW 
Kelly, rims. J. 
Kaufman. Hilly 
Mlnir. Billy Jerry 
Klecmy, K. It. 
Kllgore. 4. It. 
Kelloni, lAtf 
Kechn. K, I,. 
Kenneilr llms. 
King, W. K. 

Morrln. Ili.i.i.. K Httwarli K. V. 
Morris^.-. \1. J. Sehvrorer, Chas. 
MclVuial.l Chile Sliltuiiiiii, I W. 
Marks, IIiiim 11. Si, 0.(111 .v 
Mmiii, T. Itnynion.l 

Netiriiskn Bill Shntik, II. "O. 
Norlh. Snort IShaw, 1. 3. , ■ 
Nelson. Net' 'srehackv Ilntry 
North Bros.'' ;Snrdonla», tlm 
NaAMvllle W.E.i Starting jlm*.' 
Nelnin, Nlles 'schtnldf, Ftrittt. 

Newman tc 

Norman A 

Nplon, John 
Narln, Hi 1 
tlnesr A Watson 
fJtiiVs, Tlie 
iVHHen. Nell 

I'Nell, James sWaser, l : ie 

O'Nell. Fred 

lilwell, (/nils 
DXntie Trtniive 
O'LniiKlillu AlnJ. 

Tlioa. It, 
Qtt. W. <l. 
tWlhi. J.' It 
Iwpe, I'Thnh 
I'ltUlliis, , M. P. 
IVwers, A.fl.M. 

Pronrt, Oscar 
Palmer, llnrry 
Pagvls, Frisl 
IVllfnlil, T. .1. 
l»Ms;ri Alvlii f 
paetagobl, Paul 
Price, ' II. F. 
I'lsitc, it.s. L. 
Phlllli.s, .1. 
Prlee. Fivd L. 
IKvwer-. S. II. 
Porvy,. Juek 
I'blldi.s, Wm.l! 
Piinlxcr. 'Illl'l 
I'helps, KW*ae 
Powell, Jo' 
Perseh, wm. 
Perry, (ten. 
Parker, Hurry 
Qnli.n; P. 11. 
Quick. Wm. A. 
IHTltrti* I. N. 
llotlnsky. It, 
Hyist, chiii.l 
Itilios 'Ho.. til Ml 
I lelly. John 
Uouvrk, Crip ,' 
llohlu'on, A... C 
lllffdletlo Bros. 
ft.nrlatl.l, Jus. 
l|oe,:n. J. \V, 
llsnklu k U'«lle 
llose.s. ic Sims 
Hire, I.....U r. 
. ; • Frink (I 
llbyce, ,lis> 
tfeinolilt, Lew 
llnlstrls I Lome 


Reed; unit 
Heud, i'1'...iio 
llnltnre, i.'tins. 
Hossli Frank 
Hirers, N. 1L 
llelft Mn». 
ItiilititHt.ii .Salt'. 
liowe, I. , . 
Ity1.11, 9. W, ' 
S..11 lis. Isiidnru 
Mhr.leross, .Mf.' 
saHot, Mar. 
Iil|unan ICrneat 
.union, .lack 
Mllltll, F. J. 

Sbehly, Hoy 
Stewart, lliurv 
Klarnea,, Ales 
M«oi Hros. 
Suiiilllerllelil, It, 
sninincr, K. II. 

Shearer, Frank 
Scnlinuilif 'I'. (J. 

Stork, Clirronl 
.soinera, P. 
Sniiih 1) (Hrdr 
Sniltb. Ray, Mr. 

Strain, Frank 

Lawrrnisj*. Hurry 
swingle, il- .. 
swan, IV. I,. 
Seimilk, Fret!- I. '^int. 
snttnn, l-'rntlk ',■ 
Syltan v lin.lil 
slmfsuii, .lolinC. 
Stnne Morris I'. 
Sii'ker, la'ti- 
Htoiil, I. It. 
St. JMh . Fred 
Tllus, M. S. 
Trlplctt. Wm. 
Tlit'iniison W, C. 
Tltnicr Fraolr .1. 
Troy, .look 
Teal, lliiyiiii.n.l 
Trlller, Dhvlii , 
Tucker, .1, ", 
Tallirerr* K O. 
Tnnner Aflllhrrt 
Tentiy. C(i is IC 
Viigl, Wal. 
Van, lllily. 
Van Auciica', 11. 
Vitsolla; Mt: 
Vincent, .luck 
ViHeiitliiot X. ' 
Wilkin. Al.. 
Wllkelleld 4H 
1: Men-It t 

Walter, ,1ns. 
Welsh k .I'.itrl 
Wprreii. Frell 
Weniwfiflli :(!eo. 
Wlllh«n, 1 (Wi. 
While, c.s.i:. 
Webnr.'.OfnV' ' 
Wat-nook, CO. 
Weylmun Frank 
Wilson, fleo. N. 
Wild, Bruno 
Wood, Jos,, M. 

W.nMieii.l.l, . 

Jim. k I'niio 
Wlliteiburt! Kd. 
WlifiU'lls, The 
WanL'Chaa. 'B. 
Wnnier, rinirry 
Wnlton, Fret! 
Walker Hltrvv ■) 
Waller). Lee 
Wlialeu, Wm. 
Wllenj, M(. W. 
Wnblei'. Hon 
Wells, Ceo, 
vyiiai', l..,|i. 
Williams, Joe 
Wehster. A. A 
HWnin'st'l V. P, 
Wlllltn. tlei-nl. 
Warren.. i'Jlin« U 

Wesl'S Alhlslfels 
Wllhlir, C! It 
V. nag. Fniiitt 
Vole, ,1'Yilnels 

Murlon .V iJi'imu HM.1I1A1. I'.ii- '.1'iirlZeli, Jlllly 

Mnrphy fituij I'.lflicwatL M.. ' ftefto. H<*i 
Morion, Clias.. .HVrrntkluti W, P.iV.orrell. 1 Itr 


Vouiig li.oyin 
/Jilllll, liven 1 
Zlnitiier, Dfire 


. Hetirj 

■Brw KQTiCB-A'r 'irnmror %%**.• > 

LIU is j\mi ■:*. 
Whose pleluin Uppeats on the- front page of 
this Issue, whs born Hit. .'I, 184'.', iit'Treinoni. 
III.' Ills family moved to Chicago In the 
curly V>'». and H wrts III that city that' he 
i-eevlvfil bis schooling. As 11 boy nn showed 
11 desire and aptitude for the singe, and he 
appeared In uiai.y an iiiiiuieiir performance 
of Siiiikespeiueiiii plays. When the Civil 
War broke out he, being under age, could 
not enllsi in Chicago, and run away to Wash- 
ington In IHII1, nnd enlisted as n private lit 
the Sixteenth New Vork Light Artillery. At 
the end ot Iwn yeurs he was mitstured our 
us a sergeanl. Cpoii his rnturn his old lovn 
lor thn Htngn relurned, and in. was engaged 
by Harney Maittiiiley for his stock company 
In Louisville, Ky. Ho made Ids professional 
debut In 11 minor role with l.nurii Keene, lit 
"llacbcl, Ihe Ueupcr," In Ififlsl. While hero 
Mr. James tlrst mid Lawrencn nnrrett, who 
■ ngaged hlia to play Matthew ielgh, 'In 
"Itosedale," After a season with Mr, Bar- 
rett, Mr. Jnntns lieirame a member of John 
Drew's slock cofnpany It the Arch Street 
Theatre, Philadelphia, where for six years 
he played everything; from llncln Tom to 
Itnmco. In 1ST I he became a member of lite 
Daly Mtock Co., then playing at Iho- old 
Fifth Avenue Theatre, Now York, Ihe cast In- 
cluding Fanny Hnvcnport, W. ,1. I,e Movne, 
Claru Morris. Mrs. 01 Hie rt, Fanny Moranl. 
Daniel llarklns, James Lewis, etc. After 
four years' association with thla aggrega- 
tion, fie went In the Baldwin Theaire, Snii 
I'riinciscn. where his colleagues In stack were 
James O'Nell, W. II. Crane, James A, Heme. 
John Jack, David llelosen nnd others well 
known to the stage, Then followed Ills sue- 
eessf 11I engagement as leading ; man nt the 
famous Flint's Ntoek Co,. Baltimore, where 
he played Othello to Wdwln Hoot lis ,IugO. 
Iitgnmnr to Mary Anderson's Parthenln, anil 
Macbeth to her Lady Macbeth, end supporter! 
HarTi'lt, Jefferson, Mcf.'itlfougli, Adelaide Nell 
son, clc. From there he went, to the Boston 
Thontre, Boston, and there created all, the 
leading characters In the many big prodlic- 
llons made I hern In Ihe early sfl's. Follow- 
ing Boston camn his engagement as lending 
man with John McCtillougli. Ml*. James' last 
engagement In support of a star was with 
Lawrence Barrett, and tbe memory Is yet 
green of his performance of Pope, In "Fran- 
cesca til Klmfnl." The last few-years of'hts 
life have been devoted to starring In tho 
legitimate and classic drama. Ills innrreloiK. 
transitions from grave 10 guy nre greatly 
admired, both fur accuracy and discernment, 
ns la ft'so his character delineations, '-.Hi' 
plays the rollicking FaNiaff at a matinee. 
and the dignified Unman, Vlrglnlus, nt night; 
bis ' Ot'ielio 1- plnyi'd wlili- in absolute 
lldcllly In sii!il<es|M'iii'enn trndlllons as 'his 
crafty ftlehelleit Is cnnsislent to thn ethics of 
l.ytton. In truth, Louis James Is a veritable 
kaleidoscope of tcuii.ornmont and versatllllj . 
And now. while mellowed by years of cjeoi. 
lent service under the banner of arr. wllh .his 
hair ilnged a 1 rifle morn with gray, ho Is Ihe 
same line specimen 'of manhood— brand chesi. 
oil. oroel as an Indian,- wllh ^n voice like 
thunder and the poise of an Adonis. 
♦ »♦ ■ 

AsnMsnv ANn-OniNBH report meeting with 
big success on Ihe Kellh k Proctor circuit, 



August iq, 




•g-ffTfCfcgfF^g-rar TO THESE: 

IN MONKEYLAND | Wont You Be My Honey ? 

r , A .,,-u.- a ^ J ., „ j. t A Flirtiim Numlter* Suitable for Sextette. Duet or Solo. 

Groat Jnngle Number. Botter than Coooaunt Tree. * *ursuin """""' 

Dream On, Dear Heart, Dream On 

The Auiwtr to " Arrab Wauna." Funnier Words and Botter Melody. 


Bent Comic Coon or Straight Song on the Market, 10 Extra Verse*. 

High Class Ballad. Easy to Sing. 

It's Great to Be a Soldier 

A Dashing Finish for any. Act or Show. 


One of tho Swinging, Ringing Walts Songs. 

A Comic March Song. 

OroheBtrationB in Any Key. OHOfUS Slips Roady. 

F. B. HAVILANP PUB. CO., 125 West 37th Street, New York, Near Broadway, 

NEW jersey. 

Newark.— At Proctor's (it. 0. Stuart, 
icHldont manager) the usual good bills con- 
tinue to hold the attention of large iniill- 
ehces here. WwUcr Perkins and company, in 
"The Man from Maey's." hare tho place of 
honor tbis week, with tho-Kronomnnn Bros, 


Hlankv'8 (J. II. Buckcu, manugoi'l. -This 
Iiouho will owe for the reason Saturday 
niniii. Aim. ui - wllh Lottie Williams, In 
•MohIo. tliu Little .Madcap." 

Olymi-ic I'auk fll. A. Hchuiiilt. manager). 

■ •' Aborn Opera Co. Is entertaining large 
huiIIciicch ndtnfriibly here. "The fortune 
'IVIlor" this week gives Howard C'hunibers 
and IllaneUe Morrison ezeolluit opportunities! 
i" iirivii Unite the good Impression ttioy have 
■•routed. Lloyd M. Driver will navigate the 
iilrnblp. "Wolverliie." from this purk to New- 
iirk.lhls week, mid his work ban creuted wide- 
Miiruid IntereHl. 

iCi.i.ri'itic I'aiik (C A. Dttulup. manager). 
—The tuhloiiin vlvajits In the eleetrle foun- 
tulu uro over Interesting to the nmily putrons 
"l this park, uod divide attention with the 
rustic theutro, which offers on the bill this 
week : The Three Melts, Dawson. Mack and 
couipuny, the (Jreut Lynch, Edwards and 
kernel), tin' Upveaug Slaters mid Klodlu 
lluuter. ■ _ ., 

Hjli.siub Paxk tW. K. 'fhullcr. mauagor). 
I'erkln."k trick donkey gives u uew note to 
the Wild: Went exhibition this weak. On 
the -stage: The Klood Sisters, the Urcut 
llunibou, the Russells nod Lllllua Sbuffur, 
op her high .lumping horse, King Full Jr., 
lire . I ho in trartlous. llnlloonlsl John Muck 
continues his spectacular "cunhou art" aud 

Othur aerial feilts. 

Atlantic Cif».— At the Huvi.y (Fred K. 

Moure. inunug«r> "The Man of tho Hour" 
did excellent business week of July 'M. 
•"the Hum .Tree." week of 0. Low Dock- 
hliider's Minstrels, week of 12. 

Young's Piun (W; B. Shackelford, muun- 
•jor) .—Billed fur week of 0:' Delia fox, Kd- 
dle Clark owl His Widows, Ferry Corwey. 
Welsh. Mealy and Montrose. Ullletto and 
UcFarlaud, Wilson Bros., Stunley and WII- 
hou. Johnny Williams, uod the kluctograph. 

HTBKPl.nciiAsu Jnai (Giles W. Clements, 
manager). — The same big patronage rules. 
For week of 5 the bill Is: Martynue, Myars 
uud Bonn, Miles und ltuymoud, Les Hobb aud 
Frederic, Coraou and Wlllard, Wells aud 
Ramsay, Baby IlutscUur, Thos. Qulglcy, aud 
the vltugrupb. 

Atlanxc Oaki-hx (Sidney 1-ern, rouviugcrl. 
-BukIiiosh cunlltiues big. For week of S thu 
bill includes :. Tho Grout Austins, tho Buch 
Brothers, thu Great lnaiun. Hidden Brother*, 
Arhergur and Wagner, 8|>erry and Kay. "Mar- 
tin," Freeze Brothers, Miller und Hopkins, 
Anna Loiubiirg. Seluntltlc Wonders, Mercy 
uud Fulthi, Denton and Scott, the Aerlul mis- 
sels, und the Heulys. 

...... .... I. m I m i. i.. 1 1 ■ . , . .. 

Jersey City.— -The Academy, 'under tho 
management of Frank 10. Henderson, will 
opeil .the regular «eiisan with "A Chorus 
t..lrl.'s Luck. In New Xork," Aug. 1.'. 

Tim JI.uv.8T I >•, now building, will be miner 
Mr: 'Henderson',,' cuntru), mid expects to open 
die season Labor Buy. • 

Khitii *. l'nwtyou's (I'. Hums, lutiiinguri. 

■ --Week of f>: Miihuii mul Nhumiou. Onus. II. 
Biiulsbuw ulid eomiMiiy. Mux Wltrs Singing 
I'ollaenH. Wise und Mllluii. Ludell und Grouch. 
Mullen nml (Torelll, Mid Cook Brothers. 

Xotiou,— .Hurry Gates bus disposed ot u nnc 
culu. of . was tliojiroprlctor. uud has 
formed u ■ iwruwrshlu with Will Lyold, to 
pluv Ihc TiiUdevlllo circuit...... Muster Ma- 
chinist John B. Langabce and Advert Stag 
Agent Will Mown, of the Academy, will be 
I ruimforrcd to. the Majestic-. , 
. s 

Bayouue.- -Tim ltiivouue Theulre IB. A. 
Schiller, uiuongeri will open the regular 
season Aug. S. with "A MM Across the 
Co»tluciit.' r 

Hobokeii.— The Lyric, under the man- 
agement o( II. I'. Soulier, will open the 
regular soiisoti Aug. 10, with "At the Did 
Trow) Bonds." 




WDf. tell HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
8ta,, Boston, vicinity ot all vaudeville theatres' 
Ahoat jj week. EMILY BANNWART, Prop. 



WiiIiiihIi Ave., 

I lilt: AGO. 

11.00 jswDtiy. ■ 

*ti.0U pelf Week. 

TUAKAL,<JAH,I1IM17 K. 14, N. V.,ur. Keith'* 
Acad. Of Mimio, Bewcy. Booms 50c, 76e., $1, 
tLMday; |»AOto>8 week. W.U.HANrHOAK.Prop. 


Wulmsli A. Mudlsoil, Oil I ('AUG, 
l„ W. CiirlUni, Trap. Slrlully 
Aiuerleuii Pluu. $S-IA single. 
Vim, ii-mie paliousgc Invltc'l. 

I'ALAOK IIUTKI., 101 N. Clark tit., Uhlcago. 
Kuropnan, ta.bO per week; with private bath, 17. 
Turkish Bsth. too. B. B. HCMPKBET. Prop. 

Ark. Now house, new scenery, ■ Largest Opera 
House between Memphis and Little Kouk. seats mo; popiilmiiin. lu.ixHi people to draw from. Main 
Hue of Cotton lien, Railroad uud M. 0. I'. It. It. 
S. W. UUARDM AS, M a nager. , 

money maker. 1,000 OTBERH, CHEAP. SLOAN 
NOVELTY CO., Btallon B , Philadelphia, Pa. 

condition. Have 1 been used some, but most ot 
them good as now. Will be Hold at very low price. 

For particulars address JOSKl'll OI,()Vi;u, 

__l _j_ • IH Mill St., St/Marys. P a. _ 

NKKTCIIEB, 'I'ravestles, Burlcauaes, elc.wrlt- 
leu to order. Only liest orlginul work furulsbed lu 
prof. JOS. KEItSIIAW. *iv buttonwood St., l'lilln. 


Bopyrlghted), 3 different books, lOe. All kinds sot. 
ORPHET'S SCHOO L, 837 N. tttt St., Phils., Pa. 

WANTED.— First-class muslelanson all lustro- 
iiiculs. Non-liolou, pcrmaucnLeiigagcinvulstulio- 
i els aud tlicBtret, suite all partlcmars aud cxperl- 
ciicc, aud approxitnatt salary; all letters conildcii- 
HhI. Address Nou-i. T iilon(»t, care of Clipper. Slate 
If .you play mor e th an one luslrntucut. 


ror any luatruueut or number of Instruments. 

Snugs, wurds aud music, sketches, etc. Hand stamp. 
(J II AS. L. LEWIS, m Richmond St., OlnolunaU, 0. 

BANJOS- Tho World's rjueat. Tlio Celebrated 
Wbyto Laydlo. Catalogs and Hair-Tones o( W> 
ArnilS Free. THE A. 0. FAIRBANKS CO., (M 
Hudbnry St., Boston, Mas). 

PARODIES - Three uvo verse, twochorus ones 
ami Usage. jr,c. 5 one iwroily, flvogitgi, ine. oilier 
ntuff. List for stump or Tree with order. Sketches, 
etc. lo order. Kererunccs and price ror stainji. 
MA n\_ K. I'. T HAYER, mm Bioad St.. Prov., B. I. 


Front and Back Bending, oaob trick illustrated. 
■Sc. Jlorphet's Sohool, 837 N. 13th St., Phils., Pa. 

WANTED— All 'Hound Mod. Performers that 
change ror a week, Muglolau Unit fakes organ, Mau 
to sing III. Souga uud lake orgun. Those taking 
organ prerorreu. Tickets r Yes, It you scud trunk 
checks lo secure, tickets. Boozers '• No. Billy 
Kllllg, Norfolk, St. Luw. Co., N. Y.i - ; 

FOR HALE-Capra Orchestrion. Triiuolo IMuuo 
with drums, oyuibal, chimes, etc. Electric Equip- 
ment, cardboard Music. Like new; cost tow, $uuo 
If i|iilek sale. Sin won li of Slum, $1U. A »;!ii Sjiiu- 
dlc, U, tn sonic cuss with the money. 

.1. L. PORTZ, Fostoils, 0, 


Plays for road production, fully equipped, ulrcady 
bob'keil. Pluys for Stock und Rep. directed, staged, 
Slate full particulars with salary. 

WI NXBTI'. 140^ B' wuy. Mew York Oily. 

AT LIBERTY. B. K. Coinodlau, Suubretto' 
Sketch 'i'ciini, AoroOallc Coutortloulsls. llolh do 
slliglos. Change two wcoks. Garry M. I'. Machine, 
wife «lag* 111. -wing*. Tickets, yen. Six baggage 
cIiccLh id. seouru . jron. Address. • Uisntejitlua 

SlarKey. Titwas City. Midi. ' ,- 

Get the Habit.' Go to 

11. H. IIKATTIK, LAWYER, Coiitldenlhil 

Cshch a specialty. Judgmonts and decreos obtained 
promptly; no 'il c iav. Counsel Dee. 4W1 Indian 
Ave., third floor, Chicago. 

— w a NT ki> I i Thardb'a United Slmws, uu or- 
gan ('layer that eltnur reads or takes. Also C'ume 
illau and G> muuHt, People doing two or more turns' 
Tlioso who wrote before wilto again, us mall was 
rfe m loo late to answer. Kd. Thunlo, Summervllle, 
I'a.,Aug.lU; Now Muysvlllc, Pu., II: Cinieavllle.rj. 



KLIEOL IlltOS., Prop,. WtraetAB'way, N. Y.X'lly, 

mi' actor m 

' V ■■'' ACTRESS on ORATOR 5^ 

We teach you at your own homo In a short time to 
go upon the stage or speaker's platform. Thou- 
sands of daiis tied students. Write lor f reo booklet 
on Dramatic Art by Correspondence. 

:m Chicago Opera House Block, OHIOAOO, ILL. 


A I LEADER, B. and 0. 
1st VIOLIN, 


Other Good Musicians write. Also Actors who 
Double Brass. Address MYRTLE EDWARDS COM- 
STOUK, P. 0. Box W, Waterbniy, Oonu. 

WANTED tlUICK -For tlio Perry Stock Co., 
t;i;ii. Huh. Woman and Man. Comedian with speci- 
alties, Pianist, others write. Playing Iwo week. 
Hiaiuts lu iitrduincd. Can use red hot sketch team. 
E- II , I'EBKY. Mgr.. Colut iiblu, Mo. 

""WANTED, CORNET AND thomiiii.vk 

FOB B. and 0. Long season to right parlies. Hall 
and hotel show. Address AL MART/, Marls A 
inn iii ii Vaudeville Co., Grand Gorge, N . v., Aug. 
10, Ulbbon IV, E. Windham 13, Windham 14. 

. AT LIBERTY, for Sept. u, Ohio's Colored Bnck 
nod Itsgtlmc Dancing Prince; Great Chin Bal- 
ancer, heavy aud light, Wish to Join good vuude- 
vlllo. Others may write; all letters answered, Do 
not drink. Tickets, please. • RICHAltll BOSS, 
Hotel Bruuduii. Atlantic Highlands, N, .1. 

WANTED-A Uood Clarinet Flayer with The- 
atrical Experience: also a Pianist linu»t play either 
Socoud Ylollu or Flute), t-W night, allow; fi 11111- 
tluee. All year round. Union man. Address 

JOS. 0. CADEK, Chattanooga, Teuu. 

WANTED— Sketch Teum, Sluglc Coinodlau, 
Acrobat and Wire Worker. Must be. up In acts. 
Change one week. State If yon operate Picture 
Machine. Statu hi/, uud salary In tlrul letter. 

BR. JAMES O. weUntz, Kelly, Kan. 

Pa, Bjay.nlglit; free gate. Privileges tor Sulo- 
Shows, Cane, Knife Racks, Photo Not cities, Palm 

bit, all .kinds games. .Aticudunce last, 

ics, .Atluudunue last 

U. THIMPEIt, Ocean City, Md, 



Week stands. Kepcrtoli'c until Sept, then ouc 
nlgliter. Reliable co. Seventh season. S. A. 
ARNOLD, week A*ug Iti.Dneohta, N. Y. 



l4Ui Street, near Broadwajr, 

879 Broadway, near Ohambtra, 
47 CorlUBul St., near Oreenwicli, 

;• 125th St., corner Third Ave., 


CADKNHKAD or anv of his frleuds should see 
this, will they klndl? oorumunlcale with Ills nelec 
iioni Scotland. Address 0I8SIE FALCONER 
i'lDDELb," lu;i Cleu Ave.. Butler, Penn. ■ 

AT LIHERTY-La Cortllll, close buck berid- 
lug contortlou, trans, rings, frog- trout bending, 

liiinil balancing and acrobal lead, tola's Poodles 
—seven beautiful, white silk poodles, a feature; 
also sluglug specialties, change lor week. Both 
work acts. If you won't send tickets, don't write. 
tola's Poodles aud La Cortllll, cure Of Box D4, Brad- 
ford. Miami Co., Ohio. 

W ho appreciate a (nil, rich lone know the value oi 
a good Reed. Seud onu dollar fora bunch of the 
good ones. Money back "tnotaatlsUed. 
_W. II. CRUMR1NE, Bi rmingham, Ala, 


Competent Morgan, Itoiiiaiiie, 
Slade, Orcen, Mrs. Morgan. 

"Ten Nlgljn in Bar Boom" temperancocriiiiiidc; 
tour Delaware. Long engagement; Wire or write. 
FR ANK WIIKLliN, Sn iyrna, Dnjaware, 


|JJnd Mdreaa.nuick, tU.BUtt B(AXUU ESTER, 11KS 
Broudwa.v. Now York. ■ . . 

_."•'•' WANTED. 

Performers for Mediolne Co. 

' '}>01>, SA li/VItY TO OOOD PHOBLE. DH. 
SID.VKY SPEXCKIt. Biiffulo. X. Y. 

WMIIIJCII TEAM, oho t'oTlay Vlauo. Alsb 

Al ORCHESTRA at l.lliurty. Stuudlug Opera 
House or Stook Company preferred. Strictly sober. 
Only reliable managers write. BERT E. ENOND, 
sanfords corners, Jeff. Oo , N. Y. ■ 

>lfi. Well csperleuccil, A. F. of M., single. No 

llipior or tobacco. Goodref. Opera hotiso or high 
class concert work preferred. William C. Thomas, 
Cell. Bel.. MluncapoBs, Mluu. 

100 LKTTERHEAD8 or Env., prepaid, Me.: 
::.ovo U'Jda., $1 ; Low Vk'J4, $l.8», etc. Samples fur 
bluuip. SUinduid Show Print, New l.otbrop, Mich. 


1140 B'way, cor. 26th St.; 412 6th At., cor. 25th St., N. T. 

The rapid advance of all materials used in. the construe. 
lion of our Professional Trunks has caused us to advance 
ho price of our No. 1 Prof. Trunk on Sept. 1, '07. All 
ordors reoeived prior to Sept. 1 at old prioe. Be wiso. 

tiNla. 'SUM*. :uiii. ... iillu. . UOlfi. llsln. 1uln. tiin. 

$10.26 $10.75 $11,26 $12.75 $13.25 $14.25 $15.25 $16.25 

Al Lectnror. Make salury low. 
LawUin, oklalrina Territory. 

Join on Wire. 
1".'.: Avenue, 


tubllehedBepettolrcCo. Chance seldom oirered 
at such a low price. Itessou, two comiianlcs; 
bom big money makers. This opportunity must 
M taken ut once and means strictly business. No 
time lor lengthy coiicapoudeucc. Experience not 
necessary. Address .1. A. (laillcld, Oarne rvlllo. N.Y.' 

Handsome Street uiid 




To act as iittendauLs. Coruct, Cluriuct, 'Cello 
Violin, Trombone, others, write. Salarv coin, 
nifiice ut $'Ji a niiiulh. L'ntform and all fuuutl- 
stale ugc and height. Must be sober und rclltUlc. 
Wire or write. CEO. P. GRADY. Leader, 

Stute Hospital, Morris Plums, K. J. 



FOR HALE— Account of siekm-.-i nf |iurllier, ullir- 

glnal MILITARY MUSICAL ACI' outlll. I ii.m it 

I'aiup Scene, v>xm, Flag Pole, Tent, etc. Abuiccst- 
est und most original noveitv MCSICAL (HNS. 
Two octaves, chromatic beautiful tone (high pltcln. 
Stage rack and packing case for same. Rare liar 
gain. AddreSB JOE G. BROWNE, 
BB6 Ilalsey Street. Brooklyn, N. V. 



Experienced Ian lor Leads or Heavies, 

6en. Bas. Man, Juvenile Woman, 

Bep. People, All Lines. 

Photos uud all particulars In tlr»l. Rclit'iii'itnls 

,-■■■■ Kcllcy Island, Ohio. 

WiR-tid, Dramatic, Vaudeville or Comioy Goi, 

KY, POP.. 1,600. CAPACITY I10USE, 7, r .U. COUNTY 
FAIR. BIO CROWD. Write for other dale,. 
' MARVIN BEAN, Manag er._ 


Stroiig.Truuks.'Thcatre Trunks. Bargslna strait. 
MYERS, 31* N. lOlli St., IMiili.detpht.. 
Pa.— IB 3 cars here— buys or sella, any quuiitlly, 
cash. Trunk und bug hardware so ld. 


Five Acts for one male, one female. Pits Acts (or 
two females. Money order or S cent aunu|if. M- 
dress BERNARD KLINO, Playwright, :CT Jay SI., 
Brooklyn, N.Y. Sketches and Plays writte n to order 



Op In the Med Biz.. If you canU Join don'l wrlic. 
Mgr. Moduru Remedy Co., SBUloy, Per ry tu, 0^ 


LERA 1IELSTON, aiMMtOH, Cruud Uullic 
aud (Jen. Bin. Experienced. -. Oood drensftr. Ad- 
dress care ot Poruohl-oyp/.cnu Co., Col umbia, a. t ■ 

FOR SALE, 500ft. of Films at $20. TTmcst 

Htri utiott. at $f>. Worn on one side. I'oi-c Slides 
100. Stereopttcon Slides, l«c; Scud Btanips for Hat. 
Address H.LANH, ^8SiiporlurSt„ Clevelaiid. j> 1 _ 


■ Ferudale,' Sullivan Cuii nty. v >j„ 

Wanted/ SkeTch Team, Man and Wife, That 

Can change tor one week. Also Comcdluu i IM( 
does Black uud Iriah, for med. business. Andrew 
M lcroblu e M ed. Co., 1W4 Outes Ave, BrooMjit^^ 

Evening Oowiis. $ri to |t&; Opora'Coat," Rldlug 
MBMailjr w. nun si., ist nigiit. 


AT LIBERTY for Winter srnson, llrst class 
'lnb» and Trombone, will join Joint or single. 
Prefer South or West. Can furnish llrst class band 
If wanted, n 111 have uq objection to rink work. 
Address TUBA PLA YER, cure CLIPPEB, 

Jor.weck of Sept 18. at Mount Holly, N. J„ Onora 
House, (.rout Mount Holly Fair week. Big crowds 
In town und big business certain. Wautgood Baud 
Show* for Tuesday and Friday ov'gs. Correspond- 
eucu from Uio beat invited. William Wright, Ma r. 

WANTED, tor Wren Bros.' Ten Nights lu a 
Barroom Co., Musicians that can Iwuble Slairo. 
A so Udy Pianist that can Double Mrs. Morgan. 
At Cotnedlou. Mnst have wardrobe. Amateurs save 
Bjonrps. W. tl. WREN, care of Show, Flora, Ind. 

I FRAME UP Complete Neat or Comedy 
Magic anil Puzzling Acts, Now Tricks, Spirit Cabi- 
net and Measagc Bcadlug; Sllcut Magic, New Illu- 
sions, ao nilnulea (« a I hours' ahuw. Stamp for 


First class, ability and uxperlouce In opera, vaude- 
ville, etc. Absolutely reliable. Steady llieatro 
engagement ileslrcrt. A. V, of H. AMrnull 
ItlOlC l'.»sl Oillce, Ren. |vi Magnolia, Main 



Hud good experience. Also FLUTIST dcalrw W* 
Hon. JENNINOa SISTERS, New Mllford, Ohio. 


I'uople up lu Tou Nights, Josh Whllcouib » i" 
Vaudeville. Tent Show. Hotel. Must Jolu «« 
wire. Address V. a. PUTNAM, Thomaburgjojl".- 

wui:. im meaa r. o. ruidAm, i iiuihd"".;^..^ 

For Sals Cheap, 1 40 Burner Kidd Light, used 

lu wooks. Cost $uu new ; will seB for $16. , "'PJ1? 
shape. . IL 0. MULVBY, week of Aug. ■>, "■■ 
worth, HI.; weekot Aug. Ijtj Russell, !»• 



Tor neat season. Kl). MALE, Wau iiacuJ^- 

ror Hale, 300 Patrs of Slightly Heed 

ItOLLHlt SKATIJS. • Cheap, If sold at on< u 

Al.,.. .* .1 iii-i. 1....1H 

!mo fioitg mul Klok omiii. 
' ■ ft KKTNH R & Wggg; 


For bate. Tills Hog purrornisotltfr dlillcull iru» 
and litntnln work on singe or In Ring. 

T. J, BAR li Y, m Karl SI., Troy, N. I • 

Ktmrlt*. "'L- 

HO <i 

■v. ■ 


August 10. 






Suite 410, 1416 B'way 

Broadway and 30th M. Bld'-g. 





Greatest «r all iroplml number*. The whirlwind] 
• urrp.a m»wr »wweplaa; thy entaiilry. , 

A l)i. urn >• tteml-Claasle Wuli Hullail. The only wot thy 
-.iirro.or to "l.ovi. Me, anil the World 1* Mine." 



tiic mr or an inwuov ■smbm 
Tfeta In no Idle Plata, 

The Starry Flag- Forever J 

A lioiHinir Mnrrli Song amiable 
for Any Purpose. 

Ye Hop! I'm Running Wild 1 

A Coon shout, tlif Ufe« of 
Which You've Sliver Heard. 

MORftlNC, CY! 

A llenulnc "Rube 1 ' Ki>» illy 
ThuKli-ts ilio Luughs. 


A erratum In Songdoiu by tin- 
(' pi ".it "i "Tho cnndolirr." 

Orchestrations to tho above songs, free In any key, upon receipt of program. No farcU. Noii« llluitirntnm! ixnil for our ll«t of Illustrated notmi. 
pur «et. No free ll«t. Profemlonal.. nl\yq>« vvoltaitio nt elthrr of our »fflr<>». A corps of roiiinnenl hiiitlrm a I way, on hand to inrvf yiiu. 



CHICAOO OPrit K I I VI K. I.nk<< Nt, i.ilnrlno lllil«i. 
NEW YORK OKieH'tu i 1 i:il ■•roadway. 





Open*. Nov. 3, until Ai>fll 1. 

StBiaUmul Acls that have drawing power, VaadevlHe Acts that do not depend on 

the English Language, Lady losleiau to strengthen Ladles' Orchestra, 

Ian who understands putting on Illusions, alio 1. P. 

Operator with Ontttt. 


Address all communication* until after Sept. 
l»nrk. Mam.; nfter Sept. 15, Havana. 

IB, to J. T. BENSON, Lexington 





Th« DutoH "Ma Ma" Oomedians. 

WW Burlesque, Muslcul Cumcily or Vaudeville. Work In one and pat-Is. HosponslW 
only, fun wo duuee? Ask St. Vitus. Address for two weeks, DKTfiNtiKR & "" 
JU7(! Germaritown Ave., Phlln., T'u. Wlio conies an answer front 



-yes. Itegurds to friends. 




Strong Slngiug 

Ituliearxala Aui 
till mill, then 

and llmiilnu Ho 
Uoliearsala'AuK. J«, at MIIELUIIVA 
i Mhnlblna, Mo, 


in. IK. Al LHAOINt; WOMAN, Heavy Man, 
MO. Wire J, S. ANGEbfj, Charles City, la., 
till tilth, i. 


Western Dramntic Agency 
Clrcutara 1'rco 

Vaudeville Sketches, Etc. Written 

Small and Leading Parts Rehearsed 

Western Dromiitto Agency 



Buck, Jig, 

Skirt, Novel, 

Cakt Walk, 

Chorui Work, 

Sister Aeti, 

Rag Tims 


Dramatic Art, 







127 La, Salle Street, Chicago, III. 



i 'ii;irin ■ I '! r Wontuu, Uoucrul tin -.itn-si. Woman wild Specially, Comedian uud Soubrottc. Spec iitii i People 
who Play Paris, write. Address KHNK8T SCIINAUfcl,, Windsor, Vt., Aug. r,-iu; Kecuo, N. II., l'J-17. 


WILL HI' Y u few good sclH If In kouiI condition mid cheap furcush. AlndCosluines. WANT TO 
HIKE it Combination Cur unit First Uhtss Hand Musicians. Send full particulars ul once to 

L, SPIIAOI'K, No. <>.l« N. Illllt .St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

— — 




WluKlea Wli 
Wliflels In nil ili.'i 


and rolors. 
See our ad* on |>* OS"l. 

.1th Floor, Chicago. 

Young Woman fur Soubrctles uutl lugeitucs wit ti specialties. Woman for Leads end diameter., 
Al Advance Mun and I'lauo Plavur and all linen Rep. People, .state lowest salnrv. I piivn'l after show i 
opens. AddrcBB i.i <l tvi: I.OCKWOOU. BM Paeltle St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Montambo and Hurl Falls, 




PERFORMERS Doing Two or More Turiin. MUSICIANS to Kularge Hand. TRAP 1MIU.H- 
MEtt -•- 

rand UhuIuI Vlrcuti People. 

Wost Wood, N. .1., 

Song Books ! 


C'ovor pttgo in two and throe colors. 
Full Sheet llfxiaic size. Contains all 
our latest popular numbers. * -Under 
the Tropical Moon," "Won't You Let 
Vo V u t My Anns Around You," 
"Morning Cy," "Cinderella," "Cun 
You Keep A Seoret V" "Not Because 
Your Hair Is Curly," etc., oto. Two 
sizos. Large aizv, $2.60 por 100; 
small siae, 91 per 100. Send oash 
with order. • . 


ChlcirjQ, 182 Lak«;8»^ NiwYork, 1416B 'wiy 


NOW BOOKINB 1907-1908. 

I wnlit n ' tti'Mt elusn : Imw Sold. 7, to oueu 
seusou. ■ Cpiuedy Ijftama i/W-Rired. House 
will scut TiOO. I'opnlatloi) :i,iifiti, wltli drawing 
population of r,;000 sfcow going |icople. llrlng 
iii the utirmiliiu unil |Hiper uud wo will glee 
you tho.bualnetiB. vjU terunt, open lime, etc. 
iiddr<in»'IlolllN <;. Kelly, iMgr.. Oxford, l'n. 




Our Book for 1907 and 8 lias just been issued. 

It contains all of big song hits, such as ARRAH WANNA, 

Words and Music of the Choruses of principal songs. 
Also up-to-date Parodies and Jokes. 

New Song Book 

Our speolalty is Special Cover or Company Books. 
We do not publish Stock Books. 


Send for Sample and Song 
information and prices. 

Book Letter, giving complete 
Enclose lOc. for postage. 



west : 

no branch 


., NEW 

Aug. "•; Utimonl, Aug. »; Oradel, Aug. :>; Tonally, Aug. lu. 



IteglHlured In WUcoubIii, (loud Single Act.-. To 
work from plallorni and atreot. AilareHx 

/DAVE MAHI.OW, (Ion. Del., Mcuimlm. Wil. 



Mutt be sober uud reliable and dreas well ou and 
off. State all you do und lowest 111 lint, letter. Wo 
puy all. Live on lot. No tlckoU milca* wo know 
you. Stato It you pluy plnno. (JDAKEll INDIAN 
COMEDY CO., Superior, Nob. 




.siuLe uge, slxoand Ioivchi sulury. Muul Join on 
wire. Addreaa NKHDIT SCOVILLK, "An fold lu 
lltelllllB," 'I'hree Rivera, Mich. ______^ 

Stetson's V. T. C. Co. 


Woman for Ophelia, Woman furTopsy.Man for-id, 
Murks Hud Trombone lu Bund, also Tuba 1'layer 
show opens Aug. uu. HUilo suiury, 

P " 

AT LIBERTY, Auk. 10 

J. II. LKSTKK, thoroughly experlenecuTrcllalile 
Manuger orTn.'Hunror; will work on Mace; Char- 
ueler Old Men Parts. ALICK KR0WNINU, Hough 
HoubretlcM, Ingenue und auiuu Juveiillen. NO ape- 
i-latiy. Ilolh reliable people. Rcaanuable aalary, 
lion't need tickets to Join. Reliable coinjittliy. Ad- 
dreau i. II. LKSTGIt, Ueu. Vol., Howling Green, O. 


Want Reportolre People in Ail Lines. 

I'l AMST and Al SKETCH TEAM, capable playing 
strong line of puns, Long Keason. sure Binary. 
Nunie lowest. Pay own hotel. HARRY 111! ill), 
Mgr., :i4(i Louisa St., Wllllaiosport, Pa. 

Of Hll kind . 
Jvlu mi wire 

IMuno J'htyer to double stngo. 
ii.iiiyitiu, Long Iwlnud. X. Y. 



MARIS, TUBA, SECOND VIOLIN, with doubles. 

Summer uud Winter. Adilrrm or Mire J. H. KRITVIII 
iindrln; lu, l.cwLHlmrg: HI, \\'e*t Miiuiliesti'i", III, Aus 

1 1 ; I . I >. Aug. s. lleriiiantoirii, Oldo; », We.! Alex 
nlii; II, Wr-nlllus; Inter, Miirse|llen, III. 

Manager, Mt. Oletnena, Mich. 
s.-o»n uoe Property Mao that plays trombone. 



Must he nrat cluaa. I puy lalarlen weekly. Addrcus 
JAMES DELANO, Soldier, J elTersou Co., Pa., Ang. 
u: Kiuuura, Jefferson Uo., Pu., Aug. lu. 


Thau can 81NU 1LLUSTHATKD SONUS; also |ilny 
with orouoatru. steady Job, summer and Wlutcr, 
Addrciw JOHN V, MET11, flclluvlllo, HI. 


Truuiboiio for II. aud ()., also Preach Horn or Alio 
to do Props, We l*y fXpouaes. JKRRY I'KOM 
KKUUV CO. Long Season, commencing Aug. M. 
Preference to those who double. 

.JOHN PATTEN, Al tleboro, Mass. 



Actors who Double Brass, Musicians for II. and O. 
Wagon show. SWte lowest. TIIOB. L. PINS, Mgr. 
ni)si'oe,N.Y.,'Aug. ti; Livingston Manor,!); Liberty, 
10; Woodbnrn, l'j; Cenlervllle, 1^. 



Parcc Comedy hooked; best one blgliters; re- 
hearsing In New York. 
L. DUNBMUllti:, 107 Monro e S t.. Uruuli H.\. 



fiumcdlutelv, for the JOHN H.8PAKKS SHOWS. 
Address 6. U. COOPER, Wyoming, Ph., Aug. 11. 
P. S.— Plske und Davenport,- wire. 


Leader, .Hand, who run lead orchestra. Aluo 
Corui.'t for baud and orchestra, l'lano who 
cuii. double 'urapa. Also good Agent. Address 

lAJON WASIIHIHN, Tlouud Brook, N. J. 

c'nrl II. Wiilson. write. 

Por Regular Season, 

Maisie Cecil 

Leading Woman and Distinctive Comedienne. 

P ennaiien t address, W Essex Bt.,Cllftotidale, Miish . 

Wanted Quick, 


Oood Genoral BuslueSB Man, Piano Pluyei', Ageut. 
Others, i write. Tlioso doing speelaltlcs preferred, 


three woabu : 
ill ix. Hurry I 

liiind, lli-neriil eiiimlile of doing I. lull I. (Jililedj. will) 
siroiiK hIiikIiii; Kis'iIhI ties. Aelor In Join now, or wlthlli 
l'lano 1'lny.r. Join luiuiedlatelv. Will iiilvniic" tmnKpiirtutlnn. Frank I., Mud- 
e, l.'raiielt, ItUSNCll. lerlle. Also wim I Al Sliislnl Ulreetnr (I'litiio). AildreiU 
I!. H. 1'AYTON, Mgr.. Ilol M|ifln«s. Ark,, till A tig, 1U, 


Statu all. 

J. 1). MOlHiAN, Hock Island, 111. 

CHARLOTTE, N. C, Week of Au fi . 19. 




llulance of Sutumor and Winter season. State ull 
Hi ant. PROP. JACK TltOY, uassaway, W. Vu. 


NOTE--AH Acts wishing to hare their mime* registered lu Nils Hemun'sCululoguo comniuuleaUi 
with mi: Immediately. No ehurgo Is exacted fur llir* privilege. 

WM. U. HAM., Mult.. 708, Keliir* Theatre ll'd*., Plillailelplila, I'a. 



Character Woman with Child, Boubrctte, Leading 
Woman, Heavy Man, Character Mau aud Juvenile 
Man. AllmuBtdospelaltlos. Answer ijuicklo J. W. 
Harry Price an d Muurleu Jen kins, pleus o write. 


Experienced Pianist 

I'or theatre, double Troiu., JBass or Klule. Troui. 
preferred. Salary sure. Address 

HARRY MASTEN, Musical Director, 
A l. Trahern's Sto-k Co., asyvllle, N. Y . 

LADY VIOLINIST, Leader, At Llbirt, in Sept. . 

AddfMH VIOLlNlsri, Brut 110, Tallulnh l,n.l.'(, IM.' He <i|Mil pi.. d:im:«r. 



Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-round und Slot Muclilucs, 
also all kinds of amusemenbi. Address 


AcoL rank throw down, Hand Lender (cornet), Or- 
chestra Leader (vlollni, ImHIi wllli music; trap 
drummer with traps, piano, Juv. mau, gen hitman 
(to double band prer.i, others write. Stale salary. 
Pay own lelegrnins. PITMAN STOCK CO.. Fella, 
to ga, Aug. 10-17. Hu rry. Tickets If nut loo far. 



P..r HlnRlnK nn,l rln, A. I 

(Jnnc«r, n. 9 , mr* atvurraM 



All lines. MUdlclnus, Hand uud Orchestra ami 
CIIKeTKIK HK WTEH. KHi gina.i, Kas. 


Banjo and Guitar Comedians 

Thot can put on uuta.on platform. Must change . 
for week*. ■ Stale what you do III first letter. A j 
long engagement to gentlemen. Twetit v neelcs I 
work for Comedians. Others write. Address 
URvHIOHAKP KAR LSTON, Bellvlllo. Oniarlo. 


To Lead UpHtra lloaae Orcbeettra. ' 

Also must have u rc|iertulre of music. Alsougi'oil 
t.'ornetlst and a Plaulsl. Those that double nre- 

^ IV ML HiLvnnnnli. I.n. 

I^irlt Patrick, 


A "New Idea" MtiMlenl Comedy Hi four acls ou baud. 
Musical Sketches. 

item iv for production. 
Ad.lri .m vin H. Main SI. 

AIho a iiMioini 
Diiviim, Olilo. 


ferred. Address 

Bo x: 


savannah, (.it. 



SKMD 10<-. 


These gowns arc .-.[ici'liillv adapted for slugc wear. If you u mil Imported gowns lor -null pi Icuh. n 
will pay you lo call, write or tHephnuo ^"'J^'J'.'ll?!'!-. J , .'!1(," <! ' , i l '"" .' 1 l J '. ,r 'l[/!'" ,l i? l , l "r.?'Jl!.l"" , -'-' v,; ' y 


IN IK. Ill II AVIC. iNoar I'HH Hi.., viiiv YOHK. 



Cor, 36th Street and Broadway, 

A«tV Vo. li flly . 

Coruet and Slide Trombvue, II. autl O. , Add. Hcald II 
nud tar-ford, rare fjro.- Dp}., Seri|nf4U.J , 'i -'•VA'-V. . V 
A.iu- Jl; ".UIWi.ilUifr.1, 1'.,., i>'.!Ot» AlllJ.'IT. 


Heavy Woman. Comedy Old Mini, und Heavy Mun. I'lnno Player to Double In Hand, unit 

,.,„,i| Alt., i,. |i.ii.|ii,- 
a, . 

l'lano Playur to Double lu Jiuiid 
l* 'iit'.f ' wliii lir.t'r; tftilr.-:! 

»' 11. HHMt, i;i|li a \ , New Vo'-li. 

■'.'I :!•) 



ii>Hh « I'roolor'. i'nlon Squire 
(E:'--»f>ii-^Alb»o," general rmanngeri-. — • l»*.«kv-'» 
'-.flnnophlondiV.'ivheBdeal the, itlll 'beginning 
Monday nffernnnn, Aug. 0, nnd (his •anslrnl 
nwUy"W!iit Immensely appreciated by the 
lilg'nudlenro thai Was oh'linnd. Noil Wny- 
Inirh's "Hide' Show*' also scored big nnd 
.o'titTied'rniich.npptnuKe," while Ford nnd f*wnr, 
lp their songs rind dnnccs ; friend nnil Down- 
\ftf(; Hebrew oomcdlons; and Floroncti Matin- 
dftrs.- the' very pleasing soprano, were all 
worthy of' the numerous cnlls Riven them. 
Others were : The /arrow Trio, In an original 
bicycle pantomime:' mil and- Ward, singers 
and dancers; the Krntons and their educated 
hoops; Joseph Cusaek, • monolnglst : O. M. 
Mitchell, -ventriloquist-; Helen and May Olck- 
Hnn.- tn'S refined' singing specialty: the. aero- 
hiitlc , Harlem Brothers, and the vltagrnph 
brought .the. norformnnce 1o p. close. . 

Vnoinr'K Thrntrr (Tony Tastor, oinnn- 
jer). — Monday's matinee,. Aug. B, -found, the 
usual well-filled house on hnnd, and all en- 
joyed n most pleasing hill, headed In Martini 
nnd . MMmHIInn. ."The. World's Worst. Wiz- 
ards." In their, cormoily magic nnd they worn 
n-langh -throughout. . Kmrrson and Baldwin 
iver/» big, favorites .wllh their cliib 'Joggling 
nnil .scored well.-. n* they iiHvtivn do. Annie 
Bernstein, ''one big score," was hold over (or 
n' seeohd week nnil she wns Riven n "nolay" 
welcome when she. made her entrance. Others 
who came in fori their full shnre of np- 
plattsc worn: Johnson nnil Wells, singers 
finrtilanrersrllnrry. Thomson, "The .Mayor 
of the Bowery;" lliillen and Hayes, extra- 
ordinary singers and dancers: Hcnnlon Knd 
.Stevens. In n comedy skit; Flskc nnd Mc- 
linnniipii, IrC "llonnysi Ullemtnn ;" O'Roiirkc 
nod Marie, '-wire walkers. . singers and 
dancers; Wood nnd I.nwson, In n singing and 
.dancing. specially ; Violet Vllllcrs and Rose 
J,eo. the favorite ncroballc toei dunning girls ; 
•Inmcs Waters, Hebrew comedian; fiddle 
t'ltirk, comedv Juggler, nnd I ho motion pic- 
nics ■ rinsed- Hi*, .performance. . ,, 
.' Criterion Theatre (Charles Frolimnn, 
mnn*ger).-— This i housis opened tho season 
Monday night, Aug. n, with the return of 
1 1 little Williams In her Inst season's suc- 
cess,: "Th« f,|lllc I'licnih," Hall nnd (,'nryll's 
miislent play. There nfe new songs for Miss 
Williams, n ad .others, nnd the place In .bright- 
ened with new bushiest. The slur and Henry 
V. Donnelly, (who mieceeds- 8*ni- Wise -as 


a.. */ . 


I he Karl of Honeiobury) rendered a song 
called ••lltirle«qiic Imitation*," In which Miss 
Williams revealed an arllstle nhlllly new In 
tier admirers; that of mimic. In this song 
she gave Imitations of Wllllnm Olllelte In 
"Sherlock Holmes," Maude Adams' In ; ,- l'cler 
Pan." Mme; . NnBlmovn nnd Nihol Rnrryniorn, 
ntid her capital work earned for her : the 
hearty approval of ibq ntuilcnce. Mr. Don- 
tirllv rtlso srored a sufttfess. Borrrnm. Wttllls, 
another newcomer, made n - hit ns l,ord 
Congress. Other changes In the enst were 
Sol Solomon," (is Ktholbort: ; Trlttle .lennorv, 
n« r.etiv. ■hud Adelaide Knrnflii as Mrs. 
Brlggs. The cast ..In Oill: Marl of HUntto- 
hltry, Henry V. Donnelly : l^ord (Congress, 
Bertram Walils : Algernon Honilidown, .lames 
niakeley.: .Sblngle. Will Went: OBptaln Here- 
warnY Charles (Jlhsnn : Alderman Brlggs, 
Matt In JInydon : Mr. <>rlmhie,-'.1*ndlnrd, ('has. 
i'Tl&chor'; Rthellierl, Sol. Solomon ; ISillee 
Sfrlteanli; Sell .Kelly ; ('niiuih'.. foolninn. .1. 
Itr'der . Clvn.:. Hlr .lolm Monlelth. ,11. V. lieu- 
dtie.t.Mlsa MOtly.: Montrose, llntlle Wlllliinm; 
lAtlv Istiliiel -.Congress, rorrlne -Ji'rnnels ; l^idy 
Dorothy 'Congress, Mahel llolllnn; Lady 
Atnien I'onaTcHS. Wlnnnn Winter; l.ndy llnso 
('pitgress,, lyiicy'. Monroe.; Lelty, .Trhle 4ch- 
nery ; >i.\lrs. ■ Brlggs,- Adelaide .. Knrnnii ; ' Miss 
ifilckn/). Vnhhlnne.-Ktliol, Kelly; ^Hss •Kllly 
<Th'nlKiurne, .May Maloney;; Miss Maude 
ltOohestor... Ileleh DudleV ; Miss Miiliel Du- 
ofb3ii,;OrneetMadlfon; Miss Mm-.v Jlun:l« 
inUn, 'Virginia, llnrins; Miss Olive Mander- 
vllfr. Stnllri llmison: ■ .n ■ i'.'" 

Vletorln Tlirnlrr (Osrnr Hammersteln, 
manager). — Arthur. I'rluee, the Mngllsh ven- 
i f Ucninl«i , -made his- American reappenrnnce 
here al (he Monday matlocc, Aug, iY ills 
welcome was ns cordial at) It wna well de- 
served, - for Mr. Prince not only stands at 
i lie very top of the profession in -his line 
of work, but during other visits here he 
liad made n host of stanch friends, many of 
wham Were on hnnd on Mondny, and they 
certainly .were "heord from" when Mr. 'Prince 
Prat appeared, He brought, with him for this 
engagement a new scenic out lit which' was 
much admired. There wiig nlso n welcome 
it wall lug lUce ,nnd Trcvost, In "Bumpty 
Bumps.", who have neon on a shori vncu- 
t Ion. wiiieh conilnjm , long ami very 
successful Summer engagements hero nra : 
llarnuldVi dogs nh'd monkevH, Shekln,- the 
l.nit Indian eoiilnror :' Collins ' and Hart, 
comedy acrobats; the Willy PanUer Troupe, 
in n novel ncroballc net: Konirere, Ifronch 
I'tiiinleiiHC • Wnvhurn's Phniilarltlc I'linntoins, 
l our Musical Avolos, Paul l,e <irotx, an ex- 
cellent. Juggler wllh n rich vein of comedy, 
nnd the viuiL'iHiiii | i. ' . 

I O.iri.-.-iitli S|r.«-l Tlii-iil r>> (. I. W. 

Itnsannuesr. mnniiger). — "A chorus Olrl's 
i.iu-ii In New York" was presented nt. this 
house, for the J1 rat time on any stage on 
Saturday evening, Aug. !l, and the large 
audience which wan on hnnd thoroughly en- 
tered John Oliver's four-net ■ i ilnv. Tim 
work la .written nround n .young girl, Oraco 
Carroll, who enlcrs the ononis for Ihn sake 
of eafnlng money to aave the name nnd 
honor of her sister Knte, who hns been duped 
by Walter Atherlon hy n mncd, lum-rluge, 
nnil who, lifter The birth of his child. -deserts 
her. He meets nnd fnlN In love wllh tho 
sister Ornce She rehukon, lilm nt flrsti but 
un learning v>'h0 he Is, concludes to lead him 
on and compel him to right the wrong ho 
hiu done her sister, John llnlrd, whohos made 
it fortune In thto mines, Is In lovo with tho 
plucky girl, and decides to help her. A ther- 
mal asks Crnoo to hecotne his wife and she 
consents. The following scene shows (ho 
church In readiness for the wedding. Al 
the. eel Hen I moment of placing inn ring 
Cfften faints, Is carded out, nnd In her place 
Ktlte Is brought In. The knot In lied nnd 
Kate's honor Is saved. Atherlon, wllh his 
neeoinpllres, Bi-omlwoy .loe and Monini St. 
Clalr.ilalerlend flrnce Into a trap, ilrlig her 
nnd Intend leaving for Mnrope, They are fol- 
reat, and (he (Uinl 
on hoard I he ahlp 

A Prnotnr'n Pi fib A rf-nne 

Ttumirf'dSfV. Alhee, general managM).— 
The, Ullle i A kc rat ram -version <J . "I holma" 
Is ,glven this week hv -Edna May Spooner 
nmlher company, and. Mnrle rCorelll's . Inter- 
esting' heroine • Is r given • n - roost, ogreeahle 
embodiment ■ hy . the versatile nnd Indefati- 
gable Miss Sponsor, On Alondnv. Aug. 't. a 
good -sized mntlnee nudlenee followed the 
Incldcntu of ■ Thelma'* enreer with keen ftl- 
tentlon, nnd Miss Akerstrom's Stage version 
proved n well arranged one. Miss Spooner 
did come pni-llcnliirlv good work, nnd Augus- 
tus 1'hlllfns still funlier .strengthened his 
hold noon the regular nttendnnts nf the 
house by his acting ns Sir Philip Krrlngtnn. 
Harold Kennedy, Ben P. Wilson, Jessie Mc- 
Allster, Klennnr Wisdom, Arthur Kvers, Kd- 
win II. -f-'tirtls, W.. I,. West, Jas. ilont- 
gomery, Walter D. Nenlnnd, Henry J. Miller. 
Kiigcne Ordwny, Olive Orove, Josephine Fox 
nnd Marlon Brent were .good In their respec; 
tlve roles- „ t, . ,. ,„.,',..».,.►. 

-Krith -*. I>rnrtorV Ttrrnly-llilrd 
SI reel Tin nl re (I-;. l\ Allirv, general man 
ngcr). — llntierl Hickman, nnd company no- 
■penred on A tiff, ft' In n new, eomefly sketcli. 
wrlttfii by Mr. Hickman, nnd called "Lord 
Islington." It tells of the cotwollcntlons 
arising from an Kngllsh lord's mistake in 
gelling Into the wrong room In his hotel. 
All*. Hickman played the Englishman, nnd 
I'Mna Phillips appeared or (he girl who oc- 
cupied I he room Into which he -Wandered, 
mc sketch did not make n favorable Impres- 
sion, -being ill led with aimless talk. The act- 
ing was also deficient, the voices of the little 
company lielng pitched nt too high n key 
throughout. Bert Leslie, assisted by Mae 
Sailor, IOdward OIHesple, Will 'Cole and Fred 
Wnlson, hnd some new alang nnd the Iresl 
of his" old ninierliil In "llognn's Visit," nnd 
captured the laughs In great plenty. Others 
were : Henri Krerieh, who made a hig success ; 
Ben Welch, . the Ii'lnrenje Troupe, "Crema- 
tion." I he- Kemps, nfld Ix?n Tung I-'oo. The 
mnllon pictures continue. 

Wallaclc'i* (chns. Burnhnm, manager)'. — 
A novel.ty In one senae/was. ahown here'on 
Mondny evening, Aug, 5, when the spectacle 
nf a musical Comedy with pnt'lu-tle flanles 
to anch net was brought forth, for -the up 
provnl of New Vorkcrs. "Phe pl*ee, which Is 
In three ucls, wait .'The Time,,' tho Place 
nnd the Clrl," which was then produced for 
the flrnt time In thin itlfy.. Those concerned 
In lis ronslrnclton were Will M. (lough 
nnd I'Tnnk Adams, who are crrdlHM with 
the "('hatter," Joseph I-:. Howtird, who wrote 
lite Jlnglaal nnd Ihe times; Wtl Wnvhurn, 
who staged Ihe iliinei-s, null Arthur Evans, 
who directed the drnunatlc parllontt, The 
chatter, taken all In oil, would hnrdly pass 
miislcr, because Ihoro Kvas too. much'.of the 
rehnslv nhoiil II, even *ho ,cvor. willing nnti 
overworked si ory of ihe.schoolinnrm who Inlil 
the eggs on the .desk lielng brought forth 
Bui. .Arthur Dragon, who hnd utmost nit Ihe 
"ment",:'of the -comedy to himself, hnd un 
occasional good title in tils ninngy maicrlni, 
a nil ■ us he .Is a comedian who Is reiillv 
worlhy of the til lo. nnd n worker whose 
energy never flags, no mntter what the con- 
dltlon, lie kept his auditors Interested -till 
the 1 While, nnd propped up the humor 
of the, piece so thnt if t-enlly stood without 
lotterhig. The innslenl ' iiiiinliers, of which 
there were only a few, were nil good, unit 
were '.encored n» I hough the nudleuen would 
nWnr: get enough , nl t hem. Ned Wnvhurn's 
handiwork was ptninly nollcenldc. Iti (he 
dances and chorus Worki and he made '"nio 
Wiiiiin:: Honeymoon" and "Uncle .Sam's lie: i 
(Jlrl," gel. encores anion:.. 'I'he, story of the 
piece is well denned; ns It . Is nil nhnitr ' tho 
I nuihles of "I Inppy" Johnny Hicks, n gnmbler, 
who makes n niiirlyf of himself Ivy codfesshYu 
lo a. crime which he never committed, in order 
ihm his pal, who/wns tho real rnlnrlt, may, 
win Ihe girl of his choice. But ifilnoi an- 
uli luijitsieil in tho end, and Hicks, who loves. 
Molly Kelly, a nurse, gets the liuiv, while 
Tom. his pal. wins Margaret .Simpson, "the 

Sirl," In suite of- everything. Next to- Mi. . 
s-ngoii, who ninth' the bit of the evening, 
Harriet Hurt, as Mrs. Talcntl, n young and 
charming widow, made n distinct success, her 
singing lielng good and her dancing proving! 
graceful,: 'ttlcnc Vostoi' .was quietly effccllvel 
as the nurse, and Violet McMUien, ns "The 
Olrl," lobked dainty and pretty, nnd «lld the 
tittle that fell to her lot in. a ci-edltnhle 
manner.' 'Wllllnm Itlcclnrd), -ns an Italian, 
was. good, and Hubert . Hornshy -played a 
"child'' cleverly. The cast : TIetro, Wllllnm 
lllcelardl; Airs. Taleott. Harriot Burt : Molly 
Kelly, Hleno Foster | Bud Simpson, Jnhrt C. 
Howe ; Jiispor Htmnson, Oeorge Pibncr ;- Laurie 
l-'aniliam. .1 times Nerval; An Attendant, liar 
ncj , Mel 'nniictl 1 Murgnret Hhnpson, "The 
0|rl," Violet MeMllIon; Tom (''iiniilnghiiin, 
tleorge; Anderson ; "nappy." Johnny Hicks. 
Arthur', Dengnn; ' WIlIlo " Tnleott. ' lliiherr 
llnriishy ; A- Chnuftctir, Clyde Hunnewell : A 
Coul Heaver, Ceorge Jolumon ; A Police Set-- 
geinil. Wllllnm tl'Dny. 

Tliaill* Theatre (Sullivan & i Woods, 
managers). — "Convict 000," : n four hct'inelo 




■>«rt*«uiVJ&raf i-'D, 


o, I, Iliiw-Una 

Atliatk atr, N. J. 
Ouiiraltb Fftmiitj 
U. *.,N»lu. .... 



Oit*»(.». ' 

SUiro JiOo. 

ii. . k n.-ii, < ... 

w, a 

WMT * Co.. 


». r. 

I«4 * 


n*itl*iw», M». 

nodiKaIld.u<>' '- 

Jh ilomr Unit 

WIUIiDKo' *° Willi' 

*. lil Bo" KiiMnmi 
U tUiitttirtrl, ■ imtr. 
U. H. HinoswiU 

BetUaCrtak. Mich. 

U'Ulliait j riilrnui 


li»UB ft . liatcU ; _, 

Mtiitmmtt Tait'aar.. 

JUndaiakaai. Ale. 
aVaVNarivn. uvvai 
,MM, Mui. ,, 

Sl/lo'i l-Ktmaey:'.: 
'(•'i Vhuttttt , . 


— «tr 


Pall Blvif , M«». 
Astfeoat > Jf^qM 

Crart't tW Bti)r» f 
Fart Warlb. f«M 

Urwit* PfW BH«»... 

datvettaa, Taaaa 

Ural Ansa Utfluhod.. 



- Mk, i 


N.ih»ia., Tim, 

0. «- IWtJoui, Half 
Jiromi' B. 8«n'<l, DltL 

Nawark. N.J. 
paUy'a Ptiirnart 
Obaa, JlnWuucf. Drv 

(Selling agents. 


II. Raak, Ark. 


K.utm4t,-Btr»ua 90. 

Lysa. Maaa. 
P. HJItHaaa a,. 

Th» ken* nana. 
NawBrilala. Caoa 

Kawliurik. M. V. 
«rtsjH'f Attt. Phinn. 



IT: Ssaltaoban ft Co. 
H. *. Nolia, Uruja 
dltnbtl llr.ia. 


Wilaliurir, Pa. 
Ura.J. XtraJrV ... 
£ Plllllan.Pa. 

B. J. Octirrli'ai, I>rl»/ 



Pl«. P.i a >. 401. Hall ana IPC. -lata 


ttc. Slick la CtHhtvi Tn». 


Ift.iikk.Saaiaaa Paint T»». 

Mc. Mail Paiiaial, 20e. OaaVMr 
lie (Wii I'm. Ikr.a Shaaa. 
StattN ROUGt 
No. ja, IOC-Par U* 
ldtd*H WMlTt 
j ■ . ».*>..B*x. 2<c. 

^JCofcra. mj.E«h. 


"v'% * f » j" ^ • . . !<■ ■■ » •• 


A IV*J*Ji W»dM, 40c. Baltl* o» Tla 

It .vick«rboch«r Cold Ciaiu 

(Or. Poaaif. 2Sc. HaJI ' 


I at. Battle, wlik-.Bruql. 

Nosr. PUTTY 

... ri»a t|0c»- a'Bax-- i, 1 .1 ',' - 
1 Palnta and * Llnafa, 30c. Tl'n Bnx 
' ' *T»t I N.C6IUTC ' I • 
, . f j;.A.*K|N«H*«. *..«;, '-. 
It Laria. fOc. JMMBa Ue. MhM 
Uc. Paaaal. aOc.MaM, I*.-. Quarlav 



Salieia, Ala. 

Hii-otir liW.'Drviti 

talk hasJ. I.d. 

Tba KcoutuiM lint 


nt*K4flriVi til 


■lactlijiirCi). •' 

tita.a. L. I. 
>i»ra "i^f Kanaacf 


CaOhcK lUBtla, It 

Witt. Imir i'u. 

J. T. |>d< klrgliala 


KtaUnmaclier al'tiaraa. 

Ca.aUala. N.C. Daa Mal.aa. I«. 

Attlaac* up* c* , Oprn. lics«. I'him. 


■a n 11 m i H i. 1 1 ka j ala ^ai f lmttoii— awaaai— 

• *. ajlaa, Obannuar. 
tlia (f aa. Besf mi C». 

Dr. vfaia a' il 8. Ptvar. 


Wl>a. BollUi 4 Co. , 

Wm. Kamlah, nrup 

l.dl.uaooUa, U4. 

rtlmtlra }V. KHimlt 



JackaanvUia. PU. 
HaaJiai A Auilanaa 

Uiattpanl.' .. 

a; $. 1 


U* .11. Maaa. 

Towaia'a Coniar Btora 
Maaaa, BE 

J no I. nofi I iiu« Co: 

aUllaaa. Wla. 

Tin Uanlaa Pkana'a, 

Maapklt, Ta... 



Buall fc,Bla(f Ilia j 

Mllwaakaa, Wla. 

, (llmi^al Brolbctl,-... . 



, Knli-kaibo, kar Pbar. 

A. Hltnttl, 1 if »t» '- 
lirut- SlitoJIirlm 

nil. Mk-»*<xv, 
(lltitanilik Dnrrrttt 
J. A F. Orolta, Dniji 
J. 0. Ttrtlnaah . 
Ha«cntn k Ca, 
H. 0. Mlurr KataU 
Wu. It, lutcr A 8taa 

B. Eoiatuiock , 

Nurlolk. V«. 
BaniaiaWaa - 

rh» gatUrvi 

^Oa»U.. Hah. [ 


f~u,m4. Ma. 
A. C»rttk. , 

Piovldaoca. R. I. 
J, A. Barnard, Dnuja 

t)ulocy, I1L 
IdaarHalr Baliar- 

K«d Un*, lirmi 

Rny w. bantlar. "Dfa. 

B^Uaaik.N J. 
Jaa..Caaa)ar. Jr.. vrra. 


Uurpki'a IliaU) roar. 

VmUHi. N.V. 



Caula II.-U4 111 

Kuraca tlopai, Btu/t 

Bl, Carta, Mg. 
Boaart Bcbuldt 


K J*a;nail.Mlj(*a 

!• - . 8a abaary . Ha , 

B. V, kail,, Uru„ 

, MnMl. Wla. 

C. ivimi, DrgtitK 

Syracuia, N. Y. 

•tafiMafi Mp". - 

t syMFw! 

, Talaoo. Okla 
M. T, Nrnronar ft Hno 

;ci^{uTi£' ; 

" iTllcaTN.V.^ 

flulUiM-A £laviaoa 


w..hia» la. . 0. C. 


Oi Hi Oaiialaria 

WluwMai. MUVfea 



WNaalaMM, DM. 

Z. Jaanaa^ali , , 
Vapkara, H. V. 

Am.-riinii 'I I11-11I i-i- (.1. SI. .Vi'tll'il. loiinn 

ftei-t.-rThc current week, heAnnlnR. Monday 

inn liner, '. Anpr. "S. wns usherod Ift liy "The 
Kiillinv'SvClhi^lmns." Iicfoi-c ...o'. Inrci' nndl- 
ence. -. -lforresl.. *tthnley,.;as .lack'. I'Ostcr, the 
Outlaw; .'Wns I0111I Iv Applaitdnd, for,; his t-onil 
work, ' • ntut'."he,-,*riin. nlily :nsslsfed- liy it (rood 
cast, .liiclitdlntr Mda Slerrtli, ,(!crli-jide lilon 
Ml fU, -MnyrH:- Thurston,. Imnlol.ljnivlor, Trtln 
Vnu -lihrt - Anny-i Florence- hml Brtliy laillltir,. : 
'I'he i-Aitt ifl*' ns, fnifnws : .Inclc rosier. ■ ffOHMt 
Htnuley.; '., Kntn <Kdster, Mdti .Mcrah.: ' .Itilhy' 
l-'oslfr. ItiiKv l-'lilrotii-i-; Ilnli.v Lillian;. Horace 
ilni-pe'rj'-lin'ryel 1,11 wlor; Anna. Itilhlns0n,'(11 ( r- 
trnde- l)lo!ti;Miicll : Isnilor llrcval.\rolii' s V|in,-; ' 
.MHKi/lc.-i<jnlrl(j-.,Mny II. - Thilrshin ; - ICdwiird , 
\Vhlm.'.l,,n.vHi ! lhlcln ;. Firher.'.M. .I-V Itynh'; ..- 
One>l'JScd'i.Ilnimy, . -Hurry- Hcolt; Chnrllo Net-', 
son,' Joseph 'Lewis : Black I'ete, SI. ■ F. It.van ; 
Ashestos mil, William Willis; Hmlllng lion, 
Frnnk lenrrell. Next week, "The (Irent. Kz- 
liross, Ilohhcry.'l . ■ -, ., , 

llulii-r'» II in. 1.1,1 .(John II. Anderson, > 
mansfrer). — This popular family resort 
opened for the senson Monday afternoon, 
Aug. .'1. The curio balls tintl the cozy little! 
theatre w*ro packed at every- performance. ' 
Slum Improvements, hnyc liei-n mnde inside 
and out. uiirliiir the Summer knontha, which 
give It-BV fine appearance.- For the opening , 
week Mumtfter Anderson has provided quite { 
a novelty race 'Mi ween 11 dog ,nnd . hlcyt-lc,, , 
which held tho Interest of the niidlencc rrmn 1 
sinri to tlnlsh, and wast n big attceess. -Jinny . 
other now nnd .Inlereitlng (enlures arc nlso 1 
to be seen In the curio hull., Iu< the theatre 
an excellent vnndeyllln, programme la nlso , 
given, hclidcd h'v I'tirtaln nnd ' Hlussom, Waul - 
ami Itnynor, IJM and Klol;- Kuiii lOlllntt and 
.lanu-H Mdwnrils, '•'",' 

llinl I no 11 S, 1 nil re flnnf I ;u rili' 11. — "The j 

Slnld (ind the 'Slllllonnlrc" commenced, Aug. 
. r i. Its seventh week. 

and lilrls, Stella Slnyltew, Itnsnlre ami 
I lore) to, and American vllngrnph. • 

Sli' lir.oi/ U.uim:\ illiirllg &,Hcn- 
ntoii, ninnagei-s). — Hill this m-cl; . Ineliitles : 
tiuilor unit i.'tirllss. .Alva Mctilll. Mniltii nnil 
rnnvcy, I'linii'i-nn litidlns' Qiinrtclte, Kli.ty 
.\<-|si|ii,Two Itnckeds, lllchy ■ W. tlriilg-nnd 
Sllle.-I,a Tohi-ii.' '•/•.... »-. ' ••■ '• ; .- -..- 

• "llrOriUI>n.--At i'Aylua's. the full strength' 
of lite, slock, cohipnny Is seen 1 his,, week,. In 
lijtvldi'lllgifinV.pliii 1 , ''At'.rlhey Itldgc." . The 
houses, were big last week," despite' the vvtlrm 
nehrher; — Nen.t.,"Ilrolhor: OtllcerH"." .-, .' . >-■' \ 
.t-'JIi.AliKv^i , I Slori'ls.-rtchlesllngtT,. manager).' 
"I'Vnin Singling lo ■ l.lberly;" which, rihi'ri.o/l 
ilie.seu^rtfi lieni night, of. :i. Is i-ml tinned 'iill 
this'- wci'k. Cunning, the Jail breaker,'- hits 
Harry Clay Blaney, 

, ( I'. C. Cornell, 

itelle'-Bldck- Co;,' 

ndy llttnlworlh's 

it'liidlhg.weitk of 

-.iae*ii, 1 !"• 1 Hi 1 . u Illi Ihe 

iiyes'^' Js announced;, .' '.-^ho- Hogei-s 

In ,IVinnniii"'onen.s the. regular sciinoii, 

HttslhesM -continues eJe'eHchf. .:- • 

the prln'clpnl pari. Next, 
In "The Boy Detective." 

I.i'.na I'AitK.- -Ilnsliipss here -Is big. All 
the attrnctlonn, including "The Ocean Wave," 
"The Days of ,»M0," "-Night nnd .Morning," 
"The Knnsos Cyclone," "The Brownie Thea- 
tre" and "The l/ist Olrl," arc doing' well. 

imikajii.anii. — Fire burned out part of the 
Italian (innicns on Hnturday night, Aug. .3, 
hut tlie dumnge wns slight, nnd the flames 
were -quickly extinguished. All the conces- 
sions here nppenr to bo doing sntlsfactory 
huslnesB. . -,i , . ,' . '. .1 

Bohtock's. Aiirna. — There Is the usual 
due , hill nf animal acts, here, nnd business 
is keeping up well. v '■ 

S-,riJww-:ciiAsic.— Oeorge C. Tllyou had tlie 
following to say rogarillng the recent fire 
here: "Nobody was killed. That's good. This 
is not n calamity. -It Is Just mich a business 
reverse no any man In the amusement busi- 
ness must he proiiureil to shoulder. I still 
linvc Iwenly.flve attractions for twcniv-llve 
cents, nnd I will work night nnd dny ao 
that In: n very short time I will have the 

lowed hy Knte nnd tho 

Hcene shows I ho rescue 
■where Atherlon conceals Hie girl In his state 
room, nnd when ho Is inknn prisoner ho dy- 
namite* Ihe. .vessel. John naves Ornce 
nnd kills Atherlon In Ihe nlriicgio which 
follows. Tho: work, of liella Hhnw, 
i'leniior Jennings, Vlnnle llenshnw. Timmns 
Tempest, lliilph llevlierl nnd Leslie Slorosro 
nvas pralseworlhv. while t.'linrlle Blake, In 
tlie Hebrew comedy role, wns the bright par- 
ticular sUr. Tho part. (Its his style |ier- 
feetly. and his work kvrVt tlie ntidlencn In a 
i-onr Ihronghoiit, and the lengthy applause 
was nil his. Oust of chararlers; Wnllcr Alh- 
orton. Thoninn.1. Tempest; John Itnlnl, Itnlpli 
.11 lleriiert : laoulc Mcinholrncr, Chns. Blake : 
Charlie Uaymond, laenlle Slorosco ; Broadway 
.loe. -Howard Cramnton; Capt. Tnilncr, linrrv 
.1, Lane; llexter .Tones, Mnnnln Blake; Bote 
tllcks. Wm. B. Watson: Balnh Waldo. Ilow- 
jiru Brown: Turn Smith', IMwarri Mulvey ; 
Grace Carroll, i.clin Shaw ; Knte Cm-roll, 
Kleannr Jennings ; sionnn St. Clitlr, l.oulse 
.Mitchell: Cherry Hunt, Vlnnlo' llenshnw. 
riinrus Clrls — Clara, Hlliel Stanton : Wnitdn, 
Nellie lllrfles; Kdnn, Clssv Oshorne; .lime, 
I'nripv Sniids: I'ollv, Millie I'hnllls: Sadie. 
Amy Anderson; tirneo, Morrie Warner: 
■Nellie. .Inlle llnrrls. Bxeciitlvc staff — A. II. 
Woods, director; Fred K. Fleck, ' inniingcr : 
A. ,JC. Pearson, business . malinger ; -Tom 
'l'enipest, singe mnniiger : II. J. I.nne, assist- 
tirtt .singe mnniiger; William Conner*, master 
mecluinlc: Chni-les Kanc.cnrneiiter: William 
<W. Allllyelh, clcclplclfui: ICdwiird. \liilvev. 
property man : Nellie Itlrl les, wnrdrnlie mis- 
irass. The limine Monthly, IS, wns Well llllcil, 
Next; week,' •The-f!ntnMer nf Ihe West." 

Manhattan Tlieatra*. — Shcpard's moving 
pleturtR ore still drawing well, 

ilrBiiin, hy John Oliver, wns presented here 
Aug. o.- for tho lirat -lime In New York. The 
hi in-; v ilcuis with n young militiaman who Is 
falsely licensed of murder. He. la tried, con- 
victed and Imprisoned, but escapes and finally 
establishes his innocence. George Whltnker 
ncted well ns Dick Thurston, I be hero. The 
cast .nlso included : Tom Thurston, M, ,A. 
Kelly : -lolin -Blulmlell, .lack Sharkey; Judgi- 
Ni-lMui llrnilstoni', Itlohilril (Julller; Adolpli 
Block, A. II. i.nng; Alice Brndstonc, t-:ii:'.n- 
heth Httiliiiurii ; Miriam Lnnrnnter, Adelyn 
i-i.-iei- Hall; -Jennie Ihiy,' Harrison: 
itiiiuciie .l*nge, Jessie l.e Fehre ; Mrs. Tilly 
Augustine. Cicrtrudq Dbhcrly'; Blehardson. 
Ben. Harris : Jcnaion, Mnrtln Broivn ; White, 
Fred llusey; l'cli;. Mum Bitttermnn ; Joe, 
isiuls (lorilnn : Frank, Joseph lliirlninn : fins, 
JVnve Flelillng; Sam, Frank James ; Juilson, 
John O'T'onle; l.arklns. .Nathaniel tioltlen ; 
Frank Howe. Win. Jai-kmuii ; Chns. Stung, 
l-'ieil llavls: Ai'lliui' Frnuk, Have Wholkins; 
linker, Walter (ininmeel ; Chns. K. Htitemtin. 
Mnrlln Brown: Fred T. Times, John ll.nke: 
Henry llowemnn. Wllllnm Lntumii: liurc 
Itlissell, Ceorge IHIIoti; (jouls Itontwllh. Jm. 
sinciiiii : Frank . lVslleninn, John Dengiion ; 
Joe 1 in! v. i>orge 1. notion : 'Bernard Dulloii. 
Arthur Snrtnn : Onnlel 1'age. chns. Cltigston : 
Ben Baltic, Waller Campbell. A court room 
scene, wllh 11 largo nudienco' painted on Hie 
drop ; lite Interior of the Tombs Prison. Slug 
Sing prison nnd Interior of SI. Paul's' Church 
were some oMhei striking scenes. The tour 
Is under the direction of Al. 11, Woods. Units 
Iv 11 1 v. Is malinger. Matt Nastier, business man- 
ager ; SI. A. Kelly, st ago manager: Thomas 
Brown, elect rlelnn ; Samuel Keed, carpenter; 
Itoy Smith, properties. Next -week, Joseph 
Snnlley. In "BIII.V. Ihe Kid." 

Atlantic Cardeo (W, Kramer's Sons, 
managers). — Jiirge, Aleene and Hamilton 
Trio, linker and Hurley, grotesque ncrohnts: 
i..n. trapeze net: the fhiimcroys, acrolmllc 
spoclalty : t;n Un Anderson, npernllc soprano. 
new moving pictures, nnil tho Ml I to l.ndy Or- 
chestra are I lie nlti act Ions for tills week. 

Ml. Nloholu* (inrileia (lien. A. Hhuncn- 
thnl, mnniiger), — KaUenborn and his orches- 
tra- remain ns the musical magnet here. .. 

Illitiii'i ■•* Lincoln Mijiiaarc Tlicalra- 
(Charles R. Blaney, manager).— fleo. M. Co- 
han's "Utile Johnny JOnes" opened this 
house On Saturday evening, Aug. .'I, nnd n 
well tilled house Immensely enjoyed tills 
popular musical piny.. Among Ihe -e In the 
cast were : Ada CIITord, Wllllnm F. Itynn. 
I'rnnl; Slnntanniery and Helen Dexter. Hood 
business niarketl tlie opening of ihe week of A. 

The Murra, Mill Tlirftlravls undergo- 
ing '11 Ihnrnugh renovnllon under lite super- 
vision- of Fred Irwin. The Interior, In red 
nnd, gold, Is nearly completed. New choirs 
anil many other Improvements will he In- 
stil I led, ■ Thi! opening Is llxed for Aug 1 . !M, 
with Snm Serlhncr's show. J. lleriiert Slm-k 
will mnnnge the .hons,i, .-», ,,, > .. . 

la«'W I'li-llls- lll-rlllrt Slinnri- lloillr, 

(Ceorge M. Sumnils. manager I. — Rddle Fov. 
In -'Tlie Orchid," entered upon his eighteenth 
week Aug. 0. 

Jam In d«- l-iiris {v, zicgfeld Jr., man-; pleasure ef offering moro enjoyment In the 

(tger).i— Tills- resort continues to enjoy good 
business with "The Follies of ,1007, now In 
Its tin ii week, and still In favor. 

Casino (Sam. S. & I/ce Shuhert, Inc., mana- 
gers).— "iFnsclnatlng Flora" begun Its twelfth 
week Aug. Ii." ,' 

Nnvny Tii <• 11 In- (Prank McKco, monngcr). 
— "The Slim of'thn Hour" began, Aug. .1, its 
thliiy-slxtii w«'Ck. ■' 

Ai-i-IiiI Cnrali-ns (Klnw & Mrlunger, 
iiianiiRi'i'si. — Ceo. M. Cohan began, Aug. n, 
his leiilh week in "The llnneymoonors. ' 

llaauni'N claiseili Aslor, Academy of Music, 
Belnseo, Bronilwny, Daly's, Kmplre, Hnr- 
rb-k. (iiirili'ti. ilratnl Opera House, Hudson, 
Ilankett's, Hippodrome, Irving l'lace, Knlcli- 
cihncker, l',lherl>-, I,yrlc, Lyceum. Madison 
Square, Majestic, . New Amsterdam, .Now 
York, Third Avenue, Weber's. Vnrkvllle, Keith 
,V 1'roctor's Klfty-clglUh Street. (Mrcle, Co- 
lonial, Ilcwey, ICIghlh Avenue, London, 
.Miner's . Ikiwiny unit Alurrtiv J till. 

Iln|a|ij I11111I. NI11I1-11 Islaiaul. — Tlie Apol- 
los, llrlllsh alhleli'S. nt. Hnppyland Ibis week, 
offer n' forfeit of $'JS to any man who can 
lift thi'l)' pei'ulliii-ly cniislrncled ling of sand, 
weighing ..00 pounds. 

Ilnrlem. — The Slur opened lite theatrical 
season of 1 HOT -OR, on Aug. .'I, wllh Joseph 
Snnlley, In Ills tried success, "Hilly; the Kid." 
to 11 great house, Next week, 'The Life of 
An Actress." 

KKlTii-ft rnncTon's IUruim OrKit.t Hoti«n 
(H. K. Allioo, gamernl mnnngcr).— The week 
opened wllh a good sized audience In evi- 
dence on Aug. .". Beatrice Sim-gnu has re- 
tired from the cast as leading Indy for a 
month's rest, and ilenrleltn Brown, a favorite 
here, takes her. place. "Lady Windermere's 
Fan" Is the current offering. Miss Browne 
nnd Alphnny, Rllilnr shared honors In Die 
lending roles. (Icovge Howell, Wllllnm K. 
Carr, Hill, tleorge Manning, 
Mmcllo Melville, l.oulse Itunriolph, illnnch 
Devlin nnd l.oulse Bmnclle also scored. Mo- 
tion pictures continue. 

Keith & l'BOorott's Onh Huniuikp and 

TWRNTV-l'tl-TH STBRHT TllEATltll (K. F. Al- 

bce, general manager), — (in several occasions 
Inst week this house wan packed to tho 
doors, and business continues nl about the 
same high tide ns In the Winter. People 
of Ilnrlem will always patronize where they 
receive I heir moneys worth, and Manager 
lingers nlwnys presents a tlrst class show. 
He Is always on the alert lor acts thnt will 
please. This week's bill In headed hy Kvu 
Tiiiigiiny, her second engagement within Hirer 
weeks. Others nra Milton nnd Dollle 
Nobles and company, Four Inlernntioiinl 
I'omlques, Umpire Comedy Four, llelleclnlre 
Brothers. Folk and Chilre, Wynn nnd f,cwls 
ami Slrs'Iv nnd l-ldwnrds. . . 

AMtAUUiiA (Percy 0. Williams, mnniiger). 
— Nothing seems to offeel business here. A 
most excellent hill Is offered for lids week, 
iiieliiillng Sllblreil l-'lor.i. lleriiert Cvrll. the 
Four Slewnrl Slslers, Avery nnd Hiirt, Itube 
Welsh. Kllly I'l-imces nnd cnmpnnr, the 
Juggling Burkes, Una Mdward's School Boys 

live acres left to mc than was to be had In 
tne entire twenty acres before., the tire. 
Steeplechnsc will be' trigger and bettor than 
ever. The- Human Roulette, which hns been 
the most .successful of all my amusement de- 
vlcns, Is now being raconstructcd In the large 
pavilion formerly surrounding ■ the swim- 
ming pool, and on Saturday evening wo will 
have a grand reopening with a great display 
of fireworks.. The board walks lend- 
ing from: the .preserved portion of the 
I'ni-k to Surf Avenue and to tho Bowcrv 
have been completed, and the following at- 
tractions tire promised for Soiiirdny : The Hu- 
man Itotiletle, Koxy Crandpa nnd his Cot- 
Inge, .where tree toys are distributed to chil- 
dren; the steeplechase souvenir booth, the 
free postal card . onlotiu, the. cyclone house, 
1 lie bi-tiliil chamber, the house of loo much 
1 rouble, the Ferris wheel, the giant see-saw, 
il|n French voyage, the sou wnve, the t-nzzle 
dazzle, tlie bitri-cl of love, the bicycle merry- 
go-round, the old wreck, the Steeplechnsc 
pier, the diving dogs, the Ill'ty pel forming 
sen lions. 11 family of bnliy. seals, the bath- 
ing b.-iieh ami pavilion, the plantnllon sing- 
er,, Hie submarine rnlll-nnd, the shore din- 
ner, and many otbor iittriicl|ons." • -i 

Bttifiin-ns ilKAi-ft Bark. — Sillier Brothers' 
"I ill Itnnch" hns been drawing crowds. 

Manhattan Bhacii.— "Sheridan's Bide." 
remains a popular attraction.' — -• 

BitioiiTox Bkacii , Mimic Ham, bid 

week of Aug. I): Knlph Dclmore and com- 
pany, Kva Sludge, Pnlsy James, Hnlley, Aus- 
'" l . i 1 '"' .eompnnv. .the Fay Sisters, Cooper 
and Hnblnson, Beaumont's ponies nnd Al- 
tred K, Aaron's dancing dolls. 

lli;Mir.iisfi.\'8.— Bill week of Aug. fl : (iray 
nnd tlt'iihnin, Monte Myro Troupe, Boston 
Ouarlctie, Four Monlolianks. lledrlx und 
I'rcM-olt, Kellar and I'tiul's In "Morocco:" 
Slnhel Derm, Hanks and llmzenlln Duo, John 
linker, , In 'The Heart nf Dixie;" Botching 
Bros.. I riimlnill Slslers Sextette, Alta Yolo 
nnd Her Knickerbocker. Four, Flsle Harvey 
and Hoys, And Four Comrades. 

Moititiso.N's Kocknway Beach.— Bill week 
of Aug. .1: Empire City Quartette, .fas. J. 
r, or o tt ,., n , nrt """Ptny. Krnest Hognn, Jos. 
"Fire Crackers," Maud lanmbert, SVIII 

, ;; . NI-5W VOBK. Si'^TR. 
Iluffnlo.— At the Star , 
mnnagei-)' the -Jessie Bonstelle' 1 . 
week nf AIM, Ii. , offers "l.tidy Hum worth's 
Kzpcrlineni'.". For the concluding week of 
ihe engagement, -1-.M7, ."Tho' Ulrl; wljjh the 
am ' 

• ' I'taYiiic '( J„ Ijiutiih'lln, mahnfee^.')'-— The Wlll- 
lnm I'll al 1 1 1 111 . Sl.icl. I'O. bus- lllel - wl,lll nil 

boanded- success, - presenting ^ this .week "Thi! 
Three Musketeers.'^. '.Weck ; .- df y2', r ,;,'Dn>V 
Crockett:"- --.vVlfglnlus" • was,' inJMtiaCApnbi) 
acted to. Immense andleni'fts^laftt.fweek. 
. SHKA,'s.-^The followlngibtll'Is.onMlu'nil for 
v.'et-k of T. :■. IJuit'H F.leclrlc --l.Tlrliels, the 
SutclliTe Troupe, Jules Onrrlson< nnd Helen 
Conklln, i.ennit Thurber, Clinton nnd Jermon. 
Carl In and OttO, laiVliie-Cameron Trio, Her 
bcrt's dogs, and the new klnetpgrnph ex- 
hibits. Business. Is good. - , . •; 

i-i'M l' Am; (R. 11 Macbroom, manager). 
— Zlngnrclln .is the^ feature outdoor attrac- 
tion, in the theatre: The Three Nightin- 
gales, Francis ..Wood. Will. Davis, Thorain 
and 1' .and Webb's .seals were much 
enjoyed by large crowds, .last -week.- . t 

laAPAVflrrn (CM. Bngg, manager).— -The 
Buttorlly Biirlesquers and the farewell np- 
Iieiirunce'of Hie California Clrls .occurs week 
of 0. Tpe Tlolllckers com.o 1','.,,.,.. ,, 

ACAMiiut, ,-. '(»?. C, , Cornell. /tnnnagef).— 
"The King -and Queen of 'Gamblers'' this 
week. ••Kiimi, the Pretty Typcwrltera" fol" 
lows. "Nellie; the BenuiifuJ cloak Model," 
did fnh-ly -we'll the opening week. 

Notes. — Manager. John R, -Osht-I, of. the 
Teek, uunoitnces that, his theatre Will open 
wllh ndvanced vaudeville of the Klnw & 
HrJnnger circuit Sept. J. ■' Men arc busily 
engaged In putting the house In order, under 
the supervision of General Manager Bird, of 
the Shnbert. forces .The Harden, re- 
splendent In n new coat of green nnd red, Is 
now ready for Its opening, 10.. 

t'llou.— At the Majestic (E. IV Knneke. 
resident manager) "In tho Palace of thr- 
iving" nnil "No Wedding Bells for Her" wore 
woll presented by ihe stock '-last- week, to big 
houses. They present "Daughtors, of Men 
nnd "Queen of tlie Convicts'-' this week. 

(int'HKiist (Fj. 1,. Koneke, resident mana- 
ger). — 'llits cool theatre is having a -good 
Summer run wllh moving picture perform 
nnccs. . . .... 

Dcmoxt I'auk (S. W. linker, manager).— 1 
laiNt wetdt's hill drew woll. Huy's Minstrels 
will piny a i-ciut'ii dntQ this week. 

1-yiCA - PAiut (Scram &■ Doaohoe, -mana- 
gers). — Roth's Orchestra con Unties lo draw, 
und will remain thofontnre attraction. 

Foni-isT Hone (Kd.- -Russell,, manager).--- 
lluslnrss continues, good, -This week : U-wls 
nnd l.esslnglnn, I.IIHnu nevcre,' l^eonurd ami 
Bnstedo, Ti-ixle Bennett, Hnlsy Hunt, Bd. 
laivcme, and Helen laoulso Katon's Orchestra 
cmnplcle t) ln bill. • ■ 

Notks.^W, K. Ifblilkea, ,of this elly, hns, 
Joined the Majestic Slock Co. forces, nnd ap- 
pears In the, cast thin: week., ....; .-.A- new 
moving picture show will lie opened here soon 
by N. 1'oohiH, of Auburn, N.V.;-,nnd continu- 
ous performances will be given. The admis- 
sion Wlll-bO -llVO retit'i... ',,. ... 

lliaa-licslcr — At the Tinker (Mrs, T. I. 
Boy e, mnnager) "Novada.'ionnt.onjby thn 
stock last wetk, drew well, despite tho warm 
weather. IOdward B. linns and Cracn Hop- 
kins were seen .to good ndvnntogei;-, "On tho 
llrldgo at Midnight" Ang. O'.rthd *reek. ' 


Messmur*', manager).— Crowdir. dully throng 
!hls poniilnr resort. The Klght JMcrhlnnls 
scored heavily Inst week. Week of Ii: Un- 
ttatls Nnvnl Rcscrvo Band (return engage- 
ment), Donatettn Troupe, nnd Three Krnesto 


■ Glem Havdn .rAnix (B. B.' Wilson, mtinn- 
gjr). — l,«st: week's attendance was Ihe best 
of the Season thus. far. Rill week :Of a : Roy-. 

Uoacrxn,,,! hl,.two horses Md.. WM ^ W^^^^^^^S 




VVII.MAM IIAI, ,!„,., 

Mnkera of 

tin west mih at., New Vera; Oily. 

RKKB Ml CATA 1,011(11-: a 

nZ'Zl 1 ^' iX 5"™ " , *" *•*' , * , « h «" t . M»WM. "nn-wmesi .-* 
Mo,« ■wrlNaBM, TrMnk „„ R . r(h WR 0VAnANTER , T H 


8?"f^MP'^ h^MrtotaKflt 



Albany. At Unrmuniis BloccVcr Hull 
(H, It. Jacobs. ainnaxer) the opening nt- 
traction, Aug. i). was Boekstadcr's Mlustrclu, 
and a eapucltv house attended. 

I'liocToii'a ( Howard Grubani, resident rtlRti- 
uccr ►. — -the (Summer, light opera i continues 
ui tills popular house, and goon l*«roess 
rules. "Olrufle Glrolln" -pleased all' the pant 

IN All) or 


big cntoHauiiuciii urruiiKcd for the 
. I'rlpptctJ Children's 

MMk, and A««. B afad week "The riwrtes-of 
ivuzauco" Tflu be the bill. V j- 

Al-Tbu Park .(Max .JToRCn, manager). — 
Largo crowds continue to pulronlz* this 
iiIrco. The bill for week of/.Jaly .gfl in- 
cluded : Arthur C HoldcD, Nelson, La Note 
Uros. and La Vcdn und Zcldu. .... 

tLKCTBic Paiik (K. C. Williams, mana- 
ger). — Jit, toe rustle theatre last week were: 
The l >rm y Uuie Singers, Muddet ,und Oorb- 
Icy. Woe utid Walters. Hodges und Launch - 
mere olid James Dunn. Kinc attend:uaccs 
coatiunc. j | . . ' V^_ '' 7- 

MM bl'.N WAlfK (ilKMIMUS. 

... ij'. • ■ ! ■ Bff : ,l .-.• . 

Hliwlyl'bktiiatch-to Tho Nbw X.obk ChievtM. 
' San FiiiNc iacd,' A'fio. 0. — At the Van. Ness, 
wslerday marked the eoiamcnceuieut 6f u 
two weeks' engagement ot Cyril Scott, iu 
■•The I'rlntc Chup." 

i.iikatijh Novkltv. — "The l'ower of Gold." 

lMyja.— Tula. Is the -fourth. week of Duircl 
vitidni. Tho play. Is "Mleiinel Slrogolf." 

tlKM'itAt,.— "b'or Her Children's Sole" tlirs 
veek. . 

Amkiiii'AK. — 1'lits house Is closed for about 
four weckB. , . - • 

New — This Is the tin h week, of 
Herbert Kcleey and Kfflc Hhiiunou. "Sher- 
lock Holmes" Is the produetloit. 

Colonial in dark. 

OnritEUM. — Bill for llie week opening Sum- 
dm, -1: Bessie Valdnre Troupe, Be irons- 
Luneaster.,ai|d|CompMiv, (iraco Vnu . Sluddt- 
ford, the Brtlfoiis, the Musical flyruus. World 
and Kingston, Heyuiour und Hill, Clustonuild 
lirecn. and the hiiiodrume. 

chutes. — Movlbgi pictures and Illustrated 
tongs continue'. 

ok* * "in mow. - . 

NOTBS. — Following 
Hall's .lease of the Macdonoueh 'rbcalre, Oak- 
luud, Hurry Bishop will add that bounotu 
his chain of theatre* In Oakland und Hun 

g the expiration of V. V. 

ilaedonoiiEh 'rbcalre, Oak- 

mill that house. to 

t mucin™ It Is understood that Mortl- 

luer Dodge, who; Is managing the Auditorium 
skulljlg rink for iVai-neyv* Green, will hive 
tho ttianuirctncrit of that th-fri's new theatre on 
Valencia Street as soon as it Is completed. 


Kansas CMy:— inn- films Opera House 
(L. S. bllghailL.tDauaijcr), As usual, was the 
llrsl of the local houses to open' the seuson. 
The opening occurred night ot July -V. uml 
Manager Ilrlgb.iui's good luek vnu uu hand. 
it v,i\i. the coolest nlgbt of tint .hot isnasoB, 
slid us n result tbo theatre was Jamtried and 
humlrrda wuro turned, .awuy. XJiii ;wcuther 
continued cool Mu'udiiy, uud both amtl- 
no* Ami night pctforniun :ea were - packed, 
and during. tho rest of tho. week business wits 
big.' .;-Afllioroughbrcd, Tramp" was; the i In- 
augural uttincttun, und (lie show tmiM * 
big. hit. This wfek, "Cbliiutown Charlie:" 
next week, "The Four Corners of the Bartb." 
Tlio GIUIs lias been linndsoujely itdccornfid. 
The i:olor Bcbemc Is .old Ivory und gold In 
the lobby, nod the Interior of the house Is a 
blending of colors with a red border that 
xlves'tbc house n very rich uppeuiancc. The 
proscenium arch Is beautiful, and the five 
oil iHiltitlngs r.t the top of Ihc arch are works 
of art, Tlio new carriage drive ls the haqd- 
MBMt In Hie. city. It }» csmposed of steel, 
and completely lilted with stained glass and 
electric fights. Mutmr Brlghura bus spent: 
a lot of money on bis theulre. but bd« the 
sallifaetlou ot knowing thai he has one Of 
the llboHt theatres III lbs West. The stage 
Is also very.uiueli up-to-date, huvlug au-Jn- 
MantauijotiH si»r[ukllng synteni und water cuv- 
t*lu, and, ihe skylight vetitllullou Is. perfuct. 
■lOV enllre huunels supplli'd with tile sprlnk- 
Ing 'syslent. Muringor. Mrliuatu has a tlhe 
lolof nttraellops booked, afid a successful 
season Is assured. 

IfcliCinic Paiik (Sum Ilcujamlu, mana- 
ger .—Last, week wits the iwcoud and fare- 
well unc of Weber's band, and big crowds 





The big 
boncllt of the Dfatltutc . 
n*P*> and held, At the Polo Urottnds on Sat- 
urday ttftcrflooa, Aug. a was foreutdalned as 
a sneceis, as the clmrlty was a most worthy 
MM More than 0,000 people were In the 
stands at'2 o'clock, when the cntctlnlnuicot 
bcjrtp, and It is estimated Utat |«,ow was 
realised. % ,". .. ,: .,, ,. , , 

The affair was arranged by Mrs. A. L Kr- 
lanftr, fbnnder and president of tLj Hume, 
and? George M. Oihan and Ram II.- Harris 
managed It, uud did their work with com- 
pleteness and all around success. 

Tbo refreshment privileges und the sale 6f 
prdgramulcs ;wero- hi. charge of Mrs. K. L 
tornandra, assisted by fulr femininity play- 
Inn: at the different, root jtardens. Tlicfe 
wire volunteers from the Sew York nptjf, 
Mtullson Suuure unit; New Amsterdam lUofs. 
Graeei4,eIgh,.„May .Ia-sIIc, Luuru Cebnefdfr. 
Mlas.Bmefit, Miss D« San ton and Miss Blake. 
fi-Otu rwaUam of 1907." Hilda Ht>(lls, JIIks 
l.eTlnc, of Kvu TdJighay's Co. ; Cora T'oWlc, 
.H'unette Uujurd, of KIchard Curie's "Spring 
I h eken" <:«. ; Itnscllu llhodes, l.lllu Khode.-. 
Agle Gllden. Mamie tllldea, Jtoslc ■ Green. 
•Jcrtlo A tuiderbllt, :. Billy Wilson, from "The 
I oneyiuooners," Amelia Somervllle had en- 
tire charge -of the sale of programmes at Ihc 
main gate, while Lcona Anderson occupied a 
like position hr the grnnd staml. 

Jou Humphries wan muster of ceremonies, 
alid tint bill giiuA between the uetors KM 
mutiagers.wils the real lilt rf.tllC duy. 
i Theife wns.-n costiline parade to open the 
pNigranuue, bended by u Wild West exhibit 
lurulslied by luV . Miller llfotliers. of I'lPI 
Ituiich." led by Joe Miller stud euwpuucheri>, 
wit!, Indian chiefs In .Rill n-gullu. nil uh 
horseback. .Tiiey circled the Held, while l»e r 
him] theui were the actors and managers Who 
were to pluy, on Ihc bull Held lutcr, ull In 
eosltimc. Kred Stone, ns the seurccrow, 
made .the most grotesque tlgute of ull. und 
hi» "cut nil'' so gntfageoJsiy: that the specta- 
tors gntjrt kept •!■ wars of laughter. The 
baseball Hue up Intruded : 

Actors — Bob Dalley, James Corbett, Fred 
blone, (ieorge Krans, Georgo lk-ban, Harry 
Watson, Victor Moore, (Jertuc Blcket, George 
M. Cohan, Jack Gardiner, Frank Muyne, Chan. 
J. Ross.: Harry Kelly aud Junta J. Morton. 

Mauagotv— A. L. ttrtougii„t!unll. Harris. 
Krcu Thompson, Charles Marks, Jules Hur- 
tlg, ClVnrles tlebest, Jack Welch, P. H. Sulll- 
vnu, Churlos Hlauey, .Walter Moore, Thomas 
W. llyley. Mortimer. H, Thelsc. Sam Serlliner. 
I^ills W«rbe, Lee Shubort and I'lorenn Zlrg 
fold. ' ■':-. ; .,'-.. 

When the ball game was over lucre were 
hundred yurd rates. The ilrst event wtm won 
bv.Juck Welch, uud the uccond by Hnuiuel 
HurflB. . . ,. 

"Neat came ii one hundred yurd dusli. par- 
ticipated In by chorus girls. • Busy Green, 
of "The Hotieytiiooners," won the race. (Jer- 
trude VunderblH was sccoud uud Marie 
l'ropp third, 

■A greased plg-ehaslng contest proted one 
of the greatest laugh producers of the day. 
It was won' by Chler Bull Bear, ot (be "101 

Then after 1 much laughable prcpnrutluu 
n ple-oatlug contest wus 1>egun between ten 
colored citizens. 

There was a series of boxing bouts, wllli 
many prominent pugilists giving exhibitions. 
Jack Johnson, (he big negro, boxed with John 
I.. Sullivan's former sparring partner. '['Inn 
Bob Pltzsluiuions und Sailor Burke boxed, 
while Jim Corbett refcrced. George Dixon 

attested . to tho baud's popularity, 
week, _ Horrent Ino and his Bandit Uosn. 
lie last week were: 
.. Trio, Ferguson .und . 
more. Urunuon and Lloyd and Ada Hnyiuan. 
•?lieclul Hrowork dlspluys L ,wero given ■ on 
Sunday, Weducsduv nntf Frlduy. 

acts In 

the Villa 


Ilusaell, manager), — 
was the tlnnl-ouc'of Melbourne 

the bill, aud 

Drow Treicott. 

the 'favorite 

acted. Both -stars 

I'UIIEST l'AIIK tli. B, 
Lur-t Week was ' 
Mu. iiuivell and 
'"t'edota" wus, 
Sardou piny wus nucly 
;"u excellent work, ahd vftre ably supported 
by Margaret Hatch, Will Hall, and Frank 
Alelvlu. TblH week, the PatlerBon'.-.CO., who 
were here earlier. In the season, In n series 
ot operas, will opou ri four.wetks* ongagc- 
mcnl with tho ."Wlaurd 'of. Wall Blroct!*: 
,„ . 'HMOt'N'r Park (W. F. Smith, rtiHim- 
»ci).— niiier s Third Iteglmeut Bund cuu- 
i £"'.. A'-apeetavulftr balloon rncu between 
f.':„.' B i l0H J" ld: A - -M.' Curtis was a Bpccinl 
i. "b' •W'.'ff?' .-0* ""« ''III the Slautons, 
Iracllon » ""' owl " s uct ' weru tt auwl"! at- 

•.'ABKiyAi, Pakk (\f m . winch, mauagilr).— 
« iileludos 'VeiKtttan- Bund Unlsbod their en- 
RMS'W't. hut Week. This week. Holco'mbe 
jmi ills I'lttsbuig bund open an iiideUnlte 
),' WBP'BJEl tust week tfte vaudeville bill 
IU tiin Wlawani. Included : Cusey uud f.'/uney, 
JJ> hird, prouk«a and Kljujuian audi ltoy 


Vict Ul)H,' 

Point (K. A. Hurriiiglon, indnn- 




t'c.ililm,-.-. Ai Keitli'B (CIius. Loveu- 
Jg» manager)- "Before und After'.', pluycd to 
wod liuslness July iO uud week, whllu the 

Hy. was celebrating "Old Home Week:" "A 
'■otitciited Wviiiitn" Aug. B and week. "lA-lly" 
is ii prepu'rutliai to follow. , . * 

"•Ii' ) "» , .!"' , (Spit a * Nathunson. uiuiiucerai:— 

llie Nhjht Befure ciirlatmaB" was tho Dual 
luuduiitieu. of Ihe.KuiplreTheiitrtf.Stock Co. 
f*£ ,{» und Week; SSeri u #wk'jM dafk- 
thu regular tieasonwlll open with "Coli- 

Keri.-_-'(i. m. M. pinafore" was, produced 
.Vug. 5. at' the li"oi'est. Cilsll.o. 

and Terry McGovern gave an exhibition, with 
mg Corbett us referee, and Tommy West, 
nklc Nell!. * 


Fruiikle Nclll. Jack lloliliuion. Mike" Smith. 

Kid Gi'lffo arid Joe Bcmsleln. Charley Seal 

it'll gel', 

Tummy Murphy, Jim I.awler, Joe Jeunne" 
per/ormed. '. 

■'The- lost thing 'on the progrnUiriic wiis ii 
luiMibiill name belaveen. George AI. Cohan'* 
Yankee Doodle .Boys nrfd the ■Vaudeville 
Comedy dub. nine, 


I '. II. I. ii. sclicr li-*«niiu.' 'I'hf-Hlrcs Iu 

Hinnr llllll I'llllon, s. \ . 

K. It. ''IXieSelier*- Will direct uffulrs at the 
Foster .Theatre, Fulton. N. V.. and llie Lyric. 
Itoiue, N. ,1'.. In iiddlilon to engaging In 
active work in conducting the other houses 
In which he Is Interested. 

The Hi »oi house Is now In process of cou- 
kI ruction.., and Is to coXt *T.(i,<uiti. The can- 
tilever form of construction Is being used, 
und I ho. capacity will be '1,600. The singe Is 
to be 40 feet deep and 74 feet wide. Get. > 
Is act US the .opening dote. The house ni 
Fulton In being rcmudutcd. The stage Is 
being practically rebuilt, new electric light- 
ing Is being installed, uud a ground Hour 
looby constructed. This house will open on 
Sept a.-- • • 

Mr. Lueschcr Intends to present the better 
class of one-night stand attractions, und nlso 
the best of the popular priced Stair & I In vlin 
bookings, and one. night a week of vui|devi|i-. 
1 1- Ik planned to pluy. not move than three it 1 - 
tractions u week ut met livuse. 

. . ■ ".;.; .. *+ ¥. •. — i — 

rjrlniiuliM ami »;«»n-. 

.linn t'rliiiiiiliiH uml llii'-c lime win slur 
Ibis season In "A ' Wurm ' Mutch," ois-nlng 
Sl-pi. 14. A cotupuuy of exceedingly elever 
people - hits beeii i-iiguged, under 

I be ill an 
ugeiiicnt. of Alfroil.." HUieticllffe, lueludlng 
Jllfc. Viilescu, ' ' 

Nlcliulls, J. W 

' Charles 

lliltiley, Itnl ,.1. U 
(a lulu comer from 

Australlu) Kvalluv I'liiley und JCdtut Sclwyn 



!»*» ft 




■f- .it: 

^rf-.B. , lU.-if. .'■ 

* w'* 


H" ".^Pi'y" 







ANY and ALL 

' I < if 


March Soig 

Slnoi Cilmi's 
"Broadway" Song. 

A Cobb 
and Edwards 



■I'-: ■'§..■ L * 

Cm Bi 
1 HH 


Ea$i Rang*. 





UtlllUKK iltl KWINtiV niNII' I'UUN Htl\«J 



Yon krto»V tHHlll uml ISU1VAMIM unilf "Dully l.i-uy'' mill "Ownl-l»y,-,'lilHli- tllrl, t;Ainl«l>yi-. 

An mmik >■> a, Ilelil'x ■ I'm i-ii. I. Muiii'i'' c n in pan) . 




I'lil* U Ju4l M 'K'larfr' 









Great losing 

k am 

Air the Hoagr Lake (H. .B. 
Qia Boy*' hi the 

_ v us. 5. at' tile Ifon-Kt. CilHlno. Dli.-k Ileadeye 
waa iiort rayed 1>y Ueoa-e l-'rotlilnalHttu. :thc 
ircator of the role Others on the bill In- 
rinded : Hurke uud Urllnc, the Buuh-Ucverc 
•our, and Harriet Hitchcock. 

.■'•-.. . '. I ' ll u ■ m 
„ M '°»'«»«»oltet. 
•mS , J" wa'tafter) "A Gay . 
enaction wcok;;of Aua.. 6, Tho company .ii 
aeaded by Frank Graham. A feature of tho 
■ast week was the "Juvenile. Day," observed 
[ llie muiiuuciuci on '1'ueaday. July .'10. Tho 
•nlciulunee ut Ihc park last.jycek was large. 

— : .. '»« ! !» ' ■ !■■■ " • 


I ..uIhvIIIo — At Whllu City (J. H. Wliol- 

'"ii. manager) cood urowda usKnoibled nt thin 
r 'sort «eek of July 8, and all the concessions 
rr-gwl uood btialueHH,. Nutielio'M. lland baa 
i«en i'iikhrciI to fiiriiiiih rnualc week of 
Q.J'K' I. while |he fentaVc acts .will b*!! Cm 
... K * AwkulooK, iUytlcr'a Irnhied uionkeyu, 
■ujl Hiii.Hniaji'H pcrtomnliiK Va'ra. 

lON-ruNe Kebby Park (Wm. Kelchnian, 
""linger).— a plcaslnc Taudevlllc bill , ul- 
irnrifd f nrae fffiljfr |„ the theatre week of 
JWr 'J8. I'eonlc eagaBcd for week of. Aug. 
4 m,- : The- PlnneVM. Mar/ello iflrt Mellay. 
•0117 and \.vw7.. Mudauie NadJI, the Three 
btlthloW, arid Hie'Alriodroibe. 

... ., r i. (II| .-^ 0JJg r --- ' — 

.-lliwii* MHUH. iwrwefrrina the PaataffM 
Mori i-,,., i, t |„ j,j ( ; w y nr |; ,,„ iMislneKS, en- 
Wllinjr feaple and arranRlng for ihc beat Nov 
J'.rk pn.di)ctlrttia that m* AVOllnl'le for >toi*. 

Federal Cutict" ■BcIiihi- t<> Hvoiieli 
, i ,-x< ■ IrOli iioIn Flri- ««»<■-. . . ,. 

The acut'e oriuorr of duuuise kuIis begun 
tigalrist KfflW & I'Jrlifiiser. beOuube uf llie 
Iroqwb Theatre lire,, lit: Chicugui weinuudud 
luat week In th" I'Vderul cbiirta-i through it.:re- 
fiiHiil of Jiiuk'' llutigli lu ri-Oj*0ii the t-nmad 

KX -.Indite l»lllcnlioi'fi-r und Liuvlil tlcrlur 
oupuM'ii I In- Ion of l.inv.vci- Jleury Vougc, 
reiirtiai'iillutr lite <.'hU'iigo ciuluiuiii-.. lo re- 
ou«-ii' the mills. 

Thu 'Inller wen- furiually dismissed sov- 
ernl weeks iiro.. ug.»u the motion of Idtten 
hucter, Gerber •■& .luuies, cuuutiel tor Klnw A; 
Kflnngcr. iiiiuii lh<- sbowlim tliut lln- ciulm- 
unls hud failed tu tiropi-rly lirnsi-i-ulc II". 
uitliuis • ivs provided hy llie prut'llcc of llie 
Unllcd Slaleu courts. .. . 

i *+-+ 

Adelaide Narivoud rleturiiH. 

Adelaide' '-Norwood.' llie- well knowu so- 
prano singer, uri-lved la New York from 
Kuwpe Aug.- 1, • Tho Hluger aald Uiat ah« 
Uud been studying at Buyrcuth. She will 
slug thin year In concert. Spcuklug of her 
stu? abroud. sho told of meetlpt Fran Wag- 
uer, and added that she did noT believe the 
latter was coming to America. 

H ♦«-* 

Kremer'a New Play. 

Theodore Kremer will roliirn. from u visit 
to. hls< German,! home oa AoV- n. «•»'' it new 
nlnv ready for early (iroiluetloii ut a Utoad- 
way thealre. Uc will also begin rehuaMala 
of four- of his tnelodromas. . 

. . 1 *■> 

Kdnrond-'Koaiatid III. 

Kdmond liusland. the, poet and pluy wrlgltl, 
Is ill at .^auiuro. Kinuce. silBTerlng trout u 
pelvic. IftcSE The altendjne . nhc«lclat,s. 
however, cxplcss tlio opinion Hint his epn- 
dtllon Is satisfactory, and 1 hat an operation 
will not he necessary. J)r. Vm}. an eminent 
Flinch 'surgeon, has been summoned by Muic. 
liosland: . -.-„ .■■•■■;.. ^~..^- •■:."■ 

.last one^-fri »":Mp»aiuii'- 
r' of Jaiyj-l 

SPECIAL ! 1-"I LOVE YOU MA CHERIE." tlio liomif Ifut EiikIImIi lovo Bitlliut lit Anna HoU'k Bin»«r RELEASED M 

Our Slall of Pianists at your disposal al Rehearsals or our Office. (Ptiotie 181 Bryant). 

LEO EDWARDS (Igr. Professional Dept. ) 608 EDWARDS (Oonoral Producer and Originator of Hovel Bongs). 


U»iiiHnilit)i mm iir* li*ad<|iiMrli'is r»r nil Iho lll|t Kimih«, Uulliula, Novelty Nuii|(4, 1'roilui tloti Niiinlnii'*, Unn. I. (I.-. . Mulr 

ilrt^f^tjiyJUh. Paaili htU iimtttnmml^HuUlmHr»%m4 n****,*** .3 


Orchestra find Band 
Loaders, Writo for 
Our Now Numliois. 


ISI2 Broadway 

It'er. Illli SI, uml IJrniliJwiij, 

new _.v,oi=i l *<,....oiT,y 

iir linr t!|Hhl-rrn n«rtn C InHiniittl 


riiieluuuti lliciilrlci'l |.c.|ili it'' uylliM"'! 
ever a, propoaed orutiwiM* "i> h u .'oiiti.-u Ij 

dls-usslig. Under Hill- li.\ cHIUIicii under 
clulilccn years uf uge will he barred liotu 
llieutiei) ut nlglit. utiles .icc,ilin.i.ul..l by 11 

imii'iit in- Btiardtan. Aiiorimr lien 1.. ii.-r- 
illngsfcld. renreheiillng Ualnfoilh & lltivllll, 
,.f llie (Ji-nnd; Andcrwin W.leKlcr. of < olt in- 
[,l,t uml Wnlliu'., uml UvWt* V, KM, of "h" 
(Hyniptc. urgeil nt llie ni-etlng of the coun- 
cil comtnltlccou law 1111 ordinance be 
nasscd burrluK all children from Iftimorul 
or ohieellouable sliua-s. .UH lo.adnilt ilieui In 
Ull proper shows us herciofcrc. Itunklii U. 
Jones, representing ll«" Lj-rlc llueek i<. I'eo- 
lilo's uud Lycetini. iluelurt'if ihu proposal ordl- 
iiance Imurnctleuble, and nrgued .IMmllHil Itt 
. Action was |KiHl|Mined until .Sept. ']». 
«-»* ■ 

moving Pictures* 



"Our 'udv' 

satlafactory." Utter*, 

, '0 : litouHpht US inai.y 
and we bsve •ucceed*il 

In'fllUnif'moBt of tha-TJicuncles. We MpMr; 

elate the .value 6f 'Twa-Ofo NBHNM 


., „Oi!0l' SiiWiLsow, raanaiemefat, 
tf»lnes:«i #iri'ii!i>i Hn*;.ltl/-„WniitfaS,ua*l<. 

NfM-.TIicrtlre f«»r'N«rll» Bi-nrli Nefllon 
uf Man l''riiiu'lM'«. lhe'<'otit«uplnti'"l sfrui-Hirca tor the 
northern seellou of Hun I'miicNc, lln- ,io« 
that will reach early completion '« beluK 
protnpled by tin- Archie l.«-vy Amusement 

i'.,., with r. A. K >. pivxl.l'-nt I'. «.. lint"'.. 

secretary; Slalo Hccurlly ihiuk, treasurer, 
uud Arclile Levy, muimaer. 
■ The new company bus mi opll.ii.--l '-.*" 
en a lot. situated on llie corner of blovklon 
und Creen HtieelM. I'll"- llieiilrc b.illilii.ii ni.l 
ueenpvthe buck of the tol ami have 11 i-iipm-Uy 
of l.raill. _^^^, __ 

»«• Cuuicdy l»>: Nnrdum. 

Siirdiiii !s wrltlnlr " ui>w oiniu-tlv far llr- 
Jnuc. 'file rtglils ot the pluy for llie Lulled 
HtsfcM nriri lln-nt. Hilluin have feim.iwtilaM 1 
•for tihii-if'tleiiffce, who, In list event nf.lfii 
bi-lni; a siteresa in I'arl*. will- use If fyW/IM 
te'jliinlriff rof bet next- l^mdna'ataami, 

.-• '.'.'( .... . - ■ .- .k..w ' J •■■■ ,.• . •> I 

Ki.kini: in-riiwi, r.i. biive r Ivrt » 

:i"-.v supply III liuuilliml llllll'-, lllel,|lllll» 
"Tlie M.IKiiell/eil Mall." a Kfelil ill lrn.-ll»n -. 

'"I'll.- Helmet." "l^uiikltiK nt a llflllvutl, 11t« 

liimiiiiy." "Kpilni; llnrdi-ulua" und "lluyluu 11 

Tin: Ski.i.; ill, MS lire In ureal deiiuiiiil. 
The luli-si uulpul i-iiuslsls of "liriliid t.'uliyuii 

i.f Arlxoiia and t'llIT llwellers. I'he Holler 

Kknle t.'ra*-" 1.111I "Tin- union l-'leud." . 

' Tilt; NRI.HI I'i.i.vhcuI'h *'«., of ChlciiKO, 

linv I'he Union l-'iend." A youuif inn 11 11U- 

illclcil in the liniiiiiili-rate use of milium, uml 
lie ivlilch he n-iiil.'iK hllllHi-lf ubli'clloliublit 
in nil win. in he. comes In coutuct ulili. "The 
Holler Hknie t'raze" luis been cleverly luken 
'iiilvniifuKe of by lln- KcIIk t'o., ami Ihc lllm 
liilrudiici-H some verv fiinii}'. slmiis. full <.f 
I'l.llllc lll-lllHI Im'|;IihiIi>k to ''ml. Th<- 
messeiiui'i- hoy, llie niirsmnnld. Ihc |mr|er. llie 
polk-eman, Hie Idler cnrt'lur. the oceiipnulH of 
11 Hal all sknle on lln- roof and everywhere. 
In performance of their diilti-s. Iiu'lc llenlnii 
lluiilly k'l-l'i the with irrmii liiuutiln^ 

"Tin: IH»K-MUTKH' Hai.i,." slmwlns lw«i 
denf -mutes .wl", nil. -ml .11 mur:i|Ue,rndc bull. 
one its a . Teddy , lleilr, the oilier us ills 
Irsliprr. tin the way home, uiid-rr III" In 
lluenci-. Ibcy he.-ome si-purulcd, HWl.wllHl 
liupjs-iis to tin* "liein" Is plenty. Ilnuble lo 
explain, In- I-.- ilnnllc iilioiil to Is- luken lo 
the b<'ur nil In (Viifrnl. I'ark, wlu-n thronuh 
Ihc sign lo/u:uAj{c he ,|iia liases to i-«y«lil bis 
idmilily (o bis ciiplors. 

Tut: VrMuiiAi-jt Co; liave Issued ■ "The 

din. Ill 


"Tin: Ni:u Ai'l'linNI 111;'." 11 subject full of 
i-i'inii'dy ii.,-'.IIiIIIIIi'b. liiiri been ilevcloneil by 
I. ui. In »llb i'.\ri'lli-iil renitlls. "Tin- Uvpi.y's 
llrv.'lmu" 1.1 llie liilesl. .11 .iiiii.l I.- seiihUll'iu. 

"Vijiimi- Annul 11* M>" Is lliu llllit of a .new 
l'lliiio||i'ii|.h lllm, hIioivIiik lln- various prank 1 
plii.Mnl by the 'lyplenl inutiKster upon, aby- 

bisly lli.slalit, 
'"I'l'.'Ul.les of 1 
Vein- Droll'' 'alt 

lull of KluK'.'i' "ml ''uiiiiil, . 
11 tliii'ilcni'i" uml "Work fur 
also supplied by Ibis linn. 

lliiirui- W, l.i'ilerrr Anllvt'. 

i;eui'«... W. l.edi'rcr. who. will- have charge 
of the pi-oduci ion of rrim diri liaiiveri." 
which will o|s.'li Hie 'Auditorium. Chicago, flfr 
the Klow K Krlaiuajr Inter"***, I'"'' e U gc~»'l 
Hie rollowlur people:' Hulllu 1'lalier, Van 
lleusseliier Wliuelrr, Adoipli .Incssun, 
lliimiy, .). I'.., Wilson, Harry Tiirpln, 
Kurey. Arlllnr tl'Ki-efe, IVuni-ls Kuilivini, 
Milrlun Hooilwlii, .luek lliinilinm. Ilelhn lluls 
111 nit Marlon I'ockbiirn. .'•< 


lOllKUKelllllllM for 1 ••Till' fll'lle of 

Joe I 

,1, A. 

I lurry 

lieim re 

-I'l ,-• lull 

1lM> fnlr 

llurclcr, 1 lie -.Knullnh 'oini'dlun 
iiguicil by I'hijiii'is .W..^i.viey, 
-' Is now 

of Miivfnlt', "'uml 





(Ill 1 -Ml It t 

WhUe » . 
.te.rl'ifl. iln,l "A 
Willi cobilc resells. 


Map'" • Klr-il SinoVft." ..f liliitorleiil lb 

I ..mill. 1 1'. 1 l.'ll 

,-pbiiMio: "Tha 

,1'ICll I 


way lo'itbla eounlry. Tim coui|iniiy opens 

llN ,ei. .inii Ml Mil! Ill, illl SI I eel Tie 'III re, Hon 

loll, tlio Inllur inirt of An.-.-iiit. , llm-ciil I'll ■ 
miljcineiiis- fur the mime compiiuy Inclmle 
t'hiirli-H ,1. Hlchi, I'lelelicr Nnrt'iii ami Isnre. 
I. let,. ' . 

- » » . , 

Wrle.1,1 l.orlHierr llemliis Hi-ln-'tr^nl*.. 
' It'elienrsnln of "The Ulilrkniiiils" liftfftii 
Auk-' •"'. I" New Vbik t'lly; under the dirW-- 
1 tt. (i of Wrlabi l/irlmer. ivhn ,1s tu star In 
thtii filnv ihlE season. "TSe Hhopherd Kill).'," 
.III whl.-'h >(r Lm'liiUrr'el.Jficd letenllf ,,«i«ii 
nlie, 1 1 1 . ' l|, rclieii.-iil ... Willi I'nrl I "I. tiff 
111 lie- r- : ' .or I >.ul, I 




August io. 





Author of "What 11 ' 

a. mi Played™ V,, 11 " 



fompoier of Ihe mo world famona 
•ongi. "'Drrd I Aln'r Sffn No Mea.en- 
ge r Boy" and "Give Me Ufa Honey,'' 
»t«ii, etc. 


< IKiHI« If >oo don't i-liniipi- your living, Inat'a the way you'll die. 
If you niaki- your lied hard, th.»C ilic way you'll He, 

Jill an I he ltd. folia, Iii-i aa It Hit, 

J ii «i «• yon live roan. Jam *o you die, 

If ion don't change your living, that'* I lie ivny 

■ I you ann » « UipyrlgM, WOT, liv N'aihi 

you'll dlr. 

an itivlns. 

This song is great <or end nong; all minstrels should not go thlB season without this number (it will go any way you put it on); trio, quartette and big 4*mtmr*,ln *k*tt& wing dance. Yon ain't in 

the swim if you don't have this numbor. Professional copies free; send postage; orchestration in seven keys; no cards accepted; sena program. 


P. S. -Manager* and Performer., If you trout mmeililng for Big .tnnbm, Bark and Wing Dance, I Have l< for you 




NATHAN BIVINS, Music Publisher, 55 West 38th St., N. Y. dan wow wien. m. 

Young Americans 

650 FEET 

tiAI'UII ABI.K COMEDY, allowing mlachlevoua boya In tlielr num.roua trick. 
— lirlrk a nrt high hat, ringing <loor-li.ll., tl« .loopy fruit vender In a lingo 
umbrella, wlilrli In hla predleament does unhenrtlxif acrobatic niunli with a 
•uOlh. nrgroi dude and lady frlend'a unexpected bath, with n brilliant reacue, 
with a atrong finish ef bather, having been robbed of hla elottaea, takea refuge 
In a liaerel, with halr-ralaing Incident!.' 


DUTCH COMIC. I.oney nndertakea gardening, lint falli, and inakea tronlile for 
everyone, even the Mlnlaler. 

WORK FOR YOUR GRUB - - 368ft. 

THA.MI* COMEDY. Meal* pie, exciting cbate, ■ trugsle In the water, caught, 
^T'—Z—iy - made to work for grub at wood pile. 

Filmograph Co., 

m North Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

NOTE— Highest Class of Photography, 10 Cents Per Foot. 


In Order fo Make Room 

for the Fall Stock. * . 

Look over this list of Bargains: 

I-Siii'CTi i ii PiTo. 1. 

inn- fVHxon l.mesl Model Exhibition Machine, 
wllh Top unci Hot torn Mngnxlne, Auiomail.' 
Shinier, altghtly lined. Price when new $UM). 

OUR PRICE, $125.00. 


A FIRST CLASS SCENIC Alii 1ST hi work In u Mock house in Wichita, Kansas. Musi double 
us Hiago html. I also waul a Arm cIhbr vonnK GENERAL BUSINESS MAN. Musi have good 
Wardrohe. irooil appearance and Iki re llaliic. Muat have reference and photo. Slock opens Sept. lfi. 
(One hill A week;. JOHN A. WOI.I'E, Itaion, N. Mex. Sonic jrooil open time here at the coliseum. 






Want Iteporlolre People. < linen -sqpi. 1 Holiearanls one week earlier. Musi have trardrohe and 

alillllv and learn the llniw. 'DIUWKENNESS NOT TOLERATED. I'eople who arc RftUnlled to 

lei die MANAGE Hie Show mid work for a l.nw, si: he salary, pay your own hotel. 

Addretui HARRY A. STEVENS, Do Soto, Illinois, people doing SpeohMtleM alvcu preference. 



AX. H. BLOCK, Mgr. 

Wants full acting company, Juvenile Woman, Oharaeler Woman playing some heavies, Comedian with 
Ai specially, Cluirni'iar Man [o manage stage. Heavy and Juvenile Men. I'nlon Carpenter and Proper- 
ty Man, plav iilit; Hustling Ageut. Tlmnc doing specialties given preference. State all flrsi letter. 
i'h v own. tion't misrepresent. Semi ptioio and programme, which will lie returned, (inod wardrobe 
nn'and off essential. • Address 609 W. OIRAHU AVE., Philadelphia. Pa. 



Clover Comedian with Specialty, to join immediately t Young, Good Looking 

.Landing 'Woman i alio Two Midget*. 

Stale everything, including salary, Oral lei lev. Leila Kautna, wrlle, 

UKNRV F. WIM.AHD, Jnckoonvllle, Fla. 

Bargain -Xo. 3. 

One Kdlaon Latest Model Exhibition Machine. 
Two Thousand Feet of Film, Three Sets of 
Song Slides, Sheet, Cable, all packed In trunk. 

PRIC E, $15 0.00. 

Ht \ t*i*i i i ii JVo . 3. 

1'iiir Latest Model ICdlsnn RxhlMtion Machine. 
silghilv used. 

PRI CE, $75 .00. 

I Wi rgl » i 1 1 X < >. ■%• 

One Kleclrlc Stereoptlcon, complete, Cable, 
Sheet, and Six Sets of SONG SLIDKS. 

PRI CE, $60 .00. 

Any of the above sent subject lo examina- 
tion, on receipt of F'Jve Iiollars, to cover ex- 
press charges. 

These nrc only a few of our manv linritalns. 
VVrlfe for particulars. 



J5.00 PER SET. 

Wrlie. wire, call or 'phone nt any 
day or nlghl. We are never closed. 




138 E. 14th ST., NEW YORK, 

R812-R8I.': Sim 


Hit TIIRKE VE.1IIS* I.E.1XE0F Till: 

Asbury Park 
Opera House 

With alt Ita bookings. Immediate pos- 
ae.slon. I., s. GRENNKH, 

Gotham Hotel, Asbury Park, n. .T. 


Capable of playing tome strong, light comedy parts, Prefer one wllh strong specialties. 

Enclose programs, weight, age and loweat salary, send photo, which will be returned. Rehearsals 
Aug. 12, at LowvlUo, N. Y. Address nulil Aug.«l0, W. A. I'AKTEI.LO, Suite la, .19 Court st, Boston, 
Mass., after Uiat lAWvillo, N. Y. • 



TboRe doing MpectalllesrglvoD preference. Summer ami Winter work. Address CHAS. W. 
MISItCEIt. Mar. floy > Stock Co., New Castle, lud.. Aug. A, week ; Bloominglon, lnd., 12, week. 



LOBIH J, HOWABD, Igr., 95 Washington St., OUcago, HI. 

Wanted at All Times. 


Tor circuit or permanent theatres and Summer 
Part;-, Alhnny, Amsterdam, Little Palls, llilcu, 
Alexandria Bay. Rome, Walertown, Oswego, An 
burn, nencva, Corthiml, Klngbamton. Send pro 
grama usd photos. You must make good. 
0HA8. P. (lll.MORE, Oswego. N. Y. 



HEAVY MAN that can play bass drum. Charier 
Morrell. write at once. I>. B. KELT. Mgr. Pucle 
Joan Slmpkms Co.. Ang. 7, Rellvllle, Mich.; s, 
Charl otte; C, Hastings ; 1 0, Lapsing. 


am mam 

Comedian wit 

Must make good. Pay own. Other people, write. 
CHARLES MANYILK, Manager, week Aug. i, 
lieardsuvivn. 111.; week Aug. !•-'. Saybrook, III. 

i Specialties. 



PL \ V Kit for Med. Co. Address 

A. BAILEY, Midland, Beaver Co., P». 


OININO OAR. Also a grand outfit of Magical 
Apparatus. Address H.D. ADAMS, Ocean City, Md. 


Moving Picture 

1 - ASD - 




Nineteen operators out of every twenty who buy this book will find at least one poii 
ey never knew before. If you are one of the nineteen, that point is worth a dollj 
to you — probably many dollars. If you are the twentieth, the satisfaction of Icnowior 
you are so well posted is worth a dollar to you. This book is a collection of the best 
expert material published in the kincmalngraph journals of the U. S. nnd Europe of the 
past few years, supplemented by the experimental knowledge and ex|>crience of the 
:mthor and several olher veteran operators, who will present information never before 
published. Remember one thing: I tell vou of a simple device that will positively 


One Dollar Pep Copy. 

C. E. LIIMDALL, Bar Harbor, Maine 

KK1T.HK.VCK:-Bnr Harbor Saving* Bank. 



000D, 8IHCLE, HALE SPECIALTY to change (or a week. IALE PIANIST, light 
reader; IAI for Props and Bits. A FIRST CLASS AGENT. Can m STBOh'O 
VAUDEVILLE FEATURE that can change. Other Useful Feople, write, loin at 
once. Address GEO. H. SUMMERS, HuiliOl, Oat. 

Bei Bntneriord, Harry La larr and Frank Clayton, write. 



AOK, U7. HEIGHT, .'.ft. 0. AGE, J»S. HEIGHT, r.fl. 

WINN W. THOUSDAI.TC, Arnold'. Park, Iowa. 


D IT?' 

Standard Oil 

la the BIggeat Flnleid lhat ever happened In the history of the world. 

Singer, send atampa for copy and orcheatratlon. 

BILL MUSIC PUB. CO., 1002 Library Building, Cincinnati, 0. 


A GOOD SOUBBETTE with Specialties (Dancing if 

Pianist nnd omcr people, wrlle. 

LoiiKtMicaBcmeiil. Eaa.r work and sure money. _ 

CHAS, AV. lit lit H, Lyric Theatre. AmarHlo. ' • ' — 




Monllon, Io>va. Ang. 10; Mount Pleq.ant. week Ang. 111. J. 8. AWOELt. 


Seating capaoltj, 1,200. Thoroughly e<ialpped and ready «r open Immediately. 


cfMunno?"^"^: Wlo! 2 "' K '"'- kerl > , "' k ' , r Theatre Annex, New Vork, or, PETER M rCOIT.T. Tai-* 





August 10. 





Poll particulars on application. Write to the agency of a thousand acts, whose motto is 

9 9 



100 Colors of the DANIEIX Satins, 
Tinsel Novelties, Silk Brocades and 
Gold and Silver Spangled Trimmings. 
Theatrical Tights, Silk Hosiery and Gloves 
In Every Shade of the DANIEIX Satin. 

Theatrical Millinery. 

. Special Discount to the Profession. 
Samples, with Prices, Furnished Upon Request. 

Broadway, 8 and 9 Sts., N. Y. 

Room 63, No, 1 1 9 La Salle St., Chicago, III. 


General Bus. Actor, 
Specialty Man, 

111.,'-" I'lvi'K 

To play «>ia>' parLi I'refer 
soiuctliln? In bund. Stato Invest. I pity 
Wulllugton tiros., write. AIHU.I'H lill'l'OUO, 
UIITuru*!* (.Vuictllui).-. Itiitbtorti, Mluu., Aiig. 
5-1jl>; tiiiatlu. Wl-..' lg-37. 


Eckhardt's Ideals 



"I luee ulttlit and week aland*. A ppeuruuee, wardrotie, experlcui:c, ahull) and .sobriety essential. 
lhii use (jood Specialty Team who can double parts: also Al Piano l'laycr daily or gentleman) that tun 
double one or two suiull parM. Please five FULL PAKTILTLAR8 anil state ALL YOU CAN UO In Ural 
letter, scud photo. Old friends, wrlie. All mall answered where lowest salary in nutted. Aloug, 
uleusaut engagement assured to the right peojde. Seanon opens Aug. 'JO. Rehearsals Aug. 10 In 



SPKCIALTY, A1 leaning Wolunn, Character Woimui, Lcadlnir Man, Heavy Wau, Property Man thai 
eai plarstuall parts, Man with Picture Machine. Oilier Useful People, write. Those doing .speciii >- 
lies preferred. Also Reul Feature Vaudeville Act. Will advance ticket*. Rehearsal* Aug. 19 and 
■St auk. !*. at Mlddlclown, Ohio. Show hooked over Klaw & Krlangcr tune. Scud 
and full particular*. Hay City, Mich., until Aug. M: I hen Mlddletown. Ohio. 


Second Year, and tue ONLY PKHMANBNT STOCKS IB the land of 

perpetual Sumlit no. Flower., ^»um anil Orange.. 


ntc again, write it., ua I have Hie tuo.l^ea^u! ™ftM «"*' 'jdg^,,,,., llorW. 



*spiiim;kii;i.u. num. 

AU*:. I.-., ttti 17. WKKK Al \i. 'M. SBHTKM- 
Bi;n,.*>. 0,'Tv'P. H>,.tl, l&'JBk -'I. Sfc Keper- 
tolre ur-unv night nondM, wrllc or wire. 

■• ' si'ri\hfikl» tiiiia thi ; rm ,_ 


Agent and 
Trap Drummer. 

Raymond & Poore. 

Plalmrvell, Mich. 
Wanted, for 



TImo playing Mm preferred. Also 


Men uud wonieu. Musi he good Mlugersfiutl ii rung 
cake tvulkers. Iliiluneu or Stiuiuier mid Winter 
MM Address UKO. I'KCK, Olllcc, 
SM West -till St.. New Vork. 




Heavy Nan, llancinjjr. Comedian and 
Soubrellr. With S|i. tlulty. tuba l'lu> or 
for UK. and Mti.icluii* or nil klmU. AI«o 
Piano Player In Ooublu In lira... 


:i Piyinuuth Place, Chicago, in. 


show painters, lithographers, engravers 

513- 15-1 7 elm st., st. louis. mo. 
Stock Lithographs and posters 


spcoial Printing and Lithographing 
of all hinds. 6end for catalogue. 





(local Inducement*. Address Mgr. Wuveily l'ark, 
Lansing, Mloh. ■ ■ . 


jambs co., 

We par all. Continuous seusou here. Miwt JolH on receipt of «Jre. K» *S*fe«aoii la Greeusburg. 
■SOWN ANU KObUKTS, Aug. 8 Ford, U ItlcllUioUd, 10 Kowlaud, 1. hebauou, id urw-usuurg, 
14 Cauipbellavlllc, 16 New Haven-all In Kentucky. 







Uo live high clan* vaudeville achi blroug enough to featare. 
K„..rlomed. .ob.r and reltab... *»*"»»■ BMH.BV11.I.B. IM.. 



Supporting CORA WARNER, 

Leading Hun, Character Alan^onie-llaD will. BJSSMfe* Al Agent, W«M lor Ueavlc= and Cliarac- 

llgr. Warner Comedy Co.i Maiou City, lu'\n. 

Tuba Player tor small pari, Tromlione lo doalil«' 
Stage. Piano Pluyer to double Urusiiauil Muidclau.i 
ol all klu<3». Two Good Ageuih. 

■ _ 7"i Plymouth Place, Clili.-ago, III. 


For Ihe IIAiKrV TUKATKIv, lllrmlhgliani, Ala 
Seaaon opens 8epl. -J. Mtler play Irom lla.-» or '."U 
Violin pans. Muar Ik- Holier and rellahle. No ticket* 
advanced. .Salary i'll.w, two shows a day. No 
Sunday. Add; D.A.SAKI.I, Nu™lcal director, 
Ol eudule Hote l, Baylor B|trlugn, III. 


IIIJ.I.IMjN. MUM.. ' ' 

FOR RENT, or Will Share wl'li Good Company. 

I.'lty will turn MM ■asi.stK hoiiw? H. Ilrid 
eliiBtt I'uiiipunj'. Vopulatlon, l.lllHJ. ICIuk bUllU 
SIHU. Howl atuge unil wx-nnrt. 

i. W. «ATi;S. Manager. 

On or he 'ore Sept. -'1. vi^pcrtciiced urohcxtra 
li..Mder and I'laulit. man uud wile. Hinall n-[»-i 
tolreofmniile. Alt'! In Hand'. For thealrc, good 
reperiolre, roml show or Uanelhg aeadeiuy. . W" 
funilflli IS. and 0. 11 required. Mulv rellahle lOgrs. 
iinswer. Add. .IIAKliy MAJSTKN, 

Mu«. Illrector. «ay vllle, I,: I., X. Y. 

lew/Piano rjujer (uialo), douhleatagc. A^j'J^ 

\A/ A 


ass Manas aaj^^^S^SSSi 

■ no tr.eKH w.ra .nan wn»m .■..-• "--,""„,,.,. 

hie an Ihla Is a city kIiow. Uunlclaun In all lines" «antcd. 

lliree S heet^. M U ^^S^tSSt&S&^S^^S!^ llS^ 

ihlng In tncatrical printing. Maica. J «"<"»> mm ^uSmSn I'KINTIV; CO., I^wvllle. N. Y. 

WaBted at Once, Oranalie People. All Lines. 

To support HIMM IIUHUI1' AHIITON. I'ref- 
ereuce given to lhu«e doulillng i™-. Long, xnrc 
schdoii. One nights. State all drat Idler; no 
lime for corrtynoiidence. Show open* Aug. vi. 
Muke It low; pay your own. 

CH.MU.l.s NtSWTO.V, LiikcOliurle.-, La. 
P. 8.— Shovrgoeu Norlh. 




Ilcucarsu.1- start Wed., Aug. 14, at Mlddk'l'Oro. Tlnkots to PMntr known. Adilrewt 

■KJIKD W. IIOMAN, tlun. I»nl„ Mlildlt'hvro, Nass. 





163 West 33d Street, New York. 

jl-j.00 : »0lli.jSI3.IAr:.lL'lii., ?II.IM>; IMIii., .< I.i.nn , liillt, , .f 1 < ( (J ; 
atT.OU: 4Ultt„ S1K.0U: XX 'IVimk. aWn.. «f..M>: .tnlii., *S:i$; 
*VMA »aiii..:»V.7.'i : ;niiii.. >ln.5fi: "Nln., fll.'j;.: .loin.. U3AJ0. 
»lilp|ifll on 11" elpt <"l SI.IMI. Hill, ho luliiliiilio. 

team l ! , .. ,. i .... ' i , t 




UK. Ul'ltl.l-'.aUl :y. ATTHA1TMIV 

All lutllis und k< ii> r < Hi" •> i'ii|<Bg«'il fin- ulio, "' all i-iii'.lloii uleaan re|ioi t ti.r rohctti.iila. 

Mondny, ^\»«ii. ll£. fit IO A..1VX.. Shni-p, 

Kindly atkiiiiHl. "!«"< thl. nail, at once, to 

IIA1IIO IIAKTIMiS. No, :.') Kiilekerlioi'ker Tlii»|le Hlilg.. New lork Oily. 



.Munt he couit'cteut . ,iuu rellahle. Itoail Show, tlpcu* I'lrxtMeiileiulicr. Aildri n>. 

BAjjggKjtrbj HRYMDNII; UM «ii«tilnglull Aw., t.'hleugu. III. 

JOSEPHINE GERRISH (Ingenue and 4th Bus.) 

Abllltr, AppiumiKi anil Wardrobe III. I i lust. D'lve |iu«t mia.on. »lllt IIK.N M"y I' I' 
ft MOUI.TON UO8.1 a.k (hem. Mile I'll, e or 111 .1 Muse lt.|i.i li.lro. Both ilu Pinto 
Siinlaltl.s Hint fe'n. Your, truly, JACK W. WKNTKIIIHAN, « olunlhla, H| 



100 UOl'M'l'ON NTUKKT, lliih'lov 


Sothern Stock Co. 

Cau place Leading Man, Leaiilag w oluan, SotlhrelUi und Colin illmi, nice Hue or iiuils. Muter Team In 
feature, Klectrhiau, Man with I'lclille Machine with Hwell line of Plliim, Hinulc Arll.l to play small 
parlH. Sliowopena8ept.!i. If yoiTcan'l -tiiol prosperity anil MIND VOCH ow.V HI:niNknn, 
don't write. Scud photos ami progmtii."), whleh will ins rclurned. IION'T CALL. Inaliul Lowe, write. 


»r u. -win 

Can iii SitMtuKU Hotel, Chlnauo. 

asisooivo sivasox, 





AUrin.'iM BI.MIJK K- M'lCLTUN, IIoa w. Udeii', MaK, 


l.K.MH.Vli HAN not over live (eel nine. Obc to direct. V'AIIIIKVIMjK 'I'tiKMlmUnSnUo'i 
other than Singing and Uanclnu. Ilotli to play parts. I'll "1'rilK MAl'IIINe,' MAN thai can 
ehaugc at leuat three utghlH. Must linve good HIiiih and Song Slides Htnl utlend front of Mm louse. 
Ilelicnraals touiiuoiire Aug. 1». Hl|hw siana one week laler. Hnllil engugtiiiient to good people. 
Not over eight Khowb a week. "The flour*.," jilon«" write. Address 

!•:. C. ItllWMOT, All l.r«l< Am., Uneltctor, M. \, 


-Mrietly -..L.-i nii.l i.-lulih- .111 


N*\t Vork tily, 


In Moving Picture Macbfnas and Films 

Hettd Hutwp (or Hat. IJhLAl. FILM KXCIIANUK, 
ll'j-1 11 K. ltandol|.h S t , Chicago. 


'.UJUo feet like new, ic. ami oe. iht fool. Uned »no 
nionlli. iMt.JoniK, l3Hllaii"v.-rSI., llalllmore.llil. 

m — Otf P Ail prluleges m the great (irate, 
OAUIi. Pa.,Kalr,Aug.«llo!fii, IWI. term. 
mMatM>, Vtfr prlvlleip'U to Fnrrlfi Wlii-t'l, Mfhia 
1. irr liailrond, »r any flrnl iliw 01 ra. lion. 
ritOK. IIAJtRV KMITII.Hr.iz, Hn'iplnn Co., P.. 


An Organized Uniformed Banf. and Orchestra of Elgbt Pieces, 

Including THAI' HKLMMKIt, for iinlHliee nf Summer Hea«nu Hi t'lueluuall and elillro Wliilumemioil 
Siniili. 1 f urn Mi tulile hoard und traii.purlntlim, you piiy your own room rent. This is Hie hiiiKlioniest 
I'avllloii Tliealre ever constructed. We make two week .lands, .iiii-rlnv 10 the most .rlllcal audlencen, 
anil inn- 1 linve the lic*l. Hlalc lonerft aulary and full purtlciilars In llrst teller. So time to dicker, 
iliisl Join Aug. Pi. Address 

!'. P. IHjIIMO, Ugr. Home's rilhok I'ompauy, No. ML; Central Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Uanle v'ernitue Lc»dlhk' Hotouii, one with Speclalueii will recelt" spuclal loindderatlou. Acting 
people hi all lines will [Hid a long and pleasant engagement here ul 11 reiisouahlc Hilary, niauaguluent 
paylug liourd aud uhuh! expeuHes. Iloud Hinichilty People uhle to play lairls, wrlle. T'litn Hhow lias 
heen imder ihe wine mauugemeut fur seventeen years, playing forty weeks every season, and owes uo 
mail a iniiny of unpaid wilary. AdilrehH 

WARIIBN NOIJLK, 3l||r. Noble'* Tlieatrn Companv. IIoiiiI.IkI, Minn. 

»tn*« ^rwntecl A1 "TSSKfttr** 

Hit pleres. Will I'lipain- idl'uri'Mier "r sf>|mrulolr. ITann, Violin, Loilioi, Clarilli'l, llruiniuer nuti all 
I1..1. r.ii-l ltii'.i M-iin 1.1 1 10111I.1.111'. .Vinn- hiw.'sl, sntiii v, Addiefs 

JOHN W. 11*11 I, il»rc'. Tli*. ir», n>ila<l..|pltU 4 I'n, 



August 10, 


On the Road. 

,For Hupplemcmnl List Hoc Another Column. 

i I dramatic and musical. 

Ahorn Opera (Milton k Sargent Ahorn, ntsri.)— 

Washington. D. C, r>, Indellnlle. 
Ahorn Opera (Milton fc Sargent Ahorn, nigra.)— 
, ^Newark. N. J., ft, IntleOnlie. 
'Abnrn. Opera (Milton & Sargent Ahorn, mgni.)— 

Albany. N. Y., r., InueOnlle. 
Alhoe Stock (K. F. Alltee, ingrl)— Providence, R. 

1.. ft. lndeflnlle 

Angoll's Comedians (J. II. Kmeraon, ragr.)— 

ito.l Wine. Minn., ft 10. Mason Clly, la,. 1*47. 
Avloswnrih Slock (Arthur. I. Aylosworth, mgr.l-- 

'rinlflncld. Nor.. •'», Indefinite. 
Allen Stock- Portland, Ore., 5, Indefinite. 
Ansolino Smok— Torre Haute, Intl., ft-Scpt. r. 
•Alnsknn" iJol.n Ton. initr. i -N. V. Cliy 12, in- 
"Ai the Olil Cross Roads' I Arthur C. Alston, 

Wigr.)— llnhnken. N. .».. 10-14. Paicrson. lft-17. 
"An" Aristocratic Trump." Kllrny ti Rrlltnn'a, A. 

Waukesha, Win.. 7, Jefferson 8, Columbus 0, 
. pnrtnue l<». III., 12. Sheldon III, Dun 

Mill" II. Oakland la, Cliaiioslnn 17. 
"At Cripple Crock." K. J. Carpenter's (II. A. 

Murray, iimr. i— IticlluttniMilIti, Ind., ft-7, Pitts- 
burg. I'll-. I"-I7. , 
"Ai-lrona" tlti.vlil J. Ilnmnge, m«r.)— Ilarrm- 

linrg, l'«„ fl. , .. , 

Bliinoy, Hurry Clay (Blaney Bros., mgrs.)— Brook- 

lyn, N. V.. 12-17. . 

Id ellc. ,(<>sslo (C. V. Lawrence, mgr.)— Buf- 
falo. N, v., 5-IT. 
Burning. Riiihm IKtirl 'Burgess, mgr.l— SeMtlc, 

Wiiih.. •", Ii ik-llnlic. 
jtoJioii Ideal t(i»'rii (l-:«l«lii Patterson, mgr. i — 

Kiusns t'ity, .Mo., Ml, 
llrnu'ti. Klrki- (J. T. Maeutiley. mgr.l— Schenoc- 

tiuly, N. V., ft-l«. Scrnnlon, l'n., 12-17. 
Hoocher k Stanley's t Waller J. McDonald, mgr.) 

v-IIo'kp. lilt).. 7, Caldwell H. Ontario II, Payette 

in. Wrim IS. 
Baldwin Melville (Waller S. Baldwin, mgr.)~ 

Dalian, Tex., ft. Indefinite. 
Jlurk* Stork (J. Frank Burke, rncr.) — Poll Hirer, 

.Muss., ft, Indcllnlle. 
Burgess t Tart i Co. (A. I 

UhUM F.ills, N. V.. ft-10. 
Bbrgwa (Karl j Co. tfliii, V 

t.»ma. Pj., 1217. 
Uurgeal (Kuril Co. iC. 

tor, l'n, I" I i. 
Bureess iF.iti'li Co. IK B. 

er'svlile, N. V„ 12 17. 
Burton Oniedlrnai Hurry linrlnn, mgr.l—Onlos- 

hnrir. 111., ft-17. . . „ . 

Ilradv Stork ill. II. llnrlinnii. ingr.i— Lake Brady 

Park, O., ft, Indefinite, 
Krynni fnmwly iSnm llrynnl, insr. I— fl«sir»>lntvn, 

l'« . ill'. 
Itiinoii ft MeMahan SKu'k- Liuvrraooilllo. III., 

Itlnkoi- Kln.-k l,Miiurli-i» Mianfiinl, mar.) — Wild- 

vvoiul. \. ,1.. ri, ImMliilli'. 
Jlntti-r'H N Y. Hlulo Itiiml (\V. II. linker, mar.) 

- Sniiitocn. N. V.. •">. Inilollullo. 
I!«l<li> llomioll IjuIIi-k' tin-lH'sIra— Itiilllmoro, Mil., 

ft, llllll'lllliM', ' 

"Bivw*ti't ''a Mlllbiim" I I'Viih-rlo TliompHnn, liw.l 

-v ulilfiiKn, III-. *'• Iii<li>lliilli>. 
"BroMHti'i'.- MIIIIoiik" it'lmrloH Pi-nliman. niKr.) 

-I.iiiuloii, Raa., ft, liiik>iliiln>. 
"llrrllra, llw NMrtM .Minliluo lllrl," A. It. 

n°nnnV— 'lornnlo, ran.. 12-17. 
"BlK Hniirloil Jim," Kllmt ^ flnMolo'n (Harry 

J. -InrUsiui, myr, I— HnmlHnn, (>., 4, Dnyton !>■ 

7. i.'uliiiuliiiK mil, InillaniiiiolK Iml-, 12-n, 

Torro Ilaiito 1S17. 
"Bi-llo of Jiipnn" HI. IlnWR F.lilon. iiiEr.)- 

I. flrnyhlll, mer.l-- 
Si'lifiioi'linly lJ-17. 
Ilallilav, mgr. ) — A I 

ii. Hllion, nier.)— (.'lion- 
Wllhou, mttr, I— flloT- 

"ftrrm lilM" (Aitolpbo M»y<r. msr.)— Rnaloii, 

Jlmw.,/0. Imli-ilnllo. • 

"nroat ifcspronK llolilifry." A. fl. Wooiln' (Itorl 

llownM, mar.)— [•hllnrtoliililn, Pit., ft- 10, -N. 

T. Oily 12-17. , „,, 

"fllrl- QnMCIrm" (Mnrt II. Slnwr. mgr,)— Clil- 

i'UKO. III., 10, Inili'llnllr. 
"flroat Kaatern Worlil," Kllmt & Oniwlo'a (John 

Kcrticro, mgr.)— Mt. l/.nla, ,Mo„ 4-10, Kansan 

C|ty 11-17. ■ 
•'Oamhlor o( the Weal," A. 11. WoonVu (Alt Rich, 

nwr.)— J'ntciTon. X. J.. 8-10, N. Y. Cliy 12-17. 
Illti'hooek, ItaymOml (Ilonry W, Karaite, mgr.)— 

Anbury I'nrk. X. J., 7, Itert Hank », New Ito- 
,rbelle, : N. Y., 10, N. V. City 12, Inilcllnlle. 
Hiinlt-r-Brniirnnl IMayora— Sr>rlnptflplil, Masa., ft. 

Iloiiilorson, Maude Uoaeph Parent, mgr,) — Men- 
tion, Mleh., .VIO, Vlckaburg, 12-17. 
Ilariler-llnll (Kugene J. Hall, mgr, I— Miinele, 

Intl.. .1-17. ■ 

lllinmnlelii'a Imperial Slnek (It. K. Hlmtwleln, 

mgr. i — Fori Wayne. Iml.. 12-17. 
Illinmoloiit'H lilenla il/)i)l» Karle, mgr )— tlan- 

rtiuik.v, 0.. 12-21. 
Illekuinii-Ileiwy (W. AI While, mgr. )— Davenport, 

In., A, Inilelliille. 
Illllmnn. May, Sloek (Krnest Helinnhel. mar.) - 

Wliiilwir. Vt.. S-l«l. 

flonmla I.h<1I4>m' Rand (Herbert O. Boimda, ingr.i 
■ liFiirwlnalnn. In., 7-12; Oamiiran, ill.. '••■'' , ' 
lSoimdn l.oillen' Oreliealm lllertn-rl ft. 'Ron nil;, 

mgr,) — JWhany, Mo.. «-ll, I'ortland. Ore,. I«, 

Indellnlte. _ . , ... 

'•liar* Across (ho Continent, A. II. Woorta Ml. 

V. Wlnaman, mgr.)— Wilmington, Do .. ■' ', 

Bayonne, N. J., H-10, Boston, Mass.. !'-■'•; 
"lUifky Mountain Hjpress," Kllmt & flngwiln »— 

I'lttsburg. Pa- r.-lt). Toledo, 0„ 11-1.. 
Slab!, Rosa (Henry II. Harris, mgr.)— Cblengo, 

III., ft, liKleftiille. , . 

Seoti, Cyril |W. S. I.awrenoe, mgr.)— San I- rrti- 

cIhoo, Cnl., 5-17. 
Hoimn and his Band (John Dilllp Sousn, eondiir- 

tort— I'hllcilclphla. Pa.. 10-Hept. 2. 
San Frnnrlseo 0|.era (Frank W. Mealy, mgr. I— 

Seatile. Waah., fl, Indefinite. . „ 

Huntley. Joseph (II. II. llnnoook. mgr.)— >- »• 

City :i-17. , „, 

Sheehan Opera (Joseph Sbeebnn. mgr.)— Clere- 

land, 0.. ft. 10. 
Strong's, Rdwln, Flayers (Waller Snvlilge. mgr.) 

— Tllden, .\ehr„ Sill. O'Xell 12-17. 
Ktoekwell-Meflregor.v — Portland. Ore.. fl-"1. 
Snnforil Slock (Waller Santonl. mgr.)— Oakland. 

i ';il.. ft. Indefinite. 
Sneddon * Paige (Sum S. Sneddon, mgr.)— Roehesi- 

lor, Minn., ft-10. Allien l^a 12-17 

arr , \o% qfoo pin* » , 

Tfto Great Europ«an Dlgcovery, increftaea yniir 

weight about ft lo 10 pound* rnunibly. The only 

.BakorClty, ore^ ^ i|>Trl|)(i m , Qt ^ M . flg » „,„,.„ enrtorse d oy the highest mp.m.m 

anthorltles. : Unrivalled for nervoiianeas, anaemia 
and waatlno; diseases. Greatest tonh: known. 
Rounds ont the flgnre and glvea strength io Hie 
whole system. Price, $2. . Interesting booklet 

OWa."T%."illirl*lfl. Kln|i>b« H. ... 

S 'fel!Sd J Vo h 'Mtd..!evr ^aSlvUl'e 
. lit, Eaton Itnplils 14. 

X. J.. 13. Pnsanle 14. Rutherford IS. llneken- 
'""* '"" MISCEM-AXROl'8, 

free. ASPA OHEM. CO., 

12 W Broadway, llept. 9, New Yo rk. 

the painting Ln Tottcbe's "The natli;" the 
Sn-IIeras, tnrldo nnrt Burke, the Muah-nl 
1-owc, Julia Mny Glfford. (Mrs. Itoht. Kllg- 
slmmons) In a classlcnl selection of modern 
gems, nnd the animated pictures. Business 
Kris been very good. This will be the Inst 
week of vaudeville at this theatre. (Harry Davis, malinger).— This 
week's hill Includes: Arnold Only, supported'', Sunn iuns i'liiah \ Mekels rncr )— In- StoibUnl Stiyk— l-iinslng. Mleli.. fl. liidefliille. 
.)L, V- ... ' " mokois, mar.) in s||in! H|M , k (Ar( | lllr si„„|ej, mgr.i— St. Louis, 

«OOII, I.I.. .1-111. _ . . _, . «.„ a In/lndnlle. 


Alexandria. Iml.. I«. T'l 1 *"" ,|2 ' Fraufcrort IS, 

Wahiisli I4» lltinlhigtoii Ift. Peru lit, KMsan II. 
"BiWiir I'rlliee" «i|.oni I Harry l^nvelle. mgr.)- 
. ^. ilkliihoniH I'll}'. Ilkln.i .". HI. 
^'Bllli. Hit' hid/' Wi«l i (K'IbIii II. Nelll, 

iilgv.i- ornntti', M. J.. II. Morrlslown Ifl, lloon- 

ioii HI, BiirlTugliiii 17. 
"llnnki'i'M I'lillil" i Hurry Sliniinon. mgr.)— James- 

tnivti. Kan.. 7. Jewell S, Ill-mil (Mty. Mo., 14. 

ir..- Belbany HI. Slaiiherry J7. 
Cotiiin. lien. M. (Sum II. Ilnrrls, mgr.) — N. \. 

niaVlM-llWliilii'liofr Sloek illiirry flinnpeH, mgr.l 

■•-llnimlhal. Mi... +17. 
(■hast' l.lsier- liiilepeiuloiiis'. Kim., r. 17. 
(Wtpr Suwk (Wiilluiv II. Oiilter, rogr.) — Xenln, 

0., .'•-111. I'rlaiiui HII7. 
Cook Shirk tdirl W. I>.nk, mgr.) — Kmilh Bend, 

Iml.. .".Ill, Kviiusvilli. 12-ill. 
Cliiiuiivfy-Kelffir (l-'reil I'. Chniim-ey, mgr.)— 

--:<Viiilesvlllo, Pa., fl-10. Pi.tlsvllle 12-17. 
Cole mid Jnlinsiai— K. V. Cltv ft, tndelliille. 
Carroll Cnuiwlv linn Currroll, mgr. )— OoTlngton, 

Va.i f'-7. Anderson, W. Vn., H-1U. 
Cbli'iigo Snvk (Cluis. 11. Itosdlxilin, mgr.)— Xlug- 

nrn Falls. N. Y„ ft-Sepl. 1. ' 

Ckl.'agn Slink. Weslern ((?bas. II. Rosshnm, mgr.) 

— Miinsltelil. ft., ft-Sept. 1, 
Crawliinl'H Cnnwlliius (Itnymiind D, 'Crawford, 
. mgr. I— llnllvar, Mu„ ft-10, Cassvllle 12-17. 
Oartba t'omi'dv (Jainoa Walter, mgr.)— Alwrdeen, 

S. Dak., ft, inili'iliilti'. 
Colonlnl ftiK-ru (llrntlfiinl Mills, mgr,)— Sandua- 

liv. ft., r. :i I . 
Hurils Miisleul (Allen Curilii, mgr.) --Monroe. I.n.. 

ft-10. Pino Hliifl', Ark.. !2-t7. 
■ and bin lluml i Howard Pew. mgr.)-- In- 
dlamiiH.lls, Iml., ft-10. 
"College Widow" (Henry W. Savngp, mgr.) — 
I'laliiUold, N. J„ 14, Reil Bank ).">, Aslairy 
Park Hl-17. 
"Clihialown Chnrlle," A. II. Woods' (Dave Poa- 
m-r. nmr.)- Kiinsns City, Mn„ ft-10, St. l.ouls 
"ChoniK Olrl'a'k In .New York," A. II. Woods 
iFrod Fleck, mgr.|--X. V. City ft-10, Jersey 
city. X. .1., 12-17. 
••Cou'-Puuelipr," W. V. Munn's (Sum I.loyd, 
ingr.i- Chicago, 111., 1-10. Spring Valley II, 
BliaunliigiiHi 12, Cliiillsworth HI, Falrbnry 14, 
i.lliiinn !•"•, Wnlsi'ku Hi. Fowler. Iml., 1". 
"Child or the Regiment" (Cbas. 1^. Blimey Amuse. 
Co.. nigra.)— Philadelphia. Pa.. .'.-10. N. Y. 
City 1224. 
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—X. V. City ft-10, Pnivlitence, It. I., 12-17. 
"Card King of Hie Coast" (Vance & Sullivan. 

nigra.)— Baltimore. Mil., 12-17. 
"Cnudv Kid," Kllroy & Brltlou's — lmllaiiapolls, 

Ind.. S-10. Clnclniintl, ft.. 11-17. 
Delnnir OiaWS (Tiirncr (I, Lewis, mgr.) — SI. 

IvOiils, Mo., ft, Inileilnlle. 
De Pow-lliir<lelle Sli^k iThos. B. De Pew, mgr.) 

— 11«rr«d*t>urg. Ky.. ftlft, l.e\liiglon 12-17. 
DiTOgheriy Sus-k tl'alne & Dougherty, niges.) — 

Maiilsllrpic. Mleli., ft-in. 
De Vernon, Vnll, (Mnea— Burlington, VI. , ft. In- 

llemorest Comedy (Uoliert Denioresl, mgr.)— 

Rome, (In., ft, Indclhiltc. 
Puss and his Band — Toronto, Can., .110. 
"David Corson" t Hurry Hon Parker, ingr.i — Mo- 

llno. III.. H>. Chicago 1117. 
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ilmnre. Mil., a.m. PhlladiMplila, Pa,, 1217, 
Klwyn. Lome— MhhlMsiro. VI., n-lft, Port Ihiiry, 

K v.. IB-It. 
Minulre Sleek (Snltr. .x- Xiilbiinsoii. ingrx.) — Provi- 
dence, It. I., ft-HI. 
Fngllsh Slock- Milwaukee, Wis., ft. Iwloftnlte. 
lilmer Siock -Oniiilis, Neh.. ft, Inileilnlle. 
F.llery Bund— Chicago. HI., ft, liidellnlle. 
"F.nil or Hie Trail." Lincoln